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  1. That's the exact type of nitpicking that helps! Thank you for that info!!! =)
  2. The main floor line-up has finished posting! A mix of artists I am super excited to see, some I've never heard of that I'm excited to see, a few I'm less engaged about but will gladly check out, and a few I can definitely miss while sleeping or eating or whatever... =) One's I'm excited for: Color Box, Dino Psaras, Elysium, James Monro, Juno Reactor, Mark Allen, Menis/Semsis, MFG, Miko, Man with no Name, Quirk, Ray Castle, Shaolin Wooden Men, S_Range, Star Sounds Kontinuum, SUN Project, Total Eclipse, Tromesa, Tsuyoshi, Ubar Tmar, and Vibrasphere! There are definitely others I'm happy about seeing (like Jaia and Atmos) but I'm not a super fan of and would be okay if I somehow missed their sets. Got my flight tickets, so I'll be getting to Portugal a day or so early and renting an AirBnB for a night or two. Will allow me a chance to go buy some food locally so I can bring it to the event with me. Get to spend some time in France before the event and Scotland afterward. August is gonna be a blast! I'm taking the ZNA bus out to the site on the 18th to hopefully secure a good camping location. If anyone has tips on where to post up for shade and such, please let me know =) Anyone know if there is a big concern for security? Should I be super paranoid about leaving stuff in my tent and such?
  3. Not on 180 gram vinyl? Really? I wasn't really paying too close attention to the details of the release, as I wasn't gonna buy it, but that's a shame. If you're gonna release a hella expensive collector print, that should be in 180gram virgin vinyl. That's a bummer
  4. I would buy a Metallica album, and go see them live, if you were part of the band...
  5. Younger Brother has got to be next! Hopefully toward the end of the year, after summer would be best =)
  6. Oh man, they've been added to the ZNA lineup! This is gonna be awesome =) Also: the Atmos remix of Statistic is so wonderful and every time I have seen Atmos, I have hoped he would slip it into a set and he never does =(
  7. The track The Deep on the first Movers and Groovers is top notch shit.
  8. How long are you in the states? There's the Ozora USA festival happening at the end of May in California: https://www.facebook.com/events/321923285103790/
  9. damn! that's a good show story
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