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  1. Would you kindly not use this as a news thread for Lab37 alone. I merged your posts. The most significant message might be the last - "Please note that we are temporarily stopping vinyl production for about 40 days as we retool our machinery." ... I am curious, who is this?
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    So it seems we are slowly opening up again here in Europe ... Austria has shops and restaurants open since 2 weeks ... this weekend the outdoor activities are permitted again ... it's going slightly upwards ... only mass gatherings (parties) are not yet allowed... There are voices saying that it will get worse again because there will be a second wave ... we won't know it until it's here though ... well, at least people have already done the panic buying... It's the time of the Corona clusters now ... there are some cases in this and that company ... although I believe you will find cases everywhere the deeper you dig with mass-testing... It'll never be over till 60%-70% of ALL people in a country have been infected ... either we are already past that (and don't know it) - or it is yet to come...
  3. Thank you everybody. I have heard that we were all very lucky ... normally it wouldn't have gone so well with all these database scripts and a slightly inexperienced user ... at least with our DB... I can assure you it won't happen again though - we are prepared now
  4. That sounds awesome! I think you definitely SHOULD come back ... do NOT let the genres be a border ... a little anecdote of a project that I did with a firend is, well, down in my sig = we started out to make "goatrance" and ended up with, well haha, listen for yourself Point is, don't let rigid concepts get in your way - music should be fun and if anybody does not like what you do, they won't listen anyway. My own perception of music is continuously evolving far and wayy beyond anything, I like disocvering new stuff and the genre mixes have become the best discoveries ... I don't really classify it in genres anymore but in "I like a lot" and "I like less"... Plus many of the "old purists" now have other things to do in their life than to hang out online and nag about albums So yes please, come back as you are
  5. Hello we had a screwed-up update that went wrong and we needed a bit of luck to get back online ... we were down for a few days ... it is now restored But I am thinking that the admin CP problem micht not have to do with that ... I can still log into the admin cp (was there just now), let's sort this out via PM ...oh and if anything got lost content-wise through the database scripts we had to execute: I can't restore it myself cheers RTP
  6. Hej Tatsu cool that you drop by again, long time no see Good luck listening through the collection ... I never had these problems, my CD collection is rather small ... yup, Akanoid were quite good - even when they turned their back at psytrance they still had something ... I looked them up recently, the last album was 5 years ago, so maybe they're not as active as in the past...
  7. hej yes this one is great, I knew it before, but it's a joy to watch again I really like Crocketts Theme a lot ... very nice melody
  8. Hello ... an update again, I have been staying low the past 2 weeks and it got better, I was able to go out again ... and yesterday I was at the lung doctor and got a check up: lungs are OK. I do still have the one or other bad night ... but I hope that it will not go really bad again. I have returned to work and so far I'm alright. Sports will have to wait. For the moment I am "NRTP" : "not running to psytrance" ... The doctor recommeded me a check for sleep apnea which will be done in June in first steps ... if I get results, I might post them here for completion.
  9. Thanks, yes I was monitoring it closely ... it's now slowly getting better here - so I don't think I need it. Hoping that it will go further up ... it looks like it! I was able to sleep in the night and feel better today. The reason why I was reluctant to call 911 is: in the hospital I might suffer from additional infection - especially the one they took me to, my dad was in there some months ago and he developed a bad lung inflammation which he contacted in the hospital - which fortunately was cured with antibiotics, but I suspect that is one of these hospital germs ... and I'm afraid of those, because if Covid-19 and these come together, it's really bad. I called around doctors if somebody would get me some oxygen ... but nobody of them could. I managed with the bronchodilatador alone. And since the problems were only there in the night, I tried to lie awake more and then sleep on the day...
  10. uh, thanks for clarifying ... I indeed missed something there then about the Cytokine storms ... sounds not good at all YES! I am no doctor but I would agree ... an awful lot of this sickness reminds me of my pneumonia in Peru which was in high altitude, symptoms are similar ... only the blood was not there back then. The doctors who checked me saw no damaged lungs, but I have trouble getting enough air - there definitely is not enough oxygen passing into the bloodstream I would say! Bronchodilatadors help a little with this, fortunately... Please everybody stay safe!! All the best!!
  11. Hello ... I have managed without another 911 call so far. Tonight I'd say it's the first time that there is a little bit of light shimmering in the tunnel ... let's hope it won't be a train. What is odd is that the temperature rose to 37,5 yesterday and I got a bit of a sore throat now - but I believe this might be my own immune system finally checking "hey, there is something in the system that we need to get rid of". I'll watch it closely, but I feel a bit better ("better by the margin of the thickness of a coin" is the wording that came to me in the night) ... so I'll just hang on. I have came across this video and I am now in a good enough state to watch what this "thing" is doing to me ... really interesting - and it also explains the blood coughing in my opinion. You should watch it, it might prevent damage: Cytokine storms are mentioned too - but they don't seem so dangerous, it's just a natural body reaction, right? Or did I miss something there?
