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  1. any chance you can make the soundcloud downloadable? I rarely rarely stream mixes and am more likely to listen if I can download and drop the files on my phone or a thumb drive =)
  2. (Apologies, I felt like there was a sub for online events but I seem to be too stupid to locate it right now. Feel free to move this if applicable) CATHARSISN'T is streaming now! https://www.facebook.com/events/300371044557358/ It's a bit after noon event time here (dhug playing). I play at 2030 (in about 08 hours). Psunspot is a great fun suomi DJ and he plays right after me Should be good fun =) September 12th (10 A.M. until 12 A.M.) and 13th (10 A.M. until we stop) 2020 Online event Twitch stream for music: https://www.twitch.tv/catharsis_crew Discor
  3. this is lovely! and I think the 2004 Son Kite video is old enough. Colours is one of those defining albums that helped formalize a new sound n style. That seems relevant when considering validity =)
  4. or poorly labeled comps by third tier labels. That shit happened a lot back in the day I very much prefer the Cali Sunshine remix of Rain to the OG (but I also heard it first)
  5. Rain is a California Sunshine remix of Electric Universe. Not really sure how that's cribbing another person's track. Many do it. (unless you're talking about a different track, which is possible, I do not have that discography memorized. I just Nasha a lot...)
  6. Back to Plusquam: I still listen to that Hopefiend album "Out of Know-Ware" Solid Mark Allen material
  7. The Expanse was cancelled by SyFy and was then picked up and renewed for additional seasons by Amazon. This is why it moved to Amazon and off of Netflix. There's nothing to be angry about with the switch. Without the switch, there wouldn't have been the latest season and no further episodes. That said, I have no problems with pirating the show. I do. I just pirate because I am not giving Amazon a Prime membership. I'm not pirating because I feel owed that they took it off of Netflix. :/ As for shows, I'm currently loving the new Perry Mason and Stargirl.
  8. My hopes of attending ZNA next summer feel like a pipe dream right now. Few countries are even allowing USA passports to travel into their countries and this will likely hold until a vaccine is approved and released. Maybe if we get a new government in place after this election we can get some global collaboration going on but the election is still four months away...
  9. I watched the video! I don't remember much at this point, kinda in one ear and out the other...
  10. Goa Trance didn't die. It just changed its name to Suomi <3
  11. Electric Universe is damn near as close to a Guilty Pleasure as I can think of. Boris is awesome
  12. But there is and the amount of denial is creating problems
  13. This just popped up in my Facebook Memories Feels prescient...
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