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    Hello world our Psynews Youtube Channel has just seen the light of day At this moment, our first video was uploaded - which is the first part of a founders interview of Children himself - one of the people who founded the site! Please find it here: I hope you enjoy it. It marks one more steps in this 20th birthday jubilee year of 2020 and I personally hope that we will bing much more content your way this year - and also maybe better edited one as my video edit skills get better aswell The next steps are: a new forum will be created here (visible for members and above only) to discuss our Youtube channel and for you to give feedback and suggest content the second part of the interview with Children will be composed by me to be released in the not-so-far-away future We would appreciate if you support us on YouTube by subscribing to our channel, commenting - hopefully in the same police and positive way most people post it on the forums here - and yeah, also by dropping a like if you enjoy it #HappyBirthdayPsynews.ORG
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    Heh, "this old chestnut". I have many thoughts regarding the matter and I don't know how to turn them into a coherent story so I'll just list some random points: 1) First, there is the principle called Sturgeon's Law, often summarised as "ninety percent of everything is crap". I won't start dissecting the full details of Sturgeon's original statement nor its later interpretations. Anyway, I think the principle essentially says that when there are quality differences and personal preferences, only so many pieces can be "very good" or "like things should be". There are boatloads of music. Even that "very good" 10% (or a smaller fraction) can be so huge that our ears cannot take any more. Therefore we can pick the best, use it as the measuring stick, and rule the rest as "crap", even though in reality the "normal" level is somewhere within that 90% and we're just getting really picky. 2) The corpus of released goa/psy has been accumulating for decades. That makes things even worse regarding the "top 10 versus the rest" comparison. A lot of totally half-arsed stuff from the earlier decades has already been forgot for good. More or less consciously, we end up comparing the very best of those past years to the average level of recent releases. That comparison cannot end well. 3) Also, after thousands of full releases, it's getting more and more difficult to produce something truly original that we still categorise as goa. Either the release "sounds like X, Y and Z" or it doesn't quite fit into the genre. Imagine a hazy blob on the genre map that we label as goa. It consists of dots, which are releases. When the amount of dots increases, it's getting difficult to find any totally blank regions among the existing stuff. You end up either close to something that already exists or too far away from the centre. 4) There is also the phenomenon called sophomore slump. It's quite generic in nature, but it can be understood as "the second attempt being worse". In personal effort like producing music, it can mean that the first try manages to capture the raw power of what you really want to express. Then you kind of run out of steam. Even though the next one may be more polished, it cannot reach the same level of inspiration and originality. Another way to view it is that if you, as a listener, fall deeply in love with some specific approach, it's just inevitable that anything that differs from it has a high chance of being less appealing simply because it doesn't hit that sweet spot. But repeating the same-ish formula would feel like copy-paste or repetition so you cannot really win there. Coming up with something fresh and appealing is possible but really hard. "Easier said than done." And the artists out there cannot really read your deepest desires, nor are they under any obligation to fulfill them. If you're getting picky, it's your task to do the "crate digging" to find your personal gems, even though it may be a tedious task. 5) Also, nobody here is getting younger. There's just something special about the age when you first discover awesome music, visit your first parties and festivals, get drunk/high/laid and so on. As Constrictor put it, you cannot "recapture the magic that once was". When you grow older, you start to observe plenty of recurring patterns - things that get re-invented every ten years or whatever. Each iteration may be slightly different, but it cannot have the same impact as the first encounter with the subject. Just accept the fact that you're getting old and hard to impress, but every day someone else out there is discovering this genre for the first time and thinks that everything is awesome. Same music, different view. I'm definitely getting old and drowned under other commitments. I cannot do the same amount of crate digging as I used to. But I do remember that already back then when I had the time and energy, it was common to load 500 tracks to a preview playlist and ultimately pick just one or two of those as keepers. More than 90% was "crap", nothing new there. If you cannot do those 500 track marathons any more and you've already found enough good stuff to last a lifetime, just cherish those, but don't get too bitter about modern times. I still do discover very good stuff, occasionally. Most releases cannot meet the crazy expectations, but someone out there still enjoys them so they deserve to exist. Nice recommendations by Manuser, by the way. I've been blasting Proxeeus, for example, at work several times like it was 1995.
