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  1. Ive read the first pge of this thread and the last, so maybe ive missed something but where do we find all of Astrancers old tracks?
  2. No disagreement from most of us, your 1.71 Sterling is welcome. Your reference albums are spot on too. The way you describe this album is exactly how i feel about Chi A.D Earth Crossing. The sort of album that makes you wonder if you are going to be able to enjoy another album ever again. Well I had the same thing when I first listened to Moksha, I didn't think I was ever going to find a Goa trance track exciting again. Luckily I still hadn't listened to Howling at the Moon at that point. I find it hard to believe that Psylent Buddhi didn't have the acclaim that Pleiadians, Cosmosis, Astral Projection etc had.
  3. Artist: Jagoa Title: The First Steps Label: Self Release Date: November 28, 2019 1. Het Fractale Elfje 2. Simon Says 3. Lunar Fractals 4. Tot Aan De Maan En Terug 5. Heel Ver Weg 6. Roots 7. Astral Flower Power 8. Intergalactic Hippy 9. Geometrical Vibration If Cronomi Hadn't thrown this release up on Facebook I may have never known about it. It's like Jago Boermans didn't want us to know about it. Maybe it's his little secret. Maybe he isn't happy enough with the results to be promoting it like it's better than a Late Late talk show. I don't know why any one wouldn't be happy with this production, it fucking rocks but if that is the reason then that's great, because some new works are going to be even better by his standard! That is all conjecture of course. Maybe Jago is just super chill and thinks that the universe will just do it's thing. Maybe he just wants to sit back and bask in his relevance to the cosmos. Either way, i'm happy with this release, full of warm low ends that wrap you up like the warmest safety blankets, Ominous acid that sits around the background and barking leads that shoot at you from the depths. ~ Het Fractale Elfje, The Jagoa tracks I do know handle samples and long intro’s really well. This is instantly the most industrial and raw of them all so far though. Dark, Moody, Metallic and still spacious. A great album intro and great track that has growling, grimy melodies. Simon Says Jago just wants people to dance a little more and worry a little less. Simon Says that the world is a complicated place and you can complicate it more by attaching yourselves to small parts of it to grasp for some sort of meaning because the prospect of allowing yourself to live in freedom is so horribly terrifying. Clap your hands and dance to this terrific track, fuck Simon, do it anyway. Lunar Fractals Comes in hot with some deep moods of forbearance. The disco baselines comes in and sweeps the track into ever deeper regions. The track grows and grows into a proper trance track that takes you away once again. Tot Aan De Maan En Terug smooths it way above your head with ease. The melody never grows old and cruises in, out & around the place for the rest of the track. Heel Ver Weg like all previous tracks builds into a monster. This time I didn’t even notice until I was swept up into the final crescendos of the final acts melodies and then released into the soft outro. Roots is another moody synth heavy track that carries you off into a world of floaty melodies. The track just gets cooler and cooler as it goes on. Connecting each emotion that it has created together into an uplifting sense of fulfilled joy. Astral Flower Power is a fully sparkled uplifting bit of enjoyment. Each break brings something new, like melodies of light force, interweaved spanglements of psychedelia and a dose of vitamin D so big you can forget the sun. Intergalactic Hippy might be one of the best tracks here for its atmospheres and breakdown after breakdown that releases in sweet insanity. Goametrical Vibration is a more tribal feeling track that has shed its moody club atmosphere for a more galactic experience. A slow burn as we spin through the Asteroid Belt only to find ourselves in the chaotic nothing beyond. A uplifting and cruisy closing track that floats you away out from the album with a sense of calm satisfaction. ~ If there is a proper release album coming out in the future then this album should be all you need to get prepped for it. Jago has a real talent for building tracks higher and higher. Each track is like a little journey that grows in intensity as it meanders through our minds. I really enjoyed this sneaky little release and will be purchasing it and all future works. https://jagoa.bandcamp.com/track/het-fractale-elfje
