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  1. yeah they are registered and usually sent from poland fede was sick after ZNA and been finalising the kuro triple cd which is now on there way to the people who purchased on bandcamp kind of surprised he hasn't updated that here, so must be busy Grayling am sure will be there any day now
  2. if you name goa gil, then you have to mention riktam and bansi and 1200 mics and raja ram, infected mushroom talamaca, yahel etc buy yes they all produce, but when you see the crowd reaction, kinda same as other trance genres
  3. wow that's interesting with sub terranean, how does this work with rights i wonder?? check out all that acid and rave stuff fuck i feel old, seems like yesterday was strutting my stuff to that hip new age sound!
  4. just arrived here in australia, 0nly 2 tracks in and....... wow dam fede this is amazing, took me buy surprise
  5. you maybe lucky as usually a few spare, contact thanos direct
  6. i never listen to any releases til i get the physical (old school) am sure its great
  7. not if he keeps commiting to playing festivals and not turning up, hopefully promoters have learned their lesson
  8. really, you must be in the wrong part, prob melbourne or sydney
  9. ordered how come sais limited to 500, then edition of 100? is that because rest were sold at zna?? thanks bro, hope zna was a blast
  10. nice score, hypnorythm in particular is amazing!
  11. good on you, i have never been a huge fan of his music but appreciate his talent, but like others pissed off in his ethics and moral corruption but for the greater good sometimes you have to seprerate the 2, kind of like being a burzum fan (some may get what am saying)
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