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    Hi Croatians here, i have the pleasure to visit your country the next two weeks, will be around Zadar, Pula, some lovely islands... My Mp3 player is already prepared, found some good stuff from Neogoa + Lunar Dawn, Psilocybian, Stonebride, She Loves Pablo... What you think, is there some croatian music we definitely HAVE TO LISTEN TO ??? everything electronic or rock is worth a mention, traditionals also, croatian rap maybe? Thanks for answers!
  3. Thanks for the beautiful review bro! Glad you enjoyed it!!
  4. Just 1st listen atm. AP vs Mindpshere is a very accurate description! That is, to the sound signature/mixing style/production style. (Its much more Mindsphere than it is AP, though - overall ) The writing of the music itself; only at 1st listen though - seem to be on the slightly hasty side. I kinda have to agree to a minor extent to what GhostOnAcid said. it seems a bit "arpeggio ultra 303 3/16th ping pong delay deluxe" . But its a great album (still, 1st listen only ) and im curious to see how it grows on me.
  5. I accidentally reduced my tracklist to look like this: Please help to re-open the view..Much thanks
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  7. Template PREVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRH3CbR9TWk Ant Alien returns with another Progressive Psytrance project for Ableton Live 8 users. This new project features hypnotic baselines, progressive melodies and psychedelic ambiences. The project contains a mix of audio and MIDI allowing the user to delve into the inner workings of a Psytrance production. Note: This project is compatible with Ableton Live 8.1.3 and higher. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of Ableton Live 8. download now: https://www.producerloops.com/Download-Speedsound-Ableton-Live-Project-Ant-Alien-Progressive-Vol-1.html #psytrance #progressive #template
  8. Found it a little bit repetitive in the beginning but after dozens of listenings it grew on me. A fantastic release which I like more than "9th" or "To Sirius". "Sacred Sands" is a gem and "Crossing Planet" a real dancefloor Killer. 8.5/10
  9. Even though mixing in key will all but guarantee your transition will sound musical without any clashing of notes, its still entirely possible to create great sounding mash ups while not following the key compatibility chart but youd have to have prior knowledge of how the two tracks sound together to avoid a train wreck mix.. which would make it a crap shoot to perform a "freestyle" session where you basically are picking tracks at random and only going off the bpm compatibility because youre bound to have two tracks that have no business being played together find their way to your decks. But you really should be making it a priority to mix in key whenever possible because its the correct way to mix and will make you look like a professional. As far as the intro track.... Since its a live event and not a set that was designed to be recorded for home listening, i would advise against using an ambient or down tempo intro because people are there to dance. But if youre clever or creative enough to pull off a short intro thats a maximum of 30-45 seconds and is comprised of either spoken word, sound effects, or anything that will sucessfully grab peoples attention, draw them in, excite them, and then build up into a climatic drop of the downbeat of your first track.... You just might make a few fans or 100 that night.
  10. Hey Psynewsers! For everyone who likes edgy & raw oldskool '98 - '02 Psytrance: You might want to check out my latest DJ set upload! Feedback welcome! Enjoy! Tracklist: 0. Intro 1. Dodgy Connection - Off Limits (Aurinko Records) 2. Droidsect - Supernatural (Parvati Records) 3. Lunar Plexus - Ugglor I Mossen (Spirit Zone Recordings) 4. Karmic Energies - Psychosis (Rumour / Organic Records) 5. Digital Talk - Come Back (Apoxina Records) 6. Interstellar Overdrive (unr) 7. Toi Doi - Replicant (Avatar Records / NMC) 8. Opale - Anaconda's Dance (DAT Records) 9. Symbiote - Phantasmagoria (Ultrabeat Rec) 10. Psylent Buddhi (unr) 11. Bypass Unit - Frozen Symrex (Music Research) 12. Quirk (unr) 13. Interstellar Overdrive (unr) 14. Mantis - Whisper of the Wasp (Ultrabeat Rec) 15. Orichalcum - Wicked (Live) (Creamcrop Records) 16. Eraser VS Yöjalka - Reunion (Exogenic Records) 17. Snake Thing - Shango (Psy-Harmonics) 18. Nervasystem - Initiation (Phantasm Records) 19. M-Run Feat. DJ Inada - Kapala (Cronomi Records) 20. Radical Distorion - Homo Universalis (Zion 604) 21. Arronax - Lightning Bolt (NeoGoa)
  11. Highly recommended for those of you who enjoy listening to goa and psy on vinyl records and want the absolute best in fidelity. I use a DBX 3BX series ii which is a 3 band expander that processes dynamic range expansion independently across three seperate frequency bands. Dynamic range expansion attenuates the volume of quiet sounds below a given threshold and makes them sound quieter while boosting loud passages to sound louder. The expansion of the difference in volume of the signal is key to making it sound like live music and not a compressed mp3 played on a clock radio. I have to mention the reduced surface noise and wider stereo image being some of the benefits of adding one in your system. Combined with a graphic equalizer and subharmonic synthesizer which processes the lowest frequency and the notes played in the incoming signal and synthesises the the same notes but in a frequency 50% lower and re introduces them back into the signal. This gives a low end that you feel more than hear.. DBX gear is highly recommended
