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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ha-ha
  2. I've had stuff in my "incoming" pile for some time but not enough time to give them enough love, nor to post here. Backstage Gurus ‎– Mediterranean Odyssey Youth & Gaudi ‎– Astronaut Alchemists Remixes Maan ‎– Floral Cortex Zen Baboon ‎– Revisited The first three were bought from Bandcamp's share-waiving days. The next one is very close, July 3 midnight to midnight Pacific time. Have you prepared your shopping list already?
  3. Is that "we" of Lab 37 just Filipe again? I'm not sure if I'd shell out £32 for a 12" before seeing that they really exist and ship. (Coincidentally, I do have a copy of the In Vitro EP CDr release so some actual product has materialised in the past, but still...)
  4. I already did last time. But it's a good idea in general.
  5. My purchases from Bandcamp's May revenue share waiving day have been trickling in. The next one should be on June 5. Use your chance to give full support to artists, hm? M-Run ‎– Live Session Album GoaD ‎– Hypnotic Mirage Master Margherita ‎– Border 50 Eskostatic ‎– Serpentines & Valleys James Murray & Francis M. Gri ‎– Remote Redux Aes Dana ‎– Inks + cards, stickers, bookmarks and a handwritten note signed by Aes Dana. Youth & Gaudi – Astronaut Alchemists Remixes is now shipping. Should arrive soon...
  6. Cannot see much else than the general colour...could be Dimension 5 - Transdimensional...or not.
  7. Closing with Morphic Resonance? And here I was thinking that I'd get some sleep tonight... Link to the YT stream, BTW
  8. Dolmot

    Goa track ID

    Technossomy - Skinflint...
  9. Eco - Delhi Dancer?
  10. This week: Suns of Arqa - Bringing Light to the New World Disorder Globular & Geoglyph ‎- Messages from the Resonator And a few more should be in the mail right now. There was a happy coincidence with finally having a bit of free time to place long-postponed orders, Bandcamp's revenue share waiving day and a couple of sales. (Mark your calendars: the next similar campaign days are June 5 and July 3.)
  11. Suomi mainittu! Jos on pakko mennä torille niin muistakaa kahden metrin välit.
  12. Isn't this both goaish and shponglish if there's a bit of both in the contributors? I don't really get what "appreciation" is referring to, though. Not reacting to a post in three days? I'm still going through the backlog of purchases that I made in January, there's more in the mail, and my to-buy list is miles long. If I'm also expected to check the samples and respond to every label blurb within days, this is starting to get quite stressful...
  13. My copies are still in the mail. Looks like they were delayed by Royal Mail congestion and May Day weekend. Well, excited anyway. And I do have the files already. I may listen to those as soon as my ears have recovered from a two-week marathon of specialty radio programmes.
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