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  1. I watched the video! I don't remember much at this point, kinda in one ear and out the other...
  2. Goa Trance didn't die. It just changed its name to Suomi <3
  3. Electric Universe is damn near as close to a Guilty Pleasure as I can think of. Boris is awesome
  4. But there is and the amount of denial is creating problems
  5. This just popped up in my Facebook Memories Feels prescient...
  6. That was beautiful. I can't believe I hadn't seen that until now
  7. Well, the USA is shitting the bed so badly with this, we're now quarantined out of Europe indefinitely. That kinda sucks... =( God damn this shit...
  8. A sense of wonder and exploration... ...but that might just be from my own journey and the music and things I've experienced over these decades.
  9. It's 2008, so not quite your criteria, but I often think the M.E.E.O. album "Highlight Me Please" from Demon Tea Recordings is criminally overlooked for its refreshing 90s-era psychedelic quality while also sounding fresh and updated. It reminds me of those early Twisted Records releases and delivers a rich full sonic punch with each track.
  10. Draeke remains alive and the world's on fire right now. Hang tight, DAT will be back with more info soon...
  11. Not sure where to put this, but I wanted to make sure anyone who missed it, knew about it. Man With No Name live in his garden. It's a magical hour and exactly what I was needing the morning I listened, and danced, to it. Cheers!
  12. Kris Kylven is legit AF Much love
  13. …Cares React – A Global Suomisaundi COVID Event… (1hr00min/320MP3/147MB/©2020) Genre: Sick Suomi Sylphedelic! Direct Download/Stream: goaconstrictor-cares.mp3 Third Party Stream: Hearthis / Mixcloud / Soundcloud Well this was an unexpected and lovely thing to be part of! Full track list and long-winded story at: https://goaconstrictor.com/music/cares/ xoxox - Goa
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