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  1. Ordering vinyl from outside the EU is total madness. In Belgium we pay 25% tax on the value, and 18€ costs for taking care of the paper work. So, ordering a vinyl of the UK of 28€ (which is the normal price of a 2xLP) costed me: 16€ shipping, 18€ paperwork costs and 7€ tax = 41€ extra costs for a vinyl of 28€. Thats just outrageous. But I realise its the same for everyone ordering from Suntrip to Australia, USA, Israel, UK or whatever. Music became a luxury good again! The only solution? Bulk buying... But yeah, for that all music should be on 1 spot again... Beatspace is having some
  2. Funny to see how many old crocodiles are still here lurking once in a while And... I am one of them now 😛
  3. Still passing by once in a while
  4. Hello guys! The ticket thing, well... We explained in 2020 we would be grateful if people would donate and make the depth less (we ended with "only" 16000 depth) because of it. Unfortunately, since then, we are a totally new organisation. Some left the goa scene, some had kids and only me and Chris are still on board. So its not the same guys, a different country... So on paper its 2 different things and in reality, it would not be fair to let the new guys "pay" for the depths of the past. So we started from scratch... As for the location, we will make all as good as possible. I dont think anyone ever thought of a Suntrip event as non professional, and we want to keep it like that hehe 😛 Of course we cant control the weather but 2014 was rare, I have been 2 times on a festival there and for an occasional shower it was always great
  5. I think 2022 was a good year when it comes to music... but I am like Ted... I became a father in 2022 And weirdly enough, its not a RIP at all, he sleeps since month 2 12 hours a night without eating, so I have decent sleep It was medically a hard start but things are better now too. So I had time for music, playing around and... Organising festivals in 2023! And I was never searching for artists, which is a good sign! Reviews, that is sad yes... The "fastfood" society. No time for a review nor for listening carefully mostly. Only a few dinusaurs left who dont care writing as nobody seem to care hehe 😛
  6. Sandman is actually Out of Orbit, together with Eitan (Loud). Interesting music imo, definately not the typical psy trance
  7. Its all about taste of course. Clearly there is a (large) crows that have problems connecting with a lot of modern psy trance. I think the reason is pretty simple: a lot of it is very generic, the machine gun bassline or the gallop horse bassline are used for 15 years in EVERY track. Also in the track you just posted. A lot of the old music was very unique and different from eachother, something that is missing in a lot of modern psychedelic trance. I say: most, as there great music left of course, but its rare and its even rarer to hear it on a festival...
  8. Anoebis

    Zorba - Zorba

    Unfortunately we can't... Its hard to get an autograph of a person that is not on earth any longer
  9. Interesting observation, how you mean "The sound has just become worse and worse over time" Actually, we are working with Tim Schuldt since 2004, and well, thats basically it? As for this album, some tracks were mixed literally 50+ times to satisfie Jannis completely soundwise. There is no way of arguing if someone doesnt like the sound, but its exactly the way Jannis likes it (and we too)
  10. Here we areeeee After 9 years, the master is back! And for me, this is beyond everything he made before https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/merch
  11. Also, special deals available on the Suntrip bandcamp for the Filteria album + 2xLP vinyl
  12. New one on Suntrip: Ra - 9th on 2xLP Release date the 29th of april! Pre-order below https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/merch
  13. Filteria is back with "Live With the Lag", a dazzling 9-track trance & dance experience where the artist demonstrates he can take you anywhere through his melodic mastery! Drawn from his experience of wrecking havoc on countless dancefloors and festivals across the globe, Filteria's 5th studio album connects with the listener's emotions in the original meaning of Goatrance! Tracklist: 1. Filernaut (Feat. Ukiro) 2. ACME Never Failed 3. Crimefighter Frog 4. Nostalgia Is Hard To Buy 5. Chase The Future 6. Reploids 7. Conquer Gravity (Feat. Pleiadians) 8. 4 Stages Of Life 9. Made Out Of Trance Pre-order page: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/live-with-the-lag Release date: 29/4/2022 Samples: Artwork:
  14. the only simple reason: its not because I dont like it, others wont like it... Tastes differ
  15. Tim Schuldt is one of the big magicians of the early goa-trance scene! Starting in the mid 90s with pure acid/goa-trance, he slowly evolved to more heavy and stronger industrial influenced trance. A lot of his older acidic music was released under different names and projects, which resulted in this cd. We hilighted, and remastered Tim Schuldt's strongest bangers that were unreleased or concealed on vinyls & rare compilations. We have 3 never before released tracks on this album: Aurinko, Northern Light (who was only partly released on the Black Hole compilation) and Is it Still Too Late, that was released as another version on vinyl only. Of course there is more great old music from Tim Schuldt. The other tracks were re-released as "single collections" on Suntrip's sublabel "Classic Goa Trax". Artwork by Rodolpho Morais Mastering was done by Tim Schuldt himself obviously! https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/retrospecter
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