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  2. Dubmission vinyl 50% off NOW: And Suntrip is 20% off for a while (until 19th of December). Bandcamp Friday is probably the best day to buy, though. Now I really really really have to fly. Apologies if I made a copy-paste mistake somewhere. Enjoy.
  3. For S.U.N. Project fans, this is new 12" on Suntrip is quite exciting because it is unreleased mixes on dat discovered by Matthias Rumoeller. It includes one of their best tracks "Crazy Stories" - I have the original 1996 12" of this on Spirit Zone and the problem with with this track, indeed the whole ep, is that the recording and/or mastering has quite dull and compressed sound. That is likely to change with this Suntrip release which has a 41 seconds longer remix of "Crazy Stories". It sounds a lot less dull online, but I will only know for sure when I play the two vinyls back to back. Here's the cover:
  4. New 12" Ep from Suntrip up at https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/crazy-stories-ep-digital-12
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  6. dj premier is a genious AKAI S950 AKAI MPC60 the sample is from the first few seconds final product
  7. Extremists - Alien Sex Slave : 12" picture disc by Mad Tribe (also all the other stuff from their shop) 20% discount until tomorrow with code: UVGLOW https://spacetribe.com/collections/music-mad-tribe/products/extremists-alien-sex-slave-12-picture-disc-by-mad-tribe-40-plus-shipping
  8. Globular is putting some personalized Stuff like Vinyl, Artwork etc on auction https://app.galabid.com/globsmonitorupgrade/items
  9. Sawfly

    V/A - Utopeak

    Another very good compilation from Peak Records.
  10. @Celaripo: thank you very much!!
  11. I wonder how many exquisite killah arps you can squeeze out of this newly revived NHJO staple? https://www.musicradar.com/news/refx-vanguard2-synth-plugin
  12. Tuning you into this week’s show at Psylicious Radio we will be dropping you into an all-female line-up and welcome onto the show Japanese based DJ and producer Tomocomo who will be leading you in and warming you up with a Goa trance infusion before Canadian based living-legend Domino strikes a chord and delivers one of her trade-mark sets, so expect something very special! Finland based DJ Sarana closes this weeks show with a mind-bending, trance-floor blaster, so be prepared for some girl power! Enjoy! Listen to the show: TOMOCOMO [Panorama Records / Shamanarcy] JP Tomocomo is a Japan based DJ and producer. She started her DJ career in 2008. She spins various sound sources such as Goa Trance and Techno from the 90's to the present. Her creations express the up-to-date sounds based on the old school Goa trance. She plays at various places in Japan, and played in Belgium ’Dance for LIFE’ and Israel ’PsiloSiva’ overseas and, organizes the party called "Shamanarchy" in Japan with Goa trance band Jikooha. Her tracks are included in compilation CDs released from "Goalogique Records", "Raja's Records", "Global Sect Music”, "Timewarp Records" and “SpaceWarp Records”. Her very first EP "Venus Dawn" was released from "Zion 604 Records" on June 2019. She has been making her first full album for these years and it will be released in the near future. Track List Played: 01: The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection High Freakage Cut) ft; Raja Ram 02: Goasia - Back To Space 03: Perfect Rainbow - Exotic Eye (Jun Jikooha Rmx) 04: Shani Yantra - Fractal Memories 05: Tomocomo - Venus Dawn 06: The Square - Animalia 07: Etnica - Microdrive (Hypnoxock Rmx) 08: Filteria - 4 Stages Of Life 09: Area 51 - Now 10: Tomocomo - Unreleased 11: Tomocomo - Wohpe 12: Indoor - Shiva (Rework 2022) 13: Rigel - Singularity Spike Tomocomo Links & Social Media: Website - Twitter - Soundcloud - Facebook - Instagram - Panorama Records DOMINO [SpaceWarp Records] CA DJ Domino is the first trance female DJ to be recognized all over the world. Her dynamic, energetic DJ style is filled with beautiful melodies which gets her into a trance dance herself while playing. She has an innate ability to create a mysterious atmosphere while bringing people together on the dance floor. In 1991, Domino decided to go and explore more of Europe and ended up in England as a dance performer for Eat Static at the famous Brixton Academy and other clubs. After performing a couple of times for Eat Static, Domino kept DJing and Mike Maguire gave her an incredible opportunity. 1995 was Domino's overseas DJ debut in England with Juno Reactor (Ben Watkins, Mike Maguire, and Paul Jackson). Domino Links & Social Media: Soundcloud - Instagram - Facebook - SpaceWarp Records DJ SARANA [Psylicious] FI Finnish Psytrance DJ Sarana has always had a passion for music since her childhood years. Her musical spectrum of taste has ranged from classical to metal before her journey into psychedelic trance. Influenced by the sounds of Mad Tribe, Spirit Architects, Transient Disorder and Mono Sapiens to name just a few have significance in DJ Sarana’s soundscape exploration, taking her deeper down the rabbit hole of psychedelic trance. DJ Saranas' ear for music and rhythm as a trained former dancer are two elements that are clearly evident, combined with her octane driven energy she transmits onto the trance-floor fully engaging with crowd! Track List Played: 01.Photosynthesis & Legendary Strawberry Man – Aboriginal 02.Reborn – Visual Cortex 03.Transient Disorder & A-Tech – Emotional Intel 04.Cambium – Detuna 05.Sonic Species, MoRsei & V-Society – Strictly Virtual 06.Biological & Improvement – Super Time 07.Arkadia – Rewind 08.Inner Lux – Spellbound 09.Reverse – Perception 10.Lyktum & Zarma – The Jungle 11.Jhesha & X-Side – Ancient Masters DJ Sarana Links & Social Media: Soundcloud - Facebook - Instagram - Mixcloud - Psylicious Thanks for listening... Spread the LoVe ENJOY!
  13. Release Date: 2022-11-25 Label: Ovnimoon Records Catalog: OVNILP965 Digital Download Stores: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload Barby strikes again with his newest and fifth album release, “MYTHOLOGIES”, out now on Ovnimoon Records. “MYTHOLOGIES” boasts nine tracks of audio psychedelic pleasure. His signature sound is evident throughout, honed, hard-edged, with a warm depth of melodic driving energy and an array of haunting, mysterious tones and sci-fi effects “MYTHOLOGIES” hooks you right into his creative world! Barby is the psytrance & chillout project sculptured and launched in 1999 by one of the first Chilean trance musicians, Ignacio Barbagelata. Barby Links & Social Media: Facebook - Instagram - Soundcloud - Mixcloud - Bookings
  14. I see it on the browser, but not on the app. It's probably bcs of the setting Free Download (not pay what you want).
  15. ? "Works on my computer." https://androcell.bandcamp.com/
  16. The Androcell BC page, it's .. Empty?
  17. Oopie

