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    Entry #33 I still remember the first time I heard Globular's Colours of the Brainbow. What it sounded back then like a combination of Ott, Shpongle and Entheogenic and I was wondering why no one else had tried that before. And he just kept delivering, release after release, with no drop on quality (rather the contrary) and always for free. Having his first releases printed in cd is like a dream. Add an amazing cover artwork from Luc that tells a story and it's not "just" amazing graphics and you have a gem.
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    Some info, artwork and samples will be posted very soon, so hopefully it will end the speculation is it a free-form jazz or black metal
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    Artist: Blue Hue Title: The Mandala Effect Label: Plateau 5 Records Date: January 1, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Hitting Bowls 2. Positivictricity 3. Cosmic Interference 4. Mind Modem 5. Methamoprh 6. Mandala Effect 7. Dropping Society Ah summer time, where the sun flows through cities like gold, when cool nights are spent dancing under the ruby leaves while drinking iced tea made by the deities and spinning in our summer trappings. Condensation of diamonds forming on the outside of our glasses in while we were still free from the constraints of existence. I remember it so clearly, a better time. I'm certain. The Mandala Effect I can't tell you why this wasn't released by a bigger label than little old Plateau 5. I can't tell you why I haven't heard people talking about Blue Hue. I can tell why that should change right this second. With incredibly well produced lower ends, Driving rhythms, fun melodies and pretty bloody ripper album artwork if I may say so, The Mandala Effect makes for a worthy listen. Hitting Bowls starts the album off in cool style. the tibetan singing bowl sounds sends pure DMT into your head as it fills the space left by the other layers of the song. The melody floating in for the second half creates great energy and allows us to cruise through track. Positivictricity, go on, be honest with yourself, try and say that in one go. Another cruisy track is filled with soft layers that float around your head while the kickdrums pushes the track to it's final message about just being positive dammit! Cosmic Conference, the cosmos, home to all conferences known to life. Any conference ever had will happen right here, in our cosmos. Super clubby atmospheres and rumbles take this track into hyperdrive. The low end is THICK and fills the track with just enough space for the light high notes to sparkle along. The main lead melody could have been given a bit more emphasis but I aint saying i didn't enjoy it. Mind Modem brings us another big track that really blasts off at that 3:40 point. I was drifting through the first half of the track just having a daze then that break came and brought back to dance land. As Simon Cunninghurst would say 'Pretty dope' Methamorph this must be science for 'Absolute aggressive madness'. My favourite of all the extra clubby tracks. Super hot, I know it's true, no Mandala Effect here, just solid memory of a solid song. The Mandala Effect A longer track suggests to me that blue Hue has more ideas that he is willing to work with. And right I am, the main melody is super cool. Still light, but infectious. Dropping Society is the kind of track that starts and makes you think that you know what sort of song you are going to get. But as soon as the other layers start to seep in you quickly become lost in it's funkiness. Mandala Effect is a very very nice piece of art. The amalgamation of styles and techniques works really well here, resulting in more progressive club type tracks while remaining exciting for their entirety. The melodies are all cool, if not occasionally quiet but that's just the style of the album. this will be my next purchase for sure. It would be great to see more work released from Blue Hue. https://plateau5.bandcamp.com/album/the-mandala-effect
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    Label: Biijah Records Country: Guatemala Released: 08 Feb 2019 Style: Psy-Trance Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Ritualtool - RustyBass 08:18 2. Propagul - Alien Seeds 08:44 3. Full Face - Coconutrees 07:00 4. Mubali - Fu, Interrupted 07:26 5. Smuds - Turn A Sphere Inside Out 07:33 6. Ohmpapa - Mutchi Swutchi 08:48 7. Shivattva - Samurai Lifestyle 07:45 8. NoizeBug - Underground Religion 10:37 9. Scope vs PsyVader - Bluemoon 07:54 Biijah Records, although a relatively unknown label from Guatemala, is a long-running imprint that has been releasing some fantastic darkpsy material since 2010. This is the second compilation titled Alien Seeds that gathers some very talented producers that deliver real goods. It takes a lot to make me enjoy darkpsy, as it isn't my favorote branch of psy-trance, but Alien Seeds 2 has some amazing productions and I've eventually decided to write a full track-by-track review. REVIEW 1. Ritualtool - RustyBass 08:18 The opening track of the compilation is quite good. In the first half it plays with some spooky voices, and then switches gears to more traditional psy-tools. What I like about it is that it always stays subdued, which kind of works here pretty well. 4/5 2. Propagul - Alien Seeds 08:44 It takes some time before Propagul puts something edible on the table, but even then this track tends to get a bit dull. I like some of the parts though. 