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  1. tracklist motordelic - lsdelic (monokol records) motordelic - motor rotor (unreleased) motordelic - hello moto v2 (monokol records) motordelic - escape to sydney new edit (unreleased) motordelic - magic country (unreleased) motordelic - extadelic (sendustya records) motordelic - ganjadelic (sendustya records) motordelic - galaxy radar (unreleased) motordelic - black water (unreleased) motordelic - liqudelic (unreleased) motordelic - lsd valley (unreleased) this mix is digital with mouse you can watch how i mix is filmed i not best dj listen share like comment and invite me play you party https://youtu.be/-qA-zm9vJd8
  2. also track can be downloaded from beatport never late to buy and support https://www.beatport.com/release/tasty-soup/2497082
  3. if you even enjoyed music plaese like my fan pages https://www.facebook.com/lsdance.official/ https://www.facebook.com/blusm.tusm.music/ https://www.facebook.com/motordelic/ https://www.facebook.com/semyon.gershenkop.music/
  4. hi bodies i know rules shmooles but i wish share only one my track this signed by label but this somethink like suomi dark very rare track you cannot meet today and heard before listen leave you feedback this youtube https://youtu.be/fEXIK08nvfE
  5. hi my name semyon gershenkop and you should know me i am producer of lsdance blusm tusm and motordelic and all my music project are lost is nothink and no one has it i made video showcase of one track i restore by memory and made little rework of it but it not sound complete the smae the timbrs and i cant made it the same watch very interesting video of my track and project this track of 2017 old track https://youtu.be/xsqfsoFRp3M
  6. hi freaks this album with my scratchy lead i invent here available on beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/flash/2636551
  7. "Motordelic" this dark psychedelic minimal psytrance project for people who apreciate this links: https://soundcloud.com/motordelic https://motordelic.bandcamp.com/
  8. hi dear freaks. my official website is launched today you can listen psytrance stay updated by news and gigs by subscribe you mail and free download my music i have 7 gift redeem codes for my latest album in any format. have fun! and come back later the site: https://www.blusm-tusm.com/
  9. soundlcoud https://soundcloud.com/blusm-tusm
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