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    Dear beloved supporters and fan of the work of DAT Records, it is with enormous pleasure that I can say that the production of the crop circles release on vinyl is going ahead and we are very close. We should have copies in store in early July and we are so happy about it. I also want to tell you that in all these months we have worked relentlessly to make some big announcements about our future at DAT. More Exciting news, coming soon
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    i cannot understand how you keep the momentum of trolling for 10+ years. thats something else entirely. kudos.
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    It's been almost 4 years since our first CD ''Kolovrat'' was released, and this year in September 2019. our 10th CD album release will be published. It will be a killer Goa album by wizard from Ukraine - mr. Sky Technology. We're using this opportunity to thank all our artists and friends for their contribution to the scene and our Neogoa Records family, aswell as to all Goa trance fans and our supporters who made all these releases possible <3 We are looking forward to the future and to next adventures in Goa-land! In case you got your own Neogoa collection, send us a photo and we will gladly send couple of Sky Technology CD's to our long-time supporters for FREE.
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    LOL, challenge accepted! I love party quests - especially those involving goats ;-)
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    seem to, as that's what the kids want, and they are rock n roll stars to them, i had hoped after josef's passing, shaj might come back down to earth but clearly not yet they came to australia few years back, and wanted to go, but didn't want to be dissapointed, and by reports glad didn't go. i think am just getting old.... all you younginss with your boom boom music (swings his walking stick)
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    New Proxeeus CDs are here and we will start shipping these to all supporters who pre-ordered the release at our Bandcamp page. We don't have many copies left and if you want to have one of 50 copies pressed, get it here: http://bit.ly/Celephais
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    Today we released our first Single Collection on Classic Goa Trax! It has vinyl only music and very rare compilation tracks on it by Four Carry Nuts! (Probably better known as a side project of Tim Schuldt, together with Gilgamesj). This release is clearly more dirty, powerful, industrial and rough as your usual goa-trance, but we know some people love this more hard style! The first 6 tracks are all from the 90s, after that the style becomes a bit more technoish/industrial around 2000! But with our label we want to be open for all kinds of psychedelic music released in the 90s and 2000! 1. Four Carry Nuts - Weird Egg - 1996 2. Four Carry Nuts - Grapefruit - 1996 3. Four Carry Nuts - Nuts Without Sugar - 1997 4. Four Carry Nuts - Donuts - 1997 5. Four Carry Nuts - Total Recall - 1997 6. Four Carry Nuts - Kay Sea Isle - 1998 7. Four Carry Nuts - Lucy (Female Mix) - 1999 8. Four Carry Nuts - Pflanzenfett - 2000 - Vinyl Only 9. Four Carry Nuts - Professor Hastig - 2000 10.Four Carry Nuts - Lucy (Male) - 2000 11.Four Carry Nuts ft. Dino Psaras - Bunker - 2000 https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/four-carry-nuts-single-collection
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    not sure probably the style of music. no, i dont think so. and if it was then i think the breaking point must be 2003/2004 yep, that has alot to do with it for sure, but certainly not every time. filteria for example who is a hardware nut =) yes. production style is for me the thing that defines it. good question! uhm, i guess not really a hard answer, since style of music seems to be the most defining character; i think the same way a person could make newschool goa he could also make oldschool goa (meaning LESS layers, LESS software-like sound, using hardware sequencers and synths for sure will help here)
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    Classic Goa Trax just released something else... A remaster (by Tim Schuldt) of Shakta's classic debut album Silicon Trip on Dragonfly! Acidic, funky, spiralling Brittish goa-trance that still kills dancefloors today! :) Available on following digital platforms (and more): 1. The Neuromancer 2. Lepton Head Part III 3. Silicon Trip 4. Ion Tribe 5. Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies 6. Temporal Shift 7. Shakti Shakta 8. Inner Polarity 9. Loopmutant 10. Earthrise Bandcamp: https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/shakta-silicon-trip-2019-remaster/ Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/search?q=Shakta+Sillicon+Trip Itinus: https://music.apple.com/be/album/silicon-trip/1468425735 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/6X3ynwvlzq8UMpPUDzfRnw
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    I thought that UX was guaranteed AOTY. Well I'm not so sure anymore...
