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  1. I've drawn my line in the sand, if I don't get a Pnakotic full length album in the next week I'll start my own pandemic. You're all too busy dancing around Arambol I suppose.
  2. Absolutely agree. No value judgements needed for Goa, it has all kinds of shapes. Morphic Resonance blew my mind more than several times through City of Moons. Agree with your estimation of that album.
  3. We got all the time in the world....Unless you've seen the state of the world, then maybe not so much time. I try not to let the never ending bad decisions of our species get me down. I recently got the MFG Masters of Psytrance album https://mastersofpsytrance.bandcamp.com/album/masters-of-psytrance-vol-2 from back in 2021. Thought it was a new release until writing this post. Very good stuff. I've also had a few stockpiled albums from years back that i haven't listened to yet (Aurora Sidera anyone?) The pandemic years actually got us a lot more music than 2023. Everyone's out in the sunshine now it seems. One 2023 release I can recommend is the Ankrosado album, for sure underrated and maybe even unheard of - https://ankrosado.bandcamp.com/album/inner-space
  4. People might be starting to learn that an endless supply of music streaming hasn't made them more excited for music but rather some background noise that they don't need to think about. Vinyl feels more real as far as a listening experience goes. I still like digital. But need to force myself to listen to an album through and through without skipping to some other new release halfway through. AP really do nail it in their subtlety you got that right. Filteria and Morphic just seem like the least subtle artists in the genre and aren't known for their delicate touch. You would think you could get some synergy there, a new approach rather than someone else with a soft touch coming to do what AP has already done. But it's hard to move past such a classic sound.
  5. Gather round thee children. Throughout my listening life I’ve held off from buying certain albums. With the way I consume music I sometimes only listen to albums for several weeks and then have another 3 dug up from the pits of Bandcamp begin calling out to me. The search never ends and it cheapens things, so sometimes I wait until the right time. Well, with the recent acquisition of the sweetest sounding iem and a midweek day off that everyone forgot to make plans on (Thanks for becoming irrelevant Captain Cook). It goes to show: Everyone forgets everyone eventually. Long story short Aurora Sidera was one of those albums. 1 - Skizologic comes out with one of the deepest hardest pounding kickdrums that begins a boring project right into your cranium (That's boring like the drill style). He makes tunnel after tunnel and starts feeding his pipes of acidic extravaganza right into them. An energy storm of full and smashing tones. 2 - Nebula Meltdown doesn’t waste anytime picking up where we left of with nice silky line of melody into our bodies. Have I ever really appreciated the coolness of this artist name? It matter not, the track is an entrancing conglomerate of its parts. Melody 1 and 2 both swing their way through the final verse and then it’s decided we don’t need any more of that. One of the songs that instantly make me want to replay it. 3 - Dragon Twins take control of the low end and throws shackles on us for the hell of it.He didn’t have to do that, we would have come along. A looming low acid melody taunts you with what might materialize from it. The spacing and separation of tones phenomenal as everything retains it own magic from around the sound field. A flaming gift just for us. 4 - I suppose this is a more recent Morphic Resonance track than his current batch, although I know that guys has talent and can do lots of things. This one of those things. It has a lighter sense of air to it while still sliding in his evil basstones and red hot leads. The second half slashes itself through my brain leaving pieces of cerebrum in its wake. Thank god I have a day off tomorrow. Holy fuck. 5 - Artifact303 and E-mantra ♥️ my heart. This is like looking down on a newborn sleeping. But sounds more like a newborn which is not sleeping. That was meant to sound like a compliment. This aint ya floating space trance. It’s screeching and crawling through rips in time-space changing the pace and tone up with each tear. Each change up is gilded in the most cosmic of tones and never stops feeling like a strike to the core of your filthy soul. 6 - Knowing Crossing Minds style more now than when Aurora Sidera was released doesn’t take away from the feeling of being introduced to him in this track. The way he composes himself in the first third is magnificent holding a big ol line of acid right the way through it. The melody comes back and thank god for that, it’s about as catchy as it gets and stays in your head long after the track is over. 7 - Mindsphere comes in with an absolutely tight intro and big modern deep and round hit of kickrum n bassline. I’ve never heard a Mindsphere track that feels rushed. He takes his time and likes to get deep. Depth is the right word for this track. As far down as his kickdrums reach his hi’s sparkle and shine. The track doesn’t just sound good, it looks good, it smells good, and you can feel this track vibrate at you as if you have a new pair of iems with bone conducting sub-bass drivers shoved right into your ear sockets. 