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  1. The election's got me in the feels. The shit aint over but it's about to get intense... ...but what does it matter?
  2. Global Suomisaundi Online Gathering -10th Random Records Anniversary Edition- Nov 13 at 2 AM PST – Nov 15 at 1 PM PST Facebook Event Info Twitch.tv We are very happy to announce the third edition of the Global Suomisaundi Online Gathering, this time celebrating the 10th Random Records anniversary, in which we will launch our next compilation “Kiitos”, a massive one that consists of 34 tracks, which can be purchased for only 1 euro exclusively during that weekend for those who attend the event via streaming, through our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv
  3. I'm bored, so I'll reply to the bot... Check out artists: Exuus and Sattel Battle Cheers!
  4. No one will ever replace the magic of Quirk and they'd be entirely unsuccessful if they were new on the scene today.
  5. That's the only way it was released!
  6. I kinda think this loosely fits: Citizen Kaned "Global Citizen / Sale Of The Century" https://www.discogs.com/artist/15483-Citizen-Kaned
  7. I actually kinda do start with the entire library (and it can be daunting). Generally I have inspiration from a handful of songs I've been listening to a lot recently and build from there. I'll create a playlist in Rekordbox and begin dropping albums and tracks in which might compliment or complete the journey. As for the Path Dependency: I started with vinyl in the mid-90s, moved to CDJs in early 2000s, then Traktor around 2010. I switched to Rekordbox this spring, around April. It was/is a learning curve but I couldn't be happier. I hated playing with a laptop. I love being able to
  8. I generally keep things simple for the root tracks. Whatever comes out via XLD is how I leave it. If manually adding, I might put Goa, Psychedelic, or Suomi (but I don't have any rules about these terms and use them loosely and in ways wildly inappropriate). In Rekordbox I may add additional tags as you can do custom tags of whatever, and however many, you choose. I rarely look for music by genre, so filtering that way just isn't my workflow and process. I also find adding too many labels/terms to be troublesome as so much music can fit in different realms and it gets overly complicated t
  9. With the hope that the dumpster fire of USA politics has pivoted and we are allowed to leave the country again, I have secured tickets for ZNA next summer for a much needed respite. Something to look forward to...
  10. I decided to try something new with my second online event of the COVID pandemic and had a little fun with things. YouTube won't let me post the full thing (copyright on the intro and outro tracks), but I did create a YouTube Friendly Version Full video, downloads, tracklist, and more at: https://goaconstrictor.com/music/catharsisnt/ …LIVE @ CATHARSISN’T… (1hr03min/320MP3/155MB/©2020) Genre: Piechedelic Goa Trance! Direct Download/Stream: goaconstrictor-catharsisnt.mp3 Third Party Streams: Hearthis / Mixcloud / Soundcloud Video Download: 720HD.mp4 / 540
  11. any chance you can make the soundcloud downloadable? I rarely rarely stream mixes and am more likely to listen if I can download and drop the files on my phone or a thumb drive =)
  12. (Apologies, I felt like there was a sub for online events but I seem to be too stupid to locate it right now. Feel free to move this if applicable) CATHARSISN'T is streaming now! https://www.facebook.com/events/300371044557358/ It's a bit after noon event time here (dhug playing). I play at 2030 (in about 08 hours). Psunspot is a great fun suomi DJ and he plays right after me Should be good fun =) September 12th (10 A.M. until 12 A.M.) and 13th (10 A.M. until we stop) 2020 Online event Twitch stream for music: https://www.twitch.tv/catharsis_crew Discor
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