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  2. So O.K.! After discovering the very good debut Album by Ukrainien Artist Katedra, I noticed the 2nd track on the Album uses the same cool breathing sound effect that Material Music has on his superb track, Musica Electronica. I think even Katedra must be inspired by Material Music. Or, someone enlighten me plz? Material Music (made in 2012/13) - https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/track/m-sica-electr-nica Katedra (guess it was made in 2019) - https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/track/first-contact .... Do you know of other tracks (Artists) using this same synth/effect?
  3. I donno how 'melodic' you find this, but is it not one of the best Full-On tracks (in it's own right) ever? It's really strong qualituy (mm, tasty KB thump) with a felt positive message truly important now and always kinda thing. Agree? Some comments on it would be great to read:) https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/track/blue-dot
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  5. PACK preview: https://youtu.be/jzfbBbY0A5E "Psychedelic Darkpsy / HiTech Vocals Pack" is a brand new pack of top Psychedelic Dark Obscure vocal samples in varying styles. This pack contain both male and female atmosphere vocal samples, lead vocal loops, lead vocal one-shots, ambience, FX and spoken vocal loops. "Psychedelic Darkpsy / HiTech Vocals Pack" is a creative collection of diverse vocal samples to spice up and drive your Psytrance / Dark creations! Inspired by amazing tracks from Syntrax, KiLLATK, Savage Scream, Orestis, Pzyko, The Nommos, Psykovsky, Baphomet Engine, Kannibal Holocaust, Hysteria, Horror Place, Fungus Funk, Azidax, Xenomorph, Kindzadza. Suitable for producing Dark Psytrance, Goa Trance, Progressive Psytrance, Trance or Electronica. If you want to hear your tracks on festivals like Ozora, Summer Eclipse, Psycrowdelica Wedding, Solstice, Sunburn, FullMoon, Vuuv Festival, Boom Festival. Then this sample pack is what you have been looking for. Grab it NOW! Vocals 87 - Dark Psychedelic 09 - Demons 19 - DUB Terror 46 - Horror FX 13 - Night Creatures 15 - Scream 21 - Synthetic Psytrance Bonus Folder 26 - Ambience 82 - FX 09 - Uplifter DOWNLOAD NOW: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SD7NH5NR3VEJU PRODUCERLOOPS: https://www.producerloops.com/Download-Speedsound-Psychedelic-Darkpsy--HiTech-Vocals-Pack.html - - - - - CHECK MORE PACKS HERE - - - - - SPEEDSOUND LOOPS https://www.producerloops.com/Speedsound PSYLOOPS https://www.facebook.com/pg/psyloops.uk/shop #Darkpsy #HiTech #Vocals #Psychedelic
  6. Just a reminder of this project's attempt at looking at the Psytrance subgenres and in a historical arc for the essential releases. You can get access them through our blog, we've got regular Trance also included on that wing of the project but separated. Other Electronic and non electronic are there too. https://rymboxset.blogspot.com/2018/06/trance.html
  7. Mysterious and eerie. But at the same time hypnotic and full of positive energy. With life messages from ancient philosophers, like "this too shall pass" here is ‘This2’ by Rennel... Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Spotify Love from Rennel
  8. Hi Everyone, I checked a bit your forum and ran into it mostly searching for accuracy about certain Psychedelic Trance styles. I’m also passionate about electronic music in general (other stuff too but I’m a 95% electronic music lover anyway ) and also love to be as accurate as possible when dealing with music genres and styles. I’m not into the psychosis and fight with others about any conception of music styles but for my own pleasure I really like to seek for accuracy and love to classify my music collection and understand all of the shape and feel of (electronic) music. I still see electronic music or music in general as a big evolutive canvas. Anyway that’s just frequencies and sounds which are blending together perpetually. I got the link to a post on discogs looking for some accuracy about Twilight Psy Trance. I started listening to electronic music twenty years ago, with Trance, Psy Trance, Makina, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Dance, Euro Dance, Californian Punk Rock for the main part (I was and still am very eclectic) . At the time I was very young and for most of them I did not even know what type of electronic music it was. Then, I guess as many people here, I spent so much time on the Ishkur guide back then and it was a basis for how I categorize music at the time. I think I can say that I know by heart every samples on this website and still love how it was designed. Very