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  1. tsotsi

    What releases did I miss in 2018?

    That's how i get my album info. If you like comps then this year/month has been great for them. Check:- Timewarps Va - Lotus, Mamomams Va - 303 Syndroms Global Sects Va - Shambala Geomagnetics Va - Call of Goa 3 Otherwise I recommend Ephedra, Veasna (haven't listened yet but it's Neogoa Records), Lectro Spektral Daze, Ufomatka, Ubar Tmar, Median Project, E mantra, Unknownium and the Jayex album Soul Echoes. I'd start with Jayex and Unknownium then move from there.
  2. Boom! payed for, downloaded and listening all night tonight.
  3. tsotsi

    Chi-A.D. Earth Crossing

    Blacklight's a banger but nothing will beat 'Blue Effect' for Tsotsi. Such a strong build.
  4. tsotsi

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    I thought the same but have a few issues with what this would mean. First that guardian article I posted explains how vegan farms actually destroy vital parts of the ecosystem and inhibit life from taking place via fungus, small critters, bugs, birds etc. I never considered the effect of mass use of pesticides and herbicides. Second is more an issue with the world system of capitalism and anthropocentricism, my fear is that once animals become useless to us we will stop considering them necessary when push comes to shove.
  5. tsotsi

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    I think you're right but I'm going back past hunting days. I'm quoting Yuval Noah Harrari from Sapiens here. He or his source think that before fire we didn't have much reason to hunt animals so we did the whole bone marrow thing. Then fire came along and we used it to burn forests down to kill and cook animals in one hit. Then we started hunting.
  6. tsotsi

    Fiery Dawn - Trip To The UnderWorld (Ep)

    To be fair on live performances I've never minded and think they actually work. I guess I just listen to most my music on headphones and find that they disrupt the flow of the track. Maybe I should have complained about it on a 'general' thread.
  7. Artist: Fiery Dawn Title: Trip To The UnderWorld Label: Self Release Date: September 8, 2018 3 more tracks and you coulda had an album. No matter. Fiery dawn is at a sweet spot in his production. Not only is his output just ridiculous, with a 2018 album, another Ep, tracks on various comps, a bunch of down tempo while maintaining what I can only assume is some semblance of a life. I have a life too, it revolves around listening to banger after banger of Fiery D and others output. This ep takes a couple of tippie toes away from the space trance that Dawn is well known for. Trip To The Underworld is the most unique. Coming at you without a distinct melody you know you'll need something else to keep your attention. Fiery know's too, he doesn't fail and has me hooked from that wonderful intro all the way to the end. It certainly is a track that'll take you to the underworld. Next up we got Phantasmagoria. Acid riffs, hard kicks, a squelch or two and a solid baseline are here to carry us away to trance land. Other than a few key changes (which are starting to irk me) the track is absolutely wonderful and full of funk. Even on bandcamp I missed the change between this and the next track. The flow is unreal. But we aren't off the hook yet. Goblins and Trolls comes in even hotter and crazier. Fiery D has either expanded his sound box or developed his repertoire, or both. Either way he is putting it to good use here. The track gets real wild just after the 3 minute mark and it doesn't let up. My favourite here. A straight arm flailing stomper. Temple of Warriors Is a nice little downtempo closer that Fiery D does so well. The Ep is awesome, with a unique first track and two flaming tracks following it up I would recommend getting this on your hard drives. transfer it to your phones, mp3's, listen on the band camp app, what ever you want. I'll be bumping this for a while as I feel like you can hear a strong development in his production and ideas. Good work I do need to ask what the idea behind key changes are? Can I get some artistic input. My position is it disrupts many a good moment in a track making it feel like an unnatural direction change. That being said I get over it pretty quickly and do understand that some notes need a different key to work. But I do know that I've never listened to a track and thought 'This needs to change key right about now'. Grumblings of a guy on a forum. https://fierydawn.bandcamp.com/album/trip-to-underworld
  8. tsotsi

    Jayex - Soul Echoes

    Gungdangit, who let me do reviews? Updated, thanks for the info.
  9. tsotsi

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    I can't look past Psy-H Procession of the Universe. I've been left in awe by a lot of tracks but nothing has done to me exactly what Psy-H did.
  10. tsotsi

    Ufomatka - Off The Beaten Track Of The Universe

    Nice review. I agree with some of the tracks not having massive developments but thought that what Alexandr did do worked like a charm. Check out his EP 'Altering The Synaptic Controllers' if you want some more unique ufomatka vibes. Nice job to Cronomi for releasing a new album and keeping it fresh.
  11. tsotsi

    :: DEEP HOUSE :: [DT029] Dubriders - Soul

    Music is good, can we get a bandcamp page tho?
  12. Hot line up, I just noticed Zopmanika's Namaskara Mantra II. Super excited and already pre-ordered. Second that.
  13. tsotsi

    Bioterranean - Souk (EP)

    Artist: Bioterranean Title: Souk (EP) Label: Horns and Hoofs Records Date: July 5th 2018 1. Virtual Jungle 2. Syrup Pool 3. Playground 4. Lost In Raval I'm not a techno boy. Alright alright I'll listen to techno in a club, I'll slowly move the top half of my body from side to side. Sometimes I'll do a little dig down at the ground and every now and then I go full disco and wave my arms in a slow little circle above my head (Liberating). But unless its free on ektoplazm I just have to much else to listen to. Maybe I'm just not listening to the right stuff. Victor Solsona is here to help me, and I am a Victor Solsona fan. For those that don't know the full name Victor also runs the Hypnoxock project which is just banging track after banging track. Bioterranean is the psychedelic synth and acid heavy tech/techno/psy project with production quality on the same level. His latest EP gives us 4 psychedelic techno tracks, each unique and exploring a different realm from the last. Virtual Jungle has some nice little jungle sounds which open the album up nicely. Unless you're alone in the Brazilian Amazon I know you like jungle sounds. The track is full of funk with elastic synths that work their way into your cranium. Syrup pool funks things up a little extra with a pretty groovy baseline and lots of psychedelic sounds. Synths are straight techno and surrounded by ominous squelchy fun. Playground starts with the screams of joy from little amigos playing in what I can only assume is a playground, completely unaware that they have been born into a world of difficult choices and darkness. Little dunces. Victor knows this though and goes all dark and wobbly in this track. acid lines build and build until they hit a nice little breakbeat. Lost in Raval is a synth laden, stomping banger of a track. I once got lost in a supermarket, in my little 8 year old panic I picked the first lady I could find and came up to her calling her 'mum' only to find out she was not. This track is infinitely better than that moment. Biggest track on the album and a bunch of fun. Bioterranean comes out hard in this EP, with the same precision and care that we were presented with Eurythmia. Victor's style choice of sounds in all his music is a delight and I recommend getting this album, even if it means going onto Beatspace. Woop woop. https://www.beatport.com/release/bioterranean-souk-ep/2330525
  14. You guys gotta open up a goapsy records band camp page already