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  1. VA - Fluorotronik

    The CD is real and I got my copy yesterday, listened while driving, very very good, it's still very actual as this music really doesn't age. Production is great on all the tracks and so is mastering, congrats!
  2. Pleiadians - Alcyone Promo Viynl Sheet

    I have the promo sheet. i can confirm it does exist.
  3. DAT Records News

    I hear your call Mantra and understand your point of view, i know there is a marginal market of people going digital but this is a retro compilation and we have kind of made it with certain parameters and respecting the general consensus, it was made to be a physical release and we originally made some agreements with the artists and the contributors and original creator of the series all backed up the CD only project. I don't think we can change this pattern easily, if you just want to support the charity then go ahead and pledge a donation to them , they are doing an amazing job for the kids in Goa! I understand that you are disappointed but if we can make this volume 4 any different, we will do it, i will bring the idea up to add a digital version for this edition and see what happens.
  4. DAT Records News

    @KiNG i never knew you hated CDs but however, we have just announced details into the newsletter, to which anyone can subscribe here: https://tinyletter.com/dat_records
  5. MWNN track

    OK I finally spoke with Martin in person who told me the whole story of this track. Back at Ozora it was a brand new track he composed for the festival and had no name. Right now it has a name but he is not sure about it so he wouldn't tell, but it's a track he will eventually release, but he says he might have some artists remix it first as well but he knows people want it.
  6. 08/09 SHPONGLE - Codex 6 Premiere Party

    Flexy-discs? well that's retro, welcome to the 50s That aside I would love to be at this party.
  7. DAT Records News

    yes it is confirmed, but first the compilation and mind rewind 4, then etnica and then more!
  8. DAT Records News

    Hello everyone, sorry for the absence, we were all very busy with holiday and then festival (ZNA) and it was truly a nice summer. We are now back on track to work on new releases (Mind Rewind 4 coming) as well as a new compilation on DAT (the 3rd in the "Analog" series) but most importantly we have re-opened the shop for whoever wanted to get the Pleiadians 4LP, sorry for the delay and enjoy!
  9. @antic604, it seems to me you are making a big deal out of this. The release date is 1st August when people will get the download and the cds. The cd will have a bandcamp code to download the tracks. If you only want the files wait for the official release day, it seems all very logic and simple to me, no backward thinking, just you wanting the file this very moment, before it's even released.
  10. SynSUN appreciation thread

    Zygote FTW really it is just an awesome track, played that track so many times.... i definitely agree with you and love how they combine classical without becoming cheesy, it's another level of Goa, nobody else does this in this way.
  11. 123 excludes shipping but to sweden is not too bad, the package with 3 versions weighs 3kg so nope i cannot offer the shipping included, sorry
  12. DAT Records are proud to reissue the original I.F.O. album together with an incredible live set for the first time ever on vinyl. Released in a 4LP Deluxe Gatefold, it is a stellar edition and a real collector’s item for whoever wants to own the most important album of the Italian Maestros. It comes in 3 versions, Black, Red Transparent + Black and the special Galaxy Version that is a mixture of colours and includes glitters made of silver dust. Each version features the records pressed at 180grams and exists in 100 copies. Tracklist: Pleiadians - I.F.O. Live A1 Pleiadians - Merope 12:36 A2 Pleiadians - Alcyone 8:42 B1 Pleiadians - Asterope 11:26 B2 Pleiadians - Maia 10:37 C1 Pleiadians - Electra 9:46 C2 Pleiadians - Taygeta 9:23 D Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians Live Mix) 10:25 Pleiadians - I.F.O. [i.dentified F.lying O.bject] E Pleiadians - Maia 11:14 F1 Pleiadians - Taygeta 8:38 F2 Pleiadians - Merope 9:15 G1 Pleiadians - Alcyone 8:23 G2 Pleiadians - Electra 9:09 H1 Pleiadians - Asterope 11:35 H2 Pleiadians - Celaeno 11:45 The music has been gently mastered, taking extra care in preserving the dynamics of the original recordings, after an attempt restoration process that was needed for many of the tracks found on the DAT tapes. Prepare for an interstellar voyage, a joyride of space galactic music mayhem that will take you to places you cannot imagine! Official Release Date: 7th July 2017 Get your copy now on www.datrecords.it