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  1. A friend of mine who is into folksy jam bands like The Cat Empire just got himself a record player and I'm tempted to get it as a faux gift for him just so he can play it for me as a courtesy.
  2. Working on it Some weeks away still.
  3. It was classic Arronax style with big charged up drops and that beautiful energised lead that he uses. But not in the hardcore 'Crossing The Rubicon' album style. More melodic, a little more melody in the background. I really liked them. If you want a good time check his retro mix of First Contact. Shit's crazy https://arronax.bandcamp.com/track/first-contact-retro-mix
  4. Jesus what a ride. Hiding this as I read it in an airport.
  5. I didn't even know he had more than Crossing The Rubicon. Is it out there to be found on the net or did you get special access? And what style? Crossing the Rubicon is one of the most energetic albums I have. Is it similar style or in a different vein?
  6. Awesome release, favourite from the sub-label so far. Anyone who likes Artha or Hallucinogen should dig this.
  7. Look whose been busy releasing and remastering in 2021
  8. https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/track/psychodystopia This track is just
  9. i finally pulled it together and got it done.
  10. Artist: Various Title: Psychedelic Vaccine Label: Dacru Records Release: 26 April, 2021 Tracklist:- 1. Rush - Rippin' Reality 2. Psiger - Parallel universe 3. Atisha & Quantum Fracture - Superposition 4. Hyper Mode - Species of Multiverse 5. One punch - Black Hole 6. Beurat - Sacred Energy 7. Neo Shaman - Medicine Man 8. Parasynthax - Mind Construction 9. Atromna & Thalamus - Banyan Groove 10. IAMDINGO - Mesmerize Banned across half the globe. Find out why governments hate me and record labels.....well...they might hate me too after this. https://dacrurecords.bandcamp.com/album/psychedelic-vaccine-vol-1-selected-by-spirit-architect
  11. Hey btw you might already be all over this but.... I figured it wasnt released yet but just reread the description above. It isn't showing up on bandcamp, not via the link above (which takes you to vol. 1) or on the "more releases" section of the label page. Can't find it elsewhere on the net either.
  12. Good to see you back here and digging into some of the new spacey releases too. Welcome back. That is all I've got for now.
  13. Awesome to see the follow up to Vol.1 Loved the quality of the last release
  14. Well, as a matter of fact. . . Cronomi Records and Globox! It's certainly a buy from me.
  15. It's a pain for labels and artists to have to deal with this pesky paradox, especially amplified by the social media algorithms that train us to mostly comment on the negatives of life rather than the good stuff. I always hope this doesn't discourage producers and the like. I see Suntrip doing amazing stuff and probably diverging from the norm more than they used too which is particularly hard given the expectations. For me I don't see this album as more of the same. What even is more of the same with a label like Suntrip? That being said, I want to like this specific release but haven't thrown enough time into listening to it and haven't been pulled in by any of the tracks I've played just yet. So what am I even doing here? Nice to see this release getting lots of attention.
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