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  2. You often have a lot of symbolism/religion/deities of "exotic" cultures, psychedelic "visionary art" or extra-terrestrial/space art attached to psychedelic music releases because of the general relevancy to the sounds and themes they contain. The music is quite abstract and follows many "out-there" themes. It really goes hand in hand in my opinion that releases have such wild "psychedelic" artwork.
  3. Which logo are you referring to? Ah you're referring to the comments on my signature? I picked those out just for fun, I find them hilarious. :p
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  5. A new set for a long time. :-) My recording from the radio show "GOA NIGHT by Axe" on Radio Underground Six on November 20th, 2020. Have fun! Tracklist: 1. Oforia - Emotionally Charged Memories //Suntrip 2. Hallucinogen - LSD //Dragonfly 3. Cosmic Baby - Cosmic Force //MFS 4. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Cor //Flying Rhino 5. Slinky Wizard - Supernatural //Flying Rhino 6. MFG - Pure Energy //Suntrip 7. Genshi - Psycho Genetic Time //DAT 8. Shiva Chandra - Caraman //Spirit Zone 8. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference //Space Dock 9. Triquetra - Forget About The Ea
  6. Something is going is in the techno-scene since few years. The sound is more melodic and faster. In the beginning it was called melodic techno. Now, the owner of the new labels (Space Traxx, UTE, ISMUS, ...) are more self confident and call it trance or hardtrance. I love this new fresh old trance-sound. Moreover some of the Djs of this labels play Goatrance in their sets, mix it with Techno and Trance, or mix full goatrance-sets (https://soundcloud.com/x-wave9/11-philipp-drube-24102020), or support Goa-Djs. And now Clements release a track on a compilation by UTE Records. Here it is: https://
  7. What did you put as your name on Facebook? They will absolutely close you for that violation As for the messaging, you can indeed message people if not friends. Those messages get filtered into a different messaging box and each user can choose what degree of removal needs to be met to send a message (you can choose open, friends only, friends of friends). Friends of Friends is common. So even if you're not directly connected to the person, if you share common friends, you can get messages through.
  8. I believe Bandcamp has said they'll be doing this on the first Friday of every month ongoing. =) They're the best
  9. Liquid Sound Design (Bandcamp store) - CD back catalogue £5 each, including quite recent releases from this year, only today (December 4th 2020). Crazy! Also new shirts and merch available. Dragonfly (Bandcamp store) - classic CDs and vinyl £2 each, also only today, also crazy. Ultimae (announcement on home site) - 20% discount on Ultimae releases, 10% on other labels' stuff. Code bf20 until December 8th 2020. Is this only for their own store or Bandcamp too?
  10. Hey! I'm posting this on Bandcamp Friday. That is, Bandcamp taking no commission today. That is, all your money (maybe excluding payment processing costs) going to the seller. It's definitely the last one for 2020. The campaign has been extended a few times in the past but who knows about the future? Anyway, please post in here any special offers, discount codes or other valuable tips that you might have. Doesn't have to be Bandcamp-related. If possible, try to mention included items, links and a clear expiration date. (Do we have a topic for this already? Can be merged or moved
  11. Play it Loud in the Darkness! At the times when there are no Dancefloors, Faith in Dance persist. Dance home, alone in the dark, to keep dance alive. And one day, we will dance together again… During deep psychedelic sound exploration there was a portal to another dimension discovered. The long wave spilling across the existence, connecting everything. The circle was closed and the path out of maze was found… |||\\\|||///|||\\\|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||///|||\\\|||///|||\\\||| Free Listen and Download: https://druidproject.bandcamp
  12. Dear all, I have decided to play some energetic 144bpm psytrance music, including mostly new tracks but also some old ones as well which I used to play a lot back in the days. Full On Mix I: Youtube version: Soundcloud version: Tracklist: 1. Sonic Species & Divination - Liquid Connective 2. Synthologic - Afternoon Glory 3. Shivatree - Psychedelic Experience 4. Melicia - Genesis 5. Deep Vibration - Intelligent Lifeform 6. Mindbenderz - Human Form (Cosmic Tone Remix) 7. Hinap - Orbit 8. Conwerter & E-Mov - Defying Physics 9.
