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    I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. No, wait. On the forum?
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    What a disgusting post. Really everything that's wrong with Veganism in one post. Kudos. RIP Eyal. You will be missed
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    Swooshes, breaks etc are good when used with taste and fit the musical context but not when the whole track consists of them. That E-Clip track I've posted has a lot going on, various textures, melodies, layers, but the most improtant thing is the track sructure - it slowly evolves, embraces you and sucks you in. There are lot of changes along the way but they all are interconnected somehow, the track as a whole tells a story. This is what I call progressive. That Berg track is just a bunch of unrelated melodies, samples, risers and snare rolls thrown over the beat. Tracks like that may be nice for jumping along and pumping fists in the air but they don't contain anything of what I'm looking for in psytrance and especially in the progressive subgenre. Is thiks that's a form of EDM rather than psytrance.
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    thanks for the heads up... unfortunately wasn't feeling it too much after one go around... the first 3 tracks are decent, especially the Ticon collab but then it falls apart... it's like a template for full on psytrance with no deviation or creative spark i respect the role Israel has played in shaping goa but their brand of psytrance has become too cheesy... i can pretty much pick out Israeli psytrance without even knowing that the artist is from there just based on the vibe... this album is rife with overused overblown flatulating glitch synths, generic build-ups and drops accompanied by a feeling of trying to appeal to drunk clubbers rather than a refined sound to hypnotize on a cerebral level... it's kind of ironically titled since it seems to be lacking any edge i saw that Infected Mushroom gave props to Freedom Fighters as "one of the best upcoming artists at the moment" which is almost a negative recommendation in my book i may be completely wrong and wouldn't be surprised if this makes it into the top of the psyshop charts but hey, it takes all kinds to make the world go round
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    I noted that whenever there is a subgenre having "future" in its name, it always turns out to be utter crap. Futurebass, future house, future gar(b)age, now futureprog. What bothers me the most is that this "futureprog" seems to have totally replaced proper progressive psy. Tracks like this are nowhere to be found in last two years of so. Even when there are tracks with nice sounds/melodies/atmospheres they are mostly ruined by overcompressed basslines and endless buildups, breaks, risers, swooshes and other EDMish nonsence, which is by nature totally incompatible with progressive sound.
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    That's true but it's not because artist are not trying. Problem is in listeners i must say. That's what's holding us back. Goa came from many different styles, merged to become Goa Trance later. Now most of us whos doing this thinks same, about doing something 'fresh'. Ofcourse you can't merge it with Jazz or Country music but more to with other subgenres of Psytrance or techno (like Zenon does) or trance, euro trance etc. Then we do this, using patterns and technics used in other styles which were used back in 90s aswel: - offbeat or triplets from Progressive - FM/zap fart sounds - so called 'fullon filters' on kick/bass group - many other things... Not so unique but still not used in Goa Trance, and when you combine all of different technics from different styles and put into Goa, then it becomes something different. Then you spend months and months of that track, playing and testing around on dancefloor, finaly get it released, you are really happy with some fresh work and blaaah... Then you get from 'true Goa' people something like: - Meh, it's not old school! Bro, this kick is too sharp. That bass too phat, cmon that's fullon! Mate, that's not Goa, listen to Astral Projection or Hallucinogen! You worked on this track 6 months? You fucking wasted your time... At first you are being acused for ripping off Goa from 90's. So you take your time and energy and you try something new. Wrong, now you betrayed true spirit of Goa Trance. With Goa scene being so small and limited you literaly have no much freedom for evolving. You will try, release something you think is different, people won't accept that new thing, sales will sucks and label will say NO. So you can't release music you made by your taste and what you love, without releases there is no promotion - no gigs - no money, you loose chance to upgrade your equipment and to advance. You are being tired and depresed by this and you stop. One by one will stop doing it or switch to other style or genre. I am having a lot of conversations with other artists last few years and I must say lots of them are depresed by such matter. That's a huge problem! But you see, younger generations love and accept those changes, fresh things, modern sound. Yet older guys can't accept that is not 1995... And then you get most funniest/stupid comment like: Ah bro, this music is too loud, can't listen it because my kid is sleeping in another room????? Cmon. I understand we all have families and no much free time for parties and festivals, but don't judge music without hearing it at dancefloor! GOA TRANCE IS DANCEFLOOR MUSIC! I am not pointing out to anyone, with this post I just wan't you to think about it. As a Goa lover you are presenting your self, do you really love this music and try to keep it alive or destroy it? Goa is small as I said and this is one of places where you come to share it with others, to hear their opinion. To most of artist this place has value. But somehow we have no more freedom regarding how to produce what we love, we can't have mastering we like because you need more dynamic range, we can't have covers we want. Basicly no freedom. No freedom - no inspiration, no inspiration - no music. In other subgenres there is no such problem, you can make whatever you want and it will be accepted and supported.
