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  1. astralprojection

    Videogame themes you want to hear remixed as psytrance

    well how about this. such a great time for self promotion. i remixed NES - journey to silius stage 2 a few years back. here it is. i still think it sounds pretty cool today.
  2. astralprojection

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    really paul? thats the epitome of new school? btw im sorry if that sounded judgemental. its not my intention. i always mean well, even though i can come across differently sometimes..
  3. astralprojection

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    if we are talking Filteria i think for me its Rotate To Vibrate or perhaps the newer sound of The Big Blue / Wormhole. I think its pretty cool we all seem to agree on the bigger things of the genre we love. The small details might be huge for one person and small for another and thats the subjective side of music. Btw, ive listened again to the Psy-H track and I really have not paid it enough attention before. Its wonderful. the key changes are epic its rare to find key changes these days that DOESNT sound cheesy. Filteria - The Big Blue also has incredible key changes. RA though --- not really up there at least in my opinion.
  4. astralprojection

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    dont sell yourself short on your own opinions. your opinions is equally strong as mine or anyone elses. no need to explain or "excuse". the psy-h project track was a great example! i appreciate what youre saying. i get it. i feel though there is a huge difference in the classic scene (ap) and the new scene. The new scene is more focused on mixing and making the track really fuck with your head. the older style was alot more about melodies and atmospheres. i guess thats why i chose artifact303 for my top pick. had this been a general "top goa track" thread, it would have been far far more difficult for me to justify artifact303.
  5. i dont know. I thought the original was both mixed AND mastered way to thin. So i put my Amen CD into the drive (yes, i own it) and printed a 192khz, 32bit wav file. lowered the db with about -30db. Put some eq on the bass to bring it back up to decent levels. Returned the gain back up to normal. End result: Fully bass heavy version of my favorite AP track, THE NEXUS.this is WITH bass, i can tell you that much. Nothing is lost in terms of dynamics, or transients. for some people you might say its TOO much bass, but for you i say "listen to the original" WARNING. its 700mb. this is for audophile nerds only who happened to think the original was almost without bass. why no flac/mp3? i wanted to keep the full quality of the wav for you audophiles. https://www.aeap.se/tmp/nexus-192.wav
  6. astralprojection

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    quick reply, didnt fully immerse myself in the above track yet - have to say though, I have had wonderful experiences with Psy-H project. I just dont see how anything can match Artifact303 - Feelings when it comes to the ESSENCE of New Goa. Granted , this psy-h track is certainly bigger, but i dont necesseraliy want bigger and more dancefloor ready tunes.. edit2: ive almost heard the full track on my headphones now and it is amazing!! Im very happy you put this in the thread. might make for a very interesting thread.
  7. the best New School Goa trance record there is? I mean you could question it a little bit, i might bring up Nova Fractal - Wheel of Time, or even some track by Filteria. There are some Liquid Flow stuff, and some Mindsphere stuff that comes to mind but; given the time that has been since Artifact303 put out Feelings, have there really been enough breakthrough? Is this the epitome of Neo Goa ? I think so.
  8. astralprojection


    Please remove the post, I'll reupload another day
  9. astralprojection

    why isnt Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) Transwave remix?

    yeah ormion you are absolutely correct. i wanted so strongly convay my feelings on this sounding so much more like transwave than deedrah. But I absolutely see that there is an obvious reason it wasnt called (transwave remix). I just dont wanna ;( starkraver: hello friend, im not really back but.... i want to.. i feel so ashamed of who i was on drugs i wanna gently come back into this community. if possible. but im glad to see you again too (btw clean for almost a year now )
  10. hypnotic af and it doesnt get much better than this if you are craving for that hypnotic sound with soft 303 loops. this shit is on par with x-dream without a doubt. goa trance to the absolute core. (i put the link at the best part of the track)
  11. astralprojection

    why isnt Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) Transwave remix?

    This is obviously true and nothing I contest. I'm more expressing my thoughts on it sounding more like Christof than Frédéric.
  12. astralprojection

    why isnt Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) Transwave remix?

    Of course you are right but to my ears it sounds like a Christof remix rather than a Frédéric remix. That's all. Land of freedom literally have some of the exact same sounds as this one. Besides, the kick and bass sounds more like transwave than deedrah. I apologise for taking your time.
  13. It gets me every time. It clearly sounds like Transwave and not Deedrah. It should be called Transwave Remix. It would also be even more epic if it was called that. I dont know, maybe Im wrong. But to me it clearly sounds like Transwave. Gets me every time. One of the greatest songs of the genre is mislabeled by the artist himself. Ugh.
  14. astralprojection

    AP after a LONG break

    Thanks bro. Forgot to add you to the special shoutout, im sorry! Im forever grateful for what you did for me And my word is bond! Cya around ^^
  15. astralprojection

    most talented artist/band in the scene?

    astral projection. Simply because from start to finish, they have produced three genious album Masterpieces. Dancing Galaxy, Another World, Amen. Although Artifact303 or Nova Fractal is close and I generally enjoy that style more these days. Astral get maybe 1 play or so, per year. Once youve listened to them 1000 times you can just go to memory whenever you wanna "listen" to a track. For example I can turn on Nilaya or Infinite Justice in my brain right now. Mmm good stuff. I cant think of another artist deserving the Nr 1 spot other than Astral. Not even Simon, Etnica/Pleiadians or any other artist. Sorry, Astral takes the cake! Top 3 would be Vibrasphere.