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  1. Review Requests

    My new album? I'd sure appreciate anyone's thought on it. If you feel like writing a review yet don't have the album in your hands, I can send you the files. Just PM me.
  2. What music are you listening to right now?

    Noice mate. Me, myself & I listening to... While I was writing some thoughts about the project on discogs. https://www.discogs.com/artist/1347-Koxbox
  3. Guys, your support means a lot me. Thank you. I hope you have fun listening to the album!
  4. Hiya! Here's my 3rd... Sab Kuch Milegator - Surrounded By Surreality 1. Surrender To Surreality (Intro) 01:20 2. Extrapyramidal Twerking On A Pyramid (Rmx) 11:31 3. Twistortion Rodeo 11:24 4. Caramel Carousel 09:00 5. First You, Then Others & 3rd Eye 11:59 6. The Point Of No Yes No (Overwrite Engaged) 12:28 7. Disorient Express 07:48 8. Gringrinder 11:48 https://sabkuchmilegator.bandcamp.com/album/surrounded-by-surreality This is the 3rd album by Sab Kuch Milegator. It's been a mountain of work, 1000+ hours in front of the computer killing my upper back + shoulders! x) I reckon this is more mature and developed album than my previous ones. I've tried to make journey-like, alive tracks that keep on surprising you till the very end. Stylistically I'd place this between forest and Goa trance - I'd like to say it's pushing the envelope for both genres. Lastly I'd mention that one of my main goals composing this album was to fill the whole frequency range - quite much the only way to make complex music without sounding irritating or tiring the listeners ears. The album art is made by Hilla Österberg with additional art design by Void, Tyhjyys. Mastering is made by Colin 'OOOD' Bennun. If you want to support me by buying the album, keep in mind that the 15e for the (limited 100 copies factory pressed!) physical CD copy INCLUDES shipping.

    Nhjo "Bill Gates" Hyennro strikes again.
  6. I wonder why none of these were included? DAT 4 “Etnica Test 95” 1995 / Source: Etnica archives, Ibiza 1 – Etnica – Elevator 7:34 2 – Etnica – Axid 6:37 Maybe there is a connection with the track ‘Acid Shell’, released the same year. [kwulf] 3 – Etnica – Ecnart 6:54 4 – Etnica – Liquid Brain 5:53
  7. Ray Castle & Collaborators - Mystique of the Metaverse

    I've not yet to purchase this album (compilation?) but definitely mean to. And the Rhythmystec tracks is all the persuasion I need... Now it would've of course been great if they included 'Eskimo' on this, but seeing it's on a Zion 604 compilation I understand the decision. I can't believe the nay-sayers, I mean c'mon, Rhythmystec is as good and crazy old school as it gets. And probably the best cover art on Suntrip to date?
  8. Logic Bomb

    They made a few killers indeed, just as you say. Without too much ramble I'll head straight to the point and list my favourites: Shadow Of The Beast, Neighbour Of The Beast, Future Uncertain, High Density, Hydrofon, Extension, Psychedelic Pollution, Runtime Error, Mental Poison, Son Of Satan, Believe In The Bomb ( this one's unreleased I suppose) Looks like there's easily an album of great tracks in my book! They did quite a bit of average fodder too but I do have a huge respect for this band for all the well produced early y2k stuff. They were leading the way back then.
  9. Any FB psy groups that people actually use?

    The most active might be "collect goa & play psychedelic trance". 2k members, lot of posts, mostly old school goa... some pics of cds/vinyls people own & occasionally some discussion too. It's too bad there's so little discussion going on in general! (I'd like a little more honestly) Like psynews is quite "slow" these days too ain't it?
  10. Best synths in psytrance

    Now as I gather you're not talking about _synth line_ itself but rather the texture no? (As in that one note delayed synth sweep in WT track? ) I agree with your statement about Etnica. They were able to create such a warm texture on their synthwork, it remains impressive to this very day. I tried my best not to mention Hallucinogen here but seems I failed. He's def my #1 guy in that regard.
  11. Added around 10 again... hope you find something.
  12. 130cds would probably more translate to having 130 favourite foods, 130 great friends and 130 watchable tv programmes. Sounds a bit too much now that I think of it.... but everything in life is decisions. You can have great food, friends & tv shows instead of average ones if you just choose to. So I'd rather not fully agree with your metaphor mr. Thanos... Of course you can have a set with only great tracks, what the f...! I don't know if you're kinda choosing wrong parties on your side of the world my friend.
  13. I've sold (almost) all average cds from my collection, leaving only "cream de la cream" left. That'd be around 130 cds. Point being, why keep cds in your shelf you'd never listen because the very next cd is much better? Anyway, good luck with your project Ormion!
  14. I'm soon doing a crowd-funding campaign (just waiting for mastering & art to be finalized) for my next album which definitely sounds a bit like you said above. Many 11+ min tracks on it with that ever changing, storytelling vibe to it. Stay tuned.