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  1. the goa constrictor

    RIP Bansi :(

    Damn. He was massively influential on the scene. From the full-on bassline to the fabled GMS Song Generator, they produced hit after hit. I wasn't a big GMS fan, but I definitely love a few of their remixes and collaborations and their Riktam and Bansi project tended to be more of my liking. They definitely know how to make something banging and could bring the power. Played one of their collaborations this past weekend. RIP Bansi
  2. the goa constrictor

    Your Music in the best stores in the world!

    this guy again?
  3. the goa constrictor

    DJ FABULOUS! - Club Life

    …CLUB LIFE… [::::download::::] (1hr31min/320MP3/223MB/©2018) Genre: Club Music DJ FABULOUS! has been in hiding for quite a bit. Other than a couple of additions to the ongoing Good Morning series, there hasn’t been any club beats of bouncy boogie bangers in nearly a decade. I guess it kinda makes sense, as I was never really into the clubs and always preferred the damp forests, but from time to time, much fun can be had in those claustrophobic concrete holes of echo n bass. Some music just resonates a bit better when you’re shoved into a small chamber with hundreds of others, all trying to avoid the sticky spots on the floor (and also hoping to not add to those sticky spots as you’re continually bumped into by others). Actually, fuck, I hate all of that. Maybe I’ll keep hanging out in my own “club” where there’s no door charge, no queue for refreshments, no one smashing into you, and the place is filled with blue skies, green trees, bumble bees, and living things… Yeah… this is my Club Life! [TRACKLIST] xoxox -Fab
  4. yeah, like, the 90s DAT tape era is likely filled with so many errors, it's kinda surprising things get released as accurately as they do. to be honest though, I'd much rather have things like the alternate mixes of Doof's "Let's Turn On" pressed on vinyl than than the live Pleiadians/Etnica albums, but that's a petty bit of non-issue and doesn't take away from the overall excellent and diverse work DAT is doing. my ongoing wish list is rather simple: 1. release the 45 minute Hallucinogen remix of Slinky Wizard and 2. pink Doof shirts lololololol
  5. the goa constrictor

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    The first Ticon, Son Kite, and XV Kilist albums are not good. Once they dropped the dark minimalism and got more sparkly, the music improved greatly...
  6. If you're archiving, archive in Flac. You'll save space and can ensure that you can encode it to mp3 or burn as wav without losing data or residual artifacts. If you save as mp3, decompressing and recompressing will eventually lead to signal noise and icky stuff. If you save as wav, you won't have the tags and metadata. And you'll be wasting space. I really think long-term data backup should just be in flac. I rarely need to encode to mp3 these days, it's not really a bother when i to need to...
  7. the goa constrictor

    I'm in Tokyo

    I would absolutely hit up anything recommended by Matsuri
  8. the goa constrictor

    Vinyl Goa mix

    That XIS 12" is fantastic. Highly encourage everyone to pick it up
  9. the goa constrictor

    SubConsciousMind - Symphonies of Life (Ektoplazm)

    I really liked Intermezzo Extended as well! http://goaconstrictor.com/music-reviews/subconsciousmind-intermezzo-extended/ Looking forward to hearing the new stuff =)
  10. the goa constrictor

    SubConsciousMind - Symphonies of Life (Ektoplazm)

    I really liked
  11. the goa constrictor

    Vinyl Goa mix

    thank you =)
  12. the goa constrictor

    Vinyl Goa mix

    Can you make this downloadable?