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  1. There's this topic for hot tips. I mostly point out offers for physical stuff myself but Neogoa just had a nifty digital deal in there. Their discography is not that expensive anyway, I think.
  2. Ultimae Spring Sales until April 3, 2021: https://ultimae.com/ultimae-spring-sales-until-april-3-2021/ Also in their Bandcamp store, 20% off with "bloom20"...I think. Might combine nicely with Bandcamp Friday on 2nd? Pitch Black CDs 50% off on Bandcamp: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10165165222155442&id=14580875441 If "end of May" is not a typo, that one could be combined as well to give the band a better share of this great deal.
  3. The second Bandcamp Friday of 2021 starts soon. Anyone got any hot tips? I haven't received anything yet and I may be too busy to hunt for them right now.
  4. I happen to have extra copies of the following Global Sect releases, new: Merr0w ‎– Odysseus Atlantis ‎– Cosmic Waves Various ‎– Globalsect Radio You can pre-listen and check the stuff on Bandcamp. Shipping from Funland (conveniently within EU if that helps). Kind of "name your price" but there may be a small twist. Please PM for details. Let me also mention that I have a really busy month ahead so there may delays with messages and such, but that's due to unavoidable priorities, not because I hate you or anything. Thanks.
  5. I've received stuff this year... They arrived already a few weeks ago, but I've been too busy and kind of frustrated with other stuff to post this. However, on a positive note, we finally have a nice winter in here. I took this photo outside on snow, although it's not very obvious from this angle. I can post a "making of" later. So, what do we have in here? Suntrip 2020 releases: Hypnoxock ‎– Beyond The Wormhole Clementz ‎– Kretsløp Triquetra ‎– Human Control Various ‎– Gamma Draconis Mindsphere ‎– Mental Triplex - Beyond And (almost) la
  6. The Maniac ‎– Into Madness Lives up to its title, still available too?
  7. UX ‎– Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond), Cronomi edition Gotta catch 'em all...
  8. Gaudi - Theremin in Hand 7" A fun extra to the album.
  9. Update: Fridays will continue in 2021, but for some reason January will be skipped. Buy now? Wait until Feb 5th? Decisions... https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/bandcamp-fridays-2021 https://isitbandcampfriday.com/
  10. Nah, a custom one. Unfortunately I cannot promise any pics or details of this one due to the parties involved, but maybe I'll get another version some day for public showing.
  11. I just ordered a Posford t-shirt this week. True story. Let's see if I actually get it.
  12. Can you imagine how polished the mix will be?
  13. This obscure label called "Suntrip" has a sale, December 7th - 17th, details here:
  14. Some discounts in the Disco Gecko store (Andrew Heath, Banco de Gaia anniversary editions etc.). Also a chance to get your stuff before the next brexit chaos phase? No idea how long this is running. http://www.discogecko.com/product-category/sale/
  15. Liquid Sound Design (Bandcamp store) - CD back catalogue £5 each, including quite recent releases from this year, only today (December 4th 2020). Crazy! Also new shirts and merch available. Dragonfly (Bandcamp store) - classic CDs and vinyl £2 each, also only today, also crazy. Ultimae (announcement on home site) - 20% discount on Ultimae releases, 10% on other labels' stuff. Code bf20 until December 8th 2020. Is this only for their own store or Bandcamp too?
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