clear and entertaining. Though, after years, many researches and more experience, I found it sometimes weird on some points but I guess this one wasn’t totally objective. But I can still say that I think most of it was close to accuracy for lots of music styles. The third version seems to go in the same direction. I also checked the website of Daniel Lesden about Psy Trance and find it also very clear and concise. And also your guide that I found few years ago on the Internet and just find out a few days ago that it was from your website. I find it very good too even if sometimes I could see things a bit differently but that could be a further discussion. But now I’m still questioning myself about mostly a certain type of Psy Trance. And can’t really find out the solution. Maybe that’s because this style is still like a hybrid version of others styles but is not precisely defined. ———————————————————————— For a better understanding here’s some information about how it started. I would say that this questioning started around 2012, and the listening of music from Ektoplasm and also the discovery of Ajja’s album Tulpa. For instance Isochronic and Nomad 25 were the style I loved to play in parties and on Ektoplasm it was labelled as Twilight and Full On. I find it also close to the sound of Ajja with tunes like Bebopper which was at the time for me a fresh sound I liked so much. I think we can say that Ajja’s sound was kind of the beginning of UK Psy Trance/Uptempo Psy Trance back then or maybe this new sound I can’t really classify? 2012 - Isochronic - Section 6 EP findable on Ektoplasm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05N59bUp2kE To me it seems to be a kind of evolution of the twilight sound but it seems like the emphasis is more on the bassline and less the agressive /harsh synth lead sounds that was the signature of Twilight and Night Full On. Still, I’m still hesitating on the question of a Twilight and Night Full On styles separated or not. 2012 - Isochronic - Fat Data 2012 - Ajja - Tulpa Bazinga - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VhokOvIUKQ Isochronic seems to go a bit further than Ajja’s on his album but I can see the similarities. I can’t really say that it matches what is the Uptempo/UK sound from today so…. To me, the translation of what I hear, not with any definitions of the word, but for what I know from experience was : something with a very present and driving bassline, speed and some dark and forest FX elements/sounds. Again more emphasis on the rolling and driving bassline. Was it what the Twilight sound was in 2012? But when I compared with what I know it seems that the Twilight or Night Full On sound and SA Twilight sound were a bit different. I think maybe they started to remove the too much of Full On melodies and screaming/tearing feel synth leads to concentrate of the grooviness and driving basslines. On certain tracks I can still feel the Night Full On elements but was it still an evolution of Night Full On/ Twilight or something that could be a different style going to the Dark side (Dark Psy Trance) but staying before the limits of Dark. Something between Night Full On/Twilight and Dark Psy Trance or is it just somehow only considered as Darkpsy? But to me honestly I can’t really accept that as a Darkpsy track. I also saw this comment in 2015 for this release (Isochronic) saying « This is what Twilight SHOULD sound like…. …. Golden find « So a doubt could be there anyway with what is exactly the definition of Twilight? Here a few examples : 2012 - Beardy Weardy - Eggman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRlzRbLEdgE 2014 - Drip Drop - Drip Drop (Album) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_CZkxr5Dik 2012 - Mole - Chemical Key https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5iDYz0P0DY I could add that I found an old release from R.A.M in the album Efficient Chips : Coming back in 2004 that to me looks like a prototype of this kind of music. I mean, even if this one seems to be darker at least for the rhythmic section. I hear a difference (not everywhere in the track) when again the Night Full On elements are quieter and a track more focused on the bassline grooviness. So closer to what the sound is in 2012. 