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    Thanks everyone for : - the effort in the "admins" tribe - the support of every visitor ! Glad this still exists, I'm not really up to date in terms of the latest albums and am using the website to check what I missed in the new groups ... well now I'm using myself the website for what I wanted it to be used for at the very beginning, find new artists ! ;-)
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    Lost my attention in modern Goa Trance and im speaking from producers perspective... and it's gonna be long but worth of read imo. Today Goa is one of most limited Trance styles, even more than that Offbeat Prog most of us can't stand. There are so much rules these days which you have to follow just to get released, to play somewhere? Even worse. Sometimes I wonder if we as producers even have a freedom to do what we like or think we do and that people will actually support that. Expectations and personal tastes of few will eventualy kill Goa scene, not 'bad' producers themselves. We are small scene struggling to survive but all we do is bitching around and killing wish of new or producers that already gave a lot on scene. Those that we still praise from 90s, well 99% of them don't give a thing for last 20 years and didn't contribute to scene at all while you have new guys doing and putting everything they can so this scene could go on and so they could really enjoy in life as an artists and all fun it brings. If you are not like Etnica, you sucks, If you are not like Tim Schuldt its too boring, it's not dark enough. If you have modern bassline you are Fullon. It's not 90s Goa ripoff, well it sucks. You see problem now? Every single style in Psychedelic Trance genre have been developing since it's beggining, every couple of years style changed itself and most of them for better. And people there actually accept that because they understand 2005 Full on is 15 years old and it was good for that period, now is different and good for today. Progressive from early 00s was also good, but Ace Ventura is killing it now and killing it big for 2020 and people fucking love that. Remember Twisted System back in 2004? Fucking best Twilight ever. Well Ajja is king now sorry. Goa trance, 95 MWNN and Etnica, 2005 crazy Filipe Santos, 2010 Filteria, today... who knows? Every music was good for its period, some survived for 20-30 years, some not. But everyone moved on, new music, new generations, everyones having fun big time, parties and festivals bigger than ever, more music than ever for each and everyone but not for us Goa people. To us nothing is ever good enough specialy when you don't want to ripoff music from 25 years ago doing over and over same things, we just want same music, same style, same group of artist playing here and there. As an artist you are forced to do what others (label, promoters, scene?) want just to get released and get some attention from people so you can feel welcome on scene. So you make what they want which is maybe musicaly better but technicaly it's crap and everyone knows it but it's ok because it sounds like 90s. Maybe you got lucky to get booked on them few Goa Trance festivals and play for a bit bigger crowd so you get bigger and better promotion. Then you want more and more, why not to play for even more and even more often but oh wait you can't. Nobody want too book you, all promoters booked you already, so you are not interesting to them anymore, lets try others but nobody ever fucking heard of you. You would like to play on Boom or Ozora, all of us want but wait they never heard of you because marketing in Goa scene is one worse ever because they are not daring to invest at least 50euros in their digital promotions of your releases for which you are obviously not payed enough or not payed at all. Second thing, remember that you sounds like 90s, technicaly/production wise it's crap so is your music to 99% people out there because you couldn't use damn boring 'fullon bassline' or 'fullon kick' and now your music sounds ears bleeding on big systems and who da fuck want to put this guy on stage in front of 50000 people? I personaly would never, only if he doesn't brings me tons of money. 50000 people won't hear Goa Trance just that few days, where are tons of other big parties and festivals? If labels and agencies know what people really want today, why they don't force artists corectly and invest in them? You know that 50k on artist pages means a lot to get booking? Make his artist page on facebook get 50k likes! People like fancy produced videos of artists playing, doing interviews or studio sessions? You are fucking manager, so fucking make that happen! Is it really that hard? People on dancefloor love modern sound, so fucking force your artists to have production quality of Astrix instead of forcing them to boycott fucking EQ in their projects. And last thing but most important we forget if we want to survive is because we don't know how to sell product (read music). Literally we are worst there. You release something but 90% of scene don't have a clue that release is out. Are we doing business because this artist-label-parties-scene stuff is business after all, or we just satisfing our personal taste and personal frustrations? Are we as people, giving enough and fucking DECENT support to guys doing this music? Hell no! Even worse is that their damn labels don't give them decent support, just opportunity