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  1. still looking for someone to collab with email: "collab@aeap.se"
  2. Moonshine and Spores from Space is enough reason to come back to this album every now and again. Truly masterpieces. Completely unique sound and such musical perfection - i rank those tracks as highly as i would ap, simon, x-dream or pretty much any other of the very greats. And what a wonderful chap mr Billy is, aswell. album 8.9/10, those two songs 10/10+
  3. These basslines are all similar in alot of ways, not just from 1 artist to another but in the entirety of current mainstream psytrance. Everything must be so damn clicky. Even the kick can't just be a kick no more it has to be layerd with some kind of hihat or even snare. And since the production is so surgical, it feels like all those tracks sound the same to me, I've complained about this before. Everything has become so digitally perfect, there's literally nowhere else to go with this "exact" sounds scape where everything has its exact place in the frequency, as well as perfect phase cohesion between kicks, snares, bass, leads. It's just become to overly surgical and lifeless to my taste. I don't blame the artists - technically what they are achieving is very impressive, but more often then not the soul and character of the music fades away and it can be virtually impossible to tell the difference between many current pay artists. Some of their tracks could easily have been someone else's and vice versa. Sure I'm damn near 40 it's no wonder my ears "miss" the more organic and unique sound each artist used to have - imperfections alike. Cosma, silicon sound, early astrix, protoculture, sonic species, ticon even son kite could all be easily told apart. But the current generation I'm not sure what the Heck is going on with the sound, only that it's going backwards.... When technically I guess its going forward but to what cost?? I just feel the music suffers alot with the see "pixel perfect" mixes that makes it hard to distinguish one artist from another..
  4. "contenst" Strange thing to spell an artwork wrong. edit: i mean its a major label, isnt it wierd to have the artwork spelled wrong? sorry for the offtopic just thought that was a bit funny
  5. i think i made a topic about this some years ago but its time for a reboot ^this sounds like 64kbit mp3 but the music is absolutely incredible, give it a chance; 1:51 and onwards - just insanity thats just three of the tracks he made, but it was never released and i think its justified someone like Draeke but for trance, let this guy get his music across in high def, and high quality. its such amazing music, and if i die today; then all i want left is for this guy to have his album be released. well that and the re-remix of spiritual healing. its the best trance ive ever heard in my life. and it only exists in this mp3 <128kb format. someone please contact him and make this happen. please i mean Suntrip did it for Crossing Mind. Draeke made it happen for the lost pleiadian dats. So theres someone out there who should do it for Solarforce. This trance right here is to me better than any other trance including goa trance, that exists today. Im sure if someone comes with the right money/carrot - its game over.
  6. havent watched movies in a looong time, but very recently i decided i wanna watch the John Wick and Equaliser series. Pretty decent but the sequels were so-so. I think i liked the equaliser sequels more than the John Wick ones- that whole "over the table, under the table" thing kinda got a bit wierd towards the sequels there, but Denzel is always a pleasure to watch , him destroying his opponents. I feel keanu is similarly pleasant but yeah they got a bit wierd.. The first john wick however is a really cool movie. But i liked all three equaliser movies kinda the same i think. Any other really good revenge style movies like that? speaking of john wick 1 this is a really cool clip, with music from perturbator. awesome synthwave stuff pictured with the mayhem of john wick; spoofing the video game Hotline Miami which i had never heard of or played - but it just Works. song starts 00:53
  7. https://www.discogs.com/release/80005-Various-Goa-Head-Vol-5 i dont think theres a single compilation that has more good tracks than this oforia - maximiser the delta - as a child i could .. slide - alien hitmen infernal machine - the loin sleeps.. green nuns - klunk cosmosis - moonshine astral - soundform hallucinogen - gamma goblins 2 juan domi jorg - spiritual healing rmx sun project - spaceships and spacepeople all on one single album, kinda crazy.
  8. One of the most faithful remixes. Shitty mp3 quality just makes it better in this case.
  9. just wanted to share; its from the movie: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108324/ https://www.aeap.se/tmp/tears.wav what is really cool is the sample says "tears of those who loved THEM". but the song says "tears of those who loved ME" . so thats a bit of cool sample work there
  10. just thought "they are a planet" didnt make much sense, but yeah i do hear the same as you. Damn wonder what the movie could be. It took me about 15 years to find the sampel for "ozaka oz - real nightmare" and i hope this isnt one of those scenarios :p
  11. from what i can hear she says something along the lines of "they're memories. and the memories arent even mine". "there/they're a planet that i never walked on. and war/words such cruelty i cant concieve." that sentence makes very little sense so its either chopped up or my ears needs a checkup. or both 05:22
  12. mastering is really cheap these days, like 15-50 eur per track. some do it for free though; just to try to get the name out there a bit
  13. why cant you discuss taste? i think thats the most fun thing to discuss, honestly. i love happy music and i love Afgins happy music at that! this album was just mixed a bit weird for my taste; and thats okay cause taste is different from person to person, and discussing that should be welcomed, not "you cant discuss taste"
  14. i just wish it didnt sound so clinically perfect. that would make the music more interesting.
  15. i dont listen to forest or dark but i really like the soundscape of this one, the quality is really good.
  16. im not gonna lie, i was in shock. A recreation of the JD800 is something Ive been dreaming about since at least 2012. Then they made it in software earlier this year, and I was really hyped - but it requires a Pro membership to Roland Cloud so f that. Then this came out last night and holy crap. What a dream to be alive. Yall better start making some old school 90s goa now, you got no reason not too, the JD800 is like the Father of goa trance or something. I will likely never afford it regardless of its very very accesible price of 400 dollars. Or at least that is what I could find so far- it seems not a price is really set yet?
  17. cool i thought it was an additional track left out, plus that morphic swap.
  18. this made me wanna install Call of Cthulu and see if there is any cool samples in there
  19. it is silly but im personally glad it was left off the filteria vinyl as i feel its one of those tracks that are just played out
  20. out of curiousity, which track got booted off the comp? I didnt see the previous tracklist.
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