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    Long warm embraces from Purple Sunray on a Pink Sunday while listening to Haddaway

    lololololololololol ticon 1987 is an old school track... lolololololol lololololololololololololol lololololololololololollolololololol 8=======D ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~

    Listening to vinyl is a different style. It's different than putting on a CD or loading a bunch of songs into a player. If you don't understand, you don't understand. I absolutely love vinyl. I often just need 10 to 20 minutes while unloading the dishes or putting lunch together before work. Then flip the side or go to work or whatever. It's a different type of experience. If having people over all day for a BBQ, maybe I'll just load up a play list or something on the computer. Vinyl is for long term collecting and for a more engaged and active listening experience. I love it.
  3. The new board - issues and stuff...

    omg... i just found the dark theme. thank you! this forum change coincided with the layout of another forum I used to frequent regularly and the layout of the avclub website. All of which have been super displeasing and have kept me from checking in as much. I just have a hard time with weird large white forum aesthetics. hopefully this new darker theme will help. I keep getting the following screen when trying to access the site from my phone's data stream. When I'm logged into a wifi connection, everything is fine. If I'm on a regular data network, I cannot even get to a login screen. I just show that I'm banned. Since this happens without being logged in, I think a mod here may have IP banned, not a user, but the entire t-mobile network or something. again, it's not account specific and doesn't happen when on wifi, just anytime I try to access the forum from a data stream. this has been a problem before the update, just before the update it never said I was banned. Just said I couldn't view the forum. Thoughts?

    that looks really sweet. I love nice solid vinyl packages and boxed sets looks like they delivered a nice product for their fans hopefully it was successful enough for twisted to try and release a Younger Brother 'Last Days of Gravity' and maybe the electronic mixes of 'Vaccine' at some point too..
  5. Vinyls with Engraving

    I have the Infinite Excursions sampler but not the Pleiadians one. While not the same, I'd include the Flying Rhino Summer Appetizer 12" picture disk in the category. There really aren't other picture disks in the goa collections. Some colored vinyl pressings, but not picture disk style. I'll sift through my collection to see if anything else sticks out =)
  6. Desert Island Albums (GOA): Your pick

    Process - One Drop or Two Ticon - ZeroSixAfter Fuzzion - Black Magic Blue Planet Corp - Blue Planet Juno Reactor - bible of dreams Rip Van Hippy - The Whole Worlds Hip and that's not Cool
  7. DAT Records News

    It's been a slow evolution. I don't have good CD players. I listen to records or digital files. CDs are kind of a weird between area. I will buy if necessary, but prefer to buy records with digital download codes. =)
  8. What new music did you get today?

    Didn't get yet, as it's not released, but pre-ordered the deluxe vinyl release of St Vincent's new album Masseduction. That said, I did received the vinyl boxed set of the new Mogwai album "Every Country's Sun" and I'm super pumped for their show in a couple of months. Mogwai is _always_ a good time live. Listened to the new 20th anniversary release of The Verve's Urban Hymns and think I'll be picking that up as a 6 x 12" vinyl boxed set after the Gorillaz show in a couple of weeks. Might need to spend some cash on some new hoodies at the concert... then vinyl boxed set...
  9. DAT Records News

    Probably not. I mean, I'll let Draeke give the real answer, but these are always printed to a finite amout of physical copies. It's part of the standard licensing with the artists. All proceeds go to charity. Like, this is the same answer every time. It's how these comps are. Deal with it people... I hate CDs too. I get it... but it's okay that some things are on vinyl, some CDs, some digital, some all... Welcome to life =)
  10. Psynews fundraiser

    You've already hit your goal, but after I pay my own webhosting fee later this weekend, I'll chip in. I appreciate your services. Thank you...
  11. Man With No Name - Earth Moving Sun

    I had no idea either, and now that I'm looking at the track listings, they are vastly different. I need to check this out =)
  12. Digital Reprints News

    oh seb... such a class guy... =)
  13. ZNA aftermath!

    Masa and DJ Yuta played at the Oregon Eclipse festival and it was fucking magic. Sunday morning with Darshan at 4am, then Masa at sunrise followed by DJ Yuta and then Bumbling Loons... Sunday was absolutely fucking magical =) Ree.k was supposed to play but something happened and she canceled or something. Was a bummer
  14. What is "morning psytrance"?

    Give a listen to the Psy-Harmonics compilation "Iconic" Also, Shaolin Wooden Men "Supermindway" and Rip Van Hippy "The Whole World's Hip and that's Not Cool" And, again, I appreciate that some people might not understand why the delta can fit at 7am, but that's why most DJs have shit taste, why many events are generic carbon copies, and the music has consistently been less inspired as the years move on. Open up and push some boundaries...
  15. What is "morning psytrance"?

    the delta isn't a trolling comment or suggestion. again, it's all about how the music played and the sequencing of it. Shit like Tribaliser or deltaskelter? absolutely. Same with the old Organic Noise material. dark and brooding can work in context if played right.