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  2. 2019 so far has been quite nice I'd say for goa. Dying? Maybe. But will it ever die fully? Ofc not. I guess like Tsotsi said ppl aren't engaging that much anymore but it is what it is
  3. Tsotsi

    VA - Space Of Power

    You over there at GS Concept must be pretty happy with the direction Goa took, well done on your support and building up and up and up of greatness. VA - Terraformer has become my all time most listened to album and my absolute favorite. I still have never listened to this release and am saving it for a rainy day of magic.
  4. I think Technossomy is an amigo not an amiga. If you get my drift? I'm talking about spaghetti and meatballs. Benoirs, bo jangles, Richard and the Twins. ~ I read your sentiments towards this on the Sykespico review and was going to comment but decided to leave it. Now that we are here though... I think 2019 has been an incredible year for Goa trance. Median Project, Jaraluca, Sykespico, Xamanist, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Katedra, The Legacy VA. + we have Celestial Intelligence, Hypnoxock & Pete & Pan on the horizon with a solid Norwegian VA coming up too. For me I think it is fair to say that 2019 was probably better than 2007, maybe on par with 2012/16 releases, but personally I think it's better because i'm living it fresh now. Despite all that, using this forum as my sole example, it seems like engagement with the music is dying, not the music itself. But what do I know, festival attendance is up surely? There are more labels releasing decent music, artists are improving, just look at The Maniac, Veasna, Median Projects big boy steps & as already mentioned Jaraluca & Sykespico. How do you find a substitute? Can it be done? I don't think so.
  5. your are here because baba subrabeast has new gay gem i belive you never heard this shitty but emotional track...я вас немцев в анал сф пидарасю
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  7. I don't think they will be underrated for long. I could easily see them playing at not just Goa festivals but also regular Psytrance festivals (But I think there is room for Goa at every fest). So much power and energy in this album.
  8. Don't know why i've been thinking about this question lately BUT is Neogoa just Goa + Ambient?
  9. We all know that Goa Trance is Dead...we all know. My Question how to find a substitude?
  10. are you this girl on picrure...just wanna know. yes, no, maybe?
  11. sorry but i don't really understand what you are trying to say, title of this thread is all i do understand, depends what you define as real, and is all personal, i think you will find, most of us here will say it's never been better but hey that's what makes us different and so unique
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  13. So the Shield Act of New York came through for me! Apparently I can no longer be found and connected with through VR. It worked. Please save yourselves! Please!
  14. Hi everyone, This is my new project that I've finally decided to make public recently. It is not genre specific but I decided to make sure my first official release will be a Downtempo track. Also, it's worth mentioning that I composed this music to video, so you can argue that it is somewhat cinematic as well. As some of you may know, I stopped producing Goa trance some 2-3 years ago and was devoted to exploring other genres since (predominately hybrid orchestral and symphonic music). If you'd love to stay in touch or follow for more music down the line, I kindly invite you to follow some of my pages listed below: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Spotify Thanks for listening!
  15. i mean i think (I only think) that i have heard 90% of all oldschool goa...and if you come near 100% you will get depressed. There are no more than 100% of oldschool tracks out there...there is a brutal QUIT some where....and BAMM you are an insect again! From God To insect in 33 secounds because no more Music...no more enargy no mor conection to God.
  16. Like i said in the description...i feel very bad because this music helped me out for almost 15 years.Mostly Oldschool Goa and "Artifact 303 - Feelings" ...hA! good joke?! I was stunned for months because i could not do any mixes for me&youtube because there was no Music! no good music...i need this stuff for my workout. If this music dissapears it will never come back. The soundmind of modern Human beings is about futuristic effects and pray like monotone satanic vocals. No room for high quality melodic satanic/christian dance music that gives you a reason to live. We should asccept it i think. But how we should live now? Any Ideas?
  17. i bought it on CD after hearing the secound track...like the Triquetra Album. You suntrip Guys are awesome, stay awesome. Goa is about Musical quality/Atmosphere and not about the Soundcard power of a PC
  18. Is it because of my story? sorry it was not meant offensive or something...i love your tracks and specially Fatamogana! Dont find a crazy Girlfriend and turn to Jara&Luca haha
  19. The artwork is done, all which is missing now is only to put on the text information and logo + barcode. I'd like to ask you who reads, for advice.. Should I not share the final art like here, for extra suprise when the buyer opens ithe VA..? I want to post it now, here for you to see. But also feel respect towards the buyers to not reviel and ruin the (complete cd123 artwork) surprise. Inputs are most welcome, im very close to showing it off. e. Haha, so inpatient and want you to see it, so here you go, the naked 3xCD VA art! and else wells, keep it a secret so the buying people will be more surprised when opening up the VA. Namaste from Norway
  20. While I don't come close to sharing Jon's enthusiasm, this is easily the best Total Eclipse album for me. For the life of me I cannot understand how Delta Aquarids is a classic. Subpar on every level. This however evolves, it twists, and it most certainly growls at times. For the most part it was enjoyable yet falls short of great "old school" releases from Suntrip like Shakta Retroscape or The Remixes from Prana.
  21. Great review, thanks! I'm not objective but I believe this is one of the best pleiadians/true old goa releases in a LONG time! They are underrated and thats a pitty, so I can only say, check it out (and buy if you like!)
  22. I'd have to say this is the weakest Global Sect offering. They've released such stellar music that when something is just good it comes off as a disappointment.
  23. Manik 11 (Knights of the Awakening) what an epic track.
  24. Artwork by: Pieter Pan Waiting for this album since the Feel Festvial, where they played.
  25. Last week
  26. Yes it really is And it looks like we have enough funds now to order slipcase as well! *image on the VAs prelisten-bandcamp No, the e-mail you use as your PayPal is given to us automatically (safe) , so we will contact you there when time is ready to get your post address (also safe, we will not send you brunost, unless you ask us to, he he). Again, if someone does not use PayPal or can not use it because of country restrictions, send us a mail *info in the PayPal pool link.
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