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  1. If the style is any close to his Field Quanta or Reed Voyage tracks, this is a must-have and I'm already missing it!
  2. So good to read! Next step is get him to play sets...
  3. Being original in this genre today isn't a small task, but the two Piets definitely are! One is a member of Quantum Fantay and you can definitely hear that in parts, which is beautiful. The other one is easily one of the most creative persons I know and has evidently studied the music on dancefloors all over the world for a long time. There's so much knowledge and creativity in this album that even though it's still very early, I believe that it's one of the most authentic goa trance albums of the decade. Hats off, guys, honestly!
  4. I consider this but an ad slogan, because this album is definitely 100% Battle Buddha material as I know and love it. And this is actually very good news, I wouldn't want it any other way! If you like Buddha's sinister-ish melodic tracks, there's more where that came from, and it's found on this album!
  5. This is pretty good! I'm puzzled about Neuron Shift though. The aggressive-ish synth starting late in minute 6 is completely off the beat, and its extremely bad at minute 8. Sounds like mixing two tracks with CDJs and one track is that tad bit off and tempos don't quite match either. Is this intended? It definitely shifts my neurons, in an unpleasant way though.
  6. That is actually the funding page - PayPal's money pools seems to be their answer to crowdfunding.
  7. Thanks for the support so far y'all! I put some samples on SoundCloud and included them in the main post, some may prefer that.
  8. Hah, this explains why it would appear BELOW the other EP in the discography. Fixed it, thanks! So yeah folks, it's released: https://veasna.bandcamp.com/album/horus-charm-ep
  9. pdinklag

    Veasna - 5ynergy

    Thanks for the review. Very glad you enjoy... mostly! I usually don't comment reviews because I'd like them to stand like they are, but: This is very subjective of course - I love noisy claps! Granted though, these are pretty prominent. Now I wonder if they're maybe simply too loud or do you think they should be exchanged altogether? I'll gladly build a version with different claps, would be an interesting variant.
  10. Thesis is passed, I'm already officially master of science and going for PhD starting in April. That means I can work let be work and no longer have struggle with all that stuff in my private life, so there shall be room for moar Veasna! My very first gig was in Croatia and Vesna is a very common name there... I became immune to this joke quickly.
  11. On March 3 (yikes, that's tomorrow!) I'll release I released two mostly unheard tracks of mine produced in 2018 as a short EP on my Bandcamp: Get on Bandcamp Both tracks were in a near-done state for the Spectral Flux album, but I felt that they didn't fit the rest really well. The first track, Horus, I would describe as heavily Ra-influenced, even though I only really noticed that while composing the melodies. But indeed, that lead to the name and also cover art . So if you like to think in categories, it would probably fall in the Suntrip-esque "newschool" category, which may be a bit untypical for my sound . Charm may remind you of Wormhole from my album, the vibe is also a bit mysterious but overall happier I'd say. More oldschool-ish sound than Horus, but fitting the overall atmosphere. With this EP, I'd like to close a the second "chapter" of Veasna if you will. I see how the way I compose, arrange and produce music is changing, similar to how it did between the Energy and Spectral Flux releases. So whatever comes in the future may sound somewhat to a lot different, I don't dare to make predictions! Samples: By the way: Those who supported my campaign for the 5ynergy EP and replied to my message will receive a free download code for the EP. Again, many many thanks! It certainly failed because of my lack of advertisement, but the release fell in the major working phase for my master's thesis and I wasn't prepared for a CD release - it was a very spontaneous endeavour after @thanosp81 approached me with the idea. I simply couldn't put the amount of energy in it that I would have liked . Anyway, Kickstarter is extremely sensitive about backer information - which is good. However, that makes it impossible for me to just give an individual key to every backer. I received a few e-mails, but for those who didn't do it, please send me a mail or PM here on the forum!
  12. Thanks for supporting guys! Really! Sorry I've been promoting it pretty sparsely, holidays sure don't help I guess? But that doesn't mean it's too late. I'll try and put more energy into this the coming days!
  13. Thanks guys! Time is getting spare on this indeed, may not have been the best choice to do this over the holidays in combination with my naturally little promotion? May take a little miracle to get this done now, but hope dies last. Do tell a friend!
  14. Veasna turns 5 years old! In late 2013, I started the Veasna project with one thing in mind: make people jump around on trancefloors! Knowing the genre for a decade already, only that year I started visiting my first parties and the feeling totally captured me in plenty of ways. I started to try and channel these feelings and that energy into music, which I have been making for a long time already but without any real "goal" behind it. The result was Veasna, and I met relatively quick success - only one year later, Neogoa Recordsreleased my probably most famous track Quantum Conundrum. In 2016, I found myself having produced enough music to fit my first full-length album, Energy. Now as it is with releases, not all tracks I had by then made it to that album. As it so happens, this time of the year, Veasna turns five years old. So I feel it's time to get a few more of those tracks out into the world! Making the EP a full-length CD album The 5th Anniversary EP is a free digital release, so what's the deal with this campaign? It just so happens that the goa scene still has some CD collectors, myself included! So the main idea behind this is to get the release on CD. However, five tracks would be pretty few for a CD, right? So why not make it a full-length album, additionally containing all previously released digital-only Veasna tracks with some new production? Now we're talking! But because that still wouldn't fill a CD, we add the missing piece that's an unreleased downtempo track, keeping the spirit of previous Veasna albums, closing it on a slower pace. If you would like to support, please consider supporting my campaign:
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