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  1. i liking it, thanks for pointing me to this art very varied like you say, and the only way can listen to this style these days otherwise all sounds same will give another listen

    serious contender for VA album of the year! you have topped vol 1 space dock you rock!
  3. you said it brother i wouldn't have it any other way! like i said the sound is better than the cd! from what i understand is way better than both original vinyl pressings and yes a younger brother box set is a must, i remember seeing benji saying something about a definate vacine and electronic vinyl press but gravity is a must! my taste goes from classical to big band swing to death metal and beyond, last days of gravity is in my top 5 of all time, and introduced it to hundreds of people with not one ever not liking it
  4. RIP Eyal Yankovich, the founder of Hommega

    not heard this before, sounds great!
  5. RIP Eyal Yankovich, the founder of Hommega

    OMG! have lost so many legends lately R.I.P there needs to be a tribute!
  6. all i can say is WOW!! i new this was gonna be good, but these guys have really out done themselves the covers and packaging are amazing, it's like a book, am sure if i look at the inserts long enough will have some sort of shponglesq trip! the quality of it is great has been put together well (none of that shitty glue hat most use) and has been bound well and the sound..... BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL! rubber bands, crisp packets, drips and all!! now i talking about the cd here, as i have not heard the original vinyl pressings i am playing it on a rega rp 1 which is good, average amp and industrial wharfdale 15 inch speakers somehow along the line i have missed the hidden track?? maybe i was out of the room or in a time warp, anyone else who has this?? i know there is a sore spot here for you vinyl collectors who missed out, and yes it is now being milked for almost 3 times the price... but is worth it and i would get it now before all us collectors get it and don't let go, if you don't have the cash, start bringing out those rarities and start trading....NOW! or hope like hell they repress it ( a hummingbird told me that a condor told him a box set is in the pipeline) but i wouldn't take the chance just my 2 cents this needs a serious review from someone who can do it better than i can....
  7. "V/A - ZNA Gathering - A Retrofuturistic Compilation

    have to agree there, got that vibe just by the samples but doesn't sound all bad, i guess with me culling my collection i gotta be selective

    list updated this is what's left some now going onto discogs for more if you want now's the time thanks
  9. Ray Castle's Best stuff

    wow!!! would love to have heard the psy-harmonics madness especially!
  10. Desert Island Albums (GOA): Your pick

    was listening to the cyan vs album today
  11. for anyone who is interested or never heard it this album is killargh! https://www.discogs.com/Ethereal-Anima-Mundi/release/10874120
  12. 08/09 SHPONGLE - Codex 6 Premiere Party

    awsome thanks any surprises from sh and yb?
  13. 08/09 SHPONGLE - Codex 6 Premiere Party

    would love to hear more about the music here, who were the hghlights??
  14. Man With No Name - Earth Moving Sun

    indeed owned it years ago, don't know which one i had?
  15. Man With No Name - Earth Moving Sun

    didn't know they were different?