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  1. It's kinda interesting to see CBL releasing music on the same platform/label with bands such as Emperor, SYL or Arcturus. They're in great company indeed.
  2. The new board - issues and stuff...

    Here is my input and suggestion. On the dark theme you should change the new/old icons for forums. It's almost impossible to distinct the new and old topics in certain forum. Example in attachment. I also added slightly different version of icon. I hope this suggestion helps. Cheers
  3. Psynews fundraiser

    Great news and congrats! It feels great to experience and be small part of this initiative. Upgraded version looks and feels superfancy and it's like new space shuttle I hope you guys will be able to get some 'darker' theme/skin for this version for all of us who tend to use it on previous version(s).
  4. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death [Neogoa Records]

    I might sound biased when it comes to music and content it self on this album (which I liked and it's one of the reasons why I decided to push it for early autumn release), this album in my humble opinion got amazing sound-quality and production value. We shared it with some DJs earlier and folks who had a chance to play it on bigger soundsystems gave a feedback that it sounds way better than most of 'the usual' stuff that we and other labels release and publish on so-called Goa scene. I believe them, even I personally didn't have the opportunity to check it in thoose conditions yet. However, I also believe they're right and I can say from personal perspective, based on years-long experience and priviledge of working with Lukaš/GoaTree, it's a huge step towards more sharper, spot-on Goa-influenced groove and dance-floor friendly type of sound. I wouldn't like to use word 'commercial', but more rhythm driven and smarter usage of melodies, while keeping the 'darker' or obscure vibe present through the whole recording. Overall, if you're into super-melodic kind of Goa trance, this record isn't for you. If you're into more raw and oldschool type of Goa trance, this record isn't for you either. But, if you're into well-executed, modern blend of melodic aspects of Goa trance and groove-extravaganza fueled with clever storytelling and top notch production, I believe you should give a chance to Black Star Of The Death. It's not super psychedelic, but it's different and it got it's own signature.
  5. Complete album is up on YouTube (thanks to Protean Soundwaves): Make sure to grab it in WAV/FLAC for full audio-enjoyment: http://bit.ly/GetGoaTree
  6. Psynews fundraiser

    Yeah that sucks because I prefer PayPal too. However I contacted Mars and made payment via PayPal. P.S. - perhaps someone should share it on Psynews facebook page aswell
  7. Retrowave/Synthwave/Darksynth

    New Model is outstanding.
  8. The metal thread


    Get in touch with Imba
  10. The metal thread

    @proxeeus - Check out Mnemic, they're also great The most recent goodie:
  11. NYP is great option and indeed we have people who are following our new music on Bandcamp who tend to support new releases. It's important because it helps us with all production costs for each release. Even it's not enough to cover everything, we still give our best to deliver each year few great releases (and it's always nice to see that some of 'em end up in TOP 10 in annual Psynews poll, in last two years we had two 2nd places and it means a lot to artists and whole team behind Neogoa). I hope GoaTree's new album will have the deserved support when it comes as digital download on September 15th
  12. K.O.B. - Identity Mash

    It is great music indeed and for me personally it fits my taste much better than Filteria (even I like the most stuff that Filteria released so far). In any case, I hope you will release more music in this style in the future!
  13. A good-bye to the scene

    DJ Stevo isn't organizator, Balkan Goa Fanatics is. The other thing is how much work certain member of that organization is doing and who have the biggest responisbility. Yes, he is part of Neogoa DJ-team just like he is part of Suntrip, Timewarp and BGF DJ-team. Your point is...? You did, while replying to Antic's spot-on question: I don't spank anyone and it's not my job to do. Certain criteria in every serious label has to exist and the only thing when I react is when someone who has been promoted by our label forgets to give proper credit to the label when playing the material we released. That's the basics of the licence we release under. The other situation is when our artists leak music prior to the release on SoundCloud. We don't like that and we prefer to release the material via official channels under the conditions we consider to be a part of finished release. Stevo plays Neogoa music on parties and he never played anywhere without giving a proper credit to the label(s) he represents. That is a fact. It was great festival from my personal perspective as a visitor. I came there as a Goa trance fan, not as an artist (I don't play DJ sets, I don't do live-acts). When did you see us (Neogoa Records) reviewing festivals from our official channels or any parties where our artists or DJs played? Have you seen any Neogoa Records Facebook, Twitter, Google+ post about our perspective on certain party, festival, whatever? You haven't because we don't do that. I posted on event page my (from my personal private Facebook account) view of the festival and what I liked it because of my own personal reasons, just like dozens of other people posted their experiences. You think I don't have a right to give opinion as a fan or visitor, huh? Why should I spank Stevo? Was that a Neogoa Records festival? Explain it please.... They run their own gigs and bookings and they have absolute freedom. How on the hell you connected Neogoa and Suntrip by single post of Joske (reffering to the visitors as DJ Anoebis) on event page and the reasons he gave he couldn't come? Seriously? Dude posted why he couldn't be there and told others who were there to have fun...Do you believe that was the official 'Suntrip Records statement' or that my personal experience of festival was 'official Neogoa Records statement'? Guy posted info to people as the artist/DJ. He informed them, just like I posted my status about festival experience as a visitor... Reading between the lines is a tricky thing to do. I'm sure they won't mix their own personal view/feelings about the organization with the work of Suntrip Records. Maybe I'm wrong, but I haven't seen any label posting anything via official channels about this festival. People who were there posted what they think about it and people who couldn't be there (from any reason) also posted their own personal view.
  14. A good-bye to the scene

