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  2. Idk, it's that is jsut a pad I guess it might be a JP 8000 preset or something. I indeed heard something similar in quie a few tracks. That melody at 2:30 here, does anyone know what's that?
  3. One more here but this one is probably not easy. The pad coming @ 1:35: Don't think it's easy to find because the pad in the Goa track isn't really a defining characteristic of the track and doesn't last for very long. It's a Goa classic from the nineties, everyone know this track.
  4. This just popped up in my Facebook Memories Feels prescient...
  5. thats a good take on it, and i suppose youre right maybe i was a bit harsh on them it was a funny video i give them that; id just hate for it to be some sort of self promo . not sure why but it doesnt sit right. but your take sounds more plausible !
  6. @AstralSphinx thanks that is super useful and helpful!! very much appreciated. i think i understand about 75% of it or so
  7. If only someone here knew how to get stuff like that done...
  8. Yesterday
  9. Some other things to consider when deciding which of these commonly used scales one intends to use for goa: AHAVA RABBA SCALE ON THE PIANO "The Ahava Rabba scale belongs to the group of Jewish scales because of the geographical location where it was born and its typical sound. If you are looking forward to improvise Jewish music, then the Ahava Rabba scale can be an excellent choice. The Ahava Rabba scale can be really useful if you are looking foward to create cheerful music as it belongs to the group of Major scales. It is mainly used in ethnic music or modal jazz improvisation." PHRYGIAN SCALE ON THE PIANO "The Phrygian scale can be used to compose melancholic ethnic music. You may also use it for modal jazz improvisation and since it belongs to the group of Minor scales it can be also useful for also composing scary and romantic music." Taking this into consideration can explain the airy/majestic feel of the Ahava Rava scale, since it's a major scale. It can sound really epic when throwing in some chords.
  10. That was beautiful. I can't believe I hadn't seen that until now
  11. I actually don't know which of the old greek modes it corresponds too, as I just transposed the standard scale communly used in Israeli old school goa. (Astral Projection, MFG, Mystica etc) That was usually played in the key of C, D och or E, depending on the bpm and general mood they wanted to achieve. To simplify, I transposed it from C to A, in the Key of A it sounds very particular because of the two sharp keys that are close in the scale, A# and C#. And since A is rather high to me atleast it sounds airy and elevated. And I think it sounds good for lower bpm like in this case 138bpm *edit* I now analyzed the scale by going through all the known scales/modes and the exotic scales on https://www.looknohands.com/chordhouse/piano/ And it turns out the scale is indeed jewish in origin, hence perhaps why it was used so much in Israeli goa. It's called " A Jewish (Ahaba Rabba) Scale intervals: 1,b2,3,4,5,b6,b7 half-steps: 1-3-1-2-1-2-2 notes: A,Bb,C#,D,E,F,G" So who knows when and where this scale originated, it might have been used in some old temple sometime The Phrygian scale I've never used for goa, that is Pleiadian/Etnica/Filteria stuff The scale above which I'm using to me sounds way more eastern/oriental/greek/turkish/arabic/egyptian/levant. Pure belly dance stuff. The phrygian scale to me has a more enigmatic feel to it, which might explain why it fits so well with cosmic themes. I don't think it's particularly good for hooks, but then again that could just be my ears that are atuned/used to this scale I've been using for 20 years or so. Here it is in the key of C: C Jewish (Ahaba Rabba) Scale intervals: 1,b2,3,4,5,b6,b7 half-steps: 1-3-1-2-1-2-2 notes: C,Db,E,F,G,Ab,Bb Compared to the Phrygian scale in the key of C: C Phrygian Scale intervals: 1,b2,b3,4,5,b6,b7 half-steps: 1-2-2-2-1-2-2 notes: C,Db,Eb,F,G,Ab,Bb It's just one note that is different between them, so they are similar, but give a very different feel.
  12. Could you make a little audio example? for us that don't have Serum. Curious to hear how it sounds. Did you make it with a Juno 106 Sub Osc wavetable or purely with Serum's own oscillators?
