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    Artist: Material Music Title: Love & Magic (The Dust Album) Label: Kali Earth Records Date: May, 2018 1. Love & Magic 2. Thunderbrothers - Hausmania Jam 3. Ingenuity Box 4. Twitch Science 5. Jailhouse Suck 6. Space Out...and In 7. Return To Earth 8. Prabudda Jani Professor Rabinowitz? Umm...is my paper still due on Wednesday? Like a lot of genres our particular brand of music has long been over saturated with subpar and generic sounding efforts. It's a copy and paste world these days and every high schooler (or middle aged psychology professor) with a pirated copy of Cubase is poised to make the next LSD. More power to you, I wish you the best because it seems the world could use a little more LSD. However we're still waiting and it seems that (and perhaps it has always been this way) the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Promotion is the name of the game and nobody is going to toot your own horn like you can. Unintentional masturbatory pun. So through repeated messages I reluctantly agreed to give this album a listen and share my pearls of wisdom that nobody seems to agree with. It's not like the old days when I had nothing but time to write reviews on every file someone sent me. I'm a busy man. See? So, taking myself away from a whole day's worth of nothing I found out who the hell this is an boy was I surprised. Erland Yildiz is truly an inspirational story. The music biz is rife with tropes about the perils of substance abuse and history is riddled with those who have succumbed to them. He apparently has been making music for a long time, but fell victim to those forces and fairly recently got himself clean by going cold turkey. I don't know what he was on or what he was going through, but you don't get free of those demons without a lot of strength and support so kudos to him. Also to psytones for helping him shop his albums and getting his music out there. This album is a compilation of tracks he made over time, some while sober some while not. He clearly is proficient with the electronic wizardry with good layers, sound, and groove. Here are a few notes I made after several listens. The only quibble I have with some of the tracks is the excessive length without evolution. The title track is a churning progressive beast that clocks in at a hefty 15 minutes. Good thumping track with a bit of goa sauciness at the end. Felt it went on a little long though. And that will be a theme here. Hausmania Jam to me is filler that went on waaaay too long and seemed like a rough draft of a track that he would get back to later. Like...after nachos. Ingenuity Box is a psychedelic goa track that reminds me of something from COP. If that's your style then this is for you. Not bad at all. Twitch Science sounded very rudimentary, but in an alluring way. It also has that bubbling 303 beneath the surface so it's got that going for it. I liked it the more I listened to it. Jailhouse Suck has a funky house groove with some great tabla, but the mumbling underneath is a tad bit distracting. Space out is a psytrance progressive hybrid that flows with juicy layers. More variation would've been nice, but still good. Return to Earth is rather mellow and after listening to it 3 times I wasn't aware that I had listened to it. Maybe it flew by because it was the shortest track on the album. Prabudda Jani is pure Astral Projection multilayered in your face space goa. Best track for me on the album that sounded like it could be from Global Sect Music. So there you have it, a decent album that is available in digital or CD-R format and perhaps a welcome back to the scene of sorts for another artist. Kali Earth Records Bandcamp
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    One of the main reasons I guess (lack of investing time in the sound to be more like the avant garde/out of the box vibe of the past)... Plus, this cartoon is funny as hell!
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    I think the technology is making matters worse. On one hand, professionals can use it to make things sound a lot better - listen to Oforia for an example. But then again, the ease of use makes it accessible to everyone, which isn't necessarily a good thing. People can "master" (read: maximize their amateur mix) using FL's Maximus or similar tools and release it on their own Bandcamp, absolutely no professional review required at any point. That sure doesn't help. Also, it doesn't help if you improve the production at the cost of everything else to the point where the music becomes dull. I mean it's way more simple to make a kick, bassline, some percussion and sound effects sound fat than do it with multiple synthesizers that span the whole frequency range, right? Perfect production can be the icing on a cake, but I don't like icing without any cake.
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    Please don't hurt me: My favorite Etnica album is Chrome. For some reason I never really liked their goa trance too much - not that I don't like it, it's just that the connection is missing. Chrome was one of the first albums I had on CD back in the days so it has a special place for me. The result is this very unpopular opinion. Oh, and I don't think anything killed anything. In my book, modern psytrance and oldschool goa trance don't have too much in common and I treat them separately. I actually find it a blessing that oldschool goa is somewhat of a "closed chapter", because many styles end up becoming overly stale. Look at indie rock for probably the best example, and I think the same thing has already begun to happen with psytrance as well.
