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    I see you have very excitment conversation under my music but it would be better to continue via private message. Thank you. I want to thank all whom left good feedback about my music <3 I'm very grateful.
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    No comment on the album, but the text is barely readable in the dark theme FYI.
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    Even though I am pretty much retired.. Started in 98 but I havnt recorded a set since 2014... I started with vinyl and then moved on to serato. I never learned how to use a controller.. I used my technics sl-1200mkii and vestax pmc-05 mixer for everything... But...I'll just go ahead and drop this hear if you havnt heard it.. my last and (personal best) mixed set. It's a preplanned and rehearsed set that I practiced and practiced until it was perfect... and I'm very pleased with the results... Enjoy..
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    COMING SOON Goa Madness Records is Proud to present the first album by the Belgian duo Pete & Pan, Return of the Goddess! After many performances around the globe, Pete & Pan are now ready to present you this delicious release filled with pure ear candy. This crazy piece of art will guide you through deep melodic fairytales & acidic squelches blended together with some strong oldschool Goatrance feelings. You will be surprised by strongly characterized imaginative, virtuosic & fantasy styled sounds. Each track delivers a strong storytelling who will blast you, dear listener, into another universe! We hope you will enjoy this album as much as we did. The madness continues! Tracklist: 1: Serra Da Estrela 2: Elysian Fields 3: Passing Spirits 4: The Fool 5: Tantric Tweak 6: Abundance 7: Nowhere 8: Solstice 9: Muse (Bonus track: Only available in digital format via the offcial Goa madness Bandcamp) Samples: Artwork by: Pieter Pan Mastering by: Tim Schuldt Est Release date: November
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    Mamomam records 1. The Prime Time 09:44 2. Ego Structures 07:03 3. Mechanotronic 09:57 4. The Prologue 07:50 5. Pendulum 07:43 6. The Micrograms 07:24 7. Awareness 07:44 8. Artha - DNA (JaraLuca remix) 07:53 The Prologue is the third album made by JaraLuca from Poland. I personally enjoyed the first two but in my opinion this fresh output is the best to date. Ego Structures is very goa, very psychedelic, it sounds a bit like Pleiadians. In The Prime Time I can hear some influences from the industrial side of this genre, especially Tim Schuldt. Mechanotronic and The Prologue both unleash the acid in a full power trancy environment. Mechanotronic is probably the most accomplished track here, if you like Morphic Resonance, Pleiadians, Psylent Buddhi, you will be pleased. The only track that felt a bit generic was Awareness, but luckily we have a remix of Artha - DNA to end the journey in spectacular fashion. The bass-lines are sweet, the use of vocal samples works well, and I am overall very impressed. I reckon this album is in the top tier of what goa trance managed to deliver in the 2010 decade. It's playful and maximal goa trance, full power and enjoying itself, it's like a roller coaster because the music is not conservative, it takes risks and generates a lot of climaxes making the listening very pleasant. It offers just the right amount of spinning and splashing of psychedelic sounds leaving you feeling impressed. Very recommended album, you won't be bored! Rating: 8/10. Listen / Buy: https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-prologue
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    I was listening to the 2012's #1 uptempo winner, Etnica: Live In Athens 1996 (I couldn't agree more), and reading the reviews that mention Carlo and Maurizio. In the group, there were: Andrea Rizzo, Carlo Paternò, Maurizio Begotti, Max Lanfranconi. Can someone please reach out to these guys and put the idea out there for them to make a new GOA album?, whoever was most responsible for I.F.O. ? As opposed to the 2006's 7even Sister7 -- that album used Pleiadian's name to make money off a full on release. 7even Sister7 offered nothing innovative or new, and borrowed heavily off the previous album/song associations to lure older fans into buying it. For example, the album is called 7even Sister7 and has song titles such as Vimana 2 and Starbase 11. Still for a full on album, I liked it to some degree, especially the less I focused on the fact that old-school Pleiadians had anything to do with it. Pleiadians: 7even Sister7 - 2006 Review Thread http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/43760-pleiadians-7even-sister7/ Etnica: Live In Athens 1996 - 2012 Review Thread http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/65428-etnica-live-in-athens-1996/ I realize it's been 15-20 years since I.F.O., and so what? These guys are aware of how many fans they have. They have a wonderful gift, a beautiful talent and passion. They elevated an entire genre [under THREE artist names] and produced some of the finest songs in electronic music. It's almost criminal to see such talent be ignored. They could be making a new masterpiece album once every 5 years (around the less innovative ones that the current Etnica duo do) and have DAT Records release it. Psy/Goa-Trance has been alive and healthy for over ten years. I'd love to hear a new masterpiece from whoever or however many of the original four were responsible for I.F.O. The possibilites are limiteless. They could potentially re-revolutionize electronic music all over again (who has ever done that?!) and raise the bar on I.F.O. since it's been 15 years. 15 years of reflection, self-growth, knowledge, awareness. I feel like money may have been an issue back then considering GOA wasn't as mainstream popular via sales. So they (or some of them) found other, more financially stable careers (a guess), or produced less imaginative and complex music for the masses, general dance scene. BTW I'm not saying to relive the past. I'm just exercising the idea of a real Goatrance album for our time now, that is, if the heart is there. If not, forget it. Listening to Etnica: Live In Athens 1996 inspired these thoughts. That's all. Their main discogs page: were http://www.discogs.com/Pleiadians-IFO-Identified-Flying-Object/release/143500 And for the record (regardless of whether we never hear IFO level goa from them again or not), Etnica: Live In Athens 1996 that Dreake A.K.A. Dat Records released in 2012 is an amazing A album. Holy shit what a classic. It's full of previously unreleased diamonds and gems (from 96-98) that I never heard before its release in 2012.
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    I have one quite funny story with the name "Jaraluca" xD The names of the 2 former ex boyfriends of my ex girlfriend were Jaroslav/Jara(Guy from Czech) and an italian guy called Luca...both of them went gay after having a relationship with my ex girlfriend. They visited us for some times.... I luckily just got away from her with depressions and alcoholism...Cheers!
