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  2. Here's a new track produced by Esoteric Bloom for Stereohemia Records. You can also listen the whole compilation on bandcamp:https://stereohemia.bandcamp.com/album/frequency-brew Tracklist: 01.Omnium-red sapho juice 02.Salakavala-salalalaaa 03.DefektenShredder - 04.Shredder - Galactic Megalomania 05.Gallop - Under The Tree 06.Bechamel Boyz - Kinkkuananas 07.Planc Epoch - Spasmic Trail 08.Spindrift - Psylocybic 09.Esoteric Bloom - Sonar Body Activation 10.Squaremeat - Sdigjaopdjg
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  4. HELLO! I"m AZ NHJO HYENNRO I complete 12304 track 20200720 to still 20200923\ You can search various store and youtube at youtube search "az xver vktnzer" My aim is lot track making for ginesbook record. thanks.
  5. i to have been wondering this, seems the industry felt this in other genres so they recreated the vinyl format, which is now in saturation, seems evident with the staggering prices of this format, the bubble will soon burst, discogs is gone for me, because of the prices, fees and astronomical postage prices, so i now only buy within australia, which is limited, personally i don't buy much goa as no longer like the current sound, and ones i might, no longer offer physical format, i don't stream use bluetooth or any of that as don't embrace this technology that provides it, old school all the wa
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  7. I've been wondering this a while now. I remember when in 08' I started listening to goatrance a lot. Suddenly I also found satisfaction and interest in buying CD's. Back then there was no bandcamp, spotify or most tracks on youtube. Of course you could always torrent the music, but there were no digital formats that I personally felt were worth it. I started buying CD's from those releases I enjoyed the most. Obviously this eventually led me to the alice in wonderland moment of finding discogs and seeing all these amazing old releases on physical formats. Now that we have a lot of labels
  8. The Mema604 is Trancentral we found out. So its legit. As for the Ra - To Sirius album, I am not sure if he ever wants it to be remastered. We are talking about it, but nothing is sure...
  9. Aha interesting, I always assumed that remasters were done for the remastering process foremost. I didn't take into consideration how rare a CD might be that makes sense then. Is that the reason as well for Ra - To Sirius not beeing remastered? Or are there other factors as well sometimes, like how good/bad the original master might sound by todays standards?
  10. Hey buddy - see you are from Cape Town. I'm from Plettenberg Bay and lived in CT many years ago. Awesome psytrance scene <3 PS smart machines is cool - reminds me of something like Juvenile - A Machine's Dream album.
  11. FREE DOWNLOAD CODES Cybered - Quantum Entanglement SUPPORT Edward Cybered www.facebook.com/edwardcybered/ DOWNLOAD FROM HERE manifoldstudio.bandcamp.com/yum MP3 V0 - 132.5MB MP3 320 - 148.8MB FLAC - 478.3MB AAC - 121.4MB Ogg Vorbis - 99.1MB ALAC - 530.9MB WAV - 653.1MB AIFF - 655.6MB codes: ct7g-bcj9 pu53-wx8t 8w6m-h5b7 x46k-w95q hen2-htnt jrda-v2v7 9l4g-6cz5 ncp3-yx8f 5jfl-7vbm b9dh-j9s6 524j-y8hy 8ver-bnmr tb6d-wmkd 2a3c-hgth unj3-ugwx x5gl-juhp 46kh-6pq2 qn3j-yfgc fwa8-bmfx wh9t-wz5q cq23-hgnt erl5-vbv7 8x
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  13. TEMPLATE PREVIEW: https://youtu.be/lI0dBiRQQTY Astral Tech presents ‘Magic Fullon’ for Ableton Live, a brand-new Psy-Trance project file for users of Ableton Live 8 and above. This modern Psy-Trance track includes power basslines, atmospheres, FX, acid synths and melodic samples. This exciting new Psy track is perfect for you to edit and remix into new versions of the tune with your own ideas, or to use as a base for your own unique productions. This Psytrance project was inspired by well known Top Psy artists including Skazi, Infected Mushroom, Astrix, 1200 Micrograms an
  14. Show me your favorite playlists or sets for doing sports! (personal tested once would be great...and maybe a reason why specially this tracks ) I am working on a new one. taken the best tracks over from the old one and addin new BLOOOD to it. i Can post it if it is finished...but now show mw yours!
  15. So what's the opinion here on the two different cover artworks that were available for this album? Do you prefer the Blue Moon Productions version? Or the Velvet Inc./GTN (Global Trance Network) version? I think both are cool, but the Blue Moon Productions one is far superior. It just feels more psychedelic and inspired. And also fits better with the artwork of the previous album Transdimensional, in terms of having a graphic identity which is instantly recognizeable. And besides that I also think it reflects the colors of the music more accurate
  16. Dimension 5 - Second Phaze will be on our bandcamp tonight But, it was already released before release date by spotify and some others. Ah well... And no reprint because it is still easily available
  17. I see some rare and vinyl-only tracks I've been hunting for in digital quality... but Koxbox - WTP and the Tegma releases are vinyl rips.
  18. The sound quality is fantastic. They really put some work into those old tracks. Great label!
  19. *bump* Astral Projection - No one ever dreams Cosmosis - Reclaim your mind Cujorius one - The pay per view sound Dark Soho - Tales of tragedy Deviant species - A night to dismember Dohm - Space for empty minds Doof - Youth of the galaxy Eat static - Last ship to paradise Electric universe - Orange night Elysium - Dance for the celestial beings E-Mantra - Depth of nothingness Eraser vs Yojalka - Nice to mute you Etnica - Fluorophilia camps bay Evolution - The experience of taking a step into someones dream Exelization - Ego transplant Fiery dawn - Wings
  20. "Remember your name and address And telephone number too Then if some day you lose your way You'll know just what to do Walk up to that kind policeman The very first one you meet And simply say I've lost my way I cannot find my street" Infernal Machine - The Loin Sleeps Tonight
  21. Wow! A hundred thanks my friend!
  22. Hi Airam, The track you are lookin' for is " 100th Monkey ~ Spiritus (Unreleased Mix) " from 1995-96. It was released in VA - Phoenix.
  23. On the day when the tribe of Earth is ready to journey to the stars, psychedelic drives pushed to the max, let us not forget to look back and remember where we came from. Tracklist Earth Nation - Ear Dis 00:00 Kayseri - Ararat 12:38 Spacefly - Individual 18:29 Amtinaous - Eveil 25:08 MFG - Journey Beyond The Planet 32:02 Phoenix - Jungle By Night 38:44 Gada-Gong - Counterparts 43:42 Ender & MorBeat - Imminent Anarchy 50:20 Naturelement - The Holidayer 57:21 Updata - Creeper (Magnat Good Morning Mix) 01:03:45
  24. Aha probably due to distribution not beeing synchronized between the platforms. My bet would be that they manually add the bandcamp releases, so it's most likely in the pipeline for bandcamp as well. (hopefully)
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