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    1. Intro 2. The Creature 3. Return of the Bad Dreamer 4. Outer Limits (Limitless Mix) 5. Vektogram (Remix) 6. Twisted Reality 7. Hallucinatory Acid 8. Unreal 9. Ouija Morphic Resonance's former album, City of Moons (referred to as CoM here) was a rejuvenating landmark in post 21st century dark Goa Trance. Nitpicks aside, CoM is considered by many to be one of the best dark Goa releases in quite some time. As with Tandu's Multimoods and later Cybernetika's Scythe of Orion, Morphic Resonance is known for incorporating strong atmosphere with magnetic sound/melody [synth] work, buildups, climaxes, twists and turns, and more. A full review ensues. 1. Intro is very dark and ominous. This atmospheric, mid-tempo opening resonates a sense of danger. The dramatic tone stands out. Intro is so dark that it may give the impression that the album is darker than it is. Not that the album's not dark, it's also fun and exciting! Intro is only 3-4 minutes. It's interesting, different from what we're used to hearing, and never over-stays its welcome. This is a unique and moody little piece that curiously builds up to -- 2. The Creature is more of my kind of dark Goa. It's atmospheric and thrilling. The synths are exciting and the transitions often lead to segments as good, if not better than the ones before it. Kudos on the accents, impact effects, ambience, alterations in tempo, and the overall development and direction of the song. It's very dynamic, e.g., 4:00, switching between ideas and momentum to keep us captivated. I was never bored for a second. If I were to nitpick, I'd say the synth at 5:00 reminds me of a lead in CoM's Procyon. It works well here. It simply felt less fresh to me. The last act is fantastic via 7:27 and when the energy picks up at 7:56, so catchy, exciting, and fun! Something great happens when the track could have otherwise ended at 8:35. The Creature is an adrenalized, dynamic, and darkly fun little gem. It's as if the essence of [the holiday] of Halloween via darker than we celebrate and Alien(s) [the film sequel] morphed into a Goa song, thanks to cinematic/impact effects, chilling atmosphere, and more. The synth work is so edgy, driving, and catchy. The Creature is more refined than the opening track on CoM, Psychedelic Hell. What a way to start off the album! I go back and forth between A- and A but overall what an opening. A 3. Return of the Bad Dreamer is where the album dips a little for me despite some great segments and an amazing finale. The first several minutes are strong, featuring bouncy textures reminiscent of Hux Flux's album, Cryptic Crunch. The music gets a little muddled from 3:45 to 3:58 and is soon corrected with a healthy lead in the forth minute. Lacking are as many tempo breaks and transitions (bells and whistles basically) as on The Creature. The former track was more dynamic, crisp, and tight in that regard. It had more of a whiz-bang sound whereas this involves less jump cuts, so to speak. Things get a little over-stuffed/muddled again in the fifth minute. Fortunately the last third, e.g., seventh minute forward is superb featuring crisp sound/melody work and an elaborate and cohesive thrilling climax. I wish the middle act was as enjoyable. Also the mixing goes off the rails in the last 1-2 minutes. It's pretty wild and unpredictable (in a good way!). This song would have benefitted being shorter and cleaned up a bit in parts mentioned above. I enjoyed The Creature more in that regard. There are parts in the first two acts that are great, and the finale is fantastic. B+ 4. Outer Limets (Limetless Remix) continues the crunchy atmosphere. The first minute features a catchy, almost angry/determined synth tone and the sound work at 1:20 is great. The first two minutes are good until a synth leaves at 2:25. It's here where the song grows repetitive. A transition brings us to a captivating part around 2:45. It's short lived though, as the artist doesn't build on this dark, powerful tone. Instead another lead arrives, fairly exciting at first. It grows less interesting as it progresses. Same with the lead crossing the forth minute. CoM's, In the Mouth of Madness was in-our-face too, but that was so much more dynamic and engaging compared to this. Why go backwards? The returning, less in-our-faces part at 4:30 is intriguing. I suggest building a song on the most interesting, best elements. For whatever reason almost every lead and arrangement here grew samey to me. The idea of a climactic song is great, but not with this sound/melody approach and design. The song gets good again from 5:35 to 6:16 -- it's less busy, more intriguing. The tone from the opening minute re-appars via 6:02 and sounds great, but even that part soon grew uninteresting. Same with crossing the sixth and seventh minute that felt too samey. I don't feel like this song is up to MR's standards, or what we've come to expect, but then again, the artist included Mindwarp on CoM so riddle me that! The last minute has a nice little energy boost/climax, though it's unremarkable compared to the finale on the former track. This is the least impressive song on the album for me. It kept me hoping that the next transition would evolve things, and