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  1. Artist: Lunar Dawn Title: The Purge Label: Neogoa Records Date: July 31, 2022 Tracklist:- 1. Being Into The Trance 2. Divisive 3. Loose Me 4. Self Aligned 5. Liquefactive Neurosis 6. My Faith 7. Volatile 8. Being In A Trance 9. Out Of This Place Well Well Well. That didn't take long and I'm not surprised. Of course Neogoa came back, they had Lunar Dawn to release. It's essential and necessary and sometimes that means that you put your life aside for a moment for a higher purpose. . . Filthy Goa Trance The musical styling of this release was a surprise. The cover gives it away but still, when I think Lunar Dawn I think tribal Eastern European melodies n rhythms'. Well not no more, this sounds like the creation of hanging Lunar Dawn in a cage with UX over the volcanic pit of our past and our future for 3 years. That changes a man. As always, if you want people to keep making this music for our sweet little minds then giving them money for their work is a pretty good incentive. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-purge
  2. Global Sect - VA Terraformer is still my favourite and most listened to compilation. Yet to get tired of it. https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-terraformer
  3. @Lightforce Yooo wassup with the encyclopedia? I'm trying to get on but am coming across a "server not found" message? PM if you'd rather answer privately for wateva reason. Or is it just me that can't get on?
  4. Artist: Black Noise & Peyotes Title: Illegal Tranceactions Label: Sangoma Records Date: November 17, 2015 TRACKLIST: - 1. Gravitational Waves 2. Illegal Transactions 3. The High Dose Experience 4. In Orbit https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com/album/illegal-tranceactions-free-download
  5. Heya amigo, I would be interested in any of the below 3. I'm Sydney based atm. If you want to sell them I'd be happy to purchase + freight. Otherwise I'll be in Byron near the end of September. shiva space technology shiva sidpao - the album prana - lifeforce ep flying rhino records - airborn
  6. Hey no shade and off topic (Sorry in advance). Just curious why every service but Bandcamp? Purely wondering if BC doesn't give material benefit over other services or wassup. BTW cool intro on the the track. And main break is lit, would have me swaying on a dancefloor.
  7. It's closer to the Ethica style. Probably the closest to Etnica I've heard from an artist. So also not to far from Pleiadians by proxy haha. This is goa archeology for sure.
  8. Have you heard the latest DAT release? https://beatspace-dat.bandcamp.com/album/goa-generator Was listening today and it made me think about this thread.
  9. Yea damn., First time I saw it in regular cinema I walked right out to the counter at the end of the movie to purchase a ticket for the 3d version and went right back in. Still haven't seen a 3d film that matches the beauty of the the original.
  10. Really love what you guys do at UGR. I think Peyote People is one of the all time most powerful releases I've heard in general and don't know how it wasn't in the scenes consciousness until the release. Released the same time around Cronomi's Globox and Suntrips BOTFB I couldn't help but keep going back to the Peyote Peeps. Never stop the mission!
  11. Whats the deal with the remaster? It was already spectacular.
  12. Just watched 'The King' on Netflix. Lil Timmy Chalamet is really on the up and up. Dune was amazing, I walked out to the news it took 7 years to pull off and am wondering how long it will be for the rest of them.
  13. I think the tough part is trying to reconcile Liquid Neon Sky with a request for dark or scary music. To me LNS isn't really close to something I'd call dark or spooky. I'd definitely recommend Sab Kuch Milegator Proxeeus - Perversion and Insanity Maybe even Xenomorph - Demagoguery of the Obscurants
  14. Liquid Neon Sky and all of Earth Crossing is just unreal. You don't always notice it at first but eventually the album opens up to you and "woah"! I went through a phase where nothing else sounded good to me but that Chi A.D album. I don't have recommendations for anything like. I've never heard any tracks like anything from Earth Crossing. Lot's of wild sound moments from that album. I love the Industrial house sounding wobbly sheet metal sound coming in at 3:20 on the track X-Isle. Once again, nothing like it as far as i;ve found. Based on your other comments though check out the song 'Fluff Factory' from the album FF - Alienated - Most songs on the album are hot tbh. And for something dark. Ya boi Proxeeus has you sorted. For a unique moment unlike almost anything i've heard listen to "Me, Myself, & A Gnop-Keh" from the Elan Vital Compilation. The break at 5:55. Just wait for it. I don't care if you don't like the start, you wait for it ya hear me. . . Btw the first half of the song I think is great too. Let me know what you think. I'll try come up with some others closer to Liquid Neon Sky
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