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  1. i seem to remember it was black with green neon text or something similar to that. easy on the eyes and a bit oldschool html i guess.
  2. Talamasca had not yet released zodiac and his set had teasers. Infected played classics like psycho I distinctly remember that, so had to be 2002-2003 that I was there
  3. that'd probably be the ultimate supergroup not gonna lie. Fuel on is one of the great classics edit: in fact that was on the casette tape i brought to arvika festilval in .. i dont even remember the year. saw infected and talamasca there thats about as much as i remember great times.
  4. edit: no it was psydb, but the site looks nothing like it used to, looks ugly as heck now what happened to it
  5. yeah that album is insane. literally a best of goa right there
  6. Thanks. youre not wrong, i am not really all that right in the head at times, but who is. Ive been here before though, than 2015 on other users. But thats the past. No I dont think i have a bond with nhjo or anyone else, but as far as suicide go its far to real to me to disregard as a troll or such. Pz bro
  7. what i always hated about that place is that it NEVER had the sample-ids i was looking for. or maybe it wasnt that place... not sure if it was maybe it wasnt
  8. i think there is already a topic on this somewhere but who cares mine was in 95, was 13 years old and bought "Cyberspace vol 4" without a clue on what it was. Contained some stuff from Bassline Baby and Mindfield for example. It wasnt until 98 i learned that it was something called Goatrance, and Spiritual Healing Rmx was my intro to that amongs others, basically it was the Goa-Head vol 5 cd on casette tape, and it actually took a few years from that until i learned what the album was. Its so cool to stumble onto something you will love for the rest of your life, just by accident. i remember the years from 95-98 - i desperately tried to find something similar to the cyberspace cd i had; and bought stuff from the techno shelves and stuff cause i really didnt know where to look ended up with a thunderdome cd (that was awful) a rave mission cd (was nice) and a ravermeister cd (was bad) thinking it could be what i was looking for but nope... wasnt. one day at a summerjob i had back then i had by a chance the sony walkman with me and a guy that was kinda like my supervisor asked what i was listening to; and i showed him and he said" oh, i have this at home this is goa trance" pretty much, and that was the end of my search. he was the one who told me about it and found out much later it was the goa-head vol5 cd
  9. no idea who it is, still. (pavel, that is, and where the proof is that it is him) k. that dont make it ok. guess im the silly one for not getting it and not laughing at it like you. but i wont ever be like that, it could be real and for that alone, i will always act as if it was real so to me its hardly funny which jokes? that it is radi? i mean i can almost bet money its not radi simply from his youtube videos alone. sometimes i dont understand this place at all.
  10. ive seen some of radis old youtube videos cant be him
  11. who is pavel edit: and if its a troll, then trolling about suicide is so far off the map i cant even put it to words, if its true whoever you are then youve lost all respect from me at least. and i do appreaciate a good troll. but there are boundaries you do not cross and suicide is one of them. i was looking up Korean suicide hotlines for about an hour (and even tried calling) before i gave up when i couldnt reach anyone.
  12. You almost sound insulted lol And for reference, im 37 and bought the first goa cd in 95, am I allowed to comment sir? And it wasn't really underground where I come from (Malmö) in fact it was pretty much mainstream from 96 and onward, until about 2001-2003 when it died out in favor for progressive psy
  13. the real question in this thread is, where is Radi? someone pls bring him back. i hope he didnt felt bullied and left cause of it. anyway.. we need people like radi and nhjo in the world, lets be nicer
  14. that asia2001 cover was really funny. looks like someone with no computer graphics experience at all had a deadline; panicked, and desperately tought himeself how to do it via Altavista in 2 hours; then used the last 2 hours of the deadline to actually produce it
  15. Blue planet corporation, chi-ad, and human blue.
  16. Ephedra and Nova Fractal Just gorgeous emotions, melodies, 303s.. Definitely one of my favs from this decade! And this one (which is to me his 3rd best track edit: almost forgot to mention Artifact303 - For a better world. Id say thats the nr 1 spot. It was so obvious to me i forgot to mention it lul
  17. not sure how me visiting or taking pictures would prove/disprove anything
  18. phoscyon is the best one from just hearing it and comparing to the rest, havent yet got it.. but it definetely sounds better than ABL2 which still sounds pretty good. albeit thin.
  19. @Tsotsi awesome, glad another one found out about his glorious simple but effective music. Effective in that it provokes the emotion it intends to provoke, simple in that some of the sounds is not mindblowing. Common Cold and Connect are amazing.
  20. awesome.. ive always loved e-mantra so much for his really personal style. this sounds just incredible although im more a fan of his uptempo stuff
  21. its like the nilaya (or maybe its not nilaya hmm) edit: its like every AP break lul but yes its great i havent heard this track in forever and only heard it once, so nice for reminding me of its existence
  22. does it have to be psy? (fuck, whe are in " General Psy " ) i have too many to choose from. but if i have to put one based on the mood am at now, id prob pick this it promotes the swedish attitude, the swedish psytrance sound perfected (sweden created much of the "boring" progressive psy that killed goa) but for this track i dont think you can get atmosphere, 303s, sound quality, melody, and feeling all rolled into one much better
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