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    i did my best...tracklist comes tomorroe 0:00 Astrancer - Cristo Sol Remix 11:12 Sykespico - 6EQJE5 19:53 Dynamica - Muki 27:15 Clementz - Meditasjon 33:57 Mindsphere - Spectacular Purity 41:25 Median Project - Sunrise 50:12 Hypnoxock - Heaven cant wait 58:13 Viaon - i dont like Goa 1:06:35 Median Project - On the Edge 1:13:34 Travma - Son Nefes
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    So in this topic I want to talk about quality soundin goa trance. I am not only talking about mastering and mixing, however I also mean that, but also the choosen basslines and processing of synths and effects. Many Astral Projection songs and other Israelian songs have rather good mastering for example, but the quality and processing of sounds is almost non existant in my opinion and the synthpresets are choosen blanc and recorded. Ofcourse there are some effects, but not a lot. Not a lot of stereoimages, interesting and advanced basslines and so on, while other artists have some really interesting sounding tracks. In my opinion the tracks with great soundprocessing sound more complete, because the jounrey is much deeper when the track sounds complete. So I will list some tracks and you can also list tracks and name artists that you think sound good. green nuns of the revolution - two vindaloos and an onion bhagee Miranda - U are alone (very advanced) Man with no name - Under the Influence Astral Projection - Another World and Amen albums Green nuns and Tristan - Babylon n´ting Green nuns of the resolution - cor (amazing sound processing, very exciting) Etnica - Floating Universe Etnica - Nice Toy some other Etnica tracks Tristan - Audioframe Hallucinogen - The lone Deranger All Slinky Wizard tracks
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    received kuro and charm today in australia, still on first disc but so far amazing thanks to all involved
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    Alright you sons of bitches, whats going on here? 2019 the year you went and sold your souls to the devil? Huh do a little trade with The Beast did we? Condemn yourself through wizardry to become yourselves, sonic wizards? Artist: Sykespico Title: Perspective Label: Suntrip Records Release: September 30, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Great Light 2. Psycho Therapy 3. Trancologica 4. 6EQJE5 5. Concerta 6. Visit Earth (Live Mix) 7. Dance Float 8. Spacestation 9. Persimon Median project? Jaraluca? Xamanist & now Israeli bad bois Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad who make up Sykespico? You fellas dealing in dark magic? I always knew these Bad motha's were bad. But now they join the team of artists who release albums that are just about damn extraordinary. Am I easily pleased or have the Goa trance artists of the day kicked it up a notch? Do we deserve music like this? Are we living our lives well enough to warrant a gift like this? Relax, because Matan & Nadav seem to think so. Expect Bravado, Gusto, Excess, New Worlds, Raw Tectonics & Volcanoes of Ecstasy. ~ 1. Great Light - Nothing that begins without a boom ends without one. Nothing. Remember that for the rest of this album and use the 2nd half of this track as your first and final reminder. I really did think this track was going to be chill. My word what an exciting track. 2. Psycho therapy - Ok so now we know what to expect and the boys start it off just as beautifully. An instant transportation into a world full of tranquil expectations. I already know the guys for their brilliant compositions in the breaks of their tracks. And Psycho Therapy makes sure I also know them for a great deal of other good things on top of that. 3. Trancologica - Starts trancey as heck. Is that Osho? I don't know what it is but Indian accents and trance, a match made by Brahma. Expect a lot of good trancological karma and extraordinary soundscapes coming your way for this track. 4. 6EQJE5 - I mean are we here to party or what. That's rhetorical, Just fuck. Goddamn. 2:30 is all you need to know you're about to listen to one of the best trance tracks created. 6EQJE5, remember that one if you can, it's for your own good. There's nothing I can say that would be better than listening to this track. 5. Concerta - The bassline of this track got me stoned which makes it hard to think about what to write. I got it! No I lost it. YES! No it's gone. A crazy good track with celestial melodies that warp around every part of your consciousness. 6. Atmospheres painted by RA float in the background of this track and when the kickdrum came in I realized I didn't know it wasn't there. Matan & Navad know how to create cool worlds with sounds, and flounce those skills in your face on Visit Earth (Live Mix). I can't call it a favourite because each track pretty much is at this point. 7. Dance Float - Aaaaah Haha its on baby. Did you all check in on time? Bring your passports? Remember not to bring more than 50ml of liquids that aren't in a ziplocked bag? Leave your aerosols at home? Because this space ship ain't waiting around. Boom fucking Boom man. A speed of light banger that gives and gives and gives. Special surprises for us everywhere. But how the song composes it's finale is the most special, like lightening strikes of energy this song rocks. 8. Like every track so far Spacestation gains momentum along the journey. But Spacestation decides to swing you between calm (By Sykespico's standards) and crazy atmospheres. As soon as you think the calm is winning the crazy spreads its tentacles of psychedelic euphoria open, slowly engrossing every part it's electrified world. 9. Perlimor Star If you didn't already realise the crazy amazing atmospheres that these guys are compelled to create, you'll soon learn (I haven't head stuff like this since listening to Ra!) This could just as well have been an album opener as well as a closer. Beautiful slow trance that grows bigger and bigger. That grooves up and beyond. Did I just get transported to a the beginning of a new beautiful world being created? No... I got transported to a land of soaring energy that dances across the galaxy. But good guess. ~ If we are going to call Constellation by MP a cross between Mindsphere & Astral Projection. And Jaraluca's fits into the category of Psylent Budhi, Morphic Resonance & Pleaidians, which I agree with completely. Well then i'm going to liken this to a love child between Ra, Jannis & yes, Pleaidians...They get around. I think Celestial Intelligence might have christened the little bastard. I don't know what to say. It's just excellent unexpected stuff. Its exciting and energetic and a whole bunch of other nice words. This will surely be my album of year. This might be the best album of trance i've heard. But Sykespico already knew that, didn't they? Time will tell if this album really is as good as I think it is, but so far 8 listens in nothing has changed other than my favorite tracks. Magic https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/perspective
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    Never heard of this guy before,so thanks for your review. Besides Median Project,this is the best release in 2019. All Tracks are really good,but"Mechatronics" and "The Prime Time"are real killers.
