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  1. Don't wanna make shameless self-promotion, but you can release via "RTP Records" ... I'd be up for an EP of you = two tracks which I'd have to pick ... although I can not really pay you anything at the moment as I spent all money on the new speakers If we get a SIGNIFICANT amount of revenue on Spotify or other platforms from YOUR RELEASE, I'd be up for sharing the profit. We can make a contract if you want, so you're covered... Just state your conditions That offer is valid for other stuff from you too btw ... I read here that you got enough material ... just send me some tracks
  2. Side question: I want to get some Covid Antigen Rapid Test Kits (and yes I know how to use them and how the sample taking needs to feel - had two of the mass tests already and have got a training with a real one too) ... any recommendation which are good ones? Paying 25 EUR in the pharmacy every week (or so) is only an option if I need something official...
  3. Don't worry, it was good to read - and it also comforted me a little, that I'm not alone in this mess I think you are right - I also do feel that people in society tend to become more stupid - where "stupid" means not having a low IQ (well, it is a factor, but not the only one because that would be a discrimination for people with low IQ ), but rather having the illusion that you know things better than you actually do ... a lack of reflexion ... this, together with the rise of "persecution / hate towards people who think differently" (which has its roots in the same corner imo - becau
  4. That's actually right! I'm not OK with it either when it comes to endangering others. The protesters that go demonstrating in masses without masks and the who people actively break the rules - all of them worry me a lot I had this Covid shit already and I'm quite anxious to get it again, I really _really_ don't need that - also for the well being of my family and all people dear to me. I just hope that we all will never lose the ability to talk about things and also accept different opinions and treat each other with respect. I feel this behaviour kind of waning in the last months and
  5. I have to admit, I thought about this one a lot. The trigger why I entered that train of thought was not the conspiracy theory per se, which I had not heard at that time yet, but a personal experience: as I laid there sick in March 2020, I listened to an Anthony Rother track on my playlist that contains this line "... the funny way: I'm human made" (the track is conveniently called "Human Made") - and it just triggered something in me ... my thoughts were: wouldn't this really be indeed " a funny way" if I lied here in bed with something in me tryin' to kill me that was human made...? And that
  6. But it creates ad revenue - and even though that is only a tiny bit per ad, everything counts in large amounts 17 987 039 streams ... think 1 Satoshi per stream, that's 0,17 BTC - in fiat, that currently would be about $ 6000.
  7. I would say slightly better at the moment - but I "just" had a bad period at Christmas, so we'll see. I did a Covid test though (twice - one by myself at xmas and now I again went to an official one) and that was negative so at least there's likely no active infection going on. Oh and thanks for asking Bad to hear about the vaccine chaos, but it's Austria, that's how it is here
  8. Yes ... I don't know how it is with you, but here in Austria we will sit in Lockdown till Febuary 7th - and bars and venues will not open till March, this has already been communicated officially. Everybody now panics because of the B1.1.7 virus mutation... Yet even though if the country reopened in March, it will be a long way until we are back to normal ... and maybe we will not even reach true normality as we know it anymore, according to some pessimistic voices out there... But in the short run, they will be right. Just picture a psytrance party in 2 months for example (if it wer
  9. Good topic! I haven't yet looked at it this much - but this is VERY interesting. It's a fact however that once a video passes a certain "activity point", it gets recommended by the algorithm in people's sidebars and becomes kinda a self-runner because more and more people click on the thing when it's in their recommendations. The key ingredient for the "get popular" formula is to get a video recognized by the algorithm. To achieve this, you can buy views and even likes. There are several platforms to order these things ... but the algorithm meanwhile is intelligent enough to dis
  10. thank you ... I oversaw that
  11. Maybe it helps if more people filed a report at Bandcamp ... I'd say: don't hesitate to do so if you read this thread. Cheers for pointing it out.
