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  1. I really want to get on the Goa Guardians stage. I feel like my resume and presence should meet some metric. And playing the same year my friend Sean plays a rare Process set would feel very in alignment with the cosmos...
  2. Totally! They seem very chill, easy to work with, and positive. Have reached out and waiting for a response. Will follow up as needed 😃
  3. Uploaded to Soundcloud, Hearthis, and Mixcloud (for those who are interested...) https://soundcloud.com/goaconstrictor/live-suomisunday-anniversary https://www.mixcloud.com/goaconstrictor/the-goa-constrictor-live-suomisundays-anniversary-august-27th-2023/ https://hearthis.at/goaconstrictor/goaconstrictor-suomisunday/
  4. I never got my email for the presales. Have reached out to hopefully get that resolved ASAP
  5. In all fairness, that is a fucking terrible remix of Gamma Goblins and a fucking terrible remix of Binary Finary after it. I've never listened to this ANNA person until now and I am not a fan...
  6. I played the one-year anniversary event for Trance Bum Productions Suomisundays series of events. Texas Faggott, Pavel Svimba, Club Kooma and more were also on the bill. Good stuff all around Here's my one-hour blast through some Suomi n Aussie nuttiness... 😃 Cheers!
  7. Thanks for checking in. I used to use Paypal around like '99 -> 2005(ish) I really stopped trusting them and closed my account a few years back. I use a service called Privacy.Com (will send anyone an invite if they would like) for my online purchases. It creates dummy credit cards that are locked into businesses or are one-time uses. That way, if/when there is a breech and the card numbers are stolen, I am not at risk. I have this setup with Bandcamp but Doof wouldn't use that. Had to be via Paypal and Paypal wouldn't accept that as a valid card number. I ended up putting money on an account that isn't linked to my main finances in anyway and purchased via that. This led me to setting up an entirely new bank account simply for these types of purchases so that I can isolate purchases without risk of compromised accounts.
  8. Damn it. I don't use paypal and this is stupid. Just let me buy the fucking record...
  9. I dunno. I think the absolute best moment was the one that kinda kicked so much of this shit off... https://drive.google.com/file/d/19llT6hJFZbrqtoFd3hFN3xJACSGHvewz/view?usp=sharing
  10. Yeah. Simon talked about it on the old goa mailing list-serv from the 90s/early-2000s. goa@party.net and 604@party.net He had an account (whiningtrancer@yahoo.com if memory serves) He posted a list of corrections and songs and such Gumbo had an entire album recorded but was abandoned. I could be mistaken about the song being attributed to Gumbo vs Hallucinogen, but I very much remember him mentioning that Shamanix is a remix of an earlier song that he is entirely embarrassed by and that it would never be released. This is also where I read about that 15 or 20 minute remix of Slinky Wizard (that I finally got to hear at ZNA a few years back)
  11. Shamanix itself is technically a remix of an earlier Gumbo track called something like "Song of the Shaman" or "Dance of the Shaman" or some shit. Shamanix is a remix (hence, Shaman"ix") So the Space Cat remix is likely 30 years later but few people have heard the original as the Gumbo release was scrapped
  12. My at home listening is far from ideal. I desperately need new speakers and a new receiver
  13. That's kinda frustrating for someone who just purchased all of the albums less than a year ago
  14. I got an email long ago with a download link/code. I would assume you may have too. It was to the email address of the gofundme campaign, not my Bandcamp email address, if that helps you locate it. Love the album and art work. Real special release. Truly appreciate the intentionality behind this release and all of Drezz's stuff. Elektrik Orgasm is truly missed
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