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  2. Pan - 'Pixel Pusher' is coming out on the 8th April 2019 on Reincarnations Recordings! Pan is back with his next explosion of psychedelic madness - 'Pixel Pusher'! This track kicks like a mule from the start - with fierce percussion and a driving bass line - all succinctly merged with floating grooves and hypnotic lines! A killer track which infiltrates your soul & lifts your spirit to another dimension! Listen to sample: https://soundcloud.com/reincarnations-recordings/pan-pixel-pusher :) https://www.facebook.com/reincarnationsrecordings/
  3. Entry #33 I still remember the first time I heard Globular's Colours of the Brainbow. What it sounded back then like a combination of Ott, Shpongle and Entheogenic and I was wondering why no one else had tried that before. And he just kept delivering, release after release, with no drop on quality (rather the contrary) and always for free. Having his first releases printed in cd is like a dream. Add an amazing cover artwork from Luc that tells a story and it's not "just" amazing graphics and you have a gem.
  4. everything speedsound posts is spam. don't expect an answere here.
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  6. I have already 1400 views on souncloud, help me get more by sharing! (: soundcloud link youtube link
  7. Project PREVIEW: https://youtu.be/8fF-gDLbiWc Insane Full-On Psytrance template for lovers of Psychedelic Trance! The template include sa mix of MIDI Clips and audio, making it perfect for producers who want to adapt this project to their own exacting standards: we love this new-school sound! The Motherfuckin Saga Continues Psytrance project includes MIDI clips for basslines, enabling you to easily edit and remix the project into new versions of the tune with your own ideas, or to use as a base for your own unique productions. This Psytrance project was inspired by well known Top Psy artists including: AVALON, SONIC SPECIES, ACE VENTURA, SPIRIT ARCHITECT, SYMBOLIC, MAD MAXX, BURN IN NOISE, OVNIMOON, SIDEFORM, PULSAR, MECHANIMAL, TRISTAN, HYPNOCOUSTICS to name a few top Psy acts: a superb Ableton Live Psytrance Template! Ableton Live 8.3 or Higher download now: https://www.file-up.org/jl14j67vofxm - - - - - CHECK MORE PACKS HERE - - - - - https://www.producerloops.com/Speedsound #psytrance #fullon #psychedelic #trance
  8. I didn't know that Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Cena had a son. This is too radi btw. https://rytmimystiikka.bandcamp.com/album/fuckboys-in-forest
  9. i was drunk and too nice when i made my last post to IMBA...so first you balkan guys have to stop to coop with NATO then we can talk...
  10. yerg

    Side Liner - No Vember

    Label: Cosmicleaf Records Country: Greece Released: 15 Feb 2019 Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Trip Hop Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. That Beautiful Somewhere feat Kerensa Stephens (Eguana Piano Remix) 04:50 2. No Vember 08:09 3. 56 07:59 4. Maluns - Bloodline Hunter (Side Liner Remix) 07:49 5. Edge 07:13 6. Cosmic Tone 06:40 7. Denside (with Dense) 06:47 8. Enigma 06:09 9. Dreamer feat Kerensa Stephens (Eguana Piano Remix) 06:32 Side Liner is Nick Miamis, a well established producer from Greece. This is Nick's 16th artist album, just think about it for the moment. This definitely makes him one of the most hard-working producers on the scene right now. At the same time he manages two labels, which deserves nothing but praise. No Vember mostly consists of slow progressive tracks with varying moods. People who are well familiar with Nick's sound will find no surprises here. The production is great as always, and if you're into slower melodic kind of trance, then I urge you to check it out. REVIEW 1. That Beautiful Somewhere feat Kerensa Stephens (Eguana Piano Remix) 04:50 The intro track has very soft and sad vocals. It's a full-fledged song with orchstral strings and piano that could fit the end-credits of a drama movie. It's actually unexpected to hear such a sentimental track in the very beginning of the album, but I can't deny its beauty. 4/5 2. No Vember 08:09 Now this is where the album actually starts for me. No Vember is filled with slow beats and cosmic melodies. This is the music you want to hear in the dusk, when the darkness settles and the stars start to appear in the nightsky. It has a very distinctive atmosphere that is simply unforgettable. No Vember is a fantastic track that warms my heart. 5/5 3. 56 07:59 I have no idea what the title refers to, but I like this track. It's very simple yet charming, and it has a very calming effect on me despite technically being a progressive dance track. 