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  1. For me Domino Equinox 1. Reminds me of Japan back in 97 so much. Killer parties back in Tokyo then, really only for those that knew and Japan being drug free pfffft. Mad , mad Japanese hippies and no foreigners. Off the hook./ https://www.discogs.com/master/1627976-Domino-Domino
  2. I signed up to psynews back in 2001 and this dude was making noises about psytrance back then how it wasn't coool etc etc, mainly because he wasn't being booked for gigs etc. Still trying hard to sound relevant but as we say in English sometimes He wants to be shit hot but is a coldfart warmed up. See ya.
  3. Everything started sounding quite generic around 2010 for me and not that much has changed however every now and again I find great stuff to keep me amused. In the past couple of days Celestial Intelligence and Lunatica live at Universo 2020 piques my interest.
  4. Went to some cool parties with these dudes around 98/99/2000 in Japan. Absolute carnage when they played, have never see a dance floor go totally mental quite like they did and I haven't seen any other artist do that since.They really suited the Japanese mentality at that time for psy trance. Never dug their music when they left TIP around 2000 though but their catalogue from Chaos lab through to Growly family was pretty cool. . RIP dude for the great times.
  5. Time slices, now there is a track. RIP bro.
  6. Wav always if you have enough storage space then FLAC. Never never MP3.
  7. Jesus I would have got my arse down to Overdream and seen the real psy culture in Japan.
  8. Also found the Tim Shuldt number I was looking for. When this was played the party was ON. Awesome synths.
  9. Also Mental poison and two brains and secure the orbs Pretty good comp of some of their old stuff
  10. Melogic was wicked as well
  11. Did some killer tracks at the beginning of their career. Two standouts for me were Shadow of the beast (still to this day a melodic monster) Psychedelic Pollution- (on the Flow comp Change). Any favorites from you ?
  12. Anybody mention Tim Shuldt ? He did some classics nobody has been able to replicate. Pretty Poison, The next, Pacemaker come to mind. Early Logic Bomb was always great too.
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