3/5 3. Full Face - Coconutrees 07:00 Here's an unusual number. The track follows an unconventional structure and is in a constant flux. The way its built makes it really interesting, because you never know what's coming next. Usually, I don't like tracks that have no clear path, but in this rare case it works in the favor of the piece. 4/5 4. Mubali - Fu, Interrupted 07:26 "Who the hell is interrupting my Kung Fu?" - the phrase that literally interrupts the track in the middle after a strong start. Then, it sort of rejects everything that it had built and throws everything out the window opting for a different path. The mood changes in the second half, it gets more disturbing, but no less interesting. Mubali is a well-known name in the darkpsy scene, so I'm not suprised to hear another great piece from him. 4/5 5. Smuds - Turn A Sphere Inside Out 07:33 Ooh, love the beats on this one, chunky and metallic. No really, the rhythm drives this whole track, and it's really amazing. The bassline changes throughout as well, and the rest of the track is set up in such a way that it complements the kick and the bass. This is a fascinating piece of psychedelic music. 5/5 6. Ohmpapa - Mutchi Swutchi 08:48 There are glimpses of fun in this track, but not by much. 2/5 7. Shivattva - Samurai Lifestyle 07:45 This track is teasing me with good moments, but never reveals itself entirely for me to enjoy it properly. 2/5 8. NoizeBug - Underground Religion Underground Religion starts with a hindu chant, which reminded me of EU's The Prayer. I'm not sure if it's the same one, but it really sets a certain mood for a track. It gets really freaky by the middle point, and I'm not sure I like everything that I hear. It's a 50/50 for me, so I'll go with the rounded up score on this one. 3/5 9. Scope vs PsyVader - Bluemoon 07:54 The last piece is quite unusual in a good way. the second half sounds especially cool and original with its prominent sound effects and melodic snippets. Overall, a great finisher to a solid compilation. 4/5 --- Alien Seeds 2 is by far the best darkpsy compilation that I've heard recently. It's got tracks with different levels of intensity, and there are some real gems here. Not all the tracks worked for me, but most did and that's more than enough for me. The best piece on the compilation is Smuds "Turn A Sphere Inside Out." I like tracks that work both in your bedroom and on the dancefloor, and that's what Smuds achieves here with excellence. 3.5/5
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    Artist: Ephedra Title: Journey Through My Head Label: Goa Madness Records Date: October, 2014 1. We Are Not Alone 2. Beyond Spaces 3. Crispy Biscuits 4. Souls In Trance 5. The Walk of the Little Green Man 6. Little Molecules 7. Experiments 8. Bubblized 9. Smiling Sun (2013 Edit) Wow. Just...wow. Did anyone see this coming? Goa Madness Records is one of the new kids on the block and this label has had quite the beginning. Their first release was a compilation called Memories From Goa Madness. They played it safe and it was tried and true goa trance. Nah, it was better than that in this reviewer's opinion. So fresh off the success of that release they drop this bomb on us. This is the debut album of Alexandre Cohen and it is beautiful. So many swirling melodies and those acid sounds are verily delicious. Set your phasers to maximum twirling because this is a journey that catches you up and doesn't let go. Twists and turns abound and the sound is terrific. It's a full and rich atmosphere with screeching leads and layers of immeasurable beauty. I'm sorry I don't have anything funny to say or silly gifs to post. This is just a fantastic release and rightly deserves consideration for goa trance album of the year. Superb job my friend. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
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    Kurbeats – Folktronica 01 - The Noid 02 - Mono/Poly Wants A Cracker 03 - Molaren 04 - Perineum #1 05 - Sub Serum 06 - Lemming Leisures 07 - Phony Pony 08 - Perineum #2 09 - Celestial Lights Review: I'm writing this because this album has restored some of my faith in Psychill. The best psychill album I've heard all year, and I believe an instant classic. This album mixes acoustic instruments, trippy vocals, and beautiful synth work. Sounds like a typical psychill prescription in the Shpongle and Entheogenic vein doesn't it? Well, it has similarities to those two artists, but the way it all comes together is unique, and I find it more of a true journey than especially the Shpongle offerings of recent years. Shpongle has more of a happy hippie type vibe, whereas this has more of a forest and scando vibe to it. The album has a certain maturity and tastefullness to it that really stands out to me as well. The melodies are mostly fantastic - the contrast in sounds he uses creates tracks that have a lot of color and stand out from each other. The one criticism I have of this is that he doesn't let the melodies run long enough - now, that's just my personal preference, and some do go on for awhile - but it's frustrating when a killer euphoric melody floats in and just as I'm starting to enter blissful sonic trance to it, it goes away - boo! Anyway, with this album it is all so rich and sonically pleasing that disappointments are short-lived. Highly recommended! 96/100
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    Available from Suntrip Records.
