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    Ektoplazm is happy to present a new album by Swiss musician SubConsciousMind. Symphonies of Life, his fifth full-length release, explores different aspects of the human experience: Patience, Truth, Consciousness, Destruction, Love, Creation, Beauty, Humility, and Trust. This is an album that reveals its true intensity the more you listen to it. Every time you hear it another theme might resonate with your inner world, or new revelations may come to pass. One day a theme may not get through to you, another day it will open up an emotional world without description. Keep this in your playlist, let it be part of your life, and the beauty of this musical artwork will unfold even more over time. Just two clicks away for free: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/subconsciousmind-symphonies-of-life http://www.subconsciousmind.ch
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    Kommer 30. Juli 2018 overalt. MATERIAL MUSIC - 2DRAGONS [GEOMAGNETIC RECORDS] 01. Access Material Virus 02. Avalon Vacuum Technology 03. Alien Wis-ard & 2Dragons 04. Black Hole Dancing With Anti Matter 05. Inside the Reaksjon 06. Galactic Connection (Gamma~Maya) 07. Turquoise Planet (Trance Healing) 08. Oxytocin 09. Sound of Everything 10. Superconscious Minds (Synchro Science) 11. Magenta Platinum (17th Cha-kra) 12. Undefined Field (Singularity) 13. Turquoise Planet (Ambient Healing) Pre-listen here: http://www.goastore.com/material-music-2dragons.html Or maybe here? https://www.psyshop.com/2Dragons-Material-Music/geo1dw928/
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    It's refreshing, inventive, and very melodic. The accents really compliment. It seems like the artists were having fun. The result is a more open sound in GOA. Definitely one of the most solid releases of 2018. I could see why some are praising it. Some of the tracks really grabbed me while I liked others. Stream it on Bandcamp here: https://bmssrecords.bandcamp.com/album/unknownium
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    I like the album of Microcosm very much, you can tell it was deeply influenced by the old Dimension 5 sound. As for Clementz his tracks are usually entertaining, a promising artist for sure.
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    Thats an awesome track, and to find more actual Goatrance producers from Norway is such a rare quality treat. Ra, Microcosm, and now this strangepork / Drum Pets .. Very cool! ! Takk Manuser for your hunt. PS. speaking of Bergen
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    Some good stuff from the 90's. Oh, this one also need to be in here.
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    Interesting name. Assuming that it is russian i would translate it as "spaces of orherworldly/transcendental mirror". Thing is that there is no such word "prostra" in Russian. The closest one is "prostranstvo" (space). Nevertheless, prostra (I think it's plural) does make some sence to me, for some reason i think about spaces which stretch out/unfold on their own.
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    Artist: Etnica Title: The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light Label: DAT Records Date: April, 2018 CD1 - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light 01. The Gili's Voyage 02. Infinitive Dream 03. The Gili's Voyage (Ketu Remix) 04. Vicky's Dream 05. Moon Influence 06. Spheric Koncept 07. Mystical Appearance In Goa 08. A Tribute To Goa 09. Intense Visitation (Visitation Of Energy Mix) CD2 - Mystical Vibes 01. The Gili's Voyage (Early Mix) 02. Mystical Appearance In Goa (Remix) 03. Asian Code 7 04. Still Botta 05. Evolution - Alien Phenomenon 06. Synthesis (Shadow Of The Moog) 07. Fractal Gates 08. Acid Shell 09. Chemical Trance (Original Mix) CD3 - The Early Years 01. Fingers 02. Gollum 03. Big Dust In Chapora Fort 04. Whales 05. Bali Island 06. 