4/5 4. Maluns - Bloodline Hunter (Side Liner Remix) 07:49 This is a rather boring remix by Nick, which doesn't have that same spark as his original productions. It's very minimal in composition, and it left me completely unsatisfied. There is some intriguing bassline work going on in the second half, but it ain't enough. 2/5 5. Edge 07:13 Here's another minimal stomper, and this time it's a bit better than the previous track. It carries over several sweeping, lush sound effects throughout the course of the whole track that reminded me of the early Jean-Michel Jarre productions. This is a nice little number. 3/5 6. Cosmic Tone 06:40 Not much is happening in the first half of the track, but then Nick introduces a gorgeous melody that took me completely by surprise. I really like these pleasant unexpected twists. 3/5 7.Denside (with Dense) 06:47 This track has a very smooth melodic intro, and the beat is a lot softer and slower this time. Sveral new instruments add more flavor to an already excellent track in the second half that instantly hook me. Definitely one of the best tracks on the album. 4/5 8. Enigma 06:09 I guess the title of the track refrences the 90's New Age band Enigma, because the beats are terribly similar to what Michael Cretu had been using back in the days. As for the track itself it's a decent chill-out piece with no particularly strong lead melody, but some nice atmospheric sounds are present, so all-in-all it's pretty nice for what it is and does. 3/5 9. Dreamer feat Kerensa Stephens (Eguana Piano Remix) 06:32 The sad piano and Kerensa Stephens' vocals return in the final track. It's very similar in mood to the opening track, and it's just as beautiful... 4/5 --- There are no terribly complicated productions on the album, most of the tracks are rather simple and most of them achieve everything they need to be. This is not the best album Side Liner has produced, but it's totally decent and it deserves to be heard. The best track on the album is the title track No Vember. It has an excellent melody that immediately sets that special mood. I wish there were more bright tracks like that on the album, but Im still happy with the experience. 3.5/5
  11. Yeah, I've heard snippets of that sample in a few other tracks too but this was the first that came to mind. Okay, these 2 are from the same track: (not the only ones in the track in question though) "... the fucking hell is that?" and "... black hole, the most destructive force in the universe, and you created one".
  12. Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and wanted to start off by sharing my newest track. Enjoy https://youtu.be/oVdkLEh-6fs
  13. i took your advice..... did nothing for me, couldn't handle the dogs breath!
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  15. ha! fair statement enjoy it more than you think, but their are others out there have met collect music they don't even like (kind of like those weird people you see on them tv show) have witnessed alot of young people who collect alot of vinyl and don't even own a player! absolute madness, with more money than sense. i admit, was on a crazy collecting train for years, but everyone i bought got a listen ( working as a baker for 25 years in the middle of the night by myself, could listen to more than the 3 album quoter!) and because my music tastes are extremley extensive, (yes i even love country and western) i have had alot. i picked up alot of albums after ebay started up, as they had those 0.99 cd auctions and alot of times people wouldn't bid on them so often bought hundreds of cds at one time, back when postage was cheap. as most of you know here i have sold off most of my goa/psy collection to raise money for various projects and to get me out of the shit for poor financial judgement (mainly buying to much other music!) and sold of alot of other genres at a market stall years ago, and raised money to move countries and buy furniture etc, so i have only kept the real favorites or the stuff that no one likes, but i have all the music still and we won't even get started on my vinyl which i still collect, and been selling the originals, buying the represses with plenty of change to fund other things so to answer your question, it was both, but now just the love of music. i have been shedding the weight of stuff for years, and still continue to, and feels great, having that much music was a burden, espeically when moving house and countries! and face it, is all much different now, we don't need the physical format anymore...... but, i have only ever bought a handful on digital format! guess i kind of a hands on kinda guy i even have a part in my will where a certain person on this site will get what's left of my goa collection when i die!
