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  1. very nice album i prefer this style over new school goa
  2. great move by the way when will you decide to post a photo of pleiaidans alcyone vinyl promo sheet?
  3. sup dawg please upload the goddamn sheet thx
  4. i wish x-dream could release a new album someday
  5. among the options i prefer 60 minutes as my attention drops if a cd gets close to 80 minutes long 40 minutes is just too short for me never liked eps too much
  6. its not a feeling specific to psytrance or even music - writers or painters can reach this state especially at night
  7. sheyba trance africa express
  8. lol very true this album is very ordinary too many good albums even in 2003 to waste time with this
  9. politicians are paid with our taxes so of course they owe us something back elysium said many times he refunds the money to any donator who wants the money back - its not like you paid for anything he did not deliver or if you did you can get it back - as pauleye said above so yes silly comparison and mars using an automatic reminder every 6 months to bump the topic is pretty pathetic just my 2 cents - and im sure the album will come out eventually anyway but if he does not its not the end of the world
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