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  1. really amazing stuff. so 90s like and true to the original sound!! 5/5!
  2. damn, that is the second worst thing that could happen, 1st being losing your phone - .-
  3. man.. a new dimension album would be nearly or identical as exciting as a new AP album. maybe they just got old
  4. yes and yes edit: but i know what youre getting at. theyre different styles or flavors of the same genre; and would you mix and match freely or would you stick with a certain flavor within a set. I think thats your question pretty much? And I think its great to mix alot of different flavors within one set! Caters to different people but also brings in new energies.
  5. lol .. i thought my sarcasm would come through. it was an attempt at humor. swing and a miss.
  6. please go back this timeline cannot take any more drastic life-changing events like psynews changing theme was talking a walk and could not for the fuck of me even log in. there was no button to do it! had to switch to desktop mode to barely see a faint grey login. then when i switched back from desktop mode the fucker wanted me to login again. do we really need all that stress in the midst of this corona crisis!
  7. it's rolled up foils in an electrolyte liquid that goes dry after 10-50 years or so. Edit: the liquid inside is sometimes water based, sometimes its made up of boric acid and ethylene. but there's not a lot of liquid in there. Basically it's just moist. That's what she said.
  8. thats awesome to read! very happy that youre happy with your purchases of 2nd hand stuff they can easily outclass alot of new gear with almost no money spent.
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