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  1. tsotsi

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

    I could only reccommend gubbology and Sab Kuch Milegator. They are the only ones I listen to though. More goa\suomi\forest
  2. tsotsi

    ZNA aftermath!

    I'd take a revival in the NT, WA, TAS, or just about anywhere in Australia.
  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeees. Have been wondering to myself for weeks when the next Mamoman release will be.
  4. Bandcamp is saying that digital download will be available after physical sales are done. Buy buy buy people! Tsotsi needs a little digi download
  5. I don't know anything about making Goa or even what all the tools are that get used. But first of all your tracks are pretty hot. It sounds like practice is just gonna get you where you want to go, Recursion gives good advice, just mess around. Goa Burst is my fav track. After listening to Generational Happieness I was gonna tell you to tease us with the elements of your tracks next act before bringing them all the way in. Maybe before the break or just during. But I heard you do this in Goa Burst.
  6. I mean shit, the world needs more visuals.
  7. Keep em coming Open Source amigo. This genre needs more visuals.
  8. All really hot tracks with the last and fastest being my fav. Glad I know Maiia303 is your side project. I somehow missed the distinction in names between that and your main project.
  9. tsotsi

    Ephedra - What the Future Brings

    It was by far the freshest and most unique track on the album. Thoroughly enjoyed. The triplets worked a treat. Its nice to know you had fun making the track as well, keeps things spicy.
  10. If they bomb then no problem, the hardstyle will wipe the memory from your brain. ;O
  11. tsotsi

    Ephedra - What the Future Brings

    Artist: Ephedra Title: What The Future Brings Label: Goa Madness Records Release: May 18, 2018 Tracklist: - 1. In Search Of Flying Saucers 2. Flying Into The Night 3. Twisted Keys 4. Machiavellin? 5. Savannah Monk Trail (Ephedra & Imba) 6. Cosmic Collaboration (Proxeeus & Ephedra) 7. Return To the N Life 8. Deep inside Feelings 9. Floating Souls Ok whats going with you bunch? Triquetra, Morphic Resonance, Sab Kuch, Lectro Spectral, cgeomagnetic comps and the rest of the 2018 release gang (you're all great) and now Ephedra. You graduate from middle school? Finally got yourselves real jobs? Get yourselves married? Have a couple of kids? Cause 2018 has been a year of mature music. A year of well thought out, technical bangers that have got me hitting puberty. Now Ephedra comes in to bring to add a little extra flavour. To show that the big boys know when to hold back till just the right point, when to build but not explode, when to reserve their tracks to create anticipation, when to just make nice sounds and not stress about all the hooha. 2018 got us all grown up. In search of Flying Saucers - UFO's. mystery. space. aliens. New Mexico the home of the Roadrunner. The kick Is hot the leads are perfectly reserved coming in and out but never to insane. This is the patience Im talking about. A really really good track. Flying Into The Night - a little break beat introduces us into spacier and faster feeling track. The leads twirl and slice away in the back, being brought forward at perfect moments as the rest of the track balances out. The melody is infectious as its shot at you over and over again. The track is pure hyperspace listening material, put it on and before you know it you’ve reached galaxy NGC 7320 All Aboard Twisted Keys - we don’t slow down here, a short moody intro keeps the journey rolling. Little tribal drum taps in the background are beat out with the lightest of fingers before leads takes centre stage & zip us away. Once again Ephedra balances the elements and layers out with exquisite grace. Nothing in this song is monotoned & just as you think the frenzy has ended Ephedra takes it up a notch and finishes with some great knob fiddles. Machiavellian - Ah señor Niccolò, the espouser of the old greek and roman value systems as well as the man that had the personality trait of deceit, self interest and manipulation named after him. The only manipulation in this song is that of Ephedra’s tools over your brain. Ephedra darkens things up a bit while keeping a coherent flow throughout the song. A perfect track for workplace craftiness, backstabbing a trusted confidant and dancing in any dark location of your picking. Epehdra & Imba - Savannah Monk Trail - Love the choral vocals and the drums in the intro. Another cool baseline and kick combo then takes us off to a happier place where elastic leads extend in and out. More squelches, an elephant and tribal chants set this track apart from the others. Imba and Ephedra’s mojo works in fine balance with each other, proven as the track increases in intensity from start to finish. A fav Ephedra and Proxeeus, Cosmic Collaboration - I gotta say I was excited when I saw these two together on a track, even more so the the title suggested that these two came up with some sweet sweet hallucinogenic Himalayan Cliff Bee Mad honey for us all to sip on. They did, much more melodic than I expected while still completely psychedelic and of course totally banging, another welcome and successful combination of talent. Return to the N Life - A title that would also work well for an Ice Cube album, Return to the N life takes us back into the land of classic ephedra. Another mature track that despite not really standing out I would still play at any party, yea even my nephews 6th birthday party. Once again Ephedra shows a lot of skill with his instruments and thought in production. Deep Inside Feelings - Ephedra gets all sentimental and opens up his electrifying feelings to us. I love when he strips the baseline away, a metaphor for his struggle to balance an minimalist life with the pressure to succeed (I don’t know, sounds cool though). The song is hot hot hot but nothing prepares you for whats next. Floating souls - The closing track. What's it gonna be? Which way will he take this? Many questions and only one answer. Ecstasy. Ephedra takes us away from all earthly feelings and into a land of the beyond. I don’t know exactly what it is….Yes I do, the intensity, leads, melody, dreamy floatiness and all the other things that make Goa trance just so incredible. This goes up there with Experiments into some of my favourite Goa trance tracks of all time. That’s that, what I will call a perfectly balanced album. This is by far my favourite Ephedra album, the patience in the track development all the way to the actual track development really stand out here. It’s a skill that comes with experience and with 3 albums under his belt it seems like Ephedra is getting plenty of that. Like all good middle school graduations, Ephedra has matured his sound into something completely delightful for the ears. Big shout out to Goa Madness for their support of great artists and 3 big blasting Ephedra albums. https://goamadnessrecords.bandcamp.com
  12. tsotsi

    Merrow - Hybridization

    Cover was hard to get past I agree, A chance at some geographical learning. You search 'black triangle acid' ill search 'black triangle vagina'....
  13. tsotsi

    Morphic Resonance - Perplexity [Suntrip Records]

    Like MrAnarchy said the challenge of deeper styles can be a bunch of fun to dive right into. I'm not a dark psy guy though, the kicks annoy me to no end. Throw a Goa kick on though, that's another story. I was too busy being impressed with the maturity of the music rather than the emotional feel of it. It doesn't take me off into a deep spacey floating trance but rather into the industrial depths of the world, but that's still a part of the world and my mind that I want to explore. I can't help but picture Cristian composing the album and being completely taken aback by his finesse. I feel that along with Triquetra's Ecstatic Planet we have seen two very mature pieces of work.
  14. tsotsi

    Off to South America

    Hola all, I'm off to mexico, Cuba and south America today. Whose got the goss on the hot parties, record labels to follow and festival activity? All advice more than likely getting put into action.