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  1. The Maniac ‎– Into Madness Lives up to its title, still available too?
  2. UX ‎– Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond), Cronomi edition Gotta catch 'em all...
  3. Gaudi - Theremin in Hand 7" A fun extra to the album.
  4. Update: Fridays will continue in 2021, but for some reason January will be skipped. Buy now? Wait until Feb 5th? Decisions... https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/bandcamp-fridays-2021 https://isitbandcampfriday.com/
  5. Nah, a custom one. Unfortunately I cannot promise any pics or details of this one due to the parties involved, but maybe I'll get another version some day for public showing.
  6. I just ordered a Posford t-shirt this week. True story. Let's see if I actually get it.
  7. Can you imagine how polished the mix will be?
  8. This obscure label called "Suntrip" has a sale, December 7th - 17th, details here:
  9. Some discounts in the Disco Gecko store (Andrew Heath, Banco de Gaia anniversary editions etc.). Also a chance to get your stuff before the next brexit chaos phase? No idea how long this is running. http://www.discogecko.com/product-category/sale/
  10. Liquid Sound Design (Bandcamp store) - CD back catalogue £5 each, including quite recent releases from this year, only today (December 4th 2020). Crazy! Also new shirts and merch available. Dragonfly (Bandcamp store) - classic CDs and vinyl £2 each, also only today, also crazy. Ultimae (announcement on home site) - 20% discount on Ultimae releases, 10% on other labels' stuff. Code bf20 until December 8th 2020. Is this only for their own store or Bandcamp too?
  11. Hey! I'm posting this on Bandcamp Friday. That is, Bandcamp taking no commission today. That is, all your money (maybe excluding payment processing costs) going to the seller. It's definitely the last one for 2020. The campaign has been extended a few times in the past but who knows about the future? Anyway, please post in here any special offers, discount codes or other valuable tips that you might have. Doesn't have to be Bandcamp-related. If possible, try to mention included items, links and a clear expiration date. (Do we have a topic for this already? Can be merged or moved
  12. Beat Bizarre? Always enjoyed the releases, the ZNA live was great fun too. Metal Spark? That was an interesting one back then. Not even particularly fat or woofy. I sometimes play it when my ears need more breathing space. Bamboo Forest has released a lot of less pompous stuff too in different flavours.
  13. Gamma Draconis (LP) I guess the most honest justification for this purchase would be that the whole deal lets me re-live the 90s, simple as that...
  14. Pitch Black ‎– Electronomicon (vinyl) – not sure how much I'm going to spin this edition because my vinyl playing is highly sporadic these days for various reasons, but I can still dream of transmitting those juicy basslines from a good stylus to proper bins Dreadlock Tales & Mikko Heikinpoika ‎– Sonic Artifact – curious release, needs a few more plays to get oriented with this one, enjoyable stuff anyway I hope a few more orders arrive soonish, safely...
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