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  1. have actually always liked that cover but back in 1996 it looked pretty cool in fact if some of you lot commenting wern't activley listening to goa back in the 90's you prob shouldn't judge, technology was alot different back then and remember goa was very underground
  2. i'll leave this..... walking backwards!
  3. some updates from here in oz now alot of the coast from sydney up to queensland and beyond is starting to flood where there was once fire, is now vast amounts of water. i am based in the northern rivers 3 hours south of brisbane, 11 hours north of sydney, we have had a meter of rain in a week! now i see we are about to get the rain that has been flooding most of the west coast of new zealand, the last time that happened our whole town went under water and was devastating. crazy extreme bizarre stuff, but seems to be happening everywhere around the world as for the talk about the railway and all of that, is very uncanny the locations of the fires to where they plan on putting the rail system. they are now saying that the soil after the fire is cancerous, and cannot be re used to grow crops, the government is now offering big money to buy alot of this uninhabitable land, with alot of the areas being exactly where the new SMART super cities are to go, i generally don't believe in coincidence keep an eye on this one
  4. i agree with all on that list, and not to many would add really, love how you threw in the likes of chemical brothers and speedy j, leftfield personally twisted is my number 1, but on the other hand got me thinking about that production
  5. you right there with spores, while i love cosmology, synergy seems to be the one i go to more, maybe because it had a track inspired in my home country
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