  12. Very cool and heartwarming to see all the supporters by now. 53 % of the small goal is reached Our first aim if the economy allows it .. is to make a external slipcase to the Digipak in the design of the temporary artwork you can see on Bandcamp. .. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance Anyway, do not worry the print and sale of the 3xCD Digipak happens anyway, so this fundraiser is a novilty and a gesture Thank you for your support https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8hcO6jnp4D V/A - 28 tracks CD1 - Analogue Fjords Of Norway CD2 - Norwegian Aural Borealis CD3 - Yah-hey Tru Norvegr + full digital standard release -- Trust in KER & XXPSY ~;~
  13. about: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance We aim to show that there's quality Goatrance made in Norway as well as Psy. We worked hard for over a year to create the best product possible. Please help us make this a reality, any donation appreciated but those donating 300 NOK or more will receive the end product automatically -- aka. Pre-order. >> THE FUND RAISING LINK- http://www.paypal.me/pools/c/8hcO6jnp4D .. if you wish to donate without using PayPal, please write a mail to kaliearthrecords@gmail.com. 3xCD Digipak, 3 panels clear plastic trays no booklet, no extra cardboard unless funds roll in .... 300 / 500 copies will be printed depending on economy (at least 100 copies will go to the 20 artists involved) Artwork in process by www.mariquesart.com All tracks are ready, mastered (Goa Doc), and unreleased with production years ranging from 1995 to 2019! V/A - 28 tracks CD1 - Analogue Fjords Of Norway CD2 - Norwegian Aural Borealis CD3 - Yah-hey Tru Norvegr Note. The 6000,- Bandcamp price is an indicator that the GOAGILDE V/A is not for sale yet as we're only waiting for the artwork to finish. The fundraiser is a novilty and gesture. The 300,- (or more) price tag includes shipping. Temporary artwork (Love&Magic flyer background) on Bandcamp by Matti Richoux. -extra funds can be used to make a external slipcase to the Digipak in that design .. >> THE FUND-RAISING LINK: http://www.paypal.me/pools/c/8hcO6jnp4D As you can see the goal is near. Thank you :)(: Namaste ॐ PLUR PS. All profit from this if any will go to the next level Goatrance V/A on KER named GOAGIMLE. Expected finilizing and official release of the physical product with professional printed glass CDs and quality Digipak packaging will be done and ready at around September/October 2019. Don't worry, there will also be a full Digital release. © all rights reserved Kali Earth Records & the artists. GOAGILDE - https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance 1. Maan - Reed Voyage 2. Phreak By Nature - Lit the Fuse 3. Clementz - Voltage Control 4. Excitaxory (ex-Engines Of Creation) - Silver Spoon 5. Armakuni - Descend Upon 6. Microcosm - When We All Come Together (2019 edit) 7. Phobium - Shape is Everything 8. Material Music - Shaktas 9. Clementz - Tøffere enn Toget (1977 edit) 10. Vimana Shastra - Tura 11. Clementz - Inside the Craft 12. Homegrown Lifeform - Terraforming 13. Angry Dwarf - Baobab (Echoes from Hamarr) 14. Clementz - Distorted Angel 15. Material Music - Omhu 16. Drum Pets - Melt the Walls (Strangepork Remix) 17. Phreak By Nature - Reaching Out To Another Dimension 18. Trold - Torus Fields 19. Psyolopher - Aphorism 20. Protostar One - Quantum Energy 21. Aion - Synergetic 22. Ra - Escaping Gravity 23. Goalien - Ayahuasca 24. Material Music - A Noble Prize 25. Clementz - Surrender to the Universe 26. Microcosm - Right on Time and on Another Place in Outer Space (Phreak By Nature Mix) 27. Lemurians - Not Expected 28 . Bonus download track: Ion Vader - Harmonic Defiance Thank you for your support
  14. See you all tomorrow! And... on the dancefloor, as it is announced now, I can openly say it, I will also play a 4 hour set there, to end the festival The future looks... GOA!
  15. Yes yes yes looking forward meeting you all! See you tomorrow!
  16. Eeeeeek! It's been so long of waiting and now the time is here!
  17. Hello guys hope you doing well! Like most of you, I'm really struggling to get attention on SoundCloud and music platforms of any kind. HERE IS THE DEAL I've created a TELEGRAM GROUP where I hope we can build a community where we can support each other reposting or commenting on our releases and maybe create some new connections to get more traction from the world out there. I mean we really do our best on producing, you deserve more attention! If you are interested DM me with your number! Have a nice psy road! (Hope not breaking the rules btw)
  18. To they who still doubt - that this is gonna be epic Why should you go to ZNA gathering? Even if you don't go 'Cronomi Records' has 7 names playing on the stages: That is 12h of music "Who are they???" A. MAIN STAGE: amazingly 2 magic Danish guys... 'ColorBox' & 'Bypass Unit' - with unreleased tracks, B. Goa Guardians: playing from the 90's, till now... 'Psara' & 'Greg Staikos', C. The Last day: 2 live acts and one dj... 'M-Run' (presenting his new album), 'Portamento' (with also unreleased tracks for a new album) 'dj Inada' (with 3/4 tracks of my own - made with M-run & Antares). Just saying - haha! Yes yes, doesn't only depend on us - lol! ...as so much mpre good music
  19. Never realized it's a collaboration with Eat Static Nice one, I like the hypnotic style, somehow reminds me this:
  20. A logical and expected reaction which I fully understand. I wasn't aware of the fundraiser back then so I do not how I would react/feel if I was in the same situation. Maybe in the end it's about whether you think the music is worth more than the character/attitude? I don't know, each individual sets his own limits. I think his music is way too good to let this opportunity pass.
  21. Nothing much to add besides how I pretty much love most of the A.R.T.S label output.
  22. Any updates on the upcoming Sykespico album?
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