2004 - RAM - Coming Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bzNzOK7Ns8 The question wasn’t answered for years and I assumed that it was the Twilight sound from 2010/2012 but the doubt was still a bit there. Was I playing Night Full On, Twilight, Dark Psy Trance, Forest? I’m still hesitating. Today the question still rise with the addition of UK Psy Trance, Uptempo Psy Trance as it was labelled by Lesden on his website or heard for a few years now. I think I saw some of you saying that it could be Uk Psy Trance. So the first question is : Is Uptempo Psy Trance and UK Psy Trance the same thing? Because to me I would like to think that Uptempo Psy Trance fits really well with this fast driving Psy Trance with big leads from artists like Mad Tribe, Djantrix, Inner Lux, Alienatic to name a few. So Lesden definition could be accurate. And second question, the same from the start, can we define this style as Uptempo/UK Psy Trance? I also read Ormion talking about an unnamed style referred as Doof Style by him that could match what I am talking about. Example from today, I mean more recent tracks : (I assume and of course can hear the different elements from other styles but still I could add those in the same style evolution threw the years) 2015 - Dragonbboyz - Psychedelic Sweets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Prwk5QPtFc 2017 - Critter & Oksha - Digital Birds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrH0w4YgvoQ 2020 - Shenanigan - Wonky Business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zc2IPNcAFw 2020 - Gabb - Ayahuasca Therapy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6FL7itAQxE I give this one but clearly the difference is there but wanted to add an example of maybe a new direction with now the fusion of UK Psy from today with Twilight. 2022 - Nomad Alien - Get a new rule (Again are we at the frontier of Twilight/Dark/Forest and UK Psy Trance/Uptempo Psy Trance ?) Because this one seems to be only UK Psy but on the other hand there’s this dark feeling and sounds lurking in the track. ———————————————— I know that’s also difficult to make boundaries as for some of the tracks we can obviously feel the more or less Dark elements or elements from other styles. It’s exactly what music is. A big blending of elements disappearing and coming back again with variations. But still I can feel the evolution of this 2012 sound. Maybe earlier, I could search for earlier work but for now to me the marker was Ajja’s Tulpa album in 2012 even with the track from R.A.M. and the similarities with that style. Anyway I think the best thing to do would be to say for instance this is 70% Psy Trance,18% Forest, 10% Techno, 2% whatever and then we could define what is a style or a genre. But yes first we need to get common boundaries (sound ? Instruments? Frequencies? Tones? etc… and then will we be better at it than a computer? Maybe one day an IA could give the « ingredients » its « composition », of a track like we are able to define the composition of any material or food and we’ll see the « real » composition of music But that’s for now not how it works. I guess AIs has more important things to do now :D:D Thanks for reading and thanks for your help Nano
  9. https://yemanjarecords.bandcamp.com/album/trans-organica-vol-1 Previously crowdfunded at Diggers factory, copies are now available on label Bandcamp. Great organic/etno trance V/A. Label started by Ludo Ji , percussionist of the mythical instrumental tribal trance group Hilight Tribe.
  10. One of these days I'll open this thread and see the link for the Younger Brother vinyl issues! *twirling thumbs until...*
  11. SUB SIGNALS Vol.2 - Selected and Mixed by Gaudi 2xLP, edition of 1000 https://gaudimusic.bandcamp.com/album/sub-signals-vol-2
  12. Check out the full length videos of Psibindi’s recent release ‘Sentient Rays’ EP Psibindi & Mechanimal - 'Luminous Rays' https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR3TY3qIXWU4KUpxkx7cb_ohFiz599TwWHdIrCUaHVsBNdH3JpTySwpqE_o&v=DiGteBZHCLU&feature=youtu.be Psibindi & Aphid Moon - ‘Sentient Machine’ https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR2jBIzSj5IZkKGoNw2VWJ-6BKlImzRBTwe06GHN9J-al4tVHOB14SdjhZM&v=zB-tCH3ze2k&feature=youtu.be Visuals by Geomatrix Design!
  13. Hi all. I'm new to this board. I hope I can increase my followings and gain valuable knowledge here. I myself am a DJ/Producer. I go by stage name PHARMA X ( a.k.a.Pharmaceutical) https://m.mixcloud.com/Pharma_RX/ http://theloudassassins.com https://theloudassassins.wixsite.com/website I've just recently joined an up and coming DJ collective, The Loud Assassins, and I specialize in EDM that is mostly trippy, stoner friendly, euphoric and uplifting as well as epic. Therefore, you would expect for me to play Acid House, Acid Trance, Acid Breaks, Psytrance, Goa Trance, Dub, Ambient, Chillhop, Trip Hop, Lounge and many other stuff to mention. I leave you with my latest mix: Hope that it's ok to upload acid house. I promise that my next mix is Goa/Psytrance. It's a WIP right now. I anticipate it'll be released sometime this week.