  4. Artist: Pete & Pan Title: Return Of The Goddess Label: Goa Madness Records Date: November 27, 2019 1. Serra Del Estrela 2. Elysian Fields 3. passing Spirits 4. Tantric Tweak, 5. The Fool 6. Abundance 7. Nowhere 8. Solstice 9. Muse (Bonus Track) Peiter, will you tell me a story? I’ll do better than that for you Peiter, we are going to make one together Pieter Goessens & Pieter van den Broeck make up Pete & Pan. If you haven't watched the Goa Madness interview with these fella's go and do so to get an idea of what they are all about. Alternatively you can take my word for it that they are all about having a fun and bringing enjoyment to the world. And if you know about Goa Madness Records then you probably know that they pretty much only release well produced psychedelic Goa albums. Taking this into account you can expect a well produced psychedelic Goa trance album that is almost filled to the brim with good times and positive story telling. The feel good aspect of this album is something I haven't heard since listening to Spiritual Healing. ~ Serra Da Estrela Good intro's are the most wonderful little gift that makes an album so much better. Serra Estrela has Astrix level Shamanic Tale vibes and does the trick of transporting you to another world like nothing else. The baseline is deadly and the magical atmospheres carry you through to a large vibrant melody that pick you up and take you higher and higher if you let it. Elysian Fields An anthem for all the teenage boys and girls out there that could never get some. A perfect mix of despondent teenage insecurity floats around positive future outlooks. If Elysian Field (Which is perfectly titled) does not pull an adolescent from their glum self pity into a mood terrorized by hope and positivity then nothing but time will. There is a playful little surprise for us further down the line that turns into a gamechanger for the track. Passing Spirits I like the vocal samples here. They all fit in really well and remind me of old 90's vocal trance that I used to hear in my friends old gym. Body Pump in North Australia circa 2005 is written all over this track. 8 bit sounds can also be found around Passing Spirits as can some key changes that almost always leave me feeling cheated. This time is no different but I find it easier to get over it and move on to my continued enjoyment of the track. The wicked first act sets the scene for the rest of the track that is The Fool. The smooth leads form into a smooth melody that travels around the void calmly juxtaposed against a dirty bassline and kickdrum. The two take turns with your attention and build a glitter spangled storyline Tantric Tweak Cool title and another cool intro comes as no surprise. If you want a track that builds and builds and builds then this might be the track for you. The explosion of feel good vibes wrapped up in a wide melody makes you want to stroll where rays of sunshine can surround you in warmth the way that Tantric Tweak warms you from the inside. Darker atmospheres crawl out of the intro to Abundance but quickly get buddied up next to some playful positivity. The track builds and builds into something almost unrecognizable to the beginning. Absolutely incredible story telling that has so far remained impossible to not get lost in. Nowhere Melodies of raw sugar screech across your brain and etch themselves into it. Behind that you have a melodies begging you to throw your arms out to the side to glide on euphoria. Solstice Starting energetic and full of playful potential as can be expected with these bubbas. Here you're gonna get more twists, just as many feel good melodies and scorching raw leads of nuclear fusion. Muse (Bonus Track) It's been a long time since ive sat through such a purposefully uplifting banger. Muse is the sort of track you close a magical festival experience with, leaving everyone full of bliss and peace. A favourite from the album for it's pure emotional power. ~ Goa Madness continue their selection of hand crafted, top quality maestro produced Goa Trance. The production quality here is on par with Hypnoxocks Eurythmia, everything is polished, clean & purposeful. Each Track is a story and each finishes far away from where it starts. Listen to your album however you want, but try as many different ways as possible, back to forth, front to back, on shuffle. each time you get a different perspective and a different journey. Some of the track in Return Of The Goddess are the sort of music The Muses Rapt should have been producing in 2019. Well Pieter & Pieter have taken the torch and given us something that is so delightful I'm scared of listening to it too much. If Pieter & Pieter are going to go to the effort of releasing this piece of wonder then i'll face my fears and listen to this album till my heart is content. This album is certainly going into my top 10 for 2019 and something I'll be bumping every time I need a little extra aural love in my life. Thank you Goa Madness and all of the Pieters involved in this project. https://goamadnessrecordsofficial.bandcamp.com/album/return-of-the-goddess