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    Suntrip updates/newsletter! 1.) New Suntrip Releases: Battle Buddhas & Sykespico! 2.) Future Suntrip Releases: Celestial Intelligence, MFG & Clementz! 3.) Classic Goa Trax: a lot of new releases 4.) Apsara Festival: some important info… 5.) Boom Festival: being an ambassador can be hard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) New Suntrip Releases Our last mail was in may, after the Total Eclipse release, but this summer we didn’t really took a break… Too much good music in this world to release! And this resulted in 2 new releases! - Battle of the Future Buddhas – The Light Behind the Sun Battle of the Future Buddhas is back, and its nothing like you heard of them before! They were inspired by the music played on the beaches of goa in the early 90s, and revived their interpretation of that spirit! Deeper, slower, more groovy, melodic &acidic old school goa-trance! These days Battle Buddhas' music is mostly made by Swedish pioneer David Tingsgård, active in the scene since the mid 90s! He released over 5 albums before on labels like Boom! Records and Schlabbaduerst and is mostly known for his melodic forest-trance music. With this album they take definitely a new direction, although you will recognise their typical sound-signature without a doubt! The album is for sale by all your favourite music dealers, but if you really want to support us, being from our direct shop is the best https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD57/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/battle-of-the-future-buddhas-the-light-behind-the-sun - Sykespico – Perspective If you followed up our last VA’s, you’ll be as thrilled as us for releasing Sykespico's debut album: "Perspective"! Behind this powerful melodic & acidic project are Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad, from south Israel who have been producing for nearly 15 years and released tracks and an EP on Global Sect, Zion604 and Suntrip. With "Perspective", they carefully selected and engineered a complete multifacetted intelligent and resourceful story that will energize your brain both in your sofa and on the dancefloor. Maybe not the best known artist, but the music will proof this is a mistake! https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD58/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/perspective 2.) Future Suntrip Releases: Celestial Intelligence, MFG & Clementz! The next releases of Suntrip Records will contain both famous names and new talents! For sure our next release, Celestial Intelligence is highly wanted by all their fans. Last summer they played on a lot of places to present their new album, and now the time is there everybody can enjoy their melodic spiralling music! The release is planned fort he second part of november! After that, we will have a nice Christmas Present! On the Old is Gold - 15 years Suntrip party in Antwerp the 21st of December, we will present the “new” album of MFG… New doesn’t really mean new as all the music is from the 90s! The cd will exist out of unreleased tracks and other versions/remixes of classic tracks! In february you will get something more crazy and powerful! The debut album of amazing Clementz… A Norwegian artist who had releases allover last year! Expect pure madness… Not for lovers of soft music for sure! After that you will get more goodies, and for new Triquetra and Mindsphere are close to a final new album… And both of them will have a special “second” cd… more news about this soon! 3.) Classic Goa Trax: a lot of new releases Well, Classic Goa Trax is our sublabel, re-releasing old school goa-trance from the 90s digitally! We noticed a lot of great old releases were unavailable so we believe the new generation should be able to listen, buy, download those classix for ever! Also, a lot of old guys were ripped off by their former labels, so we chose to make a deal where the artist also gets a fair part of the cake! By now we have following re-releases already… But new ones are coming every week! https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/ CGT 013: Dreamweaver - Spiritual Heritage CGT 012: Brainforest - Brainforest Remastered CGT 011: Tim Schuldt - Single Collection CGT 010: Shakta - Silicon Trip (2019 Remaster) CGT 009: Prana - Tracks 1993-1995 Remastered CGT 008: A.B. Didgeridoo Oblivion - Lucid Dreaming CGT 007: Mystica - Age of Innocence CGT 006: Four Carry Nuts - Single Collection CGT 005: Lunar Asylum - Lunar Asylum CGT 004: Har-El - New Pagan World CGT 003: Prana – Cyclone CGT 002: One Man Game - Total Trance CGT 001: California Sunshine - Trance 4.) Apsara Festival: some important info… As you know Apsara Festival, our official Suntrip festival, will happen again in 2020! We managed to gather only the best of old & new goa-trance… To make yourself curious, have a look on our event page or website, and buy your presale tickets next week! No, we won’t be sold out like Boom in 50 minutes, but its always fun to have early bird tickets, no? The line up so far will give you an idea of what kind of madness you can expect. New artists will be on the line up every week! *** Afgin *** (Suntrip Records) – Israel *** Battle of the Future Buddhas *** (Suntrip/Schlabbaduerst) – Sweden *** Crossing Mind *** (Suntrip Records) – France *** Cosmosis *** (Holophonic/Transient Records) – UK *** Filteria *** (Suntrip Records) – Sweden *** Fripic Bounce / Phlat Phase – Sweden *** Median Project *** (Suntrip Records) – Russia *** Mindfield *** (Phantasm Records) – UK *** Nebula Meltdown *** (Suntrip Records) – Finland *** Quatermass *** (Phantasm Records) – UK *** Sienis *** (Giiwa Records) – Sweden *** Steptime *** (Stone Age Records) – Sweden *** Subcouds *** (Psychic Deli Records) – Sweden *** Triquetra *** (Suntrip Records) – Belgium https://www.facebook.com/events/214756189416899/ https://apsara-festival.com/2020/ 5.) Boom Festival: being an ambassador can be hard Last week Boom announced their ambassadors and the sales were opened. Literally within minutes everything was sold out. Both on the official Boom website as with us, the ambassador. We would like to thank you all for your patience as this process was madness (we had a few 1000 mails) and we are very sorry if you don’t have a ticket. Try with Boom directly, you never know if they disclose more tickets. For sure the tickets we had were not enough to fulfill your needs! Thats all for now! Thanks again for all support!!!!
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    Old School Death Metal of 10 tons. Best "pure" Death Metal release this year.
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    Hey there, welcome, That's pretty much the perfect Iranian DJ name
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    Hi i am ZorOaster and play psychedelic music in iran
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    i agree (from viewing the youtube clip) that psychrobatic is an excellent dj and his skills are superb very creative and fun to listen to.
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    In pretty much every other genre of electronic music there is people that got very popular because of their skills as a DJ. This doesn't seem to be the case in the psy scene (name one famous DJ that got his fame because of his DJ sets and not his productions). This is something that after more than 10 years in the scene I still don't understand. To me, a good set is much more important in psytrance than in any other genre (where DJs can just cut and drop the current mainstream hit and everybody will be happy). Psytrance is about creating a story, taking the crowd into a journey. And, in my opinion, that can only be done with proper technical skills, good track selection and the ability to read the crowd. When I'm part of the crowd and I'm really into the playing track, really into, I always get disconnected by a choppy or off transition. Like I feel I'm getting deeper in trance and suddenly somebody pulls me out and now we're starting all over again with a new track. This happened to me in most parties, every 5 minutes when the DJ is mixing the next track in. This is the reason why I started mixing in the first place. The best parties I experienced where 10 years ago. Outdoor events (not huge) where everybody was on their own, dancing and feeling the music. Not everybody was facing the DJ as he was some kind of god. A good psytrance DJ should pass unnoticed in my opinion (and I say this as a DJ myself). But it seems like psytrance is getting more and more similar to the mainstream EDM genres where everybody is idolizing the person standing behind the decks, even is he's just waving his hands while the pre-recorded set is playing on the computer (but let's not get into this topic now...). Am I alone on this? Do you guys not care at all how the set is build and mixed? Are you just happy with a pre-recorded set and a guy waving his hands for the entire time? And please, don't get me wrong, producing psytrance is extremely hard and I value the work of the producers that spend whole days working on them. I'd just like that when I go to an event I get to experience a good well built set and not just a a showcase of the producer's latest tracks without any coherence.
