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  1. You guys don't like Bandcamp or something https://antu-records.bandcamp.com/album/secrets-of-the-universe Great track though, your progressive flavour is top notch.
  2. Rock My Soul (Joker vs. Operator Mix) has made me laugh everytime i've listened to it this week. Great fun album to have found.
  3. Found a BC link for any one that wants to avoid Beatport. https://metabolizmrecords.bandcamp.com/music After a listen I can say these are two tasty Rigel treats, Track 2 has the most unique flavour and is my favourite
  4. Menog is pretty bad ass and has given us atleast 1 of the best full on tracks in Boom Festival. Incidentally it is also one of the hardest tracks to search for due to its title just bringing up live performances of Boom.
  5. Existensial thought tells you that you aren't fixed in any given sense, you are free to create your own identity. You are the sum of your actions but are not determined by them as every moment gives you a chance to change yourself, pick up new habits & be free from your old self. Sartre or some shit. ~ Videos are cool; I'm not old enough to know if that is a music video or something edited together, I hope it is real, either way there should be more of these. The tracks are kinda fun too, I feel sinful after listening to them.
  6. I agree with that, Their kicks probably stop me from relistening to their albums as often as i'd like to for the other elements. More often than not I want that chunky full drive. But when I'm in the mood, ahhh baby!
  7. Interesting, after seeing mixed reactions on previous albums my thoughts on this album was that there was nothing left to gripe about. It's a very Goasia + Spacedock Records sound I find.
  8. I miss having more breakbeat moments, similar to a tempo shift I suppose. There is an alright amount of broken beat sections in tracks but they are still rare and short enough that I get excited everytime, it doesn't seem to be anyone's thing, just something that happens sometimes.
  9. I feel like there is something, someone, somewhere. I once had an idea to make a mix of only great trance breaks, maybe that's what i'm thinking of. I just had a quick search and am less sure there is something somewhere now. But i'm certain I once turned off a track with whiping leads and a bassline but no kick. I bet @Maiia would know something.
  10. Does this come close to anything? Or more hypnoxock https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/track/the-choice-is-yours Or a true old school banger https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/track/digital-mantra
  11. @Phluff I've been to the States a few times and have always been taken back by the intense racial language crackers use with me thinking that as an Aussie i'll be on board (I guess that's a problem in itself). Even in predominately 'non-white' neigbourhoods I've had honkies use the most intense racist language in casual conversation, I am normally pretty understanding and empathetic but I truly don't understand the mindset. Especially when it's a downtrodden drunk dude who sits in the same economic class as the people they are insulting, sometimes you just want to turn people upside down and shake them. BTW, maybe i'm reading you wrong but I was trying to say that the UK as a rule bases prejudice over race rather than nationalism. So yea your author is on the money.
  12. I hope the Psy scene is (for lack of a better term) a safe place for people that can handle the terrifyingly mind bending music, but I think part of that is because the bullshit of the outside world is left at the door. Perhaps it's idealistic of me to think that psytrance can only be the release that it is by avoiding such topics. Let the techno and house music scene make their rules and pay their dues, let the psy scene stay free from it all. As you can probably tell from the posts above, Europeans don't see the world the same way as Americans and are justified in their 'We are all one colour' thinking as nationalism plays a bigger role in the game of prejudice than racism does (With exceptions of the UK and some other places). Since so much of this scene puts the artist second to the music and this kind of conversation requires us to flip that around it ultimately turns this conversation into the antithesis of Psytrance. Just an opinion, I thoroughly enjoy these conversations btw.
  13. Listened to this a couple of times so far. It gives me the feelings that Progressive trance used to give me back in the day, I thought those feelings were gone, but nope, Kalium dug them back up from somewhere deep inside.
