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  1. Nice. I don't think Deranger gets enough love. I was actually contemplating that over fleuro neuro sponge. The intro is so captivating and magical... Well the rest is too, a psychedelic masterpiece. Cosmosis also don't see enough love even though I think most if not everyone here likes him But for the picks personally would have went with tracks from synergy
  2. Yeah for sure the list will change from time to time yes, I eagerly await his next album if he ever does He is probably too old now and doesn't have the same inspiration.
  3. Yes, for now it's just software. I'm still learning and need practice ive had pretty long experience playing with mastering though but id like to take it even more seriously now, because its my favorite thing to do. i have a decent pair of passive monitors , 8-10 inch I think it is. Maybe more, they are quite big. Havent measured. Goes down to 40hz And akg k712 headphones. I'm obviously aiming to get some outboard gear in the future. That sounds wonderful, please email me
  4. Transdimensional!! Its truly what It says ! Ifo is great tho .. Damn near close. Cyberdelic
  5. if anyone would like their track polished and given proper loudness id happily do it for free edit: The mastering will include corrective and mid/side eq, compression, mid/side and parallel compression, Then different eqs and Limiters.
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