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  1. Put that video @ Playback Speed x 1.75 and it's like you're at a party and there's that dude trying to explain to everybody the latest shit-hot conspiracy theory.
  2. You can add those two very active labels to the list https://goamadnessrecordsofficial.bandcamp.com/ https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/
  3. Look at ya, sharing sekret recipes n' shit Amen ! You're absolutely right
  4. Yeah first of all @Kitrinos, my previous answer wasn't directed specifically at you, sorry if that wasn't clear 100% agreed, on principle, but I think it's a tad more complicated than that. Depending on the context (you're a newcomer or not, you can stand up for yourself or not, etc) your choices can be very limited, and it can sometimes simply boil down to "it's either this, or find somebody else who'll release your stuff / do it yourself"......and some people know it all too damn well. Or, even without reaching that far, labels usually try to maintain some kind of "consistency" (for a lack of a better word) across releases. We thankfully (or unfortunately, depending on your mindset) live in a day and age where you *can* pretty much do everything yourself, release distribution included; so you now decide to release your tracks independently, juuust like you want (headroom, plenty of dynamics, the whole shebang y'know). Great; but now you sound way "lower" than everybody else, and while some DJs will adjust accordingly (or, as I call it, "do their job" #madlad), the vast majority won't even bother. People on a dancefloor will wonder why everything turned so quiet, "vooooluuuuuuume" shouts will be heard, and the Riders of the Apocalypse will suddenly show up. Still, as I previously said, I 100% agree with you, and some really *do* care about it, of course -- I'm merely trying to point out that it's sometimes not as clear-cut as "stOp ovErComPreSsing sh1t!" Haha, I feel ya. Reminds me of my "day job" (software development) -- a metric shit-ton of advice like "can't you just modify this, it's so easy, like 2 lines of code to change! Why are you telling me it'll take a week to do?" Still, constructive feedback is always welcome. See @recursion loop's post for that (and most of his posts across the board, actually). Agreeing or not is besides the point here, but there is enough food for thought for somebody to digest if they so wish, compared to "its EZ, just be unique lol" (which is pretty fucking funny in itself coming from yet-another-dj mostly spinning the same shit as everybody else...see, being arrogant and patronizing works both ways, ain't that amazing ) Agreed 100% as well. As Kitrinos said though, most of the dudes producing here are doing this out of sheer passion and are not planning to make a career out of it (or at least I hope, for their sake), which is actually a blessing. You can truly do whatever you want, and if that means loading 150 emulations of a TB303 and tweaking knobs forever (*cough*cough*)...well, you do you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. This won't affect your bottom line *at all*. Interesting topic nonetheless
  5. Yeah, tell that to party/festival organizers and/or label managers, not producers. Do you really think we enjoy having our work completely brickwalled just to please somebody's PA ? Be unique, and get crucified by the almighty Goa mafia who knows better, because "omG uR NoT gOa". Or try to stay within the genre's boundaries, and get crucified by the almighty Goa mafia who knows better, because "ur NOT uniQue omg". Your choice. See above. At the end of the day, a genre is....a genre for a reason. Uh-oh, what if I like higher-bpm goa and anything lower than 150 bores the shit out of me. Seriously, those "tips" are hysterical and a perfect summary of this scene as a whole.
  6. Maori Metal, because why the hell not.
  7. Pretty crazy when you think about it. I'm a total fan.
  8. I want them to set a new record, we need fresh memes.
  9. Whoever compared it to Duke Nukem Forever is spot on.
  10. Not really a man of words when a subjective topic such as music comes up, but I've been waiting for this release (and Galactic Aviator's remaster) for quite some time now, and I can say that the wait was absolutely worth it. Galactic Aviator was a release where I felt utterly frustrated not having access to any audio stems or mixdown to re-EQ / tweak, even though I absolutely adored the album (I usually don't ever listen to Goa anymore but that one is a regular I go back to), so the remaster is truly a gift, and a very efficient / clean one at that. Regarding Hypnotic Mirage in itself, the sound progression is very noticeable, the groove is more punchy and the kicks sharper, but GoaD's style is left pretty much untouched, and I am glad for that (I won't lie when I say that Ander's style is what I originally aimed for, and failed at spectacularly , when I started producing), this is the kind of stuff that I dig: hypnotic / tunnel vision-like / melodic-free / cheese-free sonic shenanigans. Hats off to him & Neogoa Recs !
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