  5. I wrote a review for this Incandescent but lost it on my computer. In Summary, Celestial Intelligence brings us an album full of what they do well. Spacey tracks that are carried by their melodies of interwoven wonder. The structure of their tracks really stands out and makes listening a pleasure. For the amount of stuff going on it's a wonder the tracks still feel like they are so full of room. It comes across as the sort of album that simply requires two people to pull off. So expect twice the thought and twice the number of ideas. While it doesn't have the magical trio of Divine Miracles, Constant Motion & Anapa all of which are complete anthems, the style and production has been refined into a tight ball of skill. The overall psychedelia has been increased What I love most about Celestial Intelligence is their introductions of new elements. A seemingly meaningless little background noise can grow into the primary melody taking over from the last and keeping each track incredibly engaging. Favorite tracks are:- Alteration which has a great rise in intensity towards the 2nd half of the track Forking Paths for its development from a dark psychedelic number into soaring psychedelic euphoria Galactic Journey for being just that Psychic Transference for its classic Celestial melodic spirals of fun and overall atmosphere. The melodies are brighter and sharper than their previous album, the euphoria and 'wow' moments are still abundant and thanks to extra psychedelic elements I think it Incandescent does a great job at pulling you into each track. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/incandescent
  6. I have found that my main aversion to pop is exactly that it is currently popular. I love listening to Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, Pink, etc etc now that is older and not played on radio.
  7. Someones gotta promote this project. The First Steps is a series of tracks made between 2012 & 2014 from Jago Boermans Jagoa Project. Deep moody hypnotic trance that sweeps you away to lost worlds that Jago created by having a little fun. Expect the above adjectives as well as groovy melodies that get bigger and bigger. It seems like this was just a quiet self release and if Cronomi hadn't posted about it I might not have known about it which would have been a shame. Well worth looking into, a pretty solid release. Tracklist:- Het Fractale Elfje Simon Says Lunar Fractals Tot Aan De Maan En Terug Heel Ver Weg 11:14 Roots 08:41 Astral Flower Power Intergalactic Hippy Goametrical Vibration https://jagoa.bandcamp.com/releases
  8. https://jagoa.bandcamp.com/track/het-fractale-elfje This sums it about up.
  9. A whole bunch of community generated content on a psynews channel wouldn't be a bad idea. This could be but one of many contributions.
  10. Well that clears up any confusion anyone was having ;p
  11. Personally I like the 35:00 drop. From someone that still goes to clubs, the "progressive goa" are pretty funky, they just sort of come out from underneath rather than above. Kinda takes you by surprise. Definitely a techno thing, especially those damn sweeps. I haven't heard a modern techno track that doesn't have a sound effect that just sounds like a high pitched smoke machine. #cocaine&ket
  12. Well now I can stop hiding my conversations here from my LGBT friends. Have you tried mixing it into a track yourself?
  13. The sentiment is there and he explains it so well. But I would say he is under selling the difference of 1% on an infinite scale. That 1% could be far grander than the phrase "Only 1% different" suggests. For example, our accomplishment as a species as well as our failures are far grander than 1% different to those of Chimps. As far as we know, the chance of other life is only a mathematical probability devoid of evidence. I believe there most certainly is life out there, but I still think that as far as we know, we are as good as it gets and we should be kinda settled by that.