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    Hey, thanks for the heads up This is one of those albums I've been meaning to get since forever, but never got around to it (and the only copy on Discogs is almost $50). So I got it, even if I really couldn't afford it right now. Oh well, that's life
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    we have to consider that the golden era of goa trance was 1995-1998 that is only 4 years new school goa as it called has been produced for over 10 years now so of course many are growing tired of it also an underrated factor, many successful artists of the past were bands of 2, 3, 4 (sometimes more) people: astral projection, mfg, dimension 5, infected mushroom, etnica, koxbox, x-dream were all composed by several artists, which mean maybe more ideas and more talent combined sure some others succeded by working alone on some projects: hallucinogen, oforia, elysium, chi-ad to name a few, but lots of the best music was produced by combined talent of several producers nowadays, almost all projects are solo projects, several people working together are very few (lunar dawn comes to mind) almost everything released to be honest
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    I got older, more grumpy and with lower tolerance for bulls**t, I guess... If something it not up to basic standards, then I simply refuse to buy it. Conversely, I'd be willing to pay extra if someone went above & beyond to make it right.
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    Great album, took me some time to fully appreciate it, now it would surely be in my top 5 for 2016.
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    Goa trance had grace,style and soul, neo goa and everything psytrance related since 2003 (i was a minimal/tech trance whore) imo was uninspiring and boring, with a few exeptions ofc. the game has changed, even after the fall of goa, during the late 90's artists would still experiment, had a special sound signature to different them from other artists and had the urge to evolve and explore, eveything since is simply directed to (this is going to be harsh) 12 hours at a festival with a big soundsystem, fences, youtube videos of 'look at me im intrance, like, share #hashtag's with tons of money to artist who used to make great music 15 years ago when they were broke, but now are living the dream with a lot of money, airplaines and rockstar attitudes. I Was never apart of the whole goa trance revival thing, im sorry but i couldnt care much for watching asia 2001/gnotr/koxbox whatever live. they released great music that will forever be immortalized in my heart, but my search is for meaningfull music, the kind i can listen to at HOME and be immersed and blown away. Im not saying everything is bad, i do enjoy some stand out releases since the fall of goa, even in the neo-goa front i have a few artists with my eye on (artifakt303,ufomatka) but (no offence) the rest of it is simply boring and unoriginal. it seems newer music is directed to big festivals only, and not for the standard trancer who needs his brain be stimulated first in order to dance>go into a trance state. So, old gods ? they nailed it, the psytrance scene ? has lost it's way, and im affraid my fate as an optimistic person in its nature is to keep hoping for something new everytime i press 'play' on something releated to psytrance. but hey, people are dancing, what the hell do i know ?
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    I thought it was pretty grouvey! Nothing like the old koxbox but still definitely refreshing psytrance.
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    Dance music probably doesn't. But I don't think about psytrance or progressive trance as strictly dance music. Actually I'm not much into dancing. I listen to psy at home, in my office or elsewhere where I can put my headphones on. I also prefer melodic tracks, but I love when music has many layers, deep atmosphere, various sound mutations and strange sounds (well, even if they are not strange anymore). What may seem a 4 bar loop put on repeat when you listen to it in passing may contain lots of tiny details and subtle changes that can make it very interesting when you listen to it closely. This is why I listen specifically to psytrance and psychill, good melodies as such may be found elsewhere. Also tracks for dancing and tracks for home listening may need different structure, when I have a 9 minute long track I expect it will tell a story, will have tension, anticipation and climax, or maybe few of them. If it needs a 2-minute long beatless intro to fully unfold then yes, it needs that intro. Obviously you are looking for something different in music and that's totally fine ofc. My only concern is that the general trend in progressive seems to be that it is moving from music being good for home listening to music strictly for dancing, adapted to general public and devoid of what makes psytrance interesting for me (progressive psy --> futureprog). Same thing happened to full-on years back.
