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  1. that sounds really good to me, really psychedelic and nice sound.
  2. agreed on another world. not that many come to mind. i do prefer this one over the newer 2000 release; and i also like the CD version of dancing galaxys cover a bit more than the vinyl; cd vinyl '' but both are great not sure where i read it but i seem to remember it was Lior Perlmutter that designed the covers (and mixed and mastered) for all the AP releases.
  3. back to space was okay, but his body of work on compilations makes him legendary. And his sound is so stellar and enjoyable. Finally it happened, another album. Hope theres some real classic tunes on there, as unfortunately many of the tunes from back to space were not that classic. Even still, he is definitely in the top 3 of new school goa trance artists. top 2 even. artwork is beautiful as always, and global sect just has that "vibe".. i hope you guys will flourish for decades to come the sample track sounds gorgeous!
  4. That brings back some fond memories. That median project track was rocking too
  5. I'd say there's two reasons for the 7.7m views on that one. Anyway, sad to see the project fail. Or rather, that you didn't trigger the algorithm to put it in people's feeds.
  6. only 200k mics? meh. thats just 800 strong doses.
  7. I can see that. Ofc that's after he took 5 grams of Copelandia Cyanescens.
  8. Very high quality (analog) fullon from the good days
  9. I think he meant "for people who want to grow their soundcloud - it's not expensive". I kinda agree, that you should not grow like that. But I don't blame anyone for doing it if you're a no name just trying to get recommended in people's feeds. Its a little tricky to walk that narrow moral line on what's ok and what's not Edit : I also specifically remember there being 1.9k views then the next day there were 1.7k. I could swear by it.
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