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  1. thanks man, yeah getting lonely alright, how i see it, so many people now have ditched cds and they just gathering dust and wasting away, yes literally deteriorating which i think with over use contributed to mines demise, i on the other hand listen to them every day and don't do digital, and as this is one of my favs hoping to get it back again, not willing to pay those kind of discog prices especially now with covid etc, will cost even more with post here to australia. so hoping someone here could see my situation, i never expect anything in return, but have done the same for so many here o
  2. were given to me years ago prob unoficially and think may have been on a hard drive that crashed
  3. hello to all, gee this is a ghost thread these days isn't it? once apon a time it used to be booming with buying and selling, i guess a strong indicator that cd format is a dying breed. saying that i am still very much a cd enthusiast, and as alot of you golden oldies here know once apon a time i had alot of cds, and sold alot also to fund life challenges, but have always kept most of the ones i love (exception the rare ones which i could only part with for a decent price to make my loss slightly more bearable) well scatterbrain - infernal angel is def one of them i could never part with
  4. some great stuff there, would be nice for a cd release but alas that just doesn't seem possible anymore
  5. thought of you when i said that, we been waiting long time for this! just don't go bagging vaccine out to much when it comes back around
  6. i do have a couple of pretty good live recordings of them so they do exist, few of the camp bisco for example simon once indicated vaccine and vaccine electronic will be released together, and did say a box set was being considered but i think will release last days and flock individually to be sold through twisted but also be distributed by others also, so won't be exclusive and limited like the shpongle releases but won't have the deluxe touch to them as shpongle did
  7. one good thing is simon has indicated the younger brother albums are up next
  8. would love to see more like this in the future especially artists who released alot of random stuff on compilations all put onto 1 album
  9. if anyone does you would have seen his goa track on acoustic guitar it's so good
  10. nothing yet, simon has just finished mastering a live version of vinklestein maybe redrocks but doesn't look like will be coming out anytime soon
  11. oh wow didn't know that thanks, it's a nice piece
  12. shpongle band played dr vinklestein at red rocks for the first time, was amazing seeing everyones reactions when it started! one of the greatest live peformances i have ever witnessed here it is if you missed it Leo Pellegrino is a amazing sax player
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