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  1. but this is something else, i have never really ever been a UX fan in the past, couple slide tracks otherwise didn't take much notice. but this album is special hence i bought it again for obvious reasons
  2. none of your music will ever be forgotten bro, 20 years on am still listening, just give us time to digest your new sound (won't take long)
  3. nice one thanks for clearing that up hope the post option i paid isn't strapped to a 3 legged yak average time eu to australia 2- 3 months at moment
  4. awsome! i have the original anjuna, is this different in any way? am assuming just different artwork? gonna take a punt and buy it because it's absolutley amazing (my first goa purchase of the year i think) and to support you guys for making this re happen, so others can hear it also, and we can finally put the anjuna crisis to rest just hoping it makes it to australia
  5. wow, this is a new direction great so far i am still lost in Ruoste, stumbling around, hoping to make it to the next track shortly
  6. try sellers in usa there are some, if you have facebook, they say who they are on their page
  7. i honestly don't remember but bought it when came out, but don't remember that??
  8. no i didn't but did like the track when came out, bought the album wasn't quite the same
  9. i reckon hope D P not been sweating on this result!
  10. pitch black - Electronomicon just received mine and quality is amazing, if you havn't heard this make sure you do beside a single, this is the first time they have ever pressed any of their albums, and this is def their best will never be repressed again so get it before it's gone https://music.pitchblack.co.nz/
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