  16. Jon Cocco

    Etnica - In Dub

    No track list? They're helpful whoever starts the thread. Vimana In Dub Deep East (66 Dub&Rola Remix) Triptonite Dub That Kind of Love Back to Vegas Burning Sands Gilly's Voyage (Dub Mix) Astral Way (Dub Mix) Screaming Butterfly (Dub Mix) Desert Journey I'm not a fan of Vimana In Dub. It sounds like your average reggae (conceptually speaking) influenced dub track. This music approach (let's chill and smoke man) sounds too familiar to me, but to each their own. Deep East (66 Dub&Rola Remix) is catchier with its signature sound and accents (!). It grows to be fairly repetitive by the end though and doesn't offer a whole lot from the original to distinguish it as a remix. Triptonite Dub becomes more interesting in the second half, thanks to some nice development. Not a whole lot outside of the dub approach distinguishes it from the original. The song's pretty good though. That Kind Of Love is a downtempo piece with lyrical female singing. I enjoy the song more just past the 5 minute mark where the voice exits, leaving me to enjoy the music's nuances, chilled tone, and development. Not bad. Not great. The female singing approach is a little bland and forgettable IMO. Back to Vega is where the album really picks up for me. This song is so catchy, and has just the right mixture of electronic meets worldly influence, complimented by the female voice. I like how it develops, the chimes, thumbing mid-tempo beat, atmosphere, accents, etc. The first act arrangement is a little repetitive, but a shift in sound around 3:50 forward is catchy. I like the sustained notes in the last act too. Burning Sands seems to one of the songs that everyone likes. It's okay. I'm not that impressed. I hear nice female hymns around a mid-tempo beat. Some flute. The similar sound throughout adds to the repetition for me, but the music's nice sounding. Gilly's Voyage (Dub Mix) is very dub and not very interesting IMO. This is the closest sound approach I feel to the opening rack. It's slow and kind of goes through the motions. I find the DUB approach (structure, development) to be a bit lazy, boring, and bland. Astral Way (Dub Mix) Screaming Butterfly (Dub Mix) has a very nice tribal drum, beat, and melody (s). Here's a mix that sounds vastly different from the original. More work appears to have been invested to vary and distinguish this thing from the original. It's relaxing, catchy, and enjoyable. Desert Journey is gentle, atmospheric, a bit moody, Psy-influenced, and has some subtle sound/accent work to boot. Not much in terms of changing scenery happens. The song could have been more eventful, but the general sound throughout is good. I like it, especially a repeating "accent" ask sound that takes place throughout. I thought the whole album was going to be dub or drum n' base-y. I honestly didn't know of this album's existence until it started automatically playing after I streamed Etnica's Alien Protein album on YouTUbe. This album transcends (isn't limited to) Dub thanks to being more evolved, risk-taking-- with a kicking beat while also being quite relaxing and reflective at times. While not perfect, the album has a groovy, sped-up chill-esque elements musical approach that resonates with me. There are some VERY catchy "accenting"sounds on this album. The little bouncy (low pitched) synth in Burning Sands (if I'm recalling the right track). This is one of Etnica's most engaging releases in a long time, but it's not always consistent with great tracks or doing greater justice to a few of their Dub Mixes. Even the weaker (less strong) tracks IMO often have something-- a strong complimentary sound or musical element that makes them stand out, giving them character and presence. At times the Etnica in Dub reaches beautiful heights of electronic music compositions. How did I miss this album these past years,? Only to discover it in 2019 by mere fate. Some of the songs are soooo good!!! The album's moody at times which I love. I could honestly go with less DUB and more of everything else. But a few Dub Mixes don't sound too dubby for me. Actually, some of the tracks don't sound to be dub at all (thankfully). So why even call the album Etnica In Dub? That doesn't do it justice. The album's more visionary for that; it's more down, mid, and even up-tempo with many good electronic influences. In short, I like this album. Just about every track has its own interesting variations, atmospheres, compositions, etc. Some of the tracks someone found to be filler I didn't find filler at all, so see where your preferences match.
