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  1. mp3 320 is perfectly great and save a lot of space on your hard disk
  2. Celaripo

    The cheesy full-on thread

  3. Celaripo

    The best of the best

    and of course
  4. Celaripo

    The best of the best

    psychopod - dreampod
  5. Celaripo

    The Maniac - Acid Progeny

    very good stuff
  6. very good album and i think juno reactor are the most talented band i have ever heard in the psytrance scene
  7. i see - sorry i stand corrected last time i listened to both and could not hear the difference (did not pay attention I guess : D)
  8. the evolution track was released in this album https://www.discogs.com/Evolution-Oscillating-Phenomena/master/15608 and also in this compliation https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Prophets-Of-Psychedelic-Trance/release/363791
  9. i am sure the album will come out eventually and i have to quote this since some folks seem to have reading problems
  10. interesting you mention the space cat track but how is it not a remix? the lead of the melody is exactly the same - surely he sampled the original track? or he is very talented to reproduce exactly the same lead and melody but i doubt it anyway space cat did call the track "wizard" while california sunshine changed the title name (but perhaps because Posford is more respected than BPC)
  11. Celaripo

    Capsula - Synthesis of Reality

    amazing stuff
  12. Celaripo

    Proxeeus - Shankra 2018

    cool thanks! and just want to let you know that Kuiper Belt was the best psychedelic trance track released in 2017! thats my opinion.
  13. Celaripo

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    you need to press shift and enter at the same time uptempo: 1 - jaraluca - fata morgana 2 - va - 604 syndroms 3 - goatree - black star of the death 4 - kob - identity mash