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    Artist: Tranquility Base Project Title: Strange Theories Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: September, 2018 1. What Is Reality 2. Time Traveler 3. Bubbles In Space Timewarp Records is a goa trance factory, releasing a whole bunch of material. They cater to those who enjoy digital and physical media. This is a debut Ep from Austrian Alexander Koch and I gotta say it hit me in the sweet spot. This digital ep has three long, winding tracks that have an E-mantra feel. That's 33 minutes of kicking back and putting off today what can be done tomorrow. He shows that he's not in any hurry to unwind and lift you above the clouds. There are sharp 303s, layers aplenty, and smooth transitions into and out of breaks. What is Reality is a track that I will have on repeat for several weeks. All the tracks have a liquid feel to them leaving me very impressed. Great job! Timewarp Bandcamp
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    God of War. Red dead, and Persona 5 !
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    Actually, it is simply my fault, I wanted to make a big announcement this week, seems like someone was faster then me So I will write all info tomorrow
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    an end to such absurd speculations would be fine. we all know that it will not bei either. i am anticipating the announcement that it will be a gamelan album soon.
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    i took your advice..... did nothing for me, couldn't handle the dogs breath!
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    ha! fair statement enjoy it more than you think, but their are others out there have met collect music they don't even like (kind of like those weird people you see on them tv show) have witnessed alot of young people who collect alot of vinyl and don't even own a player! absolute madness, with more money than sense. i admit, was on a crazy collecting train for years, but everyone i bought got a listen ( working as a baker for 25 years in the middle of the night by myself, could listen to more than the 3 album quoter!) and because my music tastes are extremley extensive, (yes i even love country and western) i have had alot. i picked up alot of albums after ebay started up, as they had those 0.99 cd auctions and alot of times people wouldn't bid on them so often bought hundreds of cds at one time, back when postage was cheap. as most of you know here i have sold off most of my goa/psy collection to raise money for various projects and to get me out of the shit for poor financial judgement (mainly buying to much other music!) and sold of alot of other genres at a market stall years ago, and raised money to move countries and buy furniture etc, so i have only kept the real favorites or the stuff that no one likes, but i have all the music still and we won't even get started on my vinyl which i still collect, and been selling the originals, buying the represses with plenty of change to fund other things so to answer your question, it was both, but now just the love of music. i have been shedding the weight of stuff for years, and still continue to, and feels great, having that much music was a burden, espeically when moving house and countries! and face it, is all much different now, we don't need the physical format anymore...... but, i have only ever bought a handful on digital format! guess i kind of a hands on kinda guy i even have a part in my will where a certain person on this site will get what's left of my goa collection when i die!
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    Excited to hear what this sounds like
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    Ultimate Xperience - JEZEBEL (From Here To Eternity) Fan Video Art Video by: Marika Nousiainen creative director and video designer Kalki Krishnan creative director and digital brand manager Music: Written and Produced by Kris Kylven
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    deadmau5- Arguru? i love serbia my friend...i was born in seberia(Russia) i have serbian friends here in germany! Russ people love serbs but not all serbs love Russ xD now i live in germany, but slav is slav or not ;)))))?