  14. Khetzal - Etamines - Full Review 17 years... It's been 17 years since the release of Corolle (2005), one of the most beloved, favourated albums in Goa music. Some aspects that always impress me about Corolle is its ability to engage- its living, breathing, storytelling structure, sound/melody work, and composition. The artist doesn't rush into the best parts [of songs]. Each track has a clear and coherent vision. inside them a world is built simultaneous to the chapter's development so that neither is boring. The story is light, so you're never bogged down. The usage of Eastern/oriental sounds is whimsical and enchanting, energetic and lively. Songs can be characterized as personalistic, interesting, fun and intriguing, with feels. Moreover, Corolle has surprises, bursts of excitement, tempo changes, interludes, what I'd describe as cinematic touches and influence (without ever sounding soundtracky thankfully), buildups and climax. It's an uplifting, fun, and danceable album, mature in production and far- oh so far from typical, predictable, lazy, or uninspired. All in all, conceptually, Corolle showcased aspects we loved about the golden age of Goa, yet Khetzal's delivery felt new, like a rebirth of sorts, different and bursting with passion. It's like Krishna was playing/channeling through the artist, breathing life into the songs, inspiring adventure, heart, and spirit, with subtle subconscious influence to make it more psychedelic here and there. You get the picture. 17 years and a decent amount of compilation songs later, Matthieu Chamoux returns with his first main album since Corolle and whooo man, here we go! 1. Admonition is crisp, intriguing, atmospheric, warm, and mystical. As the energy increases, the punchy sound approach grows with excitement, even catchier sound/melody arrangements, and ingenuity. The song's a great start to the album. It's easily digestible, whimsical, danceable, and fun, and as you know, reading about a song is seldom the experience of hearing it. The progression of the track brings rewards, like colourful question mark boxes appearing alongside a tropical beach island in Mario Kart for us to absorb and enjoy. Here though are the fun ones, save the rocket. That's for later. I'm never bored or unsure of where the song's going for a moment, yet I can never predict its energetic lifts, creative growth and development. As the music becomes more trippy and layered, the overall song retain its seamless fluidity and smoothness, coalescing in a terrific buildup and climax. I'd say this is a strong, interesting, and dynamic way to kick off the album! A- 2. Ziggurat is the only track I care for less to the point I sometimes skip it unlike the others. But it's not bad. For starters, the sound/melody work is arguably tinny and repetitive compared to the more dynamic, stellar opening and songs around it. Some positives: The melody around 2:55 is catchy. The skipping tribally synth works well, and the Egyptian sounding influence is cool. The interlude in the forth minute creates interest, coupled with an obe or possibly clarinet, presumably. After a brief buildup/drum roll, the music returns, though with little compositional, developmental improvement to my ears. This would have been a great opportunity to more noticeably improve the song, as the artist often does. Forgive me for having expectations, but upon the music's return, I was left feeling somewhat perplexed, restless, and unsure. Fortunately, the song improve soon after, thanks to the inclusion of some lovely harmonies in the sixth and seventh minute that elevate with feels! Is it me though, or does this song feel like it could have been produced around Corolle (2005), but or if so didn't make the cut? On that note, I don't feel that Ziggurat shares the same level of lively, dynamic, crisp ingenuity, style, or refreshing, arresting aspects that the rest of the songs on the album do. At worst, I find it lazy, boring, and forgettable, despite the best of intentions. On other days I find it pleasant on the ears and mind, and quite enjoyable, though it remains my least favourite track on the album. B- / B 3. Gray Kitty In the Box is a return to form after the previous quandary. IMHO this is where the album levels up. It has one of the BEST accents, a brief bass hum. The main melody roughly two minutes in is captivating, and the overall development, layering, and arrangements here is excellent. The main rhythm is beautifully articulated and surrounded by complimentary ingredients, as is often he case with Khetzal tracks. The song is also eventful. At one point, the music drops out via thunder-esque effects for an imaginative, somewhat majestic interlude, before the music returns with more interest, energy, and ingenuity! Also showcased is additional new, unexpectedly eulogizing sound/melody work, intricacy, growth and development, coupled with turning the trippy meter up from a 5 or 6 to 7 or 8. The result is one of the best Khetzal tracks, a delicious, mesmerizing cocktail that's nothing short of superb. Even in its final moments (minute), the song is captivating, incredibly appealing to the ears and mind. A 4. Gather Your Herds features a strong example