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  1. you didnt offer a youtube link, i think its pretty common these days to offer a place where you can listen to the album you are reviewing. or is that just me? i dont know where to check it out, i dont have spotify or apple music or all that jazz. if i listen to something these days its going to be youtube. the quality there is good enough for me. most of the time. here is the whole album. look forward to seeing whats up with it. edit: it didnt take long to realise this sounds nothing like xenomorph. this sounds horrible. i dont even make music anymore and can come up with better sounds than this. wtf. Guess it all went downhill after that terrible "Gamma Draconis" comp.
  2. Best filteria album and set a new standard for neo goa and goa as a whole Best tracks: filtertraces, wormhole, big blue And don't sleep on the Astral Projection remix of filtertraces.
  3. 1) amen 2002 2) dancing galaxy 1997 3) another world 1999 Why 1) just stellar production, insane sound quality, more subtle melodies, more mature. 2) most intense themes and almost living melodies: liquid sun, noone ever dreams, dancing galaxy 3) very introspective. An inner journey. The most perfect and "complete" tracks of their entire catalog: nilaya and tryptamine dream.
  4. not really close to the astral files imho, i wouldnt have thought of the astral files in a million years if you tortured me. (not a bad thing, aside from Enlightened evolution and time began, i think that album could very well be forgotten and buried ) Now to check out the other tracks
  5. ive not really listened to them all thouroghly yet but maybe its because it sounds the most "neo" goa, and some sort of AI is pushing that to people? or is that wierd.. if i had to find a common denominator it would be that thats the one who sounds the most "neo" out of all of them i think
  6. C R I N G E yes yes nhjo is launching an only fans in the pleiadies star system, where its christmas now. Very Faking Fanny 🤢 😨 😥
  7. Ephedra is one of the best neo goa artists. Nova fractal, filteria and e-mantra keeps him company. This sounds really good musicwise but I'm not too keen on the mastering, it's a bit too mid/mid-high focused, making it a tad sharp and "telephone" like. Also perhaps the music is a bit generic now? it kinda reminds me alot of cosmic dimension.. I want to like it more than I do but it's still pretty damn good, hopefully the end product will sound even better.
  8. i havent heard anything good from him since spiritual healing album.
  9. this needs a bump really good and underrated album original The Spiral of Power 1997 re-release "Re-Collection" 2000 pure goa with tons of melodies and lots and lots of acid
  10. Who knows when it is from. But it feels like it's kind of new, maybe 2005s and beyond. But noone knows. Brother. Why sit on something the fans love? What is the harm of releasing it? It's just an ego thing. "this is too good to be released I'm just gonna play it live and not release it." That's asshole tactics. Makes no sense. What if he died, God forbid, and it was forever lost in his hard drive? No, the right thing to do is to release it.
  11. Oh okay.. I don't think private is a good option. On some days you have like 10 pages of people browsing the forum without being logged in. (online users) Closed would be sad, to never see it again unless through the Internet archive? I'd rather see it dead with no option to login at all, or continue to have it open like it is. The other two options seem counter intuitive.
  12. make the options a bit more detailed, like does closed mean its gonna be deleted? make it private, what would that mean, only admins can login? etc.
  13. Coulda woulda shoulda. Why are you so uptight? Clearly I called him a asshole in GIST, with love (my fav track is spiritual healing all categories), so why take it so serious???? Cmoon man snap out of it. Yes I'd tell him to his face, with a smile, "you fucking asshole release the damn track man!!" I'm almost 45 and talking like this is very normal as it is said with a touch of humour. Clearly you are just a tightass. Also, you calling me pathetic is even worse, imho. That's personal whereas I said asshole clearly in gist. I love the man ffs. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. So before lecturing me about calling someone an asshole jokingly, maybe don't go around calling people pathetic?? edit: hmm maybe its not in "gist", i thought that word meant something else. "jokingly, with love". but you know what im trying to say.
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