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    Mechanotronic - what a track!! Fuckin' A!. Best one in the album.
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    Definitely do! The more people showing psytrance mixing doesn't have to be boring, the better. The change starts in us (?)
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    Several aesthetic features of the genre (e.g. ambient intros/outros, ending with a bang, non-standard track structure) probably originate with the use of cassette and DAT tapes in the earliest years of the scene. In some sense, the emphasis on access to obscure or unreleased material and programming/storytelling over technical mixing ability is a matter of tradition, but it doesn't have to be that way. Personally I really enjoy mixing psytrance as if it were house or techno, finding different ways to layer, blend, and combine source material. Plenty of my mixes involve 2 to 4 minute-long transitions between tracks, and occasionally 3 or 4 deck mixing. But I will admit to being less enthusiastic about mixing modern upbeat psytrance in this fashion; there's often way too much going on for aggressive mixing to yield satisfying results.
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    I agree on this, for some reason only names are written these days, if you are lucky in small letters below "producer set" or "dj"... weird evolution.
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    Just listened to Sykespico, really great stuff there. Favorites were Trancologia and Spacestation
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    Watched / Listened the same one: After listening to this, the thread makes total sense. Amazing to see how you can mix two tracks together, basically you mix the same way techno DJs mix, I guess that was the point of the thread Nice work!
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    I think you're confused i never said I thought he was good. I haven't even heard a set of his. Just bits and pieces here and there
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    Yeah, well, that's why I don't consider him an answer to my original question. But again, I'm not sure if people that don't mix, actually feel how bad that sounds. I know I did 10 years ago when I didn't know a thing about DJing, but there's indeed people that can't noticed or don't care... To me such a bad mix is a total flow breaker. It always was to me. I mean, that was the reason why I started mixing in the first place. I couldn't believe it was so hard to come up with some good transitions in psytrance.
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    Are you serious? Goa Gil??? Hes a legend and all but as far as skills? Hes terrible. I never understood why the record labels he was signed to that released his CDs allowed his horribly un beatmatched transitions to appear on his albums.. I mean no offense by saying this but the fact that you said Goa Gil is a clear indicator that you have no idea what a good DJ is..
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    I find it ironic that the O.P. wasn't aware of the list of DJs noted within this thread. It's almost as if it was less about the ideas of DJs in general and more that they were feeling snubbed by not being more well known and famous. Then they post videos of their DJing as a way to support the concept that it's less about "DJs" and is more about them. So yeah, this topic is fucking comical... lmfao
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    A great ambient release in the Carbon Based Lifeforms style from Belgian upcoming talent Maéra! Have a listen, fall in love with the music and buy if you like! I was surprised in a VERY positive way https://maeramusic.bandcamp.com/
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    3 Names: Mark Allen DJ Cosmix Tsuyoshi Suzuki They had a name before they started producing. Because they could mix / sync and had skills before there were little helpers like bpm counter or sync functions. (Joske, that applies to you as well) Actually the normal basic knowledge of a dj for electronic music. But that does not apply to the goa scene. The people wanted to be dj's and be famous but without any basic knowledge. So they mixed dats and they did not have to apologize for bad transitions. And have invented reasons like: the music is not meant to mix or because of the heat you can't play records in Goa. Such a nonsense, was refuted in the 90ies by several dj's impressive in Goa. Until today unbelievable and incomprehensible and says a lot about the scene.
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    @Manuser thank you so much for your review! It's great to know how people experience my music. I would describe most of the tracks in a very similar way. On others you suprise me with angles I've never thought about before Again thank you for the time you took listening to the music and writing the review. Boom!
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    A.S. Records (Absolut Shit https://www.discogs.com/fr/label/1057942-Absolut-Shit). 1. Sound Weavers 08:21 2. Illusion 08:56 3. Are You Experienced 07:25 4. Predistigitacion 10:56 5. The Bird 08:26 6. Mystic Green Fairy 10:32 7. Oddisey 11:07 8. Flying Witches 10:30 9. Celestial Cup of Coffee 09:07 10. 80's Transmission 08:44 Iyari Bravo and Sarah Stanton Bowley, psychedelic trance duo project from Mexico, deliver a well-oiled darkpsy album. Complex, chaotic, full of twists, to be listened with an open mind. The sound is hard to describe but if you are into Kindzadza you should be curious already. The darkness and mystery of this album lie in the coldness of the music, with a chaotic echo. The sound effects are wild. There are so many twists that you can hear several tracks in one. One interesting sequence after another. Furthermore, what really makes the release special is the crystal quality and supreme craziness that makes the most of effects, shifts in bassline patterns, unexpected climaxes... You can hear the details into every single sound with clarity, which makes the experience very enjoyable. Favorite tracks: #2/ a technical prowess full of surprises, with lovely work on the kickline; #3/ huge bassline to start the track and nice storytelling all the way; #4/ irritating high pitched sounds in the beginning, but a spooky theme that works very well in the second half; #6/ one of the rare tracks than contains some melodic lines; #7/ a crazy and imaginative composition. But really all tracks have something interesting to offer. The general result is a confusing, yet fascinating, entertaining and very intense spectacle. Not to be missed! Rating: 8.5/10. Listen / buy: https://asrecords.bandcamp.com/album/walpurgisnacht-projekt-omega
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    Merr0w - Odysseus (Global Sect Music, 2019) Pre-order digital + CDs + merch: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/merrow-odysseus In the cold and immense depths of the underwater Kingdom, live mermaids, who possess mystical power enclosed in magical tridents. Giant predatory octopuses and hostile forces obey their magical will, which allows them to maintain a delicate balance and protect ocean life. We are pleased to present to you the second album from the legendary master of the deep sea and mystical goa trance, French musician Brice Fruyt. The style of the musician is absolutely unique and includes elements of the old school, with stunning acid synthesizer parts, psychedelic effects and harmonious melody. You will embark on an amazing adventure through the immense depths of the sea, full of unknown secrets and mysterious mystical creatures. Tracklist: 1 - Lost in the Triangle 2 - Lunar Tides 3 - Odysseus 4 - Trippy Jellyfish 5 - Their Own Light 6 - Sea Wolf Howling 7 - Fractal Octopus 8 - Last Breath On Seashore Label: Global Sect Cover Art: Andrei Verner Mastering: 4CN-Studios Ocean Power: Merr0w