  14. I'd call that intelligence, even if our measuring stick is our own measuring stick, we still have a measuring stick. Dolphins, Chimps & Mice are all great, but they don't have the ability of collective consciousness. No out of space travel, excluding Bobo, no greek, roman, continental or asian philosophy. If it wasn't for our glaring flaws of wanting to piss on everything and start fires in our own backyard we would just about have it all. Gaia theory suggests that nothing that comes from nature can act in way that nature did not attend. Therefore it could be perfectly natural for us humans to destroy ourselves and most other things, we might have a finite timeline that no version of Sapiens can surpass past a point, Fermi's great filter. This contradicts my earlier point before that we are exquisite. Rather Gaia is exquisite and we are completely ordinary going about our human things with no relative awareness beyond what is desired by nature. IDK
  15. Nervasystem - Time Travel Rotating Rama Non Terrestial Intelligence Interstellar Mutation Juddervision Dimension Expansion Narcosynthesis Cybermat Karmenbozia Rotating Rama I instantly expect Wagner’s Rise Of The Valkyries to start during this intro. Although I simply do not know why. But we don’t need that to giddy up into battle, Nervasystems bass line and kicks do the job just fine. What else can I say? The track spirals into a psychedelic wedding void of prenuptials but with champagne towers of funk. Non Terrestial Intelligence a fun take on a common theme. Forget the terristials and their otherworldly smarts, what about the non terrestrials huh? Well. A foresty kind of intro turns into a track that lives in the darkness. The aural embodiment of LSD shivers, slide down this track into your brain as a team of different layers swell toward you like they are on a try-out for the Schlabbaduerst rekkords cheerleader squad. Interstellar Mutation back with the extra terrestrials we find ourselves in the beep booping depths of space, is anybody out there? Well Nervasystem is and at the 1:55 mark he reminds you of that, can you spell ‘rumbelling baslines’ my friends? Leads of electrical energy fire themselves straight at you like a game of laser tag with teenagers and too much frozen Fanta. But oh no, don’t think that is meant as a bad thing. How could it be when the reverse bass is that doped up and heavy. Juddervision I might’ve had Juddervision before. Hard to know when you don’t know what the gosh danged fuck Juddervision is. Great song though, hard, fast & aggressive, the trifecta. Another perfect fit for Schlabbaduerst rekkords Volume 13. A simple lead quickly develops into psychedelic bliss. Why does everything this guy do sound so damn good? The main melody is so metallic and funkedlically spinny. Awesome stuff. Dimension Expansion Nervasystem could just draw his intro’s out to a full track length and I wouldn’t notice until it ended. Well he aint gonna do that, instead he's going to turn Dimension Expansion into a mansion owned by Deedrension Emery filled with leads that have emancipation and enhancing backwords dancing kept away from Emery’s enemy Ketrahension Newery and her severely severed sense lacking didactic pension. Narcosynthesis comes in nice and hard with another favourite melody/lead of the album. Raw with a drizzle of Greek styled balsamic drizzle Narcosynthesis really hits home. It simply seems to never end which is completely wonderful and the ideal feeling from an amped track that is this good. Cybermat Smooth galvanized steel ambiences in the background of another foreboding intro, a bassline comes in and its go time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because this song has the word mat in it that this song is going to be taken on the ground getting stepped on. Simply not the case and btw stop thinking like that in general its unhelpful and unhealthy you sicko. Karmenbozia I really did assume that this word was made up and could not have ever told you that I thought there was going to be a ‘Karmenbozia’ sample. Good and rare find as far as I am concerned. Nervasystem gives this track a more progressive edge and plays around with positioning of sounds rather than creating a wacked out wil’n banger. From the perspective of this guy I suppose it is a downtempo track. But beware, he still manages to trip you out towards the end. Quite the album and Quite the artist. As far as my preference for dark psytrance/goa/whatever-we-call-it goes this is probably at the top of my list of most preferred. Truly a must have for any collector and appreciator of this fine musical sub culture. https://anjunarecords.bandcamp.com/album/nervasystem-time-travel
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