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  1. Yeah sorry, all the orders have actually been shipped, but we have not updated the status on DAT shop, will do that now, thanks for the reminder! :D
  2. Around 200 were sold at ZNA, more or less, the shop was not too well advertised so people were not too aware of the CD being there, but we are happy, so we have copies for sale for sure for everyone who would want to support our work. We are so blessed to have had the chance to release all these tracks! I would expect to hear some comments about Hallucinogen track though? What do you guys think of it? It's new but sounds oldschool
  3. How was the summer everyone? We've all had a wonderful time at the ZNA Gathering festival in Portugal and over there we launched our latest release, the official compilation than Mark and I have compiled for the occasion. An explosive mix of previously unreleased killers that will delight end entertain everyone for the winter to come :). Tracklist goes like this: VA - ZNA Gathering Retro Futuristic Compilation II 1–Man With No Name - Who Is It? 2–Medicine Drum - Angelic Force (Funky Angel Mix) 3–Masa - Infinite Space 4–Tromesa - Bonanza 5–Technossomy - Elektron Bender (Live Mix) 6–Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus (Summer 1996 Live Mix) 7–Ubar Tmar - VS (Early Mix) 8–Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (Remix) 9–Battle Of The Future Buddhas - pH+ueKKed DATCDZNA And yet every track is from the 90s except for Mr. Hallucinogen who granted us a NEW production, yes you read right, a track he has remixed in 2019, and that sounds absolutely fantastic!! You don't want to miss your copy, as Simon track is exclusive to the CD only. We believe it is really a killer compilation. KURO and Crop Circles 3LP are being pressed, and to be released shortly, The first should be ready in a week and the second , was going to be ready now but we rejected the first test pressing as we want it to be stellar this time. Infinite Zen and Nemo will come after those, but they will come out too. More news soon! Meanwhile, get your copies here: http://www.datrecords.it/dat/online-shop-2.html or here: https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/ please note that the digital download only of the compilation on bandcamp will NOT include Hallucinogen track, as per agreement with Simon.
  4. Dear beloved supporters and fan of the work of DAT Records, it is with enormous pleasure that I can say that the production of the crop circles release on vinyl is going ahead and we are very close. We should have copies in store in early July and we are so happy about it. I also want to tell you that in all these months we have worked relentlessly to make some big announcements about our future at DAT. More Exciting news, coming soon
  5. I do still have hopes that the album will eventually get released.
  6. Hello Pezcore, if you still use the forum, please contact me, i am draeke of DAT Records. cheers

    1. Celaripo


      random - psychoactive

  7. Thanosp81 the same designer who made 90% of the covers for DAT, Miro. He is our official designer.
  8. We want to celebrate the beginning of the Spring with some great news: K.U.R.O. the master of Japanese melodies has agreed to release an incredible album on DAT Records, rare and unreleased tracks from the 90s that will surely delight everyone. It is going to be a triple journey through the musical landscapes and textures which will include music created with the project Charm courtesy of Takeichirou Kurosaki together with Tatsuo Endo. Expect a wonderful release in about a few months! Other things are coming soon, but it was about time we properly announced DATCD014 first. The album has been in the work for some time and we are very happy of the final outcome. Tracklist coming soon ;) ありがとうございました
  9. I know this is a long shot, but I also know this forum is dwelled by a lot of people listening to all forms of electronic music. I stumbled upon a killer set of Laurent and there is a track that is very acid techno, hence maybe a cup of tea of other users around here: I did cut it out of the dj set and posted it on soundcloud, hoping it would hit a match, but zero. It was extracted from a set he played in Manchester in 2012 for his 25th djing anniversary. It's possible, as suggested by a user on youtube that it is a remix of "The Pump Panel - Ego Acid" maybe by LBS / Garnier, but if that is indeed what it is, it's unreleased. I do want to share the track seeing if anyone recognises it or concur it can be a remix of said track. This below is the mix that seems to be the most similar to the played track, but the track above has also some funky elements and a bit less aggressive acid parts.
