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  1. Proxeeus

    The State of Psy Parties

    Besides very private/familly events (special birthdays for example) France has seen a couple of collectives pick up the slack for the last two years (Taïma & Cosmic Train, mainly), resulting in 2 or 3 pure goa parties a year, which is a definite improvement over 0; but sadly nowhere near the level of some countries (*cough* Belgium *cough*). The rest is your typical run-off-the-mill prog/full-on stuff in clubs and that's eww (not even dissing the actual type of music there, mind you, only speaking about "teh vibes").
  2. Proxeeus

    I will be team with Metallica. hahahaha.

    Fuck yes
  3. Proxeeus

    Videogames official thread

    Yep -- been a couple of years since my last foray into Skyrim, but with SKSE being finally available for the Special Edition, now might just be the time to reinstall and take a virtual stroll in Solitude again
  4. Proxeeus

    Astral Projection new album

    This actually sounds pretty good -- I'm definitely curious now.
  5. Proxeeus

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    So no other fellow cannibals so far?
  6. Proxeeus

    E-Mantra - Stapanii Timpului [Suntrip Records]

    I'm not one for words so I'll keep it short and simple -- this sounds like a carefully balanced mix between Arcana and Nemesis and it owns. favorite track: Rise of the Dacians. congrats to E-Mantra & Suntrip!
  7. I'm but a simple man... I see E-Mantra, I then immediately proceed to check-out. CHA-CHING !
  8. My most sincere apologies, the sarcasm flew way way over my head there
  9. Proxeeus

    Am i being too critic?

    I love you so much right now.
  10. Proxeeus

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    Spending 3 months on a kick and a 2 notes rolling bassline and nothing else like all modern-day psy isn't really the epitome of evolution in my (unpopular) opinion.
  11. Proxeeus

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    That meme will never die
  12. Proxeeus

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    Well maybe they have fun making it that way (not talking about mixing but the general tones/sounds)