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  2. Skytrancer

    Astral Projection new album

  3. Timewarp v4. Looks like it's going to be a blast, looking forward to another Great comp!
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  5. Padmapani

    Whats the 1st Track You Show Someone?

    please don't. i recently went with two colleages to their first psy (goa is the usual umbrella term over here) party. there were reluctant to go and very surprised about the music (proggy, uk psy, some forest). "so you'd say this is goa"? "really?!?" "i thought i didn't like goa at all, but this is acutally good" "i always thought goa was that slow boring stuff, kinda like reggea" i bet that someone showed them shpongle as example for psy in the past
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  7. Monumental - Mayatnik EP (timewarp102 - Timewarp) RELEASE DATE 2018-11-16 Band Camp: http://bit.ly/2QOrJTJ Psyshop: http://bit.ly/2FsgDlS Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2QPu5S8 Itunes: https://apple.co/2OMKxR6 Amazon: https://amzn.to/2DM9Q4W GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/2Ka6Gs2 JunoDownload: http://bit.ly/2FspvrU 01 - Monumental - Solipsism @ 142 bpm 02 - Monumental - Shadow Shield @ 138 bpm 03 - Monumental - Chaos Calmer @ 136 bpm 04 - Monumental - Verdict Delay @ 128 bpm Timewarp is super exited to present super talented project from Russian Federation called... Monumental. Drift away with 4 new blasting tracks! The Monumental is the goa trance project founded by Denis Sedov (September 18th, 1988) in Krasnodar, Russian Federation. New tracks can be perceived as last shards from the mirror released before. They all was born in love, but taken together, may be used like a blade designed for cleaving current music reality. Enjoy! P.S. It is second iteration of my crusade to the goa gate. First was Zerkala EP, released on the Timewarp in beginning of this year. Short review - all tracks is cosmic underground. Creativity without limits - no rules and no idols. In production was used everything: samples, presets, patterns, 3rd party ideas etc. The results turned out brilliant - tracks are very different and each have a unique soul in monumental-style.
  8. LeLotusBleu

    Whats the 1st Track You Show Someone?

    Jaïa - Maï Maï & Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet (original for me too) are good choices. I would add a Shpongle tune from Are You Spongled? & Dancing Galaxy from Astral Projection. So , depending on people i'd choose one of these 4 tracks.
  9. My first Track https://soundcloud.com/user-746132191/fractals-or-some-shit
  10. mudpeople

    Whats the 1st Track You Show Someone?

    Incidentally their reaction to the track is often a great indicator of their general temperament.
  11. awanteelpsyvieja

    Whats the 1st Track You Show Someone?

    nice it is difficult to pick just one. it depends. when someone is interested i give them some tracks that show how little are psy limitations and how wide its spectrum. for example, i wouldn't say that highlight tribe - free tibet (vini vici remix) (ORIGINAL MIX) is psytrance, though it shows my point very well. same as etnoscope - odin's kraft. if i think in of a more agressive psy the pick would be talpa - letter from vienna. it is simple, it screams for attention and, incredibly, it is easy to follow. so far we have full on, tribal trance/psy. some goa is needed of course. Jaia - Mai Mai is a really good choice. for a more complex goa i would say Kox Box - Life Is. to exemplify a more wicked psy it could be anything from Morphic Resonance, also The Misted Puppet bonus: a track that never seems to fail among non-psy public is ppk - resurrection. and i always put some hi-tech just to see their frightened faces it depends of course in how much interested the person is in all this, if it is just one track to satisfy curiosity something by Astrix or Infected
  12. Redo

    Xerxes The Dark - Transmutation

    I feel personally attacked
  13. tsotsi

    E-mantra - Serenity Ep

    A lot of E-Mantra down tempo to get through but i suppose i can start here.
  14. Trance2MoveU

    Xerxes The Dark - Transmutation

    Artist: Xerxes the Dark Title: Transmutation Label: Kalpamantra Date: November, 2016 1. Proma Materia 2. Insomare 3. Limbo (MMVIII) 4. Tabula Smaragdina 5. Cold Sanctum 6. Xtra Terrestrial 7. Aeon (Bonus) I came across this awhile back and it stayed with me. Kinda like witnessing an exorcism would stay with me. Please allow me to introduce to you Iranian Morego Dimmer an electronic music maestro that has been around since 2005. This album is reminiscent of the Atrium Carceri style of dark ambient intent on scaring the sh*t out of you if you decide to listen to this at night. Dark Ambient and drone, sounds of things crawling and cracking and whispers echoing across an abandoned castle while nightmarish pads rise and fall in a sea of darkness. An evil presence lurks behind every corner. There is zero light to be found here. Zero. It's a slow, hopeless march into oblivion as demons herd you through the gates of hell. It's enjoyable (insert irony after last sentence) in the sense of trying to focus on all of the individual sounds that make up this slow descent into madness undoubtedly enhanced by the many horror movies I've watched. The vocals on Limbo are wet with the possibility of demonic possession or is that my own imagination? All the tracks are long to make sure you get wrapped up in the horror. My feelings about evil drone like this are similar to my daughter's. "It sounds creepy." Yes it does. A perfect soundtrack for passing out candy on Halloween night. But if you listen to this while you take your kids to school or pick up the dry cleaning....seek professional help. Xerxes the Dark Bandcamp
  15. Trance2MoveU

