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  1. Yeah it's important to have a mix, back when I could I'd go to the few vinyl shops in my town and often grab a record or two of genres I wouldn't usually choose. Jazz, traditional rock etc. as much as I want to enjoy rap & associated genres I was brutally beaten to the point of need hospitalization by some blokes with gangsta rap blaring in '96 and the mental connection I have now just sends me in to massive panic attack when I hear anything close to that style. that's why I enjoy drum & bass, it's stylistic different enough for me to enjoy the MC work without freaking me out.
  2. We invested heavily in many physical commodities held in a safe box that will hold the value of cash is worthless. My wife's parents came from a severely war torn country, she was raised to be ready & invest appropriately in case the economy ever collapses. all of this stuff was bought with case I've made this year from work, currently a lot of people need their music mastered.
  3. Well the full lock down my end is sorted. Just had a Sequential Pro 3, Prophet 6 & Erica Synths Tech System delivered. Kids got a a trampoline installed in the back yard this morning & a Nintendo Switch. Spent the weekend cooking and freezing lots of quality food, and set up my wife's gone office properly. Actually could not be happier, especially as it was confirmed today that when we had what was a bad cold a two weeks back and self isolated was the virus. Self isolated as in while we have waited for results we have not gone out the front door. The wife, kids and I all have had it & are clear. Fingers crossed we're immune now.
  4. Yeah I got what you meant. It was a mistake on my part. I'll make sure to post more appropriate responses in this section.
  5. Nice!! Yeah I've got about 150 heavy metal albums, a few of other types of electronic and I think probably around 200 eps and albums of drum & bass. it's such an addiction. But my kids love the process of putting a vinyl on.
  6. Yeah agreed this is a major "pass" for me as well. That cover with the coffee cup... looks so cheap & nasty.
  7. Oh and this which surprised me as to how good the music was, but the packaging & quality of vinyl is absolutely how it should be done!!!
  8. I sold most my vinyl around the turn of the century but started collection again a few years back. Keen to see what people have? Here's my Goa/Psy/Psydub/Chill collection...
  9. Psy: Sneaky Voodoo - "Worm On A Kazoo" EP (Zenon Records) Synergic - "A World Beyond" (Samaa Records) Non-Psy Electric: Degs - "Letters From Ndegwa" (Hospital Recodds - digital & vinyl order) Mako - "Oeuvre" (Metalheadz - (digital & vinyl) Braintune - "The Nature Of Suffering" EP (Dark Descent Records) Heavy Metal (Vinyl): Slayer - "South Of Heaven" Amorphis - "Under The Red Cloud" Cloak - "To Venomous Depths" Obscura - "Akroasis" Immortal - "Sons Of Northern Darkness" Earth Rot - "Black Tides Of Obscurity" Omega Infinity - "Solar Spectre" Tribulation - "Down Below" Suffocation - "Pinnacle Of Bedlam"
  10. Very true. Simon Posford posted on his Instagram how his anxiety is causing a completely lack of creatively. that said Ott is working hard on his new album, and that excites me more than a new AP album. Now if they remastered properly for vinyl & reissued a deluxe version of Dancing Galaxy and Another World albums It might get the pulse going.
  11. If this shut down doesn't give them the time to finish the album then we're so not getting one.
  12. Yeah well I've had tell my 7 year old, (after telling home no holiday overseas, then no holiday even within our state) that he isn't getting a birthday party this year either. He has taken as well as he can, but I fell so sorry for him. Anyway, managed to get to the shops before they shut down to get him some of his long term dream gift (2 big LEGO sets, a cheap but ok digital camera & a bike with gears). now my brother who's a doctor here in Australia in ICU has come down with the virus & has been advised he's heading toward complete lung failure and death a big possibility. He has 4 kids & wife. I'm still seeing teenage c#nts hanging out in groups & even adults at parks not distancing properly. Just stay at home!!!
  13. Regarding vinyl yes it is very different. I have plenty of vinyl from electronic & heavy metal genres. The ones who use the digital mastering and just press it to vinyl sound like absolute rubbish. In the metal scene the band Anaal Nathrakh are infamous for this, their vinyl releases are horrible as they master their own work and are bad at it. it's like comparing an artist who works with two different materials. The wood requires certain skills to work it perfectly, and then they work with metal which again uses different skills. mastering for digital or cd is quite easy, cheap & can be done rapidly. Mastering with vinyl done well takes a long time, usually requires high end analogue gear & costs a significant amount. This is why a good vinyl is 3-4 times the price. I have worked in my friends studio, where for $50 a track he will master for digital using software. For vinyl he will charge $100-150 a track using a process of analogue & other gear that has cost him a hundred thousand or more to set up. He won't let anyone touch this gear. but the sound of a good quality vinyl is absolute aural sex. When I go for a bike ride and listen to steaming it's ok, get home and out the vinyl on and it's such an audiogasm.
  14. You're very correct. Asian people have been through so many crisis, like my wife's family, the wars and persecution they have experienced over generations have taught them how to deal with these exact situations. She has organized reasonable amounts of everything needed in our cupboards without hoarding, she has organized our daily routine to manage all the levels of fear and anxiety from our youngest child up to me, she is still working & because she has kept us rational our sex life now is better than its ever been. I'm going out seeing white folk like me Behaving completely mental, because our privilege has meant we've never really needed to deal with such a crisis. The worst are the religious who every weekend pretend to to say words of love & care for their fellow humans but really don't. When this eventually passes there will be, I assume, so very ashamed adults. Anyway, gotta run as I promised my kids pancakes for breakfast & then while they do their homeschooling I'm cleaning the house. Stay well!
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