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  1. Oh damn we got more too. http://zion604records.bandcamp.com No explanation needed http://spiraltrax.bandcamp.com http://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com Can't forget these guys, supporting lots of new guys.
  2. http://cosmodelicarec.bandcamp.com Only a few releases but some Macedonian Goa in there somewhere. http://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com Mostly top notch Romanian electro and some Goa. http://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com Nothing but high quality releases.
  3. I'm in for Russia, Israel & Sweden. For Russia i'm lumping all the Eastern Europeans in. I know they might not like it but it makes it easier than other. Lunar Dawn, Imba, Nostromosis, Median Project, Fiery Dawn, Centavra Project (Who I just Realized I've been spelling wrong for years), Goasia, Alienapa, Psy-H Project, Omnivox, Omneon, Liquid Flow, Katedra, Artifact303. Sorry for calling you all Russians, but shit, Eastern Europe has it going on.
  4. Artist: Symbolico Title: Perceiving All| Date: 20 March, 2020 Label: Self Release Tracklist:- 1. Gaian Portal 2. Perceiving All 3. Tribal Future 4. I'm Free 5. Seeing Auras 6. Dreamy Face 7. The Answer 8. Who Are You 9. Out Of The Blue Heart No one does it quite like Symbolico, if you haven’t heard Connectika then it’s well worth it to get an idea of exactly how good he is at looping, chopping, reversing and turning those sweet rhythms around. Love to feel percussion yea? Or save yourself the listen and just listen to this one, it will give you the same clue as to what a little mix wizard this guy is. Perceiving All is the kind of album that belongs in the cloudless sky of a bright beach somewhere. Briming with sunshiny vibes Perceiving All pulls off another Symbolico wobbly and broken dub special. Psychedelia? Check Rhythms? Check Chopp’d n Screwed samples, spirals n’ beats? Check Check Check. It’s a travesty that right now we can’t bounce around in a big pit on a spring day to this collection of jams. Symbolico has added a more Reggaeton-esque dub feel to this album that goes just so well with Riesling and sunshine. It still has the weird groovy touch of a Symbolico album but with even more wild sections like the spirals in ‘The Answer’ and the laid back positive vibes of 'Perceiving All’ just to name two. You got psychedelic bass for the lazy hammock and psychedelic bass for jumping around in the sand while pretending your arms are floating on sound. Symbolico’s last album left me feeling like I had heard something special and Perceiving All is no different. Favourites: Tribal Future, The Answer, I'm Free https://symbolico.bandcamp.com/album/perceiving-all
  5. Yep - it is unbelievably magical and fantastic, gets me pumped! All these years later and you still struggle to beat an Antares track.
  6. Your dedication in finding this guys music is appreciable. Only on track 1 but it's a light fueled banger for sure.
  7. Tsotsi

    Imba - Liberation EP

    Artist: Imba Artist: Liberation Label: Mamomam Records Date: Dec 5, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Liberation 2. Imba & Hisia - Elysium Island (Imba Remix) 3. Imba & Lydia Del Ray - Dancefloor Stompers 4. Dimension 5 - Omega Centaurus (Imba 2019 Remix) See what I mean? Am I here for me or for you? I've always been a fan of Mamomam Records cover art & Liberation is no exception, warm tones and a softness that help you feel uplifted and safe. I've only heard Mamomam release rich detailed trance so far and expect this to be no different. Imba managed to get his track with Ephedra at the start of the latest Goa Trance Legacy and this album is no different. Liberation gives us a smooth intro flipped into full power banger, the main lead floats around the top of the track while other elements come and go. The production is fantastic, every part of the track is distinctly enhanced and detailed. The shoutey man voice was a cool trick too. Overall a decent track with a little bit of cool everything. Elysium island (Imba Remix) is a good track all the way through but becomes an Egyptian deity at the soft soothing mid break, i love that stuff, then bom shanka the 50mg of melody delivered directly to your amygdala starts to demand movement. All in all, an aptly named track. Dancefloor Stompers brings with it my favourite atmosphere and mood of the album. If 5g towers sent out waves that made people feel as good this track does we wouldn't have so many conspiracies. Is Dancefloor Stompers the antidote? The antibody that we need? It damn well is the track that had Tsotsi feeling good. Hot damn that mid break and that big, throbbing rod of energy bursting into the