  12. The things that happen with the tests here are really a mess. I still have no result from the first two... Yes, the hypopnea / apnea is very strange also to all doctors I talked to about it. I am suspecting that I had a condition already and the virus worsened it greatly. I was a snorer, as people who I traveled with reported - and I have had the occasional case of being not well rested after the night. But never to this extent ... so I suspect that the virus made it greatly worse -- would be logical: the lungs can currently not take the strain of my "ordinary sleep apnea condition" (which was hardly noticeable before) now that they are stressed out with the Covid-19... I don't take any opioids, don't need them as I have not much of a cough. I have been prescribed a bronchodilatador (emergency asthma medication) - this helps with breathing in the night, but it does not fully cure the process that I do not breathe by myself. It's very weird. I have to watch it closely and call ambulance if it's not bearable - will do that. Fever is of no use at all as an indicator. I have just a bit raised temperature such as 37,2...
  13. Hello - new update: IT IS OFFICIALLY COVID-19 Yesterday the problems got so bad that I called 911 and got checked up in the hospital! In the course of this chceckup, the hospital did a NEW Corona test and the result of this NEW test has been positive! Hey, I have no clue what takes them so long for the initial test results to arrive. The doctor from the ambulance gave a hint: I overheard he suspects that they've lost my sample as he talked to a colleague. A second brigade came to me on Friday for another test ... no sign of that one either. It's a mess! Fortunately the people at the hospitals are better trained and more accurate. I just got the news from the doctor from the hospital they took me to yesterday. So my problems ... it is weird: it seems I have nightly Hypopnea ("Hypopnoe" in German) and also Apnea ... my breathing gets lower and lower and lower until it stops completely - I then have to wake up and consciously re-initiate the breathing! This process only happens when I do not breathe consciously, such as when going to sleep. That was the reason to call ambulance - unfortulately I did it in the morning and the symptoms were away during the day ... but they checked me through and let me out again, so yeah. The doctor on the phone saw no indication that I should return to the hospital, so I will try to battle it at home then - but when impossible I'll call ambulance. There is almost no mucus at all in the lungs, by the way. Only very slight cough and a temperature of 37,2 - and even that went away, in the hospital they measured 36,8. The only odd thing was coughing blood one time. And now this nightly Apnea. Everybody out there please be careful!
  14. Hi ... thanks for the info. Here's an update: I am now an official "suspected case" - meaning I got a test. I had to mention several times that my doctor specifically wants this test... The guys in white were at the door yesterday and took my samples. I need a result either way -- after talking to my doctor I do not even suspect it to be positive anymore, but I need a negative result on paper to be able to visit doctors. Nobody treats you without protective gear when you say you have temperature and shortness of breath - and doctors aren't properly equipped The result needs up to 3 days ... no joke But I am happy that it happens!
  15. Hey, what you describe sounds exactly like I've been feeling since the last 3 weeks - but I suspect I got a reinfection: I was sick at first, felt quite bad, then got better after about 10 days, went out and to work again, also went for extended walks and such ... then it got worse again and I feel like in another "10 day cycle" -- only strange thing was the bloody cough and the shortness of breath. It got better now, the blood is practically gone and the breathing feels better. Two tiny red dots in the morning cough today ... nothing to worry about. But I am staying alert ... if it worsens I will not hesitate to call the hotlines again. My dad (an old man and a risk person) has the same symptoms like you describe. A burn in the bronchi and a medium sore throat that gets very dry in the morning ... but he'd rather be carried out by the paramedics than call the hotline, I have tried to convince him already The fact that your tests were negative makes me some hope that it's not Covid-19 what we have. Maybe there is another weaker virus out there that causes these symptoms (*). The blood that I coughed is the only odd and worrisome thing. I will get this checked as soon as I can, but at the moment I must stay home. (*) and maybe - odd theory - if this weak undetected virus and covid-19 come together, there is a drastically higher risk to cause a hospitalization Another way how I put it is: if this is Covid-19, so be it ... but if it's not, I pray I never get Covid-19 because the outlook is grim when I already have such trouble with a weaker virus right now!
