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  1. hey bro, long time howa ya doing? you ever make it back home?
  2. i wouldn't worry to much about your parents, they have more chance of dying of old age with a covid tag added on for statistics
  3. yeah it's going mental down there in vic, here in NSW wouldn't even know anythings going on
  4. it's an ambient/dub album, and sounds great, simon really only communicates through facebook these days i think twisted's stuff is out sourced these days, been so long since hallucinogen did anything, can't remember what style it was oh hang on it's that boom boom dance music isn't it!
  5. we knew your stink bro!! wow had no idea that was going on for you, my 16 year old daughter had the same thing and same surgery, and she got through it to happy days, so whatcha listening to these days?
  6. dude can't imagine how long that took!!! my collection is still pretty big but obviously nothing on what it used to be, i tend to listen to records alot these days of all genres, my main listening point is the car, and i have no digital platform in my relic, so it's cd all the way, which is great as it's albums all the way, at different times of the day, in different moods, and there are those moments when a track comes on at the right time and blows your mind, i scratch my head and say, i have had this album for 25 years, why have i not heard it properley til now!! i love to go into all my folders of ripped cd's (remember those times when i flogged my collection off for cheap) and find all these obscure comps with exclusive tracks and shit that you don't hear on the regular comps, and dig into the archives of the past
  7. did someone mention deviant electronics? https://zion604records.bandcamp.com/album/green-room-album
  8. yeah i liking it to seems like it's just colin and steve now
  9. Look who's back with a new sound these guys need no introduction, so will do away with all the formalities and flashy selling tags https://iboga-beatspace.bandcamp.com/album/snow-driven
  10. wow! thanks for the heads up, really good, might just buy it
  11. i can't really say anything else at this point except patience is a virtue
  12. what is it you guys wanting to know???? like i said, he is taking a break and gone country with no internet
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