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    OH YEAH!!!!!! and YEAH FOR MY CD BUNDLE and oh f#$k yeah i got to wait but YEAH it's gonna arrive eventually what a great YEAH it's been for goa and yeah i know who james is! THANKS JAMES FOR CLEARING THAT ALL UP, JUST ADDED TO THE TALLY!
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    Probably, Lousiana-swamped lovecraftian italo-disco? Herbert.West vs Proxeeus with touch of Joy Peters Trilithon
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    In no particular order: Hallucinogen Space Pussy Shamanix The Herb Garden Infected Mushroom The Messenger (with DJ Jörg) The Shen Dancing With Kadafi Psykovsky Wishful Sinful Call of Beauty Aura Leta
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    Astral Projection: (any order) -12,000 suns (Iridium) -No one ever dreams -Liquid sun Juno Reactor: (any order) -Zwara -Rotorblade -Pistolero Chi-A.D.: (any order) -Anno Domini -Black light -Eye am the I I'll break the rules! Logic Bomb: (any order): -The third revelation -Shadow of the beast -Secure the orbs Cosmosis: (any order) -Higher access -Howling at the moon -Karma (laughing Buddha)
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    Rotting Christ new album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf7JZ2Q7oAo
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    Artist: Median Project Title: In The Depths of Space Label: Global Sect Music Date: January, 2018 1. Astral Fobia (w/ Centarva Project) 2. In The Depths of Space 3. Heaven and Earth 4. In the Dark 5. Morning In Space (w/ Atlantis Project) 6. Artifact303 - Life Support System (Median Project Remix) 7. Wishmaster 8. Third Element (Original Mix) 9. Over the Horizon 10. Kometa Helloooooo? Crap on a cracker this place is deader than an R. Kelly sleep-over camp. I'm afraid the reviews section has taken quite the hit over the last year it seems. I suppose we are all getting older and spending time with our families to the detriment of the music. I realize I have been absent for an extended stretch and I will tell you life happens and review writing doesn't seem to be such a priority any longer. Does anyone even care to read reviews these days? I thought I would throw my .02 cents in here and maybe it will snowball into some more. Gotta at least justify the fees Mars is paying for the real estate. Been listening to this for awhile now and I'm impressed. First of all Global Sect has become a titan when it comes to releasing goa trance. They go big and mostly have released multiple CD sets of cosmic goa trance. But they don't stop there. They also do t-shirts and huge (if you like) backdrops so this label based in Mother Russia seems to be firing on all cylinders. Now if they could only take their orange, bloated grandpa puppet back and get him and his asshole family out of my country. Seriously, have you ever seen a group of bigger douchebags? This is Sergei Petrenko and after releasing a few ep's he drops an album in our laps that continues with the trend of cosmic, doing barrel rolls in a rocket ship, deep space goa trance. Just look at the track titles. Think of is as an offshoot to the label's last effort, the mega opus to the cold abyss Terraformer. It's beautifully layered and powerful creating floating atmospheres that are easy in which to get swept up. The middle of the album is my favorite and where I believe he hits his stride. The remix of Life Support System is a stellar track with just a liquid, aggressive style that I really like. Most of the album is like that so that's a win. The label has been beating that drum for awhile now so I'm sure it can get tiresome for some. But the album itself sounds fantastic and it is everything I could ask for in this type of goa trance. Also, I just want to say that I really like their artwork. Good job. BTW, top marks for using a sample from the under appreciated 1983 classic Johnny Dangerously. Global Sect Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
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    Ok, I'll just give it a try. Imba: 1. Rising Sun 2. Klaki On Acid 3. Blacklight Beings Dimension 5: 1. Omega Centaurus 2. Psychic Influence 3. Limitless Dimension (Gate 3 Mix) Astral Projection: 1. Mahadeva (Sorry for that obvious choice) 2. Kabalah 3. Let There Be Light Honorable Mentio : Ohm Mind: 1. Singing Owls 2. Out of Galaxy 3. Jungle
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    Fantastic influenced art-work, very cool music. Kudos and congrats with your <1 <2 <3 <4th year::)
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    Whoever you are, please know that I love you.