  10. Hey Widar, thanks for the reminder, we are almost ready to go, the tracks are already being mastered, then we will decide how to proceed, like colors of the records and whatnot, but it's looking sharp. Artwork adaptation has been done already as well :) it's going to be epic!
  11. Open the CD and listen! also cause the booklet is very interesting, don't miss it Also since a few minutes the release was uploaded to bandcamp so you all can stream to listen! We are so proud and happy about it and thanks for all the support
  12. All the pre-orders have been shipped, so the release is really out now. The delays are really the fault of the pressing plant, they promised something they could not deliver in the first place. We trusted them and got f****d but lesson learned. We couldn't deliver for Xmas but on the 7th we shipped all the CDs to the loyal customers that pre-ordered, and in a matter of days the release will be out, on bandcamp for streaming and youtube too. So everyone will be able to listen and make up his mind about the tracks. I am completely satisfied of the final product and hopeflly you'll be too :) Thanks for the trust and support! PS: we were delayed by one month, not really that much if you ask me, considering it took us years to find the music and get agreements with all of the artists ;)
  13. Hello Everyone, here are the latest news for DAT Records ;) We are celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the label, as on the 19th of December 2008 the dream became reality and the long lost album of the Crop Circles was finally released for the first time on CD. It seems incredible and just like yesterday when I have started. Something that was created as the adventure of a single passionate lover of Goa Trance music became much bigger. During these wonderful years I was joined and helped by some lovely collaborators and DAT Records became a worldwide recognized label, so it’s time to celebrate now! And here in details: First: VA – Analog Visions [DATCD011] This compilation completes the wonderful Analog trilogy devoted to releasing unheard gems of the past and we truly think that this third volume is magical. DJ Draeke, with the help of DJ Solitare, has selected the best possible tracks for this release that will be a testament to an epoch that has disappeared, and is a perfect compilation to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the DAT Records label. We offer you for the very first time these unique live and alternate versions to hear how goa trance was heard at parties when artists were doing real performances on stage with a multitude of synths, tweaking and shaping tracks into spectacular versions in the moment. All the tracks appearing in this release have been tested in recent years on dancefloors all over the world, and some of them are so rare that even the producers did not have copies. It is just thanks to in-depth research that they could be located and then brought back to life with fresh mastering. As usual, the release comes with a fabulous 8-page booklet with stories and trivia about all of these spectacular tracks. For this incredible occasion we have also recovered some long sold-out special coloured jewel cases, so this release will stand out as something unique in your collection. We hope you will support the hard work behind this release that took around 4 years to bring to reality. CD Tracklist: 1. Hallucinogen - Demention (Alternate Mix) 2. Technossomy - The Pyramid (Live Mix) 3. Total Eclipse - The Furnace (Summer 1996 Live Mix)§ 4. Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Conflict (Live In New York 1997 Mix) 5. Jaïa - Insomnie (Live Mix) 6. Quid - Code S9 (Transwave Mix) 7. Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians 1998 Live Mix) 8. Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles (Doof Desk Mix) Digital Download Tracklist: 1. Hallucinogen - Demention (Alternate Mix) 2. Technossomy - The Pyramid (Live Mix) 3. Total Eclipse - The Furnace (Summer 1996 Live Mix) 4. Tetrahedron - Quicksand (Remix) 5. Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Conflict (Live In New York 1997 Mix) 6. Quid - Code S9 (Transwave Mix) 7. Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians 1998 Live Mix) 8. Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles (Doof Desk Mix) 9. Jaïa - Insomnie (Live Mix) Compiled By, Executive-Producer: DJ Draeke, DJ Solitare Concept By, Design, Artwork, Art Direction, Artwork Revision: Federico Draeke Design, Artwork: Shiva Ohm Audio Restoration: Federico Draeke Liner Notes, Interviewer: Mark Ainley, Federico Draeke Mastered By: Jaroslav Valo Release Date: 18th January 2019 Barcode No: 5060376223125 This release exist in 5 different coloured Jewel-Cases, 100 copies for each colour: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green but the Blue variant is available exclusively from DAT Records, everywhere else you will get a random colour. Second: The Crop Circles vinyl release We haven’t announced this officially yet, neither on the webpage nor on any social media but we are taking steps toward making this release a reality. Because it’s been 10 years, and because the cd has been long sold out now, we thought of something special for each and all of you. For this I have decided to make things properly, and went back listening to all the DAT material ripped through the years from the Etnica and Lotus Omega archives plus all the other recordings found among DAT collectors and DJs of the époque. We have discovered some unreleased tracks and some different mixes of the famous released tracks of the band and we have assembled a wonderful triple vinyl release. We will master everything again from the original source files and we chose our preferred mastering engineer for this job, Jaro of Analog Dimensions who made an awesome job with all our latest releases. The pre-order page will be setup in January. The release should be accompanied by yet some awesome extra vinyl, but those will be announced when the page is up and running… As usual we will offer at least two variants of the release to please everyone’s taste but it’s possible we’ll even make a splatter version this time, hoping to attract even more vinyl collectors. We know that you’ll love this idea and we will go forward with it very soon. 3rd: Mind Rewind 4 - Update Mind Rewind series is going well and strongly, and we are so happy that we have reached the incredible sum of over 10.000 British Pounds donated to the Charity in India. This money helped the kids tremendously and it's all THANKS TO YOU. Check the official newsletter of the charity we support here, where we are mentioned with our donations, check here: http://www.mangotreegoa.org/NewsIndex_2017Q3.htm We have secured some tracks and slowly but steadily it will be out during the first quarter of 2019 and we will also offer a digital download version for this release as the requests have been constant and we don’t want to ignore them. Just know that the worldwide shipping for the CD version will be of only 5 euro, not too much considering it is for a good cause, and nothing beats having the original release in your hands, but we do respect people who have gone digital only. 4th: Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru [DATCD012] The triple album of Gangguru is something completely unexpected, a treasure from the past teleported right to the present. This music was preserved on DAT tapes by the band, and a couple of years ago the DAT Records team digitised it and with the help of the producers identified and sorted a multitude of storming Goa Trance tracks. These have been remastered and tested on dance-floors during this period and it's now time to unleash them to the future for everyone to have and enjoy. These tracks are potent DJ tools and were played all over back in the 90s, at least one DJ remembering the band's early productions being played in Goa in 1996. DAT Records is proud to present a spectacular selection of the best of the best from over a hundred tracks that the band produced in the 90s, and we are sure that many will remember these tracks from their partying times and others will delight in hearing these creations for the first time. The tracks have been wonderfully remastered and are ready to be played out loud at events for years to come, so have fun and enjoy the trippy and magical music of Gangguru! Be sure to get your original copy so you can read the incredible story of the band and the behind-the-scenes tales that emerged during an extensive interview. Artwork: Federico Draeke Mastering: Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension Style: Goa Trance, Psychedelic Trance Barcode No: 5060376223132 Release Date: 7th September 2018 5th: K.U.R.O & more… Just know that a K.U.R.O. retro album is being finalised and will be released in 2019 together with more exciting releases that will be announced soon ;). To conclude we do hope that you all have spent a wonderful Christmas and that there will be a lot of joy when reading this update from us, so thanks once again for the support and nice vibes to Everyone! Federico Draeke
  14. The sale of unsold Anjuna was to happen already a year ago or even longer ago, it is very strange that there are potential customers for these releases but nowhere to get them. I was lucky as I could get them when i was in Israel but other than that, it's difficult to find them in Europe. They should sell their inventory and unsold copies, people would like that.
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