38° Parallelo 07. Pacific Love 08. J.H. Sound 09. Tribe - Gilligan's Island 10. Evolis 11. Big Dust In Chapora Fort (Piano Remix) Have we finally...and I mean finally extracted all that we can from the Etnica/Pleiadians sweat soaked goa towel? I'm prepared to take a position I know will be unpopular, but enough already. I love what they have done and I of course love Draeke and all at DAT Records for bringing us so much stuff that was previously lost. This album was like the holy grail of infinitely hard to find goa trance and in typical fashion Draeke and co. go big with 3 discs to satiate your Etnica appetite. I think it was in the album promotion thread where he said that there isn't mush left to release from the 95-98 golden era and that he is more focused on the "proto-goa" as he called it. That's his prerogative and I support him no matter what because he's earned that level of loyalty from me. Well unless he starts exploring The Faith Tones discography. And even then...maybe. First off let me say that the sound on this is incredible. I had the download (like a lot of you) and it was ok, but the mastering on this is superb. Even tracks that I can't stand sound fantastic. Hold on a sec... *puts on flame retardant suit. Hangs head* "F*ck!" *struggles to take off suit, falls down, flings boot across room and knocks over lamp, limps to bathroom and pees* *puts suit back on minus one boot* As I mentioned I think I am on Etnica overload. For me Alien Protein was the end all and be all of goa. Take that, LSD, IFO, and Dancing Galaxy and that is how you show an alien what goa is. So TJAUTBL was not even a close second when it came to awesome goa. But you know it's Draeke and the track record of DAT Records is unimpeachable so like I said I support their efforts. What you get is that release of course (which sounds brilliant) and then a whole bunch of early sounding goa and stuff that they never released. I'm not going to bad mouth it because it took a lot of hard work and time to get all this stuff together for a proper release. Three CDs of music from one of the greatest if not the greatest goa acts in history. One flaw that I will bring to your attention (if you don't already know) is that track 5 on the 2nd disc isn't Etnica at all, but Evolution with their track Alien Phenomenon. Apparently the Dat tape was mislabelled and it was too late to make the change when the CDs went out. Some people might lose their sh*t over this. I prefer to mail mine directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. So the music is not my cup of tea, but the release is. Let me explain. Although I don't really care for most of the music on here, I cherish that it is now part of my collection. Variety is the spice of life and sometimes I don't feel like listening to thousand layer melody heavy goa and want something more rudimentary just to change gears. Hearing the early stuff also helps one appreciate where you came from. And that's who I think it's for. People who want to have everything that Etnica ever produced and people who are completionists (like me), and people who enjoy the early sound of the not ready for prime time Etnica classics. This is not even close to my favorite DAT Records release, but I'm glad I have it. Besides...we'll always have Live In Athens. Looking forward to seeing what DAT pulls out of their hat in the future. DAT Records Bandcamp Psyshop
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    I liked that Hypnoxock. Maybe, post this era of tracks is when some artists lost the connection with the roots of Goa Trance. Things change and there are no rules. I do enjoy something that retains a glimpse of some Goa Trance heritage. Pure technology disconnects me from that fruitful coastline in India somewhat, however every artist is on their own journey within the realm of psy trance, you have to go where it feels right at any given time.
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    with the similarities with vini vici i mean the the "modernised" sound, progressive that's focused on loud kick and bass, rather long/many breaks and builds, but here instead of the bullshit (horrible singing, offbeat/swing/triplets just for variation, endless dubdelays, builds that lead nowhere, ...) we got nice beautiful protoculture melodies.
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    I use iFi DSD Micro Black Label fed by a Fiio X3 into Audeze LCD-2 headphones... hardly mediocre, and the only time I can tell the difference between lossless and 320 mp3 is with very well recorded acoustic music. Even then, I have to really concentrate hard on every detail to be able to distinguish between the two. It makes no real difference with electronic music.
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    @Agneton nice track, never heard before, thanks for sharing. Here is a superb melody (sounds more serious and a little darker than usual uplifting trance):
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    I heard him in play in Belgium 2 weeks and I have to be honest. This was the most shitty set from a classic artist I heard in my life. Vini Vici kicks and sounds and guitars on top of it. I went to sleep in my car...