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    OP's question was about technical side, so there's no thing like "oveproduced and bland". In case of IM I also think all this flashy techniques are there not to make impression, but to really help tell the story better and in more tangible way - listen to Milosh from last album for example: the main motiff is incredibly emotional, but its impact is doubled (or tripled) by the way it's delivered. Technical prowess for IM is just a tool, whereas for a lot of other artists it's where their knowledge ends: they'll obsess about kick or bass sound (I read today a post from guy layering 7 kicks on top of eachother and still not getting it "right"...) writing pristinely sounding ...crap. We may not like IM's output especially because for years it's not goa/psytrance anymore, but objectively their music has a lot of soul, magic and individuality and immaculate production only helps fleshing that out.
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    funny, that not one artist is named more than once! so even the more technical side of the game is subjective. for me the best produced psy is loud - if you consider it psytrance.
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    Technically speaking, nothing beats Infected Mushroom - their control over all aspects of the sound is unmatched; it's like they can somehow precisely shape every frequency, every noise, every effect. To me - and I know thing or two about the technical side - they're like Neo from the end of original Matrix, bending the sound to their will. What they do with this technical prowess is a different thing, though (although I really like their latest album).
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    as much as i don't like them would have to be anything from infected mushroom
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    A good album with some GREAT tracks for those who can get past Aries. This was his last good or great album IMO. Its a bit similar at times. Fortunately there are lots of catchy melodies (synths) and a handful of stand out, memorable songs. I love the edgy, psychedelic, uplifting, and climactic elements, creativity, and direction of a handful of tracks. I don't like the opening track. I find its guitar usage distracting and unpleasent. But 12 tracks !! This artist knew how to combine Goa and Psy ... and Full On and Psy (more or less here) without getting cheesy, generic, and formulaic which ironically is exactly what happened. Unfortunately. Favorite tracks: Cancer Gemini Libra Leo Cancer Capricorn Scorpio I like Leo too and can tolerate, enjoy the others to some degree (save Aries)
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    I listened to the Prana albums recently and I also prefer this over Geomantik, where the remixed tracks are not as good as the original ones imo (apart from the GNOTR rmx). I agree, all tracks are good here, very good/creative/unique album. Most of the tracks had been previously released in 1994/1995, so this album sounds older than its contemporaries I guess. Anyway, good music is good music. Today it's all about production, crystal clear sound, overcompression, "suitable for the dance floor at the festival" and so on. F*ck that, I want good music above all!
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    Just got a copy of this: Looks pretty damn interesting. Don't know when I'll find time to read it though.
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    Artist: Deedrah Title: Self Oscillation Label: Distance Date: September, 1997 1. Self Oscillation 2. Blissful Blonde 3. Essential 4. Japonicus Delphinus 5. The Wizard Demo 6. Christiana High Life 7. Funkybootik 8. Alien Dick 9. Warheads 10. Lion Blue? "Let me take you on a trip." This is the debut album from Frédéric Holyszewski aka, Dado. I found this an interesting album. There are several genres represented here and I liked how he mixed it up oftentimes in the same track. The big beat in Blissful Blonde thunders underneath stuttering chopped up strings. I wish the strings in the short Essential had a more prominent role, but the rolling goa line fills the need nicely. The acid lines in Japonicus are tasty indeed and while I used to like the awkwardness of The Wizard Demo now it's just collective noise. I'm guessing Christiana High Life is a nod towards the Danish "Freetown" where you can sell and buy weed legally. There are some nice goa leads, but also a cheesy commercial melody in there as well. Still liked it. Think of it as peeing in his neighbors pool. Funkybootik. I just wanted to write that again. Welcome to gangster goa! Dusting of the 808 and the 303 he gets things hopping. Hmmm...808+303= 1111. Yep, binary tells me it's definitely on. If goa could have a darkpsy it would be Alien Dick. By the time he gets to War Head I think he was just f*cking around and said that sounds good. Lion Blue is the closer and while it has an ominous sound with a thumping beat and dark searching alien elements, there isn't a whole lot going on. But again, in the right mood, it's easy to like. Reading some of the earlier reviews, man there was some hate thrown at this. I never understood how people can get so upset at music. If you don't like it, don't listen. I do it so that I may educate and entertain. This isn't an essential piece of goa history, but there are some good tracks here that refuse to be pigeon-holed into one type of goa. 1997 was apparently a very creative time for goa trance and experimentation. And that's what he's got going for him with Self Oscillation. It's fun and obviously doesn't take itself too seriously. Mdk
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    This might not mean much almost 4 years since this release, but Moondawn has barely left my ears the past few weeks. I never gave this track a good enough listen coming at the end of an album with so many energetic songs, but Ethereal crafted what I believe to be the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. It just clicked immediately. Close your eyes and lose yourself in its dazzling layers, majestic soundscapes, and shimmering leads. I could only dream of making something like this.