  16. unfortunately yes ... but I have not been coughing up any red today at least... Thanks ... I really hope the whole world will learn from this - and will be a better place afterwards... Thanks for the info ... yes, it also deemed unusal to me ... but I had about three weeks of slight "feling sick" before, so maybe that was it already? That's at least what made the doctor think it's a suspected Covid-19... I am flattered by the arguments from the people at our Covid-19 hotline ... they are nice and all, but denying that test is really bad. There are no drive-in tests in Vienna yet ... and even if there were, you'd need to pre-register via the hotline ... which they denied... I have no bloody cough anymore, but a serious shortage of breath when lying down - i.e. sleeping. This worries me a lot right now, because I cannot get enough sleep I can get up and even walk around in the flat without major problems ... there's slight pain in the lung area and an occasional cough, but I'd call it "mild symptoms" ... but when I lie down, "all hell breaks loose" - the problem is, I do have anxiety and this worsens everything a huge deal. Temperature is 37,3 by the way ... just slightly raised. Normally I wouldn't be concerned about this... I slept half an hour in the morning today and afterwards I felt like I had just climbed a mountain. What on earth is this?
  17. So I coughed up blood last night ... about a mouth full. Never had this before in my life. I was scared to death and panicked, called the Covid-19 hotline ... there they told me to calm down, coughing blood is no symptom (only 5% of Covid patients cough blood) ... test was denied, reason: I have not travelled to a risk zone (Italy or China or Tyrol) in the last 2 weeks. I have already been through some pretty bad ass lung problems years ago and never coughed up blood - so I suspect there is definitely something wrong with me here. I called up my doctor and he told me I am now a suspected case of Covid-19 because of the fact that I am practically feeling a little bit weak in the last weeks and now cough blood, but he says at the same time that he can't come over and do a check up because he has no protective equipment. In fact, not many medical units have the equipment, so I am specifically instructed to call ambulance and refer that I am suspected Covid-19 if my condition worsens ... then the people dressed in white overalls come... The borderline absurd: Covid-19 test can't be done ... I'd have to pay for it myself. I'd almost be tempted to do so, but I may not leave the house now and can't go to the lab that makes the test... I have no governmental order to stay in quarantine yet - but I am not leaving the house, risk is way too high. Plus I feel weak too... Stay safe people ... I felt a bit weak the last weeks but thought it's nothing ... turns out I'm wrong apparently.
  18. Great, so now you are immune to Covid-19 you can go face the next big thing: the financial crisis that is upon us. You already cleared the first obstacle: spending your money on sh*t (and actually getting the stuff in your hands - many people neglect that ... amazon's delivery time has skyrocketed up to 1 month) before it's worth nothing anymore
  19. Ha - I have now the same problem ... neighbours rummaging around the whole day ... today they drilled and hammered ... what the f... I am now blasting some Corona Crash news feeds against the music noise from the neighbours It is, however, economy news and that interests me a lot! You need to try stay safe and sane, read some books maybe if possible (you can also read even though there's neighbour noise by putting some ASMR on your headphones - there's everything from airplane noise up to medieval towns...) ... and don't take drugs... Drugs are bad mmmkay ... in the future "drug problems" can get even worse because of supply chain problems ... stop smoking (Covid + smoking = baaad combo anyways) ... stop drinking ... in fact, if you do take drugs, maybe try doing a detox now -- it can be almost impossible later on - and a cold turkey in the crisis is super bad...
  20. Yes it is - in fact it's not just around the corner, it's rather already at our door. Our workers and me have been asked to take holiday "to relieve stress from our company" ... and we are looking forward to short working hours ("Kurzarbeit" in german) ... which means 20% less money. Some of us are getting into trouble... I was one of the first who said, to my friends, that this might be THE opportunity for us young to middle-aged people to also make a contribution to this world ... they just laughed at me. But I firmly believe in it. Who knows what comes? Just three weeks ago you'd probably have labelled me crazy if I was telling you we'd get a lockdown ... I didn't predict one, but just wanna say, things can change big time nowadays... Yes, three times yes ... the government is super authoritan and they go to extraordinary measures to make people obey, even killing them ... it's tragic, really, but a death doesn't mean so much there, they've got enough people ... sorry, don't wanna sound so cold, but in the end, it comes down to this. And because nobody wants to get killed, you have loads of frantic followers willing to execute every order ... the "red banded" they call them. Oddly enough, in this crisis, it's exactly what is needed! A big people's force that supports police and community workers - plus a draconic punishment of people who do not respect the curfews issued by the government. We here in Europe do not have this, we value our freedom higher - and we will pay the cost in lives. Tragic! Tragic in both ways, because governments like the Chinese will also be "on the rise" after the crisis when we will still be down, licking our wounds. Europe is doomed, in my opinion... That is shocking news ... all the best to your poor brother. I hope he makes it. Concerning this and "conspiracy theories" ... well, I wouldn't have expected them to lock down practically all of Europe because of "just something a bit worse than the flu" ... there is some danger! It's especially dangerous for old people and for people with pre-existing illnesses ... but it can surely also be dangerous for healthy people aswell. Isn't there a 38 year old that needed to go into intensive care aswell? Or even younger ones. Youth won't make you immune. And every human is different! People don't get it... But I think much of this also comes from the "I'm sick and I still go to work /look how tough I am" mentality ... if I have a normal flu and I "try to overplay it" (which is a stupid move), I won't stand a chance, I'll be at work bleak as a corpse and sweating like that iranian health minister ... so I would probably not even be able to do that with Covid-19 ... but yet there are people who can overplay a flu and will probably also try it with Covid-19 ... and this is when their bodies just collapse ... I imagine! Just stay safe and stay in bed when you don't feel well, that should reduce the risk. Oh and take your vitamins and minerals to be able to hold up a good immune reaction.
