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  1. Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Thanks for reminder, whole time I got in my mind their back-catalogue being published on Ektoplazm and on Bandcamp!
  2. Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    UT 01 - V/A - Dimensional Gateway 4 [Neogoa Records] 02 - GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death [Neogoa Records] 03 - V/A - Dimensional Gateway 5 [Neogoa Records] 04 - V/A - BGF Chronicles [Neogoa Records] 05 - V/A - Phases Of Madness [Goa Madness Records] 06 - V/A - Terraformer [Global Sect Music] 07 - V/A - 604 Syndroms [Mamomam Records] 08 - V/A - Fluorotronik [Tranceform Records] 09 - JaraLuca - Fata Morgana [Goa Madness Records] 10 - Rayavana - Exit Human Perception [Neogoa Records] DT - Are we counting re-issues (asking so I can adjust my own list)?
  3. Unknownium - Self titled LP (BMSS Records)

    Am I the only one who thinks this release got strong influences in late Posford (uptempo) works and M.E.E.O.? Not all the tracks of course, some are more Goa-friendly, but overall vibe is in that vein.
  4. looking for tracks in this style

    Try Zolphinia (in case you missed it):
  5. Unknownium - Self titled LP (BMSS Records)

    To confuse you even more: Kristijan is in Unknownium, with Saša, but he is also in Lunar Dawn, with Saša.
  6. Unknownium - Self titled LP (BMSS Records)

    Out of this world production, perfect arrangement and interesting combination of sounds and styles. It will be one of the best albums released this year. Great review btw!
  7. WOTE - Sekhem-A-Kheftiu Ep

    Hell no! As a matter of fact, I'm supporting everything that goes out of the 'goa-safe zone'.
  8. Happy 18th birthday Psynews

    Hepi hepi!
  9. "V/A - BGF Chronicles"

    Thanks for the review Mike, I'm really glad someone decided to spend few minutes and post something about this V/A, since it went under the radar here on Psynews for some reason.
  10. WOTE - Sekhem-A-Kheftiu Ep

    I haven't check music yet, but someone should send that logo to Metalsucks, it fits this category very well.
  11. Global Sect Chronicles

    Isn't that what graphic designers usually do?
  12. Yeah, it will be great album I believe, their live was one of the better moments from BGF festival this summer
  13. Usually I don't tend to open topics to promote other releases, but since it's collaboration project of two friends and amazing musicians, I had to share this one since I'm pretty much sure it's gonna be one of the best albums in 2018. Here are the official details: Artist: Unknownium [PsiloCybian & Lunar Dawn] Title: Unknownium [Album] Label: BMSS Records Cat no.: BMSSDigi120 Format: Digital Download Release Date: 15 January 2018 Mastering: Plus6 (Micky Noise) Download: bmssrecords.bandcamp.com/music [Out on 15.01.2018] Out from the underground and up towards the light, Unknownium, a new project by PsiloCybian and one half of Lunar Dawn is a greasy bass filled rebellion designed to fill the void of our unexplained existence with someone else's memories. In this strange space between the mind and the world, we are four-sided triangles. We lurk in the shadows, strangers watching strangers, unknown to each other. We are the resistance, the screaming madness that passes through black holes and into the day to find snake charmers and melody makers dancing wildly to the random beauty of perfect chaos. Tracklist: 01: Unknownium - Unknownium 02: Unknownium - Squareish Sawtooth 03: Unknownium - Absent Presence 04: Unknownium - Greasy Roller 05: Unknownium - Four Sided Triangle 06: Unknownium - Blackholes 07: Unknownium - Someone Elses Memories 08: Unknownium - Randomness Of Thought Available on January 15th via Bandcamp & Beatport: bmssrecords.bandcamp.com/ & www.beatport.com/label/bmss-records/18305 Follow BMSS Records: Website: www.BMSS.eu Facebook: www.facebook.com/BMSSRecords Soundcloud: @bmss-records Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/BMSSRecords Bandcamp: bmssrecords.bandcamp.com/ Beatport: pro.beatport.com/label/bmss-records/18305
  14. VA - Dimensional Gateway 5

    Unlike previous installments, this project had a limited time-frame to be completed and due to that I'm really happy how it turned out and it's encouraging to get such lovely support and feedback. However, I would like to throw a question to all of you who had a chance to check this one and the previous Dimensional Gateway compilation (also released this year): Dimensional Gateway 4 (Veil Of The Moon) or Dimensional Gateway 5? Which one you liked more and why? There is 10 months gap between thoose two, but from a perspective of a compiler, I find 4th to be more friendly with darker and acidic themes, while 5th got bigger emphasis on melodic side of Goa trance music. However, three projects are featured on both, so it's kinda fun to follow that storyline too. Anyway, thank you guys for your reviews, opinions and direct support!
  15. Now up on Bandcamp: https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/sexual-reproduction-single