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  1. Some sort of malfunction going on in my pics, have so many favs, here's 3 off top of my head
  2. ii have so many but here's 3 off top of my head
  3. Feel the same way, and octopus 🦑🐙 yes!!! They are not of this realm
  4. In case anyone sitting on fence about hallucinogen reissue, if any of you have first shpongle reissue???? Soundwise better than that, may just be best have ever heard
  5. Really? It's my understanding black vinyl is still recycled, as apposed to most colours arnt
  6. I hope that won't be dat, only cd have bought this year has been yours!
  7. Dam where are you located bro? I to caved and bought one, cost me same as you and I am in Australia! I also had to buy a yeti which cost a third of what this did
  8. She seems to be loving playing the old stuff again, check out her latest sets recently in Israel. think we may see some new music in future but more modern style goa
  9. Wow that is hefty pricing $170 for me to Australia, looks pretty awesome though
  10. In case any you guys missed this https://dubmission.bandcamp.com/album/ape-to-angel-lp
  11. Think would be better if you got the blue room original
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