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  2. Excited to present that the incredible Hinkstep - A Generation Lost In Space will soon get a vinyl release on Nebulosa Records. Total 303 copies, 101x are hand numbered marbled (turquoise/black) and 202x are black. 2x 180g 12", housed in deluxe gatefold sleeves. Pre-order will soon be up. Subscribe to NebulosaRecords.com newsletter for updates!
  3. Just got the news from Norman Records that this release was cancelled! "We've just heard from the distributor of Abduction that the record label cancelled the release, but didn't tell anyone until after all the orders went in. We can only apologise, but this was completely out of our hands (we know this doesn't make it any less annoying, though!)."
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  5. Dear astronauts, we are postponing the release of VA Liquid Symphony by 2 weeks. The exact release date, without any further delays, will be February 14 on Valentine's Day. Why not. The compilation is 99% ready, we will use these 2 weeks to fix various details that relate to mastering and mixing, as well as launch the CDs for printing. We will also add bonus tracks that will not be included in the CD edition, but will be available on all platforms. Our Patreon subscribers will hear the compilation 2 days before the official release, receive exclusive tracks as a gift, and we will also add the name of each of our patrons to the physical CD. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/globalsect Listen 10 tracks from VA: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-liquid-symphony Welcome to our new site: https://globalsect.org/
  6. I've drawn my line in the sand, if I don't get a Pnakotic full length album in the next week I'll start my own pandemic. You're all too busy dancing around Arambol I suppose.
  7. Good advice. At the same time we have to understand that we're (pretty much) all part of the system that's messing up the world. We can try and do what little we can to reduce our own impact. But feeling bad about it all is pointless when it's not motivating us to do better. Thanks for the extra recommendations.
  8. Well to be fair 2023 is 4 weeks old sooo :p
  9. Yeah, City of Moons is a contemporary Ultimate Experience; both albums are awesome. I sometimes think that whereas Ultimate Experience puts you on Mars, City of Moons puts you in a ruined megalopolis on Mars. I can't help but think that Jules Villeneuve missed a trick by not edging out some Hans Zimmer and putting a track from City of Moons at an appropriate point or two in Bladerunner 2049. The vaulting arpeggios on this album would really put the audience's hearts in their mouths and spin their heads with some of the imagery from this film. But I'm wandering away from Astral Projection. I'm not sure if you heard this, but if further proof were needed (which it ain't), that Astral Projection still have "it", this came out last year. Some dissed it, on this forum and elsewhere, for being fluffy and simple. I couldn't disagree more: listen with an open mind and heart and this is so deep, so harmonic, so beautiful, such a wonderful blend of form and content, so inevitable, that all barriers, expectations, criticisms, melt into insignificance. Truly eternity now:
  10. Absolutely agree. No value judgements needed for Goa, it has all kinds of shapes. Morphic Resonance blew my mind more than several times through City of Moons. Agree with your estimation of that album.
  11. We got all the time in the world....Unless you've seen the state of the world, then maybe not so much time. I try not to let the never ending bad decisions of our species get me down. I recently got the MFG Masters of Psytrance album https://mastersofpsytrance.bandcamp.com/album/masters-of-psytrance-vol-2 from back in 2021. Thought it was a new release until writing this post. Very good stuff. I've also had a few stockpiled albums from years back that i haven't listened to yet (Aurora Sidera anyone?) The pandemic years actually got us a lot more music than 2023. Everyone's out in the sunshine now it seems. One 2023 release I can recommend is the Ankrosado album, for sure underrated and maybe even unheard of - https://ankrosado.bandcamp.com/album/inner-space
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  13. Small world! I'd been meaning to write a post here in memory of Aleah "Jewel" Stanbridge so I really loved to find out that some other psy fans were equally enchanted by her beautiful vocals and also discovered, and enjoyed, Hour of the Nightingale. It doesn't surprise me that the album appeals to other fans of psytrance. It's incredible and really gets under my skin, which is all the more impressive given I don't generally count myself as a rock fan. Especially the title track which I never want to end. I absolutely adore Aleah's mystical vocals on Binah - Crescent Suns as well, one of the very best vocalists in all of psy.
