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  1. Thank you a lot, I'm humbled ... and I admit: I'm very curious about what they will reply. It would be less unusual if there were frequent shipments - but there's only that one container I'm very happy though that my post did not act as trigger, I admit I was a little worried ... but as said: it shows what people are thinking and digging up if a business "just vanishes" without any info... I have, by the way, dug a lot in the german directory of "Insolvenzen" (I don't know the English word - it's when a business goes defunct) ... but I could not find anything Thanks for the link... ...but: WHY, of all, Kristian Thinning? That reference in there, It just caught my eye
  2. ...I honestly find it scary when a spam account returns after 7 years of registration... (for your info, that is what reactivated this thread here - before I deleted it) ...I just wonder: how many of these "dormant spam accounts" do we still have lingering in our member database?
  3. The Whois service has all info redacted from that psyshop.com domain, but you don't need to search a lot to get proof that this is indeed the right Psyshop brand -- i.e. the persons behind are the same. (If you're interested in the proof: it is connected via the "CompactStick" project, this was something exclusive on Psyshop and if you search for info on the people behind it, you will see the same name appear. Here's the german article: https://www.openpr.de/news/255838/Der-perfekte-Musikgenuss-von-Morgen.html ) But what is odd about this case is, that I try to dig around, but find NOTHING; I have now searched all kinds of stuff concerning this certain Mr. "J. R." ... and there's this adress in Maisach, but also one in Altom√ľnster ... but other than that, the info is really scarce, they have taken down most of the info, such as this one: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:jR0tSFH_busJ:www.miz.org/details_31520_71.html+&cd=11&hl=de&ct=clnk&gl=at (yes, Google Cache, because the original is down, feel free to check ) ... the only thing of _real interest_ that I found is one container shipment recorded by the U.S. Customs, you can see here: https://www.importgenius.com/importers/geomagnetic-distribution This is a shipment, that went from "PSYSHOP, BORDAS & ROY GBR HEIMBERGSTR. 11 ALTOMUNSTER 85250 DE" to "GEOMAGNETIC DISTRIBUTION" ... containing "Music compact discs"... ... and this MAY give an idea about an answer that is formulating in my head concerning this remark: I am NOT intending to make any claims or accusations, have no more info than the one I showed, but ... Crazy Theory Time: "can this be a Rug Pull and they sent all the stuff that still had value over to Geomagnetic?" ... there, I asked it. What do you make of this? Opinions very welcome... PS: before anybody thinks I am making unjustified accusations ... this here is exactly what happens when you exit business without any word to people ... rumors form out of thin air ... so please: if you have a business and ever plan to exit, do it properly and leave a note
  4. These also were my thoughts at first ... we at Psynews almost forgot this as well But it is gone since several days, so I assume that they should have noticed it by now if it was just the domain or a technical issue ... especially considering that it is a business, they'll probably have a few people out there that would notify them... ... the whois says the domain doesn't expire until 2022-08-20 ... so I'm afraid that it's indeed real. I do not like that there's nothing to be heard or read from them ... facebook site is just closed ... maybe it wasn't even bankruptcy but something else?
  5. Was not the greatest fan nor the greatest buyer there, but still, this is sad news ... also because it comes so out of the blue with no message...? Anyway - if I had a business and yould be in some kind of trouble, I'd make sure that the cry is at least heard ... I'd say?
  6. ok, this is not old progressive ... but you guys might still be interested as the guy behind is 12 Moons ... which should be pretty well known in this thread
  7. I think this is worth a thread ... and since nobody made one, here it is 12 Moons used to be legendary, I hope that needs no introduction ... Scando Trance / old progressive at its best ... the project is dead since many years and it was thought that this guy will never return - well, guess it has come otherwise And this summer, the man behind 12 Moons (Michael Andresen) released a new album - as Healer, his ambient sideproject Healer was brilliant ... the only reason I don't mention him more nowadays is that we now got Solar Fields, CBL and Astronaut Ape ... but boy, it surely was great stuff ... so I hope that several people do like those news the new album is called "Book of Clouds" http://www.michaelandresen.se/ it gives me hope that other legends and dead projects might one day return again too cheers
  8. ...well, we kinda butchered it ... sorry @astralprojection we were way too busy with our own track - a crossover between liquid dnb and metal, as I would put it - and so we had that guitar ready ... and a mic ... well, listen for yourself: https://wolke.gamsit.at/index.php/s/XkJ6xtEcRjmL8nC/download?path=%2FMixdown&files=Psy - - Ausgang - Stereo Out.wav it's 3:40 long ... you should find good parts from 0:54 to about 1:50 ... and then around 3:00 ... I have to admit though, we did this for pure fun and to clean our ears in a break from our own production ... was just a short take and for that, it was not bad ... remember: "des is ka Black Metal, Oida" = "it's no Black Metal, dude"... project was uploaded if you wanna have a go: https://wolke.gamsit.at/index.php/s/XkJ6xtEcRjmL8nC
  9. I would have thought the same, years ago ... but that is an illusion. The item has risen in value. You simply made a good deal by buying it years ago But if you are into saving money, try ringing up a data preservation lab and see if they can rescue the tracks on that CD for you and thus make you a new CD. (no I am not talking about burning a CD from MP3, this is different) This should also be perfectly legal because you own the rights for preserving the content since you personally bought it.
