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  1. Looking forward to this one! Really great artwork Penzo, I'm liking it a lot
  2. I didn't have a chance to see Nervasystem t-shirt so I can't comment on that part, but what I know is that print quality is very good (what matters to me is the durability factor, which is good). Tees are okay, at least the Neogoa ones we did, so I assume the line will be the same.
  3. Sure man, I will post every update here as well, so no worries! We are in process of finalization of last details (Kris is perfectionist and he wants to get the best possible sound out of the new tracks) and I'm waiting for t-shirts to arrive, so hopefully I will be able to put the Bandcamp pre-order page with all the details soon. So yeah, sorry to all of you who are tired of constant 'soon' replies, but we are giving our best to complete this release the way we imagined and I believe all the wait will be worthy.
  4. Miami Vice Vibe (official promo photo of Ultimate Xperience 2018) Photo by: Marta Gomes Editing by: Kris Kylven
  5. I supported the reward Shut up and take my money! (Obviously). Hopefully he will reach the goal!
  6. Jerome is one of the most talented guys working on the scene at the moment and he always delivers proper psychedelic music without trying so hard to be on the opposite spectre of melodic and 'fluffy' Goa trance. Everything feels natural and it flows through HP Lovecraft mythos and themes in perfect pace. I need to pick up this one asap.
  7. Truth to be told I am also excited to get this release up, especially after listening to the new tracks so many times. Good thing is that we gonna have even more merch goodies besides CDs and tees, but I want to keep this one for myself until the pre-order page is up. I think you guys and girls gonna like it, so I'll give my best not to drop any spoilers in the meantime. Regarding the sizes, I will get exact measurments from the factory and they will be featured on the Bandcamp info section. Prices will be budget-friendly (especially for bundles), as well as our standard shipping rates. In the end we just want to make fans and supporters happy with the music and overall package. When pre-order page is up, each person who purchased anything on our Bandcamp page will recieve notification email from the Bandcamp (plus, we will send our regular newsletter to subscribers) and there are also social networks where we post pretty much on weekly basis.
  8. T-shirt design by Kris Kylven has been revealed. T-shirts will be available to get in limited run alongside with CD's on Bandcamp.
  9. I hope we will be able to put preorders sometime around Christmas up on Bandcamp, but its more likely we will get CDs, t-shirts, stickers and other goodies in our hands in first days of January 2019.
  10. Nope, there will be a digital download as well (with the artwork included for the digital version of the release).
  11. Richpa

    Videogames official thread

    Finally I completed God Of War on PS4 I haven't played Spiderman and RDR2 yet, but for me GoW is the GOTY.
  12. Richpa

    The metal thread

    Sulphur Aeon is great, GTTA was amazing! And my personal winner for this year is: They kept delivering progressive goodness, and even this time they had a pleasant suprises ready for us. This level of musicianship is unbelievable.
  13. Yeah, Bandcamp is important for me just because the collection and when I go out to have the music available on my phone, so d/l code for the release will be a great if doable. I will send you a message when I prepare the payment. Thanks