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  1. VA - 604 Syndroms

    the proxeeus track is lethal!
  2. agree i read that there are over 500 crypto so my best advice would be to invest on the biggest ones bought some bitcoin last month by the way =) it is a long term investment

    juno reactor - conquistador
  4. K.O.B. - Identity Mash

    very good album
  5. What is "morning psytrance"?

    if by morning you mean 3 am which is technically morning then i agree the delta or xenomorph work well in the morning =)
  6. What is "morning psytrance"?

    protoculture used to make some nice morning psytrance space cat indeed as mentioned by goa constrictor nice trolling here though : )
  7. sounds good it will come out eventually
  8. elysium posted this message less than a year ago "Now onto my album. I am still working on it. I have a brand new Hardware studio and i did not like the way it sounded production wise when listening to it in the new studio. So I am mixing all the tunes from scratch again as well as remaking some of the tunes too and also have to juggle a 42 hour day job at the same time." so i am still confident the album will come out and to be honest i prefer an artist not rushing and deliver something matching the expectations all the talk about party bookies are off topic and a bit low in my opinion it should not be mixed with the release of this album
  9. X-Dream - Remixed [Flying Rhino Records]

    best tracks by blue planet corporation and deedrah i dont think this album is as bad as almost everyone here seem to say
  10. Some help with the genre!?

    i like your track whatever the genre it is
  11. O.O.O.D. - You Think You Are

    stellar composition one of the best psytrance i have heard
  12. Talamasca - A Brief History of Goa Trance

    agree oh this is not bad if we compare to the worst of the worst of the worst