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  1. Well techno is way different noone knows the tracks everyone just knows the djs :p And on and on that goes. Also I think most of that music is explicitly produced and released directly to the djs. At least a big bulk of it. edit: i mean the big names like carl cox and the likes. they have those massive 10k people gatherings and i dont fully get it. i think most of the music on those sets are produced for that dj. i may be wrong ofc. i just think it works more exclusive like that since the dj is what brings the crowd ($$$) not the artist. and in goa trance its the exact oppsite. obviously. (to me, its obvious anyway ) the expection being ofc local smaller parties where the dj is the center figure. but that also goes without saying i think. i dont know if im making myself very clear
  2. strong feelings isnt bad at all the first guy pops to mind is anoebis, i remember his mix "storm in your mind" or something along those lines. it was great and he is apparantly cofounder of some rinkydink label and just recently had a gig at ZNA so thats a pretty big name i think.
  3. Name one? Ok, goa gil. More recently? I can name a couple actually that I would go see strictly cause I know they are good at what they do. Just in my hometown back in the 00s I knew a dozen djs that I would avoid and about 4-5 that I favored. And the good djs where praised and properly appreciated As far as them not being as popular or widely known as the artists speaks for itself.
  4. the first track sounded nice but the second one sounded like 96k mp3 so its hard to judge =)
  5. 3rd listen now and its starting to grow a little; due to a couple of really nice treats. im very impressed how he managed to capture the Astral sound of Another World on Sand of time (and a couple of other tracks), aswell as Filterias sound on another track. Thats very cool. I really dig when artist show other artists homage like that But even Sand of time get a little bland i think towards the middle and end. edit: Sunrise is my new favorite. Slow start, but then it really hits home i think. Very nice track. For this and considering the rest id give the album a solid 3.5+
  6. haha really? well then, that is indeed interesting i guess its a bit subjective, i prefer the more miniscule kick+basses (i.e filteria and the likes) but i do like powerful stuff too ofc, this just sounded a bit much on the emphasis side, more than the balanced side.
  7. yeah psynews BEEN dying.. but its allright, we still here
  8. yeah sand of time is for sure my fav of the album so far too. but theres really alot of generic tracks on here, about 2-3 good tracks so far i think yep filterias kicks lack any real depth. but excellent for home listening
  9. yeah i miss it. i remember the summer of 2003, it was fullon all the way, and i think i remember i had like dozens of good tracks from then, but turns out, its just a few. couple talamasca stuff (not his albums, VA stuff), silicon sound, and some other generic stuff that sounded great (space monkey for example). seems that style died out very quickly for some reason! U-Recken is awesome btw, a bit muddy and boomy, but really really good stuff. in fact im gonna check out every single track from your OP recursion i havent heard most of them =)
  10. had not heard merkaba before. sounds allright
  11. thanks for writing guys, i have several tracks to check out very nice lists! guess the topic was a bit boring and abit overdone perhaps ^^
  12. decided to give it another go and yep. @GhostOnAcidwas quite right...i dont fully get the hype. (yet anyway) production and sound quality is all great @Padmapanireally curious what you think of the album when u get the chance to listen.
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