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  1. Retrowave/Synthwave/Darksynth

    DJ Neon Master (aka DJ Adept) - Judgment Day (mixtape, 2017) Tribute to all fans of Terminator, synthwave, darksynth, cyberpunk, postapocalypse and 80s Tracklist: 1. Megahit - Synaptic Leak (Intro) (LP - Wrath Of The Machine, 2017) 2. Speed Machine - Confrontation (EP - Dead Racer, 2017) 3. Starfounder - Outbreak (LP - Reprise, 2017) 4. Cloud Battalion - Vengeance (Single, 2017) 5. Vulta - Conglomerate Of Madness (ft. Dimi Kaye, Hubrid, Volkor X) (LP - Sigils, 2117) 6. Olivaw - Insect (3Force remix, 2017) - coming soon on Neon Masters Records 7. Yoshimeatzoo - Cyber Temple - coming soon on Neon Masters Records 8. Megahit - Wrath Of The Machine (LP - Wrath Of The Machine, 2017) 9. Scandroid - 2517 (LP - Scandroid, 2016) 10. Woob - Omricon (VA - Magnatron 2.0, NRW records, 2017) 11. Quixotic - Highway Violence (VA - Hungarian Synthwave Allstars, Vol. II, 2016) 12. A Space Love Adventure - True Desire (feat. Betsy Bottom Dollar) (LP - Limit Break, 2017) 13. Wolf Arm - Pulsewaves (LP - Digital Fingerprints, 2017) 14. Vector Seven - Timewarp (LP - Focus Infinity, 2017) 15. Klasher - Night Driver - coming soon on Neon Masters Records 16. Speed Machine - Lost Planet (EP - Lost Planet, 2017) 17. Tommy '86 - Command and Control (Transhumanism, Blood Records, 2016). 18. Brad Fiedel - "Terminator - Main Title" (The Terminator OST, 1991) Support artists, bro: Megahit - https://megahit.bandcamp.com/ Speed Machine - https://speedmachine83.bandcamp.com/ Starfounder - https://starfounder.bandcamp.com/ Cloud Battalion - https://cloudbattalion.bandcamp.com/ Vulta - https://vulta.bandcamp.com/ Olivaw - https://olivaw.bandcamp.com/ Yoshimeatzoo - https://soundcloud.com/yoshimeatzoo Scandroid - https://scandroid.bandcamp.com/ Woob - https://woob.bandcamp.com/ Quixotic - https://thequixotic.bandcamp.com/ A Space Love Adventure - https://aspaceloveadventure.bandcamp.com/ Wolf Arm - https://wolf-arm.bandcamp.com/releases Vector Seven - https://vectorseven.bandcamp.com/releases Klasher - https://soundcloud.com/klashermusic Tommy '86 - https://tommy86.bandcamp.com/ Mixed by DJ Neon Master & Red Ked Cover Art by Beaver Reaver Art Mastering by Dimitro Zymosis All tracks used in this mixtape are the property of their owners. No copyright infringement intended, strictly for promotional use . Hasta la vista, baby
  2. Retrowave/Synthwave/Darksynth

    Track of day!!!
  3. Global Sect search new visual artists for future releases, psychedelic backdrops and merch. Just send message to our e-mail, bro: adept@globalsect.ru We offer: 1) a reward for the work (subject for discussion); 2) awesome marketing for your future career and the support of our label; 3)Free Cds, merch.
  4. A good-bye to the scene

