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  2. Artha - Controlled (Old School Version) Artifact303 - Contact Battle of the Future Buddhas - Barbed Cotton Cymatics - Celestial Sunrise Denshi Danshi - Leave the World Behind Denshi Danshi & Amtinaous - World In Between (2K15 Mix) Mindsphere - Fly High Miranda - Svarg Nebula Meltdown - Deep Space Introspection Nebula Meltdown - One-Eyed Reptile Omegahertz - Ecliptic Conjunction Portamento - Flying & Falling Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe Simply Wave & Libra - Insight Skizologic - Rhinos 2Minds - Hindu
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  4. V.A. - Digital Family Vol. 8 Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds071L Format: Compilation Released: February 2020 Coverart: Tim Schienke Twelve years after their first compilation of this series, Digital Diamonds presents Digital Family Vol. 8. Carefully crafted track by track it walks the listener through an enchanted forest within the progressive realm of the eighth dimension. You'll be entirely enthralled by its intelligent diversity and illustrious energy, while it showcases the true Digital Diamonds essence and the label's solid footing in the psy-techno world. W/ tracks by Point, One Million Toys, Kavalier, Osiris4, Aleckat, Adamsonfeat. Mo Libretto, Decode Blue & Essio, Alic, Sonic Jay, Whoknowswhocares& Psychoz. Smart Link: https://hypeddit.com/link/obxj6r
  5. Diaks


    Yes that struck me as well, at least in my memory it was a very visual and fun to navigate site. My guess is they perhaps migrated the content from an older system or something. Or just tried to update the look I dunno. It’s basically dead now with no new updates.
  6. Sorry for the wall of albums
  7. Talamasca had not yet released zodiac and his set had teasers. Infected played classics like psycho I distinctly remember that, so had to be 2002-2003 that I was there
  8. Nice, I saw Infected at Arvika as well. My memory is a bit blurry but around 2004 perhaps? Looking at Arvika festivals wikipedia made me even more confused. Infected played there several times 2005 seems to be the time I went there.
  9. that'd probably be the ultimate supergroup not gonna lie. Fuel on is one of the great classics edit: in fact that was on the casette tape i brought to arvika festilval in .. i dont even remember the year. saw infected and talamasca there thats about as much as i remember great times.
  10. edit: no it was psydb, but the site looks nothing like it used to, looks ugly as heck now what happened to it
  11. Diaks


    That is possible I don’t know, I guess discogs came and killed the game It would be sad if discogs disappears one day.
  12. yeah that album is insane. literally a best of goa right there
  13. Ooh Goa Head vol 5 that was a real epic bomb! Even the girls at school had that one and loved Hallucinogen-Gamma Goblins Part 2 The Spiritual Healing remix was amazing as well. We used to play playstation 1 and listen to it. I really like the collab between Simon Posford and Dick Trevor on Infernal Machine-The Loin Sleeps Tonight. The Green Nuns track Klunk was funny. Especially on weed. The Shiva Shidapu track was very popular here as well. I guess the goofy playful Nitzho elements worked well with teens at that time. There was even a commercial on TV for Goa Head 5 here in Sweden, if my memory serves me right. And The Deltas track was really something new and different. Really cool.
  14. Thanks. youre not wrong, i am not really all that right in the head at times, but who is. Ive been here before though, than 2015 on other users. But thats the past. No I dont think i have a bond with nhjo or anyone else, but as far as suicide go its far to real to me to disregard as a troll or such. Pz bro
  15. Well there are so many jokes/conspiracy theories around this, so I can’t really pin-point one particular one. This goes way back. And why are you so overly sensitive? Chill man. The internet is full of drama/lies/trolls/sad stuff. Nothing you do will change that. You act as if you have a personal bond to a random guy on the internet whom you never met. A bit like someone who falls in love with a catfish that is a totalIy made up character. I understand your point of view, and it’s of course not nice to be as unemphatic as some of the trolls have been here. But beeing hyper-emphatic can be a bit too much as well. Just saying. When you joined this forum in 2015, NHJO was allready a legend by then since many years before that. He have at least two different accounts, one way old and now this one. And he kept coming back despite all the trolls. So I guess he likes this place a lot you know? A bit of humor is essential. My impression is that NHJO has that.
