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  1. Nervasystem - Quantum Audio Laboratory - E.P. Out now on Matsuri. 3 super deep psychedelic tracks. Hints of Goa, hints of future, hints of other......... Detailed sounds and stories for the connoisseurs. Check it out now. Thanks to Tsuyoshi and Hiroko @Matsuri Digital Mastered by Stooodio Mastering. Original Artwork by Oliver Barnett. Written and Produced by Nervasystem. 2022. https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/album/quantum-audio-laboratory The first Nervasystem release on Matsuri for 25 years ! More to come.....
  2. Hey guys, just read this thread. I'm humbled by your very kind words. Thank you all so very much. It really means something to an artists when his or her means of communication is taken on and appreciated, so from the bottom of my heart, a big, BIG thank you ! Just to let you all know, i have re-released the album (Brainradio) & '3' & '4' albums on my bandcamp page. Please go along and support the music if you can. All the best.............. Drezz (Nervasystem) https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/
  3. .........And they keep on coming.................. Boom ! Re-Released finally in digital format for all. Nervasystem '4'. The psychedelic dancefloor. The first of the newer Nervasystem music written a few years ago. The first major Nervasystem dancefloor album since the 90s. Only released initially on limited edition CD. This re-release is because some people asked me to release it, so here it is. Please support the music, and share the post. Thank you. Love and Lashings of Frequency. Nervasystem. https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/album/4 'Brainradio' in next few days...................
  4. Hi Folks, Release news...... Well, er, Re-Release news. I'm making my newer material created in the last years available to everyone. These releases were only previously available in physical forms and arcane methods....................so, here............I'm proud to present for all the cognescenti, The albums 3, & 4, as well as the latest from last year 'Brainradio'. Please give me a few days to upload everything. Some of you have asked for this, so please support the releases, and share this post if you feel so inclined. I really appreciate all your support and if you download the material, please let it be known that your contribution and appreciation of the music really means a lot to me in so many ways. All the albums will be avaialable for download on my Bandcamp page, so go along and treat you, yourself, and you to aural expansion............................... First up is the unusual album, simply entitled '3'. A maverick and eclectic, utterly unclassifiable long player. A journey piece taking in so many flavours, moods and styles. Not a 4/4 psytrance set (that comes later) but i have to say, personally, i think its my favorite album i've ever made, and really quite personal, so if you haven't dipped your toe in the water, please go along with an open mind and prepare to be transported to another place. https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/ A few words from those who have tasted the fruit............ ''Glittering fragments and dripping globules of West Country psychedelia.........Good things come to those who wait. It's about time!'' Sean Williams (Process) ''It's totally unique. Very hard to formulate an opinion as it's so different we can't categories it at all.'' Sonya & Paul (Manmademan) ''The finesse and talent on show is at times frankly stunning and there are sublime musical moments aplenty. It's an album that asks, “Are you experienced?” and will know if your answer is honest.'' Colin Bennun (OOOD) ''.....takes us on a journey into a sonic landscape that might be like if C.S. Lewis and Salvador Dali were music producers instead of writers and painters and were listening to Pink Floyd and FSOL while watching a David Lynch film in a jazz bar with LTJ Bukem and dirty radio transmissions.'' Noah Richardson ''the album is verrrry special, super cool and smooth production, weird,funky, not usual at all........... nicely done, with a lot of new and interesting sounds... love it and highly appreciated'' Ralph Knobloch (Braincell) **A satisfying and exemplary high** High Times ** Unmissable ** The Guardian ** A thrilled up explosion of colour, light, and sound ** Winston J Boogie Please share and support. Love and Lashings Of Frequency................. The more dancefloor related albums '4' and 'Brainradio' in next few days............. Nervasystem.
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for all the support. Without true connoisseurs like yourselves, things like this would not happen, so please give yourselves a pat on the back for keeping the faith. In this day and age after the post apocalyptic fallout from the music industry dust settles, and those that have been in since 'the good old days' when a person would actually see royalty checks and be able to buy food, rent, a beer out and about and a new synth or two, to this mad max situation of nowadays................... So thank you from the bottom of my heart. There's been a recent development. The irrepressible Noah Richardson has started a kickstarter to release new Goa/Psy trance on vinyl again. It seems outrageous and beyond reason, but there you have it. The man's on a mission. For myself, i see how much this could be a foolhardy venture, but at the same time, i love vinyl, and from one who's made lots of those round plastic things, with their sleeves, inner bags, thrilly labels and full spectrum, full size aesthetic honour and tactile superiority, i for one would love to see brand spanking new vinyl offerings in psy genre's........ He contacted me, along with OOOD and UX, and he was hoping to release Nervasystem's ''Brainradio'' as the first release. It's a long shot, but i think we've seen the power of the collectors community. Things can happen if everybody gets together. Ther ar power in numbers, and something happens.......so if you feel the tickle of anticipation and vinyl wobbles your jelly in a good way, get your asses over to the page and get in there. Spam it guys, share, post, tell your mates in far flung locales. Put it wherever you think someone would dig it. Anyway, all the best. You can't keep a good man down........... In a crazy fucked up world, lets do something to bring joy and inspiration. We forget how important that can be. Without art we are dead, so lets come together to do something good and stick it to the man (or something like that.....) Have a good one. Cheers..........