    E-mantra - Serenity Ep

    [ Artist: E-Mantra Title: Serenity Ep Label: Melusine Records Date: October, 2018 1. Serenity 2. Serenity II 3. Balada Haiducului 4. Shadows Picture of a forest. Scary font for artist name. Dude...did you just make a darkpsy/forest ep? Narrator Morgan Freeman: Although capable of many things a darkpsy album to this date has not been attempted. Thank...you narrator Morgan Freeman. Nope this is a brief downtempo ep released by his own label even though everything screams forest music. Actually according to the blurb it was created in a remote cabin deep in the Romanian forest. Sure nothing scary about that sentence whatsoever. Serenity brings his tell tale drifting melodies over top of head nodding beats. Smooth. Part II picks up the pace, but was less introspective. Balada is a slow trudge with a melancholy presence but easily my favorite. Shadows as the name implies is the darkest track yet and I don't know how he completed it while in that Romanian forest. Hope he worked in the daytime. Playing this at night in the forest is some Evil Dead sh*t. All in all nothing earth shattering, but good, consistent, E-mantra downtempo goodness. Melusine Records Bandcamp
  16. Hi, thanks for your comment. We are happy you like our work
  17. tsotsi

    Zen Baboon - Collected

    Artist: Zen Baboon & (I think) Zen Racoon Title: Collected Label: Baboon Clinic Release: November 8, 2018 Tracklist:- 1. Chaotic Shapes (Collected Mix) 2. Keep Positive (Remaster) 3. Love Road (Live Edit) 4. Chocolate Sushi (Summer Edit) 5. Fataca Estalaris (Interlude) 6. Baby Bombay (Remaster) 7. Agora (Live Edit) 8. Disjointed life (Boom Edit) 9. Summer Somewhere (Live Edit) 10. Best Days (Tribal Mix) Fresh from the Baboon clinic comes a collection of tracks from previous comps that are yet to reach the dubby pages of Bandcamp. The mixing with organic natural sounds means you have the soft chirrups of birds in your ears while thick dubbed beats surround and carry you away. The only track I've heard before was the original Love Road on the Hommega 20 year comp. With no other knowledge of their works I can say I really did enjoy the experience and will be playing parts of this album to wake up, to bed and for my next autumn walk. In fact if I had to walk through an autumn park for the rest of my life this is probably the soundtrack I would want drifting into my ears. Some tracks are slow and sensual like Chaotic Shapes & Baby Bombay, while others have the full strength of psychedelic downtempo driving them forward like Disjointed Life and plenty of tracks give you both as you'll notice in Summer Somewhere. If darker ominous tracks are your thing then I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to Keep Positive will help rough your positive anti-brooding personality up in just the most enjoyable way. The Love Road (Live Edit) has some extra zips and zaps throughout it that make it different enough from the original and Chocolate Sushi somehow morphs into a track with elements of reggae riddim. Whether its house influenced pulsing songs or silky layers designed to drift you away to calmer places the Baboon Clinic has you covered. All in all every track here is distinct and enjoyable it's hard to pick favourites as a lot of songs are quite apart form one another but the ones I mentioned are definitely up there. Oh did I mention that it is 'Name Your Price'. We call that a bargain where I'm from. https://zenbaboon.bandcamp.com/album/collected
  18. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Trancefusion Chapter 1"

    Artist: Various Title: Trancefusion Chapter 1 Label: BMSS Records Date: February, 2017 1. Me and My Misunderstood Something - Electrypnose 2. Inner Call - Aumni 3. The Voice of the Universe (Lupin Remix) - The Key 4. Makaranga - Ascent 5. In My Head - Shivatree 6. Three Panthers - Mystic 7. Nothing But the Truth - Hujaboy 8. Quantum Flashes - Reversed Logic 9. Glowsticks - Psilocybian 10. Beyond That Door - Dark Nebula, Datacult Smell dat? That smells like malpractice mixed with a little negligence. What we've got here is a bit of a mess. I mean the beginning of the comp was interesting with an Electrypnose funky electro house effort (please forgive my insatiable need to classify) sounding a lot like Talpa, but then the energy is wasted with a snoozer of a nothing track by Aumna. The compiler must've felt things were going sideways because the resident was kicked out of the ER and the attendings took over. The patient shows some life with the next several tracks with Makaranga showing Ascent at the top of his game. Beautifully dark psy-gressive track that oozes quality. Unfortunately while the doc's were in the hallway hi-fiving and making plans on which female interns to run a Devil's Triangle with nobody was watching the patient. Galloping basslines were not treated and predictable buildups (Three Panthers) spiked and they couldn't stop the bleeding. The chief of surgery (Hujaboy) was brought in to work a miracle, but with just a few days until retirement let's just say that this wasn't his strongest effort. So the patient is seizing, attendings don't know what to do, and the chief of surgery has thrown in the towel. Nothing left but take selfies over the dead body and post on twitter with the hashtag #Neverfoget. Sure Dr. Logic and Dr. Psilo tried their best, but all their work was tepid at best. They called the TOD for this comp and made dinner plans. Dr. Nebula turn out the light when you leave. And he did. Psyshop
  19. https://singularityhub.com/2018/04/08/can-we-make-a-musical-turing-test/
  20. CalledByCthulhu

    Skizologic - Stimulation

    What a coincidence!!! There is a dj that goes by the name of Project 2501 that released a psytrance mix entitled coexist about 7 years ago!
  21. Uptempo: 1. Igor Swamp - Akrabadabra (Hippie Killer Productions/Nullzone) 2. VA - Purple Brain (A.N.A.L.) 3. Oraalidonitsi - Who Cares About Name (Random) 4. Discolin - Hercule Roilot (Nullzone) 5. Jayex - Soul Echoes (Surface Tension) 6. Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru (DAT) 7. Denshi-Danshi - Brain Chemistry (Suntrip) 8. Ray Castle & Collaborators - Mystique Of The Metaverse (Suntrip) 9. Veasna - Spectral Flux (Neogoa) 10. VA - Hippie New Year (Sound Kitchen)
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