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  1. Was posted a year ago =) Good times Click for Tracklist:
  2. Might want to remove the option to receive payment. Not everyone is cool with people making money on unofficial remixes/bootlegs... Can put up on Soundcloud with free downloads if that determined to spread it
  3. This is all a ploy to charge more for those "special" gigs... lol
  4. Favs (in no real order) Producer Sets: Texas Faggott, Nervasystem, Sandman, X-Dream, Prometheus (both sets), Prana, Psychaos DJs: Andrew Till, Nick Taylor, Tsuyoshi, Solitaire, (and that Goa Guardian who played a grip of Platipus tracks)
  5. Dado very much played Synthetic "Time Bandits" from 100% Pure. Absolutely one of my favorites of his and I was stoked to hear it (and Deedrah's "Wizard Demo") Not the best set of the weekend but still a good time =)
  6. I remember them playing a more extended/enhanced version of that when I brought them out in 2000 for their debut American performance. It was fucking madness when they played it. It was then released on the first Mandalavandalz disk Hong Kong Nightlife (still one of their best albums under any moniker and they played a few cuts from it at ZNA). Oh how I loved that night and them showcasing Zen Paradox -> Andrew Till -> Texas Faggott for everyone front and center (and how Nick Taylor essentially took over that morning spot he was scheduled to tag team with Ray Castle. Oh how I love me some Nick Taylor!!!!)
  7. Well fuck yeah! That was a true blast. While I was excited to hear Sandman, I was blown away by how much that ruled. I have a new found respect and love for him now. So many fantastic and wonderful sets, so stoked Andrew Till, Nick Taylor, and Texas Faggott got to share some funky and twisted tunes. Looking forward to whatever comes about at the next one!
  8. It's hard to read the various programs for the different stages, so here's a simple one-day-per-page PDF with each stage in its own column. Hopefully it's a bit easier to navigate for those inclined =) (doh! can't upload PDFs, so here are a sequence of JPGs) Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Monday: Woo0o0o0o0ooo000o0oo!!! So little time for sleep =)
  9. We are super fucking excited and ready for the beach. We need to decompress and relax =)
  10. There was a time when it was real hard to create a mix/journey blending current and classic tracks. Now, it's super fucking easy. There's so much great music out there (and so so much rubbish). There are some classic tracks that just would never get released these days and it's a bummer as some of those refreshing/unique tracks remain untouched in excellence. I just woke up and haven't finished my coffee, apologies if my word-vomit made no sense. Can't wait to be on the beach of Portugal in one-month and dancing to some great music...
  11. (2hr50min/256MP3/330MB/©2022) Direct Download/Stream: goaconstrictor-604EVER.mp3 Mixcloud Stream: mixcloud.com/goaconstrictor/the-goa-constrictor-604ever/ Hearthis Stream: hearthis.at/goaconstrictor/goaconstrictor-604ever/ Yeah, so life can be unexpected. I’m not really good with people. It seems more evident and more relevant with each passing day. My neurodivergent brain can miss a lot of signals and a lot of normal social cues, so interpersonal relationships have always been challenging. I used to put the blame on others or simply run away and disconnect. One day, a special woman stepped into my world and learned about me, with me, and my world opened up. When I found my Goa’dess, I was taken aback and started to see the world differently. That’s right, in case you missed it, The Goa has truly, finally, found a partner (first introduced in the Taskmaster video and then again in Sequinox). The Goa Constrictor has met his Goa’dess. She’s an absolute treasure of a being. She cares so much about people and wanting to do the right thing for others. Having a grounded Goa’dess can keep me in check; I grow from her empathy and connection to humanity in ways I haven’t been able to before. The Goa’dess and I decided to get married at Solstice proper (which was about 214AM on a Tuesday). Since that isn’t the opportune time for hosting many people to a wedding, we decided to have a reception/celebration the following weekend and christen it as the sixth edition of the **GOA PARTY** series; heretofore known as **GOA PARTY 604EVER** We invited some friends to the special waterfalls, setup some lights and sounds, and had a proper stomp. God damn, after these years of COVID isolation, it felt amazing to reconnect with friends and to dance with the earth underneath my feet. Doing this with her love as the root of it all was truly profound. I can’t express how special and lovely this event is/was, and while this isn’t a direct recording of that morning (I had no idea there were gonna be so many frogs making their voices known when we planned this), I made this mix the following week to capture what was played, not played, and the overall feeling of Goa love that was present throughout the night. I hope you enjoy and feel the 604 love as much as we do. Always and forever! Click for Tracklist:
  12. oh i know. I just thought you were making a joke regarding my pent up frustration of the years of waiting for the Electronic variant =)
  13. Ha! I have grown to like about half of Vaccine but it's still a distant cry from the Electronic variant. I actually think it would be a nice listen to put pieces of each onto a single album. Maybe I'll do that just for fun...
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