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  1. Hi welcome In and nice review. I gave this a go while drifting off the other night, need to listen again to really have an opinion. Chillout and Goa both seem to be on the down (if the forum is anything to go by) but there seems to be more artists than ever in both scenes so I can only hope the parties are great.
  2. You obviously haven't listened to Symphonix
  3. Hi all, I'm sure this topic has been done before, if so FANTASTIC post some links. A friend in his 30's who has spent his life listening to metal is trying to get into electronic music. No specific genre as of yet, the only descriptor is that he likes epic and melodic music. Last time he listenened to electronic it was when Skrillex and Basement Jax were in their prime. Modern EDM seems to immature for a guy that listened to heavy metal. Any recommendations of where to get the guy started? So far I have:- Moderat Jon Hopkins Morcheeba Bad Tango
  4. You crazy son of a bitch. You went and did it. . . . On track 1 now :'''D
  5. Artist: Morphic Resonance Title: Serpent Dreams EP Release: October 30, 2020 Artwork: Pieter Goessens Tracklist:- 1. Serpent Dream (Morphic Resonance Cover) 2. Serpent Dream (Moonray Cover) 3. Serpent Dream (Dream Realm Cover)
  6. @Global Sect This release is stunning. I haven't even managed to voyage myself through the complete second CD yet but i'm enamored. Review coming soon.
  7. I think I've said it before on this forum but it's always seemed to me like techno and Goa trance have more in common with one another than to Goa and psytrance. Would be awesome to see this trend continue.
  8. Hardstyle is one of the weird ones that I find to be absolutely insane live. It has so many crazy and hard elements to it that make it perfect for a wild party. Also great for melodies and uplifting euphoric moments as well as being able to easily incorporate psy, pop music and all the rest of it. How do people dance to it over in Sweden? In Aus we have muzzing and chopping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vP3m0kjC7w - My fav hardstyle track rn + muzzing
  9. Still the prog album I find myself going back to again and again.
  10. Thanks for the replies and please keep then coming if you think of anything. . . . Always room for a part 2 Incase you're wondering what i did with this - https://youtu.be/uOFPP1kFFeg
  11. It feels like it's been a year, but not a week has gone by since i've thought about this release. Well we finally have a release date November 6 - According to Median Project on an FB post.
  12. Thanks for the responses all, I think Vegetal - Free Thinkers, Dark Whisper - Spirit of an Age & Xenomorph - Demagoguery of the Obscurants are the most overtly political when taking into account samples and track titles.
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone, I decided to search 'Cookie-Cutter' into the psynews global search and came across people opinions of Crossing Minds - Inner Shift album. This thread had a wealth of comments that sort of indicate the opinions towards the music i was looking for. Even though we can easily call this Goa, I think the comments praising it as unique and one of a kind are closer to the sort of album I was looking for. Bad thread title on my behalf Another mention in the thread was Jikkenteki which fits the mold. And I think maybe peoples opinions of X-Dre
  14. Tsotsi

    VA - Gamma Draconis

    Send protection. All that anal and only so much latex.
  15. Artist: Various Title: Gamma Draconis Label: Suntrip Records Release: October 5, 2020 Tracklist:- 1. Roy Sasson - Mentalogue 2. Xenomorph - Dying Sun 3. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Shinechaser 4. Shakta - Expedition to Earth 5. Astral Projection - Dominion 6. MFG - Global Light (Retro Version) 7. Ra - Eikon 8. Oforia - Emotionally Charged Memories Good Happy about this release. In Vinyl and CD to tickle those physical cravings. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/gamma-draconis https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/i
  16. Thanks @kokanje & @Padmapani, Exactly what i'm looking for. Good albums too.
  17. Hi all, Psytrance and psychedelic music seems to insulate itself against politics which i think is great and really fantastic two thumbs up But what albums or compilation are out there that have some reference to (or can be interpreted even slightly) as political? Any politics from any country or any 'political' thesis underscoring it would be fine. Even if it's just a description saying the proceeds go towards the overthrowing of the Belarus government or Tulsi Gabbards political compaign.
  18. Artists: Various Title: The Sound Of Belgoa Released: July 14, 2020 Cover Art: Pieter Pan Mastering: Jonathan Jokke Executive Producer: Pete Mush Compiled by: A Bunch of Belgians Tracklist: - 1. Goantum Fantay ft. Arya - Desinfectrance 2. Mini Spacer - Blijf in u kot 3. Onmacht - Quartz Quarantine 4. Ghesso - Pandemania 5. MaƩra - Unfolding Truths 6. Pacta Laca - In Th Eye Of The Storm 7. Pete & Pan - Sanctuary 8. Ohm Mind ft. Mini Spacer - The Call Of The Wild 9. Unknown Sources - Fundamental Interaction 10. Dragon Twins - Still Don't Give A Cou
  19. Artist: Aion Feat. Kirenaj Title: Balder EP Label: Kali Earth Records Released: September 14, 2020 Cover Art: Richpa Mastering: Kim Svendsen @ Yggdrasound Tracklist:- 1. Picking Flowers With Cuckoo 2. Marshalling The Ascendens 3. Stage Dive Sensei ~ https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/balder-ep
  20. Haha, funny you mention this, I just shot a quick vid for this yesterday. Been on my mind since I got it. Not quiet the music in mind for this topic though. Think closer to 90's artists that 'were free to make trance without any presets or predefined styles 'restricting' them' Out of the box thinking or a style that didn't hit mainstream.
  21. Jayve Young just got back to me. It's as Anoebis says, all above board. They paid for access to the back catalogue.
  22. Yea the effort Jayce and Hannah put into the store is why it seems a little off to me. I guess a reply from Jayce would end this once and for all. I checked the Trancentral Youtube channel and sure enough they have a bunch of recent uploads to Chi-A.D albums and a link to the Memo604 Bandcamp. Fuck me that's a good song
  23. https://memo604.bandcamp.com/album/eyes-of-gaia Chi-A.D releases up now. Seems weird that Jayce would go to all that trouble of the webpage and then just hand all the files over to Trancentral. Are we certain it's legit? Great detective work so far btw. I messaged Jayce Young, will let you know if i get a response
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