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  3. I made a couple of such tracks. Edit: oh no, these tracks sound like crap, won't be posting them. Virus is a great synth but i suck at mixing.
  4. A look at the figures. The Globox - X-Rax Spex video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO4xGTCcwsQ currently has at this moment: 3.800 plays, 233 likes, 3 dislikes. and 14 comments in 6 threads So I think you shouldn't give up so early, we are climbing. Now I admit that occasionally I send a few views over because I still got some credit at that company, but it really isn't that much, maybe 3 to 4 hundred (altogether I mean) ... my policy is: slow and continuous increase beats big pushes because the algorithm checks that there is something wrong when you push large and fast.
  5. Offtopic, but I think that the Access Virus series are quite good synths. With this, you could even do a creative move and do a "vaccine" track produced entirely with sounds from an Access Virus Unfortunately I don't own any of them... Nice one btw @recursion loop
  6. Reissue https://www.discogs.com/Projective-Vision-Apocalypse/release/17536423 (just a part of the track- 6 min are missing) comes from an old Tsuyoshi Tape for Chaos Unlimited 1995
  7. Reissue https://www.discogs.com/Alien-Mutation-Vs-Indigo-Egg-Return-To-Planet-Mushroom/release/13321260
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  9. Bandcamp Friday is starting again, I reckon. Any tips? I've been too busy with other stuff. (For example, tracking stray shipments from previous orders...)
  10. Hey, My new set is up. Deep, hypnotic bass lines with bush, organic sounds, shamanic energy and tribal elements.
  11. Get the "The Full" picture of what a psychedelic tune should be and discover the new Brazilian talent Kronomy, starting today at Nataraja Records. With solid assets in production, this explosive EP delivers a ton of psychedelic goodness and fearsome drops for the experienced trancers out there. Enjoy with no moderation! Bandcamp >> http://bit.ly/thefull-kronomy SoundCloud >> https://bit.ly/3geZm0u BeatPort >> http://bit.ly/TheFullKronomy Graphism by Isomorphik Mastered by Plus Six Mastering
  12. So glad to read about your twice-a-year plan of vinyls! Keep up the good work!
  13. Its sound like old track looking for the track name thanks
  14. Artist: Median Project Title: Another Galaxy Label: Suntrip Records Release: April 30, 2021 Tracklist: 1. Human Error 2. Starry Skies 3. Time Lord 4. Devil Fish 5. Measurements X 6. Lone Star 7. Deep Dive 8. Other Life Form 9. Flight To Jupiter Join me as we explore yet Another Galaxy with Median Project in the usual well tempered and magnificently succinct way. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/another-galaxy https://www.suntriprecords.com/news/
  15. After a couple of revisions the test presses was finally approved yesterday, now moving onto the final stages!
  16. thanks man, yeah getting lonely alright, how i see it, so many people now have ditched cds and they just gathering dust and wasting away, yes literally deteriorating which i think with over use contributed to mines demise, i on the other hand listen to them every day and don't do digital, and as this is one of my favs hoping to get it back again, not willing to pay those kind of discog prices especially now with covid etc, will cost even more with post here to australia. so hoping someone here could see my situation, i never expect anything in return, but have done the same for so many here o
  17. You guessed my favourite (Measurement X) and Lone Star or Deep Dive, not sure But yes, super powerful modern goa... I will post all links etc tomorrow, tired now! Thanks for the support
  18. I'm only writing this so this thread doesn't seem so lonely, as I am also guessing you have also already seen it for sale on Discogs for $170
  19. Maaan, I wish I had this LP on CD instead of Vinyl. Anyone got all tracks in wav or smth and wanna share it with me? Plz. About Material Music's Access Virus, indded it is, Synth. Tralala, would love for someone to review the 2Dragons album the track is on. Sorry no suggestions to the actual topic.
  20. https://www.discogs.com/Giorgio-Celeste-The-Cobra-Tales-From-Terkaarg/master/1849562
  21. New dance oriented album Liminal Migration from Bluetech and Steve Moore. Edition of 600 on orchid color vinyl. https://bluetech.bandcamp.com/album/liminal-migration
  22. Well pull me backwards in to the birdbox B-) Kailum Retro Vol. 3 is now being released, and this is live : http://virtualdjradio.com/powerbase/?fbclid=IwAR3J17ZjKWxOn5TEmpi9QBBIHl_OJoOJnPc6Sc_pt1sOukGG0CjmjywH1cY
  23. Indeed! We proposed to let him make an album sounding 100% like that - let's see what happens
  24. Welcome friends! After what feels like forever, I am super pleased to be back with a new edition of the Dreamtime Diaries series. Uplifting, feel good, psychedelic chill out beats, playfully woven together into this immersive sound journey, purely for the love of it Massive thanks to the all the artists for their wonderful sounds! If you like what you hear, pease take a moment to check out their other sounds. 1. Alba - Peyote 2. Circular - 3 Moons 3. Cell - Intimate Removals (live edit) 4. Sendelica & Secret Knowledge - Windmill (The Orb Chocolate Dubbed mix) 5
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