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  1. It was like 2000. Maybe 2001. It was forever ago =)
  2. I remember when Analog Pussy got banned from MP3.Com for manipulating their plays/streams. Oh the good ol' days... =)
  3. those first few years of Demon Tea were a magical period of boundary pushing sounds and exciting new spaces to dance in =)
  4. good to hear things are slowly coming back together over there As for Bandcamp: I always always always encourage people to download their music locally. One never knows when a platform may disappear and it's not smart to solely rely on other people's platforms. Save your music locally and consider the Bandcamp (or whatever) streams as a bonus feature that could disappear at any moment. =)
  5. What did you put as your name on Facebook? They will absolutely close you for that violation As for the messaging, you can indeed message people if not friends. Those messages get filtered into a different messaging box and each user can choose what degree of removal needs to be met to send a message (you can choose open, friends only, friends of friends). Friends of Friends is common. So even if you're not directly connected to the person, if you share common friends, you can get messages through.
  6. I believe Bandcamp has said they'll be doing this on the first Friday of every month ongoing. =) They're the best
  7. The election's got me in the feels. The shit aint over but it's about to get intense... ...but what does it matter?
  8. Global Suomisaundi Online Gathering -10th Random Records Anniversary Edition- Nov 13 at 2 AM PST – Nov 15 at 1 PM PST Facebook Event Info Twitch.tv We are very happy to announce the third edition of the Global Suomisaundi Online Gathering, this time celebrating the 10th Random Records anniversary, in which we will launch our next compilation “Kiitos”, a massive one that consists of 34 tracks, which can be purchased for only 1 euro exclusively during that weekend for those who attend the event via streaming, through our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv
  9. I'm bored, so I'll reply to the bot... Check out artists: Exuus and Sattel Battle Cheers!
  10. No one will ever replace the magic of Quirk and they'd be entirely unsuccessful if they were new on the scene today.
  11. That's the only way it was released!
  12. I kinda think this loosely fits: Citizen Kaned "Global Citizen / Sale Of The Century" https://www.discogs.com/artist/15483-Citizen-Kaned
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