  14. This feels like a weird list to compile, I don't normally think of artists this way, you didn't specifically ask me though so I'll shut up and get you started with a few. I wont go into the Israel list a great deal as there are simply so many. LGBT I only know of Chi-A.D (Certainly worth looking at as the album Earth Crossing is just about one of the best. Neville DMello is N3v1773 (Mumbai India) Hector Stuardo is Ovnimoon (Chile) Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad are Sykespico (Israel) Actually really hard to find a lot more as i'm sure you've noticed that the scene doesn't revolve around the artist as much as it does the music itself. On another note, that's what i love about this music, it must be the least ego-centric genre of them all. I wonder if that's why Bandcamp writers have a hard time promoting any Psytrance releases, they can't write up a fluff piece about the importance of a voice in the scene yada yada bla blah. You can find hundreds if not thousands of Israel artists, I wont list any here. Other artists rarely have photos on discogs which makes it hard to know. Damn, my contribution to this thread has a net-benefit of Zero. Goodluck, much love.
  15. 1. Goasia - Outer Space Formant 2. Goasia - Alien's Ultimatum 3. Goasia - Back To Space 4. Goasia - Hybrids 5. Goasia - Yes, We Are 6. Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet 7. Goasia - Life Reborn 8. Goasia - Basic Instinct 9. Goasia - XOR 10. Goasia - Area 51 So this just happened. Very nonchalantly. It's been 6 strange years since the release of Goasia's last 'Amphibians On Spacedock' album. But if you have heard any of their more recent 'Goa Trance Legacy' releases then you may have an idea of why this might have some hype around it. You may have an idea of why this is hype just from their previous album releases. You might wonder 'Why isn't there any hype around this' Well that's because no one thought of telling us a release was on the way. No bother, here we are. Goasia have been releasing Goa trance since at least 2006 and have their own very distinct sound. Vladislav Radulovic & Balint Tihamer make Goasia up and damn they have already given a lot to this scene, well strap in, press the big red button and prepare to Land on the wong planet as these fellas take you to magic land. Making this Spacedock Records 6th CD release, be sure to grab this sexy beast in physical if that's your jam. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sdrcd06
  16. I was going to ask you to explain an old school classic but realised you probabbly have the necessary musically linguistic vocabulary to describe exactly what makes them great. For Procession Of The Universe it is as Recursion Loop hints, it's a feeling, a vibe. It's a cinematic experience that takes you into space-land and fills you with every good feeling that there is. The final melody explosion, the build, the soundscape, it's all pure G-Force.
  17. This conversation never goes to plan. People of colour is a weird one here, do we count Eastern Europeans? I wouldn't put Romanians in the same class as British people as far as skin coloured privilege goes. If you like you could look to Indian producers of trance but then you have to deal with a messy caste system (Thanks Colonial Britain). North Macedonians haven't always had it easy and Israeli's might traditionally have had the most hurdles to jump through. The whole concept is uncomfortable in the context of Europe and Asia as prejudice is not handed out the same as in the states and Australia. Also, not to knock the topic, I really don't mean this negatively, but I've always imagined Pystrance to exist on a plane outside of that of the regular world's rules and judgements. In Pystrance land we can just be. But you're just asking a simple question, not anything that should have provoked the above ramble. To answer: I don't know of any specifically African American or African producers, plenty of dj's though. Plenty of producers in India, plenty of producers in Japan, plenty of producers in South America. But I get the feeling these aren't the communities you're after.
  18. I couldn't help myself and snuck a listen in of Median Projects Midnight track from the comp. It doesn't have that floating magic procession of the universe does but I put it up there with the best of new school. Once I heard that I couldnt picture what direction he would take the track. I guess we will hear soon.