of what I consider developmental growth and evolution, the latter as this colourful gem unfolds A few aspects to boot include sound/melody arrangement and composition, mixing, and direction. For lovers of Goa, this is a melody lovers wet dream. The song is has tunes that stay stuck in my head. The sound/melody work along with the song's entirety is wonderfully helmed, imaginative, and absorbing! Gather Your Herds is elaborate, yet simple in its concept idea I feel, and a joy to listen to from start to finish. A 5. Acid Forme is another gem! I like how it starts right away. It's more aggressive and again, captivates me/us from the opening. Coupled with sonic boom(!) sounds early on but never overused, the song builds beautifully while igniting an engaging engaging sound design to compliment the gripping synths. Furthermore the direction is dynamic, often changing, shifting, developing to refreshing degrees, and as with the previous two tracks, never losing steam or intelligence, but rather growing catchier, more intelligent, creative, and punchy as we advance deeper. Again, I'm never bored or lose interest. The music never feels tinny or tired. And although I found the previous track more dazzling, comparatively speaking, I'm a huge fan of this as well as every song on the album thus far except for the second. Excellent track! A- / A 6. Pavane allows us to catch our breathe after the previous, more elaborate trio of gems that preceded it, that is, before it reveals its Ace of Spades [Hand] later on. This thing is infectious out the gate, thanks to tight, dynamic mixing, tasteful melodies, and an impressive amount of layering and fluidity. Sounds are enhanced with a lower note synth (undercurrent) that keeps things intriguing and in the spectrum of duality (darkness and light). The middle act incorporates what I'd call sculpturing (refinement) and new moves (sounds, arrangement) while maintaining its colorfully edgy(!) advantage. We approach a softer space in the fifth minute, atmospheric and suspenseful. What follows can be broken down into two parts. First, the music climaxes and sounds as if Khetzal is inspired by Infected Mushroom while never sounding ripped off. It's great, fun to hear. What happens next you have to hear to believe- a majestic, magical, musically elevating lead accompanied with a delicious band of sounds that words can only describe. The last segment of this song sums up what I mean when I write develops and evolves. Beyond changing the note, the artist mindfully incorporates wonderful ingredients to a main melody with a healthier duration of arrangement. it's something I wish Filteria did more of rather than the shorter arrangements associated with Filteria and Morphic Resonance, among other artists. The result is so simple and ingenious for one who is so accustomed to a healthier amount of developmental arrangement relative to being able to produce memorable tunes! This song is fantastic!!! A 7. A World of Outmoded Ideas follows up Pavane nicely with a faster tempo, great melodies, and key changes (that part at 2:51 is just I). These aspects coupled with atmosphere and moving soundscape textures reach a lighter segment in the second act. Here the music regroups and allows us to process the less layered space before returning with a boost of energy, unleashing more interlacing braids bursting with melodic goodness. The song is zippy, as if Khetzal was indirectly influenced by old Astral Projection to some degree. I find the sixth minute a less engaging in composition, and due to a synth around 6:50 up until 7:27. For me this segment meanders a bit. I feel the song at 6:07 would have benefited from cutting out the following minute-twenty and picking back up at 7:27. That said, the transformative return of key change from 7:50 to 8:20 are terrific. This is like a sequel to Pavane IMO if the best part full of feels, e.g., 2:51, began sooner. These moments elevate the song to another level thanks to intuitively arranged melodies that are actually memorable! This makes the songs throughout the album including this one so much more fun and enjoyable because there's something special we take with us when the song ends- those magically inspired tunes! I have to reiterate, the way the artist uses key changes is impressive. They're used so mindfully and compliment in the sense they trace a healthier duration of developmental arrangement. These choices to detail and going above and beyond feel special. They're appreciated and raise the standard for such beautifully crafted works of art. A- 8. Didge Voices is a bit slower and grounded in direction (more on that in a moment). I love the more organic and worldly tribal and Arabic influence and approach here. The song feels like it could be in a film, yet thankfully never feels soundtracky. As with the artist's Aramean Dreams track on Suntrip's Blacklight Moments compilation, both songs follow one set [grounded] path and direction. Both showcase interesting interludes that lead to one of my favourite moments on each album. Where as the music's return in Aramean Dreams intensely climactic- appropriately so, the returning music here one for the ages- something akin to a family of