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  1. @AstralSphinx I've relistened to Anima Mundi and realised that my recommendations were not even close. Maybe Crossing Mind and Ypsilon were the closest. I recently stumbled upon this one and maybe it fits the mould - https://bluehoursounds.bandcamp.com/album/blue-ep - Although the mastering could perhaps have been improved.
  2. I would think a remaster. A lot of her tracks are being remastered, some released on the cosmic treasure album recently-ish. That was Vol.1 so maybe a couple extras out there.
  3. On this point. For me it was probably the least memorable from the album. I got a huge rush from all the other tracks on the album but nothing from LSD.
  4. The number one pick for me would be Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift. I find I get really lost and deep in their melodies and tracks. Pretty floaty euphoric stuff. I can sleep, meditate or dance to this album Ypsilon 5 - Binary Sky is close to anima mundi, in particular the track Paranormal I found Nova Fractals - Fractal Landscape to be fitting the bill. A little more computerized but still in that territory. Goasia as well. Let's just go with - Dancing With The Blue Spirit. Although it really only gives me that hit on the first 1 or 2 listens and wears a little thin thereafter. And at the risk of telling you more of what you already know. Synsun - The Sound of Cosmic Lifeforms (probably not the exact style your after but still having some of the aspects) Finally 2 of my favourite tracks that both happen to be from the same Space Dock Records - Goa Trance Legacy album Goasia - Polar Lights Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference These tracks certainly fit the bill. . . I think
  5. Got this one a few days ago. Really enjoying it. Dr_Psy put a lot of work into it. Pretty hot tunes throughout.
  6. Artist: A1on Title: Chalice Of The Void Label: Kali Earth Records Release: September 24, 2021 Written & Produced by: Henning Olsen Winter Cover Art: ShivaOm Mastering: ZeaMoon Tracklist: 1. Genesis 2. Waters of Kali 3. Mother Earth A year after his last EP and a slight name change Henning Olsen Winter returns, this time as A1on. I can only describe the EP is naturally fantastic Psytrance. In my opinion this is the perfect iteration of Psytrance and I honestly can't recommend this enough for anyone who wants to hear something nice, enjoyable and full of fresh ideas. . Sooo everyone should enjoy this? Sure, why not, there's nothing to lose, just a world of wonder and energy to gain. My theory has always been that if you want people to keep making their music, you gotta give them a little positive reinforcement, sometimes a couple of Euro is all it takes. I got special early access and still bought it afterwards just because I thought it was well worth it. Hell I paid over the minimum amount and still feel like a got a deal. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/chalice-of-the-void-ep https://beatspace-kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/chalice-of-the-void
  7. Jaïa - Mai Mai for me. I don't dislike the track but try as I might, it never quite does it for me.
  8. I've been digging this. Didn't realise nystagmus l, matte danger and narcolepsy were all the same fella. Great range. Weird and great ideas throughout his music.
  9. Oh woah I created more questions than I answered. Courtney Haynes is the creator of the project. he runs Serpent Sound which is kind of a label under which he has a few projects? He has a project called Absolum and a few others. He well known in the scene but under his real name. I think his projects are still a little new to everyone. 'Fingers in all sorts of pies' is kind of a way of saying he is involved in lots of things. Wouldn't surprise me if the album artwork had some Hebrew or religious connotation in the writing on the wall. I agree the release method and album hosting might be a little defeating, but he seems to have a plan and vision for his work and this is part of it. And most importantly it was a fosters 6 pack cardboard case
  10. Artist: 13th Star Title: Closer To God Release Date: 01/08/2020 Label: Self Release/Serpent Sound Tracklist: 1. Closer To God (Intro) 2. Dreams By Dragonfly 3. Evolution Of Steam 4. Paper Planes 5. Hive Mind 6. Waverider 7. Luna Vision 8. Linear Thoughts 9. Invitation To The Mad House Learn about as much about Australia as you do about 13th Star's first full release. 13 Star is Courtney Haynes, an Australian electronic musician who dabbles across genres. This is his first psytrance release with some hints of goa scattered around. Some great standout tracks and proper energetic stompers throughout. With some electrifying rhythms to boot. https://www.serpentsound.com/store/p/closer-to-god-album
  11. I feel the same. I don't find them all masterpieces or extraordinarily fantastic (I think those words are hard to use because there is nothing to compare him to) but I can't help but appreciate his style and enjoy pretty much every track he makes. It's hard to find someone as unique as DT and I love that about him. On another note I found the Chronicle of Mystery Records Release 'Rootless' really similar to Carpe Noctum (Lots of same artists too) but had the thought that Rootless got all of the A tracks and Suntrip got the B's. Although calling them B's is unfair because I still regularly listen to this and don't actually think they are B's at all (It's just the language I have available to me for now). They hit the style they were going for just right and I mean no disrespect to Suntrip or the artists. I think the track progression/depth in Rootless was perhaps more to my liking. ALTHOUGH I'M NOT SAYING I DIDN'T LIKE THIS. Phew, been wanting to put my 2 cents in for a while but didn't want to harp on about another release on the Carpe Noctum thread. Well done to everyone, love the darker releases, never used to be my style but releases like this keep on driving my preferences forward into the darkness.
  12. You're both gonna love my next video
  13. Sounds like they got a 10 out of 10 then
  14. Wow I hope this is it. What a search.
  15. Hey friends, it's been a while but we are still rolling. Wanted to post this in reviews but I guess it isn't technically one. ENJOY! fr
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