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  2. @AstralSphinx I've relistened to Anima Mundi and realised that my recommendations were not even close. Maybe Crossing Mind and Ypsilon were the closest. I recently stumbled upon this one and maybe it fits the mould - https://bluehoursounds.bandcamp.com/album/blue-ep - Although the mastering could perhaps have been improved.
  3. If you own the EP and use discogs, plz add it to your collection:) https://www.discogs.com/artist/10166932-A1ON-1
  4. I have been playinf the same thoughts...
  5. No no, that was the Mexican Aion, not Feliipe. Feliipe just hijacked one trillion Artist names ;P .. Aion (Mexico) is the one who was threatening. As 'psytones' writes above, Aion (Norway)'s debut (self-release) was Before Aion (Mexico), tho' mexico had a label release Before Aion (Norway). ....... Your head is allowed to spin if this makes it so. hehe PS. Aion (Norway) was originally Aion (8) on discogs.com, but mexico stole it. So now norway is (10). Also as RTP writes, a Aion vs. Aion track would be a cool thing to do, and KER actually asked him.. But he declined. Anyway, A1ON for the win.
  6. Druid State of Mind is connected to everything, You are everything… 142 bpm Psychedelic trance / PsyTechno / PsyTrance / DubTrance / Listen and Free Download here: https://druidproject.bandcamp.com/album/druid-state |||\\\|||///|||\\\|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||///|||\\\||| Created on: Sonic potions LXR Moog mother 32 MAM MB33 Arturia Microbrute Korg Minilogue Korg Volca Keys Strymon Timeline Strymon BlueSky Hotone Tape EKO Soundcraft EPM 8 Steinberg UR22 Shakers and Drums Sampled storm over the studio Ableton Live 10 credits released October 20, 2021 Created by Lukas Sliva
  7. Last week
  8. OK good people, thanks for your patience. So let's begin the continuing a bit. First of all, as you might know, Aion decided to not use the other names he wanted that this guy has hijacked XD .. And after a long time thinking and feeling on it, he went with a variation of Aion, and is now known as A1ON. See what he did there. He just changed the 'i' to a '1'. A1on. So as his first release, we made sure it sounded and looked good: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/chalice-of-the-void-ep And here is an answer to You. To OWN a name, costs money. To legally own the rights to it. If Aion, hrm, I mean A1ON was rich. He could have bought the name and owned it all over the world for something like 20 000 Euros. And to own it in 1 country, costs like 200 Euros. ...... We did joke about buying the Aion name in Mexico.. tho jokes aside. It feels better to leave the name. A1ON, or Henning Winter as his real name is, still uses DJ Aion when DJing. None can take that away from him:) Do you Spotify much, here, go and follow him, show some support (and thank you if you buy his debut A1ON EP): PS. This is A1ON's last Aion release: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/balder-ep Look at that, Aion (Norway) (10) Yeap, it's always best to keep it original or unique.
  9. What an umbrella of labels this Geomagnetic Label Group is ^^ many many + Ovnimoon, Timewarp, Spiral Trax .. And soon, Kali Earth
  10. Ahhhh I understand, they just quoted his "goodbye" message... ...I assume he knew little about how long he'll still be talked about that's unfortunate ... and yes it seems that this is the case... ...however, if it really way a justified and properly executed "Insolvenz" of the company, these artists and labels can pose as individual parties which Psyshop owes money and who also will get some, if the company is disbanded ... it won't be the full sum, but it should not be nothing either as there should be stocks left and stuff that was company property ... however, I could not find anything in the german directory of these defunct businesses, maybe somebody who's among the people whom Psyshop owes money has the position to inquire further?
  11. @Anoebis Hey, is there a reason why the Suntrip website is currently down?
  12. I really like the clothes from the Chill Out Planet (old designs by Sergey Timonin R.I.P.)
  13. and that hidden away eventually comes out for 10 times the price
  14. Indeed, very nice & original - nice job on this! Artist of the art work deserves a compliment...
  15. Provided that it’s the same dimensionality/depth you describe and look after, that I interpret it as beeing. It could very well be the amazing FX Processors from Eventide, and perhaps from Lexicon too. Which added a very particular spatial dimension to the tracks. And those are not common in todays mostly in the box production. And as far as I know, there’s not much (if anything) that seems to match these effects in the plugin domain. Not even Eventides own plugins. Also these were used in tandem with the Alesis Quadraverb. Which makes the sounds form a very dimensional sound image. Also the combination of putting hardware synthesizers through those effects, really encapsulated the sounds. Creating a very nicely textured and detailed sound with depth. As long as the mixing/composition itself was good as well of course. Even all these things considered, I don’t even think there were that many old school albums which truly provided this effect. Could you provide some examples so I could listen and compare to those I feel have this quality to them? So I understand if it’s the same thing I think of when talking about dimensionality and depth. For me this aspect is something I closely associate with how psychedelic music and indeed sounds in general are perceived when in a chemically altered state. Almost like a holographic sound texture. With opacity and intricate layers of sound textures/melodies. So this aspect of the genre might not be entirely an issue of hardware/software techiques, but about the experience with hallucinogenic substances. And how to translate that into production/arrangements. *btw re-read OP now and realized it’s for your friend. Ask him for some examples of tracks.
  16. OUT NOW Available in both physical & digital format: https://goamadnessrecordsofficial.bandcamp.com/album/another-place-on-earth
  17. That are some good spaceius track recommendations! Thanks. They do have a feeling of dimensional depth to them for sure. Any more, from other members even, to recommend? .. How about something more recentlly released? Or did the D as in Psychedelia dissapear with the oldies?
  18. I donno how smart limiting 1 per customer is? Time (stock) will show .. I know of many that prefers to buy 2. One to open and play, and one to have sealed hidden away.
  19. TEMPLATE PREVIEW: https://youtu.be/-MdFuZn9HBo After the success of volumes 1 and 2 Speedsound present "Ableton Live Psytrance Project - Full Night 3". This incredible audio project features insane basslines, extreme variations, triplets and automation illustrating how Speedsound put together a track in Live. This Ableton Live project features psychedelic and dark ambiences coupled with highly explosive moments: designed for biggest and best Psy festivals! Please note: this product requires Ableton Live 8.1.3 or higher. Download Size: 466 MB download now: https://www.producerloops.com/Download-Speedsound-Ableton-Live-Psytrance-Project-Full-Night-3.html - - - - - CHECK MORE PACKS HERE - - - - - https://www.producerloops.com/Speedsound #psytrance #fullonnight #TEMPLATE #ableton
  20. wow!! instant cd buy, this sounds amazing, love how he limiting one per purchase as can see what will happen if he doesn't
  21. yeah that's cool might try one our and get a backpatch done custom see how turns out
  22. That would be really cool, that album artwork is very nice. Purple hues and dreamy wizard theme by Mark Neal. The old and newer Flying Rhino logos would work really well in the format as well. This japanese version of The Lone Deranger would look badass: https://www.discogs.com/release/767378-Hallucinogen-The-Lone-Deranger
  23. for sure, have been sewing jackets for years, have about 6 metal battle jackets done with about another 10 on the go thinking about approaching simon to do a lone deranger patch
  24. No response yet and I suspect I may never get one. In the mean time, i've gone on a bit of a shopping spree at Bandcamp and Beatspace. I needed the therapy . LOL! I just hope that Psyshop does not leave artists and labels out of pocket, which appears to be the case based on some of the posts I've seen.
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