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  1. Well, the same as most old school labels do: they just put old school stuff online without any rights. They just try, catch a lot of money untill an artists really makes problems...
  2. To make things clear. Most goa labels work via beatspace or Arabesque, and they put their music at Psyshop "for us". But well, its still shitty for the labels and distributors as there are big stocks left at Psyshop and at once all is "gone" for now. Lets wait and see what happens. The same happened with Saiksounds. We never saw our backstock back... I hope the Deutsche Grundlichkheit will prove better!
  3. If you still want to buy cds in a shop, Beatspace is the biggest now I guess? https://www.beatspace.com/
  4. Sad for sure but yeah... bandcamp took over. I hope they will send all the stocks back, as they have 1000s of cds left. When Saikosounds shut down all was lost
  5. With Suntrip we try to cover all ranges of goa-trance. From melodic forest (Carpe Noctem) to spiritual tribal (Khetzal), from pure acid 303 (Triquetra) to the crossover between trance & goa (yes, Afgin). Its not a big secret he loves "normal" trance. Its not a copy of Astral Projection, its just... Afgin. A mix between goa and trance with the focus on positive, warm, light melodies to make you smile on sunny days or blisfull mornings on a dancefloor. This is such a weird statement. The personal style I understand fully, but... It is actually more popular by 90s people (and it sells actually better then Triquetra etc). Not sure where you are from? But in Belgium/Holland/Germany/France "normal" trance was huge in the 90s. Slowly this sound faded away into terrible EDM. But people that love this old school sound (mostly people that were on dancefloors in the 90s) miss this sound big time and... they love Afgin, because it brings them back to times genres were not defined. There was trance with a goa touch, goa with a trance touch. Pure Nostalgia for most 90s people. There is a reason why Man With No Name is booked over and over again... Also, its not brainfuck music, a lot of the 90s people are bit older now and aren't always searching to the most crazy or psychedelic any longer. I seem to be one of the exceptions. Loving both very melodic, positive (goa)-trance stuff and super psychedelic darker acidic stuff
  6. The new Afgin is finally out (on bandcamp friday)! If you are looking for warm, positive emotional old styles goa-trance that will beam you immediately to a tropical beach? Search no longer: Elad Afgins second album on Suntrip is exactly what you need! The cd (and digital files) are now exclusively available on Suntrip's bandcamp! There is an amazing coincidence with the title by the way. In Belgium, facemasks are no more obligated since... today! So yes, we will go for "Eternal Freedom" for sure! Artwork by Margot Schaefer with some help from Rodolpho Morais https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/merch
  7. Another one (prepared to accept the tomatoes people will throw at me) but Shamanix of Hallucinogen is probably his weakest track on both albums and for sure his most well known. Its cheesy and just... meh, while more or less ALL other ones are superb (probably thats why people love it... easy to digest)
  8. I think his remixes are by far his best output. He made a lot of great ones, not only Bony Incus... For the trance lovers... The Orange Theme Remix is wonderful, Greece 2000, Quietman, Dream Universe,...
  9. You love 90s old school goa-trance and you love SUN Project? Great news! We can give you both in a unique release! Suntrip's sublabel Classic Goa Trax presents a full album with previously unreleased versions and mixes of classic 90s output by the legendary German band SUN Project! When Matthias Rumoeller revived his old DAT player a few months ago he started to check his old DAT recordings and found these forgotten wonderful melodic, full power acidic and more groovy mixes of his best known Goatrance tracks. During the 1990s Matt produced all tracks on this album and now he mastered them carefully. The result? 1 hour of crisp and clear trippy psytrance and euphoric goa-trance! For the people that want their music on cd or wax as well, 3 of the tracks will be released on a special compilation on Suntrip later on! 1. Casio-Paya (1998 Unreleased Mix) 2. I feel (1998 Unreleased Mix) 3. The Awakening (1996 Unreleased Mix) 4. Space Dwarfs (1997 Unreleased Mix) 5. Crazy Stories (1996 Unreleased Mix) 6. At The Edge of Time (1996 Unreleased Mix) 7. Subsonic Overdrive (1999 Unreleased Mix) 8. That’s A Trap (2000 Unreleased Mix) 9. Computer Breath (2000 Unreleased Mix) 10. Energia Magica (1997 Unreleased Mix) 11. Going With the Flow (1996 Unreleased Mix) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/secret-original-mixes-1996-2000
  10. Haha, I agree so much with the E-Rection track! I am a HUGE Astral Projection lover, but never understood why Mahadeva became so big, while so many other tracks of them were SO much better
  11. I hope he is ready by then! Else, we are working on a "Best of" Filteria on 2xLP Please, vote your favourites! https://www.facebook.com/groups/44610463274/posts/10161222603448275/ Ps: Dog Days Bliss was already released on vinyl (on Global Aura) and Lunar Civilization is not possible due to copyright issues... Sorry!
  12. And after Bypass Unit, another release on Classic Goa Trax! Tim Schuldt is known, but his old school aliases are maybe even more known! For many years he made old styled acid-trance & goa-trance under so many names. Mama Indica, Talking Souls & Mono Substance are probably the most known, but there are more. In this single collection we focus on his 'hidden' alter egos only! You can both discover his more pure acid-goa crossover style he used to produce in the mid 90s and his more intense and heavy music he will start to produce in the later 90s. The tracks are lightly remastered by Kobi Harosh. You may have noticed some tracks are not included... Well, thats because in 2022 Suntrip Records will release a cd & LP of Tim Schuldt with never before released tracks of him, different versions and remasters he did from his old DATs. Follow Suntrip to know more about this. https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/single-collection-6
  13. It will come 6 tracks are completely ready, 2 need some rework. You will also get a 2xLP Best of Filteria edition as bonus by the way The planning for now: Early October: Afgin album Late november/early december: Buddhas album later January: Filteria March/april: Tim Schuldt
  14. We found a simple solution. We keep both online. Our versions were given by the artist and have a different mix as the remasters of Phototropic. Problem solved...
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