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  1. i to have been wondering this, seems the industry felt this in other genres so they recreated the vinyl format, which is now in saturation, seems evident with the staggering prices of this format, the bubble will soon burst, discogs is gone for me, because of the prices, fees and astronomical postage prices, so i now only buy within australia, which is limited, personally i don't buy much goa as no longer like the current sound, and ones i might, no longer offer physical format, i don't stream use bluetooth or any of that as don't embrace this technology that provides it, old school all the wa
  2. i certainly hope they do justice for burning man with a physical release, is still legendary today in a time of much freedom in black rock, never quite the same 97 on
  3. great album nice to see a rerelease on cd!
  4. i had heard rumours and always wondered what you were doing between 2000 and 2006??
  5. it's not all bad, i never expected a masterpiece or it would have made it on a cd years ago, a couple tracks am actually quite digging but the sound quality does let it down some what, fav track for me is TTT part 3! quite amazing hearing o.r.e then the long walk home (since you reappeared have been listening alot in my car and helping keep me calm in these manic times) it is truly something else, big hi five to abasio for putting me onto it all those years ago, to anyone reading here who hasn't heard it, make some time. will be moving onto infinity next if and when i can get the cd out of the
  6. kate bush is clearly a female, you guys should lay of the estrogen yourselves
  7. would love one of o.r.e if any hanging about, be great to complete my collection, totally old school and shows, pure genius in my book
  8. could be worth a rework perhaps? i have never actually heard it before, would be great to hear it especially in better quality than what seems to be out there
  9. is there a chance O.R.E might make it's way on to bandcamp in the near future??
  10. yeeessssssssss! bring on the experiment, welcome back
  11. i would search through all psy-harmonics, demontea back catalogue, some real gems in there
  12. this is real talent from a real song writer, from the streets of melbourne to the stars!
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