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    for anyone who is interested or never heard it this album is killargh! https://www.discogs.com/Ethereal-Anima-Mundi/release/10874120
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    The CD is real and I got my copy yesterday, listened while driving, very very good, it's still very actual as this music really doesn't age. Production is great on all the tracks and so is mastering, congrats!
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    ридинг кириллик ис нот те проблем. андерстендинг рашен ис.
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    Actually there is only so much you can do with analogue synths based on simple waveforms and basic LP/HP/BP filters (no matter how awesome they sound, their sonic range is still limited) and small mixers. Late 90 was the time when digital synths like Access Virus and Nordlead became poplular which offered more waveforms, more filters, frequency modulation and stuff like that, then DAWs were invented I believe this to some extent influenced the transition from goa driven by TB-303 to psytrance where the new possibilities of the new gear were heavily used. Today we can do everynthing within the computer and there are plugins which do that late 80's/early 90's analogue thing quite well and also all the "modern" FM and wavetable and whatever else kind of stuff. But I think people who are into goa have some image in their heads what goa should sound like and they try to follow some patterns in writing tracks and making sounds in order to stay true to goa or something like that. So while in 90's people tried to push the boundaries of their limited setups today the producres try to artificially limit themselves in order not to step outside of the "niche". This all is merely a speculation, I was never specifically focused on goa though I think I've heard large part of the most important newschool releases. It's just when I hear most of the new stuff I often think "why they are trying to sound like all the new technologies invented after year 2000 are not available to them?"
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    love it! great atmos and clean sound quality in general
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    Artist: Agrabah Title: Pharaohs of the Galaxy Label: Sita Records Date: June, 2017 1. Visitors 2. Pharaohs of the Galaxy 3. Endless Sunshine 4. The Freeman 5. Destination Moon 6. Schrödinger's Camel 7. A Tale of Blue and Orange 8. Inside the Magic Lamp 9. Cyclamen Anyone else have trouble spelling Pharaohs? It's that f*cking a before o that gets me. All right here's what I know about Sita Records. They don't release a lot of stuff. They are different than the other labels when it comes to goa trance, releasing music that is more nitzhonot or uplifting in nature. Now that may or may not be your thing. I don't know what you're into. Probably some kinky sh*t that you don't want your mom to find out about. Worry not, your secret is safe with me. As I've stated previously it's hard to take Nitzho seriously with all its rampaging melodies and laser kicks. Agneton seems to really enjoy it though. Have you seen his Facebook videos? That dude is hype! Anyhow this up and coming project successfully blends goa and nitzhonot so that it's not a total cheesefest. The album is short coming in at under 60 minutes. Power is there, melodies of course, and I think if there was a soundtrack to Middle East life this might be it. It's hard not to nod your head to this and as usual with this label the sound quality is top notch. I don't know what the bpm's were on Inside the Magic Lamp, but if you're not careful listening to it while driving a ticket could be in your future. Normally I don't like my music moving at the speed of freefall, but this was pretty cool and intense. That said there are tracks where the niztho buildup envelope is pushed almost to the breaking point (Schrodinger's Camel), but those were rare. The wheel wasn't reinvented with this album, but I did enjoy it's pace and the melody work even if sometimes it threatened to go off the rails. Sita Records Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
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    Artist: Frantic Noise Title: Trance Nodriza Label: Dark Prisma Records Date: 2017 Actual footage from inside the recording studio. Imagine every electrical appliance in your kitchen suddenly becoming conscious and deciding that a mechanical orgy of noise and sharp edges was best accomplished at 110 miles an hour. F*cking Benny Hill trance where the music lives up to the name of the artist. Why? How is this enjoyable? I just watched my toaster oven just hate-f*ck my can opener. If his mission was to make the most abrasive noise possible at the highest bpm well, mission accomplished. This isn't music you put on to feel good. This is what you use to flush out perps in a hostage situation. Remember how entertaining the Nordland Orchestra was? Yeah, this ain't that. Easily the worst thing I've heard this year. Psyshop
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    The model that I have doesn't seem to be on sale anymore, but looking at their current offer I guess the T290 is the closest match. Obviously with in-ear headphones a lot of the experience depends on how well the rubbery sleeves fit into your ear, because with some other models I could either get them sounding too boomy (very tight fit) or too thin (loose fit). Those are pretty perfect for me and they're cheap, like around 100PLN, which is roughly 23EUR, 25GBP or 28USD. One of the best headphones I bought in that price range, if not the best. They're also surprisingly flat, i.e. I don't hear HUGE difference in sound picture when comparing to my studio-grade Bayerdynamic DT990 Pro.