  14. Hey hope I'm not too late to join in this discussion. I can only contribute to the "echo chamber bullsh*t" (or I hope it's more of a deep connection between like-minded souls. Or is that like-souled minds? ) by saying I've also been feeling anxiety, stress and a bit of gloom over the past year - I mean, have you seen the state of the world lately? Those things do tend to make me post less on forums and then when I do post people rarely find the motivation to have much of a discussion with me anymore. Probably for the same kind of reasons. It's OK though, I won't give up posting or reading the forums. I've been meaning to start a thread here discussing underrated Goa for a few months. I'll try and make the effort to write it soon. In terms of the music I had a great year (a great 2 or 3 years in fact) but it's not mainly been from discovering newly released music so much as catching up and filling in the gaps on many years of amazing Goa trance that I totally missed out on the first time around (due to limited funds and limited knowledge of what was out there). Delights like RA (Man, I'm longing for another album), Elysium and MFG. As for new music Ott - Heads is one of the only new albums I can immediately think of that I heard last year. It was OK, good music, but I prefer the style of his earlier stuff. The year before, Artifact303 - From The Stars was good but I found the previous album had more memorable samples and melodies in it that it could use more of next time. I'd need to give both those albums more listens to really make up my mind though. Thanks for all your other suggestions of new music (+1 million for Indoor - wow!). I've got a lot to catch up on again, and that's great!
  15. Thanks for your comment Tsotsi; I tend to agree with you that Filteria and Morphic Resonance are not the most subtle of artists (which is not to say that subtlety is automatically good or that being upfront is necessarily bad). For me they tend to over-indulge in maximalism at times, what I think of as manic layerism - just a bit too busy, which can become tiring. Nevertheless, I do think that the first two Filteria albums are mostly very good and Morphic Resonance's City of Moons is a neo-Goa classic in my estimation, with a particularly evocative dirty apocalypse kind of atmosphere.
  16. Hi Just a reminder about Bandcamp Fridays, which continue in 2023, starting in February (3rd). This time they have a convenient article listing all dates of the year. Note that June and July are skipped. Other months have it. https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/bandcamp-fridays-update I don't have any great tips offers-wise yet but for example, if vinyl is your thing, there may be some interesting stuff in that thread for your shopping list. Personally, I'm already waiting for Kurbeats - Folktronica 2x12" and I'm hoping that it will be available for orders on Friday.
  17. Kali Earth Records is extremely stoked to present a massive Forest VA-series to the world. Listen: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/hoddmime This special HoddKER Mini-VA series project was started in late 2021, and is loosely inspired by the present world and the Norrøn Mythology of Hoddmimes Holt; the Forest where the last humans hid and survived Ragnarok. There will be 3 volumes in each Hodd-theme.. This is Volume 1 of 3 in the 'Hoddmime' saga. releases February 3, 2023 Compiled & Arranged by psytones Mastering by Dr. Spook Artwork by inxti74, Due, & Milan Rakic Cat# KERDiG/CDr/LPx024 Artists: 1. Pnakotic Phantasm 2. Katastrof 3. Karapuã Plot idea; Hoddmime (search for Hoddmimes Holt on the internet): Hoddmime is the Forest -protected by the Mime Troll- where the last humans hid and survived Ragnarok, which is the Norrøn mythology word for apacolypse/armageddon. For this theme it's wished to be as Organic FOREST Psytrance as possible and the thump of the BassKick can not be ,,full-on"/annoying/neighbour complaining - keep it quality - We don't wanna attract wrong entities.. And we don't really do chemicals tho we adore entheogenics, K? ... Keep it Groovy, fat, cool and hopefully Psychedelic /that and more mentioned however, goes through for all 13 VA themes/ -- Also the word mime is to act like, so to mime/mimic the forest. The last humans prefer love over hate, life over death, mystic for sure - spooky or not, humour or serious.. it's all good. Obviously we're tired of war/destruction/hate/horror/greed/corruption/lies/selfishness/cruelty/abuse/deception/hatred, and all that shit .. and there's no need for "DarkPsy" therapy tho some recalling of the past in the track is Ok. What idea you have I'm sure it's a great idea:) No negativity no mindfuck. Fun.. Good vibes. Kudos to the one who manages to insert some transcendent astral sunshine or smth amazing even melodic into the fat track. PS. Hodd a viking word for Forest. Vol. 1: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/hoddmime (story of Ragnarok ..) + Vol. 2 in the worx: https://on.soundcloud.com/jrVVS Make contact if you want to join one of the 13 Hodd-VA releases. And I'll tell you all about them. PLUR.
