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  1. still one of the best neogoa tracks there ever was. nothing like his latest album where everything sounds crap mcfly. this at least had the kick going down the fundamental vs the new shit who cut that shit off using a shitty filter. Got damn im angry over that. This genius made this track then he made the latest almost 10 years later. What happened? How can you go backwards my dude? This was your peak this and Filtertraces/Wormhole and the rest of that album... Im sad and happy at the same time. Im happy you made this but sad you stop making this
  2. Very well done. You should offer transcription as a service to people.
  3. Who disappointed you? That's the most interesting thing to me cause I assume everyone does well and when they don't that's interesting innit
  4. @artifact303 what a treat to get both filteria and artifact303 on the forum in such a small window of time.. Its rare to say the least. Thanks for your commentary.
  5. nice. mastering seems very good, its loud and punchy and doesnt seem to suffer from neither distortions nor aliasing. musically its very groovy and driving. it has a swedish progressive vibe to it, but more melodius. theres a lead melody arp that sounds a bit like a sylenth1 preset that could probably need some more work. kick and bass is nice, hihats, and percussion are nice. the acid that comes in after a while is very nice also. sonically theres plenty of punch, sub and depth, compared to many pro tracks it sounds better.. allinall i think youre very much onto something here and would look forward to more. i like when the sonic palette fills the whole spectrum, not high passed like some other music are these days, people are so afraid of sub nowadays...
  6. Never knew prana had a doof remix. Sounds just as good as one would thought
  7. since i have the album i decided to upload the tracks i like most in a medley, since they couldnt be found on ytube 00:00 Ooze - Whats Up 09:25 Blake C - Pieces 16:25 SBK - Sonderzug 22:49 Spacefish - Stardust 28:46 Alien Mutation - Fistfull of Dub 36:12 Etnica - Trip Tonite (Playa Remix)
  8. this is a great album! My fav are: Blake C - Pieces Spacefish - Stardust Ooze - Whats up Alien Mutation - Fistfull of dub Etnica - Triptonite (playa remix) Unfortunately i couldnt find this comp on youtube. It's a great one.
  9. this is amazing. did you write it yourself? it sounds almost exactly like the original down to the hihat rolls. sounds just like you got a midi and replaced the sounds, thats how good it is. curious how you made this. its very impressive if you did just copy it and wrote it yourself by ear, and how you got so close to the original, compositionally. Its almost uncanny. Like you were Simon but replaced all instruments with orchestral versions.
  10. No probs as I said, I thank you, its a great track and rekindled my love for vibe tribe. That's also how I found it, just searched vibe tribe in discogs and tried the tracks from those years. And I knew it was vibe tribe when I heard it, just hadn't heard that track before.
  11. is that just outside Stadsbiblan? Have a great summer / trip!
  12. just a day in my beautiful hometown of Malmö Sweden, today we may reach the warmest day ever! well over 35 deg (record is 38.4 i think)
  13. speaking of filteria recently. just cant get enough of these two tracks. its perfection near lone deranger and dancing galaxy. pleiadians ifo and all of their compilation tracks are not as good as these... these are right next to AP and Simon, imo.... + filtertraces. i honestly think ive listened to these tracks more than i have astral and hallucinogen. so it must be at least 500 times each. easy.
  14. Thank you. I was really starting to feel gaslighted, since i got backlash from both youtube and here (albeit expectedly as anything "negative" these days seems sensitive for many), that my speakers are bad, my hearing is bad, etc. And even the legend himself adressed me both here and on youtube, which I am honored for, but sadly its for this circumstance.. And I will forever be perplexed how He himself doesnt hear the drastic reduction in sound quality from Daze to the latest. Its honestly quite flabbergasting.. Anyway. ah yes, to whittle on a porch listening to lone deranger seems like paradise. That and Dancing Galaxy are the only cds I still own and won't ever let go of. But @technosomyI think youre mistaken. Most people here if not everyone is well in their 30s and 40s.. I honestly dont think young people even visit forums, at all, these days. That is, unless of course you think That is young and youre like 50-60? Speaking of shrooms, soon is the season to be merry!
