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  1. Hmm.. The "sound enhancing techniques" (im guessing you mean the various tools that were avaliable then vs what is avaliable now) used in the 90's was stuff like the eventide and TC electronic signal processors, that still to this day cannot be matched. The h3000 for example, that still goes for about 2500 euro, used. The newer h9000 version costs about 7000 euro. And in the pop-world (which is the epitomy of modern music) engineers still use hardware from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Sound cards have absolutely nothing to do with the progress of making music in software. You could technically make music with your eyes alone, without a sound card even plugged in. Sure, a better soundcard may mean you get to hear more details - thus making better decisions - but listening to some old hallucinogen stuff for example - that argument goes out the window. Even captain hook which is ultra modern (and considered fairly popular) sounds plastic fantastic. 192khz/24bit doesnt make it sound better. People certainly don't use "the same presets and filters" whatever that even means. . All the "sound tricks" (?) that's avaliable now, were avaliable then, and sounded better then. They had ad/da converters, transformers etc, to add to the sound signature. Something software users have to add to the signal path now, using creativity. So still playing catchup. The one thing you're right about is that music is louder now. And sterally clean. So in short, there has only been negative progress generally speaking, except for loudness and the sterile modern sound of ultra cleanliness. Which certainly only makes the music lose soul and doesnt make it better. Im really confused by your statement that the old stuff cant match with modern stuff. Does a surgically clean mix with a loudness of -6 lufs sound better than an organic mix with -10 lufs ? That is ofc subjective. My whole point is that music production / music engineering has not become better in 30 years.
  2. modding fallout 4 was a pain in the ass too. btw i noticed fa4 got alot of hate, but i thought that one was even better than new vegas. never understood why people thought that was so much better, was it the story? couldnt have been the gameplay. fo4 was incredible! i mean it had issues but beside that. nv had tons of issues too. but fo4 was truly spectacular and i cannot understand the hate on that one from FO fans.
  3. theres a great video from dan worall; where he goes toe to toe with Pro-Q vs ReaEQ. TLDR; Pro-Q wins, but only slightly. However I dont think you can go much better than your daws native lin phase eq. no sense in buying anything else, imo. Fabfilter is the king, if you really want the best, but its really only workflow improvements, and slightly better filters (can go up to 96db and even brickwall should you so desire) but theres no difference in sound quality.
  4. i miss this style of trance too a nice album!
  5. correct, but logic has a linear phase eq aswell, which would be the recommended option for filtering basslines; since linear phase gives you much more definition in the lows, and doesnt cause a phase shift (instead it adds latency and some pre-ringing in the first few ms.).
  6. Yes, those are very valid points. Perhaps an additional hp afterwards would be a great idea in those cases.
  7. Well. Don't take it so literal and harsh, it's just one guys opinion ^^ Do whatever you like to do mate!
  8. I'd still use the hp first, then whatever the saturation might bring back would be pleasant and also its up to you what you do with the saturation. But I wouldn't say one way is right another is wrong. I would also like to hp before the compressor and not after I'm not saying you're wrong or I'm right but it's probably fine both ways depending on what you plan to do with it.
  9. I'm not a mastering engineer just yet, but I did think it sounded very much too pumpy, and it took too much focus. Don't get hung up on that though The 303 isn't suitable for a psy bassline, I don't think it goes deep enough. But in the 90's, acid trance had it as the bassline too, iirc same as alot of the acid techno. Saturation is probably your best bet in beefing up the 303, after you high-pass it
  10. I don't think there's shady business going on, if there were I'm sure indoor may have a problem with it. It's just so damn strange why the official (with a verified mark) YouTube of cs would not mention them at all, while still writing the (incorrect?) credits, it drives me a little bonkers thinking about it And just out of curiosity what algorithm are you guys speaking of specifically?
  11. speaking of california sunshine and nasha. hadnt heard this in a bit =) probably the third time or something i post this over the years but, its just as good now as it was then. timeless^^ reminds me of the hypnotic nature of x-dream - zebra a remix has to happen.
  12. i dont really like their catalogue too much either, but nasha is nice. Id only really recommend tokyo underground* and jajo. but theres ofc more good tracks in there like x-wave, which is a bit (alot) tech-y similar to x-dream/delta type stuff * that one is 5/5 definitely ^^
  13. they are all probably very close colleagues like astral mentioned, but its strange they didnt mention indoor in the credits. you dont like Nasha either? thats a wonderful album imo. at least 4 tracks on there are very nice. jajo+tokyo underground
  14. yeah i just thought it was wierd, and not truly honest. Didnt mean to sound like an asshole btw
  15. but its california sunshines official youtube page, in the link in OP, and i dont see how that logic works (bad youtube titling). they didnt mention indoor in neither title nor description. it said "Written & produced by DJ Miko vs Patrick (PTX) vs Amir Dvir (Illumination)" when Indoor is Avi Algranati, Marko Goren, Ofer Dikovsky i thought that was curious, and presumably so did celarpio
  16. The first acid line just stuck out like a sore thumb, that one "off" note doesn't fit the groove to me. But the 7min acid was great and more fitting. And also close to the original. Great track tbh. So you process not different parts of the bassline, but different notes? That's probably why then, your basslines sound so freaking thick. I'm gonna try that next time. @recursion loop You also process each individual note? Damn, I guess that's the way to do it then
  17. haha ive always wondered this. "wait a minute why does this sound exactly like rain" and that youtube video is truly strange; why would they do that? only thing i can guess is they was given the track by indoor. and wasnt there one track that sounded very close to that yahel track or did i dream that. summer 89 remix? maybe not. either way, yes i have thought about this too.
  18. damn, that was nice!! he is really good at truly remixing an artists style I must say. He did very well with Hallucinogen too, even if that wasnt really a remix, it kinda was. edit: except i didnt think the 303 fit at all. but other than that it is really good.
  19. back on topic i also really miss the progressive stuff from 2003 and forward; like Vibrasphere. Like already mentioned, that style of progressive cannot really be beaten or at least- let me rephrase, i have not yet heard anything that has. Spirallianz was extremely popular here back then, and that was one example we used to toss around when dissing the current state of psytrance while crying about pleadians and astral Yes we were very childish about the matter. The first album that did start to turn me around, was i think Vibrasphere - Lime Structure; although i didnt listen to it until 05-06. Then I was sold. but i suppose it took a few years to accept that old school goa was dead, and learn to appreciate what was avaliable.
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