  18. Release Date: 2023-01-27 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU005 Digital Downloads Available From: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload SpaceWarp greetings to you all and welcome to our freshest release "The Shape of Reality", from USA psytrance producer Coral and UK psytrance duo, Lennielazerbeam. A hypnotic dynamic synergy and remix exclusive! Coral’s “Shape of Reality” kickstarts the journey with a remix by UK psytrance duo, Lennielazerbeam. Catchy vox and effects provide an opening of spacious sound with a driving kick and tempo uplift that breaks into a melodic playing field of audio experiences and catchy hooks that sweep you right into this trance-floor stomper! Lennielazerbeam’s “We Dance to Touch the Soul”, remixed by USA psytrance producer Coral, is a catchy rhythmic delight, that, we know will refresh your soul on every trance-floor! With its messaged vox intro and clever use of vox throughout, “We Dance to Touch the Soul”, tells a story of catchy hooks, beautifully paced pads, melodic sparkles and a deep layer of bass, that will make you dance and nourish your soul… "The Shape of Reality", is a collaboration throughout, both musically and artistically, with mastering by RIGEL and its neon artistic backdrop background by JanineorJ, with creative edits by Mick Usher. You know what to expect, until next time…. Coral Links & Social Media Soundcloud - Facebook - Affiliation Lennielazerbeam Links & Social Media Soundcloud - Instagram - Facebook JanineorJ Links & Social Media Website - Facebook - Instagram
  19. News from Shpongle and Twisted; https://mailchi.mp/shpongle/newsletter-15803153?e=ebc985afde "Shpongle 'Museums' 3xLP Deluxe Edition research and design has been completed and we're waiting on factory samples before going into full production. Shipping should be early May 2023 with preorder starting a few weeks prior. It's astonishingly beautiful and well worth the wait! More news on this one soon." It'll be interesting to see what extra they have in store for us. Live recordings?
  20. We can't wait to welcome Astrix into Utopia


    One of the defining pioneers of psytrance, Astrix is about to bring his ground breaking sonic waves from around the world to London.


    The prismatic terrain is about to shift in phase with dynamic rhythms of his crystal-clear production and deep melodies.


    IllumiNaughty pres: Utopia

    11th March | Troxy, London


    Get Phase 2 Tickets Here:



    astrix tile socials (2).jpg

  21. Moon Beasts – Unexpected Turn Of Events 2022 Alexandre Cohen & Jerome Lesterps Real Externality La Petite Porte Escaping The Plague Walking A Tightrope Towards The Unknown A silvery ray of darker Goa from Moon Beasts (I'm not too convinced by this name), which features Jerome Lesterps of Proxeeus. The mastering and pressing are solid on this white vinyl issue and the sound is generally excellent (unsurprising since the mastering is from Tim Schuldt). I'm tempted to pronounce some pretentious nonsense about this ep being appropriate to our darker times, but I will avoid that (largely). Real Externality There's Goa psychedelia on offer in the storming track "Real Externality", which has enough sawtooth and 303 madness to get any dancefloor moving to its screeching hectic intensity. Good track. Make that a very good track. I appreciated the vocal sample from Lovecraft, which really set the mood. La Petite Porte "La Petite Porte" has a stomping techno beat and some spooky synth lines; there's a bit of haunted forest flavour in this track, which again features some 303 madness towards the end. A darker track, though it is a bit spoilt by the knees-up faster beat at the very end - it seems that the musicians did not know how to progress or end this track. Basically, I thought it a good track that should carry on for another few minutes and found it ended prematurely. Escaping The Plague The darker vibes continue on "Escaping the Plague", which may be a reference to coronavirus? This track features wailing siren synth work which works well, but again I feel that this track could have been developed further and gone on for longer. Nevertheless, I enjoy the crossover with darkpsy and darkwave/ebm in this track, which does succeed in conjuring an apocalyptic ambience and feeling. Walking A Tightrope Towards The Unknown The last track "Walking a Tightrope Towards the Unknown" is downtempo and has a head-nodding beat that is infectious. There's a "Bladerunner" style moody Moog ripping sound that gives a dystopian quality to this track, but yet again it seems still-born and ends too quickly. Super track nevertheless, probably my favourite on the ep. My take away: one dancefloor stormer and three good tracks that seem unfinished to me. What this suggests is that I was really enjoying the tracks and didn't want them to end! A promising ep and it would be great to see more by these guys, especially if pressed to vinyl, not to mention Proxeeus on vinyl - I would love to see Proxeeus on vinyl! ~*~
