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  1. We were very close from not having any news for 1 year. Which are not news because it seems nothing moved. See you in 6 months then.
  2. How difficult are reissues?

    Let's say the mastering engineer has a much lower degree of action once the music is already mastered/limited/compressed.
  3. Psynews "Hall Of Fame"

    This thread aims at listing all Psynews benefactors over the years. As you may know, Psynews is non-profit and runs on a dedicated server that some of us have been paying with their own money for years. Since the summer 2017, we have now an Indiegogo campaign for those kind enough to help us and support the site financially. Communications here and here. We believe we have to show some respect to those without whom the site wouldn't exist anymore. Hence we present you the Psynews Hall Of Fame !! Manu Psysurfeur (FR), who has been paying for the server hosting psynews together with his own sites since 2007! Children (FR), for buying the psynews.org domain name with me back in 2001 Moni (RO), very early Psynews member who helped with the first board license in 2006 Tatsu (CH), for the same reason Nemo (SE), for the same reason - RIP my friend Martin DeathPosture (DK), for the same reason and for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Vladimir (RU), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Phil Wild (UK), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Antti (FI), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 chrizzftd, for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Trunksan, for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Luis Pabon aka BlackStarrFinale (ES, Neogoa Rec), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Ivan Paric aka Richpa (HR, Neogoa Rec), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Jérôme Lesterps aka Proxeeus (FR, Goa Madness Rec), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Colin Bennun (UK, OOOD+Mastering studio), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Jose Serna, for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 Thanos Papadimitropoulos aka DJ Ene-miss (UK?), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 jon (UK), for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 drambon, for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 punit.shetty, for donating to the fundraiser in 2017 THANK YOU ALL - Psynews lives thanks to you ! (PS: if you think I forgot you, please shout!)
  4. That kind of answer rocks!! Why don't you uplaod it to discogs?
  5. Best earphones for goa?

    I am still very happy with my AKG K240 MK2 at home + Creative Labs Aurvana In-Ear 3+ at work https://www.amazon.com/AKG-240-Semi-Open-Studio-Headphones/dp/B0001ARCFA/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507236396&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=AKG+K240+MK2 https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Aurvana-Ear-Noise-Isolating-Headphones/dp/B004SNCZ3K/ref=sr_1_1?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1507236428&sr=8-1&keywords=Creative+Labs+Aurvana+In-Ear+3%2B
  6. How difficult are reissues?

    The hardest is to convince the artist to do it, for a reasonable price. Some are OK with it, some don't because they prefer to promote their newer music. The music has to be available in good quality. Either by getting the tracks from the artist himself (from our experience there's 2 kinds of artists: those who don't have their own tracks, and those who are anal with them and have kept every recording and midi files), or by ripping the original CD with 100% accuracy -which is hard to find will you repeat- (and no remastering is possible), or by ripping the master DAT from back then and restoring the parts with static, ripping the vinyls and cleaning them, or even re-recording the tracks... The other issue is the rights. Who actually owns the tracks in 2017 ? It's a hell of a mess and there's lots of grey areas... The artwork is also a pain in the neck. It's a risk to scan the original artwork: the image will be ugly because of the offset patterns (see image below). There, either you find the original artist who may have kept the artwork or knows how to reproduce it (our case with Dimension 5 Transdimensional), or you remake it from scratch (also our case sith Asia 2001 Psykadelia, or Zion 604 with Tandu's Multimoods - that's a lot of work), or you scan anyway and apply some median/gaussian filters and hope for the best (what Inpsyde used to do), or you do some totally different artwork. It's not THAT difficult overall. But most labels can't only live in the past and also have newer stuff to release. If you're in for getting into this niche and re-releasing some old gems, I'd be happy to give you some hints, really. Another thing we could do IMO is release some old vinyl-only tracks on CD (or digitally). Like you said, oldschool Goa music is hard to find as downloads (well, it's finadable but you need to read cyrillic...)
  7. HelloPsynews has been delivering psytrance news and forums FOR FREE since January 2000! From a recycled Pentium II 400 with 16Mb ram running FreeBSD in a wardrobe connected to some home ADSL line......to a recycled Athlon 1.3 Ghz with 1Gb ram (running Windows, and which eventually caught fire!) connected to a faster ADSL line......to another recycled machine running Linux......to a dedicated Linux server in a proper datacenter, with proper backup, and a 1Gbps line !!! This server also runs suntriprecords.com, psysurfeur.com, filteria.com, toidoi.fr, 604bookings.com and a couple of other websites related to Psysurfeur's job. Manu Psysurfeur (http://psysurfeur.com), a Goatrance veteran who's been filming parties for 10+ years, has been paying 36€ incl VAT each month for that dedicated server since 2008! I donate him 100€ when I can/remind to. We've also paid for domain names, SSL certificates, mail service, and we updated/upgraded/tuned/secured/monitored the server and its websites for free! All these years. Psynews also runs on an Invision board, which is super stable and cool, but its licensing model changed and it costs $50/year now. Therefore, in the summer 2017 we started an Indiegogo generosity campaign to raise funds to keep the site going. https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/psynews-org-board-upgrade-and-domain-renewal More than $300 were gathered in a few days, which allowed to renew the domain for several years, and purchase several semesters worth of forum licenses. THANKS for that. The site is safe for now, but please remember: if you enjoyed surfing on Psynews, if you learned interesting things about Psytrance, met great people, found out about yummy releases or parties, then it would be really appreciative of yours to donate a few € every other year to help us. >> The Psynews Indiegogo generosity campaign << Thank you in advance
  8. The new board - issues and stuff...

