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  1. Great vid. (could do with a wee bit more Aussie slang tho but that's just personal taste speaking :P)
  2. Aaaaaand it's OUT ! First post updated with all the relevant info
  3. OUT NOW Buy here: https://moonbeasts.bandcamp.com/releases We're proud to announce that we are launching our very own bandcamp space with an exclusive single track, "Jupiter 19"! A true goa trance stormer with a pretty Moon Beastly style that is certain to set dancefloors on fire (or at least your living room since we're still right in in the middle of a pandemic). "B-b-but, o' Moon Beasts, why are you releasing music on your own ?!" you might ask. Well it's quite simple actually, we want to have total freedom about how and when we release our collaborative music. So, this is a no-brainer: since we make music in a variety of styles, not bound to a particular genre (uptempo, downtempo, fluffy music, dark music… you get the gist), this is the perfect way to release singles easily, on our own channels… Now, enjoy meeting President Jupiter (French-speaking people should get it) and stay tuned for some more exciting news in the very near future! Something cool is on the way, and this is only the beginning. Hint: collectors should be pleased. Sample: Artwork by: Pieter Pan Mastering by: Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs Release date: Thursday, June 24th 2021
  4. The bass triplet part + the guitarist & his monstrous lack of fucks to give is absolutely legendary.
  5. The way I see it, since Neogoa is no more (this really hits me hard for a shit-ton of reasons,can't stress this enough) I'll probably release the album on my Bandcamp space and will ask for GoaD's approval to include our collab within.
  6. Holy shit does that backdrop look good, kudos ! Really tempted to grab one now
  7. "I'm quitting. I swear. I'M DOING IT. LOOK HOW MUCH I'M QUITTING. THERE. I'M GONE." *furiously mashes F5 for 3 months to see reactions*
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