8 - First track I heard from Celestial Intelligence was Anapa, Words of Wisdom or some other incarnation of theirs. And they’ve been able to continue that enthusiasm for them since. So BIG expectations. I can’t remember how they sounded in 2015? Can You? Well they sounded textured, energized and full of crazy ideas. Ah the youth! They hit you with that near piercing high note melody that a 53 year old concrete driller wouldn’t be able to hear no more and drive the track home right from the very first note. The track is good as you can imagine a track being. Razor sharp acid lines, a fake outro, the whole kaboos. You only fake-outro a track if you know that you’ve made an anthem that people are going to want to hear more of. That’s called self-awareness baby and this is all the proof you need to know that it gets you to where you need to be. 9 - I wouldn’t have known who Amtinaous was if ti wasn’t for the Classic Goa Trax label. And it wouldn’t have mattered if I did. That was just a fact. And facts are fun You’d be mistaken in thinking this is going to be more chilled out from the softer intro. But when has Suntrip come to the table to fuck spiders? It grows and grows to the size of a complete Disco Tek Acid Banger. Just because the speed has stepped down doesn’t mean we are free from a cranial brain slicing from Denshi Danshi and Amtinaous’ with their brain-axe surgery. It feels nice to still find albums that can thrill you so much. It's true: Sometimes good things come to those who wait. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-aurora-sidera
  6. Artist: Suduaya TitleL SoulQuest Label: Self Release Date: June 17, 2022 Tracklist:- 1. SoulQuest Opening 2. Mulhadhara 3. Svaddhistana 4. Manipura 5. Anahata 6. SoulQuest Interlude 7. Vishuddha 8. Ajna 9. Sahasrara 10. SoulQuest Closing You gotta love Crowdfunding. It gives us the opportunity to purchase things without any idea of how it’s going to turn out. All based off a singular pitch. Shark tank for the proletariat. And no you don’t get to share in the profits of the product. But you get to share in using the product to drive profits, like the good little workers that we are. Recently while surfing the campaigns for the next pair of dress shoes that feel like sneakers or another pair of the best sounding true wireless earbuds ever I came across a diamond. A sure thing. Ol faithful Suduaya securing funding for his next project before it is released. What an idea. I’ve seen it before with other artists and it’s a great idea. When someone like Louis-David Roquefere does it, it gets even more exciting. So what’re ya going do but back a sure thing. I had more confidence in this than the time I put my life savings in the crypto market in April 2022. A SURE THING Sometimes the only thing safer than the most volatile market ever known to humans is trusting an artist that has never let you down before. In this album you find beautiful introductions. Multi-instrumentalism, jazzy instruments, bassy moments, emotional story lines, cloudy atmospheres, uplifting melodies, tracks that twist and shift direction before you see it coming, rumbling sub-bass, soft delicate melodic tones that feel like they could snap if they were just touched the wrong way, songs overflowing with love and positivity, downtempo hypnotic trance mixed in with hand beaten drums, vocals, flute clicking, you’ll find joy, harmonies of electronic and natural layers Do i need to go on? I’ll go on There are myriads of elements creating symphonic adult only bed-time tales that fine, would also be alright for small children but only small children with a good taste in music, other children can get fwarked. there are gentle moments of eastern string plucking and dense layers of synths sifting over the airwaves like a thick. There is a goddamned interlude, Clapping, clicking, tapping, OH MY GOD I’M SO FUCKING RELAXED BY THIS MUSIC! How are you not supposed to be put into a state of bliss by it, how are you supposed to not find yourself surrounded by a calm sense of understanding towards the pains of the universe. Are you a demon? Are you a demon from hell? Is that what you are? Well I’m not because I paid for the extra tier on indiegogo that said “Not a demon from hell” it’s cheap and easy not be a