scene is just a treat. I can tell when Imba is having a good time with a track and this feels like one of those moments. *puff* Omega Centaurus by Dimension 5 Dimension 5 and remixed by Imba is of course a pretty exciting track title to see. Omega Centaurus without Imba is already ecstasy. Imba puts every detail in its rightful spot and digitizes it up a lil and when it ends it feels like it was all over to fast...Leaving you feeling empty, sick, dazed and alone. So alone. But then you hit play and it's all muy biene again. ~ This is a good little EP, it packs a punch. The word around town is that Imba has finished his studio, you can notice the difference in quality here. It's big thick bright trance that is right up Mamomam Records alley. It's a tragedy that Artists and Dj's aren't out there banging these records to crowds of wild humans. And it's a beautiful tragedy that so far we have only figured out how to connect as one people when we are faced with tragedy. That's not from Goa trance's lack of trying but we aren't here for the politics. Liberation EP is BitCHhiN'. https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/liberation
  8. I can empathize with this sentiment but there is a danger in saying what you say and putting it out there. Like a relationship where one person says they would like more praise for the things they do. You never know if the future praise is due to general admiration or just them trying to make you happy. You risk losing genuineness. But I empathise all the same, as a pseudo reviewer i'm pretty used to my reviews getting low - 0 engagement. Look at the Goa Gilde Review, that motherfucker took to 2 weeks, complete with 4 characters, an introductory gif, links, 2 commercial breaks and a review x 3 of each track. And guess what 317 views! Are you joking, 317!. But you complain about stuff like that and before you know it you either sound like 'I'm a baby that needs validation', or you get more attention but never know if it's just people trying to coax your ego. For me it's no problem, I wriote review cause i need something to do when i listen to a new album, it's why they are mostly positive, first time listening + sparking up a big fat boy is a wonderful thing. I do it for me. FOR ME! All the same, I wish you artists had more engagement and attention. You deserve it, and like you said it is so easy for us to give to you.
  9. I've never listened to any of his stuff despite an abundance of praise coming his way. I might start here, but don't have time right now SO, before I do may i ask:- - Do his projects differ very much from one another?
  10. Interesting and engaging from an expert musician - https://digitaldiamonds.bandcamp.com/album/dd021l-descending-out-into-the-distance Ethno tribalistic simplisticly wonderful trance - https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/live-and-beyond Clubby Progressive stuff - https://nextlevelist.bandcamp.com/album/circuit
  11. Tsotsi

    Material Music - DNA

    Artist: Material Music Title: DNA Label: Self Release Date: June 4, 2018 Tracklist: Sigh Formulation Psy. System Blue Mysost Psychoactive System DNA Psychic Power Planetary Movement Pa-R-Rel Universe DigiMafia I've come to learn that every time I hear a Material Music track all the way through I pretty much am always going to have a good time. Not always easy to comment on because some times they are simply pleasant trance tracks. Pleasant meant in the best way possible, pleasant is good, pleasant is great...Praise be to pleasant. Sigh Formulation - No fucks given for an intro so that's how it's gonna be here too. The first act is alright but doesn't really engage me. The next act knows what i'm wanting and hits me with it. So much was going that at the halfway point I thought the track was over. As soon as I stopped focusing so hard and just chilled out a little I didn't really appreciate this track properly. Psy, System - A track that asks you to take cruising altitude as soon as possible. Drive down a highway to it, in the background as you furiously comment and post on Facebook or pour a martini and jump around the room. Blue Mysost - Cosy Cheeze! Blue Cozy Cheese, just in case any one wanted to know what Mysost is. I mean this in an endearing way, Blue Mysost really is what i would want Lounge Trance to be. I want to be ordering a Negroni on a spring day with this in the background right now. Psychoactive System I don't know what to say really, another great background trance track. The first JOOF playlist I ever heard was when I starting paying attention to trance, a random playlist picked for a study sesh in the library and before you know it i was in the zone, pages and words flying,. All thanks to pappa JOOF. So