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  1. <3 thanks guys <3 Anyone here knows how discogs works? For some reason the CD version is not there yet, and I have no clue how to add it
  2. Tomorrow we will upload the new Celestial Intelligence album as pre-order! But for now, some updates from Classic Goa Trax! Last 2 weeks we re-released: California Sunshine - Nasha Dreamweaver - Lord of Illusions (with (unreleased) bonus tracks!) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/
  3. Great review, thanks! I'm not objective but I believe this is one of the best pleiadians/true old goa releases in a LONG time! They are underrated and thats a pitty, so I can only say, check it out (and buy if you like!)
  4. Suntrip updates/newsletter! 1.) New Suntrip Releases: Battle Buddhas & Sykespico! 2.) Future Suntrip Releases: Celestial Intelligence, MFG & Clementz! 3.) Classic Goa Trax: a lot of new releases 4.) Apsara Festival: some important info… 5.) Boom Festival: being an ambassador can be hard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) New Suntrip Releases Our last mail was in may, after the Total Eclipse release, but this summer we didn’t really took a break… Too much good music in this world to release! And this resulted in 2 new releases! - Battle of the Future Buddhas – The Light Behind the Sun Battle of the Future Buddhas is back, and its nothing like you heard of them before! They were inspired by the music played on the beaches of goa in the early 90s, and revived their interpretation of that spirit! Deeper, slower, more groovy, melodic &acidic old school goa-trance! These days Battle Buddhas' music is mostly made by Swedish pioneer David Tingsgård, active in the scene since the mid 90s! He released over 5 albums before on labels like Boom! Records and Schlabbaduerst and is mostly known for his melodic forest-trance music. With this album they take definitely a new direction, although you will recognise their typical sound-signature without a doubt! The album is for sale by all your favourite music dealers, but if you really want to support us, being from our direct shop is the best https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD57/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/battle-of-the-future-buddhas-the-light-behind-the-sun - Sykespico – Perspective If you followed up our last VA’s, you’ll be as thrilled as us for releasing Sykespico's debut album: "Perspective"! Behind this powerful melodic & acidic project are Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad, from south Israel who have been producing for nearly 15 years and released tracks and an EP on Global Sect, Zion604 and Suntrip. With "Perspective", they carefully selected and engineered a complete multifacetted intelligent and resourceful story that will energize your brain both in your sofa and on the dancefloor. Maybe not the best known artist, but the music will proof this is a mistake! https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD58/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/perspective 2.) Future Suntrip Releases: Celestial Intelligence, MFG & Clementz! The next releases of Suntrip Records will contain both famous names and new talents! For sure our next release, Celestial Intelligence is highly wanted by all their fans. Last summer they played on a lot of places to present their new album, and now the time is there everybody can enjoy their melodic spiralling music! The release is planned fort he second part of november! After that, we will have a nice Christmas Present! On the Old is Gold - 15 years Suntrip party in Antwerp the 21st of December, we will present the “new” album of MFG… New doesn’t really mean new as all the music is from the 90s! The cd will exist out of unreleased tracks and other versions/remixes of classic tracks! In february you will get something more crazy and powerful! The debut album of amazing Clementz… A Norwegian artist who had releases allover last year! Expect pure madness… Not for lovers of soft music for sure! After that you will get more goodies, and for new Triquetra and Mindsphere are close to a final new album… And both of them will have a special “second” cd… more news about this soon! 3.) Classic Goa Trax: a lot of new releases Well, Classic Goa Trax is our sublabel, re-releasing old school goa-trance from the 90s digitally! We noticed a lot of great old releases were unavailable so we believe the new generation should be able to listen, buy, download those classix for ever! Also, a lot of old guys were ripped off by their former labels, so we chose to make a deal where the artist also gets a fair part of the cake! By now we have following re-releases already… But new ones are coming every week! https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/ CGT 013: Dreamweaver - Spiritual Heritage CGT 012: Brainforest - Brainforest Remastered CGT 011: Tim Schuldt - Single Collection CGT 010: Shakta - Silicon Trip (2019 Remaster) CGT 009: Prana - Tracks 1993-1995 Remastered CGT 008: A.B. Didgeridoo Oblivion - Lucid Dreaming CGT 007: Mystica - Age of Innocence CGT 006: Four Carry Nuts - Single Collection CGT 005: Lunar Asylum - Lunar Asylum CGT 004: Har-El - New Pagan World CGT 003: Prana – Cyclone CGT 002: One Man Game - Total Trance CGT 001: California Sunshine - Trance 4.) Apsara Festival: some important info… As you know Apsara