  10. Can't be ... the tune was released in 2010, the thread is from 2004
  11. Hi ... I think you will unfortunately never succeed finding the "first goa track" ... it may be out there, but you need to keep in mind how this movement evolved: The early parties in Goa were interestingly not full of that stuff we consider as "Goatrance" now ... it was a wild melange of early acid house, early techno, even some EBM - and some obscure tracks mixed into it that did not have a genre. I have one really old Goa Party video in that Psynews playlist: At 6:23 you can hear Front 242 - Headhunter play ... this is probably the last thing you'd expect when searching for Goatrance nowadays: ... anyways ... I can imagine DJs and fans of these peculiar tracks (which did not have a genre back then that made them easily identifyable) gathering and collecting these tracks, the pile growing and growing ... most was spread by word of mouth and by copying DAT tapes ... and one day that collecting hit "critical mass", people started to produce stuff that sounded like it - first artists were emerging and the Goa Trance style was born. This is why you'll have little success I'm afraid ... you'll have to retrace these steps the others did before you -- and I don't think you'll come out of that pile with "the one track" but rather a collection of them ... btw: @ResonantEarth did a nice one - love to see The KLF in there Oh and this is not just my rambling ... you can read a story which lets you come to similar conclusions in this article: https://sweek.com/de/story/BgYKBAFsCAUFBwgJAwEFBw== cheers <3
  12. Waah, that's sad news indeed I know I'm late ... which doesn't make it any better. The man was a legend.
  13. I do like the Hacker a lot indeed as well... ... but this new track by Anthony is seriously out of this world if you ask me. I can not even think of ANY other artist whom I would consider being able to pull this off: "I am not real. I am not here. I am a virtual machine running an operating system; A.I. Technology predicting someones future."
  14. Nice! Have a good time then. Did you consider getting yourself a Soundcloud account? Might be helpful
  15. Nice return after 10 years you did here ... that is proper, I like that! May I ask ... who are you, what have you been doing - and why the comeback after such a long time? I'm just curious cheers RTP
  16. Thanks, I got the files, can't promise anything but we will try - or let's put it that way: I'll beg my mate that we will do something with it Doesn't mean anything monumental unfortunately - I have another project that I wanna do where we have the files and yet there was nothing yet - but we will do, it's on the list... That is not bad! The mastering of our Skeletone tracks is done by my mate ... you can have a listen to any of them to get an idea ... he has quite some knowledge about it though - top-down mastering it's called, I believe = all channels organized so that first the drums mix together into one, then the percs, then the melodies, risers, effects ... all going into their own channel and only in the last stage all these channels merge into one, so you can then do the mastering from the top down (turn all percs down/up etc) ... This has evolved considerably from our first tracks.
  17. cool ... feel free to post whichever you can spare - wav would be brilliant - and I'll try to see if we can do something in the (new) Skeletone studio ... no promise though... I have scheduled monthly sessions and it'll take one or two till we can come up with something - so it'll take a while, but if anything develops in the meantime, I'll follow this thread...
  18. Hey thanks for posting ... that is good, I prefer the second one but it's not that important. Whichever you can spare. Do you have a project for these or only the wav?
  19. Maybe the guy bought a "distro package" which also includes forum spam ... the fact, that he's all over Google services, Soundcloud, Spotify would speak for a multi distributor ... I got a little to tell about the techniques of those since I opened that "RTP Records" (which is apparently not becoming a thing either but nvm ) ... and maybe a little shady one. Would be fun if the actual artist wouldn't even know that forums are spammed with his links. But on the other hand maybe it's just a human amateur. Which is still my bet. Anyway, this thread will teach some shilling techniques to ppl interested in their own music distro - thus fitting the forum again, don't you think? If you're just after clicks and likes, why not reward people with crypto that click on your links. It will probably not create great activity on here - but in the crypto community there are plenty of ppl who click for a few satoshi. You'll be better off giving the money directly to people than to agencies who then go out spamming forums...
  20. Funny, I just thought the exact same. And you know what, I'll even leave this single one open here (thinking about moving it to OT, but I'll leave it for now), because he might, well, "deserve it" is a bit too strong, but I give him a tiny bit of credit for not to completely blast everything into oblivion with his stuff, which he could have done because he's here since Thursday. I was first thinking it was only a single post ... and then I saw them all Also I'm going to take the opportunity to mention: dammmn, these spammers are so damn annoying! My verdict: spammer. In person. Not a bot. Any more opinions?
  21. It is available for 80 EUR now (by a Norwegian seller) - will probably not get much cheaper: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/215319
  22. Well, I have taken quite some time to reply here again, but boy, has my view changed! At first I was thinking like "how could you sell it all" - now I am in a related situation, I had to get out of my flat because it's going to be renovated. I already have the situation sorted and I am fortunate enough _not_ having to take all my stuff out of the flat (because they're just gonna renovate parts of it, so a lot of the stuff can stay in, with a bit of moving around) ... but it has completely shifted my thoughts. Because I have to admit: I would have quite a problem if I had to take all the stuff out. So damn, I never understood your motives better than now. I am actually happy to have a smaller music collection than others, never thought I'd say that one day... Tempting ... but I will restrain - at the moment, more stuff is the last thing I need And history has shown me, that expensive or overly cherished T-shirts only tend to rot away in my cupboard most of the time (for fear of me damaging them or making them dirty), they really would deserve better... If you had a Spiral Trax shirt though, or know someone selling one, I'd have that
  23. Indeed, that is his title and it stays even while he leaves the scene
  24. It's called reactions and you can't command what people give you. (However, you could try to influence it a little, maybe by providing good content.) You also can't see who gives what reaction. That's why we keep this feature as slim as possible. And to prevent abuse, negative reactions that decrease your status points are not possible. So nobody can downvote anyone. However, it's currently still possible to react on every post with a "sad smiley". And while that is peculiar, it's no reason for me to turn it off. I would, however, limit the amount of reactions people can give each day if that feature was used for spamming continuously. And yeah, you can give a cry smiley on that one now
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