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    Tracklist: 1. The Final Passenger 2. Discofrenetik 3. Beings Of The Same Planet 4. Transformation 5. Oscillation 6. Morphic Resonance - Chronos (Hypnoxock Remix) 7. You Have To Find A Brain 8. Mental Ascension 9. Symbiosis (featuring Bioterranean) Review: Music is a lot like love, I find. When we are young we place out affections in the most popular, most look-at-me girls (or boys, whatever you prefer) because they seem to be the ideal everyone else look up to. But in the end we find the true love in “unusual” place: someone shy, who doesn’t seek attention and is keeping to the side, while the popular girls/guys end up being shallow and uninteresting beneath the surface. It’s similar with music – we often assume the new release of an established and popular artist X, Y or Z to be “the next best thing” but this rarely happens, whereas you might be swept off your feet by something totally unknown and unexpected. This is the case with Hypnoxock’s “Eurythmia” which apparently is Victor Solsona’s 4th(!) full-length album, but somehow he flew under the radar, at least for me. Maybe because of the labels he had released with in the past? Maybe because of the name, which – to me, at least – suggests a hi-tech / darkpsy project or something with “cocks” with one being worse than the other... Luckily, the combination of “Eurythmia” being released by Goa Madness Records (home to Ephedra, Proxeeus and some quality V/As) and AWESOME cover art pulled my attention this time! So, putting that right upfront – this is the best new-school goa I heard in years! The way his music flows is really unparalleled: it’s changing constantly (on avg. every 8-16 bars), is very melodic and acidic and the way he chooses and places samples, effects and one-offs is just flawless. The sounds and layers are always contrasting, so there’s no clashing or overwhelming effect so often present in a lot of new-school goa, where countless waves try to mask the actual inability to create something memorable (I know, I've been there...). He combines fast & slow melodies to create elaborate, developing tonal and rhythmic patterns. He places one-off sounds and FX in just the right spots, accentuating transitions or as a counterpoints to larger arrangement movements. He introduces the right sounds at perfect moment, sort of like Shakta was 20 years ago: when you think a certain thing should come or go, it inevitably will. And it’s not in a bad way, like it’s formulaic or something – it’s just good storytelling and good reading of where the tune should go for max effect. Admittedly, it’s nothing new under the sun because I can hear Shakta, Astral Projection, The Infinity Project or Oforia and some other influences in there, but since when those are a bad source of inspiration? It’s definitely not a copycat, but more like a creative extension of that sound. The production is also one of the best I heard recently: punchy, clear and clean, very spacious and with sufficient headroom which makes it a pleasure to listen. Lastly, all tracks are really solid – nothing really stands out one way or the other and they’re sufficiently different to tell them apart, which is not very obvious thing for albums nowadays. If there’s an album that one would use to sway a full-on, darkpsy or prog fan to the goa side, this should be it – it’s accessible, but deep and playful goa, taking the inspiration from the best out there, refining it for the modern day and making it their own. 5/5 Listen / purchase: https://goamadnessrecordsofficial.bandcamp.com/album/eurythmia https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/gom/gom1cd008.html http://beatspace.com/10124/Goa+Madness+Records/HYPNOXOCK/Eurythmia/detail.aspx https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-AqJiJPVUqAByMh2pkx0JSoF89qKqCxw
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    I hear your call Mantra and understand your point of view, i know there is a marginal market of people going digital but this is a retro compilation and we have kind of made it with certain parameters and respecting the general consensus, it was made to be a physical release and we originally made some agreements with the artists and the contributors and original creator of the series all backed up the CD only project. I don't think we can change this pattern easily, if you just want to support the charity then go ahead and pledge a donation to them , they are doing an amazing job for the kids in Goa! I understand that you are disappointed but if we can make this volume 4 any different, we will do it, i will bring the idea up to add a digital version for this edition and see what happens.
