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  1. Well to be fair 2023 is 4 weeks old sooo :p
  2. Yo ! We're super happy to release a new Moon Beasts track today, "Sparks". This time, we've tried to avoid the usual sonic mayhem and explore the more chill & trippy side of psychedelic music. The result is, in our opinion, a very nice blend of flavors But eh, what good is it writing about it when you can go to our Bandcamp space right here right now and listen for yourself ! The track is available on a name-your-price basis, that means that you can grab it for free (although donations are always much appreciated!) We sincerely hope you'll enjoy the ride ! https://moonbeasts.bandcamp.com/track/sparks
  3. Motherfuckin' Neogoa Recs is back. You have no idea how happy this makes me.
  4. My 100%, honest, objective and totally unbiased opinion: you should definitely do this. Plus, filming it would serve as some kind of intro material for the following review. edit: @Paul Eye, you should too. You know you want to anyway
  5. Hahahaha yeah I can perfectly imagine the situation -- that's what I'm also witnessing over here as of late, there's no winning. The only answer is to basically troll everyone at this point.
  6. I remember hearing 'Holocron' for the first time not too long ago at a Belgian party during Anoebis' set. I didn't think I could literally go insane listening to a piece of music on a proper soundsystem, but... Well, yeah. Let's say I jumped a little bit.
  7. Also anything "Man with no Name" except for Teleport and his remix of Eat Static - Bony Incus
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