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  1. I didn't care for or see the point in physical releases when I first got into this. Proxeeus - Non Euclidean Geometry was my first cd purchase. Got it for the pretty design. Since then I've bought only the releases that I feel are a little extra special. Median project constellations, Elysium live and beyond, triquetra etc. Still don't have a cd player. They just sit around. But after the first physical purchase it seemed to open a little flood gate.
  2. Give it a chance. Maybe even start with the last 3 tracks. I know what you mean but for me this album had a lot of stand out 'big' moments. It is cosmic AF tho.
  3. Sorry i saw the posts throughout the day and figured it was doing fine, but yea, I was pretty vague. "This exactly^ I'm looking for early works from artists, not necessarily freestyle but stuff that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that comment would belong on. So still trance, still psytrance even, but a unique early works that people would consider 'unrestricted'. Dragon Twins and Cronomi's releases I suppose are a good modern take on what i'm after. Or fuck it even a well known freestyle album. Damn this is very vague. I checked out the Demon Tea backlog and thought they had w
  4. Hey gang, I saw a thread that has been removed (I guess) that was discussing 'freestyle music' I'm after albums that don't really sit inside any genre. Maybe early pioneer stuff from the 90's, or something you would expect someone to make the comment 'before we had defined genre's' about. Any recommendations would be great, the latest 'Sibilant - Proper Filth' is my only real reference point, or stuff by Sab Kuch Milegator.
  5. Artist: Triquetra Title: Human Control Label: Suntrip Records Release: August 14, 2020 Tracklist:- 1. Caveman Season 2. Impact 3. Forget About The Earth 4. Concentrated Dark Matter 5. Eternal Crusader 6. Dream (Interlude) 7. Rotary Reality 8. First Contact 9. Space Slugs 10. Future.exe 11. Incinerate (Live) 12. Captain Is Dead 13. Solar Searcher 14. Anomaly 15. Out Of Reach 16. Digital Heaven 17. Mind Virus 18. The Vacuum Catastophe 19. Coronal Mass Ejection ~ ~ I've heard plenty of people say and they are
  6. Yea it's a killa track, have purchased already, Jagoa is a baller and Shidartha is the real deal too. Really good track, I hope they fill their catalog up with more releases soon, promising beginning
  7. Hey hate to say it but I think the name change is a mistake. how many billions of people do we share the earth with and 1 of those billi00000000ns has a name dispute and it has to be changed. Although I do understand that the whole dispute has created bad vibes and shifted the vibrational frequencies around the name. If it's tainted then I do understand. ~ The release though, HOLY SHIT!! I haven't heard Aion go this hard before, track 1 and 3 are skitzofrenetic and make me want to speed down the highway screaming with joy, the main break of track 3 with the reverse basslin
  8. @AstralSphinx Thanks amigo, I tried putting artist - track titles at the bottom left of the screen of the Global Sect review and it didn't look right so I took them out. I'll try again to see if I can get it right but yea it is a better way to go especially if i'm going to not always make sense. @RTP , @Psychedelic Superbeast & @recursion loop Wouldn't be the internet if we didn't have some kind of drama, i'm happy my video's have created this so quickly. For real though thanks for all the suggestions, as you may have noticed in my written reviews I have not a clue about the ki
  9. Artist: Various Title: Global Sect Radio Label: Global Sect Release: June 27, 2020 Tracklist:- 1. Astronobios - Spider Web 2. Atlantis - Acid Goa Madness In Moscow 3. Psy-H Project - Genesis 4. Proxeeus - Orne & Hutchinson 5. Alienapia & ShivaOm - After The Universe 6. Merr0w - Space Whale Confirmed 7. Median Project - Midnight 8. Astrancer - Ain Soph 9. Psy-H Project - Precession Of The Universe (Median Project Rmx) Round 2. If any of you prefer reading rather than watching these video's let me know and I'll post th
  10. Thanks amigo and yea feel free to do what you like with any videos
  11. It's an easy Merrow extraordinaire from the Global Sect crew. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jaRebJPw_QM
  12. Hi there everyone, I've been wanting to do video reviews for a while now, my hope is that it will bring more hits to the music and somehow add to the scene. Any way self-righteous ramblings aside, this is my first attempt, I hate it, but need to start somewhere.
  13. A feeling is pretty much what it always comes down to. But can we call it a sub-genre if it birthed Psytrance?
  14. I think this is the main consideration, I wouldn't rename in a situation like Multi-Media where a synth pop group has come along. That being said I have a feeling that heaps of Psytrance artists share names, and I see heaps of rock and metal groups do this too, can make it hard to look for a specific artist but it is always feasible and sometimes a rewarding challenge. This is how I actually feel though, it's a name/title/identity, it's personal and if he is Aion or if he is Gaiaga that is as simple as that, no one is making enough money monotizing their music to make an argumen
  15. Have you listened to a lot of both 'genres'? I couldn't tell the difference at first, but now can tell pretty easily with some exceptions which straddle the line between the two. In that case I just call it Psytrance. I wouldn't say the synthetic nature or the arabicesque melodies are the differences. Goa is pretty distinct from Psytrance in a lot of ways, although I couldn't accurately say how. I guess the instruments used? The specific acid lines and song structure + kickdrums. If you listen to someone like Artha or Celestial Intelligence and then compare that to Astrix or Burn in
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