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  1. Sandman is actually Out of Orbit, together with Eitan (Loud). Interesting music imo, definately not the typical psy trance
  2. Its all about taste of course. Clearly there is a (large) crows that have problems connecting with a lot of modern psy trance. I think the reason is pretty simple: a lot of it is very generic, the machine gun bassline or the gallop horse bassline are used for 15 years in EVERY track. Also in the track you just posted. A lot of the old music was very unique and different from eachother, something that is missing in a lot of modern psychedelic trance. I say: most, as there great music left of course, but its rare and its even rarer to hear it on a festival...
  3. Anoebis

    Zorba - Zorba

    Unfortunately we can't... Its hard to get an autograph of a person that is not on earth any longer
  4. Interesting observation, how you mean "The sound has just become worse and worse over time" Actually, we are working with Tim Schuldt since 2004, and well, thats basically it? As for this album, some tracks were mixed literally 50+ times to satisfie Jannis completely soundwise. There is no way of arguing if someone doesnt like the sound, but its exactly the way Jannis likes it (and we too)
  5. Here we areeeee After 9 years, the master is back! And for me, this is beyond everything he made before https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/merch
  6. Also, special deals available on the Suntrip bandcamp for the Filteria album + 2xLP vinyl
  7. New one on Suntrip: Ra - 9th on 2xLP Release date the 29th of april! Pre-order below https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/merch
  8. Filteria is back with "Live With the Lag", a dazzling 9-track trance & dance experience where the artist demonstrates he can take you anywhere through his melodic mastery! Drawn from his experience of wrecking havoc on countless dancefloors and festivals across the globe, Filteria's 5th studio album connects with the listener's emotions in the original meaning of Goatrance! Tracklist: 1. Filernaut (Feat. Ukiro) 2. ACME Never Failed 3. Crimefighter Frog 4. Nostalgia Is Hard To Buy 5. Chase The Future 6. Reploids 7. Conquer Gravity (Feat. Pleiadians) 8. 4 Stages Of Life 9. Made Out Of Trance Pre-order page: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/live-with-the-lag Release date: 29/4/2022 Samples: Artwork:
  9. the only simple reason: its not because I dont like it, others wont like it... Tastes differ
  10. Tim Schuldt is one of the big magicians of the early goa-trance scene! Starting in the mid 90s with pure acid/goa-trance, he slowly evolved to more heavy and stronger industrial influenced trance. A lot of his older acidic music was released under different names and projects, which resulted in this cd. We hilighted, and remastered Tim Schuldt's strongest bangers that were unreleased or concealed on vinyls & rare compilations. We have 3 never before released tracks on this album: Aurinko, Northern Light (who was only partly released on the Black Hole compilation) and Is it Still Too Late, that was released as another version on vinyl only. Of course there is more great old music from Tim Schuldt. The other tracks were re-released as "single collections" on Suntrip's sublabel "Classic Goa Trax". Artwork by Rodolpho Morais Mastering was done by Tim Schuldt himself obviously! https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/retrospecter
  11. In Belgium parties start to happen again, slowly and small but around april/may we will be back I hope. Internationally: israel is banging, Portugal too at the moment, and many more will follow soon. I expect a pretty normal summer season
  12. Here are the other reviews (taken from the promo section). I dont want them to get lost as I still believe in the value of review! Paul Eye: A no-nonsense, shining beacon of light in a sea of overproduced polished modern goa trance. This one goes right back to the roots while not sounding outdated at all. It does have a few annoyances (particularly that vocal in "Into Heaven" that also appears in a far better context on Banco de Gaia's album "You Are Here") but overall it does its job at sounding like "proper goa trance" (yes, I know that's a bit of a silly term to use) far better than most albums out there. There aren't may *trance albums I bother listening to anymore these days. This is not one of them. Scenery: What to say someone for milestones like this, gratitude & grateful for listening something like this that it seems totally like the absolute sequel to the cornerstone 'Twin Sharkfins' after almost 25 years... Blissful feelings... vv303: I don’t usually comment here because I don’t want to create disturbance plus it weighs on me putting anything on the internet at all. Bob Dylan said everything he created is a curse because it haunts him and follows him around. I think that’s also why Filipe Santos puts music up and then takes it down on bandcamp. I feel that way too so I try not to say much But I just wanted to say that the first time I heard this I was utterly blown away by this all-time classic. As I’m listening I’m thinking this is up there with the all time great goa trance albums from Etnica, The Infinity Project, and Pleiadeans. The last Battle Buddhas album from suntrip was very good, this is an utter masterpiece. I listened a second time and still had the same feeling Ive heard just about everything relevant (not bragging) since the 90s, and I would say it’s at least top 5 all time. I know some others here have heard a lot more than me but usually anything very good finds its way up and you hear it so I doubt I’ve missed anything outside previously unreleased stuff like Tranquence or Psylent Buddhi that comes out I think it was great idea to add Pitchbend also to this since every other track also is an all time great classic From Nothing stands out and maybe the top track on this but all the other tracks are just as good Maybe I’m in the heat of the moment but at times I’m thinking to myself, “I’ve been listening to goa since the 90s, and quite possibly this is the best album I’ve ever heard” So anyway, I know very little about the technical aspects of making goa or music theory. I did fiddle recently with caustic and cubasis making goa but I don’t think I have that type of natural expertise to be able to make it or understand it very well This is why I don’t really comment much. I used to live at a Buddhist monastery and I have studied and practiced Buddhism, and I can do that, but (sadly) I doubt I could ever understand the technical aspects of making music to comment intelligently on it, or make music I don’t know if this makes everyone cringe or if they like the feedback but I thought I’d put it out there anyway. I usually see most music (that isn’t terrible) as “all good” in its own unique way and obviously each person has their own preferences Now off to worry about what type of impact or disturbance posting this makes on people or on goa
  13. Thanks! And your review was picked up by David Buddha and he was even emotional about it (he writes on his fb)
  14. Such great reviews! Please post them in the review section... moderators? And make a 2022 as well As for vinyls, we have some stuff in the pipeline with at least 1-2 tracks of the album
  15. Well, its lovely what you say, and the producer was very happy to read your feedback too! It would be lovely if we could post it in the review section as well
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