to get more money or promotion for their own name. I am here with you for 11 full years, 2500 posts, active for so many years. Meet some of you and become good friends in real life. You know my alter ego but some of you know me as a person. We have some history here right? Let me take a personal example so I don't target any other artist... My latest release 'Imba - Liberation EP' was released 2 and half months ago, to be exact 73 days and yet not a single review on it. How and why? Not that it's most important thing to artist but to most of us it has value. We came here because we value some thing here and some words can inspire us to keep doing it. I would really love to read some words from some respected members in scene, good or bad but I would love just to discuss and see. - Is it possible that nobody heard it yet for 73 days? Hard to believe that. - Is it possible that nobody could spare 10-20 mins to write it for 73 days? Hard to believe that. - Is it really that terrible that nobody wan't even to think about it? Even harded to believe that not because is mine but because I saw/heard it on dancefloor. Even in promo post only 2 people left some comment... This example is just one small thing of many, not most essential for survival of Goa music but to some people could mean a lot. How often you sent supportive msg to artist, new or older just to thank him and make him feel right and happy for doing this? How often have you shared artists music or party videos on your social media just as support? I haven't recieved msg here in ages and just simple Thank You would mean a lot to me or someone... Artist is not producing music just for themselves, not this type of music as you can't live from it. If they don't feel connected with people they will stop, one by one. I asked myself many times why? Yeah I am enjoying, I love this music and love the lifestyle, traveling, playing and fun but for who? Morphic Resonance who is very much loved here or in scene generaly, who gets lots of attention... got same questions on our last meeting. Many guys does... And here we are back to beggining, the people for whom we are doing all of this. First of all is: can you say that you as listener/party goer/Goa Trance lover doing enough for Goa Trance so it can survive and be good? Are we artists only guilty because scene is like this and you lost attention? We are too lazy to comment, talk, support someone which takes just couple of minutes but we are always ready to bitch artist who lost months or even years on some release just because he is not Etnica and he is not 90s. This is not 'Mom got me a toy I didn't want', it's far more important than personal expectations and taste. If you want scene to survive ofcourse... I didn't want to offend anyone with this post and I hope nobody found offended. Just pointing some main problems and I hope that you will think about...
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    Like usual... Search and you will find I think 2019 was a REALLY good year music wise, much better as many years before... the times of only melodic new goa trance is definately over!
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    You just expressed my thoughts about this genere as a whole, goa psy call it what ever, very few artists now days makes special music. I Did have fun listening to the the cross from true early goa trance to a more progressive/minimalist/techno sound untill it became too soft and fluffy. and i had a blast when things turned dark with artist like parasense, para halu, and the rise of what people call dark psy, untill it became boring hi tech or way to mossy and boring "forest" psy. I Did doubt new school goa when it came along, did enjoy a few albums down the line, artifakt 303 especially, and Morphic Resonance, untill it became a copy pasta of some sort, and dont even get me talking about what i think about Morphic's last album compared to his first album. Unreleased goa trance was great untill we started getting a bagillion retro proto goa boring releases or old artists who werent active for 20 years releasing stuff that should have stayed buried Yikes, kind of morbid...just hang in there
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    Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe - THE track of the century also - Gaura Nitai, Active Meditation, Ramayana, The Essence Of Bhagavat-Ghita, Crystal Worlds Skarma - any track Centavra Project - Shambhala Mindsphere - any track from Mental Triplex/Presence Artifact 303 - Beyond Lightspeed, Feelings, They Will Communicate Digicult vs U-recken -Into The Heartland (AP remix - there seem to be two of them, both equally good)) Alienapia - Night Train And did I mention Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe?
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    To each their own, I find the 2006-2012 era vastly inferior to 2013-2019. Space Of Power is the definition of meh in my book
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    What is a Morning? What is Daytime? What is Evening? What is a Night? What is the Blue Hour? What is a Morning... How would you paint or compose one of them? If you were one of them, what would be your character and unique qualities? I would ask myselfe this crap before i cathegorize Goa in phases of a "Day" Is Morning Goa Music that symbolizes the Morning or is this music FOR the morning? sort of opposite of the Morning to Balance yourselfe.
