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    Hello, Sorry I didn't post any response earlier here, since last night I logged in and noticed this topic. As far as I know, Kris is working on his album as much as he can. Do I need to remind you that he also got few other active music projects he is working on constantly, alongside with Ultimate Xperience? Besides that, I'm sure the real life duties also takes a lot of his free time (he is not only musician, he is a father and family man too), alongside with playing live shows. That being said, we at Neogoa gave Kris full freedom and time he needs to work on the album finalization. We don't want to rush it and we want to make sure everything goes as Kris and we planned. That's only what matters to us and I believe to all fans and people who are interested in his work and music. We put really A LOT of effort to bring Lazarus Rising to all of you, FOR FREE. Now it's time to elevate that and we need time and focus to complete the process. New tracks he sent me are even better than material on Lazarus Rising and from a perspective of a fan, I also look very forward to the new album. Just a clarification - that album was released with different label, if I may add.
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    I thought the same but have a few issues with what this would mean. First that guardian article I posted explains how vegan farms actually destroy vital parts of the ecosystem and inhibit life from taking place via fungus, small critters, bugs, birds etc. I never considered the effect of mass use of pesticides and herbicides. Second is more an issue with the world system of capitalism and anthropocentricism, my fear is that once animals become useless to us we will stop considering them necessary when push comes to shove.
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    Hello Psynews, while hanging around the world wide web, at the crossroad of two digital neuron I fell on this! http://music.hyperreal.org/artists/metanet/metanetmain.html I love those kind of weird 90's cyberspace-like website, the far out philosophy and the raw psychedelic aesthetic. So please share your favorites if you have some! I also ended up finding this from there: This documentary looks legit super cool (it's about Japan!) but I don't know where to buy it :/ raycastle.com doesn't seem to have it. If some charitable soul is up for sharing or heard of some underground sellor ... 604BillionTHX
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    Label: Timewarp Records Date: August 2018 Format: Digital 1. JaraLuca - Evolving Forces 07:27 2. Fiery Dawn - Alien Planet 08:08 3. Clementz - Seduced By Stars 09:41 4. InnerZone & NervaSystem - Ribos (InnerZone Remix) 09:24 5. Mania - Ingenious Neomorph 09:25 6. Proxeeus - Cthulhu Lives 10:44 7. MeloDeep - Spirit Of The God 09:19 8. Clementz - Ae Re Stu 06:03 9. Atlantis - Crystal Sphere 09:40 10. Spectrum, Ion Vader - Freedom or Death 08:04 Timewarps latest goa compilation, including a DJ Mix. Let's gooooo!!! Jaraluca: What an opener of this fine compilation. Jaraluca presents a goa monster with a deep bassline and fantastic synth lines. Gradually the track intensifies as the synths go crazy. The synths carry the track. It is so cleverly made. Real climactic goa trance with a hypnotic feel to it. Love it! Boy, would I love to hear it at a party. Jos? Fiery Dawn: Fiery Dawn's contribution is a slow starter and a rather linear track. Although it gets a bit more interesting after the 6 min mark, it's not a (big) climax. It's an easier track to rest a bit. I was hoping for some surprises, but I'm left hungry. Clementz: Hints of acid hypnotically injecting your brain. This sounds good! Gradually the track goes into melodic style while keeping the acid lines in the background. Quite a relaxing and pleasant morning track here, but when played out loud could cause some damage in the final run where everything comes together. Nervasystem: Shit, this is a demonous track. Slowly it grabs you, hypnotizes you. There are pads, acid blips, whatever you want. But they're connected in such a way that a hypnotizing track is made. One hypnotizing section after another. Not sure why the voice is talking about some molecule called ribos instead of ecstacy. Ha! Wonderful blistering finale where synths meet pads meet acid! Mania: Shit, why does this have to sound like it's 1996? I mean, the ingredients are there. Spiralling synths, a rolling bassline... But the kick is so dry and pale. There is not enough thickness in the track for me to really enjoy it. Guess that's the oldschool vs newschool thingie. I miss the deeeeep bass. Not bad, but not my style. Proxeeus: Yes, fucking yes. We have reached the 10 min long holy grail of this compilation. Ladies and chaps, Proxeeus is here! Where on his 2 albums he mainly explores (successfully) 303 sounds, this track has it all. Dancefloor madness it is. Right from the first second I am immersed in overwhelming sounds. Then the bassline crushes my skull. The goa train has left the station! Lots of laser sounds and lovable melodic synths is what this track is all about. The personality of this track is immense. It's like Proxeeus had a vision, a thought, and melted it into music. Only the truly blessed can do this. Oh yes, and there is acid 303 madness too. Lots of them. Jos! Play this shit at OiG XXII. Omg I die. Melodeep: A sweet oriental-influenced goa number surrounded by acid. Makes me think of Antares or Ra 9th Style. Very sweet on the ears and definitely on repeat here. Lots of details in the