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  1. My track... it's a bit on the dark edge of things.
  2. I know! Like, there's no review of the album either? Hey buddy you're 100% correct - regardless when music was recorded, what matters is when it's actually released to the public. Many of these "old school" releases are legit 2021 (or 2022 at the time of writing) releases BUT Bypass Unit, I would know as it's my favorite Goa release, was first released in CD format back in 1999.
  3. Sab Kuch Milegator - Tajunnan Rajamaa.... early 2021! Could I pinpoint 'Bypass Unit - Drops of Obscure Eclipses' is in fact from 1999. Other than that, it's a good initiative.
  4. This has already been online for some time... an adventurous track that I did found a great match with my bro's video.
  5. There's 10 remaining copies of this album available on Bandcamp. Then they gone. https://sabkuchmilegator.bandcamp.com/album/surrounded-by-surreality
  6. Sample "saucer landing" reveals it's: Ubar Tmar - Flying Saucer Landing Can't say if a released version or not.
  7. Shoot me in the duck. Fight me towards the aircraft. If someone's selling Aeon - Transe Modulaire for 30 euros on discogs (all time low!) how could I sleep my nights if I slept on the opportunity? Wasn't actively searching for it because I thought chances of getting it for a good price were really slim but there you go...
  8. I know Mr. Lemilica from somewhere (I don't remember details) and asked him to upload my music years ago... and in fact he still does if I release anything.
  9. As I see it, "sab kuch milega" is used in India to mean "everything is possible" or "you get what you want". Obviously "Milegator" is just my own made up word. ps. I can't do a mainstream track it just wouldn't feel right...
  10. Although a decent percentage of neo Goa is in fact simpler than it tries to sound, Goa is still, essentially, psychedelic music. It thrives on complexity. The "big room" psytrance, from a popularity perspective, is always going to remain more consumed because it's easier to digest. Simply - people like simple. The big room sound took essentially what are the cliche, working "hooks" of classic psytrance and churned a McD version out of it. That's the money recipe! So yeah, Goa is never gonna be that much more popular unless people's minds were somehow altered to demand and appreciate more complex sound structures. The production quality talk, although a welcomed topic on its own, is somewhat futile in the end I reckon.
  11. Unfortunately I've got no extra material to use for this. It's been half a year since I produced any music
  12. But you were the layout designer for the Sab Ku... But, but, you were the... I don't know where I'm going with this. Or maybe I might... "Sab Kuch Milegator - Tajunnan Rajamaa (2021)" Not a lot of reviews just yet but listen to my main man he knows this stuff Lemme quote
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