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  1. I think I read or heard somewhere that they are using a modified common cold virus that carries that messenger rna that tells the cells to produce the spike protein. So in theory this vaccine could potentially cure the common cold as well. When I say cure I mean it will aid the immune system in producing the correct antibodies. As opposed to a classic vaccine that uses dead animal tissue and an inactive virus to do the same thing. What worries me personally is that the virus may mutate, and now you have told the cells to produce an antigen that the actual virus is now
  2. Im out off the ICU now, since yesterday and feeling allright I guess. Got tested for Covid too since we had it in the unit. But came back negative thank god. Dont think my body would have been fit to fight covid right now. @RTP Thanks brother, I totally got the sentiment of your comment and appreciate the kind words. Yeah that drug is called Antabuse (Disulfram) and Im currently on that. So even if I wanted to drink I would get very sick (or at least extremely uncomfortable). But I have no cravings at all, and Im very thankful for that. The worst thing now is that my dopamine/endorph
  3. Gamemaster Similar vein and one of my favorites..
  4. I'm sure AA can work for many people. To me it's a bit of a bunk science.. It's really an echo chamber where you sit around a table and everyone starts by saying hi my name is X And I'm an alcoholic ", constantly affirming yourself that you are an alcoholic. Everyone says the same things." today it was really bad yada yada ". To me it was extremely negative, nothing positive about it at all. And the fact that you constantly affirm yourself each time that you are an alcoholic - isn't really gonna progress your state of mind into something better. I'm not in the belief that onc
  5. I decided to stop drinking alcohol. Not sure if it's topic related, but I don't wanna live life in a tired, depressive haze when I have no energy and say and do things I regret all the time. Lately I began to feel suicidal after i was drunk each time. Got myself to the ICU, and am now at hour 48h. First 12-24h they tried diazepam, got 90mg but was unresponsive. 155/115 blood pressure, 150 heart rate. Then they switched to Clomethiazole. Two capsules 4 times a day. Blood pressure have yet to drop but heart rate is around 105. I had 3.3 per mille when admitted.
  6. there has to be some meaning to the feeling of nostalgia, no? either way sometimes when you feel like youre about to just end it all, the feeling of nostalgia really does help you get grounded and come back into some sort of meaning
  7. @IronSunthose are all really really good. Especially the hypnocock, triquetra and sykespico ones.
  8. My mistake I meant the 3rd not 4th but whatever. I liked it alot either way.
  9. Noone mentioned mindsphere yet? I think this release speaks for itself.. Mental Triplex (2016) Nova Fractal - The Wheel Of Time (2016)
  10. nice. surprised to see you go to the darker side. this is great stuff. i like forest (or twilight i guess?) that doesnt necessarily sound like forest. this seems to have alot of punch and depth to it still. the only suggestion would be to try to drop that 4th snare hit. it is perhaps too static with that; i dont think forest or twilight uses that much snare on the 4th.
  11. What subgenre would you say it is? If it's neo goa I think it's skywalker - filteria remix. It's from 2014, cover is orange with some purple, and has very melodic bassline. But that's probably too easy.
  12. If you like a combination of 80s movies and 00s hip hop
  13. i dont mind the music at all on the compilation, the oforia and astral tracks too. But i mind how they sound. The oforia track has a really really weak kick and im very surprised the dude went backwards. If it was something from a new label, or a small label - with lots of indie artists - i would likely have felt very different. But its suntrip, and its ancient masters like the ones mentioned. There really shouldnt be an excuse to not have the BEST sound possible; to portray the music. xenos track could have been so great, but the kick is just a subby click. And why did Astral all of a su
  14. This is a very strange CD for me. It almost sound like these old masters like Xeno, MFG and Astral said "oh, Suntrip wants music from us... New school.... what to these guys like again? Ultra clean sounds, alot of bitcrushing and made in software". And thats what they delivered. Some of the stuff here sounds much more "dated" than even their own stuff from 15 years ago. Theres a plastic sound quality to alot of the tracks, especially the xeno, astral, and oforia tracks. I can hardly believe it was the same guys that made this stuff. Its almost like they hired some friend/co-produce
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