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  1. Do you even care about those replies above? Are you going to react to them? Since I don't expect so, I can't help myself but believe that this is yet another startup idea created solely so a huge company will buy it off you for craploads of money, for you to ride into the sunset and leave it for the vultures, at the cost of those poor souls who believed in it initially (see also: scam). However, and luckily so, I can't see anybody buying into this particular pile of nonsense. I would like to wish you good luck, but this is against any artist's interests. So I won't.
  2. Screw that one, Labyrinth does it for me!
  3. Seconded. The key term here is "project", which is a very well defined one and this Elysium guy doesn't seem to understand it very well. I'm sure that he knew that he had a job and a life before he decided to get this funded. The part about the T-shirts is really a joke. Crowdfunding platforms are sadly making it way too easy for those who have no actual plan (or even intent) to realize what they are having funded, but the lack of a detailled open plan (including schedules, which I do not see here) should be a warning sign for anyone considering to fund something. By the way, is there any report from one of the 50$ supporters that they actually did win a ticket to ZNA 2013? Just wondering.
  4. I am re-ripping my CD collection as FLAC at the moment and I was very surprised when I listened through the CD (for the first time, to be honest ). The tracks are not just newly mixed and mastered, but they are also very different? My example: Epsilon Aurigae. In the original 2014 release, at 5:03 into the track, my favorite melody of Cristian's so far gets introduced and escalates very quickly. However, in the new 2017 release, this part is totally missing and was replaced (by something rather dull IMO)? So for the sake of completeness: are all of these tracks remixes and should they not have actual remix names (e.g. "2017 Mix")? In any event, I'll keep both releases and name them that way for my collection.
  5. Question about festivals and cancelling artists

    They forgot E-Mantra too. Not the first printing error anyway ( PROXFFUS from Belgium ).
  6. Swedish Masters

    One of my favorites: Miraculix! I don't think he's still producing but both albums are absolutely awesome. Psytrance from when it was still fresh with the one or other goa trance nuance. Agreed! There's a bit more on his (kinda hidden) SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/qquirq
  7. A good-bye to the scene

