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  1. his album will be released in autumn! He is working HARD on it... And there will probably be a surprised 2xLP as well...
  2. Full update! 1.) New CD-release: Median Project! 2.) Future CD-releases 3.) Future vinyl releases 4.) New Classic Goa Trax music ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.) New release: Median Project! Median Project is today's psychedelic synonym for full power melodic modern goa-trance! After "Constellation" 2 years ago on Suntrip, he's back with a wonderful sequel coined "Another Galaxy"! Tons of harmonies, more utopic melodies, acid highlights and insane climaxes that will turn you in
  3. You guessed my favourite (Measurement X) and Lone Star or Deep Dive, not sure But yes, super powerful modern goa... I will post all links etc tomorrow, tired now! Thanks for the support
  4. Sad? Such euphoric music? Interesting It gives a melancholic feeling or so? Beams you back to crazy dancefloors?
  5. Pre-order is up on bandcamp https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/another-galaxy
  6. I love their output and have all their cds/vinyls, but its a pitty they dont have the rights any longer to do so.... But its a cowboy scene afterall. I had some artists complaining to me how that is possible. And there is nothing you can do.
  7. Samples! And next week the pre-orders are up on bandcamp https://soundcloud.com/suntrip-records/sets/median-project-another-galaxy
  8. I agree Very strong output these days Samples will follow soon
  9. Some new updates! On Classic Goa Trax we releases a full previously unreleased 90's album by Syrinx, aka Patrice Van Den Berg! This Dutch producer released a 12' before on legendary Matsuri Productions and a dirty sounding EP under the Hypercycle moniker. On top of that he was also part of Metal Spark! So, you know more or less what to expect, gloomy goa-trance filled with psychedelic sounds, a gloomy atmosphere and futuristic technoid vibes! Not for the faint hearted! https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/unreleased-trax And... The new Median Project on Suntrip will come
  10. I also saw the 1900 views before... So it are indeed faked numbers. Sad
  11. Perfect music! I get the chills everytime... And... Perfect review!
  12. I liked the album, it was already recommended to me and it reminded me a bit of the Ovnimoon music. Goa/proggie crossover in some parts Not sure what is "hippie" music... Isnt that very subjective? As for me hippy music is the colourful goa-trance type MFG - When we Dream haha
  13. Just basic question... Do you buy views and likes, or do people REALLY listen to the music?
  14. I can imagine for hardcore goa fans these tracks are a bit out of the "usual" and not their taste. But... I always was a fan of more foresty realms as well. Where in pure goa-trance the progression is mostly done by change of melodies, in foresty tracks its more about atmosphere, percussions and extra sounds here and there of course. I saw this compilation is a hit or miss. Some love it, some hate it. Very weird but ok... With Suntrip our goal is to release all facets of goa-trance But I appreciate every feedback! With Khetzal & Median project we are back into melodies!
  15. Ah yes, this he may do, but in that case Trancentral pay him for that
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