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  1. feel free to late pledge, but put it in my bank account as got more chance of getting it from me!
  2. i received my copy today, and you have had some bad luck, as mine is perfect in every way, nothing as you described and sounds amazing, not worried at all that it aint 180g, as couldn't be better i think there has been a mix up in the warehouse, and you received some of the first batch that were rejected (which is why their was a delay, as their were faults with the artwork) am sure twisted will sort it out, have some faith, they all not like that
  3. have to admit i never noticed that either, assumed would be like the others, but beside it being less likely to warp, and may last longer that's the only difference these days, ant their are some real bad 180g pressings coming out, so as long as it sounds good, not to worried
  4. will let you know when arrives australia takes some time
  5. mine to, thanks for all your efforts, album is amazing, and shirt fit's perfect, great quality to and kris sounds so much like eldritch it aint funny
  6. yeah man we be there both nights, have you got tix? sold out after first couple hours. where you going in the u.s? we fly into san fransisco on april 24 there for couple days, then down to palm springs, fly to colarado end of april we staying accross road from the venue, where one of the after party's is, there are couple of others in denver and think desert dwellers peforming there to would be cool to link up
  7. full support for rereleases while i have most of everything, i think it's great what you doing, and that some of the artists can get something back and am sure some may come up i forgot to rip and will buy
  8. speak up there sonny (cough cough splutter!!)
  9. just a heads up if anyone missed it, and if you new to the scene and don't know her, this would prob be a great place to start a best of miranda has just been released and tracks remastered (which has been done well) plenty from phenomena on here, and well worth the purchase, especially for me as i sold all her albums years ago, and all the tracks on here are great
  10. in 3 months inefitable mysteries, then maybe that, but hoping benji sort gravity before then
  11. instant buy of course, only had to sell 2 cd's to get it yeah very pricey but, didn't really cost me much in the end i think you find the quality is better than you think
  12. still yet to receive, good idea, not that my keys are full already of..... well to many keys!!
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