not bring us back to what was less catchy, e.g., various similar sounding leads and/or arrangements around the super catchy (and much better arranged) moments. This could have been an amazing exploratory track in that regard. *Sigh* ... And yet, even a less than great MR track is still better than many dark songs releasing each year. But that's no excuse in my mind because this artist is capable of producing songs that blow this arguably entertaining/lazy track out of the water. B 5. Vektogram (Remix) sounds more distinct than the previous track(s). Talk about a metallic, futuristic sounding track! I love the two-minute mark where the tempo changes up. That's excellent, dynamic, unpredictable, and gripping! Gradually, soon I began to notice a similar arrangement, but a 3:45 transition, adding to the dynamic feel (so nice to hear these things) refreshed the sound design. Development in the middle act elevated the whole, e.g., the work at 5:45 is terrific, bending, conditioning, and exercising our brain, mind. What builds on that can be summed up as greatness. Nothing sounds over-stuffed or too busy. The sixth minute takes us further, higher. There seems to be no end to how meticulous, complex, and well composed the track becomes, despite fairly similar segmented arrangements at its core (that keep changing, more expanded arrangements, telling a deeper story would have been amazing). This song takes the album in a new, more refreshing direction. I feel like we needed that. Has anyone heard the original Vektogram and who is it by? This is a smart, inventive, and articulately composed track, and one of the most unique songs I've heard all year! A- / A 6. Twisted Reality releases a very catchy accent (love those) early. The door-hinging (whatever that is) effect reminds me of something out of Semsis' album, Letting Go. We're quickly tripped into the electricity current and take off early. The accents work well as the artist builds a twisting band of electrical layers that grow increasingly psychedelic and complex. The overall album sounds newer to my ears since the previous song, and Twisted Reality, as with the previous track seems more advanced on the technical side, though an infectious melody lead that jumped out over the others would have been nice. The track is technically sharp and beautifully-- very well mixed. There is a part at 8:35 that reminded me a little of Tandu's album, Multimoods, excellent work. If I were to criticize anything, it's the final moments that sound a little too busy for me. A catchier lead and/or some refining could have improved the final moments from feeling as over-whelming (over-layered to the point I lose grip of the catchier elements). Conceptually I'm thinking I.F.O., Hallucinogen, Semsis' track, Seven, inspirations that could have benefited this track in its final moments. So the ending captivated me less, but the track gets so much right. This is one of the best tracks on the album. A- / A 7. Hallucinatory Acid is not as dark as the others and that's okay! This thing's pretty electric and catchy. I remember by this time (Track 7 on CoM) we had the disappointing track Mindwarp. Hallucinatory Acid is so much better by comparison. The atmosphere and acid in the first minute is great, and the synth lead at 1:22 is excellent! The arrangement sounds bit simplistic and samey from roughly 2:05 to 2:39 and is soon replaced by another less than stellar segment. The arriving synth work at 3:35 is better, as well as the less layered segment in the forth minute. The last act becomes increasingly psychedelic, acid-induced, and delectable. The arrangement is fairly simple, but by now we've acclimated to that. The artist blends synths in the last act to infectious degrees. I just feel like certain segments in the first two acts were a lot more effective (edgy, exciting) than others. It's okay to have a simpler track. Not every song has to be a big event, and I like that this song adds variety to the track list. It's a different shade of dark and it works. The last two songs simply sounded more distinct, inventive, and impressive to my ears. Still, Hallucinatory Acid is a very good, if not great track. B+ 8. Unreal begins with more organic sounding melodies! Filteria's album, Daze of Our Lives expanded to incorporating more organic sounding melodies and the result was amazing. I'm suggesting MR evolve more to what works best for MR's evolution too. The song returns the album to being darker. The first albeit least strong act is crunchy and atmospheric, solid. The ambience creates feels via 2:42 (rare on the album so far). The female samples are catchy and a few of the transitions are quite suspenseful. The forth minute produces a beautiful blending of sound/melody work. The song gets a little busy from 4:50 to 5:05. Fortunately it improves at 5:25, and again as we cross 6:00, infectious work. I savor the more organic melody work around 6:38 before we shift back into the edgy, dark, and adrenalized (albeit simple in arrangements() zone. The finale's combination of sounds is strong, with an accent so simple and catchy. Unreal has a healthy dose of melodies. It even has a few feels to boot! The ending is sharp and engaging. One of my only gripes is the lack of developmental