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  1. The bass triplet part + the guitarist & his monstrous lack of fucks to give is absolutely legendary.
  2. The way I see it, since Neogoa is no more (this really hits me hard for a shit-ton of reasons,can't stress this enough) I'll probably release the album on my Bandcamp space and will ask for GoaD's approval to include our collab within.
  3. Holy shit does that backdrop look good, kudos ! Really tempted to grab one now
  4. "I'm quitting. I swear. I'M DOING IT. LOOK HOW MUCH I'M QUITTING. THERE. I'M GONE." *furiously mashes F5 for 3 months to see reactions*
  5. Those are some pretty impressive MegaHurtz.
  6. This part had me in stitches for some odd fuckin' reason.
  7. Welp; thanks for that, that was a thoroughly enjoyable listen.
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