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  1. Ha! I have grown to like about half of Vaccine but it's still a distant cry from the Electronic variant. I actually think it would be a nice listen to put pieces of each onto a single album. Maybe I'll do that just for fun...
  2. One of these days I'll open this thread and see the link for the Younger Brother vinyl issues! *twirling thumbs until...*
  3. I missed the last couple due to being out of town and other things. Will need to make sure I don't drop the ball on this one =) Thanks for the reminder!
  4. Figured it out! Had the sample a bit off though. The earworm was indeed: Darshan - Ephemeral (12" Flying Rhino Records) The reason I had the female voice in my head was because I was morphing it together with Absolum - Indigo I can rest again! =)
  5. I should sell my old original pressing on discogs but I always feel dirty selling records... :/
  6. I absolutely love LOVE love Nasha. There are the odd track/remix outside of that I enjoy but I don't think Nasha will ever be beat. His set at ZNA 2019 was about as average as I was expecting but it was still fun to dance around with that afternoon. I guess that's my long winded way of saying California Sunshine is best experienced with lowered expectations =) lol
  7. What song has this sample? Female saying it Feel like it's from late 90s or early 00s. Maybe Atomic records or 3D Vision or maybe something like UX or Slide or Infected or Absolum or Synchro. Been in my head for a few days Can't figure it out
  8. I was trying to remember what track had the sample "Castration! Double castration!" and almost posted here to ask. Then I remembered. Now I am listening to this... =) lolololol
  9. Me too! Getting married in June and then gonna visit some mates overseas in August during our honeymoon travels and hit up the festival as part of that =) Very excited for all of it
  10. Interesting about the tags. yeah, do each separately. good comp! glad I saw it posted in this forum =)
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