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  1. ux best release in a very long time, anjunas best by far
  2. most these tracks now on you tube
  3. not familiar with gms?? really? if that is true, listen to their first 2 albums and nothing else, am interested in feedback from the experience
  4. seem to, as that's what the kids want, and they are rock n roll stars to them, i had hoped after josef's passing, shaj might come back down to earth but clearly not yet they came to australia few years back, and wanted to go, but didn't want to be dissapointed, and by reports glad didn't go. i think am just getting old.... all you younginss with your boom boom music (swings his walking stick)
  5. didn't actually bin them, gave them away, but i can't support people who rip others off
  6. on the surface he answers some questions but like stated above, if he wants people to take this seriously, he needs to give back the money he owes for his no shows. otherwise i will never support this person ever, i already threw all his albums away
  7. he is god even more to me now after what i just witnessed, all geniuses are strange, so no surprise there
  8. took me by surprise how they could do it, they had a sax player who was going beserk on stage, most amazing solo have ever witnessed, simon really did get the best musicians to pull this off, not to mention simon also played piano on stage, he flawed me on that one, was also great to see dick trevor up there with simon on stage to
  9. us at red rocks, we stayed right by the venue, if you look close you can see the pendant we made for the show i gave it to raj after the show, he was quite overwhelmed afterwards
  10. i know right! at one stage there was 30 people on stage, was a real sight, and for them to put it all together in this form was a sight after speaking to so many die hards at the show, who have seen every live show, and spoke to one guy who has seen simons shpongletron set over 30 different times, this was the best ever, but red rocks really sold it, that venue is out of this world, we were really privelleged to see this
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