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    Wow this thread caught fire since I left. I respect that some of you like it more than others and vice-versa, and speaking candidly.. I thought Antidote, despite a beautiful intro and nice melody work at 3:42 grew forgettable in the third minute. Some catchy melodies and changes in the 5th+sixth minute (mentioned above), but overall I found this too safe, generic, and conventional. Mission Adept is a step in the direction I wanted. It's more Filteria-esque, mad energy. The synths don't stay stuck in your head but they're catchy! I go back and forth with the phone-esque effect (mentioned above). Even Mary was like, I like everything but the phone sound. Again, a high energy, electric number. I won't repeat my review other than more development (evolution) in the last act would've been great. Take more risks! It Is Not Possible is darker, edgier. I love the synths and atmosphere. Melodies ooze-- nighttime sleekness. Definitely Filteria inspired but not emulated. Again the last act (by 5:30 / 5:40) grows fairly similar but maintains its electric feel. Infinite Space is the MELODY track on the album for me, e.g., the second and third minute-- so good! The segment from 3:30 to 4:00 needed more change IMO (it overstays its welcome). Things sounded a bit going-through-the-motions a bit after till 6:01-- then the music's fast, punchy, and fun again! This is what I want but without the small dips! Again, the last act could have showcased more refreshing, complimentary variety. Great track though! On The Edge - Man I love the synths and intensity in the first 4 minutes. WOW!!! This is so AP-heavy (tense) without sounding formulaic. Great build to 5:18. Would it be possible to have more breath-taking, suspenseful, catchy interludes like this? Cool surprises like this exciting transition adds variety. I feel like the climax (continuing sound) could have been complimented with another synth and/or accent, but it's great and wow what a track! The song could have ended a minute earlier though! Pandora's Box -- Like I said above, great first half. The second half loses its dynamic, punchy mixing/editing and settles for a bland (going through the motions) Goa sound. This adds to my criticisms. The song's structure is too similar and deserves more range, tempo changes, surprises. Sure the dance floors will be more forgiving. And imagine how amazing the second half could have been if it was cut as tightly as the first. The second half is not bad per say, just very similar sounding after a while, almost too traveling(?) for its own good. It lacks variety, development, something to spice it up and make it more interesting. Sand Of Time -- Strong track, but the fairly formulaic, more conventional last act prevented me from giving this a higher score. It's too risk-free IMO. Goa can have more brains too. That's why many of us like Filteria. Still this will erupt dance floors and I would have loved a more inventive finale. Good song overall. Sunrise -- The first act was less engaging than where it goes but WHERE IT GOES!!!! The last lead tops off the track, avoiding sounding too similar, draggy. It's closer to the tightness of On the Edge. What a beautiful climax! Just marvelous! I feel so excited and elevated (full of joy) when hearing it. So full of anything and everything is possible. The Constellation Of Aries's first act reminded me of Man With No Name vs. Astral Projection. Solid synth work! The first climax is very good! The song's direction isn't that elaborate, but the AP-inspired design is cool. I liked the breathing space (good vibes) in the middle and the last climax was great, especially when the star complimentary Goa lead topped it off. So beautiful!!! Gave me a high! Full of positivity and NOT cheesy, like an eagle soaring through the sky climax!!! The song new when to end too (thankfully) unlike the last 1:20 of On the Edge and never felt draggy via second half of Pandora's box. Updated thoughts All in all, great album and more variety, surprises, and evolutionary/developmental aspects to the songs please? I agree with some of your constructive criticisms, but I love this album in numerous ways. It brought back happy moments and made me feel more alive at times! That said, a few songs were a bit bland, a few segments not memorable, and a few acts (mainly thirds) could have done more for their previous acts (as several act 2's did to 1's). But that is criticism to one of the year's best Goa-Trance albums. The artist has room to improve, but if Constellation is any indication, it shows that the artist has a promising future. Now if only he reflects on our feedback mindfully, the next album will be amazing.
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    pity the forum became so inactive. for those interessted here it is: Part 1 Part 2
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    How was the summer everyone? We've all had a wonderful time at the ZNA Gathering festival in Portugal and over there we launched our latest release, the official compilation than Mark and I have compiled for the occasion. An explosive mix of previously unreleased killers that will delight end entertain everyone for the winter to come :). Tracklist goes like this: VA - ZNA Gathering Retro Futuristic Compilation II 1–Man With No Name - Who Is It? 2–Medicine Drum - Angelic Force (Funky Angel Mix) 3–Masa - Infinite Space 4–Tromesa - Bonanza 5–Technossomy - Elektron Bender (Live Mix) 6–Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus (Summer 1996 Live Mix) 7–Ubar Tmar - VS (Early Mix) 8–Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (Remix) 9–Battle Of The Future Buddhas - pH+ueKKed DATCDZNA And yet every track is from the 90s except for Mr. Hallucinogen who granted us a NEW production, yes you read right, a track he has remixed in 2019, and that sounds absolutely fantastic!! You don't want to miss your copy, as Simon track is exclusive to the CD only. We believe it is really a killer compilation. KURO and Crop Circles 3LP are being pressed, and to be released shortly, The first should be ready in a week and the second , was going to be ready now but we rejected the first test pressing as we want it to be stellar this time. Infinite Zen and Nemo will come after those, but they will come out too. More news soon! Meanwhile, get your copies here: http://www.datrecords.it/dat/online-shop-2.html or here: https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/ please note that the digital download only of the compilation on bandcamp will NOT include Hallucinogen track, as per agreement with Simon.
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    What's up with this? Does it have anything to do with Thanos? Hopefully not as I originally came here to say that I trust Thanos and don't think he plans to fuck any one on this campaign. I thought the pledge was going to be £300 but after looking properly I realise it much more affordable. I will be backing before the end of the campaign.
