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  1. I think you're right about techno buddying up next to psy, lots more psy v techno sets happening nowadays too. For me it felt like the logical step was techno v goa as they both share a lot of similarities in song structuree while the psy i hear out n about is designed to be flipped into a new track every 3 minutes. I think the clean punchiness of psy and hard style work well together though and that makes sense to me. I also notice a lot more 3-4 minute tracks from people like Reality Test, who isnt vin vici but is a pretty close step as far as mainstream psy goes. Her stuff rocks though so no problems there. My main problem with the psy v techno arrangement is that festivals bring in the techno crowd, then online you see lots more vocal demand for House music to be added to the lineup next year. This is where i'd always draw the line.
  2. Real proper rave cave, that's all i want in a property if I ever get one.
  3. let's just be upfront about it: This Is Banging Cover Art Label: Random Records Title: Diversity Artist: Vampire Empire Release: July 15, 2020 Tracklist:- Diversity Trip Advice ~ Diversity: No fucking shit, this track had so much diversity that I had to open a private browser. Damn dude, I mean ?dudex? I dunno, but we like the letter x in the world of diversity so just let it be. This aint appropriation, is appropriateappropriation. If you know what I mean. We got damn chantx, baxxlines, fluteX & xtrings. It ticks all the diversity boxes without a doubt, the percussion of Domingo, the dance flamingo of vocal pereoir, the ethnic flambier & punchy cracks sitting behind each kick. This would break the sound barrier at a festival turn the people into dirt and the dirt into mud and the mud into paint and poop and shit. Trip Advice: Be-warned, you may not come out of this track any wiser about a trip. In fact you come out knowing less as Trip Advice tears the memory from your post-cranial receptors. The jumpy sporadic bass bouncing between string instruments is a little bit more than alright. The guitar riffs are riff-raff goodness that climb into your basement with their riff-raff-scalions just to bang the pots and pans. It's random, and that's why we're here. Use your fingers or your elbows or you nose and ears to push that 'play' button to this track at a festival and prepare to watch the crowd smother each other in excitement and love. ~ https://randomrecords.bandcamp.com/album/diversity
  4. Well, nothing good comes easy so they say.
  5. I know I could probably figure this out myself but are there any Chi.A.D releases even close to Earth Crossing? Or was that a one-off spectacle.
  6. Tsotsi

    Good TV Series? Any?

    I said fuck it and just downloaded from soulseek. If they aren't going to make it easy for me to pay and watch then watcha gonna do... It's a lot of dialogue and slow moving pieces but i think it's super exciting.
  7. This looks like it's gonna be special.
  8. I was surprised by how lackluster I found the track. I would have expected him to do a whole lot more than the minor changes that were made. Imho probs one of the bigger let downs, but only due to expectations. His Midnight track is my new favourite and another story altogether. I think it's a possibly got a place next to 'Feelings', 'Big Blue' and 'Precession of the Universe The original)'. The Merrow and Astrancer track are both constantly stuck in my head too. Also one of my favourite Proxeeus tracks, overall this might be my favourite Global Sect Release.
  9. Gotta keep up with the times, I'd vote for that.
  10. Artist: Maan Title: Floral Cortex Label: Neogoa Records Release: December 25, 2019 Tracklist:- 1 - Prelude: Havenless 2 - Mother Moss 3 - Instant Equillibirum 4 - Re/Bells 5 - Garden With Flowers Of Crazy Colors 6 - The Wednesday Pond 7 - Red Relic 8 - Interstate Insects 9 - Maven 10 - Postlude: Antiquity You know what I like about this album? It’s got gusto, bravery, perhaps some positive hubris if there ever could be such a thing and most of all it’s got a big pair of balls behind it. I’m not a Bandcamp writer, so I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Maan Himself is brave And we should applaud his voice in the sceneShut the fuck up. It’s art, straight and simple, brilliant philosophers can’t even decide whether life or art imitates the other and we certainly aren't going to figure it out over here. It’s brave in another way, maybe confident would be a simpler way of saying what i'm trying to say, it’s not like we are saying Maan is a risk taker. Jumping from mountains at 1300m with nothing on his back but a free flyer as he builds and changes and keeps your brains defunct attention span over and over in a Track like Interstate Insects while still finding time for a crescendo of euphoria delivered on a platter of melody and acid that one bite simply doesn’t satisfy. . Nor is Frode bravely enacting revenge on his enemies under the nose of Louis-Philippe during an inquisition of sort that involves getting the Mediterraneans to put toga's on and groove down to Re/Bells in the sweltering cloudless sky while they wait for the daily haul of octopus splatters of Acid lines and swordmen thump da bumps. It’s a more robust, more spectacular kind of confidence, the type that you need to perform an en passant or put a drop like Mr Ungar managed to put into Garden With Flowers Of Crazy Colors. And then to assert yourself, your talent like Mikey Hassleworf asserted himself in the world of government bonds, Grinding and sliding, throwing tickets in the air like FX and buying higher and higher but never with crash in site and don't be mistaken in thinking that The Wednesday Pond being placed right into the middle of an album is a crash. Rather a genre defying piece that manages to lead into the thunderous fuck you of Red Relic with 0 fucks, Then into brazen yet positively vain rhythms of Interstate Insects, Maven and... Darlings You needn’t to have actually foot danced with Jean Peters-Pierre on those strange yellow street stones in Beirut to appreciate the beautiful Prelude: Havenless… That’s what Floral Cortex by Maan, Mr Frode Ungar got me feeling, eccentric, exciteable, happy god damn it! In short the album is completed with a gallant postitude; Deep, exciting, Avante Garde with a sense of eer. Well I’m glad I have it and nice work every one. NeoGoa Records you guys kicked ass with this one and Richpa and every should be proud and yadadadada get on with the show. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/floral-cortex
  11. You can never escape the vortex
  12. Most engagement we have had for a while, I'd keep this thread running
  13. If only someone here knew how to get stuff like that done...
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