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  2. Well the full lock down my end is sorted. Just had a Sequential Pro 3, Prophet 6 & Erica Synths Tech System delivered. Kids got a a trampoline installed in the back yard this morning & a Nintendo Switch. Spent the weekend cooking and freezing lots of quality food, and set up my wife's gone office properly. Actually could not be happier, especially as it was confirmed today that when we had what was a bad cold a two weeks back and self isolated was the virus. Self isolated as in while we have waited for results we have not gone out the front door. The wife, kids and I all have had it & are clear. Fingers crossed we're immune now.
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  4. Hi ! Thanks for the good vibes Sundrop, yes Logarythm still producing in fact never stopped so we decided to create a place to share all this music and more music from friends and side projects BAKELITE is the name under it, you can find some amazing tunes there i will share some links here as well what is up with you? still on the game? i love to make contact with you again. cheers https://bakelitelabel.bandcamp.com/ Alf P.D. sorry for the late reply we all having a beating now Worldwide, i hope you and your dears stay safe and healthy... One Love Brotha's
  5. Sorry for resurrecting old topic, but I just discovered Dark Nebula recently and I'm delighted. Before, this gave me headaches. Now, this harsh atonal madness clicks somehow. I know this is nowhere how tough it can get, but it's where I'm now. Love Robotic Tongue, Sacred Scars and Dreamfuel. Favorite track: Toxic Reality... or most tracks on these albums. Other albums are either too minimalistic, or don't have the sheer twisted rule-breaking atmosphere of these three. And yes, I am fishing for more recommendations like this. Something twisted but playful at the same time. It can be dark, but has to be rich and complex. You guys seem to act like you know a better stuff than this, so mind helping out, please ? :)
  6. I think this is a banging release. This style is pretty much what Cronomi is all about, I don't know why any one here is shocked that they got an Avant Garde release from the Cro-Crew. Also what is the difference from a live recorded album and this one? All the songs have a start middle and end, were written and created just the same. IDK, seems like a legit release to Tsotsi.
  7. Good idea!!! Let me do some reflection and get back to you =)
  8. Since there is a limitation at Bandcamp regarding the free streaming, both parts (Hypnotic Mirage and Galactic Aviator Remastered) now can be fully streamed in HD quality at our YouTube channel track-by-track. Visit the playlist file here: https://bit.ly/GoaD-YouTube Happy listening!
  9. Thank you guys for your reviews, since Bandcamp got limitation regarding the streaming, now music from both CD's Hypnotic Mirage and Galactic Aviator Remastered can be streamed at our YouTube channel in full lenght track-by-track. Playlist file here: https://bit.ly/GoaD-YouTube
  10. sure, nearly any mutation will make it less viable. but every infected cell produces thousands of new virions. there are multiple coronoaviruses out there that are responsible for a portion of our seasonal colds. infection with neither of which produces lifelong immunity due to mutation of the virus before reinfection. of course it's not mix-and-match as with the influenza genome but we cannot be sure that it will not stick around at this point.
  11. Finally! Norway has spawn a new full-blooded Goa-Trance Artist ready to shock the World. No longer is RA the sole LP released Goa-Trance Producer on the plate. CLEMENTZ is in the Lighhouse, electrifying and intens. Where Ra are the LP Kings of Norwegian Released Goa-Trance, for sure Clementz is with his KRETSLØP Album the resilient Prince. Goalien the Alien, and Microcosm the holy spirit ghosts .. Release Date: 3rd of May 2020 "Fierce Full Power Acidic Spiralling Goa-Trance like in the Old Dayz" - Dj Anoebis of Suntrip Records SAMPLES: https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD61/ 10 Track LP Total time :71:22 Style :Crazy melodic psychedelic trance Mastering :Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios, Germany Artwork :Andrii Averin, Ukraine @ Shiva Om Art Cat no :SUNCD61 Barcode :8 001120 002853 Format :CD (Compact Disc) + Digital Download Physical copies pressed :300
  12. That's the norm with science. The knowledge is based upon current observations and more data could always change it. Only religion and politicians claim to know the "truth". The chances for mutations (in a meaningful manner) are very low. The specific virus has only one "fragment" of RNA to replicate, meaning that any mutation are statistically more probable to have a negative effect (on the virus) and make it less viable. While humanity is hiding in their homes planet earth is having a party. The truth is we are TOO many and no one will miss us.