demon and damn it feels good. Audio mastering has been done by Aes Dana which simply means high quality resolution and depth given to each track. I've listened to this on cheap plastic true wireless headphones and a high iem. It works either way but the higher the end the higher the pay off. I don't know how many chakras I have. But each one is vibrating to a higher plane as tracks like Manipura rumble away. The perfect track for flying through clouds or crossing the Bifröst. It feels good to listen to this album from start to finish, it feels good to skip around randomly, it feels good to force your friends who like heavy metal to listen to Sahasrara as you lecture them on the Baghavad Ghita like they’ve committed a hate crime. It feels good to fall asleep to Ajna as you’re driving on a busy highway. And it would feel good to fall asleep to Soulquest Closing if it didn’t mean that album had ended and there were no more beautifully dreamy tunes to soak every single one of your clavicles in. That actually, that feels bad. But it's 17 minutes long and I love a long goodbye. Hey whats this button do? Repeat album continuously? IT FEELS GOOD TO LISTEN TO SOMETHING SO GOOD. Life, aint so bad. https://suduaya.bandcamp.com/album/soulquest-album-2022
  7. Hoping for the remixes to go your way. Man with no name neogoa remixes are always amazing, Possessed by Cosmic Dimension one of the of the best tracks ever. And Centavra remixing Etnica it would be criminal not to agree to that. Will someone tell the relevant authorities that? Do they want to be fugitives?
  8. Found this little potential gem from 2020. Haven't listened yet but what a surprise to have another Double Dragon release. https://doubledragon2.bandcamp.com/album/equilibrium
  9. I didn't connect those dots. You all did amazing, I think best solo release in this style since Artifact303's first album.
  10. Artist: Centavra Project Title: Antigravity Label: Globel Sect Date: July 1, 2022 Tracklist: 1. Antigravity 2. Strange Objects Part 2 3. Dark Abyss 4. Alien Presence 5. Pulsar 6. Back In Space 7. Long Way 8. Starry Sky of Sakhalin 9. Interstellar I love Russians. Is that ok to say? Let me be more specific, I love Russian people.... mmmm, I love Russian men? There we go, getting closer, I love Russian men who make trance Not specific enough? I love Russian men who make Goa Trance. There. We got there. It’s Goa Trance baby and Centavra Project and Global Sect are here to deliver it to us. Centavra is the man of the hour. It’s Dmitry Gutsu, a Russian gentleman who has been creating Beautiful tunes since at least 2007. And he didn’t just wake up one day and say I’m gonna start making Goa Trance. No no no, he must have listened to it for years before that and been in love with it for just as long. Before this release it was kind of up in the air what the future of this label would be as it was going through all of the bullshit of the war situation that humans are and have always been responsible for. Just people, making bad decisions. It’ll never end. And thankfully Global Sect decided that their mission for this music shouldn't end either. So they found a way to release more if it. Well done space-fuckers and let me just say that is was a good choice to put precedence on Goa Trance rather than the never ending turmoil of our species. Because let’s be honest. Goa is the best thing this bunch of self-assured incompetent primates have ever created A style that’s hard to beat, a style that draws you deeper into it’s soundscapes as you search for every bit of the track, and as it sucks you in you start to lose yourself as your enthralled by the gases of the nebulae of this style Music of the past few years has become louder, more bombastic and has a certain edge to it that has felt like it has tried to assert itself into the universe. I’ve enjoyed every second of it. But it’s been a while since we got to delve deep into the deepness of the lulling attractiveness of deep cosmic Goa Trance. Oooooh I’ve missed this kind of music. The album is deep in every sense of the word and devoid of a single negative emotion. No aggression, no pain, no judgement, no message other than the glory of the cosmos and every wonder of this universe that we get to experience for a painstakingly short period of time. Sure we could figure it all out as species and find a way to prolong our existence, but not this current iteration of us. This iteration is fucked and has absolutely nothing figured out. But don’t fear, because there are people like Dmitry out there, people who kind of have figured things out. People who understand what’s important in this world. This music right here, the right to enjoy our lives. Which is exactly what he was doing during Alien Presence until the dreaded key change fucked me up (You people and your key changes). But even that didn’t stop me from basking