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  1. try this one for size, now this is interesting
  2. good luck it takes real discipline, have been doing this now for years and lost count, but not how i started out day by day week by week, i have 4 teenagers and it just doesn't work that way anymore, am still pulling out some amazing stuff that blows my mind now, but didn't 20 plus years ago, ageing is great.... sometimes
  3. had no idea was parkinsons was kept very quiet, and i agree right up to abduction had some great tracks but yes psykadelia was indeed his ultimate and i see you still have some copies for sale!! i can't beleive that didn't sell out years ago, anyone reading this buy it!!! in fact i checking mine now as if worn out might just buy another no doubt once people hear of his death as usual values go up
  4. Am deeply saddened by hearing the news today we lost another goa legend, you know him by many aliases (around 30 in fact) He needs no introduction as was one of the founding fathers of our movement, if any of you youngins out there don't know his music check it out and pay some respects today. while in the latter years he went very quiet and surrounded by some controvesy including an imposter touring pretending to be him. i have fond memories when ebay came along and getting up in the wee hours of the morning here in australia trying to last minute buy his first few albums as were hard t
  5. just found this in my storage bought it back in the 90's direct from andrew til at the label let me know if anyone is interested? will be sent from australia thanks
  6. dam that line up is shaping up nicely anyone confirm james and matt for technossomy?? still paying off my loan i got for shpongle, unlikely they will ever let us out of australia
  7. yeah i did, will prob buy it, just takes months to get to me all the way down here
  8. been stalking the EVSY album for a while but yes i miss it dearly also
  9. track sounds ok as for the rest, i not getting into the debate but yeah with the billions of other words, languages and symbols in the universe surely others could have been considered
  10. maybe something like the spawn soundtrack?
  11. i think this would be a great idea but isn't astrix that little gaul who hangs out with the fat guy on magic potion!! since when did he start producing?
  12. dam straight, octogroover started them off for me, odd harmonic and james reipas
  13. terrible in this day an age that this sort of thing is happening
  14. aahhhhh you youngins these days with your boom boom music!!
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