  22. People might be starting to learn that an endless supply of music streaming hasn't made them more excited for music but rather some background noise that they don't need to think about. Vinyl feels more real as far as a listening experience goes. I still like digital. But need to force myself to listen to an album through and through without skipping to some other new release halfway through. AP really do nail it in their subtlety you got that right. Filteria and Morphic just seem like the least subtle artists in the genre and aren't known for their delicate touch. You would think you could get some synergy there, a new approach rather than someone else with a soft touch coming to do what AP has already done. But it's hard to move past such a classic sound.
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  24. Gather round thee children. Throughout my listening life I’ve held off from buying certain albums. With the way I consume music I sometimes only listen to albums for several weeks and then have another 3 dug up from the pits of Bandcamp begin calling out to me. The search never ends and it cheapens things, so sometimes I wait until the right time. Well, with the recent acquisition of the sweetest sounding iem and a midweek day off that everyone forgot to make plans on (Thanks for becoming irrelevant Captain Cook). It goes to show: Everyone forgets everyone eventually. Long story short Aurora Sidera was one of those albums. 1 - Skizologic comes out with one of the deepest hardest pounding kickdrums that begins a boring project right into your cranium (That's boring like the drill style). He makes tunnel after tunnel and starts feeding his pipes of acidic extravaganza right into them. An energy storm of full and smashing tones. 2 - Nebula Meltdown doesn’t waste anytime picking up where we left of with nice silky line of melody into our bodies. Have I ever really appreciated the coolness of this artist name? It matter not, the track is an entrancing conglomerate of its parts. Melody 1 and 2 both swing their way through the final verse and then it’s decided we don’t need any more of that. One of the songs that instantly make me want to replay it. 3 - Dragon Twins take control of the low end and throws shackles on us for the hell of it.He didn’t have to do that, we would have come along. A looming low acid melody taunts you with what might materialize from it. The spacing and separation of tones phenomenal as everything retains it own magic from around the sound field. A flaming gift just for us. 4 - I suppose this is a more recent Morphic Resonance track than his current batch, although I know that guys has talent and can do lots of things. This one of those things. It has a lighter sense of air to it while still sliding in his evil basstones and red hot leads. The second half slashes itself through my brain leaving pieces of cerebrum in its wake. Thank god I have a day off tomorrow. Holy fuck. 5 - Artifact303 and E-mantra ♥️ my heart. This is like looking down on a newborn sleeping. But sounds more like a newborn which is not sleeping. That was meant to sound like a compliment. This aint ya floating space trance. It’s screeching and crawling through rips in time-space changing the pace and tone up with each tear. Each change up is gilded in the most cosmic of tones and never stops feeling like a strike to the core of your filthy soul. 6 - Knowing Crossing Minds style more now than when Aurora Sidera was released doesn’t take away from the feeling of being introduced to him in this track. The way he composes himself in the first third is magnificent holding a big ol line of acid right the way through it. The melody comes back and thank god for that, it’s about as catchy as it gets and stays in your head long after the track is over. 7 - Mindsphere comes in with an absolutely tight intro and big modern deep and round hit of kickrum n bassline. I’ve never heard a Mindsphere track that feels rushed. He takes his time and likes to get deep. Depth is the right word for this track. As far down as his kickdrums reach his hi’s sparkle and shine. The track doesn’t just sound good, it looks good, it smells good, and you can feel this track vibrate at you as if you have a new pair of iems with bone conducting sub-bass drivers shoved right into your ear sockets. 