    Note we can install more themes. Some of them are ultra nice but you need to pay for them.
  9. Psynews fundraiser

    Here is the license conversion invoice, which is zero $, thankfully, as we explained in the fundraiser. Now we'll only have to pay $25 per semester for the license renewal. 2017-09-18 Psynews license conversion.pdf
  10. Psynews fundraiser

    Wow this is just incredible, you made it happen, we reached the goal in just a few hours! Thanks so much for your generosity! Since then, we got our IPB license converted, and I managed to upgrade to IPB 4.2. That was tough. I added $250 in credits on the Invision account, which will provide for 5 years worth of license renewals! The rest of the money (+what I received via paypal) will go to extend the domain name validity.
  11. ethereal anima mundi rerelease on wav

    Great inititative!
  12. Psynews fundraiser

    Hello This post is issued by Insejn, RTP (admin/moderators) and I (tech support). We are launching an Indiegogo generosity campaign for Psynews: https://igg.me/at/D9j5urd2QHc As you may know, Psynews has been completely free since it started 18 years ago: Hosting, Domain name, forum software, mainteanance, all paid by its creators and a few supporters (Manu / Psysurfeur, Fabien / Suntrip, the moderation team, a few kind sponsors (Daemon...)). Back in 2006, following spam issues, the moderator team purchased a so-callled "perpetual" Invision Power Board license to replace the previous archaic board and everything went fine for years. However, in 2016, as it introduced its v4, Invision services managed to get rid of those perpetual licenses! See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invision_Power_Board#Version_4.x.x Outraged by this move, the moderators team decided not to upgrade to IPB v4. However, since April 1st 2017, the Psynews.org community is at risk as no more security patches are distributed for IPB v3. The Psynews community is now calling upon your generosity to fund several years worth of Invision Board v4 licensing. We've been in contact with the Invision Support Team and here the deal we came up with: In order to upgrade to version 4, you would need to have a standard license agreement. We can switch out your perpetual licence for a standard licence free of charge if you would like to upgrade to this release. This would then mean that there is no charge to convert your legacy license to a Standard License. Once that has been done, going forward, the cost would be $25 every 6 months to renew support, for ticket access and software updates. Awesome! That means we would NOT have to pay the one-off $100+$100 for Core + IPB product (see https://invisioncommunity.com/buy/self-hosted), but ONLY for license renewal, $25 per semester. What's included? Ongoing access to new software versions, including major updates Technical support for the entire renewal period The IPS Spam Defender service, to protect your community against spam Access to the IPS Marketplace for new themes and addons Customer-only peer-to-peer support forums The technical upgrade and maintenance will be performed by us, and will be, as usual, free of charge. Furthermore, the psynews.org domain name is expiring by the end of september 2017. We'd also like your help to keep it going for a year or two. The price for a "dot org" domain is 15,50€/year (+21% VAT) with our registrar, Gandi.net, which is one of the cheapest. See: https://v4.gandi.net/domain/price/detail/org/ The goal set here is for 3 years worth of renewals ($25 * 2 * 3 + 15.50€ * 1.21 * 3 ~ $220). By then, Psynews.org will be 20 years old, and we can be proud it is amongst the very few sites that have been up for more than two thirds of the whole Intenet lifetime! The Indiegogo campaign is available here: https://igg.me/at/D9j5urd2QHc Please share!
  13. ZNA aftermath!

    Dolmot told me we should have called for a Psynews meet up beforehand, and he was right, but we eventually bumped into one another randomly. I'm not sure we're amongst the coolest people in the world, we just try to make people happy (even though sometimes it's a tedious task). Anyway I'm very hHappy to have met several of you there! I had a blast too! The Portuguese crowd is amazing. The Belgians and the Serbians too as usual! The Greeks are kickass kind people! The Goa Guardians night alone was worth the money!! I danced so hard then that I ended up having a black toenail, blisters on the right foot and a busted left knee! Yet the rest of the festival went on like a charm. Days passed one after the other soooo fast. Lots of dancefloor time, a little on the Chill (Eat Static and Ree.K were just great) and some nice discussions with pretty much everyone pretty much everywhere (even whilst taking a bath in the lake). The only downside is, despite the fact this was clearly a retro fest, many oldschool artists couldn't resist to stick a few modern/fullon tracks in the middle of their sets. Maybe they're tired to be invited for the music they made 20+ years ago...still, people dance to it! Some guys really made my day: Man With No Name was just incredible as always, Indoor/Tandu/Oforia, Ray Castle, Power Source, Human Blue (that I heard from the Suntrip shop), Atmos, Anoebis, Draeke, Sunborn, Psychaos, Solitaire, Syb Unity Nettwerk, Battlke OF the Future Buddhas... I'm thankful my health has improved in the past coupleof years, else I wouldn't have been able to stand up so much on the dancefloor (no drugs for me you know). Oh yeah, I just turned 40 and I danced like attending ZNA was like my 20th birthday present! I uploaded a bunch of videos on Youtube, on the Suntrip Channel too and am currently sorting the 2000 pics I did there (must have swapped lenses 500 times along the way). I'll post them all somewhere soon.
  14. How unfortunate Kristian didn't show up in yet another party, the ZNA 2017, THE event where all his indiegogo supporters were, and were set on asking for answers or refunds. Unfortunate, really. And sad. As far as the party went, Jean Borelli did the job and played some Elysium tracks. As for the supporters, I suppose they'll have to wait longer till they can kick some ass. Another solution would be to release that damn album and get it over with...
  15. Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities

    In General, like that ?