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  1. Some info, artwork and samples will be posted very soon, so hopefully it will end the speculation is it a free-form jazz or black metal
  2. Ultimate Xperience - JEZEBEL (From Here To Eternity) Fan Video Art Video by: Marika Nousiainen creative director and video designer Kalki Krishnan creative director and digital brand manager Music: Written and Produced by Kris Kylven
  3. Thanks for the review from Kris as well, but we need to correct you here. "Temple of Love" it is not Andrew Eldritch singing but Kris himself, as he was a singer in a Gothic band in his teens
  4. Most of the Ultimate Xperience's collectors bundles from pre-orders are already on it's way to the new owners. Last few ones will be shipped tomorrow and on Thursday, as well as the standard CD pre-orders. Keep your eyes on your mailboxes where you'll be notified exactly when we ship the items. Now it's time to get back to James Hetfields ''yeahs'' and envelopes. #TuesdayMerchDayWithMetallica
  5. Album annoucement (in Czech) thanks to the Sanctuary.cz website! https://sanctuary.cz/78868-kris-kylven-juno-reactor-privedl-zpet-k-zivotu-svuj-industrialni-projekt-ultimate-xperience
  6. Thanks for the review, I tought it would be good to have it here in reviews as well to understand better the story behind the music.
  7. Storyboard, concept and design by Kris Kylven
  8. The Realm Of A New Dawn is more than just an album, it's a true sci-fi story! Storyboard, concept and design by Kris Kylven You can also listen the story at the YouTube:
  9. Junor Reactor’s Kris Kylven revamps his industrial project Ultimate Xperience with a brand new album (Side-Line Industrial electro music magazine) http://www.side-line.com/junor-reactors-kris-kylven-revamps-his-industrial-project-ultimate-xperience-with-a-brand-new-album/
  10. Just in case someone who purchased the collector's bundle didn't get the download code and link for the release, don't hesitate to get in touch here or via any Neogoa Records contact form so we can send you your download code. It seems Bandcamp doesn't send the codes automaticlly for ''other'' product categories (since they don't have bundle option/category we had to use the ''other'' category/option). CD only and t-shirt only buyers already got theirs so make sure you get yours as well and reach us We are currently packing up the merch and each supporter should get the email when we ship the items during this and next week. Thank you!
  11. Congrats and thanks for the music, now my collection of Veasna production is completed in physical and digital <3
  12. From today you can stream/play complete new album by Ultimate Xperience at YouTube by hitting this link: http://bit.ly/playUX ➡️Don't forget to be awesome and subscribe to our YouTube channel and discover other great releases!
  13. Ufomatka - The E.P. https://lookinglook.bandcamp.com/album/ufomatka-the-e-p Aavepyörä - Hengen aurinko https://aavepyora.bandcamp.com/album/hengen-aurinko Zymosis - Insight https://sentimony.bandcamp.com/album/zymosis-insight Omnivox - Inner polarity (10 years remix EP) https://musicbyomnivox.bandcamp.com/album/inner-polarity-10-years-remix-ep
  14. Since we're all mostly using Bandcamp here on Psynews, I didn't find any topic where we can share the findings, so after a friend of mine told me yesterday about full-discography by Bluetech for only $5 over at Bandcamp I was thinking about making a topic here where we can share some good findings. I'll leave the Bluetech link here and will continue to share my own findings (in psychedelic trance, chillout, dub styles). Feel free to drop your own name your price / free goodies from Bandcamp Bluetech - https://bluetech.bandcamp.com/
  15. Ultimate Xperience collector's bundle is almost sold-out (only 1 ladies pack left). Thank you all for your continuing support! Your items will hit the road on March 10, while full album releases on March 1st (digital copy will be automatically sent to your mailbox on that same date). https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-realm-of-a-new-dawn Thank you!
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