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  1. Artists: Ohm Mind & Ossilator Title: Travel Through Dimensions EP Released: June 2, 2021 Welcome back to the very first episode of 'Synaesthetic After Dark' where we explore Ohm Mind & Ossilators newest release and learn a thing or two about friendship along the way. https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/travel-through-dimensions-ep-2
  2. Cheers man, i'm just playing around, write a review, don't write a review, life's busy and it aint easy pimpin'
  3. Always enjoyed this label. Congrats on 5 years. Great to see a big compilation of tracks out.
  4. The more i think about Aura the more i think that the only way to make it better is to remove it from planet earth
  5. "interesting" Lol, Hollywood get a taste of music made by 2 people instead of 12 and can't believe the result. I actually assumed it was so bad because of the youtube music video constantly promoting Machete, but nope audio only is the same. Yea here I think is the nail on the head. IM are too good at making music that sounds nice, clean and structured. I doubt they would want that track to be the introduction to the mainstream crowd. You wanna do it like Juno Reactor did with Matrix, like a guy that pulls off a leather jacket and indoor glasses walking through the door at a party with an entourage of admirers and 24 pack of beer to pass around. Not like some drunk pale guy smashing through the front door and stumbling around slurring nonsense at people before vomiting in grandmas ashes. I actually assumed it was so bad because of the youtube music video constantly promoting Machete, but nope audio only is the same.
  6. Song is kinda messy and annoying. Wish it didn't have all the machete samples in it. If I were IM I woulda jumped on the Gaga train without thinking. Lady is a bad ass. Maybe the last good pop star we have seen.
  7. Artist: Artifact303 Title: From The Stars Label: Global Sect Release: May 15, 2021 Tracklist:- 1 - Apex 2 - Astral Traveler 3 - Dreamland 4 - Solar Warden 5 - Unidentified 6 - Summer Storm 7 - Open Your Eyes 8 - Secret Space 9 - The Divine Plan 10 - Wisdom bringers First he went Back To Space, and now he comes From The Stars. Feast on your feelings and get in touch with your innards as Artifact303 comes to help us feel joy again. https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/artifact303-from-the-stars https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/artifact303-from-the-stars
  8. Yea someone on Reddit linked this track, it's actually pretty good for a style I don't normally listen too. Apparently he is in hot water for the general theme and cover of the track...don't really see why, surprised me that a psytrance artist would get in trouble for anything.
  9. Is that Goodbye to the Vaporized album? Bandcamp posted a merch shirt on the 17th May. That facebook post was a day before. Do we think he is going to take his hypnotic LFO Room Bandcamp page down? Might need to panic purchase some sounds.
  10. Oh wow, just heard this getting played in an AM radio station in Sydney. Best thing they've played since Peter, Bjorn & John got taken off the airwaves. Maybe I can text in a song request with Goa in the title and see if they play it thinking it's these guys
  11. Am I crazy to expect it drop in the next 5 hours? Or will it be a Russian night time release?
  12. I feel like the tide gas shifted in Astrals favour.
  13. Really like the album cover on this. Any Bandcamp links or not released yet?
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