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  1. My most sincere apologies, the sarcasm flew way way over my head there
  2. Proxeeus

    Am i being too critic?

    I love you so much right now.
  3. Proxeeus

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    Spending 3 months on a kick and a 2 notes rolling bassline and nothing else like all modern-day psy isn't really the epitome of evolution in my (unpopular) opinion.
  4. Proxeeus

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    That meme will never die
  5. Proxeeus

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    Well maybe they have fun making it that way (not talking about mixing but the general tones/sounds)
  6. Proxeeus

    Videogames official thread

    Oh nice, thanks for the invitation
  7. Proxeeus

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    Well this truly fucking sucks and no mistake. RIP
  8. Proxeeus

    Videogames official thread

    Well, only 4 games on your PC, true...but they're top-quality Haven't played DK in years as well, what an incredible game that was.
  9. Quality stuff ! Can't wait to hear the full album =)
  10. Proxeeus

    ManMachine - Gravity

    Groundbreaking basslines.
  11. Proxeeus

    Proxeeus - Shankra 2018

    Thanks so much Mr. R <3
  12. Proxeeus

    Proxeeus - Shankra 2018

    <3 I'd love to !
  13. Proxeeus

    The Maniac - Necronomicon I

    Aaaand purchased <3