melody arrangements. The arrangements are so short and simply. They come and go so fast at the expense of the story, and this lessons the chance of a melody or a segment being as memorable past the coolness of it in the moment. For example, take Pleiadian's, I.F.O, earlier Infected Mushroom, and Filteria's DoOL and LitW albums (at times!). As with tracks 1, 5, 6 -- Unreal is punchier than tracks 3+4 (with exception to the ending of Bad Dreamer 2). A- 9. Ouija is less dark and in-my-face with exception to some whizzing by effects, a bombastic little element. Just to note, I miss the album having unhinged tracks to the degree of songs 1, 2, 3 on CoM. For being more fluid and refined, this final song here stands out. I love the dark foundation, the arrangement (similar in concept to Juno Reactor but in MR's style and approach). The song's energetic and moody, in part because of the synth that reprises around 7:05, complimented by an accent of some kind. The song is crunchy, determined, and full of tasty sound/melody work, developmental changes, soundscapes, and atmosphere. It's a fluid, cohesive ride that grows to be more fun on repeat listens. And yet, I can't help but feel like something is missing. The song took time to grow on me and I wasn't quite sure initially what to rate it. Maybe it's because I don't want the ride to end. Or my lofty expectations. Maybe that's it. The problem with the album is that it ENDS. No. -- I'm relieved that Perplexity doesn't end with a remix. It gives us wholly new, strong, and healthy, more refined (in some ways) tracks to follow up the masterwork on CoM. This is a surprisingly focused and somewhat restrained, yet meticulously crafted, well organized, and deliciously executed closing track. The last two minutes are excellent, though the final enhanced layer to a synth lead doesn't make or break anything for me. Again I'm between an A- and an A which was the case for numerous songs on Perplexity for some reason. What a way to end the album! A CONCLUSION Perplexity is a strong, dark Goa album. It's intelligent, exciting, imaginative, and exceptionally well produced, mixed, and mastered. The sequel to CoM is darker (at times, same with CoM at times), more atmosphere, refined, fluid, and psychedelic, the latter in the second half. Not every track was super dark (thankfully, I enjoyed the shades of dark) and variety. The album is less chaotic and bombastic than CoM, and virtually every song featured if not dominated with excellent work. if you enjoyed CoM, you'll enjoy Perplexity. If you didn't, CoM won't convert you as the sequel is very much in the essence, a sequel to CoM. I highly recommend listening to Perplexity at night. Criticisms and Feedback: Perplexity [in some ways] feels like a refined and updated continuation of CoM rather than a full upgrade or evolution, as if some of the songs were made around the time of CoM, whereas Vektogram (Remix), Twisted Reality, Unreal, and Ouija sound more refreshing to my ears. There is evolution on Perplexity and it does break ground, but not to the degree of CoM (I feel). The album is great (!), but it never hit me as hard as In the Mouth of Madness and CoM (self-titled track!), the latter I found more bombastic than anything on this album. Speaking of evolution, the second half of MR's track, The Sphere on the compilation, V/A - The World Behind was very unique and different. I'd love to hear more evolution. A few more "feels" would have been nice too. Cybernetika's, Scythe of Orion and Penta's Pentafiles are just two examples [of dark Goa albums] that incorporated feels well. More organic sounding melodies (we get a few in Unreal) in the future would be cool considering the upgrade in atmosphere which is amazing here at times. Track 3 and especially 4 could have been better. T-4 could have been replaced with something grand. And more development (like telling a story) in musical/melody arrangement would be nice, as segments at times begin to show their age just before being replaced with a fresh one, so to speak. There are times when simple arrangements work for fast paced, kinetic energy. But without more substance, there's less to dig into for the more experienced Goa ears and mind. Final Words: Perplexity is a darkly psychedelic, rich, and satisfying follow up to CoM, but it's not perfect. Certain things could have been better. This is a sleek, edgy sequel to one of the best dark Goa albums in years, possibly decades. Perplexity showcases some of the artist's best songs to date and should hold over fans of dark Goa until the next tidal wave arrives. The album retains the visionary, adrenalized approach that worked so well on CoM. There are fewer, but still plenty climaxes by comparison. I expected a little more of an evolution at times and am overall pleased with the whole. I'm excited to see what evolutionary work comes next. Nitpicks aside, Perplexity is highly recommended for fans of dark Goa Trance. Favorite tracks: 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 ... (and the last acts of 3+7) A- Sample / Buy https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD49/