    I will tell you from the first hand that we're not involved in any booking of any artist on this or any other festival. As I told in previous post (I will post this one from the personal account, it will make more sense), we don't run booking agency, we don't make deals for our artists, we don't organize parties or festivals, and that is a FACT. If you don't believe me, here are Imba and Proxeeus commenting this topic, they both know very well how we work and they can tell you did I or any core-member of Neogoa label-team dealt with their bookings, or they were in direct contact with Stevo about their respective gigs on the festival. Also, if releasing compilation (that has been arranged and confirmed weeks before even festival started) is considered as part of festival organisation than probably we don't have the same definition of festival organisation. As I told to Stevo (prior to the confirmation of BGF Chronicles compilation on Neogoa), we are ready to release it, but under our terms - and that means to be available for free download and properly promoted through official Neogoa channels, and I believe we did that on highly-professional level (just like we are doing with every previous release we had a chance to release). Neogoa's only fault was not to release it on festival (as we promised earlier), because we didn't have good internet connection over there and we had to delay it for a week until I get back home. We posted the annoucement and appologized to the fans and artists for waiting additional week. Regarding the Neogoa artists playing on festival, please, have a look on how many of them didn't come. So, all that non-sense about us being organizers or something in that vein is false statement without any hard evidence. Also, if we were part of the festival organisation (as Anu claims here publicly), wouldn't we have the similar thing like Suntrip had on first edition of the festival? To be some sort of label-tribute festival? I believe that would be a logical and natural thing to do. We didn't, because it's not our festival. Website? It was made by us as under Neogoa Design visual department, same as festival flyer and visuals. It's same process like we are creating artworks, websites, flyers for other labels and organisations, that doesn't mean that (giving you the simple example here: flyer made by Neogoa Design for party in Belgium means that we are suddenly part of the core-organisation). See the logic behind this statements? Important thing also: Did we have any influence on line-up selection? Nope. How could I or any core-member of Neogoa ask or request something that we don't pay, organize, run? What is the logic behind that? If you take a closer look at the artists who came to festival, there was artists from diferent labels/organisations, just like artists from diferent labels/organisations canceled their appereance there (or they couldn't come). FYI, unlike some people who are comenting about the festival, I was there for 4-5 days and I had a good time. Was it great organisation? It wasn't (and some people here already gave their view/perspective about it) I'm not one to say how to make good festival or how to organize things, it's not my job and I prefer to stick with music releasing and graphic design, but in the end I enjoyed this festival and I didn't have high-expectations. We met some lovely people from different corners of the globe and enjoyed my time in great nature. For sure I was sad that many artists, my friends and fans couldn't come there, but thats not my or Neogoa problem. And to be fair, I don't prefer to spend my energy on this kind of discussions, you have official BGF event on Facebook, go there and see what people say, what they liked, what they disliked, people who came and people who couldn't come. That will give you the best perspective about whole thing. @Anu: For the sake of fair and honest discussion please, provide us a hard evidences that we were involved into organization of this festival! If you don't have any, than stop putting our name into your own disagreement/frustration with BGF organization workflow. Probably you're not the only one and posting online accusations of Neogoa as label and as a team of people is highly unfair and not a nice way to say goodbye. Thank you!
  15. Your input is highly appreciated!