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  1. technosomy

    No love for the new Entheogenic?

    we are getting scammed hard on postage and now on all overseas purchases a new tax
  2. technosomy

    No love for the new Entheogenic?

    must be sent from the us? $22 to go to australia
  3. technosomy

    Childhood immunisation

    higher than you could ever imagine
  4. technosomy

    Childhood immunisation

    i was when i was a child my kids are not after having a friends child lose arms and legs from meningitis, proved and compensated from vacine nephew who can no longer walk after hpv vacine not to mention everybody around me in the work place dropping like flies with severe infuenza and pneumonia from the latest flu vaccine here in australia will take our chances
  5. technosomy

    Digital Reprints News

    just received cosmosis and is going on now thanks alot for all your efforts
  6. technosomy

    Childhood immunisation

    while i understand why some vacinate the high levels of aluminium, all sorts of dna and what ever other stuff found in them is unnecessary
  7. yeah i agree, as they did with ays still glad i got the first press for obvious reasons not a fan of the coloured vinyl
  8. technosomy

    RIP Bansi :(

    seems just like yesterday a young spaniard and dutchman exploding on to the scene, with their wacky experimental style hard to believe bansi was younger than myself def lead the life he wanted much respect
  10. that whole third disc is amazing, can't believe never heard those tracks before, really surprised me but shouldn't have, when you hear those tracks you can hear their evolution and what was to come
  11. dam straight there home boy dat (ha!) remix is legendary, and those shirts would be amazing fede i am thinking we get a crowd fund going for them, and with permission from some artists, a collage psychedelic shirt with artists names and album cover designs all over it!!
  12. technosomy

    Digital Reprints News

    yup, not really familiar with him though
  13. technosomy

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    am reflecting on when cryptic crunch was released, so many people didn't get it! and i was one of them..... for a time but luckily (thanks to some here on psynews) few years later was told to give it another go..... and then it hit me! would love to hear your stories and first thoughts also
  14. technosomy

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    far out, life is so short, am gonna listen to my vinyl crunch!
  15. technosomy

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    couldn't have said it better you nailed it