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    hello all, the first step for the next 20 years has been taken: we have now a YouTube channel and we have a first video out ... an interview with Children = one of our founders ...if the name Children doesn't ring a bell with you, I suggest you head over right now and watch it (seriosuly please, don't make me brag here how profound this is ... Children has been "inactive" for many of the last years ... it's a very special thing that he decided to step forth and do an interview for us - and we also have to thank Mars for this a huge lot because he was the one making contact again) more here: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/75788-psynews-youtube-channel-it-is-now-live/ #HappyBirthdayPsynews.ORG
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    The 2nd one would be great if there wasn't some oiled up dude on the alien camel
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    One of the worst covers ever. Really, WTF? Great music tho
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    DJ Ari*, Alien Project ‎– Cosmic Communication Various ‎– Limitlessness
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    Goasia-Etnic City Artha-DNA Alienapia vs Psy-H*-Fear And Anger Filteria-Illogical Logic Lapsus-Holocron M-Run-Goat Man Antares-Astral Plane Hypnagogia-Secrets Of The Mind Javi-The Forest Masters InnerSpace-InnerSpace Mindsphere-Patience For Heaven M-Run-Etheral Resonator Crossing Mind-Hydrophobic Visions Filteria-Amnesia Reaction Dragon Twins-The Acid Man Filteria-Lost In The Wild Nebula Meltdown-Alnitak Sunrise Dragon Twins-Time Has A Mouth Dragon Twins-The Third Wave Dragon Twins-Shattered Sense Dragon Twins-Illa Tahin Psy-H Project-Precession Of The Universe Artha-Monkeys (Extended Remix) Mindsphere-Back To The Roots Robert Elster-Trails Robert Elster-4-ACO-MET Morphic Resonance-The City Of Moons Proxxeus-What The Moon Brings Triquetra-Renkinjutsu Veasna-Quantum Conundrum
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    Important update for all goa-lovers, producers and friends of producers! We have some interesting updates with Suntrip! We are working on 3, yes 3 new compilations! The first compilation is one with only 90s classic artists, making a real (new) goa-track for us! For now we have already some nice names comfirmed: Shakta, Oforia, MFG & Shidapu! More to come We hope to be finished by the summer The second one will be a real, typical Suntrip compilation: only the BEST modern goa-trance! So if you have promos, you can always send them on info@suntriprecords.com or send them to me or Fabien on fb! If you are a new artist, its probably more interesting for us to have 1-2 of your best tracks and not 20 tries The third one will be something unique: for a long time no new melodic forest/goa crossover was released. As many know I love that sound as well (which resulted already in a Ka-Sol and Battle Buddhas album). So for once, we will dig deep in the underground and lets see who can blow us away with this sound! Promos are also welcome for this one of course! Release dates are non existent for now... We will see when we have enough KILLAARGHSSS tracks Love & light from tooo active Suntrip
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    Plenty of tracks but just one coming to my mind: Hada - Emaginary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW_LOKZ_RAU And shouldn't forget this one: Qiujan - Transformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-G9svB6btU
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    Nice. And remember... ”What is dead may never die.”
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    some updates from here in oz now alot of the coast from sydney up to queensland and beyond is starting to flood where there was once fire, is now vast amounts of water. i am based in the northern rivers 3 hours south of brisbane, 11 hours north of sydney, we have had a meter of rain in a week! now i see we are about to get the rain that has been flooding most of the west coast of new zealand, the last time that happened our whole town went under water and was devastating. crazy extreme bizarre stuff, but seems to be happening everywhere around the world as for the talk about the railway and all of that, is very uncanny the locations of the fires to where they plan on putting the rail system. they are now saying that the soil after the fire is cancerous, and cannot be re used to grow crops, the government is now offering big money to buy alot of this uninhabitable land, with alot of the areas being exactly where the new SMART super cities are to go, i generally don't believe in coincidence keep an eye on this one
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    I will never grow tired of Darshan's "Awakening" album. Each time I've reformatted my phone and have had to put music back on it, it's in the first batch of albums I include. I wish he'd drop some of that stuff in his current sets, it's fucking timeless to me... <3
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    Automatically does it for me, but then I just posted a youtube link elsewhere that didn't auto embed. (Do you see the grey box at the bottom of that screenshot)
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    My connection with any/all music ebbs and flows. I can get into streams wherein I only listen to audio books or podcasts and every single piece of music I put on, I have to change or stop in a minute. My brain just doesn't click. Then I get into patterns of a variety of music n tempos. Other times I can't get enough 303s and want all of the acid. Some sprints will be everything! I used to get weirded out by this. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? DO I NOT FEEL THE SPIRIT OF GOA ANYMORE? lololololololol I learned to stop overthinking and worrying and accepted who I am for me. I do notice that, as I've consumed SOOOOOOOOOOOO much music in my life, and now there is such a bounty of tracks being released, it takes a certain level of crate digging to find new music that moves me. I think this slows down my purchases and collection growth, as I just don't have the time/energy to do the digging; but that's okay. I came into this music in the mid-90s when I was 16 and going through puberty and coming into consciousness. It was the soundtrack and backing pulse to so many of my life's growth moments and periods of change. The music began to branch into new sub-genres and new collectives formed. There is zero way for me to re-experience or recapture the magic that once was, but that's like wanting to recapture your virginity. Appreciate the gems you find, move on from the busted rocks, and the world will be right... Six-oh-4-Life
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    new content is up ... this time it's the first part of an interview with Mars
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    @psyhoe i hear you, there is no other way to acquire Evan’s releases than the direct channel. Shipping is indeed pretty steep. But as its not available via distribution channels, theres’ no way out from this.