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    Hello friends, checking in too :)) im hanging in there and then some, so its all full steam ahead for me peace, and much love to all of the psynews community
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    Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising [Neogoa] 1. Andromeda 2. Kingdom Of Heaven 3. Across Thee Universe [space Time Continuum] 4. LAZARUS [sanctum] [Mix XIII] 5. High Energy Protons [Deus Ex-Machina Mix] [vs. Juno Reactor] 6. Radio-Activity [eXtinction 13] 7. Thee Audssey [Continues] [The Faithealers Remix] UX returns with an unexpected surprise after a roughly two-decade departure from Goa-Trance. The result is NOT a pure Goa album, nor a Goa album, but an album that HAS Goa influence and.. well.. let's begin begins-- 1. Andromeda opens with beautiful atmosphere, ambient, and a fantasy/mystical feel. I LOVE the first 1:40 of this song! The beat arrives at 1:42, although the second and third minute sound like generic albeit well produced Full On to me. The first act incorporates many ideas to keep us entertained, but little magic takes place after the first 1:40. Enter terrific synths at 4:34 that make me all but forget the more generic (predictable) approach and direction. A tune at 5:41 adds to the creativity, mood, into fairly Juno Reactor-esque territory. The darker tone at 7:13 is intriguing. The ninth minute forward is pretty cool. A criticism is that the song takes time to sound more congruent and engaging around its many nice sounds. Also, the overall direction and approach feels a little safe to me. I feel that the general Full On style is limiting what the artists are capable of. Of course I'd rather an album start good and improve from there rather than start strong and disappoint later. That said, I think this is a great track, although "the whole is weaker than the sum of its parts" in my opinion. I'm also basing this on desiring to see an album not depend too much on sounding like Juno Reactor! To me the song mixes two visions: 1.) A visionary song via intro and later synth work [with] 2.) a song made to appeal to more general audiences and in doing so, limits what UX are truly capable of. The result is a catchy song that I go back and forth between because I agree that it's entertaining overall! A- 2. Kingdom Of Heaven showcases greater feeling, melodies, ethnic influence, and direction. I love the clunk effect at 1:21 (that repeats like an accent without being overused), the atmosphere, the euphoric/uplifting feel in the second minute in addition to its keys, progression, the key changes, and more. After a brief transition, the energy suddenly shifts at 4:27 and we kick into high gear via adrenalized Juno territory. Fortunately UX's approach prevents the song from feeling like a JR rip-off. Beautiful ambient, atmosphere, and sound/melody work captivates the last act. The JR feel returns at 10:15 and merges with angelic that compliment the intensity. This track lifts me up and gets me to feel something! I'm no longer an observer but now one enjoying the experience. Fantastic! A 3. Across Thee Universe [space Time Continuum] is more psychedelic and edgy! The opening is strong, coupled with ambient and atmosphere. Initiation to lift-off begins around 1:15. The sci-fi influence is so satisfying! The melodies in the second minute intrigue, enhanced with voice samples. The energy picks up (love those background, atmospheric sounds) as the song grows, showcasing more variety, imagination, and complexity(!). Yet it remains edgy, never falling to generic middle Eastern-Indian influenced melodies that would soften the infectiously futuristic feel. The cybernetic synths in the 5th minute are captivating and unique. The ethereal touches, ambient, and zip (fantastic synth work!) in the second third is great too! I love the twisting, distorted sound via 7:35 as well as the song's finale! This is another more imaginative, stellar number with strong direction, defining rhythms, synths, aggression, and intelligence. A- / A 4. LAZARUS [sanctum] [Mix XIII] has a very attractive and calming, ethnic-influenced intro. A catchy sample breaks tranquility at 1:13 and the ride begins. The song combines elegance (heart and feeling) with aggression. I love the simplicity in the synth work at 2:25. The synths in the third minute grow fairly repetitive though, and the female voice sample specifically from 3:45 to 4:15 are annoying. They detract from the more visionary, imaginative, and riveting aspects of the song and AGAIN, make it feel safe. On the plus, the emotive notes via 4:31 are great. After a lengthier than necessary transition in the sixth minute, the song soars! I love the ambient notes at 6:47. They fuse beautiful with the synths. The third act includes another strong section in the eighth minute thanks to awesome DRUMS (with tempo changes, yes!!!), OVERTuRE, and other infectious SYNTHS. These dynamic ingredients blaze across the ninth minute. The female vocals at 10:28 are very pleasant. Unfortunately those SAME ANNOYING OTHER FEMALE ONES return at 11:28. They're repetitive and the effect used towards the end is distracting, not fun. The song incorporates more "feels" at 12:05. I love the ethereal elements; they add feeling to the visionary world. Overall this is a pretty great song that could have used some refining and trimming to transform it into an even stronger vehicle. A- 5. High Energy Protons [Deus Ex-Machina Mix] [vs. Juno Reactor] is a remix of one of my favorite tracks (and remixes) ever. Somehow the magic and power is compromised to the traps often associated with Full On via tossing nice sounds around a safe beat and baseline. The greatness and essence of JR's classic original and remix of High Energy Protons can be heard for miles in this distinct, beautiful, and strong - infectiously relentless remix. The first act is great. The middle act is phenomenal. And the last act is full of heart, zip, and excitement! The song appears more Goa-influenced too at times. It would be so amazing if the artist incorporated more Goa influence to his new, updates style. I have to mention the returning layer at 9:54 in addition to the overture synth at 10:08 on top of everything else. That is so catchy/spectacular! I love nearly every minute of this song's roughly twelve minute run time. Excellent remix, superb! A 6. Radio-Activity [eXtinction 13] has a wonderful, reflective, and atmospheric opening. I love it. The ambient-driven song is emotionally compelling, with beautiful and inventive sounds, arrangement, and direction. It's like a movie that never feels sound track-y thankfully. The song's provocative, loaded with feels, and the samples compliment. The melodies work wonders too; they convey the story being told -- of concern, debate, and hope for the future, humanity, etc., with so much feeling and warmth (optimism). I'm impressed by how catchy and gripping this number is, considering the lack of beat, though drum work enters (and enhances) the second half. The music is like emotions pouring down like rain, showering our spirits, consciousness. I'm so happy he artist created this. It's passionate, creative, full of hope, and beautifully designed. It also shows that he can produce superb work both with and within the Juno-influence that I enjoy so much too! Part of me wishes the song was longer due to how captivated I was before it ended. I could almost hear it continuing, developing, improving further, and yet this thing is nearly perfect to my ears in every way. I love when artists experiment and come up with something completely different and wondrous. Now if only Morphic Resonance had a track at this level of tempo, engagement, and strength in place of his Mindwarp (track 7) via the otherwise excellent City of Moons album. This song's gentle approach oozes with strength. Love is the answer. It is multi-dimensional. Increase your vibration. Stay elevated! A 7. Thee Audssey [Continues] [The Faithealers Remix] is one heck of a closing number. It begins with what I'd describe as cinematic ambient -- the developed (with other elements) kind that I LOVE throughout this album. The