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    i've cleaned up my review a bit link this album still enjoys gold status in my collection
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    BAMBOO JUNGLE FESTIVAL 2010 竹林音乐节2010 时间: 2010年5月21,22, 23日 FRI,21 MAY 2010---SUN,23 MAY 2010 DJs: KEI FUJISHIRO (SONIC DRAGON REC/MAGNETICFIELDS/JP) KOUJI (ALBERT25/JP) YUKI (SPIRITUAL WALKER/JP) MEZAK (PSYMEALS PRODUCTION/TW) VONE (MANIC DRAGON/PSYONIC BOOM/HK) PANDALYN (PSYONIC BOOM/HK) GANLAN(FR) DJ PSYDABLE(IT) Michael(GoaProductions/China) Gotama (GoaProductions/Belgium) Pete (GoaProductions/UK) Microram(GoaProductions/IL) Donmy(China) Nelson(China) Harry H(China) Shai(UK) Parker F(China) 33 45 Underground Disco Project & White Rabbit Club (BeiJing) DJs: Yang Bing & Thomas & YangQing 地点: 中国重庆市北碚区缙云山白云村 BAIYUN Village,JINYUN Mountain,Beibei District Chongqing China 门票: 100RMB 联络: +86 13883556355 +86 023 63036940 E-mail: voxsanyo@live.cn 交通: 1:免费大巴,出发时间为5月21日下午2点,集合地点:西西公园吧(重庆市渝中区临江门魁星楼书城楼顶广场) 2:自驾车线路:渝合高速路缙云山出口下高速公路,15分钟即到。 3:公交车:解放碑、南坪、杨家坪均有公共汽车到北碚,到北碚后在地下商场车站换乘至缙云山的旅游专线客车,从8:30到17:30每隔1小时一班。 4:自机场至缙云山:机场大巴--上清寺(嘉陵江大桥北桥头);请问一下路,再乘坐开往北碚的高速大巴(10元),终 点站下车;在北碚地下商场出口乘坐往缙云山中巴车(17:30点收班) 5:火车站重庆站(即重庆老的火车站,也叫菜园坝火车站):出站后询问民警指路到汽车站乘坐开往北碚的高速大巴,终点站下车,然后同上。 6:火车站重庆北站(即重庆新建的火车站,也叫龙头寺火车站):出站后询问民警指路到汽车站乘坐开往北碚的高速大巴,终点站下车,然后同上。 食宿: 现场附近有大量小旅店,将为你提供三餐加一天住宿60元/人或 一天住宿30元/人。 相关链接: 主办方: http://www.douban.com/host/cicipark/ BAMBOO JUNGLE 2009 Gallary http://www.douban.com/host/cicipark/album/21033958/ >> http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/52784
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    I can't understand how you could find this album boring. Maybe after listening to endless hours of hardcore filled and jazzed up trance you might think of this as simplified but other than that I can't imagine. It's quite amazing to think what people listen to these days... especially mainstream. I got 2 words for this album. Simply a masterpiece! One of my all time favorites for sure. 11/10 if I may.
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    Let the lad have his opinion. We know all old school lovers prefer this to corolle but not everyone has to. They are both damn good albums & I think it's obvious that different people would prefer different ones.
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    This is a perfect example of having to listen to a CD multiple times until you finally "get it." When I first heard it, it was after I heard Geomantik and I thought that Cyclone sounded thin in comparison and consequently struggled getting through it. Numerous times. Until tonight. This is very good Goa trance and now I think it's better than Geomantik. While Alien Pets for me is the best Prana effort, this album has worked its way into my goa rotation.
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    everything speedsound posts is spam. don't expect an answere here.
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    Yesterday I went back to my parents house and found the mp3 CD I burnt 15 years ago, which included that track. Unfortunately the disc won't play anymore, it was my last chance
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