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  1. wtf did noone reply to this synsun quazar is really cool and i was about to write about that. and that is was psynews "voted" first neo school track Roland TB-303
  2. holy crap that cosmic dimension album sounds good. I mean.. wow. The quality is something i have not heard before in this genre i think. thanks imba for that tip ^^ edit: meh its not that great afteralll i mean its very good but still not better than artifact or filteria for example. but for "software goa" it sounds really great, and certainly is a breath of fresh air.
  3. No I agree. I think you misunderstood. Lots of great stuff is very far from "perfect"
  4. i kinda agree with imba there, i think quality is what is keeping our genre back a bit. some artists really really fine tune the quality aspect of it (artifact, mindsphere, filteria - and now i see Cosmic Dimension is really amazing extremely high quality sound! a breath of fresh air.. instant favorite..) while most of the others sound a bit software-like, sloppy and well, not as "perfect" as say Astrix. Most 'normal' people dont care that much - if the music is good then the music is good. Regardless of quality. but for Psytrance ( i think "pop" psytrance ) then quality i
  5. 1) k-712 with a great amplifier (otherwise its not an impressive headphone but scales something crazy with both dac and amp, and most importantly a good sounding mix. then they sound fantastic. i personally a good powered k712 sounds better than a hd800 but i always get flack for that :p 2) shure 970 3) sennheiser iem ie-8 dac used UR22 from Steinberg. it uses a cirrus logic dac i think. very decent amplification for lower impedance headphones. on paper not great (8mw i think) but you cant really tell its that low output. it gets loud and well within the good range.
  6. sample appears at 0:07, i marked the time in the link. hint: this is more for the chill-out, lounge, trip-hop fans i guess ^^
  7. luciferase- yeah i know. nothing strange about that. i concede on that one. its just a curious name. but regardless of the name - it can be used as a tracking agent - thus i included it. vaccinations does trigger the immune system to produce antibodies. that much i know. but this vaccine was very hastily produced- and we have had the common cold for ages, yet no vaccine. and you mean to tell me they made vaccines up to 95% effiacacy - from different countries - within 1 year? you must excuse my conspiracy sense throbbing. that and that these companies are making billions - yet sma
  8. its talamasca - telepathic atmospheres!! too easy one of my fav talamasca tracks i guess its my turn. let me have a day to think about it.
  9. You sound a little mad almost, and combative. All right.. Sorry but nothing I said was nonsense. It's called facts and history. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Why don't you tell the victims of psychic driving and mk ultra it is nonsense. Why don't you Google event 201. Or agenda 21. Take care.
  10. playing devils advocate. if someone is of the belief that there is a large conspiracy to do a softkill on the populos, cause massive sterility, and to somehow "tag" the populus using various techniques (rfid, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luciferase luciferase) and a bunch of other 'conspiracy theories' such as sars-cov2 is bioengineered at a lab - then there is really not a big stretch to say that the vaccines ARE an evil ploy by the governments. 23 people died already in norway by the vaccine, there has already been confirmed side effects such as face paralyzation - and well
  11. Yeah you're right I think. I still want to see sample based goa (think The Prodigy), vaporwave goa, and other fusion.
  12. the b2013a is a really nice budget speaker. ive listened to it quite a bit and it does surpass every other speaker in that particular price range. the next best in that range would be jbl lsr 305. good pick !! im surprised by the sub, do you really need one? they go pretty low and the rest is really not suitable in a flat but im a bit jealous i would love a sub sometimes. even tho mine go to 40 sometimes its awesome to be able to feel the rest
  13. really interesting music writing. you have a nack for that. but the mixing is just so-so, i think theres some sharpness to the highs / possible aliasing; and kick is a bit weak on most of the tracks, but really good beside that, and the music is very interesting.
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