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    The CD version that was released back in 2003 has been sold out for quite some time (10 years?). But now the digital version is available since last Monday through Ektoplazm, and it's FREE of charge: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/blissful-moments The digital version is the real thing, made from original production masters (audio and artwork). Enjoy! (A pretty old topic, huh? ;-))
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    And there seems to be some white text on white background in the default theme. I was kinda wondering where the "mark all forums read" option is
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    I think you need to add some contrast to the colours. Everything is too white. It's a bit tiresome Maybe a change in Css : .ipsBox:not( .ipsBox_trasparent ):not( .ipsModerated ) { background-color: #FFF6E1; Get some contrast in the messages background. It gets tiresome with the page background ( both white) Or the other way round, change the page background to a light gray or something like that
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    DJ Neon Master (aka DJ Adept) - Judgment Day (mixtape, 2017) Tribute to all fans of Terminator, synthwave, darksynth, cyberpunk, postapocalypse and 80s Tracklist: 1. Megahit - Synaptic Leak (Intro) (LP - Wrath Of The Machine, 2017) 2. Speed Machine - Confrontation (EP - Dead Racer, 2017) 3. Starfounder - Outbreak (LP - Reprise, 2017) 4. Cloud Battalion - Vengeance (Single, 2017) 5. Vulta - Conglomerate Of Madness (ft. Dimi Kaye, Hubrid, Volkor X) (LP - Sigils, 2117) 6. Olivaw - Insect (3Force remix, 2017) - coming soon on Neon Masters Records 7. Yoshimeatzoo - Cyber Temple - coming soon on Neon Masters Records 8. Megahit - Wrath Of The Machine (LP - Wrath Of The Machine, 2017) 9. Scandroid - 2517 (LP - Scandroid, 2016) 10. Woob - Omricon (VA - Magnatron 2.0, NRW records, 2017) 11. Quixotic - Highway Violence (VA - Hungarian Synthwave Allstars, Vol. II, 2016) 12. A Space Love Adventure - True Desire (feat. Betsy Bottom Dollar) (LP - Limit Break, 2017) 13. Wolf Arm - Pulsewaves (LP - Digital Fingerprints, 2017) 14. Vector Seven - Timewarp (LP - Focus Infinity, 2017) 15. Klasher - Night Driver - coming soon on Neon Masters Records 16. Speed Machine - Lost Planet (EP - Lost Planet, 2017) 17. Tommy '86 - Command and Control (Transhumanism, Blood Records, 2016). 18. Brad Fiedel - "Terminator - Main Title" (The Terminator OST, 1991) Support artists, bro: Megahit - https://megahit.bandcamp.com/ Speed Machine - https://speedmachine83.bandcamp.com/ Starfounder - https://starfounder.bandcamp.com/ Cloud Battalion - https://cloudbattalion.bandcamp.com/ Vulta - https://vulta.bandcamp.com/ Olivaw - https://olivaw.bandcamp.com/ Yoshimeatzoo - https://soundcloud.com/yoshimeatzoo Scandroid - https://scandroid.bandcamp.com/ Woob - https://woob.bandcamp.com/ Quixotic - https://thequixotic.bandcamp.com/ A Space Love Adventure - https://aspaceloveadventure.bandcamp.com/ Wolf Arm - https://wolf-arm.bandcamp.com/releases Vector Seven - https://vectorseven.bandcamp.com/releases Klasher - https://soundcloud.com/klashermusic Tommy '86 - https://tommy86.bandcamp.com/ Mixed by DJ Neon Master & Red Ked Cover Art by Beaver Reaver Art Mastering by Dimitro Zymosis All tracks used in this mixtape are the property of their owners. No copyright infringement intended, strictly for promotional use . Hasta la vista, baby
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    Really love the psychedelic feel, and the sounds.! very good soundquality overall. maybe, more melody is needed?
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    Hey Lunar Dawn! Nice to meet you Sorry for letting this review slip under my radar, but my radar is also working at a very slow pace due to work and a small daughter Thanks again for the detailed review (we already changed ideas on the promo post), looking forward for your interest and feedback on new tracks that are slowly cooking on my goa melting pot! As always, new tracks keep surprising me and taking my music into new directions. Looking forward to hearing your new stuff. Peace & Light
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    Yes for me it is morning full on usually. For example this album is very good if you never listened to it before > https://www.discogs.com/Mr-Peculiar-Mind-Dala/release/490300Mr. Peculiar - Mind-dala.
