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  1. Artist: Median Project Title: Another Galaxy Label: Suntrip Records Release: April 30, 2021 Tracklist: 1. Human Error 2. Starry Skies 3. Time Lord 4. Devil Fish 5. Measurements X 6. Lone Star 7. Deep Dive 8. Other Life Form 9. Flight To Jupiter Join me as we explore yet Another Galaxy with Median Project in the usual well tempered and magnificently succinct way. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/another-galaxy https://www.suntriprecords.com/news/
  2. I'm only writing this so this thread doesn't seem so lonely, as I am also guessing you have also already seen it for sale on Discogs for $170
  3. Boom! Perfect, good find, I literally didn't know where to search and typing "vaccine album" on the internet doesn't get you anywhere you want to go. Pretty decent tracks as well, a few interesting one but also a lot that are quite fucking wild.
  4. Close enough for me Also wow it's a big track
  5. Tsotsi

    Khetzal - Etamines

    Artist: Khetzal Title: Etamines Label: Suntrip records Release: 15th of March, 2021 Tracklist:- 1. Admonition 2. Zigggurat 3. Grey Kitty In The Box 4. Gather Your Herds 5. Acide Formique 6. Pavane 7. A World Of Outmoded Ideas 8. Didge Voices 9. Ealitas Ex Nihilo Please do not hesitate to enjoy https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/etamines-3
  6. Nice find, this got missed in the torrent of timewarp releases. THis 'Snufkin is Gone' track with Cronomi was one of my favs, and sparked a little hunt for his sound a few years ago. Going to check this out very soon.
  7. Great recommendations. I might work with nova fractals or wait for the IM release. . . You all just saved Median Project from a very awkward irrelevant review :')
  8. Completely unhinged. Love this review. I liked the crazy synth personally.... Ok, just relistened to the one in the second track. Train overboard! Train Overboard! I liked the 4 minute wobbles, it was the big kiddy melody at 3:05 that turned me off a little. Have been meaning to buy all of Ohm Minds recent releases. Maybe I'll stick to the Proxeeus collab.
  9. Hey all, I have the best idea, but need an album that references vaccines or medicine in any loose way whatsoever. I doubt they exist in the electronic/psychedelic world, but thought i'd give it a shot...Lol.
  10. Fuck me. We have a hard enough time trying to convince people to eat salad.
  11. Probably the most mind melting. Then Triquetra honestly if you haven't head it yet. I think it's been a good year for music.
  12. Something new with new sound that you might not have heard before. Raw and nasty - UX - Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond) Cosmic and space age with some particularly wild moments - Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut (Track 3, 4, 6, 8) Old School Sound with mind melting moments - Triquetra - Human Control Fast psychotic smooth psytrance - Aion feat. Kirenaj - Balder
  13. Glad no one has closed this off yet. Late to the game, here we go Uptempo 1. Triquetra - Human Control 2. Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut 3. VA - Global Sect Radio 4. VA - Gamma Draconis 5. The Maniac - Into Madness 6. Maan - Floral Cortex 7. VA - The Sound Of Belgoa 8. UX - Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond) 9. Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet 10. M-Run - Live Sessions Downtempo (Including Ep's) 1. Symbolico - Perceiving All 2. Perfect Blind - Shapes & Illusions 3. VA - Mystical Symmetry 4. Bes - SEE (EP) 5. Adrika - Deep Step In The Dark (EP)
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