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  1. i like acid, especially Acid Trance (ex: Earthbound Essence of life Trance version), is one of my most fav genres still. And ofc Goa where the Acid is just right. i.e SUN project - I feel for the more Goa style, and Bassline Baby- Altered states for the more Trance style. Btw, You said Fiery Dawn is a newcomer, thats not quite accurate 😃 well i guess thats a matter of opinion, but iirc he made some music back in 2014 also and has continued to make some music since. Thanks for your review and please do more.
  2. I like the GoaD track slayer303. Most of the others were a little over the top. I was most surprised of the hyonocoxk track.. Didn't sound like him at all.. Acid is great when it fits, but acid just for the sake of it.. Meh... Not quite my flavor. The Antidot vs DICA track was also pretty good
  3. sorry to hear that. sometimes i get annoyed with myself also.
  4. no reason, just what ive seen on youtube shorts where she just dances behind the dj desk 😃
  5. bump still looking for this glorious sample. i did end up asking him through email or whatever it was, but i did not get an answer 😛
  6. youre a king! thats exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much!
  7. does nobody listen to local music files anymore 😃
  8. and gorgeous she is! but can she dj? probably not ^^ daddys little girl i guess. "she can do anything!" but its very cool she seems to love their music. he probably brainwashed her with their tones since birth aaaanyhoo how about that new mahadeva remix
  9. Ap set, probably some teasers in here from their coming album 🫡
  10. i still listen to and adore Amen from 2003. So if this new album is anywhere close to that, I look forward to another 20 years of sonic bliss Ive watched all their clips from youtube shorts, and there are some very interesting tracks here, so its looking good! im kind of excited! even though its really hard to get excited these days, at 42 😅
  11. Now that I think about it, it may have been beatport, and not Bandcamp. But the rest remains the same.
  12. Okay. I suppose they changed that then? This happened in 2020 I believe so it's more than possible they've changed the way they do things since then.
  13. Couldn't you revert back to where it said "Astralprojection and 5 others liked this" for example. That was a good system. Iirc it went away same time the "user level" went away. Spiraling vortex and all that stuff. Even though it was meaningless I kinda miss that
  14. What I mean is, they'd have very lossy versions that you can listen to for free. And when you buy the album you get the lossless version. The logic being that if it sounds too good for free, people won't buy the lossless version. Which ofc is very faulty logic but yes, that's what the label told the artist to do. Iiirc he wanted 96k bitrate mp3s for Bandcamp, and then lossless flac for when you buy it, also from Bandcamp ofc. Hope it's clearer now Anyway, I've seen that quite a few times, that the sound quality of the free streaming versions are very poor
  15. Why are there so many versions of this.. It's confusing. But there's only one real version IMHO. Doof - youth of the galaxy vinyl version 07:23 Doof - youth of the galaxy final demand mix 08:00 Doof - youth of the galaxy 06:47 Doof - yoof of the galaxy 08:27
  16. It's kinda hilarious to read these old reviews from the early 2000s. It's sometimes unfathomable. Anyway, Leo is clearly the best track off of this album ^^ Kansur is nice but it's very cheesy. Leo is the only track without a side order of double cheese and bacon
  17. X dream - zebra Delta - as a child.. C.o.p - fairy in the dragon forest X dream - our own happiness X dream - radio X dream - thorazine
  18. IMHO yes. Mostly it is 128kbit mp3 quality, cause the artist or label want people to buy the "full quality" and have really bad quality for the streams. Poor decision imo. Also illogical. One album I mastered for a person, said the label asked him to get low quality masters for band camp, just to have people buy the high quality versions. I did not comply to that and I explained to the artist how I thought it didn't make sense.. Better it sounds great at first listen, then the listener is much more inclined to buy, rather than it sounds like crap at bandcamp. Also, I'm not sure what kind of bitrate bandcamp uses. I know soundcloud uses pretty damn lossy compression for free users. (128kbit iirc) which makes the hihats and high end generally sound poor.
  19. currently i use foobar2000 cause it has excellent asio support in case i want to listen thru the audio interface with bit-perfect playback and all that jazz. but if i wanna listen to lets say 6 folders of music, and put it all to repeat, same track can come again and again. which is really annoying. if a track is played, i want that track to be flagged to not play again in that session. to my knowledge Winamp did just that.. i guess i should go back to winamp? oh, and also in foobar2000, if you hit forward, the next random track plays which is expected, but if you hit Back - it just stops. so clearly its not made to listen to folders of music. Any tips? edit: im sorry, i dont mean repeat i mean RANDOM
  20. final product sounds really good! even on bandcamp. coverart is great, it has that 12bit flair to it
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