  12. Thanks. Yes, I do - the system is from my mate's studio, which he decommissioned. It's bloody brilliant. I can now re-listen to almost every track I ever heard and discover something new. Only have to be careful that the neighbors don't come over - but the fun is, my thinking now reverted from "how can I block the neighbours out with sound dampening" towards "how can I dampen my own sound" ... and that's cool. Plus I thought I'd better invest a bit in good gear than to have the money lying around and inflation take it (I had reserved it for a compilation project which didn't take place
  13. Hi ... so here's an update: I now have both of the ways that you suggested to me I have decided to upgrade my computer's audio with the active speakers ... so there's now the old amp in the other room with the traditional HiFi system and the active speakers on the PC. It's a pair of Behringer Truth B2031A and an M-Audio BX10s woofer. Not cheap, but first I bought them used and second I decided to invest a chunk of the money I had reserved for the compilation project - which is currently not happening anyways. The active system is brilliant. I never heard a sound this clea
  14. Brilliant one - thanks for posting, I'd have missed that
  15. Found this guy recently ... good old progressive mixes That's exactly like I had it in the days, proper and good ... people were not standing around on the floor, but dancing - there were no video walls or laser-lit decorations but plain good fluoro backdrops and maybe a bit of flashing spotlights somewhere ... people were often happy, mostly friendly and almost always relaxed - I felt comfortable to just let everything else be for a few hours, dance my butt off and have fun - didn't even drink much because mostly I was already tanked from a prior evening with friends in the city, s
  16. I think it's mostly somethimes just good inspiration from the artist ... not necessarily from taking any substances. Sometimes, it can be ... but it's nothing else than a painter getting his / her inspiration - some do it with substances, some are just having an idea in their heads - and some may feel inspired by the art of others... Could not resist posting this imo amazing cover art here by the way
  17. Funny, I didn't want to gloss over it ... the Happy Mistakes to me has more Raja Ram vibe so I mentioned the other
  18. I'm excited, but at the same time I'm reminded of all the Deja-Vus I already had of artists that announced a new album on the horizon (it's the fifth?) ... @astralprojection has put it kinda well ... we had this quite a few times arelady - here are my Deja-Vus: S>RANGE ... no new album out till now, even if you count in that illegally released one several years back it's waaay overdue that something new comes out. And yes I am aware of the collab one with Arkamena, which is not bad, but it's chill and doesn't hit the vein I am after. (And yes I also know that a new one is now clos
  19. Hehe, thanks ... I leave the System 7 in there too as long as I don't find a better one... That is highly interesting! Even though I found out (thanks to comments) that at least one of the "live" videos is made by combining audio from a different sources ... I have mixed feelings about this, because it's un-tellable to the non-knowing and I want the content to be most authentic - however, what's better: an original but crappy audio or a comparable but good audio with tracks from that exact era ... but fact is some videos are really good and I'll just surf through and include them,
  20. Hmmm ... so the account is back apparently, after I gave them all my data, cellphone number and such ... but I am now super careful there ... apparently it can happen out of nowhere that I get banned again. Which would be really bad. I don't think facebook likes profiles like mine...
  21. I have (unfortunately) not experienced this exact scenario myself, but I can very much relate to it mentally ... interestingly, in a prducing act = mate n me acually wanted to make "good" psytrance but then got so bored while making it, we lost it completely and made a tune like NPNK: https://soundcloud.com/user-571754012/skeletone-npnk-feat-lord-g (happy if you clicked on that for good measure ) Sometimes you just gotta throw these boundaries and frames in your head over board and the result is better than what you'd have achieved when sticking to them. May be valid as a producer as wel
  22. Finnish people = most "metal" people I met in my life (my favourite metal band comes from Finland also btw) even some don't know that music ... and they've got lots of Sisu - some of them especially while driving, many of the world's best Rally drivers are Finns... Finnish people are good at drinking and driving - but hopefully not at the same time I hope to visit Finland again one day.
  23. Yep, that's a truly good video you did there and I appreciate to watch it again. It takes some skill to make the subject come to life without letting it drift off and I think you are doing that very well cheers
  24. It's best described as a slight feeling of being sick ... but it's definitely without fever or elevated temperature, I checked multiple times. Depending how I feel I can also have uneasiness or elevated heart rate (which then is toxic for getting a night's rest) - I believe these are just results and not causes though. I got my heart checked pretty soon after the infection and it was all good. I don't know what to make of it and had slight hopes a lab test might bring a bit more clearance into the picture. Thanks for the feedback regarding vaccination If I do a lab test, I'l
  25. ... and nice plot twist: I'm banned on facebook already I don't know why. They say it was due to violation of community guidelines. Maybe that "first chat message with link to Psynews.org" was indeed reported as SPAM I don't think it was anything else. I certainly didn't piss on anybody's lawn. At least not more than here. I filled out their forms, but I don't think I'll get that account back ... and even if I do, I'll be super careful with it from now on - have to be, because what happened is odd I'll edit my previous post because all that rambling isn't so re
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