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  1. Hey guys, just read this thread. I'm humbled by your very kind words. Thank you all so very much. It really means something to an artists when his or her means of communication is taken on and appreciated, so from the bottom of my heart, a big, BIG thank you ! Just to let you all know, i have re-released the album (Brainradio) & '3' & '4' albums on my bandcamp page. Please go along and support the music if you can. All the best.............. Drezz (Nervasystem) https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/
  2. .........And they keep on coming.................. Boom ! Re-Released finally in digital format for all. Nervasystem '4'. The psychedelic dancefloor. The first of the newer Nervasystem music written a few years ago. The first major Nervasystem dancefloor album since the 90s. Only released initially on limited edition CD. This re-release is because some people asked me to release it, so here it is. Please support the music, and share the post. Thank you. Love and Lashings of Frequency. Nervasystem. https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/album/4 'Brainradio' i
  3. Hi Folks, Release news...... Well, er, Re-Release news. I'm making my newer material created in the last years available to everyone. These releases were only previously available in physical forms and arcane methods....................so, here............I'm proud to present for all the cognescenti, The albums 3, & 4, as well as the latest from last year 'Brainradio'. Please give me a few days to upload everything. Some of you have asked for this, so please support the releases, and share this post if you feel so inclined. I really appreciate all your support and if you download the
  4. Hey guys, Thanks for all the support. Without true connoisseurs like yourselves, things like this would not happen, so please give yourselves a pat on the back for keeping the faith. In this day and age after the post apocalyptic fallout from the music industry dust settles, and those that have been in since 'the good old days' when a person would actually see royalty checks and be able to buy food, rent, a beer out and about and a new synth or two, to this mad max situation of nowadays................... So thank you from the bottom of my heart. There's been a recent developmen
  5. Sorry, I've been working on other things, but.........Yes, the album will be appearing soon on Phantasm. We plan to do CDs (proper glass mastered) first, then digital release about a month or so afterwards. It's just taking a while, because, well, everything takes longer than you think i suppose, but talking to the distribution company this week and so hopefully the thing will get pressed very soon and as soon as i have information i will post on this thread. Thanks to everyone for their support. Oh yeah, had a listen to it the other day, and i think it's gonna be really good, hopefully you gu
  6. OK...................New Nervasystem album will appear on Phantasm Records very soon. Stay tuned. After that there will be a very exciting project very soon afterwards with another of the original producers from the scene. We're working on the material now. Expect good things. More details as things shape up.............
  7. I'll sort something out. It will get released. I have had an offer from one of the oldest and most well known trance labels to release it. I'm slightly loathe to do it though, as the accounting and royalty payments have to go through middle men distribution companies, so i will see very little in return. This is just reality and i need cash right now as I'm in a hell of a situation (because i've been writing this music) I'm an idealist and I'm driven to do this. It will come out. Soon.................... Thanks for taking an interest. Gigs would sort me out, but there is a stranglehol
  8. Funding was unsuccessful. Thanks to all who pledged. No-one is charged any money if the Indiegogo campaign doesn't reach it's fixed target, so no worries, you're all safe. I'm quite pissed off, dunno what i'll do. Feel like just fucking off from this whole scene to tell you the truth. It's unprofessional, full of dicks, and sucks mostly. There ARE exceptions to that general rule though, and ironically some of the most beautiful people i know also are within it.............but quite frankly, the unprofessional nature of the scene, compared to other musical sphere's and areas, is staggering.
  9. Moderators. Please delete this thread. This project is not going to happen now due to lack of support, so this thread is now irrelevant.
  10. hey guys, get on it, the album's quality and there's so little to go on the funding, if a bunch of people get on it, it's a-gonna happen........................ https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nervasystem-brainradio-cd-album/x/6567680#/ and the megamix preview............... https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/track/brainradio-megamix-album-previews
  11. yes, did so. thanks for spreading the word guys..............please keep doing so. by hook or by crook this album will see the light of day. keep on pushing..................
  12. hey guys, funding is going slowly, so please if you feel like it, please share the link, and get involved. if the target is reached the album will be made, if not, well............................. it's far too good to get left out in the cold. get onboard.................... thanks drezz
  13. thats what the previews are for. i am still in the process of final tweaks and mastering the tracks with colin bennun. we are taking it slowly bit by bit, and it's a bit of a perfectionist process for me, things change, tweak out and keep getting finessed up until the moment when, if, the money is raised i will send the lot off to get pressed, so no, there wont be any more previews, but rest tassured it will be of the highest quality. the collaborations are great, and worth the price of admission alone, i mean there's some classic artists on there, Sean Williams (Process) for example hasn't wr
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