  6. Sorry, I've been working on other things, but.........Yes, the album will be appearing soon on Phantasm. We plan to do CDs (proper glass mastered) first, then digital release about a month or so afterwards. It's just taking a while, because, well, everything takes longer than you think i suppose, but talking to the distribution company this week and so hopefully the thing will get pressed very soon and as soon as i have information i will post on this thread. Thanks to everyone for their support. Oh yeah, had a listen to it the other day, and i think it's gonna be really good, hopefully you guys will think so too. All the best............Drezz
  7. OK...................New Nervasystem album will appear on Phantasm Records very soon. Stay tuned. After that there will be a very exciting project very soon afterwards with another of the original producers from the scene. We're working on the material now. Expect good things. More details as things shape up.............
  8. I'll sort something out. It will get released. I have had an offer from one of the oldest and most well known trance labels to release it. I'm slightly loathe to do it though, as the accounting and royalty payments have to go through middle men distribution companies, so i will see very little in return. This is just reality and i need cash right now as I'm in a hell of a situation (because i've been writing this music) I'm an idealist and I'm driven to do this. It will come out. Soon.................... Thanks for taking an interest. Gigs would sort me out, but there is a stranglehold on the scene, with the same names on the same big stages. There is no respect afforded to originators of the music. I'm rather disheartened by it all to tell you the truth. I mean, there are people in the scene whom without the music they wrote in the 90s certain styles would not exist. We got there first and took the music in certain directions, but others have capitalized on it and made careers for themselves whilst the people who brought those ideas in the first place get shafted. I dont like to say this and it probably smacks of whining and unprofessional behavior but i really dont give a fuck at this stage. I came back because i was asked and people always say how original and great the music is, so you keep going, and the joy and happiness it brings is it's own reward, but man, it's the most difficult thing to keep going................ I will bring it out for the lovers of the music, but i think it may be my last foray into Nervasystem for the dancefloor. It's just not sustainable. Really, really dissapointing. I have the respect of my peers, i have the respect of the true lovers of the music, but i am so skint and financially screwed right now.........................shit's getting serious. Once again, thanks for your support all who believe in Nervasystem and have enjoyed the music. I hope to give more positive news when i next post here. Adios amigos............
  9. Funding was unsuccessful. Thanks to all who pledged. No-one is charged any money if the Indiegogo campaign doesn't reach it's fixed target, so no worries, you're all safe. I'm quite pissed off, dunno what i'll do. Feel like just fucking off from this whole scene to tell you the truth. It's unprofessional, full of dicks, and sucks mostly. There ARE exceptions to that general rule though, and ironically some of the most beautiful people i know also are within it.............but quite frankly, the unprofessional nature of the scene, compared to other musical sphere's and areas, is staggering. The lack of respect and shitty deals that artists have to put up with is fucked. The scene does not support innovation. The labels do not support innovation. Most psy music is hippy dippy mumbo jumbo, tired, old, lacks originality and is not remotely hip to whats happening in the world. I tried to push the envelope. Hardly anyone seems interested. I'm not going to flog a dead horse. Fuck it. I've pretty much bankrupted myself to give back to this scene which i came back to after over a decade away as it seemed interesting to play, travel and write again. It hasn't done me much good.........a few gigs, an empty wallet, possible eviction from my home to unpaid bills and rent due to lack of gigs and attention because i do something different from the usual boering as fuck dugga dugga prog bullshit.. I may have put my eggs in the wrong basket. I believe in the work, and the best music, the most original music that comes out of what i would term good electronic music of a psychedelic nature, it doesn't necessarily have to be trance or anything, is fantastic,there are a few artists i hear who are truly innovative, truly inspired and forward thinking. They are broke too. Bollocks to it. I dont live today.................. Maybe tomorrow.
  10. Moderators. Please delete this thread. This project is not going to happen now due to lack of support, so this thread is now irrelevant.
  11. hey guys, get on it, the album's quality and there's so little to go on the funding, if a bunch of people get on it, it's a-gonna happen........................ https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nervasystem-brainradio-cd-album/x/6567680#/ and the megamix preview............... https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/track/brainradio-megamix-album-previews
  12. yes, did so. thanks for spreading the word guys..............please keep doing so. by hook or by crook this album will see the light of day. keep on pushing..................
  13. hey guys, funding is going slowly, so please if you feel like it, please share the link, and get involved. if the target is reached the album will be made, if not, well............................. it's far too good to get left out in the cold. get onboard.................... thanks drezz
  14. thats what the previews are for. i am still in the process of final tweaks and mastering the tracks with colin bennun. we are taking it slowly bit by bit, and it's a bit of a perfectionist process for me, things change, tweak out and keep getting finessed up until the moment when, if, the money is raised i will send the lot off to get pressed, so no, there wont be any more previews, but rest tassured it will be of the highest quality. the collaborations are great, and worth the price of admission alone, i mean there's some classic artists on there, Sean Williams (Process) for example hasn't written trance for years, and it was only after extreme nagging that he agreed to come back to wirite something. Similar with Graham Wood, people said we should do something for years, but it almost never happened. Maor Hasbani of Skizologic fame is on there as well as Ralph from Braincell and the E.C.T. collaboration is about as much fun as you can have with your trousers still on.......................... Point is, i made the album to be classic, but contemporary and futuristic with some of the artists i like and admire and who make good psychedelic music. The thing is designed as an antidote to all the bland, boring, copy cat, dugga, dugga, same, same music getting made everywhere now and which writes off psytrance to almost everyone who's not into the scene as a bit of a joke. This is an album to challenge that and the boring-ness of a scene with little innovation and the same line ups at the same festivals year in year out playing very similar music to everyone else. The album is made in the hope of being extremely relevant to the music in question and to stand the test of time, i may not make another psytrance album, who knows..................... Satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back. Failing that i'll send you a nice postcard from Rio as i sip my pan-galactic-gargleblaster and chong on my offensively large jazz cheroot!.....................
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