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  1. mods... can you please do something? i tried scrolling to MultiMedias response on my phone and it exploded and Im now deformed because of it. Stop slacking, I see youre active.
  2. i miss rotwang is he still wandering the earth like caine or what
  3. I really love your analysis. Pleiadian maximalism. Thats a sentence I never thought Id see and I pretty much know exactly what youre talking about too Hrm sky* cough* input
  4. He was never here. Yeah he used the basstation iirc for the acid synth and to get the desired distortion he pushed the channel on the first mixer to max then ran it into another mixer and pushed that channel too. Analog distortion at its finest. But ofc it's all recreatable in software you just have to think a little outside the box no pun intended, to get the right sounding noise, distortion, and even passive filtering and compression that's the nature of resistors and transistors in any analog unit.. So some people who say software sounds thin and lifeless aren't incorrect but it's certainly possible to emulate each step in the analog process inside software, it just gets really really technical and quite difficult to nail something so abstract and almost esoteric nature of how the audio is processed in an analog chain..... Anyway I'm rambling.. Yes he used both the albino and the vanguard aswell as zebra synths - at least for his tutorials on YouTube. But back in 98 he used basstation, and one i can't remember right now but I'll edit this post tonight to add it in, it's one that doesn't get too much mention and it's not a Roland. Edit : it was the waldorf pulse
  5. Yeah I've had convos with him on YouTube. (maybe you even saw our convos )He is an amazing guy, really love him alot. Haha moonshine you too?? Yes I used both a saw and a square aswell as noise. Spire is awesome cause it has 4 sources and each source can be whatever you want and it has deep modulation abilities and extremely easy to work with. Sound reminds me of a mix between jp8000 and Virus. But sadly lacks a little something. But nothing that a little transformer distortion in the fx chain couldn't add. Anyway spire is really freaking good at pretty much anything except it lacks just a little something special in the sound department... Otherwise I'd say its the perfect VA.
  6. Which Cosmosis track? A few months ago I tried recreating the bass and main lead of Moonshine. I got close to the bassline, may even post it here and it was also made in spire. The main lead with all those glorious 32th notes I did not quite nail yet. And thanks for a really great and interesting post, I'd love to hear what you have. Yes tryptomine dream is also one of my very favorite ap tracks.
  7. Yes the tuning is my biggest problem atm. I have the basic melody but the tuning on my attempt seems too perfect and doesn't have the organic feel of the original. Your input on this is greatly appreciated and think youre spot on. (about analog synths going slightly out of tune aswell as chorusing causing such an effect aswell) I also think I've read that they also had a phaser on most of their leads, and the key there i think is that both the chorus and the phaser is summed to mono, which could cause both phase issues (pleasing and interesting ones that may even actually cause a shift in pitch) and ofc if you normally add unison or chorus the sound becomes wide, but not in this case as I'm pretty sure dancing galaxy lead is all mono.. My progress currently is that I have the pattern somewhat, aswell as the patch built in spire and one in diva. Gonna try tal uno-lx too and see which sounds closest, currently my spire version sounds the best but it's not fully there yet. Thanks, I'll send you a pm. BTW such a very cool topic it became I did not expect it to be so fun already even if its mostly talk at this point. I need to put up or shut up I guess
  8. any progress on the MFG stuff? =) ofc, you could chose any track you want, but you specifically asked for MFG so i think if anyone can do it its you. Im still working on the dancing galaxy lead, i think the sound itself is pretty much close to being finished, just need the right amount of noise and filtering, but the notes.... maybe the tuning wasnt perfect on the original dancing galaxy; cause it seems borderline microtonal at times; or im just in way over my head with that one. i even put the original to 100bpm to more easily recreate the pattern but i think the tuning isnt fully perfect on the original causing that slight microtonal feel.... Or its just a vibrato and nothing more complicated than that, but yeah it aint easy thats for sure... And whatever I come up with sounds super stale in comparison..
  9. Yes!!! It was future prophecy! Phew finally I can put it to rest. Thank you.
  10. you were funny up until you decided to write you were going into the water to end yourself.
  11. that i can understand; it was faaar from -2db lufs - even your example "datsik + virtual riot" i can understand, it was within the range of acceptable 'musicality', in my opinion. but that "HEKLER - frequency jammer" i couldnt understand at all. and i think im just getting too old and thats exactly what my dad said about goa trance when it arrived "how can you listen to this noise its just DUM-TS-DUM-TS-DUM-TS and everything sounds the same"
  12. Just checked the Youtubes you guys linked. What in gods green earth is that. The kick and snare seems fairly coherent and punchy but the rest is just distorted noise I can't imagine it sounding any better on the dancefloor. Kids these days man what can you do. I blame deadmau5. While he has some very good melodies and quite nicely produced I think it's his fault that this generation thinks squashing everything sounds good. (as far as dubstep and generic edm go anyway) Deathstep is a good name for it, Holy crap it's unlistenable @padmapani Yeah you may be right I will concede
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