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    expect nothing less - what an absolute master this guy is!
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    I brought Rip Van Hippy to Oregon in 2010. It was a dream come true. I love him so much. I really wanted to add SWM to the line up but couldn't afford it. Was a great party though... http://apolloslute.com Bummed to not be getting SWM but MASA had the best set at the Oregon Eclipse festival the other year and I'm super excited to hear him again. While a lot of these artists are common for many parts of the world, not for the USA. In 2006 I started throwing a series of events called **GOA PARTY** [note: Marsh who run goatranch.com and the Global Goa Party events played at the first **GOA PARTY** and hi-jacked the name for his stuff a couple of years later....] The first one had each DJ playing a tribute set of a specific artist. Over half of those are playing ZNA (you can listen to about 8hrs of the first **GOA PARTY** here: http://goaconstrictor.com/thoughts/goa-party/ ) The second year **GOA PARTY 2.3** was a trip back in time. First set was 2007 and each set went back a year The third year was the TR1LOLGY and had a secret DJ set from Process and we brought out astro turf and pine tree car air freshners to the forest to give the outdoors a good outdoor motif The fourth year I DJ'd a 25 hour set to battle Goa Gil. It was my Goa Gil Constrictor set. I played many tag team sets with friends throughout the gig and it was a lot of fun to map out a full days worth of music. The fifth year was the Rip Van Hippy party. Now I can simply attend a ridiculous festival with all of the actual artists and have a holiday. This is like a dream come true. Sure I have to fly overseas, but I've lost a couple thousand throwing events locally, and this way I won't need to have responsibilities. lolololol (although, if I can convince them to cut Xenomorph in half, I'd love to play a set there. just have no idea how to make that happen...) EDIT: That's not actually true. It's a nice alternate reality but I'm really into the itinerary I've got going on for my vacation. What I was implying was that this is the first festival that I've really thought my sensibilities would match with. I guess I'm floating this into the universe for future alignment of realities... =)
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    Looking forward to the upcoming release schedule. Old skool MFG we never heard?! Sounds almost too good to be true, especially if some of those versions and unreleased tracks are from the time of New Kind of World and Project Genesis!!!!!! Median Project's Constellation album btw is such a high energy cosmic release. It's very dance friendly. Finally an ascensional, climactic release. Suntrip is expanding their types of Goa Trance, nice to see. The artist's Life Line song was my personal favorite next to Sykespico's if I had to pick two from The 50th Parallel compilation. Beyond that, a new Filteria album sounds fun and I'm curious about the others. It's hard to imagine Jannis/Filteria's last release was almost 7 years already in 2013 In the past I said time fly's but we inevitably transcend this construct of time IMO and ascend, expand (shift, awaken) into a higher octave of consciousness and love, a higher vibrational frequency reality of cosmic consciousness where inspiration, creation, and connectivity exists more expansively, synchronistically. Sorry but I digress. Just had a thought and felt inspired to share it. Speaking of the Four Carry Nuts singles album, Tim Schuldt's artist group is so underrated. But the little kid inside me can't wait to hear unreleased MFG from their prime!!!! On a side note, Total Eclipse's Live In Tokyo is excellent!
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    You are welcome
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    The best feedback I can give you is to get inspired by the quality of this album (and I mean this in a positive and constructive way) https://www.discogs.com/Bassline-Baby-Computer-Controlled-EP/release/45685
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    Yes your right, cool story but.. (I've not dived in it yet, I've just listened through it once) it's not as "soft" or what to say as the coverart could suggest Its as good as hooped and as lacking as expected, and ready for it to reviele more pleasure to me with more listens. Its not that much "harshness" but for sure, the harshness on top is rightfully compenseted with magic underneath / inside (datkpsy). In that spirit, i got this a month time ago.. Gonna unwrap it soon..
