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  1. You will go near to none or no latency issues with most of the current gen of TWS for videos. They mostly all use the latest gen of Qualcomm and Bluetooth 5.2 with a lot starting on Bluetooth 5.3. There are heaps being made specifically for gaming now, the new Angry Miao Cyber Blades are pretty lit for gaming and cool in a lot of other ways. But even cheaper pairs tackle gaming specifically with apps that give you "gaming mode" which brings latency down even further. If you want to double check hit me up or try to find a review online, they'll normally touch on it.
  2. I gotchu covered. For sound quality above all else Noble Fokus Pro Victor HA-FW1000t Beoplay EX Audio Technica ATH-TWX9 Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 Soundcore Liberty Pro 3 Nuarl N6 Pro 2 / Nuarl N6 Mini 2se For features balanced with sound quality Audio Technica ATH-TWX9 Beoplay EX Sony linkbuds s Sennheiser MTW3 Bose QC2 Soundcore Liberty Pro 4 Bose and Sony have the best anc but I think a very generic sound signature. And if you want cheap and cheerful the Soundcore range and Earfun range deliver great results. so many brands out there. I get a bit obsessive before I order even a $80 pair reading every review and trawling the tws forums like my life depends on it. If you want something kinda like the oneplus buds with the stem that have incredible features and call quality the Oppo Enco X 2 is actually maybe one of the best out there.
  3. It is. Goa trance albums and tws are my current addiction. As for the best. I don't care even a little bit about ANC, transparency mode or other special little features. Sound quality is all I care about. The Noble Fokus Pro are the top of the list for SQ hands down. I haven't tried these ones but word on the street is that they are either better or on par with Noble, the Victor HA-FW1000t. Less practical for exercise which is when I use mine the most. I use the Nuarl range though and can't recommend them enough, don't know how they aren't more popular. I have my first pair of Victor on the way, the ha-fx150t, sound signatures are quite similar across the Victor range so I'll tell you if they beat the Nuarl.
  4. Just like me dad You would probably be impressed with the SQ of of the Sennheiser MTW3. But as all you from the 90's know, it's hard to beat a classic. Ooph I once swore I would never go away from headphones. now I swear I won't pick a phone without a 3.5, I'm sure that will one-day change as well. Tws are my new addiction, there are a couple of cheaper brands with better sound and features than the Sony as well as a guy that's tuned a $100 aud pair to sound better than them too.
  5. I swore off them 3 years ago when it was all about the airpod. But tried some since and got hooked.
  6. It's 2022 and wireless technology is in. For those of you using true wireless earbuds what are you picks? I've used the: Fiil T1 Pro, Earfun Free Pro 2, Nuarl N6 Pro 2, Nuarl N6 Mini2se, Oppo Enco X, Morph Infinniconnect and some Pamu models. with my favourite being the Nuarl Range for reproduction of Goa, psytrance and psybient style music.
  7. Just found this in my wishlist and gave it a listen. Really great work. Very unique and each track entertaining with the story they tell. Instant purchase from me after I heard two tracks. Bumping this thread for others to check out and following this project from now on.
  8. @psytones , @Paul Eye sorry gang, it was a not so elaborate inside joke from a Facebook post I saw Jerome do
  9. Cosmic Goa is my absolute favourite style, but the high quality 'goa' tracks you find in Gamma Draconis and MystikA can be found also in compilations like the 'Spacedock Goa Trance Legacy releases' Also the Tribal Encore and The Kingdom releases will be right up your alley. *I've edited my list to separate the essentials from the Noteworthy. I place all in the essential category, but I know I am very easy to please and enjoy most releases. So The Essential section is more to reflect where I think other people would place the compilations to narrow it down a bit for you and not slam you with 20 releases to check out all at once.
