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  1. Still kicking myself for missing the Out of Orbit vinyl release from Diggers Factory =(
  2. Already so excited! DOOF!!!! Sid Shanti! Tsuyoshi vs Roy Sason!!! This is gonna be fucking sweeeeeeet! And a bit earlier in the year too. Am excited to see what the place is like earlier in the peak-heat season 😃
  3. that's pretty sweet! wish the Younger Brother albums were a bit more special with their packaging and pressings, but at least I finally have them all on vinyl. Flock of Beeps has REALLY grown on my over the past few years since Vaccine dropped. Flock of Beeps is a real fucking legit album
  4. Excited for the album Drezz! You're good peeps and your music is so unique and brilliant. Wish more people listened and respected your craft and what you bring. Elektrik Orgasm remains a high water mark of record labels Be well dude =) Hope our paths cross again and send Seanie and his family my love <3
  5. Thank you for the Indoor recommendation @Basilisk! I love both Ofer and Avi and, somehow, never learned of or listened to Indoor until about 04 or 05 years ago (same with Tandu). Good good stuff =)
  6. The past couple of sets I've seen of Juno have been rather... meh. I miss the live shows with Amampondo =( Needs to stop playing that fucking Gravity Kills remix...
  7. I really wish I could organize my music in multiple folders at once. I use Tags for OSX to designate format/bit level (FLAC v WAV v MP3) but I can't use it for genres in the same way. It would be great, without making copies and wasting space, or doing shortcuts/aliases, and place files in multiple folders for easy access/retrieval when digging for music. I'm trying to get better at tagging stuff within Rekordbox, as it would kinda work the same, I just only listen via Rekordbox when actively DJing, not just when listening/looking for music.
  8. ???? I must have missed some drama but that's all a bummer to read. Hope everyone is okay...
  9. Ooooh! Great topic and I need to go through a take some notes. I use a pair of OnePlus Buds that came in a package deal with my current phone. They are not great. They are okay but I would never actually encourage anyone to go buy them. I also have a paid of Sennheiser over the ear ones (HD 4.40BT). I rarely use them anymore though. Prefer the in-ear for regular walks/commuting/working out. I really want a new set of something though and will use this as a potential shopping list.
  10. I was just listening to this the other week. Fucking love that album and his sound. Was so refreshing and groovy when it came out. Good good stuff
  11. I don't see either of my comps on there, so I'd recommend Crop Circle Jerk Blue Balls
  12. Got that Yamabikaya release immediately. So stoked on that
  13. Dude! I fucking LOVE Yamabikaya I really need a digital copy of Growler Thank you for this release!
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