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    Kris revealed the tracklist for the album as shown on the digital version of the artwork: There will be a plenty of new material (complete second CD will be fresh music) while the Lazarus Rising part will also have some new music featured.
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    Released for FREE here: https://bit.ly/2AFZ50d Kickstarter campaign for CD: https://kck.st/2zyUZr0 In late 2013, I started the Veasna project with one thing in mind: make people jump around on trancefloors! Knowing the genre for a decade already, only that year I started visiting my first parties and the feeling totally captured me in many ways. I started to try and channel that energy into music, which I have been making for a long time already but without any real "goal" behind it. The result was Veasna, and I met relatively quick success: only one year later, Neogoa Records released my probably most famous track "Quantum Conundrum". In 2016, I found myself having produced enough music to fit my first full-length album, Energy. Now as it is with releases, not all tracks I had by then made it to that album. As it so happens, this time of the year, Veasna turns five years old. So I feel it's time to get a few more of those tracks out into the world! On December 1, I will release 5ynergy - a 5th Anniversay EP that contains five tracks, four of them previously unreleased and one heavily improved. All of them have been originally produced in 2013 and 2014 - my first year on the project - so expect music roughly in the style of Energy. The release will be exclusive to my Bandcamp (which I'll put up very soon) and will be free on a "pay something to support me if you like" basis for a bunch of weeks for the entire month of December as a Christmas gift of sorts. Kickstarter campaign for a limited full-length CD @thanosp81 kindly pointed me in some possible directions to go, and the result is that also on December 1, I am starting a Kickstarter campaign to extend the EP to a limited full-length CD release. Additionally to the EP tracks, that would contain all my previously released digital-only tracks (Quantum Conundrum, Warp, Dendrites and Silent Spring) with improved production, plus a new downtempo track to close it off in Veasna fashion. The Kickstarter campaign would be the only way to ever get that CD, so it's meant for collectors and supporters. Though, whether it happens or not will depend on the outcome.
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    I'm planning on attending as well, let's meet up!
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    Asking the right questions! I would like to know to.
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    In Croatia Goa trance scene grew rapidly in last decade, especially party-wise (in recent couple of years). Of course, it's not on the same level regarding the popularity as it's case in Belgium, but during the year you got basiclly every month Goa events. The biggest epicentre of parties is capital Zagreb, but nearby cities of Sisak and Novi Marof also got strong local scenes and organizations who are taking good care to bring nice live-acts alongside with local DJ's. There are also some parties in western part of the country in city of Rijeka and from time to time in southern region of Dalmatia (Split and Zadar). Personally the biggest pros when it comes to Croatia is the really stunning nature and remote places where you can organize parties and trully enjoy outdoors, it's also one of the reasons why every summer you got really outstanding party season in Croatia, especially when it comes to festivals (from techno and house events being very popular at Adriatic seaside, but also psytrance in general where you got one of the best psytrance festivals Modem in Lika region). Of course, festivals with Goa artists are much smaller (compared to ZNA, Apsara, Connection), but they are on the healthy legs and what matters they are improving in terms of quality, organization, content and attendance. Autumn and winter season is also getting better and more and more young people are involving themselves in promotion of Goa trance music and getting some artists to come and play in Croatia. What is also noticable is the fact that audience on these parties are young people who are raised and introduced to Goa through the great work of artists and labels representing the 2nd wave of Goa music, which is a great thing. Overall, in my humble opinion Croatia got a lot of potential that hasn't been used fully to become a true summer Goa-trance hotspot, especially because electronic music events recently are getting recognition from the tourist boards and the local-goverments now got more understanding for this type of entertainment. Other potential is the stunning nature, from mountains, forests, rivers and Adriatic sea you really can choose and find perfect spot to held a festival. Prices in Croatia are still okay to most of the western tourists/visitors and you can spend nice holidays here without being bankrupted. However I believe we should have long-term strategy in that field and keep our prices fair. The negative aspect is I believe the same as it is in the most countries, the drugs and alcohole, but I hope that would change too, because music should be the only drug when it comes to Goa trance. The other negative aspect is the bare fact that average monthly net salary in Croatia is 700 euros, even tho I believe Zagreb area keeps that stats, other regions especially where I live and in eastern regions of Slavonia and Baranja are more like 400-500 euros. That being said, it's hard for Croatian organizers to get some 'bigger' names, especially because you can't have high ticket prices. Anyway, here are two smaller festivals next summer in Croatia where Goa music will be played that I know about: Mystic Mountain Festival (at Velebit mountain): https://www.facebook.com/events/1905858349511059/ Dragon's Quest Festival (Gračac, Lika region, where Lost Theory took place): https://www.facebook.com/events/228971744405176/
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    Wonderful, of course I grabbed a copy.
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    We kept something really special for the end of the year and the upcoming holidays. I hope you guys are ready for the forthcoming Ultimate Xperience double CD album on Neogoa Records Release date and all other informations will be posted on the official Neogoa Records page and website next week!