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    Phoscyon is very good, I never owned a real 303 but Phoscyon sounds as close to classic goa/acid 303 lines as it gets right out of the box. Love the distortion, it seems tailor-made for such sounds.
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    You will be delighted to know that Chomolungma is included in the release. It is called...Aiana
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    In 2006-2012 I thought many releases sounded very similar, we had more variety (IMO) from 2014-2015 period till now. @Microdelic To be constructive, below some releases to check out: JIS - Illusions of Reality Omnivox - Fragments of Evolution Proxeeus: anything from him but you cannot go wrong with his 2018 album Non-Euclidean Geometry Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising Imba - First Encounter Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality Artha - Dream Telepathy JaraLuca - Fata Morgana JaraLuca - Prologue Hypnoxock - Eurythmia K.O.B. - Identity Mash GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death Morphic Resonance - Perplexity Veasna - 5ynergy Median Project - Constellation (not a fan but if you like 2006-2012 then you will love it) Battle of the Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun Xamanist - Out of Time Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom Sky technology – Rainbow Spirit Sykespico - Perspective Toxeed - Mysterious VA - Dimensional Gateway Vol. 5 VA - Goa Trance Legacy Vol. 3 VA - 604 Syndroms (just for the Proxeeus track :))
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    1. Spindrift - Deep Nature (StereoHemia Records) 2. K.U.R.O. & Charm ‎- Japanese Vibrations (DAT Records) 3. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom (Suntrip Records) 4. Omnium ‎- Neural Geometry (StereoHemia Records) 5. Ultimate Xperience - Realm Of A New Dawn (Neogoa Records) 6. Battle Of The Future Buddhas - The Light Behind the Sun (Suntrip Records) 7. Gubbology ‎– Next Door To Mystery (Axios Records) 8. Ocelot ‎- Iconoclast (Moon Koradji Records) 9. DJ Omsun ‎– Illusorium (Moon Koradji Records) 10. VA - Fleinheim (The Cure) edit 1: Added Ocelot - Iconoclast to 8th place, Chassi - Limiar goes out
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    its like the nilaya (or maybe its not nilaya hmm) edit: its like every AP break lul but yes its great i havent heard this track in forever and only heard it once, so nice for reminding me of its existence
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    We opened Global Sect Radio, cosmonauts Welcome: http://globalsect.ru/blog/radio More info, new design and upgrades very soon :) If you have some ideas or oppinions welcome to comments guys. Because we not have so big experience in it. Enjoy
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    Starting off 2020 with that rare and elusive genre, PsyDnB! Like the soundtrack to a dystopian sci-fi story, we blast off at 180 BPM on a psychedelic journey with the latest Kaiju Lounge mix. Tracklist Zis0ky - Into the Abyss 00:00 Cybernetika - Towards The End Of Time 07:50 Mellow Sonic - Sapphire 15:50 Cybernetika - Constellations 20:06 Xenofish & Mellow Sonic - Radiating Scapes 27:55 Shivaxi & Xenofish - No Turning Back 33:33 Mellow Sonic - Intergalactix 39:26 Xenofish - Datastasis 45:52 Xenofish & Mellow Sonic - Revenger Call 50:54
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    Very Good. I have one PsyDnB mix on my channel too...i mean Psychedelic does not have to sound like Psytrance or Goa. The term "Psy" is free....but yeah i like your mix :)) I used tracks of the band "Black Sun Empire" and think they made psychedelich neurofunk.
