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  1. pdinklag

    Fractal Vivisection - Through the Vortex

    I remember it was an instant-buy when I first stumbled upon it. However, I gotta say it didn't age too well. Track 6 ("Distant Echoes") is the perfect example for what my issues are with this album... this starts off MASSIVE, like really, the first 5 and a half minutes are pure bliss and some of the best trance I know. Atmospheric intro, very powerful driving kick and bassline, melodies building up slowly and everything that's added makes perfect sense. I'm not a big fan of vocals, but here they just fit and work extremely well. Starting at minute 5 is frankly one of my favorite melodies in all of goa trance. But what happens then? Going into minute 6, it appears the artist was all out of ideas and what's supposed to be a "turn of events" (I guess?) just feels out of place and also too cheesy for my likes. This track is really begging to be remixed (J.I.S. or Ephedra come to mind )... Anyway, that was for one track. In summary, good stuff on this album, but it could be a lot better. That also goes for the audio quality, which isn't the greatest at all.
  2. pdinklag

    Moonbird - The Indescribable

    Nice to see a review of this here. This is really a gem dug deep into Ektoplazm waiting to be found, surprised me in a very positive way back when it was released. The atmosphere is extremely well laid out, it's an interesting progressive approach to dark psychedelic music (no, not "darkpsy"...). Can't really be compared to anything I know (hence the title?), and don't let that description scare you away if you're into goa trance, it's definitely worth checking out! Good stuff for night to dusk times. Downside is that some tracks get a bit boring here and there. Tracks 3, 5, 6 and 8 really stand out from the rest for me, but as a whole, it's a very good album! The guy's got a second album together, just looking somewhere to release it as far as I know. I'll be looking forward to that one!
  3. pdinklag

    Ufomatka - Off The Beaten Track Of The Universe

    Hah, I'm loving this album, very refereshing sound! Interesting how it goes from pretty fast to pretty slow, yet keeps the pace somehow. Drifting Across The Universe got to be my favorite on here, it has a really nice drive and something strangely funky in it. And I love funky! More bonus points achieved for that splendid psy-chill outro track!
  4. Yep, especially since it will be new productions unlike Fluid Dynamics. I've said this to Said and Christophe at Connection festival last weekend, where they gave a really promising preview: for me they're the only artists from the 90s who smoothly transitioned into good newschool production - without just "reproducing" their old tracks or moving on to the regular psytrance sound. Props to these guys, looking forward to this one!
  5. Does it mean that I can safely purchase the phyiscal releases on Bandcamp? I've been reluctant to do it for well known reasons...
  6. And you'll pretty certainly meet people at the airport you can share one with. At least that's what I'm betting on.
  7. You don't have to give names to everything, right? I mean, Infected Mushroom have essentially done the same. It started with psy/goa and then developed into whatever it is that they've been doing in the past decade. Same for Talamasca, which I'd call a strange mix of uplifting/epic trance and full-on psytrance. I don't know what to compare it to exactly, that's why I'd call it an own subgenre of sorts.
  8. Of course, this isn't the usual psytrance, but he has created his own subgenre in a way, and that I commend! He's being creative, which I can't say for most psytrance producers these days. I like his recent releases - they're uplifting, cheesy but not too cheesy (very subjective topic though) and extremely good production quality - perfect car music.
  9. pdinklag

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    I think the technology is making matters worse. On one hand, professionals can use it to make things sound a lot better - listen to Oforia for an example. But then again, the ease of use makes it accessible to everyone, which isn't necessarily a good thing. People can "master" (read: maximize their amateur mix) using FL's Maximus or similar tools and release it on their own Bandcamp, absolutely no professional review required at any point. That sure doesn't help. Also, it doesn't help if you improve the production at the cost of everything else to the point where the music becomes dull. I mean it's way more simple to make a kick, bassline, some percussion and sound effects sound fat than do it with multiple synthesizers that span the whole frequency range, right? Perfect production can be the icing on a cake, but I don't like icing without any cake.
  10. pdinklag

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    Please don't hurt me: My favorite Etnica album is Chrome. For some reason I never really liked their goa trance too much - not that I don't like it, it's just that the connection is missing. Chrome was one of the first albums I had on CD back in the days so it has a special place for me. The result is this very unpopular opinion. Oh, and I don't think anything killed anything. In my book, modern psytrance and oldschool goa trance don't have too much in common and I treat them separately. I actually find it a blessing that oldschool goa is somewhat of a "closed chapter", because many styles end up becoming overly stale. Look at indie rock for probably the best example, and I think the same thing has already begun to happen with psytrance as well.
  11. pdinklag

    Haiduk - Demonicon

    Hm, sad to say, but this is like many death metal releases nowadays - really good music, but horrible vocal sound! Thing is, this may not even be the vocalist's fault, it's just horrible production. You barely get any of the vocals coming through, and what does come through sounds like totally random growling with no rhythm, accents, character. Death metal producers - PLEASE FIX THIS! Apart from that, wrong forum?
  12. I have added more samples over the last days. More coming in roughly every two days! Very happy to read! Thank you!
  13. pdinklag

    What new music did you get today?

    Why even list them there, then? I wondered the same once, and I could guess that this was the reason. But why not just remove it from Bandcamp to avoid the confusion?