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  1. Aspartic

    V.A. - Elan Vital

    The poster should have indeed put this in the "Artist news section", not in the review section. But all that aside, this is a marvelous compilation! Just out of the blue I read the topic of tsotsi about Melusine releasing a goa comp, and here we are. Normally known for ambient and psybient comps, Melusine, under the wings of almighty E-Mantra, releases a full power goa compilation. And they hit it right in the sweet spot. 1. Travma - Son Nefes 07:48 2. Median Project - Shuttle 08:16 3. E-Mantra - Xibalba (Eleusyn remix) 07:53 4. Nostromosis - My Inspiration 08:18 5. InnerSelf - Circle Of Dreams 07:29 6. Via'on - I don't Like Goa 09:09 7. Astrancer - Koilon (Remix) 10:06 8. Lunar Transformers - Lunar Transformers 09:15 9. Adam Shiva - Ergot Pulsing 06:04 10. Proxeeus - Me, myself, and a Gnop-keh 09:46 11. The Maniac - Prayers Of The Night 08:56 Travma - Son Nefes I heard before on a Goalogique compilation, but somehow here, as opener, it comes to its right. Gradually adding sounds, and then the bassline and kick guide you till the end. Addictive! Median Project delivers as usual a space goa track for the books. The Eleusyn remix of E-Mantra's Xibalba takes on a more floaty approach, and I like it! Nostromosis has been busy for a few years, yet I haven't really caught him. A solid floater of a goa track he presents here including some tantric vocals. InnerSelf delivers the resting track of the compilation, for my feelings. Nothing extraordinary, not bad, but it didn't make me feel excited. Then we go into trippy mode, with Via'on. The funny breakbeat in the middle can't stop you from smiling and having a laugh. After that, we're back to goa for the 2nd half of the track. Interesting stuff! Astrancer seems to be back for good and this time with a more energy loaded goa piece than on Shambhala (Global Sect). Amazing stuff what he brings here. I'm totally immersed in acidic, bubbly, spiraling goa sounds. He hits it just right! Top track!! I have no idea who Lunar Transformers is, but this project nails it too. Non-stop goa. No shit. A dance machine. Adam Shiva is also an unknown project. I also don't find any credits on bandcamp. Scorching acid is what it's all about. Not a favorite of mine, but must be great on the dancefloor. Next up is my hero Proxeeus. Wonderful track by the master of the moment. And as tsotsi says, the last 3 minutes are what this track is all about. I mean, the whole track is genius, but it all leads to the final run, and that is fe-no-me-nal. Unearthly. He did it again. The last track by The Maniac is a fast speedy Gonzales. What a great idea to end the compilation with a bang! No time to breathe. Instead just knock yourself out with a belter and beater of an electric tack. This one has electric shocks written al over it. Aciiiiid! A wonderful goa compilation by Melusine records. One more 2018 release to buy and cherish. We're all awaiting more praise for this one. It's really goooood!
  2. Great find, man! Listening now and feeling very excited! Review will come in a few days.
  3. The most anticipated album of the year. Proxeeus takes the crown. What an uprise!
  4. Aspartic

    Site questions / Requests

    Yeaj, I have found it! Below the tags is a dropdown list "Item prefix". There you can choose one.
  5. Aspartic

    Site questions / Requests

    Not quite yet, Richpa. Look at this:
  6. Aspartic

    Site questions / Requests

    Only an admin can do that. I also changed my profile name some years ago. But you have to ask one of the admins.
  7. Aspartic

    Va - 303 Syndroms

    Besides Hypnoxock (a bit dull) and Artha (annoying leads and the track drags on and on for too long), this compilation is filled with stunning goa. It was a no-brainer for me to buy this. Median, Proxeeus, Clementz, Jaraluca, Omneon and GoaD deliver blissful dance floor material. The standards for goa trance have become very high. It's a real treat to see so many compilations and albums being released nowadays. I agree with tsotsi that the only problem is time. When am I going to find the time to deep-listen to all this music?
  8. Aspartic

    How do you get music ? FORM

    Something is wrong with the file. I can't fill it in either.
  9. Aspartic

    Site questions / Requests

    One week without one single answer. This section of the forum is officially DEAD.
  10. Aspartic

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Right now at this very moment, I'm having a retro moment:
  11. Aspartic

    Site questions / Requests

    How do I add a tag to the topic title text field? I see some topic titles with a red icon and a tag next to it. How do I do that?
  12. Splendid! Just purchased CD + T-shirt. What amazing cover art!
  13. Aspartic

    VA - Shambhala [Global Sect Music]

    Exactly. One disc full of gems without fillers seems way better than a 4CD with mixed gems and fillers. WIth only 9 tracks I can focus more on each track and listen to them again and again. That's harder with 40 tracks. This is a quality release with real goa stormers.