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  1. astralprojection

    why isnt Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) Transwave remix?

    yeah ormion you are absolutely correct. i wanted so strongly convay my feelings on this sounding so much more like transwave than deedrah. But I absolutely see that there is an obvious reason it wasnt called (transwave remix). I just dont wanna ;( starkraver: hello friend, im not really back but.... i want to.. i feel so ashamed of who i was on drugs i wanna gently come back into this community. if possible. but im glad to see you again too (btw clean for almost a year now )
  2. hypnotic af and it doesnt get much better than this if you are craving for that hypnotic sound with soft 303 loops. this shit is on par with x-dream without a doubt. goa trance to the absolute core. (i put the link at the best part of the track)
  3. astralprojection

    why isnt Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) Transwave remix?

    This is obviously true and nothing I contest. I'm more expressing my thoughts on it sounding more like Christof than Frédéric.
  4. astralprojection

    why isnt Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) Transwave remix?

    Of course you are right but to my ears it sounds like a Christof remix rather than a Frédéric remix. That's all. Land of freedom literally have some of the exact same sounds as this one. Besides, the kick and bass sounds more like transwave than deedrah. I apologise for taking your time.
  5. It gets me every time. It clearly sounds like Transwave and not Deedrah. It should be called Transwave Remix. It would also be even more epic if it was called that. I dont know, maybe Im wrong. But to me it clearly sounds like Transwave. Gets me every time. One of the greatest songs of the genre is mislabeled by the artist himself. Ugh.
  6. astralprojection

    AP after a LONG break

    Thanks bro. Forgot to add you to the special shoutout, im sorry! Im forever grateful for what you did for me And my word is bond! Cya around ^^
  7. astralprojection

    most talented artist/band in the scene?

    astral projection. Simply because from start to finish, they have produced three genious album Masterpieces. Dancing Galaxy, Another World, Amen. Although Artifact303 or Nova Fractal is close and I generally enjoy that style more these days. Astral get maybe 1 play or so, per year. Once youve listened to them 1000 times you can just go to memory whenever you wanna "listen" to a track. For example I can turn on Nilaya or Infinite Justice in my brain right now. Mmm good stuff. I cant think of another artist deserving the Nr 1 spot other than Astral. Not even Simon, Etnica/Pleiadians or any other artist. Sorry, Astral takes the cake! Top 3 would be Vibrasphere.
  8. astralprojection

    Your signature track

    I guess Ill have to go with "Juan, Domi, Jorg - Spiritual Healing Remix". It was the first track of its kind I ever heard, (excluding ONE track - that at the time - I didnt thought sounded the same at all) and I got a hold of the Goa-Head Volume 5 on casette tape, and the tape only said "RAVE" on it. Didnt learn the name of this track and hence the compilation until years later, to which my journey and collection of Goa Trance began. But nowadays, I dont listen to it alot. Damn has it allready been 20 fucken years since then. Wow. I'd say for now - and for the past years - Artifact303 - Feelings (or For a better world - both of them) or wait no, Astral - Tryptomine Dream should cover it. No. Blue Planet Corp - Alidade. Uhm. IMPOSSIBLE TOPIC DAMMIT. But list-threads are not that great anymore so Ill go with "Mindfield - Lets Get Stoned And Watch The Freaks" - which was the VERY FIRST Goatrance Track I ever heard in my life - I didnt even know what the music style was called. That was some 22 years ago. ´Track still holds up today.
  9. astralprojection

    X-Dream - Remixed [Flying Rhino]

    I wouldve loved Brain Forest, Zebra, and even Thorazin but Im awfully excited about most of the tracks on this. Mostly hyped about "A 2nd Room" Man With No Name Remix "We Created Our Own Happiness " Dick TrevorRemix "Clone III" Blue Planet Corporation Remix
  10. astralprojection

    Imba - First Encounter (Suntrip Records)

    Hello Imba. Congratulations to your release on Suntrip!! I havent listened to your album yet, although i skimmed thru a few tracks on youtube just to get a grasp of the sound. Just wanted to say that I think it sounds clean, and I kind of like your sound even though it reminds me a bit of a generic mix between Electirc Universe (post-goa) and Talamasca (post-goa). They both made sweet goa then changed direction into a more fullon style, "progressive goa" and there is nothing wrong with that, but I get why people get turned off from it. Either way I might return here once I listened to the album. I have 1 year+ of catching up to do, music-wise.
  11. astralprojection

    Good TV Series? Any?

    havent really watched tv lately. but when i visit my mom she always watches Poldark and its kinda nice i guess. other than that, i rewatch all the goodies over the years, dont know HOW many times ive seen every episode of lets say Always sunny ultra antisocial for a few years so gotta stalk up on them distractions edit: oh and Mr Robot season 1 - before it went to utter shit, i still havent recovered mentally from the loss! i LOVED that bloddy season 1. and ofc, Homeland - which is also ruined by the latest season.
  12. astralprojection

    AP after a LONG break

    ^thank you. yeah thats a shame. psynews has always been a bit slow at least the past 10 years.. the occasional ramblings of lunatics from time to time to lighten it up (myself included) - not much activity. i guess theres only so many times you can acknowlidge that, hey, goa trance is good ass music.
  13. astralprojection

    AP after a LONG break

    ^thanks bro how is psynews these days.. not very active?
  14. astralprojection

    Good headphones for Trance

    as much as Id want to, I dont recommend the Roland RH200. They are wonderful for hifi stuff, but they are monitor headphones - but ive never had any luck getting used to them and getting bad mixes from them when listening on 2nd source later. But they sound great - they just arent suited for mixing at all. for in-ear I recommend quite a few. Basically ANY AKG in the 50+ euro range. Although I find them to be a bith harsh in the treble so you might need to eq that. (which is common for in-ears) The ones I use now are the best Ive had and trust me Ive been a headphone freak half my life, dont even remember hafl of the ones ive had. but the ones i have now sound the best so far. its a swedish brand - http://www.ljudochbild.se/test/supra-nitro basically made to LAST with some kevlar reinforced cables n shit and the sound is remarkable. the sub-bass range is very harmonic and the mids are even and the highs are great. however I use Poweramp on Android (which EVERYONE should use if you have Android) and the EQ inside that one is great, so with these headphones I tend to want a very flat curve (great) and just take it down a dB or so in a very specific range (im very picky) other than that theyre flawless. had them 3 years and they are still like new. comes with 6 different types of buds too, to fit every need of in-ear sensation.
  15. astralprojection

    AP after a LONG break

    just some shit im trying to work on, havent made music in well over 1 year so im rusty ;O and obv aint got no gear except motherboard soundcard and in-ear headphones. anyway, i also wanted to take the oportunity to tell everyone i hope ull welcome me back, im a different guy now, last few years have been hell so thankfully starting to get in a good place again, and its looking up. keeping it brief for now, hoping to start posting random goa stuff agian soon special shoutout to padi, and rotwang. -------------------------------------- link to the sample https://www.aeap.se/global2-0104.wav (Neurogen vs Padmapani (??? we havent decided) - Liquid Soul - Global Illumination Remix (some temporary 303 madness mix) its a very early alpha version, "my" version as far as production go. (teaser clip) still waiting to hear his version then we will merge to a hopefully nice track i have no idea how it sounds in proper monitors problably lots of errors, but in headphones it should sound ok. no need for praises/crituque unless u feel like it, this was also my first post here in a good while excluding ONE post so more a "hello again" type post than to "promote" the music. two birds. cya around guys <3 edit: added mp3 https://www.aeap.se/global2-0104.mp3 edit: audio updated to last session ^^