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  1. I already have a hypothesis...or is it a conspiracy theory?
  2. Could be...although when they already have the plates and stampers, nothing really stops them from pressing more with no initial costs to worry about. The planned 1500 copy batch of the "super deluxe" edition was apparently a result of observing that the 2500 copies of Nothing Lasts didn't sell that fast. However, this time: The original Nothing Lasts LP wasn't particularly limited. Conversely, the original Ineffable print was ultra-limited - only 300 copies made and not even all of those in public circulation. Very few people have that, thus it's probably in higher demand to begi
  3. Re: Ineffable Mysteries, Simon just posted this: More standard packaging but extra material? Now we're talking...
  4. We had our annual get-together weekend with a couple of old friends at a remote cottage. I was properly disconnected and learnt only late on Sunday that this came and went already two days ago. Didn't get any advance notification either. A bit of a bummer because it's the only album I don't have on vinyl in any form. Then again, I'm not a fan of that packaging at all. Bland cover instead of the original and pre-inflated with all this "super deluxe" nonsense. I've been skipping Nothing Lasts too because the overall deal felt pointless. What was the price of this one anyway? Well, l
  5. Gaudi ‎– 100 Years of Theremin (The Dub Chapter) – CD and LP because why not...signed too. His live dub streams have been great fun. Robert Elster ‎– Endless Observations – that's half of Vibrasphere, you know? LSD has been going strong recently.
  6. I'd the first post but the broken theme prevents me from clicking it! (Ha, zooming in to 200% worked. )
  7. Recently... Sync24 ‎– Omnious Sync24 ‎– Acidious I rarely buy ambient or even downtempo on vinyl, because I don't see myself playing those genres from that medium. Chilling and disc flipping (and the high risk of crackle over subtle passages) just don't fit together that well. That's why I've skipped, for example, Ultimae vinyl releases. However, these two are not exactly hammock style downtempo. Also, I really liked the cover art.
  8. How about those classy vintage synth and sequencer guys, for example https://ramp1.bandcamp.com/album/synchronize-or-die
  9. A while ago, from another Bandcamp campaign day... Banco de Gaia ‎– The Magical Sounds of Banco De Gaia (20th Anniversary Edition) Banco de Gaia ‎– Igizeh (20th Anniversary Edition) Pitch Black ‎– Third Light ...and loads of disco.
  10. Indeed. While I understand the "not commenting things in progress" approach, the community tends to fill that void with speculation and rumours, and those often turn ugly. At least some of them could be easily dispelled.
  11. Wasn't it in 1997? The booklet says:
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ha-ha
  13. I've had stuff in my "incoming" pile for some time but not enough time to give them enough love, nor to post here. Backstage Gurus ‎– Mediterranean Odyssey Youth & Gaudi ‎– Astronaut Alchemists Remixes Maan ‎– Floral Cortex Zen Baboon ‎– Revisited The first three were bought from Bandcamp's share-waiving days. The next one is very close, July 3 midnight to midnight Pacific time. Have you prepared your shopping list already?
  14. Is that "we" of Lab 37 just Filipe again? I'm not sure if I'd shell out £32 for a 12" before seeing that they really exist and ship. (Coincidentally, I do have a copy of the In Vitro EP CDr release so some actual product has materialised in the past, but still...)
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