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    Thank you all for noticing, subscribing and watching the video! I appreciate your comments and it is a cool motivator to keep on ... also lots of thanks to Children and Mars for doing this (those 2 are confirmed I can say). The second part of Children's interview is online now: I will start doing more in the next "weeks" ... I will try to work on videos every week, but I won't promise that I finish a part every week
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    Checked Pete and Pan's cd. It's quite fluffy, lacks oomph. Could be nice at a beach in the summertime but can't see much more to it. Definitely wouldn't put it in the list.
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    Congratulations for the 20 years! I remember coming to goatrancefree.fr from the Third Eye UK. There have been changes along those 20 years and it is nice to see the site still alive and relevant. Especially since I am not a facebook sort of chap. Pedro
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    thanks for that list. some really nice suggestions in there that'll most likely find their way into my top ten.
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    Oh yes and this is the main site of our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEL2jqG4EqNfBJBeCgE91w thanks
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    Indeed. I think I downloaded it almost brand new from...Audiogalaxy? Soulseek? Anyway, that was also the time when I started to get quite disillusioned with the direction psytrance was taking, thus I was buying a lot of house instead. That set was possibly the place where I learnt about Jeff Bennett and started collecting his releases. I still have those. We were spinning those and a lot of similar sound at the club room back then. Good stuff, good times. And yes, I still have that ancient mp3 copy of the set too and it's somewhere on the playlist. Very smooth and non-distracting music for getting some work done. Right now I'm not listening to anything, but I've been browsing a lot of old and new disco releases recently. About time to place another order, I think...
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    both globular and geoglyph, this is going to be good! sadly no cd release, i would have liked to add this to my small collection. i have no way to play a vinyl record. btw, here's the link to the kickstarter that's apparently missing in the first post: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/8616209/globular-and-geoglyph-a-new-collab-album-straight-to-vinyl/description
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    Sometimes I wonder, but I think all of the mysteries and unanswered questions come down to nothing but Perspective. What's yours?
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    Wow what an album! Yes! And YES!!!! It's even better than when I heard it last several months ago (posted above). How the shit?! Finally someone new grasps what we love about Goa and totally reimagined some of the best elements. A LOT of them! This album is sooooooo good. I've rarely felt this way since writing reviews as a teenager. It's the ANSWER to what's been missing from a lot of Goa now days: HEART, FIRE, & SPIRIT. People put a ton of MIND into art, but not always spirit. Spirit is more expansive; you're in the zone, channeling fluidly, ever connected and yet free to intuit/engage at a mere desire or thought. You've expanded beyond this frequency of consciousness and in tune with something greater-- more expansive and in relation to your experience, more consciously aware. Your desire is your experience with other energy that desires to experience that too - 4th dimensional, 5th dimensional, etc (like attracts like faster with higher/lighter density so raising our vibration by evolving to the positive/Stay Whole, mindfulness, empathy, LOVE). I'm not saying the album is 5D, ha!, rather it tapped into something deeper and more expansive, probably 4th density is all I'm saying (which is inspired by the 5th ) God bless this album with awesomeness forever! It sounds like a wildly inventive Goa classic with new production values. I don't just love it. I'm in awe. Every track-- EVERY TRACK IS DOPE AS F$#K. How the?!.. Even Filteria often has ONE track I don't care for. Here I'm high on Goa fever. Just track 2... that dark, magnetic vibe in the first minute. Then that's matched and/or topped a hundred-plus times on the album. Listen to this on a good pair of ear buds or sound system. Every track isn't just strong IMO-- It has an infectious YES!!!!! PURE Goa sound. It's magnetic, mystical, magical. The album is beautifully designed. Rarely am I so hooked with every track back-to-back as I am here. At least I feel that way upon returning and listening to the album as one full story. Every track compliments the one before and after it. The artist understands visionary, imaginative concepts, development AND evolution. Not only that, he understands and respects the "art" of Goa Trance-- the storytelling, the spiritual/transdimensional (magical, higher