    What an amazing blockbuster and fantastic action with this festival. I see it like epic battle between Mind and Heart. I really think that its very serious event for goa trance chronicles: many hype, critic and happines. All unclusive So, some words from me. Part 1. Mind. It was be maximum hard booking for me if talk about material things. I forgot about fucking international passoprt because was very busy with Terraformer release and pay 800 euro for fast making, visa etc. But Stevo help me and send me 200 euro. So, 600 euro for my stupid. But i need send tooo much orders in june to clients and all money important and of course i was think about maby cancel this booking. But i feel that i need go here, because its pure goa trance festival. 100% clean product. Ok, when i go to airport, guys say me that its not active, they not see me. I call Stevo and he say me: fuck, fuck man. Haha. So i go back and see on fucking Moscow rain and understand that i not want go back. No no. And i buy ticket on this airpane for my money, its + 200 euro 800 in total. For nothing. But i stay positive every time because my mind more punk, i like action and adventures. When i go to location (amazing amazing), i not can buy food and i go 4km with hard sun to grill bar near airport. Part 2. Heart. But fuck!!! What an amazing tuna salad in this grill bar hahaha. Wow. And very beautiful girl who give me it. Nice. First night i feel that i am meet God on dancefloor. I remember we dance with macedonian crew and start play DJ Masala. Big Master. Amazing vision of goa trance. And i go to bich and see to sky and stars was be Amazing. I total relax on dancefloor and feel me like home. Music make all. I know fests with amazing organization, sound system and deco, but its not sexy because its not pure goa trance. I live near Stevo tent and talk with him every day. Its man of Heart. He not business man who want take your money and deceit you. He just want make maximum and i understand him because i am too. But he need more cool balance between heart and mind. Its main problem of this fest, not cool balance. But if talk about vibe, its unreal event. 10/10. Epilogue. So, i understand all people, artists who have problems with this festival but my heart with Balkan Goa Fanatics. Of course, and i think that Stevo great man, because he give all his power, lost many resourses, make many mistakes, but make amazing party. He give me more, that many many fests before We have idea make new festival in future, its just idea now but i feel inspiration. Global Sect can make good internet marketing and another importang things. If another labels, promouters and other guys want make 100% pure goa trance professional fest we open for all ideas. Its can be not BGF, but something new and Stevo can help us because he have big experience. But he will be not alone. We just need find golden middle between all elements because Mind and Heart not need have battle, they need friendship Goa Trance never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. [GOA] Global Sect Tribute Ep1

    Thank you bro! cool mix
  6. VA Terraformer (Global Sect)

    Of course! But its another galaxy
  7. VA Terraformer (Global Sect)

    Thanks for cool words guys and for orders Our next plan is release 5-6 very nice albums. I think we not make new compilations in near future. More info soon.
  8. VA Terraformer (Global Sect)

    Its long version Because in begin it was be like more short intro and Fiery add more tunes for relese
  9. Full support to this amazing project!
  10. Our new baby is ready 50% orders sent, next 50% is coming
  11. Compilation released: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/ All Bandcamp codes sent. Thank you to all guys, you are the Best
  12. Retrowave/Synthwave/Darksynth

    She's a maaaaniac, maaaaaniac on the floor And she's dancing like she's never danced before Be careful, 18+ trash https://carpenterbrut.bandcamp.com/track/maniac
  13. VA Terraformer (4CD) - samples Buy CD and get a free Bandcamp codes of the digital releases "The Mystery of Crystal Worlds" and "Terraformer": http://globalsect.ru/terraformer/ Listen samples on Soundcloud:
  14. Final tracklist, samples tomorrow! We print only 300 copies guys, 120 cds sold now, dont miss your chance: http://globalsect.ru/terraformer/ CD1. Terraformer 01. Centavra Project - Terraformer 02. Celestial Intelligence - Words of Wisdom 03. Alienapia - Night Train 04. Centavra Project - Strange Object 05. Psy-H Project - The Essence of Bhagavat-Gita 06. Alienapia - Are you Mad? 07. Mindsphere - Enchanted Land 08. Javi & Skooma - Fucked Up Beyond Repair 09. Omnivox - Pangea CD2. Transformation 01. Sykespico - Edge of Infinity (Part 1) 02. Median Project - Mad Space 03. Atlantis - Sacred Mantra 04. Fiery Dawn - Searching For UFOs (Median Project Rmx) 05. Clementz - Conquer the Universe 06. Omneon - Indian Walk 07. Atlantis - A Journey Out Of Your Mind 08. Median Project - The Third Element 09. Skarma - Cianendeon CD3. Origin of Life 01. Fiery Dawn - Vibrating Universe 02. Zopmanika - Message to God 03. Raving Universe - Ascension 04. Psy-H Project – Gaura Nitay 05. Centavra Project - Journey To Another Worlds (Mix 2017) 06. Atlantis - Space Mantra 07. Man With No Name - Posessed (Cosmic Dimension rmx) 08. Mindsphere - Hidden Depth 09. Artifact303 - Contact CD4. Crystal Terra 01. Psy-H Project - Krishna or Maya 02. Fiery Dawn - Magma 03. Liquid Flow - Event Horizon 04. Katedra - Evolutionary Stream 05. Fiery Dawn - Starlight 06. Slow Reflections - In a Rain Drop 07. Artifact303 - Delirium (Downward Spiral)