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  2. I am not so sure about AI bringing much to the genre of psy trance, though I am no expert. Good psy trance is really hard work, I think many producers go for a few years and then give up. For a few reasons, technical frustration, lack of interest from the larger labels for I am sure a variety of reasons. Getting to the level where an artist has worked 20+ years is a serious commitment of life hours and actually a decision in life to pursue that one end. I respect that but it makes the genre rather impenetrable unless you are basically living it 24/7. From my very first experiences in 1996 it felt like a closed loop, cliquey, cautious and a little elitist. I do not moan about this, there are some good reasons for it to be so. I type psy trance into AI music engine it was pure garbage. Unless AI filters out weak music it is going to just create things that are unusable. Not to mention many other technical factors, limited audio bandwidth, inability mix properly, after 10 years we can certainly argue it cannot even master music properly, nevermind produce and mix a ridiculously technical genre with many super picky sets of underground genre ears. I would say AI psy trance is going nowhere. Maybe I am wrong though. It will always have a place in my heart, but it's not my life. It is a part of it, that I can enjoy. Overall I view it very positively, it can be truly wonderful and we should look after those things as they appear to become less and less in this modern world.
  3. Well, I'm not really sure if I'm "missing out" on anything since I barely even listen to any *trance anymore. I'll support some of my favourite artists of course, but that's as far as I care to go these days.
  4. Yeah, why not? That's rude.. He's done several melodic tracks... Jeez
  5. This definitely sounds like Darshan, and there are many reasons why good tunes from the 90s were never released. Hope it eventually sees the light of day in full quality, it is quite a banger indeed!
  6. You're missing out on the Global Sect VA Liquid Symphony. Two great Morphic and Proxeeus tracks but packed with others as well. On this album. I actually came back for a video review, first impression, but I filmed it on an old SD card and don't have a slot for that on a single device in the house. So it's lost for now. Essentially it has a rhythm and rawness that we haven't heard on his last few releases. It is nothing like Mountain of Madness or Weird Tales but carries a similar expressive feeling for me. Much more advanced technically of course. The warm tribal kicks and bass lines were the biggest surprise for me. Arkham Asylum a favourite at the moment. Super groovy stuff from a serious master at the game.
  7. Received my copies yesterday - damn they're good looking! Beautifully made color variants. Haven't given them a spin yet tho.
  8. https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/301157/egorythmia-deviant Egorythmia - Deviant
  9. Some Spooky Boohgie Psy with key changes/chords, inspired by the video-game Cuphead and some old school Infected and Talpa.
  10. Yeah there is a lot of interesting feelings and how we perceive music/sounds, and yeah lot's of funny lingo for sure within the production environment. One could perhaps think of the sound of Psy steering further and further into the uncanny valley. With ever more slick sounding perfection-striving formulas. It's a highly synthetic approach for sure, adding to its futuristic cyberpunk feel. For good or worse. At the same time there will always be a looking back into the past and a re-examination of the styles of yesteryear. One thing is certain, there will be many stylistic changes in the future. In tandem with the technological progress, I wonder what the surging AI revolution will add to the psy sub-genres/formulas. The ability to just write a little prompt with desired style outputs. Will probably lead to an accelerated evolution in terms of achieving ever more unnatural synthetic soundscapes. ^^ Enabling people to combine unexpected styles, and really learning what makes some artists styles unique. In the same way that "by Artgerm" or "Trending on Artstation" has become a meme/staple in visual AI-arts. I can totally see the same beeing applied to some classical/popular Psy artist styles. And I also believe that AI will make music production more accessible. In ways that will make the effects the cracked FL-studio phenomena had on electronic music production accessibility, pale in comparison.