vibrational) aspects. He clearly shares marbles (conscious aspects) with us and Goa similar to Peter Jackson's ability to intuit/guide-- become the cinematic vision for Lord of the Rings (trilogy). I'm impressed with the ambitious, elaborate, and beautiful work consistently throughout. The album delivers with intuitive sound/melody work, mixing, HEART+FIRE+SPIRIT imagination and direction. I hope the artist is [as] inspired to make a sequel. Go with whether you're inspired (heart+mind). This album is like kid-excitement all over again. It's fun and playful, yet edgy, traveling, and OUTSTANDING from start to finish. Eurythmia is one of the most definitive sounding Goa albums to date to define [PURE] New Old School Goa Trance. Seraph! Lemmiwinks! Mars! Joske! Where are the old-schoolers on these forums??! They have to hear this!!! DeathPosture?!! Antic604-- Thanks again for bringing people's awareness to this album along with the record label and artist for releasing/creating it. It's like a bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow. 5/5 ... 10/10 ... 100/100... tooooo infinity................. and beyond!!! A = A future classic
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    just a heads up if anyone missed it, and if you new to the scene and don't know her, this would prob be a great place to start a best of miranda has just been released and tracks remastered (which has been done well) plenty from phenomena on here, and well worth the purchase, especially for me as i sold all her albums years ago, and all the tracks on here are great
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    Let's change that profile feed, won't we ?
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    The worst part of the video is the I'm looking the camera and crying because you left me. Who fucking cares? Sing and show us your boobs!
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    Please here are not most artists. On next link you have a lot of artists, you should add them: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/50980-the-2nd-generation-goa-collective/page__view__findpost__p__955875 There are not all but try search for more before you post only 15-20 artists
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    MFG - THE MESSAGE 2000 PHONOKOL RECORDS Track list: 01. 08'20" Have A Nice Day 02. 09'19" Wonderland 03. 09'03" Brainwaves 04. 07'17" Walking On Ice 05. 09'22" Free Like God (New Version) 06. 08'20" Rise And Fall 07. 08'17" Welcome To The Edge 08. 09'06" Dark Waters 09. 09'26" The Message MFG's first departure from PURE GOA-TRANCE is a very, VERY melodic (with cinematic-esque overtures at times), thoughtful, and unexpectedly solid and beautiful PSYTRANCE album. A part of me does miss the Goa heavy influence. At least something feels missing. Maybe it's that spiritual element that Seraph mentioned. The magic of youth? I don't know. But I love that this is NO ordinary Psytrance album either! It's engagingly emotive at times (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 9), complex (3, 5, 8), and contemplative (2, 9). There are some stand out, powerful moments. But the trip this time around lacks the playfulness, eager energy, and complexity of their previous albums. They've matured in some ways. Their sound is smoother than ever. Production values are excellent. It's just not PURE GOA anymore.This is a melodic Psytrance album with touches of Goa/Goa influence. The emotive (warmer, more euphoric at times) factor beginning with Have A Nice Day is excellent. I just have to be in the mood to appreciate MFG's psytrance over Goa approach with this album. In enjoying it for what it is, I think many will enjoy it, and if I were to rate the song's, it would look something like this-- 01. Have A Nice Day - B+ 02. Wonderland - A- 03. Brainwaves - B+ 04. Walking On Ice - B+ / A- 05. Free Like God (New Version) - A- 06. 08'20" Rise And Fall - B+ 07. 08'17" Welcome To The Edge - B+ 08. 09'06" Dark Waters - A- 09. 09'26" The Message - A CONCLUSION This is a great PSYTRANCE album. MFG started out in the shadow of Astral Projection, but they broke out with their second and most definitely their radical third album. This is a mature, emotive, and passionately produced release. It's unique and has aged well since 2000. I do agree that it lacks a certain magnetic, playful energy. The album feels a little more digital at times, and that may be their shift from Goa to Psy. I simply hope others can enjoy this for what it is, not expecting a Goa follow up to the style of Project Genesis, let alone any of their past three classics. MFG didn't lower their standards to produce a conventional full on trance album. In stead they created a Psytrance hybrid of sorts and the result is a melodic, unique, trance-y, and engaging album with some exciting surprises, great usage of samples and musical TUNES, buildups, and climaxes. Oh, and there IS Goa influence regarding some of the mixing and synths incorporated into the Psytrance. And the last track is excellent! Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9 A-
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