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    Actually, this is a very good comment. I wouldn´t say atonal, or disharmonic - that´s over the edge... ...but the rest is in place. Not so much (including us, to some extent) artists involve advanced spacing techniques for their mixes, mostly layering stuff until boxed to hell. And brickwalling lot of stuff. This is very good observation, and I fully agree with this, our next album should take this manner more serious - because it makes tracks more listeneable and gives them that "breathe" space in listeners ears. On the spot, sir!
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    Yes, looking at my beard I noticed there's more grey hair than black
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    @ GS Concept Dear you, all you wrote is heart. Even how you came over with the material inconveniences: heart, too. Leaders need to think about the bigger picture: what's the history and how can we help the future. It can be a nasty job and ppl can get hurt. All good-hearted "material" won't help the scene in the long run. Responsibility and professionalism are the words since we already have heart enough. At least all who have a psynews account have that heart.
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    interesting. i have just given the album a quick listen, so the final verdict may differ, but i am pleasantly surprised. i went in expecting just kicknbass plus some random noises (which is not my really cup of tea. i know that nectarios is pretty good at using his analogue equipment to make interesting random fx so i decided to give it a try nonetheless). but it turns out that the album sticks more to the fullon template than expected (which is: not much and which is also not a bad thing in this case making the whole thing a little more easy-listening), that there are actually melodies twisted together and melted into the fx and that the way everything plays together is more like old hux flux (think cryptic crunch) instead of just messy noise (as in most darkpsy). especially discrete circuit sounds more like old hux flux than the stuff that hux flux posts on soundcloud these days... so while i'm not yet ready to give the album a thumbs up, i can say that it's definitely worth checking it out, especially if you like old hux flux, psilocybian or nervasystem. favourites up to now: discrete circuit and downward dog.
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    I've just listened the album. Don't feel like saying much about the music itself but there's something from a producer's point of view that disturbs me here. The mastering is okay/good. It's not unbearably loud and has some dynamics. The other thing, that's more of a choice in how to produce and mix your tracks, is, apart from the track with Menkalian, uneasy percussions. Many of the tracks have disturbingly high volume on high hats, so that open hat almost drowns underneath (track three for example). When high hat is all you hear, it sounds like a detached element and lacks a proper dialogue with the actual music. Also, can't help to notice, there absolutely no groove in high hats. With groove I mean some more thought out patterns than the constant "zik-zik-zik-zik", that seems to go with almost no pause during the tracks. When I listened the music at high volume, the percussions *kinda worked* meaning it's less noticeable. But at low volume it takes all my focus off the the music and I gotta say, for me personally, the album wasn't a great listening experience.
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    This is a nice modern psytrance album. We are not 1999, so please face the reality. Hux Flux didn't make it for money, you know very well how much money one can get from releasing an album nowadays, so this is just naive.
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    It was understood. Different is good But different like track 3 is bad. Good luck
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    not six it should be at least twelve or sixteen - maybe fourty it is funny that for two pages you insisted this is the essence of goa trance and now you compare it to the muses rapt - spiritual healing which is the perfect example of eurotrance/goa trance crossover you can listen to psychopod - dreampod and hear what kind of track is goa trance to the core here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDlDNpIUa5E this dreampod track is 100 per cent goa trance nova fractal is like 50 per cent at best - listen again this ep and you will discover the ephedra remix is the most goa of the three but for eurotrance lovers it should be a good deal
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    This is one of the best chill albums ever made... Complex in structure, deep, ... all you need for wondering in a dark creepy, though fairy tale-ish story. Extremelly atmospheric, not only by creating a good sound, or production (wich is so damn high here and sounds so fucking professional), but also the emotions put into it made only stronger by the well put voice samples. My Equators hardly can handle the intensity of this music Also the mixing of the sound layers is done perfectly: gives it a smooth overall, gliding feeling. The sound they made is very unique, what makes is stand out far and high from the more generic neo chill out of these days or most of the ultimae & Co stuff that seems it has been produced in the same studio with the same settings. Nothing but good about this CD. I always wished they'd made more off this stuff 10/10, and I wish I could give'm more . what the hell, I'd say: 15/10
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    We are not crying because neogoa is not like old school. We're, I am, butthurt because it's not AS GOOD as old school. So we should give them best grades because they are making music they like? No. We are on the receiving end and we judge. If the process of making music satisfies those producers, then great and they should not care about what someone says on this "grumpy" forum. The difference between this forum and others is that most people here were old enough to hear what existed before neogoa while the crowd nowadays is not. "As scene is small its hard to get international gigs, and yes if artist want to be heard and want to play he must respect some 'standards' of today." and this is how this music takes it's turn for the worse. You let needs of the mass dictate how you should make your music so that you get to play on international festivals? So be it, but lets make it clear that that is called commercialization. You change music so that a bigger crowd likes it instead of letting it get attention as it is. Proof enough. These are facts IMO and Im not trying to be toxic. Dont get me wrong though. I have been listening and exploring neogoa releases for past 2 weeks. Not a single old school one. Some releases are A M A Z I N G, while most are not. I am not against change, but lets look at what ends up with musical change around the globe... Yup it changes for the worse because producers are trying so hard to satisfy needs of a bigger crowd, and the need of this high crowd is next to nothing. And what is interesting about neogoa is that one of the best music I hear is FREE on ektoplasm. See my point?