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  12. "Divine Process" leads you into the deep dark musical world of Poland based Artist and DJ, DNAprocess. "Divine Process", is a journey of dark twists and turns with deep, driving, hypnotic tones throughout and is the latest promotional DJ mix from DNAprocess - available for download in WAV format. Tracklisting: 01: Dust & Whiptongue - Da Blah 02: Fagin's Reject - Suck My Rock 03: Hypereggs - Maybe Tigers Are Blue 04: Harmonic Rebel - Threatened Secrets 05: Drip Drop - Time 06: Hotep - Liquid Fever 07: Daksinamurti, Konebu - No Moon 08: Sequoya - Spiral Out 09: Sequoya - Hidden Wisdom 10: Lemurians, Daksinamurti - Animism 11: Buckle vs SysTree - Angry Vacuum 12: Zzbing - MoDular Dimensions 13: Illustrator - Psychedelic Experience DNAprocess [Divne Magic Theory - Psylicious] BG/PL DNAprocess's musical creations traverse the realms of dark psychedelic trance and forest sounds, merging the soul of the Balkans with cybernetic modern tones. Her compositions strike a balance between the ethereal and the earthly, captivating listeners with their mystical allure. While primarily known for her mesmerizing live performances, DNAprocess also surprises her audience with DJ sets that infuse other subgenres of psytrance with darker accents and heightened psychedelic elements. DNAprocess draws inspiration from the universal frequency and vibration that resonates within each individual. Her music aims to unlock the subconscious mind and awaken higher potentials within the listener. With a deep desire to expand consciousness, DNAprocess guides her audience on a transformative journey, inviting them to explore the hidden depths of their own being. With each pulsating beat and enchanting melody, DNAprocess transports her listeners to a realm where boundaries dissolve and inner worlds come alive. Her music acts as a catalyst for self-discovery and spiritual awakening, bridging the gap between the physical and the transcendental. DNAprocess's visionary soundscapes continue to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the psytrance landscape and inspiring a profound connection to the universal energy that flows within us all. DNAprocess Links & Social Media Bookings & Info | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Bandcamp
  13. EarthAliens’ Ziarno 5 DJ mix is a combined collaboration with renowned and respected visual creator Carmatic Frua. It’s an audio and visual psychedelic experience that takes you on a reflective journey of twists, turns and trance-floor memories.... Ziarno 5 is packed with mind warping visuals, hypnotic, driving psychedelia throughout that hook you into its vibrancy of colour, visual FX, chugging bass lines, kicks that wake the senses and melodies that warp your soul... Tracklisting 01: ManMadeMan – Ready [SpaceWarp Recs] 02: Rigel – Aperture Science [Ovnimoon Recs] 03: Ajja & Mekanikka – Crunch Bunny [United Beats Recs] 04: Namarrkon – Organic Mechanics [Maharetta Recs] 05: Space Sneakers – Weightless [SpaceWarp Recs] 06: Cortex – The Third Hit (Darks Rmx) [Dacru Recs] 07: Groovebox & Pragmatix – Creeping Up [PsynOpticz Recs] 08: Barby – Forsaken [Ovnimoon Recs] 09: Braincell – Stomp on Dust [Phantasm Recs] 10: Logic Flux – Domino Effect [JM Bomb Recs] 11: Blot – Tree of Life [Maharetta Recs] 12: Barby – Black Hole [Ovnimoon Recs] 13: Etnica & Pleiadians – Reboot (Live Mix) [SpaceWarp Recs] 14: Psilocybin – The Creator [Ektoplazm] 15: Palusa – Meditation [Phantasm Recs] 16: Barby – Liberator [Ovnimoon Recs] 17: Ovnimoon – Interdimensional Travel [Ovnimoon Recs] 18: Fliperama – Brainwaves [Goa Recs] 19: Hypnoise & Reverse Logic – Logic Noise [Maharetta Recs] 20: Hypnocoustics – Amplifiers [Nano Recs] 21: Kri Samadhi – Space Ripping [Ovnimoon Recs] 22: Avan7 & Dahu – In Your Eyes [PsynOpticz Recs] 23: Ajja – Wibblefish [Superfluid Sound] Ziarno 5 is from the Ziarno event concept by Poland’s event and party crew based in the Tricity(Gdańsk – Sopot – Gdynia ), Be Psychedelic... BE PSYCHEDELIC The seed was planted in 2003 under the name of Psychotoons Project before growing into Stay Psychedelic in 2005. In 2009 they flourished into Be Psychedelic, providing Psytrance and Electronic Music events in Poland. Be Psychedelic Links & Social Media... Linktr.ee | Facebook CARMATIC FRUA Carmatic Frua is a visual artist from Malaysia, based in Europe, specializing in lively, audio driven visual systems, and leveraging new technology to deliver engaging and novel experiences. Using generative visual techniques, no moment is the same, and the experience extends beyond the screen to create a sense of immersion which invites the audience into a world of visual wonder. Carmatic Frua Links & Social Media... Youtube | Facebook | Facebook Page | Instagram EARTHALIEN EarthAlien is a label DJ and also manager for UK-based psychedelic label, SpaceWarp Records and compiler of the SpaceWarpers series of VA compilations for the label. He is also a resident DJ and crew member of Gdansk event Be Psychedelic in Poland and is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in today's psychedelic trance music scene. EarthAlien Links, Social Media & Affiliations... Linktr.ee | Be Psychedelic | Psylicious | SpaceWarp Records
  14. You expected a melodic explosion with Proxeeus? Thankfully I got pretty much what I expected, and with From Beyond being completely reworked from an early version I have, most of this album was new material to me. I like it, can't really say more than that yet. This and the new Morphic Resonance and Triquetra albums are pretty much the only goa albums I've bought in the past few years.
