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  1. I know Mr. Lemilica from somewhere (I don't remember details) and asked him to upload my music years ago... and in fact he still does if I release anything.
  2. As I see it, "sab kuch milega" is used in India to mean "everything is possible" or "you get what you want". Obviously "Milegator" is just my own made up word. ps. I can't do a mainstream track it just wouldn't feel right...
  3. Although a decent percentage of neo Goa is in fact simpler than it tries to sound, Goa is still, essentially, psychedelic music. It thrives on complexity. The "big room" psytrance, from a popularity perspective, is always going to remain more consumed because it's easier to digest. Simply - people like simple. The big room sound took essentially what are the cliche, working "hooks" of classic psytrance and churned a McD version out of it. That's the money recipe! So yeah, Goa is never gonna be that much more popular unless people's minds were somehow altered to demand and appreciate more
  4. Unfortunately I've got no extra material to use for this. It's been half a year since I produced any music
  5. But you were the layout designer for the Sab Ku... But, but, you were the... I don't know where I'm going with this. Or maybe I might... "Sab Kuch Milegator - Tajunnan Rajamaa (2021)" Not a lot of reviews just yet but listen to my main man he knows this stuff Lemme quote
  6. Okay so it's at least partially money related. I should've guessed! Money talks. Psytrance is a business too, for some. It's kinda funny though... as right now exposure doesn't really do much to give you gigs does it.
  7. Hey guys, I'm just wondering here! Look, if you type on Google "psytrance forum" then Psynews.org is the first forum in the search results. I don't even think there's another remotely working/alive forum out there these days? So you have this forum, leaning quite a lot on Goa-related info and news. Let's say a big label like Suntrip releases an artist album that's well received. So there's the ground setting: the only working psytrance forum & a big label in the scene with a well received release. Let's check out youtube? There we go. And?... 2000 views! That's an
  8. Hey buddy. It's Colin OOOD once again. Yeah I saw you made an order, I'll pack it tomorrow for you!
  9. For the past two years I've been sitting in front of my computer looking like this... ...here's the result: Sab Kuch Milegator - Tajunnan Rajamaa 1. Zebra Stripe Matrix 2. Mental Range Of A Windshield Wiper 3. When Mario Took All The Mushrooms... 4. Twistortion Twin 5. Goa Scorcher 6. Quest For Identity 7. Turban Of Turbulence self-released style: Melodic forest/Goa Let's cut the bullshit talk! Here's the link: https://sabkuchmilegator.bandcamp.com/album/tajunnan-rajamaa
  10. It's difficult to answer either way... X-Dream's body of trance is rather unique, the sound palette has some unconventional choices mixed with the more common tropes. As is mine when I think about it... but our moods differ quite a length. I'd say the style is closer to some of the progressively melodic Chi-A.D. bangers but only slightly so. "The sound" - yeah I know what you mean. It's probably the point beyond any musical education where a person's mindset and preferences come to play. Well, it's somewhat of course related to musical knowledge and the kinda studio one works with, obvio
  11. Yes well guessed. It's going to show on BC as soon as the ready product is in my hands - self-released like before.
  12. Heard a rumour from unreliable source they're just printing the new Sab Kuch Milegator album...
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