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  1. hello everyone, also not super active, but still here reading sometimes the news.
  2. @technosomy Yes I supported that and the space tribe before that. What I meant is that I didn't know they were brokering to produce, I thought it was simply a crowdfunding website (like Kickstarter) and then labels produced the records themselves. I am not hopeful for the Yeti, they managed to make two wrong test pressings, and they are doing the third now, let's see when it gets produced. @anoebis that's bad, and yes ordering from the UK gets taxed also in Italy: we have to pay import taxes (25%) calculated on shipping + actual item cost, and then we pay a fixed 6 euro for paperwork/processing, also quite sad although slightly better than your scenario.
  3. Producing vinyl has become much more expensive, It's however very interesting to see so many records released right now, it's a golden era for that. EDIT: I did not know Diggersfactory were producing vinyl on demand, hence the edit. They clearly get their cut because they are helping artists/labels to produce their records then.
  4. Fast forwarding a few releases ahead: Eskeemo Knights was a project by the late Nemo DX Zimmer, a talented producer who was born in 1974 near Frankfurt. He was a world traveller and he has lived in Spain, England, Holland, Belgium, and Sweden. He was heavily influenced by his parent's music taste, which included Electro and Reggae. Later on, in 1990 he discovered a whole new range of Techno and thereafter Trance. Nemo has been DJing since 1992 all over Europe and has been producing music since 1993/4. With this celebratory release, we want to honour the memory of a great friend and musician and unleash the music he assembled as an album back in November 2006. Originally shared among a group of friends on a forum, the music contained in this album was ready to be released to the public, as Nemo was happy with the final state of the tracks. The album was only available in mp3 format at the time, however, Nemo had sent it as a promo CD-R to a few friends and it's a great privilege for us to publish it today in true lossless quality for the first time. The album title is a mockery of the famous rock 'n' roll anthem "Sex, drugs and Rock 'n' Roll", according to Nemo himself, as explained to the label manager during a chat. Nemo was very happy with the feedback he received on this album. The tracks were produced from 1996 to 2002, however, most of the music was made after the year 2000. All tracks were written and produced by Nemo DX Zimmer, with the exception of 'Liquid Morning' which was co-produced with his friend Jakob Nyström. Unreleased Goa Records is happy to celebrate the memory of Nemo with this album and, as a bonus, we include the Live at Tribe of Frog in Bristol recorded live on 22 December 2001, downloadable for those who support the label and purchase the album, shared for the first time in lossless quality. Tracklist: 01 - Travelling 02 - Tijuana Sunrise (Jordstomp Edit) 03 - The Holy Church (If Not Remix) 04 - Liquid Morning (Nemo Mix) 05 - Acidtstr 06 - Yello 07 - Deep Grounds 08 - Tribe Of Frog (Lost In Bristol Mix) Bonus Track: 09 - Live In Bristol @ Tribe Of Frog 22 Dec 2001 Released December 24, 2023 All tracks Written and Produced by: Nemo DX Zimmer Mastered by: Federico Draeke Artwork: Federico Draeke Executive Producer: Federico Draeke Catalogue Number: UGR 054 As NEMO was a dear friend, we are honoured to have published his album again, for the first time in full quality, in case you missed it, it's here: https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/sex-drugs-and-acid-trance
  5. Hello everyone, thanks for the positive feedback and we can tell you that indeed the BPC sounds really stellar and much clearer than the original records published in 1993. A dear friend of mine who owns the originals from back then did a side-to-side comparison and it is MUCH clearer, a lot of details are now crystal clear and we are beyond happy with this monumental release. I will take in consideration all the tips and suggestions even if the much thicker gatefold may be a good solution for 3 or 4LP releases. We are also considering doing a deluxe release made in the same vein of Hallucinogen and Shpongle releases, a book with records, that however will cost more, for sure. Would you be inclined to spend a bit more if we make a super special release like that? It's an option that I am caressing for a while.
  6. That was in 2016 and unfortunately, I can confirm that from then the prices of pressing a record have 3X. Having said that, 69$ seems a little too high for not even being a splatter. It may however be that pressing in Australia is even more expensive than in Europe. @psyhoe I could manage to fit the 2 records in the same side, but ok, I get it, it's not easy. We had hoped the gatefold would be thicker on the spine, we will ask for a thicker gatefold next time as I am not very keen on doing the 3x gatefold for records, it's very heavy and costs MUCH more to produce. This would also mean heavier packages and higher final costs for the customers, and well it's best to avoid that.
  7. Hi Psyhoe and Musikullus, the fact is, the triple gatefold was not a possible choice, and would have made the release even heavier, not to mention the original artwork was thought for this kind of gatefold, same as for the CD version. The label wanted to be faithful to the original concept and art behind it and therefore it was the sole option. I can suggest either leaving the 3rd record in the middle or fitting two in the second hole of the gatefold sleeve, I could. It takes some ability of course but it's possible without damaging the cover. I still suggest leaving it in the middle though as most likely you will keep the records in a protective sleeve, so it is just convenient as well. Hope this helps!