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    Well, making a good psy kbbb is not easy at all. I mean, it's easy to take a kick sample and s Sylenth preset and make something that sounds remotely like it, but making sure it's fat, it's groovy, it doesn't suddenly turn into crap when you check it at another sound system takes time. Actually Psilocybian, Braincell, some of the Nano guys are very creative at sound design, I like their trippy/glitchy metalic sounds. But without proper melodies it's hard for me to actually enjoy their music, I can listen to a track or two and even somehow like it but it quickly becomes tiresome. I'm waiting the melodic full-on wave to come back (yet another unpopular opinion, i know) injected with these modern edgy sounds.
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    -A lot is happening, but in life some things - like planning releases - inter fear with new shaped schedules I have an extra masters degree philosophy I have to finish (for my job) and that takes up almost all my free time (which makes it hard to run the label as I used too with 2 releases a year + I hardly have time to dj too). That is why the pace is so slow (very frustrating, but in life one makes choices). -We have a full album coming up soon (check our facebook for updates in the coming week). We are test pressing now... -Later on we have 8 projects (hopefully 10) in the pipe line (from 5 are close to being finished or very near to completion). -BUT due to the fact we want to stay as 100% avant garde as possible (and within the newer realm of producers that is very hard #unpopular - lol!) our pace is always been very very slow I know, you know it
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    Spending 3 months on a kick and a 2 notes rolling bassline and nothing else like all modern-day psy isn't really the epitome of evolution in my (unpopular) opinion.
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    That meme will never die
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    It's been a long time since the last time we had old vs. new debate here on Psynews
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    Newly made tunes mimicking the dated sound of old school goa make no sense to me. What a waste. We have such sharp sounds now, so much cool stuff you can do with the tools available and it sounds so fresh... The vibe of old school can easily be kept in the song-writing, there's no need to intentionally make it sound date. So many releases like this. It's heartbreaking to think what could be.
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    What a great album. Ivan you and your team are the model of consistency. From the acid mayhem of Wawara and the "unpredictability" of Shattered Sense to the swirling electricity of Field Quanta and bubbling crescendo of I Ate Seven of Them the energy and sound of this album is quite impressive. While not the best thing released from the fine folks at Neogoa, just a couple of filler keeps this from being super.
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    Your edit of "Man on Mars" is cool. Do you add some synths? The original Talla Rmx is not as good than your edit. :-)
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    Whilst this album is dark by goa standards, it's not super dark. The black holes that guys like Atriohm or Farebi Jalebi open are more substantial in terms of dark atmosphere. This is a very special album though. I had very high expectations - I guessed at the vibe this would bring after his set at Connection Fest 2017 (noting the evolution from those I saw in 2016) - and I'd say they've just about been met. Christian has put a lot of work in to advancing his sound and it shows. Whilst the last album 'City Of The Moons' was amazing, two years on after enough repeat listens you hear that it did repeat itself a bit. But here in 'Perplexity' every track has an identity, and of the 8 full songs it's only 'Outer Limits' that feels like filler to me. This album most excels in the darker, weirder territory it covers. Whilst 'Hallucinatory Acid' is fun, and the revisit of 'Bad Dreamer' is well worth its inclusion, I think the trio of 'Vektogram', 'Unreal', and 'Twisted Reality' (possibly the best) are my picks. Each contains a winning combination of brooding atmospheres, well-designed sounds to match, and full power sequences that will annihilate dancefloors. While not as well-rounded, I also like 'The Creature', and hope for more experimental tracks like this in future. Morphic is at his best combining eerie, darker atmospheres, and crunching, textured sounds delivered with force. This music is at its best when you almost (but not quite!) feel like you want it to relent. As much as I love his nods to old school goa, I really think he has the chance to make a name for himself and create truly unique experiences by further pioneering this extremely atmospheric, sometimes industrial feeling. Given the strides made in the past two years, it's crazy to think what sounds he'll be designing as we go in to 2020 and beyond. It is extremely rewarding to be along for the ride with one of the most exciting names not only in new goa trance, but in all of new psytrance. Finally, I should note that both the name of the album and the cover art are extremely apt. Well played to Christian and Suntrip for that.
