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  1. Email me at drezz@gmx.co.uk if you didn't receive your code. I can sort you out.
  2. Hi Folks, I now have the vinyl for this. I have started shipping. 2/3rds of them have gone already, and they will sell out. I have some copies here if anyone want to buy. Jump in quick, they will go very soon. Check out my Facebook page for all the details. You can message me there to purchase. It's £38 GBP for the double vinyl, (+ £20 GBP for worldwide shipping, £7 for UK) which comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with awesome art, 2 unique art prints, a certificate of authenticity, individually signed and numbered, and a Nervasystem sticker. Thrill on ! Get in !
  3. Digital release is out. https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/album/underground-culture
  4. Hey Folks, An Update here. The album is going ahead. The crowd funder was successful enough to make the project happen. The tracks are finished, and mastered, and artwork was completed, and everything has now gone off to the vinyl pressing facility and it will be around the beginning of June that the albums are shipped to me from the pressing company. It's in motion and will happen. A huge thanks to all who made a contribution, without whom the whole project would not have been possible. Kudos to you all. If anyone wants to pre order the double vinyl from me they can......just make contact with Nervasystem over at the FB page and I can sort you out. Get in touch sooner rather than later though, as they are extremely limited to 100 copies and two thirds of those are already ordered, so after i reserve my few personal copies, and save a few for very close friends and gigs, there's not many left, and they may all go before too long. I won't re-press this release, when they are gone, they are gone. It's going to be a bit special this one: Instant collectors item.....so if you are interested, contact me over at the FB page, or failing that you could try messaging on the Nervasystem Bandcamp. I'm seldom here, so those other ports of call are the best way to reach out if you wanted to secure a copy of the record. Cheers PS.....Here's a picture of the art on the inside of the gatefold cover.
  5. Thanks man, same to you. I will pass your regards on to Sean, he always speaks most highly of you, he's coming down after the weekend, so we'll have some new strange brew at some point soon, can't wait !! Happy trails. Speak soon
  6. Hey Folks, Thank you to everyone who's pledged so far towards the Nervasystem album crowd funder. Its gone pretty well, still slightly short of the grand total but enough pledges to make the double vinyl. Some amazing artwork has materialised and the music is nearing completion, with a planned session in less than a week with Sean Williams of Process, which should be awesome. The whole thing is coming together nicely, and I would urge those who are on the fence but were thinking of getting a copy, to get in now to secure a copy, they're seriously limited edition and when they're gone, they're gone, it's going to be an instant collectors edition, and they're getting snagged up. There will be fully psychedelic artwork across a gatefold sleeve with inserts featuring album concept art and a limited signed numbered insert with credits and info, 2x12'' vinyl, with 2 tracks per side, loud and mastered for vinyl. It really will be a beautiful package. I'm committed to making it as special as possible. Crowd funder funds are released week of the 17th of March, and the last bit and pieces will be tied up around 25-26th of this month. The vinyl order will go in before the end of the month, and I'm going with an express pressing service which can turn it around in 8 weeks or less, so we're looking at end of May into June, which is a hell of a lot better than anytime since the pandemic. The industry seems to be getting it together in regards to pressing records and the abysmal waiting times of the last few years. Check out the crowd funder page if you have not and, thanks for the support. All the best. Drezz (Nervasystem) www.indiegogo.com/projects/nervasystem-underground-culture-double-vinyl-lp/x/6567680#/ A few sound previews over at soundcloud:
  7. Hi Folks, There's still some way to go on the crowd funder. Please support this if you can. BTW there will be a digital download supplied with the package as well as the vinyl and artworks. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nervasystem-underground-culture-double-vinyl-lp/x/6567680#/
  8. Thank you. ZNA was awesome wasn't it? Such a good vibe there. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to Apsara this year
  9. Hi Folks, I'm doing a crowd funder for a brand new album. I plan to release the album on vinyl. It will be a double vinyl, gatefold sleeve, with 8 brand new tunes, full colour artwork by the artist, limited edition of 100 copies, plus 2 art prints inserts of original psychedelic art by the artist, each copy numbered and signed by the artist. Please go along to the Indiegogo page to check out the info on the project. Thank you. https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/f8171399 Please check out the Nevasystem FB page for regular updates, and please dop me a line there if you have any questions. I'll check in here too to follow this thread. All the best, Drezz (Nerasystem)
  10. Nervasystem - Quantum Audio Laboratory - E.P. Out now on Matsuri. 3 super deep psychedelic tracks. Hints of Goa, hints of future, hints of other......... Detailed sounds and stories for the connoisseurs. Check it out now. Thanks to Tsuyoshi and Hiroko @Matsuri Digital Mastered by Stooodio Mastering. Original Artwork by Oliver Barnett. Written and Produced by Nervasystem. 2022. https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/album/quantum-audio-laboratory The first Nervasystem release on Matsuri for 25 years ! More to come.....
