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  1. Eeeeeek! It's been so long of waiting and now the time is here!
  2. This already posted? http://psytranceguide.com/
  3. You joined this forum and this is your first post? Really? wtf...
  4. I've been wanting a second album from Delirious Noon for years... ☀️
  5. I started high school in 93. Met a new friend who was also into some of the same punk and industrial as I. He then introduced me to some more industrial and then in 95ish some electronic music. Remember getting Juno Reactor, Shakta, and Hallucinogen albums and bunches of 12"s from Blue Room, Flying Rhino, Matsuri, and such.
  6. In one month I'll be overseas and slowly making my way to the festival!!!! Eeeeeeeek So excited!!!!!!!
  7. I've been meaning to pick up that Moon Juice book for a while. Maybe I'll get it for the plane out to ZNA next month
  8. Wu-Tang is for the children!
  9. I love rap and hip hop. Been on a massive Wu-Tang (and solo project) kick lately
  10. it was not at all what I was expecting while, simultaneously, being exactly what I was expecting! The singing... ::devil horns::
  11. Exactly! This is why I don't even bother pretending to select "the best" (or create those types of lists). Something that might hit the spot and move me at one moment in time or for one emotion might be the exact worst song for another mood. The music I want to listen to while driving home at 5am is regularly different than the music I want to listen to at 4pm while heading out to meet up with people.
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