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    Furthermore, please read this: At DAT Records we constantly aim to provide a portal to the golden age of trance, when the music was new and a global scene was starting to emerge. While the ‘90s were seen as a halcyon age with creative music and a unique atmosphere at events, there were also a few challenging aspects to the scene. One was the frequent mislabeling of tracks on DAT tapes as music was being traded in various circumstances. DAT label DJ Solitare recalls many such situations, including a case a track by Avi circulating as a live mix by Hallucinogen in 1998 and several tracks inaccurately attributed to X-Dream, and in our recent transfer work of DAT tapes made in the ‘90s we regularly come across inaccurately identified tracks. Unfortunately this kind of situation could occur not only with amateur DJs but also amongst producing artists - and as a result of such a mislabeled DAT tape, our recent 3-disc Etnica release features a track that was inaccurately attributed to Etnica. The track ‘Party Druid’ circulated on DATs for decades and was dutifully copied from a DAT tape filled with Etnica productions by label manager Draeke when archiving the band’s output. It naturally made its way into DAT’s latest Etnica release covering their early compositions, with the artists having noted that while they didn’t recall the details of producing the track (as was the case with some of the experimental works on this release), they recognized it and recalled having played it. It has come to our attention that this track was indeed mislabeled and is in fact a track by the project Evolution entitled Alien Phenomenon - a longer mix than the version that appeared on his album, which was on the same High Society label as Etnica’s first album. Since learning of the error, we at DAT have been in contact with Andreas Roll, the artist behind the Evolution project, who was very understanding of the mishap. Andreas has been most gracious, with no expectation of the set being withdrawn and repressed, simply requesting that the error be addressed online. We are of course very regretful that this CD set dedicated to Etnica features a misattributed track produced by another artist - a completely unintentional and unanticipated throwback to ‘90s era of track distribution. We hope that DAT Records supporters will be as understanding of this unfortunate error as the producer of the track was, and will continue to enjoy what is still a remarkable release of a key cross-section of Etnica’s early productions.
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    cheesy debut from a talented fondue fan - you might like his albums RL every psycheezer should know Chromosome another nice debut is Liquid Space - Center of Soul, feelgood trance for uplifting moments another one from the debut - a slimy hyperhymn to melodic psy a cheese monster for sure also this
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    I don't see how that track is psy-trance at all. Also, we shouldn't leave the word cheesy behind just because its negative, EVER. Positive critique isnt the only thing that exists or that matters. I see negative critique being deleted everywhere, hell, even some of mine on FB were deleted just because they werent praising some shitty music and that is what is hurting music industry. No, not everyone has PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT UNICORNS FLOWERS and shit viewpoint about psy-trance or music in general. When something is straight up bad, its should be voiced and that is what this forum is good for. Filipe wrote on Ivans post on Facebook how this forum is trash because some of us bash around bad releses (even though the guy tried to invade the forum milions of times...whatever hypocrite.) And that is precisely the reason why I think this forum is so good. People have taste, they have the knowledge, they have the age so they were around when psytrance was at its peak to recognize shitty psy-trance. And that is very important!