  16. Welcome to the Lazerdrome of empathetic radiance. A different vibe, warm, mellower and trance inducing. Kick and bass made with extra chunky lumps for your listening pleasure.
  17. what i always hated about that place is that it NEVER had the sample-ids i was looking for. or maybe it wasnt that place... not sure if it was maybe it wasnt
  18. i think there is already a topic on this somewhere but who cares mine was in 95, was 13 years old and bought "Cyberspace vol 4" without a clue on what it was. Contained some stuff from Bassline Baby and Mindfield for example. It wasnt until 98 i learned that it was something called Goatrance, and Spiritual Healing Rmx was my intro to that amongs others, basically it was the Goa-Head vol 5 cd on casette tape, and it actually took a few years from that until i learned what the album was. Its so cool to stumble onto something you will love for the rest of your life, just by accident. i remember the years from 95-98 - i desperately tried to find something similar to the cyberspace cd i had; and bought stuff from the techno shelves and stuff cause i really didnt know where to look ended up with a thunderdome cd (that was awful) a rave mission cd (was nice) and a ravermeister cd (was bad) thinking it could be what i was looking for but nope... wasnt. one day at a summerjob i had back then i had by a chance the sony walkman with me and a guy that was kinda like my supervisor asked what i was listening to; and i showed him and he said" oh, i have this at home this is goa trance" pretty much, and that was the end of my search. he was the one who told me about it and found out much later it was the goa-head vol5 cd
  19. no idea who it is, still. (pavel, that is, and where the proof is that it is him) k. that dont make it ok. guess im the silly one for not getting it and not laughing at it like you. but i wont ever be like that, it could be real and for that alone, i will always act as if it was real so to me its hardly funny which jokes? that it is radi? i mean i can almost bet money its not radi simply from his youtube videos alone. sometimes i dont understand this place at all.
  20. Downtempo 1. Solar Fields - Origin #03
  21. The NHJO is out there.. ~The X-Files theme playing~
  22. Slinky Wizard-Slick Witch Hallucinogen-Thugs In Tye-Dye From https://www.discogs.com/Various-Sun-Trip-Second-Phase/release/300588 Really nice tracks I saw Slinky Wizard perform live here in Sweden at Mindscape 4 in 1997.
  23. I remember mine very vividly. I had a friend at the time who worked briefly, at some kind of compact disc manufacturing or distribution center here in Sweden. So he got a lot of free CD-singles and compilations. Which he distributed among his peers at school. I gladly accepted these new very peculiar looking CD's, the graphics on them was very different and new for me stylewise. Among them was the Hallucinogen-LSD CD-single, Distance To Goa 3 and Distance To Goa 4. So the year was 1996, and what a great introduction that proved to be to goa-trance. Since I hadn't heard any goa-trance up until that point, I really got a good taste of what it was at it's zenith. Which I think would be there between 1996 and 1997, depending on who you ask. After that I purchased Sun Trip - Second Phase in 1996 and Goa Head-Vol 2 in 1997, and was equally impressed. And then ventured into all kinds of albums and compilations. When was your first exposure to goa-trance? And what album/compilation/CD-single was it?
  24. Yes it’s a really solid compilation, I really hold Flying Rhinos catalogue extremely high. A very distinct sound, style and high quality. Listening now to Slinky Wizard-The Wizard(Koxbox Remix). This tracks freaking amazing, it's like the essence of camouflaged LSD-drenched melodic layers. It has some of the flavours I like from Fuel On. To my knowledge there is no neogoa that captures that vibe
  25. Daaym that sounds intriguing indeed. Is it available for listening somewhere? This one is also mad cool. https://youtu.be/vjy11YvEbY4
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