  15. Good detail in your response Parasphere. If you engineer your own kick and bass from synthesis it is many hours spent (even with some significant experience) to get 1 modern sounding ish kbbb working in 1 key note. Key changes are a new level of auditory challenge as you suggest. Even additive synthesis is no help here if your kick drum stays at the same pitch, there will still be phase shifts when you change bass note. Unless you program the kick in additive synthesis as well and shift its pitch. This is no small engineering task. The phase alignment is important to a degree as it gets you in a ball park.. but it does not take into account the kick and bass groove which is really important although admittedly both extremely miniscule changes and a hugely finnickety process. At one time I would have maybe looked (listened) to the Spirit Architect track's kbbb (sorry it's in my "that thing" thread) and thought it was a little off timing wise.. but the "effect" of it is amazing. I love the effect it has that the track is almost running away with itself... falling forwards, sounding faster than it is.. the energy it produces is amazing. Psy kick and bass in modern style can be astonishingly good and also "brown or grey bass" which is a strange term I use for this more dull, lacking vibrancy, the short rat a tat tat notes (almost like 4 kicks in a row) with no colour/tone and blurred pitch. Very hard to explain when you get down to such minuscule detail, either it works for you or not I guess. Chatting psy is fun for producers, ultimately a little lost in language at times at least the "art" part of it, the science / phase etc.) is easier to convey... but it is that is ? Just the science ? No, it's music and whilst it is invariably highly technical it has to connect with human ears, minds and bodies. Otherwise it is psy for what ? Robots ?
  16. PSYTRANCE PRODUCERS LAB! With E-Clip & Inner State!!! Unlock the world of psytrance music production at the Psytrance Producers Lab in Cambridge, UK! Join E-Clip and Inner State for a three-day journey into the art of creating captivating tracks. Limited spots available. Apply for a place now! Date: September 25th-27th, 2023 Location: Cambridge, UK What you'll learn: Arrangement, sound design, and mixing techniques Kick and bass sound mastery Drum programming and beat creation Business insights for producers And much more! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to enhance your psytrance production skills. Limited spots available. Go to http://www.psyprolab.com to see the full programme and apply for a place!
  17. Hello everyone! Greetings from America! I guess things have been very chaotic this spring and I hope my psytrance friends are doing ok! I wanted to share a new goa trance track I worked on back in April. While I cannot claim this track to be fully completed and I only have it in the form of my LMMS project file, I wanted to convey that I still have a place in my heart, mind, and soul for psychedelic music and culture. So here is the link to the project file and I accept this track could be worked on by others. In fact I would encourage it. Thank you. Peace and much love. https://lmms.io/lsp/?action=show&file=21175 As a side note, I have worked on a number of ambient/downtempo songs to cure me of anxieties also to be found at lmms.io.
  18. Well well well. I was looking forward to some melodic explosion, but instead I got forestry dark goa with great rhythms.
  19. I'm pretty sure theres a ton of unreleased stuff of the same caliber. It's as much of a mystery as Fluoro Dolby not being released on CD, or vinyl for that matter.
  20. Well would you look at what we have here https://mfgmusic.bandcamp.com/album/lost-treasures-best-of-rarities-compilation
  21. Liakos? Is that your Surname? Sounds very Greek.
  22. Jumping Vol. 5 (will come soon) here is Master Output Vol. 6 One Goa and one Goa-ish track included. Enjoy
  23. 02:51 onwards, amazing... they seem to be getting it : ) you just get this moment where you go YES YES and it spread around to everyone and everyone smiles back......it does seem easier to "get it" when there is a sense of scale like an awesome sound system in a tent with no bass build up in the corners... just goes through the tent listen how good the sound is on just a phone/camera.. I love that phase shifting effect when you walk around a bit at psy tents/outdoors. I come back to this video when I want to feel that feeling...
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