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    PHE - NO - ME - NAL ! ! ! review will follow when I' m back on earth.
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    Here we are with our newsletter! :) what can you expect this time? 1.) Our new release: Median Project! 2.) Classic Goa Trax going strong! 3.) Future releases! 4.) Apsara festival is almost launched! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) Our new release: Median Project! Constellation is the melodic, acidic & dancefloor-friendly debut album on Suntrip Records by one of the biggest talents of today: Median Project! This Russian magician has a huge talent for intelligent harmonies and powerful compositions! We can write a lot of promo-talk here, but we would describe his music as a pinch of Astral Projections with a drop of Mindsphere! :D Check the samples and buy if you like! :) Its now available on all links below! :) https://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/ https://www.psyshop.com/Constellation-Median-Project/sut1cd056/ http://www.beatspace.com/suncd56-constellation.html http://www.goastore.com/median-project-constellation.html And many more ;) 2.) Classic Goa Trax going strong! As you we said in our last newsletter, Classic Goa Trax is the new sublabel of Suntrip Records focusing on digital only re-releases of classic goa trance! We think it is time everyone can get this music at a fair price and the artists can get a bit of it like well like this! For now we mostly released albums and 1 single collection of Four Carry Nuts. But on the longer term you will have more and more single collections and even unreleased 90s music next to the album-classics! :) For now this was our release-schedule. Its available on every digital shop, but of course Bandcamp is the best for us and for the artists! :) We will release 1 new album every week, except in the summer, as this is festival time! :) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/ CGT001 - California Sunshine - Trance CGT002 - One Man Game - Total Trance CGT003 - Prana - Cyclone CGT004 - Har-El - New Pagan World CGT005 - Lunar Asylum - Lunar Asylum CGT006 - Four Carry Nuts - Single Collection CGT007 - Mystica - Age of Innocence 3.) Future releases! We have a lot more releases planned! 2019 is even the most exciting year for us in a looong time! :) Our release schedule will make clear why :D SUNCD57 will be a new album by the Battle of the Future Buddhas! :) David Buddha wrote an album, based on the slower and deeper acidic trance tracks played on the beaches of goa in the early 90s! A very interesting point of view which resulted in a great album which we will release on ZNA (!!) :) Like this the circle is round :) SUNCD58 will be the debut album of an Israeli artist called Sykespico. The big fans of us know some of their tracks already of course, but we can asure you their album is stellar! Very powerful, and sometimes even dirty goa-trance from the promised land! Release planned at the second part of september! SUNCD59 will be the long awaited second album of Celestial Intelligence! They took their time to write the new album, and with a good reason! Spiralling melodies and fantastic harmonies allover! :) Expect this monster in november! SUNCD60 will be a very special album by MFG. The old school masters found unreleased tracks and different versions from released track from the 90s! So you can expect classic goa trance from the highest level! :) Its a big honor for us to release and Astral Projection and MFG on our label! Lately it seems like the sky has no limits! So what about 2020? :) We will have much MUCH more music! We have the debut album of Clementz planned, we have a sequal of Triquetra coming up, the third part of Mindsphere's Trilogy, a new Filteria album and a compilation! :) So for sure goa-trance is alive an extra 1.5 year ;) 4.) Apsara Festival is almost launched! This week we will start with the first announcement for our Suntrip festival called Apsara Festival in Romania in 2020 (!!) Write in your agenda: 12-16th of august! :) https://www.facebook.com/apsarafestivalofficial/ https://www.facebook.com/events/214756189416899/ Thanks for all the support and hopefully we will see all of you dancing on one of the many festivals next summer! :)
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    I know I'm very late to this party, but as this is still one of the top hits in Google when you type in Children of the Bong, I thought I should say Hi If you haven't already seen, I've created a website for all things Children of the Bong (www.childrenofthebong.com) and this thread in the artist news section too! Thank you for all your support and love for the music - always nice to hear! BTW for my 2p's worth, check out the band, 'Opiuo' especially their 'Slurp and Giggle' album... kind of what I think we would sound like now if we'd carried on