Festival, our official Suntrip festival, will happen again in 2020! We managed to gather only the best of old & new goa-trance… To make yourself curious, have a look on our event page or website, and buy your presale tickets next week! No, we won’t be sold out like Boom in 50 minutes, but its always fun to have early bird tickets, no? The line up so far will give you an idea of what kind of madness you can expect. New artists will be on the line up every week! *** Afgin *** (Suntrip Records) – Israel *** Battle of the Future Buddhas *** (Suntrip/Schlabbaduerst) – Sweden *** Crossing Mind *** (Suntrip Records) – France *** Cosmosis *** (Holophonic/Transient Records) – UK *** Filteria *** (Suntrip Records) – Sweden *** Fripic Bounce / Phlat Phase – Sweden *** Median Project *** (Suntrip Records) – Russia *** Mindfield *** (Phantasm Records) – UK *** Nebula Meltdown *** (Suntrip Records) – Finland *** Quatermass *** (Phantasm Records) – UK *** Sienis *** (Giiwa Records) – Sweden *** Steptime *** (Stone Age Records) – Sweden *** Subcouds *** (Psychic Deli Records) – Sweden *** Triquetra *** (Suntrip Records) – Belgium https://www.facebook.com/events/214756189416899/ https://apsara-festival.com/2020/ 5.) Boom Festival: being an ambassador can be hard Last week Boom announced their ambassadors and the sales were opened. Literally within minutes everything was sold out. Both on the official Boom website as with us, the ambassador. We would like to thank you all for your patience as this process was madness (we had a few 1000 mails) and we are very sorry if you don’t have a ticket. Try with Boom directly, you never know if they disclose more tickets. For sure the tickets we had were not enough to fulfill your needs! Thats all for now! Thanks again for all support!!!!
  5. I agree on this, for some reason only names are written these days, if you are lucky in small letters below "producer set" or "dj"... weird evolution.
  6. A great ambient release in the Carbon Based Lifeforms style from Belgian upcoming talent Maéra! Have a listen, fall in love with the music and buy if you like! I was surprised in a VERY positive way https://maeramusic.bandcamp.com/
  7. Interesting topic, it is true that, to become a respected international dj, producing is more or less a must. There are very few exceptions, and I think I am one of those few (another name that pops up in my mind is Boom Shankar of BMSS?). For some reason I made it to Boom, Psyfi, ZNA,... without creating 1 track (because of no time, I still think I will do it one day ). I always wondered why me, and no others, and the only logical conclusion I had is: that I kept playing pure goa, not being stuck in a timeframe. Suntrip helped as well of course, but in the beginning it was too unknown and I already played internationally. So I agree that dj's in the psy-trance scene are far less important as producers. Its a shame really, as djs still have the possibility to play 1000 times more music as any producer, and thus, create a real journey. But well, its the way it is. One day it will change again I guess, maybe one day djs will get the respect as in the techno scene, would be awesome In Belgium Charlotte De Witte or whatever get 10.000 people, while the producers that make the music for her... 50? :p
  8. yes yes, I hope that was clear
  9. Actually, it is only Lars playing these days, no Christer... So its "only" him. He did play 2-3 new tracks, which are typically Ra, but with a modern (full on ish) kick. I didnt even knew the tracks before, so I was surprised as well... maybe he can make 2 versions/ 2 sets so the old school freaks stay happy
  10. Well, as a dj playing on the "big" soundsystems a lot, I agree that modern Nano Psy Trance is for sure more suited for those soundsystems. The main issue is that the equalisers are made for that sound, so that goa sometimes sounds dull compared to them, unless you have a good sound technician that focuses more on mids/highs instead of just kick/bass (which is mostly the case, for SURE on indoor locations/clubs) As for the mixing of this album, it is for sure on the maximal side (I would compare it to Celestials Intelligence debut album) but thats his typical sound... and that driving kick (more modern, more strong) actually works very well on the dancefloors described above... They keep moving to the strong kick and get caught by the melodies that are non existent in most modern psy-trance... For me, I love this album, he is super talented and I indeed believe he will release even better music in the future, but some of these tracks are straight in my top 10s last year easily
  11. Still really sick too, like everyone I guess :s
  12. See you all tomorrow! And... on the dancefloor, as it is announced now, I can openly say it, I will also play a 4 hour set there, to end the festival The future looks... GOA!
  13. Yeah, pretty busy release schedule, but artists get better and better and may get a change in the future dont stop, your music is getting better and better for sure!
  14. The reason is simple imo, very few modern goa artists released 4-5-6 albums like many of the classics mentioned above! Its harder to have 3 utterly superb tracks in 1 album then in 5-6 For new school, my favourites are for sure: Khetzal - Ra - Filteria Upcoming talents: Triquetra & Median Project
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