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  1. the goa constrictor

    The Goa Constrictor - Mindset

    Part one of a two-part journey through a Mindset Reset... (1hr27min/320MP3/212.7MB/©2018) [::::download::::] Genre: Midtempo Acidic Funky Psychedelic Goa Trance for your Mindset to Reset This is part one of a two-part journey through a Mindset Reset. The Mindset disk gives us a moment to exhale our breaths slowly, find our resting heart rate, and ground our center. Featuring music from: Kino Oko, Loopus in Fabula, Ectima & Phaxe, Rezonance Mood (aka Yuta & Asteroidnos), Magnat, Juno Reactor > New Order > Juno Reactor, James Monro, James Reipas, Bumbling Loons, Ticon, Saiko-Pod, XV Kilist & Rocco, Eric Prydz, Terra Ferma
  2. the goa constrictor

    Etnica - Trip Tonite (All Mixes)

    Where's Goatrance Marsh when we need him? lololololol
  3. the goa constrictor

    Etnica - Trip Tonite (All Mixes)

    So who's going to crib together a mega-mix featuring every version?
  4. Your inability to budget your finances is far from my problem. I'm now a proud owner of beautiful wavs of this great album and a sealed cd which i can sell/trade in the future! A very worthy investment for one of the rare albums of quality music being released. This is far from the 96 -> 03 heyday of Too Much Music...
  5. the goa constrictor

    Track that begins with beautiful flute

  6. I had no idea they had written so much music
  7. A. Ubar Tmar is worth it. B. You can buy it and then resell the disk after you download the audio C. Are you one of the people who complains about the DAT Records Mind Rewind comps? Anyway, I'm just teasing a bit. Life is full of opportunity costs. It's the foundation of how an economy works. We don't get to have everything we want, I chose to buy Ubar Tmar instead of other releases because I really like Ubar Tmar. You are free to do something different
  8. Do what I did; buy the disk and receive download code =) Love the album!!!!
  9. Oh mang... Bible of Dreams is a perfect album. Same with Beyond the Infinite. I will say that both albums had parts which weren't immediately my favorites but grew on me with time and I love more and more as the years have passed; but those are perfect albums.
  10. This album rules so hard! It gave me much energy for my day at work =)
  11. the goa constrictor

    New MWNN album?

    I always considered him to be riding the line for the get go; which isn't a negative. There is a place for that type of acidic, high energy, powerful psychedelic trance. Lots of melodies and dripping with cheese. He always had some tracks which didn't work for me, but I appreciated that his music worked for so many different people and he had far more hits than misses. Looking forward to hearing what his new album sounds like. I'm expecting it to be more of a modern trance sound, but I'm sure there will be a couple of gems on the album and any new MWNN gem is worth getting. When he hits big, he hits huge. Much respect and he's still on my Hit the Lottery Dream Line-Up festival I'd put together....
  12. Do we get a download code or do I have to wait until I find someone with a CD drive and rip the CD I ordered?
  13. Hey mate, I appreciate you saying something and addressing this. I typically stay out of topics that don't interest me and have a history of only writing positive reviews of music because I never saw the need of trying to dissuade someone from enjoying something that they enjoy. It not being my cup of tea doesn't mean others can't enjoy it. So I really do appreciate your criticism of the conversation. That said, I was simply curious as to what genre was being created. From a purely categorical perspective, I was curious. GMS, and Infected Mushroom are acts I'm not entirely fond of but completely appreciate that they have defined sounds and I recognize that. I just never viewed Talamasca as being like that. Maybe I'm wrong, and that's entirely possible, but that's what I was commenting on and was trying to unpack. Not that someone shouldn't like the music. Just trying to understand the context of it. Maybe Talamasca _IS_ the 3D Vision sound and maybe he created that, but that hasn't been my perspective thus far. I was asking because I was wondering if I'm wrong about things...
  14. Oh, I just always thought Talamasca was mostly derivative full-on. Early stuff sounded like the rest of the 3D Vision catalog, which all was essentially French full-on. Some good shit in there, a lot of mediocrity. Definitely had its place within a set but could never stomach a full set of only that sound (I guess I essentially feel that way about all music though)... Talamasca took on a more Astrix and Skazi vibe as his music went on. More cheese, less depth from the earlier stuff. His music isn't terrible, I just don't think it's that unique or special; definitely not creating his own subgenre level of worthiness.