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  1. astralprojection

    Best Intro Tracks

    oh <3
  2. astralprojection

    Best Intro Tracks

    How did you miss lunar cycle ? It was on like 10 different compilations in 96-97 or whatever <3 and a staple of goa trance history.
  3. astralprojection

    SUN Project - I Feel x10 better than Space Dwarves

    Yeah when they start bringing in the guitars is when I stop listen to them. Their acid work on macrophage excels most other artist to date. Yeah space dwarfs is by everyones opinion their best and certainly their most popular track, which is why I felt the importance of highlighting I Feel because its so overlooked, and honestly is a lot better to me but its cool that this albums gets lots of love here <3 I also agree that space tribe killed space dwarfs. Then again I always thought space tribe was way overrated, they did have an excellent clothing line though
  4. astralprojection

    Your top 3 from the top 3

    so top 3 tracks by your top 3 artists.. * 1. Astral projection 1. Tryptomine dream 2. Dancing galaxy 3, Liquid sun (or Nilaya) 2. Pleiadians 1. Antidote (Blue Planet Corp Remix) 2. Time Dilation 3. Crop Circles - Full mental jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) 3. Hallucinogen 1. Gamma Goblins part 2 2. Fleuro Neuro Sponge 3. Space Pussy * please refrain from spamming youtube links.. It clutters up and kills thread, thank you<3 Also yes its been about a trillion of these topics but who cares?
  5. astralprojection

    X-dream's our own happiness

    I don't think anyone can refute that that track is excellent. It is , by a long shot, their best track. To me, they have a few melodic tracks like that, but nothing quite like it afterall. Brain Forest and the more subtle zebra from the same album are my top 3. The second room from the same album is great too, but overused on so many compilations.. So in short I agree, our own happiness has a spectral and magical sound that hits extremely close to home.
  6. astralprojection

    Best Intro Tracks

    Mwnn - lunar cycle should be an excellent opener for an hour or so niceness to come
  7. astralprojection

    What new music did you get today?

    yes. It was incredible in the 90s and 00s, but mostly 00s because then it was nearly mainstream is how big it was. Now I'm not so sure but there always used to be plenty of goa in the record shops, it had a very big section in the 90s, 00s and early 10s, now with streaming being more popular it might have reduced. So while it might have died out a little, there still definitely is a scene left.
  8. astralprojection

    What new music did you get today?

    Damn, even in stockholm In malmö where I come from its not too rare, it has a big goa scene but i live a little higher up atm and its like a ghost town when it comes to goa feel free to pm for a chat
  9. astralprojection

    What new music did you get today?

    Oh, nice. i work at a second hand shop and I always look out for goa, but ive yet to see a single trance cd. And I worked here about a year now :p seems rare in sweden
  10. astralprojection

    Is rotwang still around here? :)

    Where is he guys and if youre here slap me a message edit. whoppps , mods can you please change the topic from party talk. My bad, didn't mean to post in this forum
  11. astralprojection

    SUN Project - I Feel x10 better than Space Dwarves

    I wouldn't say perfect all the way through, there are at least 2 pretty low effort tracks, but most of it is really good. Especially energia magica (top 5 ambient psy ever) and sex drugs and acidtrance.
  12. astralprojection

    SUN Project - I Feel x10 better than Space Dwarves

    Bumping for one of the best acidgoa tracks in history Actually no, THE best listening atm to extremely dangerous volume on the akg k712 and its like... I don't know. Superb ear candy. I guess my amp does some things too but still ...... what an insanely good track. i cant believe my ears each time I hear it. Fuck sake.,
  13. astralprojection

    Solar Force

    Bumping for more awareness of the beautiful artist known as solarforce.
  14. astralprojection

    Checking In Thread

    Hello friends, checking in too :)) im hanging in there and then some, so its all full steam ahead for me peace, and much love to all of the psynews community
  15. astralprojection

    Best Kickdrums

    its like, to me the perfect thing. It could however have been executed with more precision - and the mastering is not something to even talk about, its awful. but the way the kick transcends every part of the mix. You hear it in the hihats, you hear it in the melodies, in the mids, lows, and you barely hear the kick itself. Its so masterfully done, its almost incredible edit: clip is not mine