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  1. Tsotsi

    Need some new Goa

    In the car, in the gym, when I have free time, when I practice the dj'ing and while I drift off to sleep. Too much? Sometimes I wonder if a music addiction is a thing.
  2. Looking forward to digging into all of these.
  3. Tsotsi

    Nibana - Earth From Above

    Just a heads up that you can now snag this for the sweet price of zilch on Ektoplazm. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/nibana-earth-from-above
  4. Tsotsi

    Need some new Goa

    OH Golly! How did you let that happen? Im out here holding off from the new Suntrip comp because I still need to listen to the rest of my stuff. There was a thread a few weeks back with the same question. I'll post what@Richpa wrote as its pretty comprehensive. ᔖ January ᔖ [CD] Goa Luni - Exploring Worlds EP (Timewarp Records) [CD] Median Project - In The Depths Of Space (Global Sect Music) ► Monumental - Zerkala EP (Timewarp Records) [CD] Omnivox - Surrender (Goa Madness Records) ► SwaraTrip - Carnatic EP (Timewarp Records) [CD] Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet (Suntrip Records) ᔖ February ᔖ ► Fiery Dawn - Magus (Timewarp Records) [CD] Lectro Spectral Daze - Infinitely Intricate Unfolding Kaleidoscope (Neogoa Records) [CD] Ray Castle & Collaborators - Mystique Of The Metaverse (Suntrip Records) ► V/A - The Call Of Goa 3 (Timewarp Records) ᔖ March ᔖ ► Mind Echo - Dreams of Travels EP (Timewarp Records) ► Neogenia - No Longer Human EP (Timewarp Records) ► The Maniac - Necronomicon II EP (Timewarp Records) ᔖ April ᔖ ► Coredata - Shaman EP (Zion604 Records) ► Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light (DAT Records) ► Funky Gong - Distance To Anjuna EP (Spacedock Records) ► Goa Luni - Holographic World EP (Timewarp Records) ► Psychedelic Quest - Out Of Time EP (Timewarp Records) ► V/A - Goa Meditation 2 (Timewarp Records) ► Wizard Project - Inner Earth EP (Timewarp Records) ᔖ May ᔖ ► Consept Lightwork - Moments Of Magic (Timewarp Records) [CD] Ephedra - What The Future Brings (Goa Madness Records) [CD] Morphic Resonance - Perplexity (Suntrip Records) ► Netsu - Voidgazing EP (Mamomam Records) [CD] Rayavana - Sands Of Time (Sita Records) [CD] Ubar Tmar - Another Transform EP (Zion604 Records) ᔖ June ᔖ ► Atanasys - Melodic System (Goa Galaxy) ► Miraceti - Whale Space Journeys EP (Mamomam Records) [CD] Ufomatka - Off The Beaten Track Of The Universe (Cronomi Records) [CD] Veasna - Spectral Flux (Neogoa Records) ► V/A - Retrodelic Vibes ᔖ July ᔖ ► 01-N - Escape EP (Timewarp Records) ► Cactus Arising - Karma EP (Timewarp Records) ► Psychowave - Chronicles EP (Spacedock Records) [CD] Ubar Tmar - Early Fusion (Zion604 Records) ᔖ August ᔖ [CD] E-Mantra - Stapanii Timpului (Suntrip Records) ► Nostromosis - On The Eve Of The Big Bang EP (Timewarp Records) ► Somnesia - Infinite Mind (Timewarp Records) ► V/A - Lotus (Timewarp Records) ᔖ September ᔖ [CD] Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru (DAT Records) ► Gus Till - My Body Is My Nightclub (Self-released) [CD] JBC Arkadii - Varvar (Sita Records) ► N3V1773 - 604 EP (Timewarp Records) ► Neogenia - Android Hell EP (Timewarp Records) ► Tranquility Base Project - Strange Theories EP (Timewarp Records) [CD] V/A - Shambhala (Global Sect Music) ► V/A - Colors Of Goa 3 (Timewarp Records) ᔖ October ᔖ ► V/A - 303 Syndrome (Mamomam Records) [CD] Denshi Danshi - Brain Chemistry ᔖ November ᔖ ► V/A - Elan Vital (Melusine Records) ᔖ December ᔖ ► V/A - The 50th Parallel (Suntrip Records) I've highlighted my favourites, but if you scroll down a few posts you'll see a similar thread with more recommendations.
  5. Artist: California Sunshine Title: Bicycle Tune LP Label: Spiral Trax Release: October 19, 2018 Tracklist:- 1. Shining Star 2. Deep Noise 3. Horizon Trip 4. Delusions 5. Bicycle Tune (Adrenaline Drum Remix) 6. Alegro Vivace 7. Backwards 8. Night Shift 9. After Shock I suppose I'm a good person to review the new California Sunshine LP. Having not experienced the wonders of his tracks in the hay day I would say I'm not jaded or doe-eyed. With 4 tracks done with 'The WonderBoy' I would expect a lot of us to be more excited than I've seen. But I'm not the old school guy of the forum so I only know what I've read. To begin with I can't compliment the cover. I can however criticise it. Did a bot auto generate this? The only way I can say that it makes some sort of sense is if it was meant to contain some sort of message of artwork moving from 2d to 3d and then real life. I don't know, I only mention it because I would rather anything else so that I might be able to expect something more from this. Now without any prejudice I might say that the album is not in any way bad. if you want truly fat kicks, solid un-muddled production and easy to follow riddims then you might find yourself enjoying the album. My qualm however is that I'm certain it will be left behind in most peoples 'to listen' list as I just don't see how it would fit into a set or stand up to the quality of trance we see today. It's not quite daytime trance and really at night time I would be much happier listening to something else. What I mean is that this wouldn't make me run to main stage after 34 minutes of convincing my mates to come with me. That leaves another issue, is it main stage trance and if not where does it fit? Well it's not quite main stage material, the kicks, baselines and drive all make it feel that way while the rest of the elements say otherwise. The tracks sort of require you to listen to them from start to finish but have that full-on (mix this to keep me interested) vibe going on. It might be Goa but it just doesn't have enough of the Goa elements that I enjoy to say it really fits in. I mean the production is fine, its chunky and hard hitting but where does it take you? There are of course some notable tracks such as Deep Noise and some parts in Backwards which have a pretty great leads, but overall I feel like the tracks don't keep me entertained for long enough due to them not keeping focus on the parts that make them good. Most of the tracks here, while being enjoyable at parts simply take to long to get to a special place or never get there at all. For this reason I guess this album will be placed pretty low in peoples 'buy list', largely due to a significant output of trance albums over 2018. https://spiraltrax.bandcamp.com/album/california-sunshine-bicycle-tune-lp-spit144-spiral-trax
  6. Tsotsi