  19. Eutuchia link takes me here But I just realised this is 12 years old.
  20. Artist: Various Title: Spirit Voices Label: Sangoma Records Date: March 13, 2013 Tracklist:- 1. Ianuaria - The Theory of Elements 2. Yudhisthira - Bhumandala 3. Primordial Ooze- Impact Theory 4. Gaspard- Get with the program 5. Southwild - Twiddle My Dot 6. Synthetic Chaos - Nothing is fucked 7. Via Axis - Light Portals 8. Yudhisthira - The Room (Braincell rmx) 9. Soladria – Ussr Signal 10. Etnica - Surpressive Fire Hmmph, Beautiful cover art, some sexy names on the track list and some fun to be had.... Some. 1. Solid overall theme but the rest of the track lacks anything coherent for me to grasp onto. I suppose that's the point of the psychedelic music that is The Theory Of The Elements, and yea it does get better in the last 3 minutes, but it begins with me thinking that the little singsong is going to play a role in the song and then it's gone. 2. Similar thoughts on the first 4 minutes of Bhumandala at first. After a few more listens I can start to hear the build up to the strong second half of this track. Throwing in the thicker longer synths makes a world of difference and even knocks the psychedlia up a bunch. but for a lackluster first 4 minutes I may not find myself banging this to often. 3. Dark and spooky with a melody that comes right out of a haunted wind up ballerina jewellery box. More my style with some thick yet oozed layers dripping from the rooftops to the floors. This track covers you turning Impact Theory into Impact Fact. 4. Cool intro and then it gets dark and dirty, with leads made of pure forest squelch-squark. Like all the tracks so far Get With The Program starts to form a more coherent shape as it snakes it way from start to finish...Wait a minute, serpent on the front cover....Serpentine tracks. hmmmmm 5. Twiddle My Dot does not Twiddle my dingle and right now i wouldn't mind a brain fiddle. In Hollywood that's a good thing, right now, I probably find myself skipping this track. That's not to say that it isn't the most psychedelic track here, it most certainly is, very dark and twilighty and i'm sure it would spin you the fuck out on a dancefloor Buuuuut yea nah. 6. Nothing Is Fucked, well we sure showed Synthetic Chaos didn't we? Well done planet Earth. Another very Sangoma sounding track, like track 3 the twinkle dinkle melody is covered in evil intentions. There are some pretty cool trippy moments but once again not quite interesting enough to keep my attention. 7. Via Axis brings us closer to Goa territory, the track is a little calmer than some of the previous ones and the low end has a bit more warmth to it. I like the crystal-delic highs that sparkle over the top of the track, overall it lacks a little oomph. 8. Well all my niggles stop here my friends. Braincell and Yudisthira grow The Room (Braincell Remix) into an absolute masterpiece of a track. Awesome theme and beautiful track growth. This track begins like a little graveyard sprite and turns into a goddamned 13 foot spectre. A solid track and 1 of 3 reasons I bought this album. 9. Soladriwho? Yea Soladria, This track has got me digging into all this guys works. Matti is Finnish and he makes Psytrance, well damn does he know how to finish a track off with gusto. All of USSR Signal is good but the final half Ah baby! If it wasn't for this track being randomly selected I may have not payed attention to this album at all. The final melody and everything else is just so good. Transporting you to a hypersonic Russian Nuclear Submarine is just one of the things this track does right. So So bad ass. 10. Etnica - Well well well. You know you get a lil excited when you this name pop up, that's why they get a dash. And this very well could be an extra terrestial track becasue it rips a hole in the solar system the size of your third finger from the right of your left pinky. In Universal terms that's a big hole in the space time continuuuu whatever. Banging track and reason number 3 this album had to be mine. ~ Well that's about all folks. Really the 3 final tracks are what got me getting this release, the cover art is also worthy of a shout out, super nice to look at. For the price of a European Brattwurst I think it's well worth it for the final 3 tracks and i'm sure some aliens out there are going to like tracks 1-7 too. https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-voices-compiled-by-gata-freak-daksinamurti
