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  1. Why are you guys saying "everyone" when it's one guy lol. Let's hope HE is ok. Cause I know for a fact he was deep in the dumps for a while like really deep down. @technosomy Facts. Can't take away from that. He did make tons of fucked up comments. I don't think anyone condoned his conduct about that.
  2. fact of the matter is you bullied a guy who had problems. He had a crosseyed sight, he couldnt hear very well, and he couldnt speak very well.. If you watched some of his videos back in the day he sounded like he was handicapped. And he complained about his hearing and eyesight alot. He obviously wasnt normal. Now noone has heard of him in years and years. I had him on facebook. He was very depressed, talked alot of deep stuff, that you normally dont get into with someone you barely know. He didnt have many friends, and he always thought his friends was bullying him. He kept writing topics about this, and people here kept bullying him also. Yes he made some fucked up comments about his sexual fantasies which turned many people off about him, and I get that.. but I think he just didnt really know better. He talked about steep mountains all of that and Imba was quick to mock him and make fun of him. And many others, not trying to call out imba. But honestly, man was struggling with life alot, and who knows if he k**** himself by now... Does anyone know whats going on with him now, does anyone care? Anyone heard anything? I havent had that facebook in almost a decade now and I have no idea if he is even alive.. But last time he wrote here was about 8 years ago and knowing how depressed and sad this guy was, no friends, horrible parents, Im not sure if he even is alive... And those thinking he was a meme or a troll, no, he wasnt. I just hope he is ok to this day, and alive. And if youre reading this please come back. This forum is damn near dead so who cares . Just tell us youre alive and well brother. Thats all.
  3. dj premier is a genious AKAI S950 AKAI MPC60 the sample is from the first few seconds final product
  4. sure.. i think this is the one? https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/classic-goa-trax 1. Color Box - Conky Knoll3n 08:24 2. Bypass Unit - Grumpy Ra 05:56 3. Nada - Travel In Space 08:09 4. Mystica - Thai Express 07:21 5. Virtuart - Nacht Und BoulesQuies 08:07 6. The Infonaut - Attractors 07:17 7. GAD - Out Of Square 09:47 8. Syrinx - The Relief 07:39 9. SUN Project - Space Dwarfs (1997 Mix) 08:48 10. Syrinx - Mindless Fun 07:52 11. Twisted Travellers - The Tesla Chant 07:47 12. Xploring Inner Space - In-Flux 07:49 13. Andromeda - Lifeform 07:21 14. SUN Project - The Awakening (1996 Mix) 07:41 15. Goefly - Mindworms 05:59 16. Osmos - Planisphere 07:46 17. Atomas303 - Cartesian Space (Sagittarius Remix) 06:30 18. Underhead - Nameless Booster 09:40 19. Dreamweaver - Cosmic Resonance (Tribute To Astral Projection) 05:58 the 1997 remix of Space Dwarfs was really nice, dont think ive heard that version before. Although the main difference seem to be the kickdrum. I like the 1998 version better i think, it doesnt sound as compressed. The acid however on this one is a bit wilder tho and i like that =) ok
  5. granted, i uploaded it in 2010. but still its something. made it with reason 5 (or was it 3) and soundforge to edit the samples. then used Redrum to sequence them. bassline is Subtractor. background stuff is Thor. drums are random samples i found on the internet. hope someone likes it on here. 2:30 > is my favorite part
  6. aint that the truth. and speaking of your track, ive had it on repeat now a few times and well, im a big fan.. i think i will take back what i said about kick being too loud. maybe. regardless, its a perfect sound and its a new favorite of mine. i wish more psytrance had melodies like this. its really good. speaking of melodic psytrance i know padmapani has some serious tracks in his chest, just waiting to get released... cant wait until that happen..
  7. well thats good . i never heard the SC mastering algo so maybe it was used or not, perhaps it works well who knows kick sounds very nice, and perhaps its just the perfect volume. i suppose its slightly subjective. but you saying thats how you want it, i buy that. the track sounds very nice. quick reply i know but i just so happened to be online atm
  8. okay thanks m8 that sounds good!
  9. very nice. the square wave leads remind me of when all i had was reason, and subtractor. (around 2003-2006 id say) if anything, turn down the volume of kick just slightly. but its a great kick, just probably a bit too loud maybe. when you say "SC master" does that mean you used the new mastering thing on soundcloud?
  10. very nice tsotsi. If im ever in the need for another pair of in ears, ill probably buy a pair of tws since well, its just nice with no cables. Thanks for your expertise on the matter one thing i found annoying with the sonys i had, was the latency.. i guess thats an issue with bluetooth tho and not sony per se. how is the current gen of bluetooth fairing with delay? lets say you play a game on your phone, sometimes i play hearthstone on the go and it was a bit annoying to hear the sound nearly 1sec later than the visual.
  11. very nice, very clean sounds without sounding too artificial. release ready for sure. only minor thing is maybe turn down volume just ever so slightly on the bass.
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