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  1. Tickets - Silent Solutions [Timecode / Sangoma Rec.]

    I've only listened to it once, but I think it's pretty forgettable. I miss his old powerful style with superb melodies and aggressiveness.
  2. Although he's most famous for his cheesy trance he used to write some super melodic clubby goa. I mean they were still kinda cheesy, but it was damn good. even Avalanche although more clubby and cheesy has this sweet Muses Rapt melancholy
  3. Oforia - Off The Ground

    The Morning Song is one of the best nostalgic/melodic/melancholic/morning tracks out there and Voice Of Delusion is definitely top 5 Goa ambient material. Raw is cool, but incomplete. The rest is pretty forgettable.
  4. Amithaba Buddha - Goa Gate

    Yes, I just bought it. Overall it's the typical Felipe style, but Transphinx is a hell of a track.
  5. Amithaba Buddha - Goa Gate

    I have to say that Transphinx is a real goa stormer. Pure goa power at its best.
  6. I have to say something about SynSUN. I don't think there's another group that went from Goa to freestyle Psy/Goa to Full On and manage to keep an amazing quality all through these genres. Some examples Goa (one of the best Goa tracks ever btw) then freestyle Psy/Goa (again one of the best tracks ever imo) then Full On even their downtempo is ace
  7. 80's pop

    And of course the 80's anthem
  8. 80's pop

    Fucking awesome feel good pop And Demis rocking those snares! No seriously, listen to these snares!
  9. 80's pop

    Man.. Belinda Carlisle-Heaven On Earth is one of my favs and La Luna too and since Sabrina was mentioned
  10. 80's pop

    Best Stevie Wonder song Smashing disco hit Classic 80's balad. Those snares. Yes I even like Wake me up before you go go
  11. 80's pop

    I can't be the only one here that loves 80's pop, right? I loved everything about this era. The melodies, the happy attitude or the sweet melancholy, the godly reverb snares. Here is a classic. and another one
  12. Everybody talks about Mahadeva and Psycho, but what about other tracks by popular artists that deserve more love? Let's start with this classic IM track. Definitely one of their best. and another one as for Astral? I nominated Virtual Booster. I don't think I've ever seen this track mentioned anywhere, but I think it's on par with their classic. Post more
  13. Ethereal - Anima Mundi

    So I revisited this album and I have to say that apart from Dreamweaver's remix this must be one of the most boring albums I own. Although it's definitely a classic since it's basically the birth of new school, it's also the birth of uninteresting floatness and melodies that come and go without impact. The Dreamweaver's remix is still great though.