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  1. Twilight is basically harder, fatter, more aggressive full on. You can have many different sounds in the twilight subgenre. For example Sidhartha or Tryon are more fat, meanwhile Seroxat or Azax Syndrom are like harder israeli full on. I didn't mention any South African artists because they have their own unique sound even though they're technically twilight (in fact the term twilight has been coined by South African artists).
  2. That sounds like UK Psytrance. But UK Psytrance is already somewhere between twilight and darkpsy so I wouldn't sweat too much about it. I made a YouTube playlist couple of years ago, I hope it helps.
  3. Ormion

    Shift - Excession

    I'm here 15 years later to say once again that this is legit one of the top 10 albums in goa/psy history.
  4. What about the writing aspect instead of the production values like proper mastering, better overall sound etc? For example would a newcomer find Pleiadians-IFO or Family Of Light outdated compared to a new Pleiadians track like this? I can understand a very basic Goa track from 1994, I too find most of them outdated to be honest, but something like old Sandman for example sound pretty modern, production excluded. But since my first love was old school Goa I'm obviously biased, that's why I'm curious.
  5. I'm talking about either styles that are no more (tech trance,psy techno of 1999-2001) or specific periods of a style like early period of full on or something. Mine are: -Old school Goa. Duh! New school can't fill the void, sorry. -Golden period of South African psy 2003-2007. By far my favourite period of post 2000 psytrance. Every month you've got a different album or compilation by Timecode and Nexus Media plus other labels like MMD or Afrogalactic. And most of them being absolutely fantastic. -Early Goa Full On blend. I'm talking about 1998-2000 period wh
  6. So as a part of relistening my entire collection (yes I'm still doing that) I revisited Sandman-Witchcraft. The first thing that came to my mind is how much futuristic does it sound despite being 22 years old. Coincidentally the latest cd I bought, the new Deck Wizards features a new Sandman track that unsurprisingly it's lame full on. So I'm wondering if the newcomers in goa/psy, people who missed the old days find old school goa outdated, despite in some cases sounding more modern. What do you think?
  7. Martin Glover aka Youth is a living legend of goa/psytrance. I mean his the founder of the first Goa trance label ever Dragonfly and he's still active today. Apart from Killing Joke he has also collaborated with Paul motherfucking McCartney in the Fireman project. Their most recent album was released in 2008. So do you think Paul asked Youth: -Hey bloke, what are you up to?' -Oh you know I helped in the creation of Goa trance. -What's that? -Here, have a listen. I know it's kind of stupid idea for a thread, but the very thought that Paul McCartney is
  8. Life On Mars for sure. Second place is Flying Into A Star (Ast-Roid rmx)
  9. Never heard it before. I can see an artist trying slower hi tech with full on influence, but I've never heard such an example. I think Delirious Noon (Furious side project) being the closest to it, but I still wouldn't call it full on hi tech.
  10. RTP I think you should update the options. What if a new member is a travesti n-b?
  11. Orbit Constructions-Androneda (side project of Dark Nebula) Easily my all time favourite dark ambient album.
  12. South African/Twilight of 2003-2010 was the golden age of quality underground melodic full on. I really miss those days. A couple of great tracks for you to enjoy.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I really like this subgenre. I have dozens of albums and comps in this style. I just think though that listening to an entire album is kinda tiresome since IMO there's little variation. Anyway here are two fantastic tracks (although the Full Face one is closer to darkpsy)
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