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  1. yes. i wish i still had that tape labelled "RAVE" on it. that would be one of my highest wishes... to just have that tape, go back and never come back again.... i guess thats a bit morbid though... to this day i still remember the pitch errors that tape had; it was wobbly and went up and down in pitch and i thought that was the way it was supposed to sound... it was almost musical; in that it took like 30 sec to go up a full note then down again. so it was a very slow pitch shift, but still. i thought it was like it was supposed to sound... somehow it made it all the more magical......
  2. 1992. I was 10. i bought Prodigy - MFTJG. Best album to date. Previously i'd experienced lots of music from my sister, which is 4 years older. So alot of Nirvana, Metallica..... 1994/1995 Cyberspace Level 4 album found at a flee market, i was 12. It contained tracks like Mindfield -Lets get stoned and Bassline Baby - Altered states. very much goatrance, but it was brand new then, i think. i certainly didnt know it was goa, nor did i know what goa was until 2000. i bought it because the cover looked cool. 1996 got on a stray path, and found out about hiphop, and dove into that for a long while. Things like Busta rhymes, cypress hill. 1998. 10th grade, "junior college" i suppose. Drugs and stuff. More goatrance. But still, didnt know it was called like that. Got the album "Goa-Head vol 5" on tape. It only said "RAVE" on it. had tracks like Gamma goblins part 2, Cosmosis - Moonshine and ofc - Juan Domi Jorg - Spiritual Healing aswell as the original. To this date, that is the best Goatrance album ever. in history. go check out the tracklist.. I fell in love with spiritual healing, something crazy. I couldnt get enough of it. I listened to it several times per day, for years. Still, it was just called " RAVE " back then. Had no idea what the tracks were called nor what album they were from. 2000. Revelation time. A dude told me what the track was called; that i had been searching for, for 2 years. It was spiritual healing. It was goa trance. A world opened up. End story
  3. its kind of wierd now that i think about it how different the tracks sound from one another, mixing wise. pure reality being the superior one.
  4. hey psychedelic superbeast, good topic, i really like this sort of thing. i recognise alot in myself, reading you guys stories, too. might share mine at some point too although ive already done so with all my topics/spam on here so i might chill on that, but i really love these sort of topics. thank you psyechedelic superbeast. =)
  5. can i take back the fact i put inner space as my nr 1? in fact just comparing that mix to Pure Reality - its like they come from two different albums alltogether. also i really wanted to put Memento there, not Inner space, i had them confused. Memento is the one with that really sweet climax towards the end.. just goes to show how good the album really is, to have me confused which ones are the best ones
  6. interesting you mention atomic children remix! another great track btw c.o.p too. but allinall, i think that one is not close in terms of pure production quality; as pigs in space... the mixing and production quailty is really really good, which is what i meant by the year of production being surprising. i dont think ive heard anything from 98 sound this high tech before. at least i am drawing a blank atm. thanks for your input
  7. thats very interesting not alot of people put new school artists in their top 3 is that the first filteria i see? respect! i would pick him too, if it wasnt for the fact i was like 13 when i first heard goa, and the goa i heard from that time and forward just cannot be beat, and i think thats just how people work too many strong memories and feelings attached to those tracks. which makes me think of a topic i may create,"top 3 of the top 3 - technical/sound quality only" sort of thing.... then for sure filteria would likely be nr 1 for me. his music is absolutely flawless from a technical standpoint. Wormhole i cannot understand how he made the bassline so bubbly and fluid, with the kick so clicky its barely anything yet is a full kick :O in fact that break at 6 min, is so bubbly it reminds me of gamma goblins 2.
  8. Pigs in space!! rare to see that alias being mentioned around here. its usually Oforia or .... damn whats his other alias? keep forgetting that one.... alien pump... kitchen sync.... TANDU!. right. anyway, pigs in space - solar (that acid @ 02:17 tho... and the kick... so deep. That whole album is very special. nothing quite like it! very techy and kind of beyond its years when it came out. dont think lots of people were ready for that sound yet, back then. Its quite hard to grasp it was released in 1998 - when it sounds like at least 5 years later. @Padmapani your thoughts? what year would you guess this album came out if you didnt know? Solar is prob one of the "easiest" tracks to like on that one. The other ones are really really techy.)
  9. Yeah that mwnn track is really sweet. Prob top 5 mwnn. @psytones edit: sorry for the short replies was on phone. wanted to add i think its lovely you liked those california sunshine tracks, and also that you didnt hear them before! those are by far the best ones from california sunshine, but the entire album Nasha is wonderful and can recommend it. Very hypnotic, driving, and emotional. <3 and i dont think youll find ANYONE on psynews; that DOESNT love Jajo.
  10. @psytones Melody at 1.40 of jajo seems close though And if you're thinking of mwnn then you're maybe thinking of this one
  11. @psytones california sunshine - tokyo underground or Jajo (most likely Jajo)
  12. nice to see two of my own picks in there im a bit surprised asia2001 beat hallucinogen, but i can respect it =)
  13. went back to reread this thread and oh man, you guys all have really really fine, aquired taste. its like we are talking about fine wine in this place. amazing. <3 keep em coming for those who hasnt replied yet @Anoebis @Tsotsi dying to know your picks.
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