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  2. HELLO. We are AZ NHJO HYENNRO SOUNDS. WE offer great patches and sounds. This release is ACID BASS 1 for SYLENTH1. 128 Awesome, Amazing, Incredible Bass Patches. fro GOA, PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE ALSO. any contadct to nhjohyennro@naver.com https://www.kvraudio.com/product/sylenth1-by-lennardigital/downloads HELLO. WE ARE AZ NHJO HYENNRO SOUNDS INTERNATIONAL. This 128 Patch ACID BASS 1 is awesome, amazing, incredible 128 patches. This is free release but donation is paypal aznhjohyennro@gmail.com Any donation is welcome Thanks and we will more patches,bank releases!.
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  4. In the playlists you have exately everything you need (-: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx5N8PjdxKfyxDmTitGbwGQ
  5. Good evening folk. Anyone heard LOUDS new releases? And what do you think about them? Personally i fnd the hole album epic from beginning to end. Massive psychedelic activity goin on there (; 5 billion star with captain hook and green star movement with astrix i think some of the best thats been released in the scene under 2020 and 21.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx5N8PjdxKfyxDmTitGbwGQ There you go my friend. Then click on playlists and your home, i promise
  7. Im more of a proggresive type of guy but i really enjoyed the psychedelic activity in the track, sounds trippy
  8. Good evening all you psylovers in the universe. Hope you are all well in this crazy pandemictimes. I got bored the other day and decided to create a little bit of trippie youtube channl with all the stuff that keep me going. If someone would like to subscribe or throw some feedback that would be fun and appriciated (: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx5N8PjdxKfyxDmTitGbwGQ Take care and Keep calm and listen to psytrance Peaceout
  9. Hi, I'm looking for someone willing to do visuals for an 8-minute long psytrance music video. I'm not very rich, but we can negotiate the price. Thanks!
  10. 하이. 접니다. AZ NHJO HYENNRO(아즈 노흐즈오 현느로)입니다. HALLO. This is my synth fast arp demo. Cubase 5, Quasimidi The Raven Max, DirtyGirl thanks you. nhjohyennro@naver.com 고아트랜스싸이트랜스카페 cafe.naver.com/goapsyn blog.naver.com/nhjohyennro 저의 블로그 cafe.naver.com/nhjolesson 저의레슨카페 cafe.naver.com/aznhjohyennro 저의 개인카페 cafe.naver.com/ebiseoul 일렉트로뱅크인서울 hcafe.naver.com/revivalx 리바이벌커페 cafe.naver.com/stompmix STOMPMIX카페 cafe.naver.com/clubkoreax 클럽코리아카페 cafe.naver.com/vimsn 빔스카페 c
  11. actually that patch is pretty nice, esp. with the reverb. but ever since i heard the speedfiaker remix, i find that every version of the tetris theme that doesn't come with heavy, distorted 909 kicks is missing something.
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  13. Artists: Various Title: organic Fractal Vol.1 Label: Shemballa Records Release: 1st March 2021 Compiled By: Royroy & Majinaor Tracklist:- 1. Astrogano - Kind Of Redemption? 2. Sykespico - Energy Of The Universe 3. Quantum Dynamics - Apollo 4. Cypher - Rave Movement 5. Event Horizen - Letting Go 6. Fuzzonaut - Heykhan Ze Hadavar 7. GoAtmika - Came To Me In A Dream 8. Laughing Skull - Highway To Hell 9. Majinaor - Inspire The Liars ~ We going Oldschool, too much music to listen to and not enough time. ~ Organic Fractals is the first rele
  14. I liked AR quite a bit 10 years ago or so., but it was not "memorable" enough stuff to be in my top20 or so. However he is still better then probably 90% of "electronic producers" out there. He uploaded some "live jams" eg. here: I hear it still quite monotone stuff but also still better then most... wonder for what he needs the ton of synths his sounds are not that complicated / diverse... but seems a nice collection
  15. @Jikkenteki: Yes 20 years or so seems possible - guess they were a pioneering site for uploading / streaming music.. which "spawned" later 2 dozen or so simmilar sites. @RTP: Do you think a track uploaded half a year ago but on private since then could be used, I forgot about it. But I do not know if going live from private has the same effect as newly uploaded video... we could use this one if the other options do not materialize... NHJO seems busy making tracks for the guiness book world record @ImbaFrom his FB: "I'm now top CEO and music artists and Actor, Sports man etc" well t
  16. Artists: Various Title: organic Fractal Vol.1 Label: Shemballa Records Release: 1st March 2021 Compiled By: Royroy & Majinaor First release from new label who said fuck it, if Shamballa Records is taken, we will just be Shemballa Records. Hell yea, I feel that energy. Is there such a thing as too many labels? I wouldn't be so sure. With some familiar names to kick things off they got me on their side. Tracklist:- 1. Astrogano - Kind Of Redemption? 2. Sykespico - Energy Of The Universe 3. Quantum Dynamics - Apollo 4. Cypher - Rave Movement 5. Even
  17. Oh my G. I'm the 604th person to push play, and the 30th to hit the thumbs-up
  18. But oh, he's got much more .. Here's his second not that important SC. He's a Goa Trance production machine!!
  19. MP3.com is more likely 20 years. I got my start on there as well, although Analog Pussy was already an established act at the point. Even Infected Mushroom were on pretty active on there (among others).
  20. RTP


    Yes, I know him, good artist indeed. I'm kinda satisfied that I already follow him on Soundcloud ... here's his:
  21. Man, that is an awesome idea. I'd be up for it, I'd buy him some views. I think now we only need him to agree and provide a track. Just imagine if we really get him to become a meme ... I mean, at least in the whole psytrance world. He deserves it by now, fair and square, after all these years.
  22. Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes (Select Remixes of Classic Flavours) Limited edition 12" vinyl EP https://saafibrothers.bandcamp.com/album/saafi-brothers-mystic-cigarettes-select-remixes-of-classic-flavours-ep
  23. He started singing because all that happiness! https://www.facebook.com/aznhjohyennro/videos/3795002200546435
  24. He is so abviously too happy about this idea he licks you over the monitor!
  25. Impressive! By the way, the RTP RECORDS offer still stands. You can send me some tracks on soundcloud for private listen anytime ... profile is: https://soundcloud.com/user-350524915
  26. SoundCloud - "Gingersnap Dango- Son of the White Mare" Have a listen, like i u want.
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