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  1. I think this is a banging release. This style is pretty much what Cronomi is all about, I don't know why any one here is shocked that they got an Avant Garde release from the Cro-Crew. Also what is the difference from a live recorded album and this one? All the songs have a start middle and end, were written and created just the same. IDK, seems like a legit release to Tsotsi.
  2. Stick to info that you can trust. From what the video says it seems like it can get to us via bacteria in our lungs. But still less likely.
  3. Stick to info that you can trust. From what the video says it seems like it get to us healthy adults if bad enough.
  4. Makes me instantly assume that they released another dubstep album.
  5. https://youtu.be/ZbKNU1iqBvY Documentation from Australia's last few months
  6. More Jagoa! Review of 'The First Steps' in 2019. Didnt know about the follow up, gonna enjoy digging into this.
  7. Its pretty fucked. I feel for you guys. We have had a domestic comedy cruise in brisbane cancelled on us too. I don't think govts have any idea what they are doing right now. Just blindly following each other, the cost of treating the sick can't possibly be greater than the cost of a world recession.
  8. This is an album cover for the album "Don't Be So Serious" by the artist "Supertoxic". The label resonsible for the release is "Mertacortex Records" who are responsible for releases such as "Supertoxic - Don't Be So Serious. The album cover has large amounts of red colouring and includes an image of the all seeing eye (In red), some ancient writing (In red), a devilish type face being mirrored (also in red) and what may be a large and open eye ball which contains the devilish red face. It could not be an eye ball but it is a safe bet as there appears to be some eyelashes pn the top but not on the bottom so maybe a special type of eye ball.
  9. Mum? Is that you?
  10. @Anoebis What are the chances of a schedule coming our way?
  11. Every new release gives us new tracks. This one is incredible.
  12. Too bloody true mate. You are free to spread your wings and fly again.
  13. Progressive Trance, Psycho Trance, God Trance One of the greatest ever.
  14. Artist: Atlantis Title: Cosmic Waves Label: Global Sect Date: 24, Feb, 2020 Tracklist: 1. Chi-A.D - Astral Warrior (Atlantis Remix) 2. Contact With Peace 3. Infinite universe (With Alienapa) 4. Cosmic Waves 5. Altered State of Consciousness 6. Acid Mantra 7. Astral Way (With Proxeeus) 8. Miranda - Phenomena (Atlantis Remix) 9. Inner Energy You can’t be sure of everything in this life. One minute you can be with the love of your life, the next you can have your heart stolen by another out of nowhere. You can be rich, make a few bad choices and then be out on the streets. Most terrifying of all, a strong mind can turn into a weak one, changing who you are and what you know, revealing you to be the same kind of human you used to think you were different from. But you can be sure that Global Sects mission for high quality Goa trance has extended into 2020. You can be sure that Atlantis knows how to carry you away from your problems and tribulations for some much-needed R&R. Clearly a much needed journey into the cosmos is exactly what The Surgeon general ordered for us , so here we are. My god what beautiful cover art. Atlantis AKA George Christoforidis has, like in the battle of Martyropolis led by Bahram, shot a storm of arrows into the sky turning it as black as a star-less galaxy. Pay attention to the mantra’s, hymns and galactic energy. Each break brings with it a calm euphoria, laden with synths that rise and fall before climaxing into more cosgasms. Take track 1 Astral Warrior (Remix), although personally to short for my liking, (I was certain that final moment was just a break) You get a track filled with acidic whips and melodies, encouraging vocal samples come and go getting you ready to charge into war with the ShlimSlums of Glaxy Hexaden 438. Contact With Peace spiritualises things up a notch further. Deadly basslines grind in the back bringing in an industrial edge as acidic chops of Solar Flares shoot their way through the galactic storm. If I was picking favorites this would be up there, but, well, you’ll see. A much missed Alienapa joins our boy Atlantis for Infinite Universe and it’s just as epic as you would want this collaboration to be. Welcome back baby, and thanks for bringing the coronal mass ejections to the party. Raw leads are introduced to shred up the asteroid belt leaving nothing but space debris. The huble telescope couldn’t track the layers of Infinite Universe, despite it showing up to be one of the biggest tracks of the night. The duo brings their A game for that main break and blast us completely out of this world. Cosmic Waves instantly fills the air with the enigma of nebula clouds expanding to consume everything around us. The melody swings out of the giant vaporous masses again and again, bringing you in each time to be lost in the beautiful sound of this music. While not overly complex the main melody works with the other elements in near euphoric harmony. Altered State of Consciousness comes in with more hardcore whispers and basslines. Whispers and words turn into mantra’s and anthemesque shots of comets across the known layers of the human experience. Raw dirty industrial sounds fill the track from underneath, daring you to look down. We float for a bit and the song takes off again before ending maybe a little to early. Those whispers are so clean and sexy though I don’t mind. Acid Mantra picks up with more foreign wordplay making this one spiritual beast of a track. Another favourite for all the reasons that make a track great. Clean clear production, interesting, raw background noises and a melody that goes higher and further. The main break is the best so far, so soft and silky with such a beautiful vocal hymn going on, this is pure trance baby. Astral Way. We all heard how the last duet worked out, and now we have another legend of the genre, Proxeeus to work some acidic fury into the fabric of space time. Acid whips around the track like elastic electricity as a star-studded melody is introduced. The atmospheric background reminds me of Ra’s R.O.M which is nothing but a good thing. Astral Way is probably the most complex and diverse track here, another showing of what you can achieve with a little collaboration. Phenomena is maybe the only track here I think could have been better. It’s slightly more cosmic than the original, although the original feels like it has more depth and rawness to it. Maybe if I hadn’t heard last years remaster of her treasures, but damn it’s hard to beat an original. Inner Energy slows us down a little but not a lot. The slower pace allows more space for the track grow and morph. The mid break is just straight up bad ass, The rest of the track doesn't offer too much variety but for a couple of listens it has been neat. I personally love when vocals are placed into tracks and think that leaning towards the spiritual side of things is almost always a good choice. Think somewhere in between Zopmanika and Psy-H Project. But really this is Atlantis' unique style that I really haven't heard like this before. The presentation, of the album is interstellar, this is a beautiful piece of artwork that hits every sweet spot in my body. My ideal kind of trance, beautiful and moving, in fact i was head bobbing and doing subtle little hand dances for about 5 hours straight as i had this on repeat on a flight back to Australia. The collaboration tracks really stand out and show great teamwork, my other favourites are 1, 2, 6, 7. Bom Shanka you beautiful people over at Global Sect. Andrei Verner delivers another beautiful piece of artwork to add to the collection. https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/atlantis-cosmic-waves
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