  8. We are so proud to announce that we signed a deal with Gabriel Masurel to reissue the amazing release Blue Planet Corporation - A Blueprint for Survival. It was originally published in 2009 on 2CD and was a teamwork with PK'S of Chill Tribe. Fast forward to the present, we have an amazing 3LP release ready to be ordered, including all the classic tracks from the original EPs released on UFK with some bonus unreleased tracks that were never pressed on vinyl before. The 2CD will also be reissued, and we aim for an official release date for the end of October 2023. The test pressing of the vinyl is exquisite and it sounds incredible, Gabriel was really pleased with it, so we approved the pressing and the records are coming soon. Here's the tracklist for the 3LP release: A1. Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood A2. Blue Planet Corporation - Telekinetic B1. Blue Planet Corporation - Midian B2. Blue Planet Corporation - Genetic C1. Blue Planet Corporation - Juno Satellite C2. Blue Planet Corporation - Psychonaut D1. Blue Planet Corporation - Lubianka D2. Blue Planet Corporation - Hemo Static D3. Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood (Original) E1. Blue Planet Corporation - Aquablue E2. Blue Planet Corporation - Hemo Static II F1. Blue Planet Corporation - Generator F2. Blue Planet Corporation - Sub Sonic Underground F3. Blue Planet Corporation - Barocco Here's the link for the official Bandcamp, where you will also find the 3LP and 2CD for pre-order: https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/album/blue-planet-corporation-a-blueprint-for-survival
  9. While we are talking about psy vinyl, how about A Blueprint for Survival on 3LP ;)? More news soon!
  10. We offered to release the music of MikroMakro and make it available everywhere, but it seems he prefers to share the music where he wants and when he wants and we respect that, however, stellar tracks and I have played your tracks more than once out there, even playing one track at the enormous VER festival in Goa, with over 2k people dancing to it, it kicked ass. Our offer still stands mate, think about it!
  11. Fractal Glider - Zactoglider Time to revamp the thread! Have you seen we published an amazing album by Fractal Glider? if not have a look here: https://datuniverse.bandcamp.com/album/zactoglider 1.Intro 01:54 2.Shakra 08:52 3.Zactoglider 07:55 4.Martians 07:41 5.Dr. Feeel 09:16 6.Om Shanti 08:09 7.Korrador 10:33 8.Zone 4 06:18 9.UFO 08:51 10.U-Mix 07:55 11.Pyramid 09:14 12.Tardis 10:20 13.Encounter 07:36 14.Reproq 07:21 15.Sykadium (Jazz Mix) 09:44 16.Prism 08:54 17.Parallex 08:38 18.V.I.P. 08:50 19.Shoax 09:41 Fractal Glider is Paul McCosh from Melbourne, Australia. Paul has a rich history as an electronic producer and his first productions in the goa trance style date from 1995. He was first published by the legendary Green Ant label a bit later, in 1998, however, he was very prolific in those early years and in fact many of the tracks he composed before the year 2000 had remained unreleased. A few years back Federico from DAT Records approached Paul, initially asking about the music that Paul made in the 1990's, as Federico spotted some seemingly unreleased tracks by Paul on some DAT tapes that he ripped. Paul not only confirmed the authenticity of the tracks but also revealed that there were many more tracks in his archives and decided to share them with the label. The music was really great, original, psychedelic, and very well-produced. It was crystal clear that this music had to be arranged in a way to be presented to the world, so one thing led to another and the end result is this release you are holding in your hands. DAT Universe is proud to announce the imminent release of the double album "Zactoglider", titled after a marvelous track that will be included in this double CD.
  12. @psytones thanks for the heads up, will write a message to Mickael and ask about it, and to check if he forgot some more
  13. Many interesting points to this conversation and I for one embraced a mostly vegetarian diet with the addition of occasional fish for proteins (except octopus and lobsters which are too intelligent and killed in a horrible and cruel way). I also alternate real milk with oat/soy/almond milk just because I feel it's wrong to abuse cows and try to have a balanced way of consuming milk. I started this diet in 2019 and never looked back. For the first few months, I still craved meat but it quickly became easier and I started to feel much much better since I gave meat up. I believe there can be some people who may not be able to be vegan/vegetarians as the video said as for the way their body processes the food but I really feel, at least for me, animal cruelty is the one and only real reason to stop eating meat at once. After seeing countless videos of animal cruelty I cannot but feel horrible about the meat industry and am now firmly against it, no matter the way you keep the animals, I just am against it. I believe we have been brainwashed long enough and if someone doesn't feel anything when seeing animals killed and abused, well, that's a huge red flag for me and I cannot really have anything to do with people with a different opinion. I don't impose my views on anyone but I thought it was important for me to share them here.
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