  21. Exactly. I felt sick recently, well actually two weeks ago ... it was a strange kind of sickness, i felt like I had a flu but without the headache ... doctor let me at home for a week, no test was made. Well ... what can you say. But I'm not complaining. The only people I am genuinely worried about are my parents - they're 79 and both have pretty severe pre-conditions - mom had cancer, dad has a really (really, really) bad heart ... both of them are not gonna make it if they got sick with that new thing. We are trying our best not to have any contact - I am, however, the only person that can go shopping for them. Whenever I go to them and give them new groceries it's like we are exchanging hot potatoes ... it's all then wiped with a disinfectant cloth (I insisted on that). Guess that's all we can do. I really hope big time that I did not carry this to my parents as I was sick... this!! It is exactly the same here. You, sir, are one of the heroes of this time - kudos to you and please keep it up. That's also meant for @Aspartic Government-wise you and me are in the same boat anyway, both from Austria And I cannot stress your second paragraph enough - I am thinking the exact same thing! In fact I WANT to move to Asia after witnessing the ignorance and stupidity taking place around here. This Covid-19 will make us BIG touble and it's unclear whether Europe afterwards will still be around, honestly ... it's not gonna be the same at least, that's for sure. I am genuinely worried if this country or, say, the EU, can guarantee for my health and safety when I'm getting older ... granted, this is not sure either if I move to Asia, but the current handling of the crisis over there shows me that China is going to extraordinary efforts to stop this virus, which is remarkable to say the least and Europe is way, way behind on measures and mindset. Okay, the chinese government is very heavy on propaganda and we have to be very careful with the information they give, but having seen videos from "the zone" and what people do ... it's unthinkable here. For example, the little things: in China they realized the most common place to get infected is the elevator in people's own houses - sick people use it, you push the button, that's it, you get sick ... so they put up toothpicks besides the keypads - you take a toothpick, push the elevator button with it and throw the toothpick away. Who's doing that here?! And why not move to China ... at least you get a lot for your money there -- oh wait, *darnit*, this is gonna change !! --> which brings me to the last sentence: everybody, please consider that the Covid-19 sickness is only the tip of the iceberg, we are right now heading into the beginning of a financial crisis and into an uncertain future ...and when I really wanna move to Asia, I need to act pretty soon for afterwards I'll be too old to found an existence there!
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    Hello, yes I was going to say the same ... you made a really good decision. We will yet have to see how this turns out, I don't know. I hope you can get the money back - at least some of it. Austria is going to close all non-essential (food & medication) shops on Monday. People are panic buying, I was strolling through empty shelves yesterday - it's crazy.
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    uhhhh that would suck man, I wish you luck that all goes well and that you have a nice trip Extending the stay in Oslo is a good idea, maybe you can also visit Bergen? It's very nice up there. In April the polar night should be already gone.
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    Hi ... well, it was not intended of me to talk so much about Corona, but since I mentioned you to come here initially and feel that I should tell you if that changes: Breaking news today is that Austria is going to do measures aswell ... involving cancellation of indoor events with more than 100 ppl (I am very curious what's this going to mean for psy parties, raves, concerts...), sights closing down, universities closing ... measures are chaotic at this point, but need to be considered if you plan a trip. Italy should be left out of the equation unless you are a disaster tourist. Things seem to look substantially better in France because of various fundamental differences, so you might have luck there to have a good stay. But if you give something for an opinion from somebody that Cinos (one of the old ones here) once gave the title "doomsday prophet" - i.e.: me, then I tell you that doing that trip with whole family to an infected zone (and nothing less is Europe going to be at the end of March in my opinion) is maybe not the best idea. I wouldn't even worry so much about infection itself, but rather about secondary effects such as: sights closed, restaurants closed, people scared...
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    Hey, by the way, Italy went into lockdown today so I don't think it's a good idea to go there right now. As far as I have heard, borders will remain open, but you need special permit to travel - and even if you get in, whatcha gonna do in a locked down country anyway...? When do you plan heading to Europe?
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