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  1. first blue planet corporation - midian then electric universe - rain but worse they upload a track on youtube that is not by them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfnEJtyiViY
  2. despite being newschool goa the track by centavra project - space flight is a rare masterpiece
  3. Celaripo


    very nice album worth the money
  4. artha - monkeys is a great track I agree if you need downtempo to end your set choose ra - ascend and ra - rain no water
  5. first track promising but then a lot of messy melodies with wrong notes reminds me crossing mind not for me
  6. Celaripo


    pretty good music
  7. agree big time i often read the reviews here and always noticed people back in 2001 or 2002 would find many music too old school when they were released 5 or 6 years before i remember this one as i commented on the review page interestingly this review was written by mars from suntrip who would later rerelease this album claiming it is an all time great
  8. very nice album i prefer this style over new school goa
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