eagles at the end of an epic story or film (or a real life experience that the film is inspired by), taking flight to the heavens as the skies part to accommodate the transformation of their ascent. The music's return here is confident and soaring, producing a sustained high that feels so organic and refined, and yet so refreshingly contemporary, uplifting, and rewarding. It's a wonderful, memorable sequence full of feels(!) that elevates everything that preceded it. Hearing it inspires me to imagine my most wholesome dreams and desires coming to fruition and manifesting in ways that are positive. This is a really beautiful track. A- / A 9. Ealitas Ex Nihilo just to note: I'm really glad the album didn't end with a slow (downtempo) song, as there is no need or pre-requisite for every Goa album to do that, as many did- some still do. If it works great! I say go with what inspires YOU and I'm happy to see the artist did exactly that. The album ends on a higher note in the form of uplifting, morning-inspired that I don't recall the artist creating to this degree before. I like the more energetic, punchy arrangements and composition. I find the song dynamic and fun. The last chapter is full of radiant energy, dance-friendliness, and sunshine/LIGHT, along with power [the finale] married with warmth and euphoria a la feels, thanks to great usege of key changes that compliment the music with positive vibes. The song is heartfelt without ever sounding cheesy. It's like a reunion on a beach for spirited, loving souls across lifetimes, all taking part in a dance that has transcended (in this sense literally) the test of time. It's a beautiful closing track with three strong acts, and ends the album on a high note. A CONCLUSION Examines is a fantastic, mature, and imaginatively, exciting, engaging, and articulate follow up to Corolle. is it better? Time will tell. I honestly felt guilty for not reviewing this sooner. The only song I care less for is Ziggurat (the album I sometimes feel sounds too good for it, but it's not bad). Beyond that, I'm impressed. wow, wow, wow! The album features less oriental melodies than Corolle. It's more contemporary and elaborately layered, with undefined worldly, Middle Eastern, e.g., Indian, Egyptian, Arabic, Turkish, etc., influences. I'd surmise a touch of cosmic/intergalactic too, and spiritual goes without saying. The intrigue, excitement, and rewards never end until the credits roll, and that's a beautiful thing- the amount of super songs, memorable melodies, and nearly 80 minutes of it. I was intrigued and more than satisfied by the dualistic (light vs dark) subtextual and contextual tones and feels in music, regardless of whole intentions, considering the music is never bogged down with lower vibrations. There's simply a lot of expansive, higher concepts and energy when it comes to adventurous, mystical, more expansive, higher vibrations. Additionally, overcoming duality, that being non-duality that I felt while listening to this- and in ways that are positive. Such duality may represent any experience of a more expansive spiritual body/mind consciousness (or light body), working through to overcome a challenge here and now, which supposedly, theoretically relates to overcoming more expansive challenges that have manifested and are symbolized in the here and now relative to having existed and/or existing elsewhere relative to Universal Laws, such as the Law of Attraction and Vibration respectively, for instance. That said, and aside from feeling inspired at times [by any album] to visualize, philosophize, reflect, meditate, and share, at the end of the day, Etamines is highly danceable and fun! It's never bogged down by weighty exposition. On the surface, it's positive and light similar to Corolle, and yet this album feels vastly deeper and more expansive for those who like to explore, too. Etamines is rich with mythos and lore, context and subtext, narrative beats, feels, moments of magic, storytelling, world building, and more. It's a super album that shows, by showcasing some of the best sound/melody work and Goa songs I've heard in quite some time. Each track is handled with love and care, like Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, defined by high standards and craftsmanship. This album feels inspired (hence its existence) and worth buying. This is a top shelf import if it was a drink, for but not limited to scholars of Goa trance. It deserves more reviews, comments, and attention. Matthieu Chamoux is somewhat of an enigma, returning 17 years later with a sequel to Corolle this strong. He's clearly a conscious aware spirit with an infinite amount of talent. Etamines is my favourite album from 2021 if I had to pick one, and I highly recommended it for lovers of pure Goa trance! Favourite tracks: Everything red A Sample https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com Order / Buy https://suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD66/
  15. Here is the flyer. Please make your reservation to get the location. This is a private party. Or buy cheaper presale tickets to be cheaper and sure because limited space... More info: ask via the mail on the flyer. See you soon
