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  1. Hey Joti thanks for the understanding. Btw really appreciate the posts you've made otherwise. Honestly using Soundpark (dodgy Russia website) was how I found psytrance and then Goa trance. Without it I may never have gotten into this genre. But now that I know labels I feel that is the better way to continue discovering releases via Bandcamp etc.
  2. Just realized but gotta be honest. Not a big fan of you posting free download links on the site. They look dodgy but also take away from an artist a potential sale which would go a long way to them making more music. You do you, but don't think it should be on Psynews. I'm not saying I don't want you Jotinha here. Just the links on the Russian shop remind me of soundpark
  3. I'm not sure why yet but this Out Of Orbit release is the one I connect with the most. Last track particularly amazing. Love all the sounds and design. Pretty much everything I like about progressive trance in each track, classic Loud style bass and kicks. A lotta fun.
  4. I found the sound of this one more in line with the old Median Project (depths of space) release. But the melodies are based more on arpeggios and key progression than solid singular acid lines. Kretsløp was more in your face but the melodies carried a bit further and had more extension to them. I like both. But am really liking this one at the moment. Will probs be my fav from the artist. The bass lines and bubbly low end on same tracks are particularly dark and awesome. Giving it a good balance.
  5. I agree with Trolsk. I've been following GoaPsyRecords since their first few releases on Bandcamp. I always found the production quality quite high and good. Very polished sound and also very original. But the label name and this album title in general make me think they are unaware of everything inside of the overall genre, which may be a good thing. But for finding them online. Very hard. Ablass has always been my favourite on the label tho and this release sounds pretty great. The hardest and dare I say 'darkest' psy I've heard from Ablass so far.
  6. Great story and what a save. Listening to it now, love the intro and can already tell the rest is going to be great.
  7. Used to love me some Rocket League and Goa/prog psy. In the end I got worse and worse as I cared less about the game and more about the music.
  8. I feel similar to the Doktor in that I don't find anything bad about this release and actually quite like it. But there is nothing in the tracks for me to latch onto, no big moment to wait for and no real way for me to prefer one track over the next. On the point of VR, this is great music to have on while playing a racing game or going for a drive at night.
  9. Nice review. I feel mostly the same way about the tracks here as you. Shadwows, Myriad Vision, escape from withered temple my favourites. A step away from their more tribal, spacey, organic album Human Control which I think is there best to date. But that album had more tracks so about the same % I feel are unique and A+ tracks. Gargantuan Tribes is indeed fantastic but the chaos of Homunculus made it my favourite from the album. Likewise on Human Control we got Future.exe and The Captain Is Dead which really stood out to me as well as the first 2 tracks. On the same note Shadows comes across as the most chaotic to me which makes it a favourite here. What I really appreciate is they have 3 strong albums, all distinct from one another but all distinctly Triquetra. The talent on these two is crazy and one of the artists where I can always feel the energy of their 'soul' / 'state of mind' / 'bodies' behind the tracks they make.
  10. My first introduction to trance was while writing an essay at the uni library with Jen Flemming Joof Sessions Vol 1. Playing. The intro lulled me in and before I knew it I was completely hypnotized in a state of productive flow. When I snapped out of it I had 3 different books open I was working from and almost a completed essay. It amazed me that that was possible. And my love for trance began. So I like the idea of a mixed together soft intro. Honestly I think we could get a lot of entries from the Goa crew. I think Joske, cronomi, Kali Earth and the global sect crew would be happy to put the word out to their artists. I can create a YouTube video putting the call out and see if we get some entries like that. The sample text will set the scene and give people a good idea of what to send in. Doesn't have to be Goa only that's just my network.
  11. Na I didn't mean it like that. I don't see a need for any changes. Just wondering how it would be framed if we are talking to people to send us tracks. Personally I like the idea of it being an album but this isn't my idea and an album is harder work. So just asking the question
  12. That's pretty damn good. Really solid text @DoktorG I reread the original comment. Will this be an album or a SoundCloud? Or one that leads to another? Do we get people to send us tracks and upload the ones we like? What would next steps need to be.
  13. Darkest techno(ish) I could recommend would be Nibanas side project Amortalist https://zenonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/within-the-singularity-24-bit
  14. I've tried to use jungle tv and didn't really get what I should be doing on it and just haven't had a chance to dive back in. Any videos about it you know of I can give a watch to understand better
  15. Sometimes a good title can create magic and honestly I think this is one of the best I've seen. I don't know how much help I could be or if there is a place for me here but any promo stuff that could help I'd be happy to do what I can. This forum has been pretty instrumental for my love of the music so I'd love to help if I can. I can reach out to some label owners as well to see if they went to put some tracks forward or let the artists who release with them know about it.
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