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  1. Baah! I was wondering what you were up too. Saw this on Bandcamp 2 days ago and wondered where the promo was. I haven't listened yet but I'm super excited for some new Ohm Mind material.
  2. What's happened to our dear producer friends? Has anyone heard from them? Lectro Spektral Daze Psy-H Project Alienapa Xamanist Arronax Antares Where's the gang? What's the deal? What's Happening? Who else is MIA?
  3. I used to reach it when I had just woken up and in my near slumbered state thrown some earphones in, I would generally end up getting sent through galaxies and lucid dreaming things like flying and space orgies ;). This doesn't happen anymore, I've either grown to familiar with the styles structure or lost some part of my younger self that could do that. Some songs still trip me out and fill me with euphoria, so Yes I would say psy certainly produces altered states of consciousness.
  4. Haha. Na that's what I thought for ages. The track is 'step to the stars'. I'm guessing Miranda had one called 'second step...'
  5. Most research has found that pirates of music were never going to purchase that music in the first place. Pirating progressive psy and my first two goa albums (not knowing what goa was) is how I had the opportunity to fall in love with it. Now I'm Mr Purchase Everything only. Point being, it sucks, but maybe your music had the chance to trip someone the heck out and make them think 'what the fuck just happened to me?' 'I want that to happen again' Anyway this is my favourite album of yours and for me the best yet. Its like the amalgamation of all your best styles rolled together. Will absolutely be purchasing on the next paycheck.
  6. Hi Oscar South and welcome in. You've come at a hell of a time for this forum but good to have you here all the same. The psy influences in the track are pretty neat, as is the entire track. Nice stuff.
  7. Genuinely thrilled for this release. What a beautiful cover as well. I'll be making this the 2nd CD of Goa I have purchased.
  8. Every time I see a comment on this thread I think that it could be THE moment.
  9. So true Edit: And somehow despite how good Alienated Hallucinations might be, it still isn't the best on the album. @GS Concept isn't wrong about Nagual.
  10. So whats our deadline this year? And is this thread going to be 'the' thread?
  11. Even the mention of the word 'experiments' shoots the melody right back into my consciousness.
  12. This is just about all I could ever ask for in 2019. More than excited for these releases.
  13. Gubbology really hit a home run with this genre mash. He and Sab Kuch are the only forest I listen to. Actually Javi is in there too. haha that's my three artists right here. https://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/gubbology-anachronism
  14. If Jon Coco likes it then you know Tsotsi will too. Only had time for track 1 so far. Incredibly excited for the rest of the album.
  15. Are you sure it doesn't include second step to the stars?
  16. Artist: Miranda Title: Cosmic Treasure Vol.1 Best of 1995-2000 Remastered Label: Spiral Trax I mean, all I have to say to this is 'wow, fuck yes this is great, never leave my ears you beautiful sounds'. I have some of Miranda's stuff. I've always thought it was awesome. But! I had no idea it could sound like this. This perfectly remastered selection of her greats is to me like listening to them all again for the first time. I mean, just take the intro, ya'll know a good intro is sick, and this one is for sure. Don't even get me started on Gnocchi's wild ass bass line and wild zaps of energy. 'Their isn't a bad song here' is a statement that was true before the remaster. So it's hard to know what to say about it now. 'There are only 10/10 tracks presented here?' That'll do. Listen to the vibrancy of Step To The Stars for example. Listen to that punch. My goodness gracious. Wiiild Miranda likes Mars, we can take a hint. But if the planet of Mars was anything like Miranda's Planet of Mars track I'd be there in a heartbeat. Surely any Miranda fan would understand why I would think that Phenomena should be in their top 3 favourite tracks. Well this is better than you remember. Somewhere Out There, Awesome Mars Needs Woman, Eclectic with an ending like you have only kinda heard before. But not like this. Andalgalornis, Deep and electric. Magnetic Levitation, A favourite on top of a bunch of favourites. I mean what more could you want than deep rumbles, dark atmospheres, psychotic melodies and absolute layered distinction. https://spiraltrax.bandcamp.com/album/miranda-cosmic-treasure-vol-1-best-of-1995-2000-remastered-spitcd053-spiral-trax
  17. You got me onto the Reactivate series. I'm through vol 1, 2 & 3. Had no idea I could like techno this much.
  18. Imma go ahead and call it my favourite trance album. I haven't stopped listening to it and have found it hard to enjoy anything else recently. I'd love someone to cover it. I reckon Proxeeus would do it justice and Morphic Res likes a good cover and would probably smash it out the ball park.
  19. Tsotsi

    Slipp - Circuits

    Well that covers not so bad is it. Logman & Stumps Stump, I mean Spazmo I mean Slipp (The artist previously known as Spazmo) has released his first solo project album. Back to the cover and you get the feeling some other Spazmo made a fuss and 'Slipp' just said fuck I know how to use Paint. It'll do my friend. Artist: Slipp Title: Circuits Label: The Next Levelists Date: Jan 16, 2019 Back to the album, we find a mix of Australian bush tech with cool rhythms, psychedelic builds and dugga dugga kickz. Slipp can build a track up and bring it back down again over and over. Take Overload is an example of intensity rising and falling as effortlessly as a koala eating eucalyptus leaves. The track ebbs and flows it's way right through the night offering some pretty cool moments. The circuitry is obvious in Euodia as all the layers work together to create a relaxing swayer of a dance track that. Strange gives some serious tech house atmospheres right from the get go. Stick around for a minute or two and you'll find the track veer off into a new direction with cool as sounds. Hard Work tells nothing but the the truth. It's what you gotta do gang, put in the hours. Get it. The final melody sounds a little Jon Bovi/Rick & Morty. One of my favourite tracks. The party was in no need of reignition. No one asked for that. But Slipp don't give a hoot as he drops Bouncin' right on your badonky donk. The calm atmospheric high's that are becoming a theme are here again as are the lazors and zaps. Dusk takes us into the dark rooms of the underground club. The metallic intro turns into a synthesised bomper of a tune that at the very least makes you swing your head around a bunch. In relation to other tracks on this album Paranoid come across with wickedly dark atmospheres. The vocals are well timed and add a little extra spice when they pop up. The main lead carries through for the entire track. If you want some sorta soft, sorta psychedelic and very groovy tech then I can't recommend this enough. Aussie's do tech well and almost always get the low nice and thick while leaving plenty of space for the mids and highs to shine. https://nextlevelist.bandcamp.com/album/circuit
  20. A solid collection of Merkaba music Record treats https://merkabamusic1.bandcamp.com/album/100th-compilation
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