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  1. No way! What if we all died tomorrow. It's never too late.
  2. hmm, thats right.. it wasnt. But i did have it on cd back then, where did i even get it from ? 🤔 i mean tetrahedron. oh well, maybe not, it was a while ago. im not really that interested in pirate places but i suppose if thats the only way ? then thats the only way. im curious though, where did the pirates from back then, get it from? what is the original source? i guess is my question. im talking 98-00 around that time. i think i used either napster or audiogalaxy or some sht like that back then to get the most goa trance tracks. really curious where they ripped it from... thanks mantra604
  3. can anyone please share the original track Pentagone - (yes that was it was called back then) before Daft Records got a hold of it. i have it on one of my cds from way back then, but its destroyed, no cd player will read it anymore. It's from the late 90s or early 00s, don't remember. on youtube its nowhere to be found either discogs you say? well its a mess everything is daft records now.
  4. Amen 😂 80% of originals are better than new remasters. BTW antonomasia is an underrated track. I like it more than most of pleiadians tracks. The Auracle version sounds so much better than the dat records version. Hard to even compare.
  5. It's one of the worst AP tracks in 10+ years.. Literally one melody repeating over and over and over. This track is god awful. Deep? Harmonic? Beautiful? Dafuq. But that's funny. One forum but people on completely opposite sides.
  6. this really does put things in perspective. sadly, the end result is not very amusing to learn. i think some people have alot to be sorry for. and to come clean about. youre making it into a joke, well, i guess im the only one here who doesnt think its funny what so ever. and ofc @RTP. to me, this dude is probably dead. to yall, hes just a joke and not even real. or? is there a middleground? Yeah for sure its NHJO who is everybody, ha-ha.
  7. psytrance? so not goa... new? maybe not . more like 10 years ago. but it does pop out in a 3d fashion, to me at least. @3:58 and beyond
  8. crank 2 - high voltage https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1121931/
  9. alot of the tracks posted here arent even close to 303.. spores from space by cosmosis? what? miranda - groom lake bassline baby - altered states
  10. its a good one. i had it in my tape deck when at arvika 2003 (or was it 2004) so it was part of the mood at the tents for sure
  11. bump the film Pusher (denmark) has a track from koxbox. It might be fuel on, dont remember of the top of my head.
  12. thats one of the legendary compilations
  13. ofc its him. and he was suicidal. i think he actually is dead but who knows. only imba and reger thought he was "someone else" . i think its because they maybe was the worst to bully him, not sure why they would say that when he was clearly a real person. sounds psychopathic. reger, now that you seen this video what do you say. still think its funny?
  14. rest in peace goa gil! the pioneer, the originator.
  15. warning: emo ahead. please dont cut any wrists. SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS KILL HANNAH bonus tracks
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