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  1. I listened this morning was about to type now but link gone. It sounded good m8, post it again
  2. didnt try it but tal-chorus is an option, its that juno sound. tal-dac is also great for emulating classic digital synths, although theres usually a bitcrusher plugin in every daw that kinda can do similar things..
  3. i like Afgin (some of his stuff anyway, like Shine on, my fav) but this album seem to be mixed a bit strangely. I am also lacking alot of depth and bottom end (and pretty non-existant basslines)with fairly loud hihat (and highs overall) sections all around. Im wondering if his studio maybe have some issues or if he is going deaf for the higher spectrum - both very plausible explanations as we loose high def once we age. if you can hear 17k+ pure sines consider yourself lucky and he might be using a subwoofer that gives him extra bass and fools him? not sure since these are all rookie mistakes, doubtful anyone making music for so long would make. but it should have been quality controlled at least at the mastering/release stage. just comparing to Shine on which is much older, in fact its damn near old school at this point - over 10 years. It sounds much better to me. Tbh much of the newer stuff coming out now has similar problems. Thin and without depth, but loud hihats.. Shine on too has a bit too loud hihats for my taste but this album was something else, mix wise.. sounds very "software" and lacks ALOT of depth and character to the sound. Flat is a great word for this. This is a sad evolution as it seem to be going in the wrong direction.
  4. talamasca - believe talamasca - why not ap - amen(lp) noosphere - radiated(lp) x-dream - zebra mwnn - interstate highway(lp)
  5. lunar cycle? quietman remix, and axis flip must at least be in there somewhere no?
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