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  1. good move on watching out +2 Karma Points lololol
  2. I feel like I would have known if a 2017 reissue happened officially. But I've been wrong about so many things in life, maybe this just creeped past me...? I'll wait and pay the extra $$ for whatever boxed set crazy collector pressing gets released. At least I know my money will be going to the artist at that time and not to some reseller.
  3. the goa constrictor

    X-dream's our own happiness

    I don't know the answer to your question but I do agree that this is one of the high water mark tracks of the goa trance history. I absolutely love this song.
  4. the goa constrictor

    SUN Project - I Feel x10 better than Space Dwarves

    It's almost certainly nostalgia that keeps me enjoying it. I was but a teenager when it came out and I listened to it a lot. I definitely have grown tired of that sound and don't listen to their other albums anymore, but I put on Macrophage last week and enjoyed it all over again. While they are most often known for the guitars, the songs where they swap out the guitars for 303s tend to be better. They fuckin' slay with the acid...
  5. the goa constrictor

    Best Intro Tracks

    I don't want to say because they're my secret little winners...
  6. the goa constrictor

    Best Space Tribe album??

    This is a real worthy 15-year old thread to bump... Space Tribe, bless his heart, is much like Electric Universe. Not much variation between albums. Kinda repetitive in nature. Cheesy full-on, but good natured and hilarious. A few sparkling and shiny gems in the mix, lots of filler. Sonic Mandala and Ultrasonic Heartbeat would be my favorites, but that's only because they're the first and were interesting before I got bored of the sound. That said, Oli Wisdom totally changed the game for merchandise and is a true pioneer. Religious Experience might be one of my more favorite album covers, as it's just too cheeky and wonderful to be ignored. I couldn't tell you a single song or melody from the album though.
  7. the goa constrictor

    shpongle nothing lasts, ineffable vinyl reissues

    I don't own any of these re-releases and don't foresee me buying them, but I approve and appreciate their releases. I don't like buying CDs because I don't listen to CDs. I listen to digital music or vinyl. Vinyl is nice because it is physical and has an opportunity to make something more like art. The middle ground is for you to not-buy them. I do not believe the vinyls sound better than a similarly mastered digital release. These are strictly for collectors. They're for people who want to buy this type of product for their collections. This is what record labels need to do now that music is near worthless with Spotify and streaming options eating up more sales. Now that Shpongle is nearing the end, hopefully Younger Brother is up next!!!!!
  8. the goa constrictor

    Is rotwang still around here? :)

  9. How is the quality of the shirt print? I tossed my Nervasystem shirt from Arjuna Records. It was a piece of garbage print, it was offensive. I'm sure you're not gonna openly say "our prints suck" as that would be weird, but hopefully you know of the quality of that Nervasystem shirt and can at least attest to it being better than that... (note: sometimes I feel my comments are super catty and dickish... I really don't mean to be a twat... apologies for when I am...)
  10. oh wow =) digital hoarding comes to the rescue again!!!
  11. the goa constrictor

    The Goa Constrictor - Mindset

    Don't forget to listen to Reset! It finishes the journey =) I <3 Kino Oko so much... He's such a unique gift of a musician and artist =)
  12. the goa constrictor

    The Goa Constrictor... is Excited for ZNA!

    Yeah, it took a few bits before the mix really found its footing... Prana / Masaray is where I think it really starts to take shape =) Glad you enjoyed!
  13. the goa constrictor

    SUN Project - I Feel x10 better than Space Dwarves