  16. Good lord NEOGOA rises from the ashes! I missed you guys. What a great news!
  17. LEGENDARY ACID & GOA TRANCE ARTIST JAMIE GRAHAM (MOONWEED/SALAMANDER) First time in Athens | Sat 14 May With him: - Nikolas Infinite Zen/Brain Deflections - John Peggos IT-Athens | 8 eur (w/ Beer) | Doors: 23:00 https://www.facebook.com/events/1132672700637260
  18. Motherfuckin' Neogoa Recs is back. You have no idea how happy this makes me.
  19. PACK preview: https://youtu.be/sbH5qVTA9V8 Over 1.5 GB of Psy-Chill samples! A new loop pack designed for Psy Chill, Ambient and other laid-back productions of a psychedelic nature! These inspirational loops have been created to inject an instant hit of pure positive energy for your latest tracks. Launch yourself onto the Chillout stages of the summer's big festivals with this extraordinary Psy loop library from Speedsound. Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RWYTY796BAXNY - - - - - CHECK MORE PACKS HERE - - - - - SPEEDSOUND LOOPS https://www.producerloops.com/Speedsound PSYLOOPS https://www.facebook.com/psyloops.uk/videos #chillout #psychill #tribal #loops
  20. I do not and didn't want to mention favorites, but dang that's a good album. I love the IMO Ambient Galaxy / Still on Mars A.P. vibe. Super nice. I've listened to all of the Artist's ep/lp rls' mentioned so far, and I've bought some of them and put some on my Wishlist... Even the rls' that I found terrible I went thru 100%.. But taste is not the/my point here; point is to showcase and put a light on the UKRAINIEN psy&goatrance artists' releases, for us all to discover, listen, support and enjoy. I'm updating the OT post. So! Who has not been mentioned yet!? Let's hear / see some more Ukraine Artists!! !!!! Sorry RTP I have no comment on your post but it's good info you give. But yeah let's keep this thread full of Ukraine PsyGoa Artists
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  22. It felt like magic getting that album on physical the first time. I'm stunned the remastered version has been completely sold out as well and there are apparently no plans for re-release.
  23. Centavra Project - Antigravity (Global Sect, 2022) Pre-order digital and CDs: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/centavra-project-antigravity Imagine that you are an astronaut contemplating in open space a starry abyss shining with cold light. The greatness and infinity of Being fascinate and amaze the imagination. Your suit is high-tech and reliable, but huge, boundless space on all sides, allows you to feel like just a small grain of sand in an incomprehensible Universe... The debut album of the Centavra Project (Dmitry Gutsu) will send the listener into an unforgettable sci-fi journey through the vast expanses of the universe. Just close your eyes, press the PLAY button and let the music take you away from everyday realities and to direct consciousness to unknown worlds and spaces. Tracklist: 1. Antigravity 2. Strange Object Part 2 3. Dark Abyss 4. Alien Presence 5. Pulsar 6. Back in Space 7. Long Way 8. Starry Sky of Sakhalin 9. Interstellar Label: Global Sect Cover Art: Ahankara Art Mastering and Mixing: One Day Mastering Studio Release date: 15 June
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