in the glory of this track…..Well until the next key change that hit even harder. (What the fuck is going in with that)? At first it was 2 too many, but as I've listened to this track over the months it has become one of my favourite tracks. I mean it’s unbelievable. The relentless golden shocks and groove and rhythm that pound down on you making the thought of doing anything other than moving your self around is amazing. The second half is psychedelically psychotic and considerably astronautic. And the more I listen, the less I care about the abrupt shift in direction brought on by key changes and the more I find myself wrapped up in it. It's close to a favourite. Oh yea, we in the review now. The track before it Dark Abyss gave us an equivalent explosion of gentle hydrogen gases of the universe and it did it with less but less is more, so he really did it with more. More boldness and danger, some extroversion, and a little bit of confidence. What a well rounded character to find in a song. And the opening track, yes, lets go to the opening track: Antigravity We float we soar, we fly and we charge into the stars and the nebulas and the moons and the weird planets along with unidentified life of every sort. It has that patient Global Sect deepness to it that doesn't come out roaring or flip a switch into a nightmare of explosions. It is soft, thoughtful, gentle and smooth. It's a precursor to the rest of the album (Spoilers alert) with it's satisfying build of euphoria, sparkling final break and illustrious sounds. Speaking of unidentified objects, lets talk about the second track Strange Objects Part 2.............. If you insist Centavra Project ends each segment of the track with it leading into a distant explosion which births something new and more intense than the last. Each melody is euphoric, each act is gripping, impossible to look away from and each moment is full of the beautiful sparkling bubbles of space. The drive is harder and more pounding than the opening track with a bit more intensity brought into the mids with layering and all of the symbol clashes up above. Still each sound is smooth and silky and easy to fall back into. We've been through track 3 and 4 (Alien Presence & Dark Abyss) so let's just move along to Pulsar. Pulsar was one of the early release tracks. I tried not to listen to it to much leading up to the full release, but naturally, just like the human desire to create boring problems, I couldn’t help myself. None of those listens changed a thing, this was a cool track then and it a cool track now. He has created a whole bunch of sounds and used them strategically to spearhead themselves into drops and melodies and new acts of progression in the storyline. This song is built exactly like some of the best tracks of this genre in the way that it already had everything it needed to be a great track, but then goes ahead an adds another layer of power over it all along with a stellar final act to drive it home. Honestly when I hear a track like this I wish for more of them, but let's be real, a full album of this would be overwhelming and take away from the greatness of this track. If every track was über-charged then no tracks would be über-charged right? It's a favourite from the album and quite possibly the year of 2023. I’m still lost in the fog of the last track by the time im a few minutes into Back in Space which is opportune as the artist is probably aware of the effect of his power, so good thing Back To Space gently propels us forward back into the cosmos. The last track was just a stop over and it’s time to continue. It hits us with perfectly pitched sounds and tuned layers giving us time to dream and float. All before he hits the button for hyperdrive which is purple button for some reason and speeds us into the karmic thunder storm of the universe eating it’s self. I guess we really are children of the universe huh? Long Way is the same starry skied, cosmi-fied banger wearing different garb. A silky smooth, Opal encrusted, violet garb. With a little extra sparkle and lustre than the other tracks but the same smoothly textured melodies I can't help but sit back, close my eyes and feel like everything is just right. After his little trick at the end of track 3 (Dark Abyss) i was hesitant to believe he was really going to build that last break of Long Way into another act. But the crazy cosmonaut does it making it the coolest moment of the album. One of the great things about this music is feels like artists aim is give you pleasure and enjoyment and when they do something like that, it feels extra nice because it’s like they are saying ~ “No, I am not done giving you pleasure and enjoyment just yet! I’m going to give you more pleasure, pleasure with my mind and my hands." And I like that goddamned it. Just like in Pulsar the track could have ended at the 5 & a half minute