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  1. Dolmot

    What new music did you get today?

  2. Dolmot

    What new music did you get today?

    I received some new and newish releases from Zion 604 this week. The process as a whole took over five weeks. According to my calculations, I could cover that distance faster by bicycle. On top of that, they were delivered to a wrong post office. (The address was entirely correct. Our local post just fucked up that part. Fortunately there was tracking.) But whatever, they're here now. Let's start checking the goods.
  3. Everything that starts with "Simon said" must be true.
  4. Dolmot

    Dragonfly Relaunch

    Please do. I'd appreciate it.
  5. Dolmot

    Recognize this track?

    Voodoof - Thru?
  6. That's a lot of Gangguru...compared to the roughly three tracks officially released as Gangguru until now.
  7. Complimentary acid?
  8. Dolmot

    Digital Reprints News

    Sigh... *unzips wallet* (Well technically...um...it's past midnight so I won't start arguing. )
  9. Dolmot

    kraftwerk 3d tour

    I would actually be mildly surprised if a 3D tour turned out to be very flat.
  10. Dolmot

    What are you doing right now?

    Fixing my headphones. The pads are attached with goddamn flimsy plastic pegs, which have broken several times for various reasons. Two-part epoxy works for a while, but the pegs are so small that some random knock will eventually break them again. Now I drilled metal pins through them. Seems to work. It took a while to get this done. Definitely an improvement over constant fear of something falling off. Makes listening to ambient more relaxing...
  11. Dolmot

    What new music did you get today?

    I bought stuff from Ultimae. It's been a while. There was the glitchcore period which wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Then there was the period of not releasing much at all. (In 2015 only 1 album, 1 comp, 1 EP, some re-releases?) Then I was just too busy myself to browse all the stores. Now there seems to be a lot of dub techno, but it's pretty good dub techno so no major complaints there. There's also good stuff on the distro side. For a bitter twist, when I was placing the order on the last day of their winter sale, I read that their office had been burgled. I guess all burglaries are pretty low, but somehow it feels even lower to burgle an independent ambient label. Boo. Well, I added some extra items to my order and they still delivered promptly. Now I have incense sticks and postcards and bookmarks and whatnot, just like in the good old days. Oh, and discs too, some new and some a bit older but missed until now: James Murray - Eyes to the Height Focal - Polarity Mizoo - Greenosophy Chapter II Martin Nonstatic ‎- Ligand James Murray - Floods Returned Oophoi & Tau Ceti - Penumbra Recollected 4 Robert Rich - Temple of the Invisible Robert Rich - Calling down the Sky Maybe a bit basic choices because I had to make a quick pick, but I think I'll go back for more whenever I've managed to check these properly and find some time to listen to 1000+ samples...
  12. Tales of the Inexpressible is up now, this time "only" double vinyl. Also the batch is 1400 copies, compared to AYS's 500+400 or something. £54 + shipping. https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/tales-of-the-inexpressible-remastered
  13. Dolmot

    Psy Trance on mainstream TV (Globally)

    It's always in movies. (And there's still some true underground music but I'm not allowed to talk about it. )