background if you listen carefully. The melody comes into play at certain points in the track and give it a very personal feel. I catch myself humming it after a while. Likey! Clementz: Clementz hits hard with this track from the start. Hardly no intro, just cuts right to the chase. Fantastic goa synths are all over the place, carried by deep basswork. I would go nuts on the dancefloor! Aqueous sounds and acid blips push the track forward into the next mayhem. Yep, dance material here. Ace! Atlantis: I'm gonna admit it right away. I'm in love with this track. It doesn't go crazy with loud chaotic sounds. No, it exists and intrigues purely because of its hypnotising ability. The bassline is very addictive and always present. My head is nodding up and down because of it. The bassline is surrounded by acid and bubbles and this for more than 9 minutes. It's an unstoppable bulldozer. Grooovy! Spectrum, Ion Vader: A pussy would end an uptempo compilation with a downtempo track. But DJ Lurfilur is not a pussy. No sir. Another uptempo goa track to finish the album. Perhaps it is the madness of the former tracks that leaves me unimpressed with this last track. Very instrumental, sterile and linear. Not strong, but good for winding down from what we've heard before. DJ MIX A a bonus, we get a DJ Mix by DJ Lurfilur, who mixes all these tracks together for a good hour of non stop goa madness. And a well crafted mix it has become. Congrats man! Conclusion: A must have compilation. Timewarp is sometimes hit and miss, but this is a hit. And DJ Lurfilur has proven to be a connoisseur of compiling goa albums. Hail! Buy links: Bandcamp Beatport Psyshop
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    So we had our traditional little goa trance party again last weekend. I played some rather murky and mindfucky oldschool goa/psy on the second night. The last half hour or so is a bit of a mess as I improvised the entire set, and I started to get all too tired towards the end of the set. Oh well, these things happen every now and then Tracklist: Intro mix: Xenomorph - Hidden track from the Qlippoth album Montauk P - About Montauk Dragon Twins - (Entwined) Organic Noise - Spastic Elastic Prana - Boundless (Black Cat Mix) Bass Chakra - Mycetozoa (304046 Mix) Process - X-1 Lumen - The Vwroodha Semsis & Marc Van Der Vlugt - Basso Profundo Zodiac Youth - Still On Earth Infected Mushroom - Blue Muppet Hux Flux - Elixir Metal Spark - Smells Electric Metal Spark - Sonic Feet Systembusters - Skuffed Process & Slide - Creepy Crawly ECT - Mr. Jolly (Lives Next Door) Triquetra - Headphone Zombie ManMadeMan & Tristan - Julz Slug - Slugfest Joujouka - Ama No Kawa
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    3rd album from Alexandre Cohen is quite good. The kicks are punchy, he impressively twists 303 leads to his will, and the whole sound was nicely layered. I don't think he's trying to tell a story here. I believe he wants us to get off our a** and ask that cute girl to dance. True dance music and I suppose you can't ask for much more than that.
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    admittedly, my first few listens of this album i was disappointed but after readjusting my expectations i find it to be quite enjoyable. a lot of goa can be too intense if i just want to have something on in the background. the screeching assault of noises and non-stop nature all blend together and i feel kind of claustrophobic and anxious after about 20 minutes. goa is great if i want to close my eyes and analyze the complexities but not so much if it's accompanying a task. but this ufomatka album is really warm and easy to digest as a soundtrack to my life. there is nothing abrasive about it, it makes an effort to be distinctive without being turgid. is music best enjoyed by carefully dissecting each part or are we meant to just feel the vibes? ufomatka has created an album full of good vibes, no thinking needed, just let it ride out. it maintains the goa sensibilities with a refined, less is more approach.
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    Sounds like a 2018 winner. Listen to those samples. Perfection! https://suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD52/
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    Samples! https://soundcloud.com/globalsect/sets/va-shambhala
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    Gnocchi one of most unique kicks ever but here are some examples, sharp and phaaaaat
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    I'm hearing this full album TODAY for the first time and to my surprise, it's actually not terrible. There is a singing track late in the album that made me almost jump through the window, and before that I was tempted to slash my wrists once or twice. Past that however, there may be hope. This is the most old-school sounding IM style album I've heard by them since maybe B.P. Empire... (!!!) Of course it's no B.P., Classical, or Gathering. The GOA isn't there anymore. But COMPARED to the ASHIT we've gotten from them for the last 1-2 decades AND in relation to being a stand-alone PSY-influenced electronic album, it's pretty good! Hmmm.. I guess that's what happens when you mix cocaine with LSD and some sativa weed. There were shrooms in there too, somewhere, I think. I just---- Fuck me. What year is it?
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    One of the most unique kickdrums out there
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    Few years have passed and this one still is on my playlist. Great album!