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    One of my favourites from the early '90s too (Sirius Sounds), and this post reminded me that I actually haven't listened to it in ages
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    Pandemonium 2 has one of the best soundtrack ever. It's also a super psychedelic game. Highly recommended. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCAsX8gyYOs
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    Aha, I actually also thought that you wrote that you released the album for Free (NYP, Ektoplazm, or homepage) the same day you, yeah, released it. *good on you* i thought, a nice present to your fans and to further spread your good music, to achive bookings or whatever nice that comes from awareness and recognition to you, unless your all blood and underground, or in fear/hiding.. But then you felt sandy about it afterwards, giving your universe music away for free *grump* . ..Some ppl live and breath the hippie trail routes moneyless. Anyway, I pushed the link 7 Euros. What yo r talig aboot is digi-mafia, i had no idea your LP was out there wuth the pirates but congratz? Look at IM after Release Me (Metallica guitar Napster directed intro), sorry much bad j/k Then again I never look there at pirates anymore.. Hm, Wonder if . I should roll another one and push play (at your LP) https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/track/digimafia <well intended spam, PS. I know rhe bank systems NWO is getting a better grip and control now so the noneys are leveling. But you think a indian, or African, or Bolivian person, or a hippie, or a punk in Russia can afford 7 euros for your non distrubuted self released digital divine goatrancey-hey LP? I dont. Who decided this high hash price anyway? Luckelly i get it cheap ATM. Boomz - push play. Ps3. 2 persons bought your LP + some hidden buyers? Was it one of them that pirated your LP already? Enjoying btw. ^^~
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    Artist: Median Project Title: In The Depths of Space Label: Global Sect Music Date: January, 2018 1. Astral Fobia (w/ Centarva Project) 2. In The Depths of Space 3. Heaven and Earth 4. In the Dark 5. Morning In Space (w/ Atlantis Project) 6. Artifact303 - Life Support System (Median Project Remix) 7. Wishmaster 8. Third Element (Original Mix) 9. Over the Horizon 10. Kometa Helloooooo? Crap on a cracker this place is deader than an R. Kelly sleep-over camp. I'm afraid the reviews section has taken quite the hit over the last year it seems. I suppose we are all getting older and spending time with our families to the detriment of the music. I realize I have been absent for an extended stretch and I will tell you life happens and review writing doesn't seem to be such a priority any longer. Does anyone even care to read reviews these days? I thought I would throw my .02 cents in here and maybe it will snowball into some more. Gotta at least justify the fees Mars is paying for the real estate. Been listening to this for awhile now and I'm impressed. First of all Global Sect has become a titan when it comes to releasing goa trance. They go big and mostly have released multiple CD sets of cosmic goa trance. But they don't stop there. They also do t-shirts and huge (if you like) backdrops so this label based in Mother Russia seems to be firing on all cylinders. Now if they could only take their orange, bloated grandpa puppet back and get him and his asshole family out of my country. Seriously, have you ever seen a group of bigger douchebags? This is Sergei Petrenko and after releasing a few ep's he drops an album in our laps that continues with the trend of cosmic, doing barrel rolls in a rocket ship, deep space goa trance. Just look at the track titles. Think of is as an offshoot to the label's last effort, the mega opus to the cold abyss Terraformer. It's beautifully layered and powerful creating floating atmospheres that are easy in which to get swept up. The middle of the album is my favorite and where I believe he hits his stride. The remix of Life Support System is a stellar track with just a liquid, aggressive style that I really like. Most of the album is like that so that's a win. The label has been beating that drum for awhile now so I'm sure it can get tiresome for some. But the album itself sounds fantastic and it is everything I could ask for in this type of goa trance. Also, I just want to say that I really like their artwork. Good job. BTW, top marks for using a sample from the under appreciated 1983 classic Johnny Dangerously. Global Sect Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
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