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  1. the greatest album ever of this genre imo of course he's a strange interesting guy, lives just down the road from me
  2. the albums been finished for a while now, just has to be mixed but they will take their sweet time as usual
  3. technosomy


    astral can call it astral 2050
  4. just curious about the ux album are we talking about the live album?
  5. they did azora and some others but not like this one they have never done anything like this before, and won't again, not like this
  6. finally for you all to see in full..... the greatest show and experience have ever witnessed! truly blessed to have been able to be part of it who else was there???
  7. i remember you, but you not been the worst here all of us here in australia have been cleansed by fire
  8. hmmmmm do we ask who you were before? i absorb you of all your sins my child
  9. have actually always liked that cover but back in 1996 it looked pretty cool in fact if some of you lot commenting wern't activley listening to goa back in the 90's you prob shouldn't judge, technology was alot different back then and remember goa was very underground
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