8 - First track I heard from Celestial Intelligence was Anapa, Words of Wisdom or some other incarnation of theirs. And they’ve been able to continue that enthusiasm for them since. So BIG expectations. I can’t remember how they sounded in 2015? Can You? Well they sounded textured, energized and full of crazy ideas. Ah the youth! They hit you with that near piercing high note melody that a 53 year old concrete driller wouldn’t be able to hear no more and drive the track home right from the very first note. The track is good as you can imagine a track being. Razor sharp acid lines, a fake outro, the whole kaboos. You only fake-outro a track if you know that you’ve made an anthem that people are going to want to hear more of. That’s called self-awareness baby and this is all the proof you need to know that it gets you to where you need to be. 9 - I wouldn’t have known who Amtinaous was if ti wasn’t for the Classic Goa Trax label. And it wouldn’t have mattered if I did. That was just a fact. And facts are fun You’d be mistaken in thinking this is going to be more chilled out from the softer intro. But when has Suntrip come to the table to fuck spiders? It grows and grows to the size of a complete Disco Tek Acid Banger. Just because the speed has stepped down doesn’t mean we are free from a cranial brain slicing from Denshi Danshi and Amtinaous’ with their brain-axe surgery. It feels nice to still find albums that can thrill you so much. It's true: Sometimes good things come to those who wait. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-aurora-sidera
  25. Psychedelic Underground Records presents: Ascension Technology -by- Oculum After the technological rise in the 3000s the world was no longer the same, it was completely decimated by famine and war! thus making humans look for a habitable planet.... HORUS - was found, but with the advanced technology of that small dark planet the advancement of humanity and 0%. The exploitation of humans provokes the wrath of the machines and day by day they hunt humans one by one, little by little there are few remnants of human identity throughout the planet HORUS. Humans, who traveled from EARTH, try to survive fighting Horus Intelligence in this chaotic and dark world. https://oculum.bandcamp.com/album/oculum-ascension-technology-3
  26. I'm grateful to Tsotsi for alerting me to this new psychill album from Suduaya, an artist I haven't listened to before. This is certainly thoughtfully arranged music, with carefully crafted mellower and slightly more intense sections. I particularly appreciated some of the twitchy guitar and the clicky percussion. I may, however, be one of those curmudgeonly heavy metal types that Tsotsi wants to recite the Bhagavad Gita to as he lectures them on their shrivelled hearts and overly analytical craniality because my cheese alert, admittedly often on high alert, goes into the red on this album - most notably when the sax utters its nasal sonorities on track two or when the predictable vapourous silky synth textures float by on nearly every track. Yep, I was thinking Cafe Del Mar, Buddha Bar, Om Lounge level cheesecore - lay it on thick - quattro formaggio. There's barely a minor chord on the whole album and the melodies are often nursery rhymeish. Call me a Scrooge if you wish, but to me a soul quest that does not involve facing, if not delving deeply into, the dark side barely merits the title Soul Quest. Indeed, for me a work of art needs to have salt and pepper, light and dark. The pitch black is as banal, uninteresting, and lonely as the purely light; it is contrast that makes for energy, propulsion, and intrigue. Even leaving aside this persnickety criticism, which I freely admit may be my bias, I do not think this stacks up with the classics of our beloved genre. It comes off as lightweight and superficial compared to anything by Shpongle, Entheogenic, OTT, Androcell, Carbon Based Lifeforms, etc. This is music for the yoga studio, the incense and crystal shops, the airport, and the lift in a Dubai skyscraper. As such, it is a triumph. ~*~
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