  13. even without psy captions, the artwork of joan cornella is great. too bad he doesn't update his blog with new pieces every few weeks anymore.
  14. My personal favorite is Tetragrammaton, released on first Dimensional Gateway V/A, and later on re-released on Epoch Of The Terrans.
  15. yeah. right. but the scientists and doctors are being cautious with their language because they don't know for sure what the mutation could end up being like. They are cautiously optimistic but are not wanting to speak in absolutes because it's premature at this point.
  16. What a great track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG45B7b6inM Also some nice stuff from Kino Oko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bdFh_scxSI Not the full album is jazzy but I highly recommend it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlh1_w4qDAE @Gamma is right, Zenon Records has a history of releasing some jazzy tracks, the music is usually much more minimal and darker than the suggestions above. For example this track in V/A Intelligent Manipulation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5x0kLu-5dU I love the rhythmic in this track even though the jazz elements are not very abundant. Or this track from Krumelur (technically not on Zenon Records but it could have been): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=951rzkjisLg Probably not what you are looking for but posting this just for the intro (the rest of the track is more conventional psytrance): Phillax - Goblins ate my piano https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPlswGID2Dc And some strange stuff from Infected Mushroom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6dNZANyYMQ
  17. if you've recovered from the infection you are immune to that virus. without immunity you wouldn't be able to recover at all. the thing about people testing positive after negative tests is most likely due to the swabs or labwork of the negative test not being done correctly. there's plenty of error here. up until now we're only seeing one "strain" (i'm sure there's a more correct term here but i can't think of one now) of virus, so even though it mutates enough for us to be able to trance the patterns of spread, once you've had one infection you cannot be infected again as of now. the danger of course is that we'll see mutations over the next year that will allow a slightly altered virus to reinfect those who have had it this time. this chance of course rises as it spreads more. but the good news is that it seems to be mutating less than the other coronaviruses we know that cause seasonal flu-like illness. so we do have a good chance of this not developing into a yearly occurrance.
  18. hey folks, I uploaded 3 more of one of my duo project's older songs. you can download them free as well, so enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/anchu-398181033/sets/some-more-of-those-old-vibes
  19. Awesome, thank you for these tips! Koxbox, very playful, very nice. The whole album is a materpiece. Transfinder, nice as well but somehow easier imo ("eveybody!") shaolin..., waouh this was unexpected after the two previous ones :) freee! it's harsher but I like it I will listen to more of their sounds in case they have more tracks like this. Zenon records, ok, I will explore more in this direction. Loopus, I love how they let the instruments take space and time to play, not only shorts samples.. Just listened to some tracks (including Motherfuncked). I will listen to more. Thank you!
  20. Yeah I got what you meant. It was a mistake on my part. I'll make sure to post more appropriate responses in this section.
  21. Nice!! Yeah I've got about 150 heavy metal albums, a few of other types of electronic and I think probably around 200 eps and albums of drum & bass. it's such an addiction. But my kids love the process of putting a vinyl on.
  22. I've been watching a lot of Archer and restarted Orphan Black
  23. Last week
  24. Cotton Candy (Dreaming Mix) is crazy it reminds me of Lost Buddha-Lost In Paradise. But more hectic. Very hypnotic. Lots of rushing spiralled layers, makes for an energetic interesting journey. The cool thing about this track, is that it has so many interwoven melodies, that the brain can't keep count. So the brain overloads and goes into a daydream type of state. Atleast mine does. Such tracks tend to work really well on the treadmill. Or while drawing or doing stuff in photoshop.
  25. Well, I have only a few. But I like my collection, lol. Ofcours I do... Alot of amazing music in there. =))
  26. Looks like that failed fast.
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