  11. Hey guys, just read this thread. I'm humbled by your very kind words. Thank you all so very much. It really means something to an artists when his or her means of communication is taken on and appreciated, so from the bottom of my heart, a big, BIG thank you ! Just to let you all know, i have re-released the album (Brainradio) & '3' & '4' albums on my bandcamp page. Please go along and support the music if you can. All the best.............. Drezz (Nervasystem) https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/
  12. .........And they keep on coming.................. Boom ! Re-Released finally in digital format for all. Nervasystem '4'. The psychedelic dancefloor. The first of the newer Nervasystem music written a few years ago. The first major Nervasystem dancefloor album since the 90s. Only released initially on limited edition CD. This re-release is because some people asked me to release it, so here it is. Please support the music, and share the post. Thank you. Love and Lashings of Frequency. Nervasystem. https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/album/4 'Brainradio' in next few days...................
  13. Hi Folks, Release news...... Well, er, Re-Release news. I'm making my newer material created in the last years available to everyone. These releases were only previously available in physical forms and arcane methods....................so, here............I'm proud to present for all the cognescenti, The albums 3, & 4, as well as the latest from last year 'Brainradio'. Please give me a few days to upload everything. Some of you have asked for this, so please support the releases, and share this post if you feel so inclined. I really appreciate all your support and if you download the material, please let it be known that your contribution and appreciation of the music really means a lot to me in so many ways. All the albums will be avaialable for download on my Bandcamp page, so go along and treat you, yourself, and you to aural expansion............................... First up is the unusual album, simply entitled '3'. A maverick and eclectic, utterly unclassifiable long player. A journey piece taking in so many flavours, moods and styles. Not a 4/4 psytrance set (that comes later) but i have to say, personally, i think its my favorite album i've ever made, and really quite personal, so if you haven't dipped your toe in the water, please go along with an open mind and prepare to be transported to another place. https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/ A few words from those who have tasted the fruit............ ''Glittering fragments and dripping globules of West Country psychedelia.........Good things come to those who wait. It's about time!'' Sean Williams (Process) ''It's totally unique. Very hard to formulate an opinion as it's so different we can't categories it at all.'' Sonya & Paul (Manmademan) ''The finesse and talent on show is at times frankly stunning and there are sublime musical moments aplenty. It's an album that asks, “Are you experienced?” and will know if your answer is honest.'' Colin Bennun (OOOD) ''.....takes us on a journey into a sonic landscape that might be like if C.S. Lewis and Salvador Dali were music producers instead of writers and painters and were listening to Pink Floyd and FSOL while watching a David Lynch film in a jazz bar with LTJ Bukem and dirty radio transmissions.'' Noah Richardson ''the album is verrrry special, super cool and smooth production, weird,funky, not usual at all........... nicely done, with a lot of new and interesting sounds... love it and highly appreciated'' Ralph Knobloch (Braincell) **A satisfying and exemplary high** High Times ** Unmissable ** The Guardian ** A thrilled up explosion of colour, light, and sound ** Winston J Boogie Please share and support. Love and Lashings Of Frequency................. The more dancefloor related albums '4' and 'Brainradio' in next few days............. Nervasystem.
  14. Hey guys, Thanks for all the support. Without true connoisseurs like yourselves, things like this would not happen, so please give yourselves a pat on the back for keeping the faith. In this day and age after the post apocalyptic fallout from the music industry dust settles, and those that have been in since 'the good old days' when a person would actually see royalty checks and be able to buy food, rent, a beer out and about and a new synth or two, to this mad max situation of nowadays................... So thank you from the bottom of my heart. There's been a recent development. The irrepressible Noah Richardson has started a kickstarter to release new Goa/Psy trance on vinyl again. It seems outrageous and beyond reason, but there you have it. The man's on a mission. For myself, i see how much this could be a foolhardy venture, but at the same time, i love vinyl, and from one who's made lots of those round plastic things, with their sleeves, inner bags, thrilly labels and full spectrum, full size aesthetic honour and tactile superiority, i for one would love to see brand spanking new vinyl offerings in psy genre's........ He contacted me, along with OOOD and UX, and he was hoping to release Nervasystem's ''Brainradio'' as the first release. It's a long shot, but i think we've seen the power of the collectors community. Things can happen if everybody gets together. Ther ar power in numbers, and something happens.......so if you feel the tickle of anticipation and vinyl wobbles your jelly in a good way, get your asses over to the page and get in there. Spam it guys, share, post, tell your mates in far flung locales. Put it wherever you think someone would dig it. Anyway, all the best. You can't keep a good man down........... In a crazy fucked up world, lets do something to bring joy and inspiration. We forget how important that can be. Without art we are dead, so lets come together to do something good and stick it to the man (or something like that.....) Have a good one. Cheers..........
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