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    Thank you very much Jaza, and all of you folks for listening! Hope to throw some more floor bangers and ass spankers for ya in the future!
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    new track sounds great! loving the rest of this set also glad you guys had a great time something decent like ZNA needs to happen here in australia one day especially here in the byron bay region did anyone happen to talk to ray castle at all? i should have asked someone to pass a message on that we need another revival here in the same vain as he introduced goa to this region all those years ago
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    I decided to pass this comp. I think it's time for me to buy judging by what I really like and not by what I hoped I would like.
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    I've been listening to this more than usual since I got it, but not because it's good, but to try to convince myself it was worth the €20 I spent on it. Normally these day I never spend all that money for a new (i.e. just released) disc which personally I only bought since they are after all one of my favourite acts ever, like many. 2 discs - 160 minutes which could have been compressed in one disc and still leaving it's share of mediocre tracks. This already messed up world didn't need to hear most of these refuckedworked tracks. They have added no benefit.
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    Because some people change their personality in live. I heard he had a sex change, simple as that... Now, lets hope for some more music!
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    I enjoy different styles of Goa. It creates variety and opportuneness for innovation. That said, I did not like this album that much the first 1-2 times I heard it. I thought it sounded too folk, too middle Eastern, and too similar sounding. My feelings are more balanced now. The artists got a handful of stuff right on this one, being what they were going for. Goasia's not about maximal, dark, intense/climactic, or super acidic. I don't mind. My favorite tracks on this third album are the ones that I consider more cosmic, dreamlike, or intricate. Those songs are the ones with (!) Amphibians On Spacedock Mental Mutator (!) Dolphins Of Jupiter (!) Promised Land Orbital Saturation (!) Tetrodotoxin (still adjusting to this unique, mechanical beast) Songs I enjoy less (or not very much) I consider more folk sounding, or too Eastern influenced (for me) to the point I find the melodies distracting from the cosmic (or lack of cosmic) ingredients. And yes, a few tracks above crossover to elements on the ones below and vice-versa. I realize that. God, Good Morning The New Orient Sundance None of those are bad per say. They have elements I like. The New Orient is pretty cool, especially the last third. Sundance has grown on me. These songs simply capture less of what I like in Goa Trance music, but that's me. I like this THIRD album more than their second, Dancing With the Blue Spirit. There is some great work on it, especially for those who enjoy the very melodic, non-maximal side of Goa. The album took time to grow on me too due to some similar sounds as well that appeared more varied and better distinguished upon further listens. I find parts of Mental Mutator and Orbital Saturation infectiously catchy on repeat listens. The overall direction and "accents" throughout both of them are great. Hearing the album the first few times sounded like one long, continuous track to me. I enjoy the album more when listening to a few tracks at a time. This is a pretty good album I think. It gets pretty addictive at times and will appeal to numerous lovers of ultra melodic Goa Trance. At times the level of positivity (without being cheesy) excites and lifts me up. My thoughts are give it a few listens and let it grow. At least it's ultra melodic. Suntrip doesn't release many Goa albums a year and this one, while not one of my favorites to date by them, is not bad. It has some very pleasant, enjoyable work.
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    What's going on in here?
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    This album is seriously a masterpiece... I'm surprised it received so little attention here in the forum then placed 2nd for downtempo album of the year in the psynews votes. It was under my radar until then, glad that I found it! Only thing about this album is it requires a really good system, by Bose Tri-Ports barely do it justice and they handle most psy just fine. The bass here is deep and enveloping and the high tones do a lot to keep the ride very engaging. Just lovely when listened to in the right settings.
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    This is for sure the freakiest suomi i have ever heard. My reaction after the first listen was like "What the Hell?!" But then after a few couple of listens i was hooked (as always with suomi on the more experimental edge). A special feeling sucked me in and i couldn't resist it. Man, i just looove suomi.
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    Mai Mai is an all time classic