  17. A rise of the temperature in our bodies, while listening and dancing to the beats and sounds that we are so deeply involved with, can induce a certain type of fever in our physical beings! This is not an ordinary fever, but a specially induced one Creator of this state, is one of the most prominent DJ's and party organizers in Serbia. DJ Mozza is a stand out figure in the Serbian psychedelic scene, setting the bar high with his mixing skills and track selections, and this compilation is a true testament to this. Including a broad range of psychedelic music, from the pumping psy-progressive to the banging psychedelic beats, it's a compilation not to be missed by any worldwide trance lover. His selection is including fellow Serbian usual suspects like Sideform, Makida, Relativ, Imaginarium, Manmachine, Middle Mode, Nerso and Protheus , while incorporating south side neighbours Djantrix and Galactic Explorers to complete the circle of Balkan artists. Further tweaking the psychedelic soundwaves we have Pleiadians/Etnica, Martian Arts, Genesia, Neutron (UK) and Ooblek making the selection a true masterpiece. Most of the artists in this compilation have been sharing the decks with DJ Mozza, while setting the dance floor on fire together with him. Be the slave to the rhythm and dance like nobody is watching. We proudly welcome you to "Psychedelic Fever”! Tracklist: 01. Sideform & Genesia - Genetic Form 02. Makida & Relativ - Construct Of Mind 03. Galactic Explorers - X-Drive 04. Neutron - Herbal Harmonics 05. Imaginarium & Manmachine - Neuroplasticity 06. Djantrix & Middle Mode - Global Offensive 07. Manmachine - Pray 08. Nerso & Protheus - Sentinel 09. Martian Arts - Message From The Pleiades (Ooblek Remix) 10. Pleiadians - Psi Draconis (Etnica Remix) Compiled by DJ Mozza Buy: https://bit.ly/2GQs1Ht Watch: https://bit.ly/2EBkP0c
  18. now that's a surprise. i was thinking of talamsca - the flow. but that cypher albums sounds good too your turn now.
  19. Hello there ! We would like to announce second EP of very talented music producer Marcin Pawłowski aka Netsu . EP will be released in the end of April on Mamomam Records! Stay Tuned ! "We often think of ourselves as focused when we are working on solving problems, or doing some other kind of mental work. But by focusing primarily on our thoughts we are separating ourselves from what is happening around us. If we are thinking about the world instead of participating in it, we are always one thought away from where life is actually taking place. Sometimes the smallest objects and phenomena can reveal to us the intricate and beautiful wonder of the universe. By turning our attention and focus towards what is right in front of us, towards what is really unfolding underneath the illusion of our separateness, we can tune into an inexhaustible well of awe, wonder and peace. We can tune into life itself. " 1. Netsu – Life Will Survive Us 8:48 93 BPM 2. Netsu – Unspeakable World 8:22 86 BPM 3. Netsu – Ego Boundaries 8:30 96 BPM 4. Netsu & Miraceti – Nothing Special 7:16 121 BPM Credits: Music - Marcin Pawłowski , ( track 4 - with Szymon Marcinkowski ) Artwork - Marcin Pawłowski Mastering - Astropilot We will presents you samples very soon https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/
  20. Radiate a party fueled by Bom Voyage, April 20th, or 420 weekend. 23:00 - 07:00 at the killer venue: Radion Amsterdam, Louwesweg 1. Line up: Psy floor: Krumelur, Lucas, DarkElf, Liftshift, Hashashin, Moogly, Dogo 420/dub floor: Vlastur Live Band, Parvati in Dub. Hashashin, Lucas, Harmonic Frequency, Polymer Tickets presale: 21,90 at the door: 26, 50. Full info on the facebook event page
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