  15. Echo chamber meaning "everyone else" thinks this album sounds awesome, including artist himself, but me. Seems like I'm just not agreeing with anyone on the topic of Mr jannis' new album. That's what I meant. Or, I'm the only one speaking about it, I'm positive I'm not completely alone, there must be someone agreeing with me, somewhere. That's all I meant. And I never ever claimed it was software, and even if it was it could still sound amazing. I said it sounded like it, it had that old school software "tint" on it. I'm thankful for filterias input on it, but it doesn't change what it sounds like to me and I just feel gaslighted tbh. Enough here please I don't want to argue with anyone anymore.
  16. Another person who expects me to lie to myself, to not believe what I'm hearing. When I damn well can hear it any other time, I'm expected to change my ears cause the guy explains it? THAT doesn't make sense. I don't want to start drama, but noone can ever tell me what I'm hearing is incorrect cause I can verify my hearing on a multitude of works. I don't care if its the artist himself or a forum mod that tells me I'm wrong, I simply know I'm not, and I can verify it. So whatever you wanna say, I don't care. And you can have your little echo chamber if you want to. I'm not gonna play. And I've been more than polite with my comments previously on YouTube and on the filteria thread. I don't need to go through it here aswell. Plus I've said like 10 times he's my favorite artist. What more do you want. I won't ever be an echo.
  17. I don't care anymore. And you're wrong. I've made 2 posts on YouTube. And there's nothing you nor ukiro can say, filternaut sounds like shit. But I will forever be your biggest fan, daze for me is epitome of neo goa. But all I hear now from you is excuses. And honestly I'm over it. Ha det bra min vän, hoppas du hittar tillbaka igen så småningom.
  18. Haha once someone get a correct answer then it gets buried. Yo, op, this is the one bro and it's amazing and my thanks to you for making me finding it
  19. Evolution can also go backwards. The waves was strong around the khetzal and filteria times, and lets not forget the global sect times, artifact303, cosmic dimension, and more. But then there's deevolution. Things got worse and not better. Artifact303 - feelings in 2008 was the peak,then Mindsphere (his first album of his trilogy) and filteria daze was the highpoint. For global sect this was space of power. After that, it started going down. Sound quality even affected artifact303 on his released on GS, and, even how hard it is to say, even filteria at suntrip with his latest album. Only matter of time til you also start hearing whatever I'm hearing, and the sound quality that has dissipated over time. It's a shame and I feel I'm done with neo goa, since every release these days sounds plastic fantastic software tonality. I don't care. I'm just sad. There's goa and psytrance from the late 90s and early 00s that actually sounds better sound quality wise than some of the latest releases, sadly even artifact303 and filteria has been affected. I thought all you could go were up, from Daze and Back to space. But, it seems you could go down from there.. And that will always break my heart don't care what you say. So I'm done I'm not waiting on anything anymore and I don't care about evolution, cause its been nothing but deevolution since daze and back to space. Goa died with these albums. Your plastic high-passed productions you currently make doesn't even count, sounds like shit. I'd forever take hallucinogen, astral, filteria up until daze, artifact303 up until its suntrip release, and every other old school artist like x dream and mwnn, over any of the plastic shit being released these days. Just listen to filteria filternaut and if you can't hear the software tone then you're completely hopeless and couldn't tell a turd from a flower. Evolution? Hell no. It stopped at early to mid 2010s Artifact303 - feelings still is the king of neo goa, sharing spot with khetzals first album and filteria - daze, artifact303 - back to space After that, no evolution
  20. skip to 3,40 - from there it is a match to the video clip you posted. Hellofa track
  21. Yesssss. That's what I've been missing. More more moreeeeee Although it's a rather simple track and the main melody gets a bit tiresome after a while but idc, new astral music in a time like this feels like a blessing. Does this mean the album is just 10 years away now???
  22. Avatar is one of my all time favorite movies.. Ive probably seen it 6 times by now. It just takes me to another dimension, and another time. Cant wait for the sequel, the first movie ended with the biggest cliffhanger in history
  23. progressive when the 303 gets it all the way there, and the KnB just hits right ...
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