song has "feels" too; it's inspirational, motivational, contemplative, and determined like a character setting off on a journey full of great discovery, magic, adventure, love, etc. Soft hymns and vocals accent the first act before the beat arrives at 2:23. Here, delectable synths lock braids as a wave of cold atmosphere soaks in. One of the first delicious segments arrives at 3:38. We get some experimental vocals towards the end of the fourth minute. They're OK. Really though, it's the synths at 5:09 that elevate the second act along with the heartfelt layers via 5:54. The kinesthetic "feels" develops into the sixth minute, complimented with tribal-y, harmony, key change(s), and more. Atmospheric and arresting, the last act's transition is far catchier than that of the self-titled track before an exciting passage arrives at 7:56. I love the storytelling aspect here and on the overall album. The emotive element at 8:28 is rich and rewarding. Yet ANOTHER awesome frame enters at 9:08. The song keeps developing and improving with greatness, incorporating many catchy ideas done before but with fresh delivery, and many new ones as well. Heartfelt and engaging, the artist combines beauty and intensity rather seamlessly, producing an experienced and satisfying finale. The Juno Reactor influence appears fairly less here (at times) as well. The result's terrific. I think this artist can take a step away from Juno Reactor (influence wise) as Filteria did (Pleiadian influence wise) with his amazing Daze of our Lives album. In doing so, Filteria's newer, more evolved style blossomed in groundbreaking ways that made me think of no other artist when hearing that album (DoOL) other than Filteria. In other words, this artist is obviously talented, passionate, and experienced enough to lose the JR training wheels (for lack of better words, influence is a better to say) and take his imaginative (less safe) visions to gob-smacking proportions. If you build it, they will come, just like JR did, hey! It's UX after all and what a comeback. I want to thank this artist for such a fantastic, imaginative album. This closing track is A LOT more imaginative and visionary than the opening (catchy but safer comparatively speaking) track led me to believe. This is yet another excellent track that embraces its vision and leaves me often starting the album from the very beginning. And that folks, is the mark of a great album! A- / A CONCLUSION This sounds nothing like old UX and it's AMAZING!!! After 15-20 years I didn't expect this. I love the approach. The album gets better as it progresses. I love the atmosphere, the heart (feels!), It's edgy, dark and mystical (more or less), daring, provocative, mature, and powerful. I love the excitement, mystical and ethnic (worldly) elements, the sound/melody (synth) work, accents, power, etc., etc. This never feels like a generic full on release with exploitative touches of [insert artist name's] former self. For me, the album gets really JUNO-esque starting in Kingdom of Heaven (4:27), but UX influence hybridizing JR's inspiration with what they [UX] brings to the table is superb. I'm so happy that this artist took time to make something special. The work invested really shows. You can tell he didn't take the cheap (generic) Full On route like many former artists who return X years later. INSTEAD we have a beautiful releases worth listening to and recommending. Now don't be discouraged when I say Full On. This is not pure Full On. Nor is Juno Reactor. As with JR, this UX album doesn't fit into one sub-genre of electronic music and yes the Full On influence is stronger here than in Juno but THIS is how it's done while maintaining integrity, the imagination, and expanding/pushing the envelope (not limited to the cookie cutter formulaic approach most albums fall into via Full On). The approach is the opposite of lazy. It grows congruent, more cohesive and enjoyable as the journey deepens. To say something's perfect or not perfect sounds so silly to me as I become more couscous aware. If I were to pick a favorite so far, it'd be High Energy Protons [Deus Ex-Machina Mix] [vs. Juno Reactor]. My GOD I love this song!!!! I love the previous versions too but WOOOOWWWOooooOWWWWWW WHOA.... WOW!!!!!!! I have few constructive criticisms, like the opening song's first half could have been tighter, more mystical and visionary (contextual in that sense) like the other tracks. The album grows more enchanting and exciting (love that) after the rocky path to strength opening. The other songs are so strong (though I find things I like more here and there but the same goes for everything) that it's hard to over analyze. I love the atmospheric and fantasy (sci-fi) elements and hope this talented artist continues in this (that) direction via imagination, vision, etc. Not only does he develop but at times evolves-- he EVOLVES songs!!! Some tracks do this more than others and you'll know when you hear the giant development to the point it's like going through another dimension of sound/creation that compliments (elevates) the vision of the song. The FEELS (!!!) go a long way when the artist innovates on top of his JR influence. This is a SUEPRB release. Ultimate Xperience's highly anticipated Lazarus Rising is a gem and easily one of-- if not the BEST uptempo electronic album of 2016. Post your comments/reviews good or not. This album deserves it. Highly Recommended!!! Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (that's all of them and I'm not ashamed to NOT be nit picky when I feel that EVERY song is so MEMORABLE and well done!) 9/10 ... A Stream the full album on YouTube --> https://youtu.be/G7yBBzUnAds Support the artist and label ---> https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/lazarus-rising
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    X-dream - Do you believe, I am always impressed by the quality of the sound used.. i'm sure you'll agree radi.
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    Artist: Crossing Mind Title: The Inner Shift Label: Suntrip Date: April, 2012 1. The unenlightened perspectives 2. Solarium 3. Modulated self reminders 4. Magnetic fields of life 5. Elastic Harmonies 6. No way wrong (2011 rmx) 7. Plutonia 8. Optronic Circles (Inner Shift mix) When you're at the top of your game, you feel like there is nothing you can't do. Here is everyone's favorite goa trance label with their 25th physical release. 25th. That may not seem impressive to Colombia Records, but when you're dealing with a niche market in a sh*tty economy it becomes pretty damn impressive. We all love a good story, and there aren't too many better than this. Working his life away in the coal mines of Western Pennsylvania had to be a dark time for him. He wasn't the biggest or the fastest, but with tireless effort and perseverence (and a little prayer) he finally got his shot to play big time college football. Wait... Sh*t, that was Rudy. Then who the f*ck is this guy? This is Stephane Beze (sorry my computer can't do accents...the punctuation not the...you get it, right? Cause I can do an awesome Indian accent, you would think Apu was talking to you. Yessir, Nossir, hot dog, hot dog) and he's apparently been making music for a decade. We all owe a big thanks to DAT Records and their hard work for "discovering" him and releasing a free treasure trove of quality material. That was like picking up a hot chick at a club and when you're leaving, she asks you if he equally hot friend who wants to get back at her boyfriend can come too. Now who's gonna say no to that? So after that he drops the Holographic Paradigm again released by DAT. Then another free EP called Ultimate Reality on UAF. To say he's prolific would be an understatement. His goa trance is long unraveling melodies that make you feel like your in the mid 90's and now he's releasing his latest on the label that defines melodic goa trance. Mastered by Tim Schuldt with artwork by Richpa.... What the f*ck do you think is gonna happen? The Unenlightened Perspectives- It's mechanical chunky with a Daze of Our Lives feel at the outset and there is immediate melodic and layer gratification. Leads