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  1. nope. it was made in 2001 but sounds like 96 astral.
  2. this must be the creation of a new galaxy a galaxy of truth, knowledge, love and respect a place where all forms of life can live in peace i suppose i give a name to this new galaxy i shall call him, life no googling
  3. i know its silly but im just so damn curious by nature =))
  4. Im really impressed to see E-Mantra - an oldie in the game now - keeps evolving his style. He keeps getting better and better. Progressive Neogoa! We need more pioneers in this genre. Pushing the boundaries of Neogoa. Even though this might not be pushing the boundaries per se, its still very much classic new school but, it feels more progressive in the mixing and basslines. Excellent work! This one is a hands down buy!
  5. fuck, its missing Groom Lake, id honestly buy it otherwise : O anyway, so nice to see the oldies remastering their stuff, only wish more producers did that. Who wouldnt buy a remastered version of Astrals catalog? I would. From what I can gather from my research most mastering was done by Lior Perlmutter himself and honestly , he damn near ruined Amen for me, and i can think of dozens more albums that really would be excellent to get a modern master of. mastering quality has increased tenfold since the 90s/00s.
  6. im pretty sure you could see that before, why was it removed?
  7. +1. space juice was such a warm gust of wind when it came out, because goa trance had been plagued with absoulte garbage for like 3 years straight. so finally we get space juice which is a very refined version of 2003 goa trance. and axis flip.... thats just a beast of its own, what a monster. his best track hands down, and i listen to it several times per year =)
  8. i dont get it there are gigs on trains?
  9. There was no day no night No sound no touch no smell There was no form no taste, there were no directions
  10. that link is dodgy . i clicked and it was just spam... and in portugese.
  11. Nice. I don't think Deranger gets enough love. I was actually contemplating that over fleuro neuro sponge. The intro is so captivating and magical... Well the rest is too, a psychedelic masterpiece. Cosmosis also don't see enough love even though I think most if not everyone here likes him But for the picks personally would have went with tracks from synergy
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