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    Artist: Various Title: Retrodelic Vibes 6 - Vintage Memories Label: Avatar Records Date: July, 2018 1. Chromium Dioxide - Three State Logic 2. Venus Zen - Encens 3. Vermillion - BIC 4. Alfalfa - Amanite FX 5. Chinese Whispers - Synchro 6. Rakshas - Asia 2001 7. Moonstone - Spectral 8. Spellbound - Cwithe 9. S.E.T.I. - Psychaos 10. Animal People - Cydonia 11. Tribal Tool - Shakti Twins 12. The Beauty and the Beast (Total Eclipse Remix) - Sven Vath 13 Superluminal - Nucleus 14. Domino Effect - ManMadeMan & Domino As a collector of many things goa I was happy that there was another volume of the RV series and yet equally disappointed that it was only a digital version. Oh well no big deal...I think I can keep my OCD in check. For a little while. Anyway like all the previous entries in this series you have a few well known bangers, some not so well known and apparently some that weren't even released. The album itself is decent even without any stellar tracks because let's be honest...we have mined those hills for a long time and there just might not be any absolute stormers left uncovered. And therein lies the rub. If you're reading this then most likely you have most of these tracks. So as much as I appreciate the effort, this compilation really isn't that necessary. Still...any chance I get to rock out to Animal People I'm gonna do it. Psyshop
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    Hey everybody, I finally managed to release my new album, this time through Timewarp records. https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/exelization-beyond-the-black-lodge-lp-timewarp098-timewarp 1. Ego Transplant 2. Wolvencore 3. Cryolysis 4. The Flash 5. Motor Warrior 6. Gothika 7. The Purple Forest The style is once again dark-ish Goa trance with modern psytrance influences. I hope you like it, cheers!
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    Hi, thanks for your review. We are always happy when we read comments like this :) Cheers.
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    Very glad to read, thank you! I believe it's time to publish the outcome of our private conversation. thanos and I talked about that idea and he kindly pointed me in some possible directions to go. Thanks! So also on December 1, I will start a 31-day Kickstarter campaign to possibly extend the EP to a limited full-length CD. Additionally to the EP tracks, that would contain all my previously released digital-only tracks (Quantum Conundrum, Warp, Dendrites and Silent Spring) with improved production, plus a new downtempo track to close it off in Veasna fashion. The Kickstarter campaign would be the only way to ever get that CD, so it's meant for collectors and supporters. Though, whether it happens or not will depend on the outcome. This doesn't affect the digital EP, which will still be five tracks and free for the entire month of December while the campaign is going. So one could also view it as a "demo" of sorts.
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    I just remind this song (An Astrix side project one-shot collaboration) which according to me would perfectly match to warm a progressive house set =>
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    Congratulations! :D the BIG 5!!! :D Looking forward to following you the next 5 years! It has been a pleasure...
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    What a beauty! Releases next month..
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    Digital pre-orders are now available on our official Bandcamp page and includes already a direct download of the bonus track Goa Madness Records Official Bandcamp
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    [ Artist: E-Mantra Title: Serenity Ep Label: Melusine Records Date: October, 2018 1. Serenity 2. Serenity II 3. Balada Haiducului 4. Shadows Picture of a forest. Scary font for artist name. Dude...did you just make a darkpsy/forest ep? Narrator Morgan Freeman: Although capable of many things a darkpsy album to this date has not been attempted. Thank...you narrator Morgan Freeman. Nope this is a brief downtempo ep released by his own label even though everything screams forest music. Actually according to the blurb it was created in a remote cabin deep in the Romanian forest. Sure nothing scary about that sentence whatsoever. Serenity brings his tell tale drifting melodies over top of head nodding beats. Smooth. Part II picks up the pace, but was less introspective. Balada is a slow trudge with a melancholy presence but easily my favorite. Shadows as the name implies is the darkest track yet and I don't know how he completed it while in that Romanian forest. Hope he worked in the daytime. Playing this at night in the forest is some Evil Dead sh*t. All in all nothing earth shattering, but good, consistent, E-mantra downtempo goodness. Melusine Records Bandcamp
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    Nice release but come on with all forum respect, this is not a review. It's a promo.
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    I am firmly rooted in the 90's goa trance. Don't bring out the big guns right away. Koxbox is definitely too strong, too bassheavy, too technical. Be gentle, give em something like Jaia - Mai Mai
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    Here's a nice interview that Ofer made with AP, there's a couple more on his youtube, while we wait for the album.
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    Artist: Ovnimoon Title: Holistic Label: Ovnimoon Date: March, 2015 1. The Spirit 2. Emotional Biodecodification 3. Fear 4. You Can Do This 5. The Power 6. Tesoro Interior 7. Dual Resonance - Passing Clouds (Ovnimoon Remix) 8. Trance Dance "Help them find their way. Help them meander through the different." Ok let's step back for a second. No, not you Kanye. I think there's a photographer who called you a no talent. Yep, that's what I heard him say. You should fight him. He's right down there. Hector is the brains behind this project and with his seventh album as Ovnimoon he has dropped a hot f*cking potato into our laps. So rather than burn the beanbag I put that sh*t directly into my earholes. The reviews here have been great, analyzing this from seemingly every angle. I'm not going to repeat what's been said because let's be honest that's not what I do. I bring the funny. And huge, pendulous boobage. I'm also not going to trot out the tired cliche about everyone having their own personal taste because for f*cks sake that should be a given by now. Over his career this gentleman has successfully combined progressive, full-on, and more recently goa better than almost anyone. There is power, mysticism, melodies, and most importantly...goa! Did I mention goa? I've heard it said that this is a progressive album with goa touches. Well, like your grandpa with a broken GPS I'm going the other way. This is a goa album with full-on and progressive touches. Every song is that way. Like some I could've done without the sample early on as it sounds too second story mall this is where I get my chakras from sound to me. But to pan the rest of the track and indeed the album? No sir, not me. Ain't gonna be me. IMO (f*ck humble) he has delivered a worthy sequel to Trancemutation of the Mind. This is a vehicle for space travel through layers of melody. It's colorful and lush with sounds leaving and arriving at precisely the right time. There's nothing cheesy or formulaic about his style as the melodies untwist like a helix over time for maximum hypnotic effect. Isn't that what E-mantra does? And we fall all over ourselves singing his praises. So put me in the camp as someone who thinks this is a triumph and can't wait to get this goa album in his hands. And now this. Because boobs. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
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    From Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic by Secede http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZj_UK3-Ckg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmfDk8rc7fI real gems, some of the best music I have heard in ages