stretch to their limit like a fat chick putting a hurtin on some spandex. This track doesn't sit still for a second with constantly changing leads. Already magical, it becomes legendary when he throws the breakbeat in there. You know what this is? An aural happy ending. Solarnium- Wow. I'm blown away by this lush, evolving piece of atmosphere. The leads twist and turn and leave a sonic trail I believe I can actually see. Unbelievably full and moody, it shimmers crossing the line into the mystical. Yeah, yeah, the rabbit hole and all that, but I didn't fall down that hole. I fell up it. Modulated Self Reminders- Again with the layers of melody he carries you up without touching you. It's a drifting track that has me wondering where the time went. Partly abrasive and part acid tongue lashing this was another great one. Magnetic Fields of Life- I like how he distorts sounds giving it a Depeche Mode eeriness with squelchy and run in place moments. Long melodies that are measured in days not minutes. It's just brilliant storytelling with no shortage of characters. Pumping music for the discerning traveler looking for that outerspace getaway. I don't think that is what they meant by friendly skies. Elastic Harmonies- And just when you think it couldn't get any better. He wields that distorted lead like it's a + 5 flaming broadsword. If you got that reference then here's to hoping that one day you will kiss a girl. It comes at you in waves, each bigger than the last. You've got a key change to keep you on your toes, but this thing just keeps on reaching skyward. A 10 minute tour de force that breaks the sound barrier. No Way Wrong (2011 Remix)- Another melodic scorcher that is hip deep in layers and lead changes. It hops across the solar system on asteroids never lingering too long. Tumbling, tumbling...blistering. Plutonia- The final two tracks are downtempo pieces that still maintain that deep space vibe. Well, maybe mid-tempo is more accurate. Scraping leads begin to stack up twisting in concentric rings that flow into one another without the hint of a seam. He is still the master of his distorted domain and makes a slower track still seem like it left a burning mark on you. Optronic Circles (Inner Shift Remix)- The vibe is so outer space I don't know what else to tell you. Alien mid tempo groove, it is clear he ain't finished with you yet. The lead skitters and side steps in a way that reminds me of other old schoolers. And that is a compliment. Don't shut it off too quickly, because after an extended pause there is more eerieness to come. The Suntrip site calls it a hidden track, but at 1:35 in length...it's more of an epilogue. This was how I felt after each track was better than the next. So when is goa trance not simply goa? Obviously this is goa trance, but to shackle it with the chains of one singular genre seems unfair. This is glorious electronic music with beautifully crafted atmosphere and spiraling melodies. It's high technology on a voyage into deep space, and I'll be honest...you might not be coming back. How could you? Stephane has succeeded in smashing the full-on derivative goa algorithm. Do you have any idea how many times I had to (almost typed rewind) start a track over because I checked out of real life and floated into goaland. This is a landmark achievement in goa trance. Can you get enough layers? I know I can't. 3 layer cake? Limp-dick. Gimme some of that 7 layer sh*t. Rainbows? Yeah I guess there are rainbows here. But I'm looking at them through a 40 foot square window 50 miles up on a starship. Congratulations Stephane, it's awesome work. Thank you, and thank Suntrip. Good to be king, isn't it? Suntrip Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds Goastore Mdk
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    Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift 1. The Unenlightened Perspectives 09:10 2. Solarnium 09:09 3. Modulated Self Reminders 09:27 4. Magnetic Fields of Life 08:46 5. Elastic Harmonies 09:49 6. No Way Wrong (2011 Remix) 09:20 7. Plutonia 09:27 8. Optronic Circles (Inner Shift mix) 08:13 Review: I feel a strong desire to start this review off by saying that Crossing Mind probably has THE most unique sound in modern Goa Trance at this moment. Not only that, the track’s composition and feel are very different too. But in what way, you might ask? Well, as we all know, Suntrip stands for melodic sunny modern Goa Trance in all it’s facets. While artists like Filteria and Artifact303 would fit into the blazing, uplifting spectrum and E-mantra in the somewhat melancholic, deeper, floatier spectrum, Crossing Mind surely belongs to the introspective, subtle yet highly melodic/harmonic spectrum. The style represented in this album is, as said before, a lot less to the point than his collection of older tracks on DAT Records and at the same time much more subtle. Do not expect full power trance. Do not expect larger-than-life, blazingly uplifting melodies. Instead, expect deliciously complex harmonics, subtly interwoven melodies that swirl and spiral in a never-ending introspective vortex of psychedelic bliss. The textures, leadsynths, bass, kick, in short everything is on a level of production and creativity rarely seen in today’s psytrance. It’s also remarkable how much he DOES with the sound, modulating it into oblivion. None-the-less I do have to admit that it took me some listens to start appreciating it to it’s full extent. I was sceptical at first because, while I did enjoy quite a couple of tracks by Crossing Mind, the album on DAT didn’t reach up to my (maybe too high) expectations. However, now I’m here I just can’t look back and can say with all my heart that this is a modern gem, a classic-to-be and next to Artifact303’s masterpiece of a debut certainly the best Suntrip has ever released. My favorite tracks here are Solarnium, Magnetic Fields of Life, Elastic Harmonies (which stands out the most) and No Way Wrong (2011 Remix). They represent such beautifully crafted landscapes that JUST DO NOT GET BORING. I can keep listening to them forever! Detail, complexity, sound, harmony, melody and creativity in a perfect marriage. The downtempo tracks deserve a special mention as well because they too are a joy to listen to and just get lost in. And I really hope that the short hidden track someday gets a lot longer and released because it sounds way too yummy to be this short! Buy it. Listen to it. Drown in it. 10/10 PS.: Congratulations Richpa on the beautiful cover artwork!
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    Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know about what has been happening to me. So about 2 and a half years ago I was living in Buffalo, New York working as a programmer when my boss inadvertently forced me to take time away from work due to my concerns regarding a security audit at the company. He forced me to see a doctor and get approval to return to work. At that time it was my parents in Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania who took me to live with them against my will. While I did receive permission to return to work, I only stayed at my job in Buffalo for about 5 months before I was just fired for little to no reason. So then for the next 2 years or so I was living with my parents in Pennsylvania and I even found work there, but I was repeatedly admitted involuntarily to psychiatric facilities for no reason which was jeopardizing my career. Almost 3 months ago I decided to escape my parents and return to Buffalo, NY. It seems that at some point I had my identity stolen and my very participation in society was challenged. I am currently homeless, without work, with very little money. I do not know exactly what to do. I could really use some help. If you can help me with money, I would greatly appreciate it. PM me for details. Edit: Please contact me via email, not the psynews messenger if you would like, jbarker12@protonmail.com
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    I'm pretty sure the answer will be no unfortunately, although that would be awesome. So here's hoping
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