far this album has been like that moment, wonderful music to have on while multitasking. DNA: More beautiful music to trance out to. Distinctly different yet again with a cool atmosphere to go along with it. Even on the 3rd listen i still got tranced out to this. The extra crazy parts snap your consciousness back into reality until the track takes you off again. Psychic Power gives me the first bad ass intro of the album and takes us in a new direction. more demanding of your attention Psychic Power is here to spin your mind and feet around. Exciting and engaging. Planetary Movement: Carries the new theme of 'listen up we are here to dance' along in a synthetic flurry of analog ... Yea i know that doesn't make sense. Pa-Ra-Rel Universe: The magic is knocked up to 300 degrees for this track. Floatey and enthusiastic Material Music creates a great atmosphere that feels like an exploratory journey through candy land. I like loud-and-in-your-face which is what the psychedelia littering this track is. A favourite from the album. Digimafia - Oooh very interesting intro. I reallly think there is nothing better that sets a tracks then a bad ass intro and Digimafia gets that done just right. Cool factor is at 150 Metres above sea level. Intensity factor blows the mercury out of the vial. One of the best and most exciting tracks I have heard from Material Music. It's so many different things at once and it all works together just right. I feel like I can appreciate both sides of this album. The first 5 tracks feel to me like great lounge tracks. Not that we really have places serving delicious cocktails and playing wild lounge Psytrance, but there should be, and this album belongs on the speakers. The second half of the album is pure hyper-speed mind travel. Material Music is a pro at mixing tracks up in different directions so seamlessly that you sometimes think the 5 minute mark will surely be the end of the track. And when he goes hard he throws psychedlic bliss our way. Each track here is going to find it's way into one playlist or another as it does what it does extremely well. I dunno, the guy has good ideas all over his tracks. https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dna-goa-records-lp
  12. Artist: Spintribe Title: Zephyr EP Label: Digital Diamonds Date: April 24, 2020 Tracklist: 1. Zephyr 2. Oizo 3. Zypher (LAVR Remix) Zephyr: Progressive rhythms pick this track up from the get go, with kick drums cracks like a whip, this is a song for the big speakers. Zephyr officially becomes a good track at the 4:30 mark when the 'i'm gonna make you move' leads fill every unused space on the dancefloor Oizo: "Ouue" + "Zo" - Starting off smack bang in the middle of funk town Oizo is not just a fun song to pronounce. The kick drums sounds like it belongs to an Instagram influencers derrière, bouncing a coin off baby wouldn't be a problem. While that's going on the percussion is a straight up sex-bomb under a 5G tower; molecules are vibrating all over this mutha. Definitely my favourite on the EP. Zephyr (LAVR Remix) drops the mood and gets right into the business of big and heavy stuff. The added psychedelia, slices of metallica and big 4:30 build sprout the remix into a big beautiful P. Cubensis with little forest faeries raving on top of it. If you combined the remixes engaging first half and the originals acid drop of a last half you'd have yourself a masterpiece. ~ A digital gem from Digital Diamonds. Spintribe & LAVR bring a little excitement to my day with a 3 drops of mood filled with funk spread all over groovy rhythms. https://hypeddit.com/link/t4equx https://digitaldiamonds.bandcamp.com/album/dd073-zephyr-ep
  13. Just got my first Ursula Le Guin Book - The Left Hand of Darkness. Was trying to find The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas but couldn't find it so got this bad boy instead. Pretty good fantasy world has been painted so far.
  14. Roger that, hitting this up before the new Maan release this year. ~ @Bartzabel have you listened to 'We Lost The Sea' their 'Departure Songs' album brings me all sorts of feeling Everytime I hear it. This is still the only rock album I've listened to in my life. https://welostthesea.bandcamp.com/album/departure-songs I'm guessing you're all over this already, if so I'd take recommendations on anything similar... It seems like opeth could be close.
  15. @Lightforce I've only just started going through your website but its pretty amazing man, well done. The whole format is really cool, also i thought i was never going to enjoy hitek but 'Seven Strategy - Sampling Singularity' is just the first of a whole bunch of music that i'm about to discover.
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