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  1. From a Facebooker who ain't about forums. (posting on their behalf) 1. K.U.R.O. & Charm - Japanese Vibrations 2. Total Eclipse - Live In Tokyo 1998 3. Battle Of The Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun 4. V/A - ZNA Gathering Retro-Futuristic Compilation II 5. Ree K - Early Tracks 1
  2. I genuinely like the track here.
  3. Lots of names that I can't add in. Some spots likely to change as I re-listen to 2019. Uptempo 1. Median Project - Constellation (Suntrip Records): Number 1 for most listens and taking this style of Goa to another level. 2. Sykespico - Perspective (Suntrip Records): Could easily have been number 1 as well. Thick melodies abound. 3. Va - Goa Gilde (Kali Earth Records): Still fresh in but listened enough to know this will stay in the list 4. Pete & Pan - Return of the Goddess (Goa Madness Records): For originality and straight up enjoyment 5. Dreamchild - Akashic Dreaming (Unreleased Goa Records): Beautiful and exciting style. 6. Elysium - Live ...And Beyond (Digital Reprints): Filled with seriously groovy and fantastic trance music. 7. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom (Suntrip Records): Everything that is good about Goa can be found in this album. 8. Merrow - Odysseus (Global Sect): Needs more listens but another stellar advancement of skill. 9. Jaraluca - The Prologue (Mamomam Records): Craaaazy Trance music and a big progression in Jaraluca's skill and style. 10. Jagoa - The First Steps (Self Release): Thoroughly worthy of a spot on the list, emotional, trance dancey & exciting. Downtempo 1. Shamanizm Parallelii - Blue Lizard (Neogoa Records) 2. Dreamfish - Mixmaster Morris & Pete Namlook (Avatar Records) 3. Advanced Suite - TAKING MUSic in tHe ROOMS th&t DreaMT (Self Release) 4. Blisswave - Manvantara (Melusine Records) 5. Va - Ethnomystica (Mystic Sound Records)
  4. I'm not against the railroad theory, someone rich is definitely going to benefit from this. And there will be a politician by their side. Satellite energy weapons though? Sounds complicated, are these real things? They will fuck the rail way system up anyway, NSW is notoriously bad at infrastructural decisions.
  5. Can one of you oldies go ahead and do that already thanks? Maybe do it with a little gusto. I've lost like 3 unsaved word docs with my list.
  6. You wanna talk about stupid politicians... This is a copy and paste from a story I that was just brought to my attention. It might take a while to read and not be interesting to everyone but it explains the shit-fuckery of our government very very clearly. """While his comments can be attributed to a mistake, what is absolutely disgusting is that the Liberal Party has been waging psychological warfare with a toxic disinformation campaign online. The past few weeks have seen a tsunami of hateful and bigoted posts from mostly bot accounts paid for and run by the Liberal Party as a response to the heat they are feeling over the climate change bush fire disaster. If you're wondering where all these invective deflections and diversions are coming from it is a open secret that the Liberal Party is using the PR/information warfare firm Topham Guerin to wage a disinformation campaign online to take the heat off their unpopularity and culpability in this disaster (two decades of shutting down any program that would have helped in the fire disaster such as closing the climate change commission, funding for Rural Fire Service, funding for national parks to manage fuel loads, rejecting experts demanding aerial firefighting equipment, the list is endless) Let me make this clear, in the midst of the death and carnage and anger from the electorate on so many incompetent acts that they are more concerned with their popularity than with responsible governance. How is it appropriate that as this disaster unfolds the LNP decided to respond with psychological warfare to anger and deceive the Australian community with this toxic disinformation campaign? During a climate change disaster, this climate change denying Govt has embarked on a disinformation campaign on facebook etc coupled with some assistance from the Murdoch press spreading this disinformation. I am flabbergasted this not front page news that should end the Government. Australians are just starting to realise that there has been odd behavior on their social media platforms in the last couple weeks and its attributed to an intensive election style Cambridge Analytica rote psychological warfare and this has been widely documented. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jan/08/australia-where-lies-and-conspiracy-theories-spread-like-bushfire """" ... There is more but i'll spare you. @astralprojection Read this amigo, it might be some of the stuff you have been getting info from.
  7. Haha, I'm here, an Australian, in Australia, letting you know, that atleast 70% are natural causes. I never used the 'climate' word to argue one way or another, i'm just saying that this naturally happens every year and this year is far worse. It's why we have a fire season. Natural fires have happened long before humans began eating fish, to say that they aren't natural is completely incorrect.
  8. Like I said, 13-30%, that is the standard range. It's been reported in the Aus media, gleefully actually because they could take the focus away from climate change. Climate change is being argued on 2 different basis. 1. Hottest & driest season of winter - summer we have seen in decades. This is true, make of it what you will. 2. A nearly 30 year drought that has also coincided with our dickhead government (Remember them) that has been selling our ground water to cotton farmers and international mega corporations at the expense of every other farmer, ecosystems and rural towns. Australia's water management is not the worst thing our govt does but it's pretty close.
  9. Hey @remnant, The situation is pretty bad, the scale of the 140 + blazes is pretty wild. Smoke covers sydney and canberra most days and even gets blown down the south to cover melbourne when the wind permits. It reached New Zealand and now im told south America. The animal situation is shocking and hard to wrap your head around. The majority of social media is blaming the Prime Minister which is kind of fair enough because he is a bureaucratic dick whose first instinct when returning from a holiday was to go and get photo ops in burnt down towns. That went very badly for him, he was pretty much chased out of town. He also ignored calls from emergency service leaders 18 months ago to have a meeting. State govts have also been cutting the budget for land management. https://reddit.app.link/z53Fkzz962 Our politicians can be blamed for a lot but not everything. Something like 13-30% of fires are lit by arsonists every season, they dont have the numbers yet but this is likely to be the same. At 2pm in most places in NSW the sky turns orange, everything looks like it has a sepia filter on it. We are looking at few deaths as evacuation methods have improved since the last version of this a few years ago. Something my swedish father in law asked was 'you guys have this fire season every year, how has figuring out how to stopnit ASAP not been a priority'? Good question imo. I think the stat is something like: 1% of land clearing in 1 state alone costs about 22 million big ones. We have the money in all honesty, just not the political fortitude.
  10. @Aspartic Excitaxory, a few of clementz' tracks, Ra & phobium might suit your needs. But mostly it is crazy raw supa trance. Personally im leaning towards this being one of the best compilations ive heard. Probably equal to my love for VA - Terraformer. Angry Dwarf and Material Music stand out here but i think everyone shines.
  11. Wowza Are you just super nice and giving this away for free because of that? I would buy this no doubt. And its not all about money, I only mention that to let you know that from my point of view this is a pretty valuable giveaway. Thanks Jara.
  12. You wouldn't even begin to know how much thought I've put into you over the last few months.
  13. Damn gang, its really hard to describe how good this release is. Im going to have to go back through the history so i can get a bigger picture of the time this took to put together. Hard hitting trancey Psychedelic Goa, i encourage everyone reading this to hit this release up.
  14. Happy New Year to all the posters and the lurkers. +100
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