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  1. why did you delete all your reviews on psynews?
  2. listening to your track "universal code" it is very good
  3. Celaripo

    Cosmosis - Synergy

    thanks for bumping spores from space and higher access are both amazing moonshine is nice but I think the kick is a bit too soft tracks 2 and 6 are also solid
  4. so I was right last time in the thread yet you had a meltdown that you deleted lol
  5. how many total views did the first upload got?
  6. same old same old suntrip not for me
  7. Celaripo


    lol you edited your first post at first you merely posted a tracklist and literally wrote "I won't review it" so yeah it was against the rules
  8. Celaripo


    dude these threads are pointless and against the rules of the review forum this thread is more fitting
  9. maybe add vavoom but I agree most of his discography is forgettable
  10. ticon - we are the mammoth hunters i mean the whole track is a kick + a bass
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