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  1. Never heard it before. I can see an artist trying slower hi tech with full on influence, but I've never heard such an example. I think Delirious Noon (Furious side project) being the closest to it, but I still wouldn't call it full on hi tech.
  2. RTP I think you should update the options. What if a new member is a travesti n-b?
  3. Orbit Constructions-Androneda (side project of Dark Nebula) Easily my all time favourite dark ambient album.
  4. South African/Twilight of 2003-2010 was the golden age of quality underground melodic full on. I really miss those days. A couple of great tracks for you to enjoy.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I really like this subgenre. I have dozens of albums and comps in this style. I just think though that listening to an entire album is kinda tiresome since IMO there's little variation. Anyway here are two fantastic tracks (although the Full Face one is closer to darkpsy)
  6. This is one of my favourite tracks in the genre. It's an older track, back when this style was emerging. Although I don't like other Rev tracks (his Amusia album is a complete snoozefest) this one is awesome mostly for the playfull bass, especially from 5:14 and onwards. This is why I believe this style would be even better with most interesting basslines. There's also the most extreme version of UK psytrance that blends with darkpsy/hi-tech and it's IMO vastly more intreresting.
  7. Pavel is back the same week as NHJO. I always loved that coincidence.
  8. That's UK Psytrance. It's cool, but has little variety. Pretty much all artists sound the same and lack in melodies or interesting basslines. But at least it's psychedelic enough.
  9. Morphic Resonance-In The Mouth Of Madness is by far the best Goa track of the decade.
  10. I kinda feel the same way although I was never a huge fan of modern goa. Old school Goa is by far my favourite music ever, but modern goa always felt mostly flat and uninteresting. I complained for years that modern goa is too floaty and morning-ish and this is why I will disagree with you that the 2006-2012 period was great. I really think that lately Goa is better because some artists start to put the psy in goa again, Morphic Resonance of course being the king of all. Once again I will list my major problems with modern Goa. 1. Many layers that blend together, but never lead to anything interesting. E-Mantra is the perfect example of it and this is why I never liked his music that much. 2. Unmemorable melodies that just...exist. 3. All tracks of an album sound the same. It's like variations of one track. 4. And the biggest one: Modern Goa is what old school Goa was if you removed the psy from it. You can name hundreds of artists that sound like Astral Projection, Dimension 5 or Etnica, but how many that sound like Sandman, Tim Schuldt or Slide? Having said that I haven't keep touch with modern Goa that much, so maybe I'm missing those artists. So I would really like you to recommend me some darker, psytrancier, more cyber modern Goa like Morphic Resonance.
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