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  1. would also like a track list! there are some tracks there i really just gotta know who it is its driving me nuts not remembering most of these tracks ive not heard for 10+ years thanks man i think theres one shakta and one cosmosis in there =)
  2. it has broadened a bit; and i can appreciate good things in music now; that i wouldnt have say 10 years ago. even if the style isnt really to my liking. so thats a very good thing that comes with age i suppose =) but not really changed. i still like the same stuff i always did. the "dislike" pile has shrunk alot though
  3. id say our species is like a stubborn teenager. not very brilliant. but sometimes it works out ok.
  4. haha is that really the way it was released? completely destroyed but such an incredible track holy wow
  5. Nooshere - carpe noctem Akanoid - sundance (damn still not on youtube, someone gotta do something about that ) Space cat - deep rising Just 3 that pop to mind not usually that common but superb
  6. Mindfield - let's get stoned and watch the freaks Cosmosis - moonshine Juan - spiritual healing Ap - dancing galaxy / tryptomine dream Hallucinogen - gamma goblins 2 Pleiadians - antidote (bpc remix) Bpc - alidade California sunshine - jajo edit: my list is so boring
  7. i think the mixing is a bit boxy and midrangey; could probably mix in a bit more sub-bass and also the top end seem to be missing.
  8. Please lior, don't master it yourself like you did Amen. Let it be done by someone else we need that. And also don't use whoever mastered goa classix... That thing was broken..
  9. THIS IS "NEW OLD SCHOOL" 100%. WOW never heard the name sykespico before (again ignorance on my part) and just blown away by the supreme quality of the old school vibes. musically it seems extremely engaging already at first listen. have to come back to this later on . gonna give it the time this album deserves before i say anything else =) just wow
  10. Don't forget to take extra vitamin b1, b6 and b12 with all that booze <3
  11. 2019 so far has been quite nice I'd say for goa. Dying? Maybe. But will it ever die fully? Ofc not. I guess like Tsotsi said ppl aren't engaging that much anymore but it is what it is
  12. ive only ever heard one pair of fostex. ugly as hell, almost uncomortable feeling like those worker radio/noise cancelling things. (thats a bit of an overstatement perhaps they were quite more comfortable than that) but the sound was indeed excellent so i cant say much more about fostex than that. although im very familiar overall with their high regard. and i would love to try out other pairs. i also dislike the beyers , with a passion. same with Audio technica. I cannot understand how people enjoy that kind of piercing grainy treble. and booooooooomy bass overshadowing everything else. the k712 i have are made in Slovakia iirc. they were never made in china; thats the k702/701. i never did hear the Hd600 but i have a strong feeling i would like that much more over hd650.
  13. Easy to correct, and with proper amping they have excellent full body sound and detail last you for days. I prefer it way more over their sennheiser and beyer cousins. (HD650 and DT990) I don't really care too much about frequency response myself, it's more the depth and impact aswell as detail I'm interested in, and these happen to have that in abundance when u supply enough juice. With improper amping I find they sound shrill and lifeless. And with 64 ohm and 93db/spl they both need a very low output impedance aswell as q. uite some milliwatts. Reason I take offense in you calling them garbage I guess is slightly childish. I just know them to not be garbage that's all, and I pride myself on having decent ears. Also there is this huge discrepancy about amping that I really don't want to get into a discussion about Ofc they don't have anything on the audeze for listening pleasure but I only ever heard the lcd-x. Surely I pick the audeze in that case but for mastering/referencing even WITH the frequency balance being out of whack the detail takes it home for me and the near - speaker experience.
  14. wow very cool music. Totally pleiadians-esque aswell as artifact303 on so many of the bubbly/creamy leads. Very well done! =) so for production quality and mixing skills id give you a very very high grade ill have to come back later to comment on the actual writing/story of the music. Seems very good though at first listen. I already like this album alot . Jesus the production is stellar, havent heard this quality since Back to space. yep. Ego Structures my fav for now. and damn it sounds so close to artifact at least many elements of it. which is very impressive; as i would consider artifact the king of new school software production skills.^^ edit: no mechanotronic is my new fav. Wow. Hallucinogen LSD anyone? (that one part) and tons of artifact and i fully adore it ive been waiting on this 4/5 so far. this my friends is new school goa at its finest. a must get. im buying it. probably write some more things about the music later. maybe. edit: id say its just as good as artifact (quality), radical distortion and e-mantra (which are the three i think it sounds closest too) and i never heard of JaraLuca before (ignorance on my part) so thats quite something and im a little blown away by how good it sounds. track after track. edit: changed to 4/5 as i feel the 5 is reserved only for masterpieces and im not sure if it is yet.
  15. OK thanks so much for that extremely valuable input now I know the k712 are garbage.
  16. man this thread was a fun ride im a bit of an audiofool myself although i keep telling myself im not and that im smart and that eveyrthing i believe is true anyway i definitely like my SRH940 for goatrance. the bass is super punchy and very subby. but eons away from overly abundent. in fact bass heads seem to think this is a bass-shy headphone which i find incredibly strange. its just right. however Filterias music seem to sound a bit bass shy on them not a diss btw :O treble is clear as heck and you hear everything. there is however a bit of a "sound" to them that makes them sound a bit "niche". the k712 from akg is a different story; they have a muddy midbass bump - that is annoying asf but can be EQ corrected quite a bit. and the bass detail on these is the best ive heard on anything really. can hear pitch on these in the sub region like no other. treble is nice and detailed and very natural; but do have a slight bump that again can be eq corrected. Sonarworks has a great k712 profile if you use it at 40% mix. the worst part about the k712 is that they require a fusion reactor that cost as much as the can itself. the sennheiser ie8 has an amazing sound for an IEM - it sounds almost like a normal headphone. and a good normal headphone at that. very relaxed sound, wide soundstage, clear and detailed, but slight mud to the midbass same as k712. didnt try eq them yet. the worst part about the ie8 is that they are BOOOOOMY. but they have a bass control that at the lowest possible setting make them sound good enough in the bass range to be acceptable. they are also the most comfortable in ear headphone ive had. the dac im using is either the UR22 or the dragonfly red. yep its been a good year for me! so much candy ive been able to find for cheap.
  17. i agree (from viewing the youtube clip) that psychrobatic is an excellent dj and his skills are superb very creative and fun to listen to.
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