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  1. You speak my language! Quirk - Mystic Linguistic remains, not only one of the greatest Goa tracks ever released, but one of the best songs ever released. It's absolutely perfect from beginning to end. Supermindway is another stellar work and I'm gutted Ollie wasn't able to make it to ZNA in 2019 =( I really should have brought him to Portland when I brought up Rip Van Hippy.
  2. I'll still pick it up on vinyl. I actually don't mind the vocal mix as much now that I can listen to the Electronic version as the standard. If they had released them in opposite order or intandem, that would have been super nice. I think it was the years of waiting for the superior version that got me extra feisty lololol
  3. Super Life Records was selling their entire discography for under $10 last weekend. Might still be going on I already had pieces but was worth it to just snag it all and support the label. I love me some James Reipas <3
  4. I do it quite often. In fact, my new video mix premieres on YouTube this weekend =) This one is a mix of pop, classic electronica, progressive, goa, suomi, folk, and rock. I will mix a variety of genres depending on my mood and what I'm after. My entire Good Morning series of mixes are blends of psy n other =)
  5. Yeah. Mods rarely step in with edits, so I'm sure it was garbage =)
  6. One day I'll convince Sean to release the remastered Satori album on Bandcamp... <3
  7. I think this has been the only April Fool's prank/joke I've come across today.
  8. I've been wondering when the annual April Fool's posts would begin...
  9. It was like 2000. Maybe 2001. It was forever ago =)
  10. I remember when Analog Pussy got banned from MP3.Com for manipulating their plays/streams. Oh the good ol' days... =)
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