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  1. Great music!!!! I listened 2 times and was completely into it
  2. Hey, I just came here to say that I cannot ping the host and this is because there is an effort to secure that particular host since it was compromised. Do not despair! You and Fabien will receive ownership of everything again in the near future. The authorities are on the case.

  3. Oh God, it only gives me the feeling i am old... i truly started young with this music
  4. Too early man, I'm still rating my releases! But I'm pretty sure Psylent Buddhi will get the highest score... the rest, lets see later
  5. The date is SO wrong, I would have done ALL to go there, but its exactly during exams
  6. Well, good question We can do the digital deals as well, but for that, write me in PM
  7. Released! Together with a lot of new special deals on the Suntrip site! Time for X-mas presents? https://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/
  8. ok, I never knew that... Sorry! So yes, for the next 3 days the samples only on the Suntrip website and our soundcloud!
  9. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/track/pure-energy Can you enter this page and listen or not? As I can (but I made the page, so maybe thats why)
  10. True, but I think you can hear full tracks on bandcamp? If you click on the tracks itself you can hear them full
  11. This is the most succesful pre-order album we had untill now Thanks for all this blind trust! we hope it won't dissapoint!
  12. Actually, the reason why Psylent Buddhi never got any real praise is because his music was made at the wrong moment... These tracks were all created between 1997-2003. And when they were send to labels, there were no goa-trance labels left. Actually, it got a bit of praise because of psynews! He posted some of the tracks here and they became kind of legendary, that is exactly the reason why we went after him to re-release... His email was still the same as the one he used for registering here But yes, I agree, Convergent Images and Moksha are for me among the best tracks ever made!
  13. MFG aka Aharon Segal & Guy Zukrel need no introduction. Since the early days of goa-trance, this magical duo is spreading their Message From God! After more then a decade, Aharon Segal returned in 2019 to the goa-trance scene! Going through their old DAT tapes the duo discovered some long hidden gems. To celebrate MFG’s reunion in full force, Suntrip & MFG teamed up to release a compilation of those unreleased 90’s tracks, early versions, remixes & rare tracks…. MFG - Pure Energy tracklist: 1. New Kind of World Intro 2. Why (Demo Version) 3. Dark Horizon 4. Pure Energy 5. Hypnotized (Original Version) 6. Sanctification of the Moon (Maya Moon Full Version) 7. New Kind of World (Live Edit) 8. Inspiration 9. Desert Sun (Original Version) 10.Have a Nice Day (Ambient Mix) Pre-orders (released the 16th of december) https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD59/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/pure-energy Artwork https://evelynentwistle.wixsite.com/nachthopper From the intro - used in the “New Kind of World” 1997 live tour - to the ambient version of “Have a Nice day”, this 6th MFG album delivers a epic trip through their golden 1995-2001 era, always changing like true pioneers, yet always true to their beloved MFG signature ‘Pure energy’,an unreleased track that is so beautiful it almost hurts & the mystic psychedelic, original version of ‘Desert Sun’ were among the first tracks written by the duo. ‘Hypnotized (original version), ’Sanctification of The Moon’ & the unreleased ‘Dark Horizon’ will teleport you through space & time, back to 1996 ‘The Prophecy’ era. ‘Why’ (Early version) is even more psychedelic, while ‘Inspiration’ showcases their diversity: mental psychedelic trance to the bone. The live-edit of their 1997 classic track ‘New Kind of World’ gives their long term fans a great insight how the duo always wants to deliver unique live performances. As usual, all tracks are crystal-clear remastered by Tim Schuldt , the result is mind blowing, this album is definitely a must have for all goa lovers!
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