  13. I made some old school Juno 106 styled bass preset for Serum, added MIDI for bass and kick sample. Get it here and play around: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wv5ptu7uymte0b6/Old School Goa Bass.zip?dl=0 Inspired by Boris Blenn (and Radi)
  14. Soren, welcome back bud !
  15. Idk, in psy context "dark" and "melodic" seem to be mutually exclusive. In my book, dark and melodic might be something like this (dark not as in darkpsy, but as an opposite to happy/euphoric) Or this None of these are exactly modern tho.
  16. btw you who seem to be in the know about modern psy, can you recommend anything that is dark and melodic? I wanna explore if there might be some new good stuff out there.
  17. I see, I find most goa boring and sounding the same (with some great exceptions tho) I'm mostly a full-on/prog guy myself. Yeah, tastes differ.
  18. Aiit sounds fair enough, I'm not invested in the full on/psy/minimal/prog scene, so I have no clue really. Loud's music is quite far from what I listen to, I can still recognize that he knows what he is doing with regards to the sound quality of things. But yeah my two cents I'm a goa-head. The track you posted doesn't really change much in that regard for me, I found it rather boring, melodically and drive-wise. I miss some lush pads and euphoric melodies which can elevate my mood. I don't like when the tracks take too many turns and lose momentum by introducing talking samples and breaks. I just want a non-stop assault of melodies/303 stuff The exception to that for me was perhaps the Psysex-Expression of Rage album and the Infected Mushroom-Classical Mushroom album, on those I think the samples just fit very well, but yeah that was another era. It was a new and fresh approach then. But hey I respect everybody's differing taste, and appreciate to get to hear some new stuff outside of my comfort zone every now and then as well. That's the beauty of the psy/goa scene, there's so many different styles and ways to express yourself. And that's why I personally believe that psy/goa is here to stay, it can't really stagnate when there is so much different style experimentation taking place and fusing of genres/styles.
  19. That Etnica remix sounds totally great to me. Regarding the Future Ducks track, i love it I does have a good dose of self-irony. I don't believe it was made for self-promotion or to take the piss out of the scene, rather I guess they have collected all the stereotypical criticism about progressive/minimal and made a track of these stereotypes, just for the fun of it. Certainly LOUD can't be accused of the lack of creativity
  20. EH? I always thought the Future Ducks would be some guy in London doing a parody of newstyle Psy and also of the Future Sound Of London. Seems to go deeper than I thought... so this thread brought some interesting info at last.... I was bit amazed btw. when I posted in a Trance thread in another forum, there seem only to be a few guys liking or even knowing (real) psytrance. I postet 2 cool examples from X-Dream and Man With No Name - or what I thought would be good examples. But no one commented in the positive about them. However later I posted the Ducks Video and someone said, even if this seems like a parody he fuckin´likes the sound @AstralSphinx The track you posted sounds quite minimal too me. I am even more confused by new goa genres then I am about industrial I must say. Eg. what is full-on exactly this name does not imply minimal for my understanding.
  21. Cosmosis plays guitar and he's quite a stage hog. Don't know how he sounds nowadays but I saw him maybe seven years ago or something, it was ace! Khetzal was allready mentioned in the thread, saw him and his violin live at the same party that Cosmosis was playing. He was also great!
  22. Same here, the track is amazing! I'd definitely buy a re-master...
  23. I will tell you as soon as I have found the time to listen to it. Should be today tho…
  24. Yeah, upon inspecting the youtube channel I got a bitter taste lol So they basically made a meme of the same genre they work in? There is playlist there with what sounds like full-on remixes of goa classics. Way to go with the rather unimaginative butchering of a classic tune IMO. I feel like the meme is either a rather well thought out way of generating a lot of views to their channel or something. Or some way of distancing themselves and feeling like their superior to what else generic full-on is out there? The context/idea behind the meme feels a bit weird indeed. Is it like some self-concious attempt att recognizing what the tropes are which they must know by heart now? Or just a way of poking and making fun of their DJ/Producer colleagues within the full-on scene?
  25. i meant the youtube video itself. the meme so to speak. Loud did that? edit: lol youre right, haha okay thats strange. That now seems a bit cocky instead of funny. I thought it was just a random memer complaining about the state of psytrance who did that video. Not an artist wanting to say "hey, we can do it better" : ( that was an anticlimax .
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