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  1. i should have made my list recent too, i thought, then i thought some more and realised that IS my recent list hehe. the old stuff is hard to just stop listening to all together. 'sweet list btw, cool addition with the afterthoughts .. and I fully agree on your sentiment on Sunshine, that is also my favorite track off of genesis. I think. But in contrast to you, i actually really like that album, and think many tracks on there sound really interesting and very unique sound indeed. Why? amongst others. Sunshine is for sure the easiest to like on the album.
  2. i certainly like these topics.. i love to see what people write down, and to recognise music you also love. or give you brand new artists/tracks to discover. Its a cool thing to see. and i also know its human nature to write lists so please, have fun. so my intention was to create a list that has 10 tracks, each with an artist you think is worthy of belonging in a top 10. I realise you probably have 50 artists you wanna put there (I do). So just make it a recent list, or whatever your memory comes up with. and by favorite i dont mean the best. So it can be that quirky track that noone likes but you. Or whatever. or it IS the best one. dont matter. Just dont use the same tracks as those in the top 3 from top 3 topic no inbound order btw! 1. Man With No Name - Quietman - The sleeper remix (Axis Flip still the best ) 2. Cosmosis - Moonshine 3. Infected Mushroom - Spaniard 4. Filteria - Filtertraces (Abstract Dream Remix) 5. Artifact303 - For a better world 6. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Klunk 7. Astral Projection - The Nexus 8. Vibrasphere - Thermal Twist (the single best progressive trance track there is ) 9. California Sunshine - Tokyo Underground 10. Blue Planet Corporation - Alidade I put the one in Bold letters as the best one in the list.. so please do that too, i think it adds another layer into it
  3. I'm not a huge fan of his first two albums either, they are a bit on the chaotic side. With daze the mixing got really really good and I think this one was a few years after daze, so he was a bit experimental with this release but I think he nailed it. Then with lost in the wild the chaos came back again unfortunately, but lost is still great not just as good as this or Daze
  4. personally i love the fun but compettive aspect of a remix competition. would this be of interest? theres alot of amateurs and pros here, so it could be a very cool mishmash of results... just checking if that is something anyone else would find fun. (so for example a random track that everyone tries to remix to the best of their ability in a given timeframe; and then a judge chooses a winner we had somehting like this going all the time back in the early 2000s on a forum i used to frequent then.. and it was alot of fun!
  5. it was allight a bit eventless but nice sound quality. i prefer that space monkey track similar style but a bit more digital sounding than this. anyway, time for some oldie but goldie it didnt age that great tho. just sounds dated now. IIRC eizen engineered the track on an Atari back then. so not bad at all (did use alot of outboard gear though , obviously)
  6. wow so freaking good!! the ending part was so gorgeous too, that melody.... reminds me of that paul oakenfold tune "ready steady go" edit 3 days later: omg this is amazing mixing is a bit murky if i am being technical but its extremely minor, but it does adjust the grade from perfect to near perfect
  7. one of his absolute finest works! up there with filter traces, easily. and i love how underrated it is i remember many shunning it when it came out. .. :p guess its too "trancy" and "cheesy" for some , but i adore those type of cheesy key changes if done in a sofisticated way. well done mr. filteria. i imagine i would go nuts over this track back in my e days of the early 00s
  8. i have huuuuge respect for this album too, nice review @Jon Cocco
  9. ok so on youtube, every single version is really quiet. So i doublechecked and the Cd is actually quiet too. here is a 2019 version of one of my favorites, Zebra.
  10. thought of an album that is also from 98 and sounds very high tech... sun project - macrophage. superb sound quality.
  11. sweet, nice to see some love for the guy. @Blubber im gonna check those tracks out as ive not heard them yet (the she-va tracks) thanks
  12. one of yahels finest .... if not, THE wish someone would remix this... it needs more versions.....
  13. those tracks are really nice btw, the ones from material music. i checked a couple on youtube. it feels like they make an homage to the world of psychedelic trance with their music. i think thats really cool. i dont think at all in terms of stealing or even borrowing. for goatrance, its such a small genre everyone can recycle everything as far as im concerned. its a long way to go for a melody or a tune to become over-saturated. (one of those that has; is that freaking e-rection - out there we are stoned track. feels like that one has like 20 remixes from big names.... and just why in the hell did x-dream put TWO freaking mixes of it on their latest album when there were room for remixes of Brain forest which is a track alot of people arent even familiar with and has amazing remix potential)
  14. forgot to mention the actual tracks. some of those i mentioned were in fact remixes. so please allow me to give you the accurate titles aled mann - flashback (george hales remix) andy moor - halcyon (alex morph remix) pz
  15. @psytoneswhos that? that sounds quite nice =) reminds me of euro prog goa from early 2000s like spirallianz and the likes.
  16. @staffan noice das efx- change was my jam. and just generally that whole album is amazing when i started making beats that was one of the first ones i tried to recreate cause the sample was easy enough to recreate and the beat is rather simple. good times. also, gangstarr is one of my favorites too. Full Clip... but the best productions he made, was with Afu-Ra, though, not gangstarr. IMHO.
  17. i finally remembered the track i was scattering my brain over... that reminds me of silicon sound, and is actually GOOD full on, borderline cheesy while not being cheesy. i hope you enjoy this one as much as i do. production quality is excellent, although youtube quality on this one is so-so. Unfortuneately there are two versions, one at 7.37 and one at 8.48 (i think) and that one sounds way different. but they are titled exactly the same. anyway
  18. not sure we had a topic about this guy? a bit of a strange one. cant think of anyone sounding like this. and im not sure even what to classify it as. Well, its obviously Goatrance. and thats about it. i really like some of his stuff curious if you guys even heard of him (although im sure you did) also googling biot with site:psynews.org brings up at least one interview and one review. he doesnt score very high in production quality though, it sounds a bit strange. but for what it is, and the time period, and the music being very interesting at least; i think its fine to sound a bit off. Oxygen Orgasm is a VERY fine tune, though, probably the best one.
  19. oh wow psychedelic. i too, adore Vocal Trance (and to some extent Progressive Trance/Euphoric Trance) and those are nice ones. do you recognise these? aled mann - flashback castenada - oceanborn ashley wallbridge - i believe andy moor - halcyon red flag - pacific memory m3 - bailamos duende - amor de dios i used to listen to DI.FM vocal trance channel back in 2007-2013 when i played wow like 8 hours per day.
  20. seems really really nice =) downtempo is not my forte but i had to chime in to say that the production quality is really high nice one
  21. One thing I've noticed that not alot of artists do (that I know of) is that his climactic melodies are near exact same patterns as the bassline. Or exactly in some tracks. That should be lazy but he makes it work really well. Then ofc his sampling is rather simple and straight forward and again, he just makes it work. I think the simplistic style is what makes it easy to love. What you see is what you get. Or rather, hear.
  22. yes. i wish i still had that tape labelled "RAVE" on it. that would be one of my highest wishes... to just have that tape, go back and never come back again.... i guess thats a bit morbid though... to this day i still remember the pitch errors that tape had; it was wobbly and went up and down in pitch and i thought that was the way it was supposed to sound... it was almost musical; in that it took like 30 sec to go up a full note then down again. so it was a very slow pitch shift, but still. i thought it was like it was supposed to sound... somehow it made it all the more magical......
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