    VA - Shambhala [Global Sect Music]

    I had to throw an edit into my review about the mind sphere track after a fresh listen. The secret I suppose is to make it the first Goa trance track you listen to in a headphone sesh. Any way ill repost here just to bump it up. EDIT: On further listens this track is an absolute standout. We should disregard my earlier comments, I don't know what I was thinking. Mindsphere has delivered an absolute wonder of a journey to us. The track isn't exactly the deep deep listening journey we get from a lot of cosmic Goa but instead finds a balance between that and a relentless dancefloor focused wonderland that simply doesn't let up. The thing about a 12 minute track like this is that every time you think that it might end Mindsphere finds a way to keep it going. I wish could I could hear this on a dance floor. While it is tiring to listen to regularly due to the surprises and structure becoming familiar (and it still isn't I just don't want to it become so) I would say it has been a very long time since a track has hit me in this way. The track is a different sort of journey that is going to mean I need to actually get some Mindsphere albums. I was always hoping I could disregard his music just to cut down on the number of artists I need to dig deep into. I now have anew appreciation for Ali's style and won't be album to stay away from old and new releases for long.
  7. Timewarp v4. Looks like it's going to be a blast, looking forward to another Great comp!
  8. Tsotsi

    E-mantra - Serenity Ep

    A lot of E-Mantra down tempo to get through but i suppose i can start here.
  9. Tsotsi

    Zen Baboon - Collected

    Artist: Zen Baboon & (I think) Zen Racoon Title: Collected Label: Baboon Clinic Release: November 8, 2018 Tracklist:- 1. Chaotic Shapes (Collected Mix) 2. Keep Positive (Remaster) 3. Love Road (Live Edit) 4. Chocolate Sushi (Summer Edit) 5. Fataca Estalaris (Interlude) 6. Baby Bombay (Remaster) 7. Agora (Live Edit) 8. Disjointed life (Boom Edit) 9. Summer Somewhere (Live Edit) 10. Best Days (Tribal Mix) Fresh from the Baboon clinic comes a collection of tracks from previous comps that are yet to reach the dubby pages of Bandcamp. The mixing with organic natural sounds means you have the soft chirrups of birds in your ears while thick dubbed beats surround and carry you away. The only track I've heard before was the original Love Road on the Hommega 20 year comp. With no other knowledge of their works I can say I really did enjoy the experience and will be playing parts of this album to wake up, to bed and for my next autumn walk. In fact if I had to walk through an autumn park for the rest of my life this is probably the soundtrack I would want drifting into my ears. Some tracks are slow and sensual like Chaotic Shapes & Baby Bombay, while others have the full strength of psychedelic downtempo driving them forward like Disjointed Life and plenty of tracks give you both as you'll notice in Summer Somewhere. If darker ominous tracks are your thing then I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to Keep Positive will help rough your positive anti-brooding personality up in just the most enjoyable way. The Love Road (Live Edit) has some extra zips and zaps throughout it that make it different enough from the original and Chocolate Sushi somehow morphs into a track with elements of reggae riddim. Whether its house influenced pulsing songs or silky layers designed to drift you away to calmer places the Baboon Clinic has you covered. All in all every track here is distinct and enjoyable it's hard to pick favourites as a lot of songs are quite apart form one another but the ones I mentioned are definitely up there. Oh did I mention that it is 'Name Your Price'. We call that a bargain where I'm from. https://zenbaboon.bandcamp.com/album/collected
  10. Where do you find most your psybreaks? I use beatport for noem and broken robot but it's such an illusive genre.
  11. Exactly what I came onto the DJ promotion forum to find. Great timing and GREAT mix. Did you do this on edeejay?
  12. Gotta get on the compilation game. :p
  13. Tsotsi

    THE worst cover in psy history

    This is surely the worst. Non of it fits. And not in an intentional let's be psychedelic and random sort of way. More like a bots first attempt at making an album cover. Not bad music though.
  14. Tsotsi

    V.A. - Elan Vital

    All tracks very good. The intro track by Travma is what got my attention. I liked every aspect of it other than the bassline. I felt like it was going a thousand miles a second while the rest of the track was left behind, this did make it the trippiest track though. I'll listen again. Proxeeus comes out with the best second half of a track I've heard, well since Hall-Lux by Artha. What a track. If his album is anything like that we are going to lose our minds. Every other track is worth a notable mention. Clearly very carefully selected with plenty of crazy moments, some tracks are straight up mind fucks. I hope Melusine records joins the Goa trance team and keeps releasing comps and albums like this. With our support they just might.