    CD sale

    Condition of the items vg+/nm VA - Zep Tepi 30 Spectral - Celtic Alchemy 11 Shulman - Endless Rhythms Of The Beatless Heart 20 Entheogenic - Entheogenic (couple teeth missing from digipak but holds the CD) 9 Ishq - Orchid 13 Tim Schuldt - Retrospecter 7 Total Eclipse - Bordeaux Live 1997 12 Infinite Zen - Goa Generator 8 UX - Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond) 24 Chromosome - The Genome Project 12 Eat Static - Dead Planet 36 Sundial Aeon - Wolfsberg 4 Igor Swamp - Metsä Vastaa, Kuuleeko Suomi 12 Various - 10 Years Of Randomness 7 paypal/bank transfer
  18. For a change, some actual campaigns and such from my inbox: Liquid Sound (Bandcamp) announces "Black Friday flash sale, 30% OFF Sitewide, through Cyber Monday 28 November using code: lsdblackfriday30". Not that much stock in there right now, but maybe you can find something. Meanwhile: "The entire Androcell bandcamp discography is free for download. Thank you for your support over the years." Bandcamp Friday also returns on December 2nd. Last chance to stretch your Christmas stocking to a ludicrous degree with LPs? Last time it indeed went just as expected for me - had some late evening event on Friday, messages started arriving with no chance to browse anything, placed a small order well after midnight (local time). And now I just realised that next Friday I have two events. Oh well, let's see if I manage to get my orders in during the work day...
  19. Also order a copy, got the same mail as you, and now, nothing.. tried to write on his fb, no luck! Seems so weird to me that he was soooooo active on his fb right up till you could order the album, and them, sssshhhh.. really hope his on vacation or something!
  20. Hi. Have any of you ordered Logic Bomb - Unlimited on vinyl? Strange situation, 3 days after the purchase I got an e-mail that the order had been sent and silence. It's been over 3 weeks now and no package. No contact with the seller whatsoever. As far as I can see, no one has received their order yet. Weird approach to doing business. A statement would suffice and a man would sleep soundly.
  21. guys , can help to id track at 7:20 - 13 ? please is it newschool? or oldschool israeli unreleased? i never heard, but really good one https://soundcloud.com/user-467722666/old-goa-enjoy?ref=clipboard&p=a&c=1&si=2b94da27ee8c4314845450af2fbb907c&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing many thanks in advance
  22. Eat Static - Abduction Triple 12″ Orange Vinyl Edition Pre-Order - Released January 27, 2023. • Double LP edition of this classic atmospheric Trance album from the Megadog-related imprint: Planet Dog Records. • Enhanced with a bonus 12” featuring the three tracks recorded for the band’s 1993 BBC John Peel Session. • Remastered from the original master tapes and compiled by label founder Michael Dog. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/product/eat-static/abduction https://www.normanrecords.com/records/195337-eat-static-abduction
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  24. yeah, hard to believe so many good tracks still showing up that never got released, nice one suntrip, hoping you keep this series going
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