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  1. Time for some replies - Filteria: yes, he is saving it for the album, we tried to get the massive track that he created with Etnica on the cd, but ok... It will get released and thats the most important I guess - Imba: it's the way it is, we can't release all, we had over 400 tracks, so its always hard that some tracks don't end up on a cd, but mostly they get released elsewhere anyway - Ka-Sol - Hysterical Mass: now that's a messy story. We asked Ka-Sol for some melodic foresty tracks for the compilation (as CD2 is pretty darkish) and he send us a folder with unreleased tracks. The best for sure was Hysterical Mass, so we chose it and signed it. Only afterwards I discovered it was released on a super rare compilation on Chronicles of Mystery Records (funny that the owner of the label is Hada, who is also on this cd). So yes, we didn't know, the artist forgot about it or didnt know, and unfortunately I dont remember all the music I have... (as I have this compilation). The good news for collectors, its a different version though, as it has an intro And there is more: maybe you know, but it was planned as a 3CD. With a 3rd cd filled with classical guys making 1 more goa-trance track. We asked many, had a lot of tracks... But not enough good ones to fill a cd So we decided to work on this as a long term project. Hopefully many of the classical guys can make some REALLY good tracks soon, and then we will released as a seperate cd
  2. well, it will probably be send the 3th of december allover, I will change the date on bandcamp not sure why that is
  3. Pre-orders! (but if you don't mind, we prefer orders on the Suntrip site... also there will be tons of "special deals" on the Suntrip shop with the release of this one ) https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-50th-parallel
  4. Anoebis

    The State of Psy Parties

    In Belgium, things are going as always last decade: lots of pure goa events (on average 1 every week), every goa act you can imagine (and for instance plays on ZNA or Apsara) has played several sets in Belgium already Besides this the commercial psy-trance also took off here, but only in clubs and its a TOTAL different crowd. Besides that there are once in a while dark/forest and full on parties But goa stais number 1
  5. Anoebis

    ZNA 2019?

    I will be there too... of course!
  6. Happy Birthday Suntrip! After 15 years we are happy to release Suntrip-CD 50! And this is not your average cd... it's a 2-cd compilation with only the best modern goa-trance in all its facets! We decided to dedicate the first cd to the fantastic world of sunshine and melodies! You like your goa-trance powerful, melodic, emotional and floating? Then our first cd will be your taste for sure! Modern goa-trance legends such as Khetzal, Crossing Mind and Cosmic Dimension are combined with the new talents Triquetra, Sykespico, Hada, Clementz and Median Project! The second cd is something else: The moon started to shine and the atmosphere changed to something more ominous! Still powerful and somehow melodic, but with a darkish, more evil touch. Our definition of nightish music! Of course you will find our usual suspects here with Ka-Sol, Battle Buddhas or Morphic Resonance. But here also we found some amazing new talents such as Cosmic Serpent, Everything Turns, Proxeeus and Hada! 1.1 KhetzaL - Garden of Nyagrodha Trees 1.2 Cosmic Dimension - Deviant Behaviour 1.3 Triquetra - Electronomic 1.4 Sykespico - Visit Earth 1.5 Hada - Emaginary 1.6 Crossing Mind - Over Time Frame 1.7 Clementz - Trilafon 1.8 Median Project - Life Line Moon Side: 2.1 Battle of the Future Buddhas - Faster Than Light 2.2 Cosmic Serpent - Fractal Colors 2.3 Everything Turns - Darkness Falls 2.4 Proxeeus - ...But the Joke's On Mankind 2.5 Triquetra - Torturing The Machine 2.6 Morphic Resonance - Wonderland 2.7 Ka-SoL - Hysterical Mass 2.8 Hada - Magic Of Nature you want samples? https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD50/
  7. Anoebis

    Va - 303 Syndroms

    Very good compilation! Best track, GOAD, what a monster!
  8. Anoebis

    Most emotional Goa traxx

    Together with Elie my track of the year that summer!! What a bliss...
  9. Dear Suntrippers! Denshi Danshi is back! After the retrospective “Fluid Dynamics” which contained 90’s tracks and a couple of new productions, they are proud to present “Brain Chemistry”: an album completely made in the past two years and packed with 80 minutes of pure energetic dancefloor material! It is now available on our Suntrip shop & Bandcamp! Next week, allover the place And as if that is not enough, we have new cds in the Suntrip Records shop! we have Ubar Tmar from Zion 604 Records, Ajna from Ovnimoon Records, 303 Syndroms of Mamomam Records Records and Median project from Global Sect Music! https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD52/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/
  10. There are no extra tracks or so, but I know some people use bandcamp streaming for instance, something we dont have at Suntrip
  11. Every weekend... For obvious reasons... And I still love it
  12. Oops, its now adapted. Bandcamp was VERY unclear about this! So ok, from now on it is a pre-order
  13. Actually it will only be released on bandcamp the 19th of october this is only the pre-order! And for people that dont mind the digital "extras" on the bandcamp and just want the cd, please wait with your order and do it on the Suntrip shop... As this helps us much more!
  14. Anoebis

    Psylent Buddhi - 1997-2003

    This is true we managed, with some help, to find the unmastered WAV files and we believe it deserves a cd print