  10. Nice collection, I'm going to use this list for some myself. From the modern era (My favourite Era) I have a few comps I would add, I noticed you don't have many 'cosmic neogoa' releases and might not like the style. But I have a few comps that opened the style up to me listed All from Global Sect below 'VA - 2017 - Terraformer' 'VA - 2018 - Shambhala' 'VA - 2020 - Globalsect Radio' These are all on the cosmic side, Terraformer has had some people not like it at first, but as you listen more you start to get a really good appreciation of the cosmic style. It's one of my favourite compilations. Might as well pick up the last of the Cronomi Comps 'VA - 2013 - If I wasn't Human I'd Be a Trance Track' And the rest Essentials 'VA - 2013 - Tribal Encore' 'VA - 2013 - The Kingdom' 'VA - 2016 - Svermirski Hod' 'VA - 2017 - Goa Trance Legacy by DJ Psara' 'VA - 2018 - Goa Trance Legacy by Kanc Cover' - Underated but essential 'VA - 2019 - GOAGILDE [Norway's Got Goatrance]' - Another one of my top 3 modern comps, awesome looking physical release too. 'VA - 2019 - ZNA Gathering Retro Futuristic Compilation II' 'VA - 2020 - Rootless' - Similar to the Suntrip Carpe Noctum release (A touch better imo) 'VA - 2021 - MystikA' - (Similar to the Suntrip Gamma Draconis Release) Noteworthy 'VA - 2013 - Voyager: First Plateau' 'VA - 2017 - 604 Syndroms' - Goa Trance that could be played in a nightclub 'VA - 2017 - Fluorotronik' 'VA - 2018 - Call Of Goa v3 - New Horizons' 'VA - 2018 - Elan Vital' - A few of the biggest baddest tracks on this one (Listen to the Proxeeus and Adam Shiva tracks
  11. Yooo thanks for this!
  12. Artist: Lunar Dawn Title: The Purge Label: Neogoa Records Date: July 31, 2022 Tracklist:- 1. Being Into The Trance 2. Divisive 3. Loose Me 4. Self Aligned 5. Liquefactive Neurosis 6. My Faith 7. Volatile 8. Being In A Trance 9. Out Of This Place Well Well Well. That didn't take long and I'm not surprised. Of course Neogoa came back, they had Lunar Dawn to release. It's essential and necessary and sometimes that means that you put your life aside for a moment for a higher purpose. . . Filthy Goa Trance The musical styling of this release was a surprise. The cover gives it away but still, when I think Lunar Dawn I think tribal Eastern European melodies n rhythms'. Well not no more, this sounds like the creation of hanging Lunar Dawn in a cage with UX over the volcanic pit of our past and our future for 3 years. That changes a man. As always, if you want people to keep making this music for our sweet little minds then giving them money for their work is a pretty good incentive. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-purge
  13. Global Sect - VA Terraformer is still my favourite and most listened to compilation. Yet to get tired of it. https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-terraformer
  14. @Lightforce Yooo wassup with the encyclopedia? I'm trying to get on but am coming across a "server not found" message? PM if you'd rather answer privately for wateva reason. Or is it just me that can't get on?
  15. Artist: Black Noise & Peyotes Title: Illegal Tranceactions Label: Sangoma Records Date: November 17, 2015 TRACKLIST: - 1. Gravitational Waves 2. Illegal Transactions 3. The High Dose Experience 4. In Orbit https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com/album/illegal-tranceactions-free-download
  16. Heya amigo, I would be interested in any of the below 3. I'm Sydney based atm. If you want to sell them I'd be happy to purchase + freight. Otherwise I'll be in Byron near the end of September. shiva space technology shiva sidpao - the album prana - lifeforce ep flying rhino records - airborn
  17. Hey no shade and off topic (Sorry in advance). Just curious why every service but Bandcamp? Purely wondering if BC doesn't give material benefit over other services or wassup. BTW cool intro on the the track. And main break is lit, would have me swaying on a dancefloor.
  18. It's closer to the Ethica style. Probably the closest to Etnica I've heard from an artist. So also not to far from Pleiadians by proxy haha. This is goa archeology for sure.
  19. Have you heard the latest DAT release? https://beatspace-dat.bandcamp.com/album/goa-generator Was listening today and it made me think about this thread.
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