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  1. sounds good to my ears and plenty of others by the looks of it , but you know what they say about opinions, and i like it, so yes maybe leave it there
  2. you youngins think you know your boom boom music
  3. i would be trying to get the dat reissue, superior in every way
  4. this is a amazing release perfect in every way am so surprised any still left anyone sitting on the fence buy 1 now!
  5. Here in Australia we are mourning the loss of Stuart fergie AKA DidgeriStu from OKA. some of you here may have been lucky to share the oka vibes in festivals around the world, including ozora, boom, glastonbury you name it, they were always there, and if you were there you know what i mean. He was the heart and soul of OKA, and embraced all music, all culture,spreading peace and unity with his Yidaki (didgeridoo) as well as beats, keys and vocals for over 20 years. A beautiful soul i had the pleasure of meeting several times and having a laugh and talking beats, psytrance and all things groovy. one of the true good guys who's journey here has ended now, passing on to continue spreading oka vibes on a much larger frequency.
  6. i have always liked california sunshine, right up to and including infinity, then been a decline since then. this one sorry to say sounds terrible
  7. just ordered it, and samples sounding awsome! DAT temple starting off with a hiss and a roar!!!
  8. this was released about 10 years or so if remember right been while since listened to it, but remember being quite dark which i liked at the time, not so much in my old age, wasn't it named after a volcano or something? will dig it out and have a listen, look forward to hearing new stuff from you guys, if i remember right i purchased 3 goa cds all of last year and 2 were cronomi, nice one fellas, very selective these days
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