  13. Last week
  14. Wow, amazing. I posted porn in a silly group and got away with a mild warning. And on priv msg this porn (heavy lesbian xmas vagina eating and tit sucking) was passed around a lot and nothing has happen from it ... I've not done anything to violate their rules before and been on Face since 2008 .. How you managed to get kicked off after a week and a priv msg with psynews link is beyond me. Congratz. ---- about your dream. BEST OF LUCK REALIZING IT! These things makes life that extra enjoyable but don't beat your self up if you do not manage to make it. At least you tried (with that ,,respect"
  15. Yep, that's a truly good video you did there and I appreciate to watch it again. It takes some skill to make the subject come to life without letting it drift off and I think you are doing that very well cheers
  16. It's best described as a slight feeling of being sick ... but it's definitely without fever or elevated temperature, I checked multiple times. Depending how I feel I can also have uneasiness or elevated heart rate (which then is toxic for getting a night's rest) - I believe these are just results and not causes though. I got my heart checked pretty soon after the infection and it was all good. I don't know what to make of it and had slight hopes a lab test might bring a bit more clearance into the picture. Thanks for the feedback regarding vaccination If I do a lab test, I'l
  17. ... and nice plot twist: I'm banned on facebook already I don't know why. They say it was due to violation of community guidelines. Maybe that "first chat message with link to Psynews.org" was indeed reported as SPAM I don't think it was anything else. I certainly didn't piss on anybody's lawn. At least not more than here. I filled out their forms, but I don't think I'll get that account back ... and even if I do, I'll be super careful with it from now on - have to be, because what happened is odd I'll edit my previous post because all that rambling isn't so re
  18. Thanks for the replies and please keep then coming if you think of anything. . . . Always room for a part 2 Incase you're wondering what i did with this - https://youtu.be/uOFPP1kFFeg
  19. actually i cant remember what i wanted to say when i wrote that yesterday....doing music is waste of time. i better drink Kokain, sniff weed and smoke beer in my free time! "Give me likes on youtube i mean. but some day i swear i will release a track on Suntrip....some day i will. SUNTRIP you can hide but you cant run from us because you are like 50 years old :))" Love you Mr. Suntrip....you are Hot as the Sun my Son! never turn off, always stay On like the glowing hole in our blue sky what if we jump and fly, into that star portal and play mortal kombat. That w
  20. HALLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO AZ MHSV TKIYCIV AZ XVER VKTNZER fromj SOUTH KOREA. Today free name band name: Name 1. Martin Zrosper 2. John van buuren 3. John van dyk 4. Martin von Cooper 5. Tim Zxhert 6. Sevim Trakid 7. Arts Dragoon 8. Kin Zdrastvui 9. Martin Xonver 10. Tom Schuliv Bandname: 1. Acidmann 2. Xeromanxer 3. Xroper Nextar 4. Prosti Nstrav 5. Xenoprophet 6. Zit Raver 7. Zorner 8. Pip Acid 9. Marvain Strov 10. Savin Ropster I down price 5usd to 2 usd very cheap yo
  21. Nice track. If my memory serves me right, Qiujan makes a similar style (with more intensity though): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zOcHtwBOgg&ab_channel=music2021
  22. autoimmune reactions are definitely a prime candidate for explaining long covid. just today i read a paper discussing that they found signs of inflammation in 60% of people 2 months after people had covid (they included about equal numbers participants from symptomatic and asymptomatic cases). that has me a little worried of what we'll see in long term cases from our second wave now. (just to be clear, the great majority of the study participants did not have any symptoms from this inflammation). you'd need extensive lab work to actually find cells responsible for an autoimmune response.
  23. Well. i just want to mentione this guy here: the end part reminds od classics from the oldschool time like Land of Freedom. So much emotions....give him please some Heart energy! we had some sexy releases this year and global sect will suprise us with Fiery Dawn soon. I did the mixes for you too...vote for me too Blyad Give me likes on youtube i mean. but some day i swear i will release a track on Suntrip....some day i will. SUNTRIP you can hide but you cant run from us because you are like 50 years old :))
  24. hi @psytones -- the project name actually stems from my initial idea to release a real physical 12" (and to be honest, not only one!) ... that's actually a load of spoilers now but I don't care ... there you have it: I wanted a 12" vinyl with at least one S-RANGE track (of course) and the B side would have on it "what I could get my hands on" ... I actually was already in talk with Magnetrixx and actually was the closest to release anything but I can't seem to get a hold of him anymore, which is unfortunate because I know what the track sounds like and I would like it a lot - and I'm actually
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