    Not sure where the "Neogoa was behind BGF" idea / rumor comes from, I just read about it, and there's no truth in that. Hard to deny that Stevo and Neogoa are closely connected, but Richpa didn't ask for anybody or anything here. Richpa came as a guest, all he did there in an "official" manner was sell some CDs and talk to "his" artists about future plans (and serve them Gemischt ). All artists were "booked" by Stevo personally, there was also no "Neogoa" stamp on the festival. Why have so many Neogoa artists actually been there? Well, just so happens that they are relatively close to the location compared to others. However, a lot of Neogoa artists also weren't there. As for myself: I went there on my own, arranged the travels myself, played stage manager for half the festival and played a whole of a lot of DJ sets to fill gaps. Nobody asked me to do it, that was just me being passionate about it (and this is not meant in a salty way to anybody else). Now something about BGF that I need to say in public just to get more opinions out there: The festival being a mess, and I do hate to say it because there's no way for me to not like the guy, is solely on Stevo trying to do all and everything by himself. There's only so much you can do as one man and he should have known, this wasn't the first time. I wish he asked Neogoa, or anybody else for that matter, for support, but he didn't as far as I know and we saw the result. That's what it is. There was no puppet master Richpa pulling the strings behind the curtain, there was no scam to get people into buying tickets and run away with bags full of money. There was only that guy who has too much heart for his head to be able to handle, who needs to seriously take a break from organizing, think good and hard about this, and find the ability to ask people for help in the future. He was very lucky that people came in a massively good mood and volunteered to help. In some way, it was really like the last editions of BGF: the attendees made the festival. Now if that's a reason for somebody to "quit the scene" I pity them, because in my own view, this festival showed to me what goa is all about: passion. Even though the organization failed in nearly every possible way, and everybody who was actually there will confirm this, we didn't let that impact our mood and had a wonderful week. You can call it "stolen grounds", but there's nobody preventing people from unleashing a major shitstorm over Stevo and ask for their money back (I'm sure EU law would even make it possible). Instead, he's being praised. Of course, that's the other extreme that I don't agree with, because confidence in himself as an organizer is the last thing he needs right now. So don't get me wrong, I don't want to fall into the "everything is fine" category that Anoebis mentioned. Artists calling off because of travel, money or whatever organizational issues have my support, so does every "fan" who had his favorite artist cancelled after buying a ticket and now calls a fraud. I also don't see another (public) BGF festival coming, there's no way out of this reputation. But while there is a long list of possible reasons for which one would want to quit "the scene" (wide abuse of drugs including weed and alcohol, opinion intolerance, music getting more and more bland, capitalism, psytrance evolving into pop culture, ...), one screwed up festival, where ultimately only the organizer lost something, is pretty far down that list.
  8. This is great goa trance, really! Your music has been great since back in the day, I already enjoyed your tracks from 2010 (When Kali Meditates on Goa Overdose). However, also since back then, I found your tracks sound like they are going through a hi-pass filter. The low end, the "pressure", is totally missing, and apparently beyond fixing for whomever does the mastering. So I really wonder: Is this intended? Sorry if that reads a bit offensive, it's not meant that way. It's just bugging me because in my opinion, this is the one thing that's missing for me to consider Somnesia to be "top-level" (whatever that means, but nonetheless).
  9. This festival deserves a lot more attention. It's barely ever mentioned when I hear or read about people's festival plans Really people, Come to Balkan Goa Fanatics! I always have the impression that people have "doubt" in Balkan Goa Fanatics, but I can't really see why. I visited both previous installments, in 2014 and 2015, and all I can say is that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the festival but everything was right. 2014 was probably the best goa festival I attended so far. Incredible line-up and a location wrapped in a small forest in the outskirts of Zagreb. A strange hidden place with a perfect blend of nature and urbanism. 2015 was arguably a lot smaller, but the location was oh so much sweeter. I could barely comprehend how so few people came to that festival - it was probably due to its very late announcements? A lot of people missed quite something there. This year the team (it's really just a few people who have lives and a limited budget) is doing everything right. The line-up is insane and was announced early, the location is amazing (a true goa beach!) and the ticket price is still a bargain at €70. Yet they are struggling with ticket sales and might have to dodge death once again. So what I'd really like to say is: plan Balkan Goa Fanatics into your summer trips this year! It would be an extreme shame if a festival like this ceased to exist while congested, commercial mastodons like Boom or Ozora keep growing.
  10. Recently listened to Geomantik, and remembered this thread when Taiyo played. Might fit the description? A maniacal laugh starts very early into the track.
  11. That's great to know! Indeed something for draeke or for us, since we pretty much share the same goal and offer additional capacity. Should probably start contacting people about this.
  12. Let's see what I got here: Anakoluth - Granted, his two EPs combined are practically an album, but I'd absolutely love more to hear from this guy, preferrably a full-length album! Any plans here, Cronomi? Astrancer - Some tracks of his are nothing short of stellar (Ashram!!), others not so much. But I could imagine an album of his would rock the house. Lapsus ... already mentioned often enough. More work for Cronomi. Man With No Name - Sure, he has released albums but... there is no collection of his REMIXES. "(MWNN Remix)" is like a freakin' seal of quality. N.D.M.A. - There's only two tracks to judge by I suppose, but those are reason enough to wish for a whole album! Satori - Judging from what I know from Satori, a full-length album could be one of the trippiest experiences of all time. Skarma - I know he has enough music, so I believe / hope it's only a matter of time until we get the sunshine trance album of whatever year it's going to be released in. Sabiance ... aka Skarma. Same here. His downtempo work is sweeeeeeet and the world needs it! Now that I think of it: Bonus points for a Skarma / Sabiance double-CD release!
  13. Talamasca butchering a few X-Dream tracks

    Oh gosh, I'm playing on a party soon where Talamasca plays as well. Can only imagine what type of people will be there... I hope some good folks will find the goa floor instead.
  14. Psynews "Best of 2016" poll

    Reading this strengthens my feeling that people haven't quite digested that we released a compilation in December with quite a line-up: Goa Trance Revolution 2 - Retrofuturism (Discogs) (forum thread) Guess we need way better promo.
  15. Psynews "Best of 2016" poll

    Uptempo: not easy, I found the year to be very sparse for my liking. 1: Chi-A.D. - Earth Crossing (Amakusa Records) 2: VA - Goa Trance Revolution 2 - Retrofuturism (Goa Trance Music) 3: Praktika - Playing The Presets (Trance Bum Productions) 4: Toï Doï - Synaptic Electrophoresis (Suntrip Records) 5: GoaD - Galactic Aviator (Neogoa Records) 6: Ephedra - Flying Over The Universe (Goa Madness Records) 7: Morphic Resonance - City of Moons (Suntrip Records) 8: Veasna - Energy (Neogoa Records) 9: Negans - Danse Macabre (Neogoa Records) 10: Sab Kuch Milegator – Kauas Aikain Taa (Ektoplazm) Downtempo: never easy, because usually I just stumble on everything I know. Only managed to list a few for now. 1: Bioscape - Shaping Seasons (no label) 2: Globular - Holobiont (no label) 3: Arkeyetexture - Lago De Sonhos (Big Wave Records) 4: VA - Smörgåsbord Vol. 2- Psiarrhea (Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic) 5: Perfect Blind - Wanderers (Neogoa Records) 6: transient - ebb & flow (no label) 7: - 8: - 9: - 10: -