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    This thread is actually better than i thought it would be at least! I look forward to the day our childrens children look back on the meat industry as we know it as barbaric! Also of course one shouldn't care what other people eat, but frankly shouldn't people care what other people kill?
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    Listened to this today. Thought the tracks were all pretty hot and had good range between them. Nice production good job.
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    Everyone except the animals, of course: Couldn't watch the whole thing. If one truly believe that the so called "smart" farming can alleviate animal suffering in this money-driven society, he's living on Disney planet. How far can we go for taste pleasure? How numb and cruel have we become for a bacon sandwich? There is no doubt to me that this "smart" agriculture is humanity at its lowest.
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    Vegetarian. Good for the environment, plus plants/fruits grow back, seems more humane. I guess being a cannibal is also good for the environment.
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    One of my biggest problems with the goa trance scene has been its susceptibility for buying into conspiracies and pseudoscience. I know vaccines are scary, but they've been vetted and are far more safe than getting the plague. New theories suggest the increased rates of autism are, not because of the rise of vaccines but, due to the processed foods, sugars, and grains. Not processed as in GMO tomatoes, but the refined sugars and flours. Our guts control so much of our mind and body that when we take in a bunch of rubbish, and pass that down to our young, it fucks with them. Change the diet, change the mind.
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    Imo, anti-immulnization is in the same ballpark as HIV-denialism. Irrational and dangerous belief that denies scientific evidences and replaces them with conspiracy theories.
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    Anti-vaccine attitudes are stupid, plain and simple.
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    Yup. Societal immunization is why we're able to eradicate diseases. Not everyone is able to get immunizations due to age or sickness, and they are protected because everyone else is.
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    Artist: Material Music Title: Love & Magic (The Dust Album) Label: Kali Earth Records Date: May, 2018 1. Love & Magic 2. Thunderbrothers - Hausmania Jam 3. Ingenuity Box 4. Twitch Science 5. Jailhouse Suck 6. Space Out...and In 7. Return To Earth 8. Prabudda Jani Professor Rabinowitz? Umm...is my paper still due on Wednesday? Like a lot of genres our particular brand of music has long been over saturated with subpar and generic sounding efforts. It's a copy and paste world these days and every high schooler (or middle aged psychology professor) with a pirated copy of Cubase is poised to make the next LSD. More power to you, I wish you the best because it seems the world could use a little more LSD. However we're still waiting and it seems that (and perhaps it has always been this way) the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Promotion is the name of the game and nobody is going to toot your own horn like you can. Unintentional masturbatory pun. So through repeated messages I reluctantly agreed to give this album a listen and share my pearls of wisdom that nobody seems to agree with. It's not like the old days when I had nothing but time to write reviews on every file someone sent me. I'm a busy man. See? So, taking myself away from a whole day's worth of nothing I found out who the hell this is an boy was I surprised. Erland Yildiz is truly an inspirational story. The music biz is rife with tropes about the perils of substance abuse and history is riddled with those who have succumbed to them. He apparently has been making music for a long time, but fell victim to those forces and fairly recently got himself clean by going cold turkey. I don't know what he was on or what he was going through, but you don't get free of those demons without a lot of strength and support so kudos to him. Also to psytones for helping him shop his albums and getting his music out there. This album is a compilation of tracks he made over time, some while sober some while not. He clearly is proficient with the electronic wizardry with good layers, sound, and groove. Here are a few notes I made after several listens. The only quibble I have with some of the tracks is the excessive length without evolution. The title track is a churning progressive beast that clocks in at a hefty 15 minutes. Good thumping track with a bit of goa sauciness at the end. Felt it went on a little long though. And that will be a theme here. Hausmania Jam to me is filler that went on waaaay too long and seemed like a rough draft of a track that he would get back to later. Like...after nachos. Ingenuity Box is a psychedelic goa track that reminds me of something from COP. If that's your style then this is for you. Not bad at all. Twitch Science sounded very rudimentary, but in an alluring way. It also has that bubbling 303 beneath the surface so it's got that going for it. I liked it the more I listened to it. Jailhouse Suck has a funky house groove with some great tabla, but the mumbling underneath is a tad bit distracting. Space out is a psytrance progressive hybrid that flows with juicy layers. More variation would've been nice, but still good. Return to Earth is rather mellow and after listening to it 3 times I wasn't aware that I had listened to it. Maybe it flew by because it was the shortest track on the album. Prabudda Jani is pure Astral Projection multilayered in your face space goa. Best track for me on the album that sounded like it could be from Global Sect Music. So there you have it, a decent album that is available in digital or CD-R format and perhaps a welcome back to the scene of sorts for another artist. Kali Earth Records Bandcamp
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    It's a very remarkable album. High quality stuff:
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    Split personality, yes, could be another theory.