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  1. I believe Bandcamp Friday was cancelled/paused for a few months this summer, but now it's up again for the rest of the year, 1st Friday of every month. One of those is just behind the corner. To get started, 20% off in LSD and Dragonfly Bandcamp stores with code lsdfamily20.
  2. I like to refer to this thread because it's related and I did some research there... The relationship between "proper" goa trance tracks and the genre name can be possibly seen like the chicken-egg problem. Can you produce real goa trance if there's no such genre? Can there be a genre if there are no tracks? In fact, if you read the wikipedia article for chicken and egg, it says, among other viewpoints: But which one is the chicken or the egg in this "genre or track" comparison? Well, I think we can agree that there were tracks laid by the proto-goa genre and tracks totally inspired by the Goa party scene before the genre name was acknowledged. For the obvious Goa (place) infuence, see Goa EP and Carlo Andrea Raggi's Goahead alias. Were they goa tracks or does that require crunchier synth lines? Who knows. Where did those appear first? At least The Infinity Project, Eat Static and Dimension 5 were releasing already in 1991, and ultimately their style progressed right into the core of what we call goa trance. When did they "cross the line"? In there, opinions probably differ. Or like the Discogs 'Vinyl Only' Goa tracks list description says, "One man's Trance is the other man's Techno and my Hard Trance is your Goa Trance. Not much you can do with style debates and obscure releases will have style changed sometime." Or acid trance classics like Hardfloor's Acperience? Would it be totally goa trance if released, in an alternate universe, on the B side of some Green Nuns 12" in 1995? I think it's a fun topic to discuss as long as you take it as light musings only and don't expect to reach any hard facts or conclusions.
  3. Bandcamp Friday is starting again, I reckon. Any tips? I've been too busy with other stuff. (For example, tracking stray shipments from previous orders...)
  4. My order is in. I still have to double- and triple-check to believe it. Let's just hope that it arrives safely too. Very nice reissue in its simplicity, by the way. In some threads I've been lamenting the recent extra fancy bundles which cost an arm and a leg, don't show the original artwork properly, and sometimes don't even fit into a normal shelf. This one seems to deliver the original release and some extra tracks, no frills. £24.99 is/was a fair price too. 1150 copies? Could have been more because price-wise this was well within the reach of an average fan. Let's see how long they last. (Edit: apparently gone already in some 20 minutes. Wow. )
  5. I got an email notification from BC. Then I tried to hunt high and low on the site, no luck. Then I came here for clues. I should be sleeping already, though. Let's see if I wake up tomorrow to learn that this batch has been sold out too. Still the only Shpongle album that I don't have on vinyl at all.
  6. There's this topic for hot tips. I mostly point out offers for physical stuff myself but Neogoa just had a nifty digital deal in there. Their discography is not that expensive anyway, I think.
  7. Ultimae Spring Sales until April 3, 2021: https://ultimae.com/ultimae-spring-sales-until-april-3-2021/ Also in their Bandcamp store, 20% off with "bloom20"...I think. Might combine nicely with Bandcamp Friday on 2nd? Pitch Black CDs 50% off on Bandcamp: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10165165222155442&id=14580875441 If "end of May" is not a typo, that one could be combined as well to give the band a better share of this great deal.
  8. The second Bandcamp Friday of 2021 starts soon. Anyone got any hot tips? I haven't received anything yet and I may be too busy to hunt for them right now.
  9. I happen to have extra copies of the following Global Sect releases, new: Merr0w ‎– Odysseus Atlantis ‎– Cosmic Waves Various ‎– Globalsect Radio You can pre-listen and check the stuff on Bandcamp. Shipping from Funland (conveniently within EU if that helps). Kind of "name your price" but there may be a small twist. Please PM for details. Let me also mention that I have a really busy month ahead so there may delays with messages and such, but that's due to unavoidable priorities, not because I hate you or anything. Thanks.
  10. I've received stuff this year... They arrived already a few weeks ago, but I've been too busy and kind of frustrated with other stuff to post this. However, on a positive note, we finally have a nice winter in here. I took this photo outside on snow, although it's not very obvious from this angle. I can post a "making of" later. So, what do we have in here? Suntrip 2020 releases: Hypnoxock ‎– Beyond The Wormhole Clementz ‎– Kretsløp Triquetra ‎– Human Control Various ‎– Gamma Draconis Mindsphere ‎– Mental Triplex - Beyond And (almost) latest Global Sect: Merr0w ‎– Odysseus Atlantis ‎– Cosmic Waves Various ‎– Globalsect Radio They also provided the neat backdrop. I mean, the fancy one, not the old rug nor the snow. Meanwhile...if someone is interested in buying the Global Sect stuff, please contact me. Things happened and now I could forward these.
  11. The Maniac ‎– Into Madness Lives up to its title, still available too?
  12. UX ‎– Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond), Cronomi edition Gotta catch 'em all...
  13. Gaudi - Theremin in Hand 7" A fun extra to the album.
  14. Update: Fridays will continue in 2021, but for some reason January will be skipped. Buy now? Wait until Feb 5th? Decisions... https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/bandcamp-fridays-2021 https://isitbandcampfriday.com/
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