  21. Artist: Various Title: Voyager: Third Plateau Label: Hado Records Release: May 13, 2020 Tracklist:- 01. HelixNebula - Over The City Of The Future 02. Artifact303 - Consequences (HelixNebula Remix) 03. Celestial Intelligence - Constant Motion (Median Project Remix) 04. Median Project - Flights In Dream And Reality 05. Fiery Dawn - Boogie Man 06. Midi Junkies & Psychologist - Altay 07. Psychowave - Never Ending Mistery 08. Galaktion & Groove Hunter - Crystal Worlds 09. Sonic Elysium - Thunderstorm HelixNebula – First time hearing this amigo and gotta say it is a great theme to bring to the compilation first up. Floating and uplifting, it really does make it feel like you are floating over a city of futuristic buildings made of gold and glub-glub. Artifact303 (HelixNebula Remix) – The track gets better and better as it goes on, The first had me wondering if something great was going to eventually happen and it sure does. Helixnebula brings more uplifting energy to the comp Cellestial Intelligence (Median Project Remix) – I’ve listened to the original and this version back to back and up n’ down. Median Projects adds flour to the mix and densifies it in a way that only he can. A few extra layers and added zips and hey presto we have ourselves an AAF certified banger. Like the original the track becomes exceedingly more exciting as it progresses. It leaves me feeling light and capable. Median Project - This is the sort of song that got Median Projects name on the map, hidden layers reach up from the depth and screech at you as intensity intensifies. you go from deep sleep in the cold emptiness of space to hyperspeed through a nebula all in the space of 8 minutes and 10 seconds. Fiery Dawn – Whose afraid of the big bad Boogie Man? Not Fiery Dawn, this guy faces his fear head on and damn he does it with gusto today. The track is full bodied with a long finish, think of a Hunter Valley Shiraz. Energy is kept high and every element compliments the last. Fiery Dawn should get a cellar door award for this baby, it’s hot on the lips and only gets better with more listens. This reminds me Midi Junkies & Psychologist – The mood changes into full-on/psytrance territory. I normally don’t go out of my way to listen to this style so I appreciate having it here for me to hear. A lot of effort goes into the mids and highs, it feels like the bassline and kick could have been given a little uniqueness love. Regardless the theme and that 5 minute break into triplets is sweet as pie. An engaging dancefloor stomper. Psychowave – Psychowave comes in with his high quality psytrance, more squelches and psychedelic layers than you can poke a stick at. The track has its moments and no doubt would be a banger on a dancefloor. For my at home listening it lacks anything stable for me to grasp on to as each moment flies by so fast. Cleanest production in the game though. Galaktion & Groove Hunter – Picture sparkling gems overhead, refracting in the forest light as it glimmers through the tree tops. A half dark half, half sparkly track that has some decent grooves, my favourite of the three psy tracks (You’d hope so, that name comes with expectations). Sonic Elysium – Horrifyingly uplifting and full of nice feelings. The main lead is to die for and reminds me of a high quality old school Muses Rapt style. The first listen comes with a lot of excitement as the track grows into what it eventually becomes. Subsequent listens keep the smile on the face as it fills me with empowerment and positivity. Hado Records hit the nail on the head right here right now. The psytrance tracks might not be everyones cup of tea but then again the Goa trance tracks may not be either. Nobody did a bad job here and exceed at each style that is tested out. Sonic Elysium and Fiery Dawn are my favourites, but really I like them all. Not a wasted spot on the comp https://hadorecords.bandcamp.com/album/compilation-voyager-third-plateau - Bandcamp is down at the time of writing this but here is a link anywho. https://www.beatport.com/release/voyager-third-plateau/2994895
  22. It damn well does take some balls, big Russian balls. Even if it's not as spectacular as the original it is always nice to have another version of it, Sonic Elysium did a good job at it after all. After listening to him pull of Cellestial Intelligence's - Constant Motion remix I believe there is a chance. This release is probably going to be all I think about for the next 15 days tbh.
  23. Awesome release, picked this up over the weekend. Really like every track so far. Sonic Elysium - Thunderstorm was a particular treat. Much more listening to be done.
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