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    20 mins is Knob Adjumestment. One of their two only good tracks (one other track that is okay and decent is .. hmm... whats it called... ehm.. *checking discogs* right, Clockwise. didnt hear that one on this mix either other than that I shall forever hate them for being a big name who helped kill off goatrance back then.. but since i saw them live and heard this actual set with minor tweaks heck. guess ill have to help. I knew all of these tracks, just really dont feel like diving into all of their tracks to ID them. Sorry. But knob adjusmtent i know by name when i hear it cus its good. the other good one is Hi-Fi Stomp Session which unfortunately they never played during their live sets, at least the three i went to .. and i went to them cus of they were free, and i everyone i knew was there, (they are from my home-city so they were just a local act before getting big) unfortunately i was sitting down complaining most of the time, heh. the last track is their unreleased remix of the AP remix of Faithless god is a dj, although I cant swear to you on that one, but im fairly sure. Yeah its very poor. At least the rumors were they had that remix and i guess that is it. it was so long ago i was at the scene actually dancing to these acts but there u go. sorry for not being much help, when I should be the one on here to know everything about them i guess, coming from the same city being the same age, being partying and dancing to goatrance live on the pulse from early 2000 so.. i feel ashamed I cant just give u all the titles. But for me , Son Kite was the name you threw around when complaining about how goa died. heh. comon i was like 18 - 19. I know the timeframe is illogical, but at the time i discovered goatrance in 1994, and didnt know it was called goatrance. So by 1998 when I learned what it was, it took me many years to discover it, learn about it and I took my time. I discovered every artist slowly but steady. First it was Astral Projection and it took me almost 6 months to say "allright, lets try another artist" . so by the time I started out going to parties, it was mostly goatrance and everyone was happy and hippie. But in about 2003 or so in Swe, there was literally only ONE freakin DJ left in Malmö that still dj'd Goatrance. So yeah.. at least his afterparties were legendary.. too damn shamed i was mad into bensos at the time . anyway, i asked him one time to play that one track I heard way back when, when first hearing goa and didnt knew what it was, and he had it on vinyl and played it for me . That was so sweet of him. He was always complaining i was a "sit-raver" due to my lack of dancefloor precense, but still coming to the club every single night he was Djing; mostly just getting high in the club and not bothering dancing but i told him to play me that track and id show him hehe.. such memories. Well, that was the club scene. The illegal forest scene was different ofc. I didnt catch up until too late, and only got to have 6-7 great goatrance parties in the forests around Malmö before everyone was doing the Progressive thing which at the time was so minimal that I couldnt understand how anyone could like it. without melodies, i mean, wtf. So I kinda left the scene only a few years after discovering it.
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    Silly boy Much like the misguided (and unfortunately no longer with us) rocket scientist above perhaps you're doing it wrong. We're talking about goa trance here not long division. If I may offer a suggestion? I come at this album as if Kate Upton fell into my lap before I was married and had two loveable but lifesucking parasites. From all angles. I think we can all agree that The Score is f*cking magical so let's set that sweet, sweet chocolate aside. I Am Locotus is a sinister downtempo bit of alien goa that should have you looking nervously skyward. Dragon Birth has old school swagger and bounce where the 303's go for the kill shot. 24db is great and will get the toes tapping without being spectacular. The title track is groovy and accumulates layers as it moves forward with its acid splatter style. One of my faves. Sunrise Zone has more of that delicious acid. I mean, it says it right there in the track title. Why would they lie Penzo? Why would they lie. (Please note intended sarcasm) Quantum Gravity is more uptempo, bouncing around madness that still maintains its bite. Homo Universalis stomps heavily committing heinous acts of skullduggery while making a pit stop at that f*cked up star wars cantina. Besides it has the word homo in it and everybody loves that. Homo. And...here come the PC police. While Physical Reality was the weakest track on the album for me it was still a fairly solid entry. So there you go. After I turned Kate into a hot pretzel and hooked her up with wtih the best 3 minutes of her life (including 2 min and 45 sec of solid cuddle time) the roadmap to a good album is laid out. "Don't move! I'll be right there baby...just trying to get my pants..." *tugging on pants and trips into coffee table making tremendous noise* "No, no wait! Where you going!?!" Zio604 Bandcamp
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    Solid album. Funny how Radical Distortion started with an almost nitzo sound. That phase is completely unrecogizable now. The only thing I'd add is that subtle music has a place on the dancefloor. Maybe not at 3AM. But I prefer being hypnotized to being bashed over the head by goa, so for me, this is perfect party music.
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    ASTRAL PROJECTION!! can no longer listen to anything they have made