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    yes and yes. there's no difference. let's take the first oldschool and newschool copilation that i find in my library: it turns out to be: VA - Tribal Science. the only good tracks on here are imho space tribe - flipout the dolphin (voodoo edit), mwnn - silicon trip and cydonia - animals (which is the track why i downloaded the comp in the first place). the rest is mediocre at best. the psychaos track are very average, just like tip, the sounds in prana gets on my nerves within a few seconds and even the second mwnn track has a horrible, uninspired melody in the middle (which is surprising because there's hardly a track by him that i don't like). for newschool is was: VA - Goamystica Vol. 1. the good tracks here imho are khetzal - damocles, imba & jagoa - unidentified flying spores and fiery dawn - feelings. space elves and somnesia have melodies i don't like, cactus arising and maiia303 are nice, but not special enough to get a "good" rating in my library, afgin is horribly cheesy and the rest is just average. surprisingly there are exactly 11 tracks in both compliations (no i really didn't pick them or plan this) so the comparison is easy to make. 3/11 tracks are good in the oldschool compilation and 3/11 tracks are good in the newschool compilation. the rest is just average. i've been disappointed by newschool and have therefore turned to oldschool instead multiple times, each time only finding that the percentage of good music wasn't better back then, it's rather that the average and bad tracks sound different. much of that used to be amateurish, boring music with bad sound design, now it's music with "standardised" sounds playing a constant and tiring stream of forgettable eastern. maybe we disagree because i wasn't there in the golden days and don't have fond memories of the time?
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    The sounds have been heard before... But the compositions!!! It's like with Rock... A guitar has been done 10000000 before, and still, the right melody/combination/composition can still do wonders! Same for goa... which is far less explored then rock for instance still enough possibilities
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    Trying to calculate.......3 most psychedelic goa trance dzzzz albums....dzdzzzzz....number 1 Ely$$$$!!um - M000n2000n....dzzzzz.....Failure imminent.....Number 2....All systems critical........Brain damaged....... Stick with the top 100 mate. Less casualties that way
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    Heh, when I still had at least some kinda drive to fuck around with music making, I made sure that practically all automation was recorded off the knobs on my keyboard in realtime. The only proof to the rest of the world is this: https://soundcloud.com/pauleye/daikaisho where (almost) EVERYTHING that changes in some way is recorded as live automation, in what must be dozens of passes as there's a shitload of stuff going on all the time and I only have 2 hands (yes we were 2 guys doing the track but I'm in Helsinki and he was in Paris, and over all I ended up doing most of the automation because I insisted). Impulse Tracker FTW! Anyway, going off topic again...
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    As someone who has witnessed many public meltdowns, I would advice to just drop it. While I see Richpa's point, I also see how it really just doesn't matter to everyone, but retaliating with insults or backhanded comments is not a good idea. Especially if you are doing such on an official account. It's bad for business and creates a negative image on the brand you're trying to promote. Just learn to accept that not everyone will be pleased with everything. The best you can do is take the feedback and try to do better, leave a reply as to why such a decision might've been made(which you did) and leave it be, or just ignore it. Getting personal and angry over it won't do you any good. Just my two cents and I hope we can end this here.
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    lovely melodic free goa trance! you should upload to free never expiring web storage like mega, oboom, dropbox, box