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  1. Just like RTP said life happened I'm so exhausted from my job and stress that I have no energy to write something anymore. When I'm online I usually watch stuff like youtube, or funny stuff like 9gag or even a forum, but only as a reader. I'm still visiting Psynews and I will always love the place, but life hits you hard man. I'll try to be more productive from now on.
  2. Ka-Sol first released his tracks in 1998 and imo together with BOTFB are the pioneers of Forest. To my understanding and experience (as I first started to listen to psy in 1998 so I was there when all this subgenres started to appear) is that what we used to call Forest was the sound of BOTFB, Ka-Sol or even Logic Bomb and Hux Flux. It was basically a Goa trance/old school Psytrance derivative. It was mostly after Derango that Forest became more fx driven than full melodic (in spite the fact that Derango tracks still have melodies). Meanwhile Darkpsy was born in 2001-2002 mostly from Acidance records and Parvati first two releases. AFAIK nobody was mentioning Forest when we talked about that. This is why I believe that around 2004-2005 Forest and Darkpsy met and for some became interchangeable, but when it comes to origins they are from different branches. I meant Tales From The Dark Forest from Stoneage records that featured Derango and released in 2003. Then in 2004 they solidified their unique sound together with Dronebixie and others. But again this is to my personal understanding of how things went. After all things like that didn't pop out out of nothing.
  3. I downloaded and read it all. I've said it before that it's a great work and one that interests me a lot. Now couple of things I want to mention: 1) You mentioned in Dark Psytance about horror movie samples, but I can tell you that a veeeeeery rare case. I listen to darkpsy for years and I struggle to remember 10 tracks with horror samples. The same I can tell about references to other genres to discredit them. That's very, very rare almost non existent. 2) I'm not sure that Psykovsky-Ksolntsu should be in the Psycore category. I think it fits better to Darkpsy or even Hi-Tech, but I understand it's a difficult to categorize album, so ok. 3) I don't think it's correct to say that Forest was born from Dark Psytrance. In my understanding Forest was born from BOTFB, Ka-Sol etc and it was only until 2003 when Derango start creating more Darkpsy-ish Forest and other artists followed the trend. I would say that Forest and Dark Psytrance were developed independently and at one point somehow met and became similar sounding. 4) As I wrote before I don't think psyprog and psygressive are too different things. 5) I'm not sure if Four Carry Nuts-Mechanical Age is actually Dark Psytrance. Some tracks sure, others are 100% Goa, or Psytech. 6) Is K.O.B.-Identity Mash really a forest album? 7) You can create a new subgenre Goambient. Sure you can say that Psybient includes old school tracks as well, but the differencies between let's say Aes Dana and Total Eclipse ambient works are night and day. Great work!
  4. Prodigy changed my life music-wise. Easily the greatest EDM group of all time. RIP
  5. IMO this is one of the weakest Suntrip releases. I do enjoy the acid, but apart from that there's nothing than grabbed me while listening to it.
  6. Indeed that's a good one. Reminds me of Rhythmystec.
  7. For being a project of Tsuyoshi Suzuki you would expect some decent tracks. However every single track that I've listened by them range from bad to barely passable. So I'm wondering if you know at least one.
  8. I'm one of those who consider Dimension 5 vastly overrated. I would rate Transdimensional 3 out of 5. IFO on the other hand is Psychedelic Goa Trance personified. It's simply a masterpiece.
  9. I had the same idea one year ago! Still going strong. I've managed to listen to 205, only 1166 to go! I started in alphabetical order by albums names, but I've switched to random. Good luck!
  10. Hey everybody, I finally managed to release my new album, this time through Timewarp records. https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/exelization-beyond-the-black-lodge-lp-timewarp098-timewarp 1. Ego Transplant 2. Wolvencore 3. Cryolysis 4. The Flash 5. Motor Warrior 6. Gothika 7. The Purple Forest The style is once again dark-ish Goa trance with modern psytrance influences. I hope you like it, cheers!
  11. In The Mouth Of Madness is the best MR track and IMO the best new school track ever (Sky Input album excluded). The track is unbelievable.
  12. RIP Love them or hate them GMS were one of the most infuential group in psy history by being the godfathers of Full On. Since Anoebis mentioned Jaws I'll add this classic.
  13. This guy is untouchable. The king of modern Goa trance.
  14. Full On didn't kill old school Goa. Prog and minimalism did. It was Prog that first pushed Goa aside for a minimalistic and clubby sound. Full On only followed 1-2 years later. So the next time you wanna blame Full On for the downfall of the scene think again. BTW That was a fact, not an an opinion Here comes the unpopular opinion. Son Kite, Ticon and the whole Digital Structures label was beyond terrible.
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