point, but he gives you a build that sits just under a minute (Time well spent imo) and a final act of glorious melody. The Starry Sky of Sakhalin comes in to catch us from all of that. It has some cool beat change ups and a sparkly soundscapes, the final melody opens up it’s trench coat to reveal galaxies of gaseous testicles full of all of the beauty of the universe. *Nice vocals too. The final track Interstellar is a downtempo contemplative track. A track that's good for long walk while you think. About, all of the stuff and the things, the movement and the direction of this world, the force and the motion of this existence, And what the fuck is up with Crypto Currency? Very dreamy and very nice, reminds me a lot of that Katedra style that is downtempo yet full of energy and movement. Every track really is written so well. Each break spirals into this kind of sweet oblivion and then drops into a new act that gives each track new life. Centavra’s Music is weird. It’s loud and very forward yet incredibly deep and hidden. *Moving on He also does this thing that i’ve really only consistently noticed in Arronax’s music where it feels like he is drawing back a cosmic arrow on a cosmic bow made out opals from the planet zenon b 352, Which is weird, because their opals are buried six hundred and thirty five thousand and 2 kilometres under the molten surface. How did he get them? Did he force the local population of tribal Marglarks to dedicate their existence to building the infrastructure over generations in order to dig further and further into Zenon b 352 all so he could get some opals? Did he create generations of mythos and worship around the importance of these opals leading the simple Marglarks to focus on their digging above their own families and tribal conflicts? Did he enslave Marglarks? What did you do Dmitry! Forget the poor Marglarks for a moment will you? Back to the bow, he draws and charges before letting it go and having it come right at you with this intensity and speed. It’s cool ...... and cosmic But Dmitry differs from Arronax in that the incoming attack is less of an attack and more of a happy pill that makes everything feel as if it's in the place it's meant to be. For a moment the world feels whole. Each track has at least 1 incredibly euphoric and fantastic moment which is all i really ask for. But most tracks are either full of fantastic euphoric moments or just one big fantastic moment all the way through. What Dmitry and the team over at Global Sect are doing is miraculous. I give it 5 out of 5 Super Hadron Colliders https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/centavra-project-antigravity
  11. I've got about 15 reviews written that i wanted to film but should probably just post as written ones. I can't do video reviews for a while (which wont upset anyone i'm sure) because in 2022 I became a daddy. So yea 2022 has been a great year, but I've never had less time for myself. As for albums I think there was some amazing releases: Centavra Project brought back that soft silky deep cosmic Goa that we haven't heard in a while. Ankrosado released a stellar album A rare release from Zopmanika A whole bunch of no-label or new label releases from the Israelis Arronax popped up again I have a bunch more shout outs as I haven't stopped listening to music, I'll update my list as the days go by.
  12. You will go near to none or no latency issues with most of the current gen of TWS for videos. They mostly all use the latest gen of Qualcomm and Bluetooth 5.2 with a lot starting on Bluetooth 5.3. There are heaps being made specifically for gaming now, the new Angry Miao Cyber Blades are pretty lit for gaming and cool in a lot of other ways. But even cheaper pairs tackle gaming specifically with apps that give you "gaming mode" which brings latency down even further. If you want to double check hit me up or try to find a review online, they'll normally touch on it.
  13. I gotchu covered. For sound quality above all else Noble Fokus Pro Victor HA-FW1000t Beoplay EX Audio Technica ATH-TWX9 Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 Soundcore Liberty Pro 3 Nuarl N6 Pro 2 / Nuarl N6 Mini 2se For features balanced with sound quality Audio Technica ATH-TWX9 Beoplay EX Sony linkbuds s Sennheiser MTW3 Bose QC2 Soundcore Liberty Pro 4 Bose and Sony have the best anc but I think a very generic sound signature. And if you want cheap and cheerful the Soundcore range and Earfun range deliver great results. so many brands out there. I get a bit obsessive before I order even a $80 pair reading every review and trawling the tws forums like my life depends on it. If you want something kinda like the oneplus buds with the stem that have incredible features and call quality the Oppo Enco X 2 is actually maybe one of the best out there.
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