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  1. Here's my 2c: Psychedelic trance music is, within a track, often a journey. The very aesthetic is that the tracks are usually 7+ minutes long following a certain philosophy of drama. It is thought/expected that the tracks end with a bang. No self respecting DJ would mix out the track before the best part, that's obvious no? We pretty much have a genre where technical "grandeur" is hard to show in your sets as there are such big gaps between the tracks. I won't go into detail, but techno and house music, widdem big starz, have more "use the tracks as tools" philosophy and it's just bound to be that in these genres you've got a bit more of that DJ charisma. The point of the story: Within psytrance genre I think almost anyone can become a good DJ! Really why not? With the modern day technology you don't even have to care about the beat matching anymore. Really this "hobby" is for whoever so wishes. There are more DJs wanting to play than there are organizers lol... Becoming a great producer though... if going a bit beyond great production quality and talking in terms of musicality - some will never achieve this. Like me! I can tell you I've tried. xD
  2. Thanks mate. Yeah no doubt on that one I've been keen to have it for years now.
  3. I rarely do massive purchases like this these days, but an eBay seller had all these great CDs available and I couldn't help myself! Interlect 3000 - Electric Allsorts Koxbox - Re-Oscillation maxi-CD Spectral - Celtic Alchemy maxi-CD Sandman - Psycho Toons UX - Ultimate Experience Transwave - Hypnorhythm EP Finally... Koxbox and Transwave collections complete
  4. The new modern style of producing/mixing is to make the kick very punchy/compressed. It's a tad too much for my taste although the 'big crowd' is into it I suppose. I wouldn't say the modern approach is by any means what I consider the best. I'd go for something a bit more open, dynamic and perhaps quiet. What I myself like a lot is the Swedish wave of early y2k (Atmos, Logic Bomb, Noma) that were mastered at Tom Puss Point Studios. Perfect Sound!
  5. Just won a bidding auction on Ebay for Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing Is Child's Play. 18 euros not bad...
  6. The Etnica re-release would've been in the top 10 surely have I voted... but I decided not to, mainly to prevent myself from voting my own album (haha yes I like my own music ). Still glad to see it in top 10, only self-released one and with next to no promotion... thanks for the support guys and cheers to the other top tenners you deserved it.
  7. Ra's album is old school and some of 'To Sirius' tracks have been produced as early as 96/97. I'll let you have your opinion on Synsun but would like to point out they also made two albums in 99 & 00 which have similar tracks to the one you mentioned.
  8. A couple years since I spinned this... classic goa.
  9. If I may speak for my behalf... let's say I release a self-released cd then I reckon it should be closer to 80 minutes. But that's just me! I still appreciate albums like Morphem's 'Out Of Focus' even if it's little over 60 mins... although never really understood why there must be an edited versions of 'How Can U B So Sure' and 'Closed Sector' on it... frustrating!
  10. It's a hard question! Could there be #1...? I'm inclined to say, however, that it's Ubar Tmar's 'I'm Shocked (Live Mix)' which is unreleased. You will find a shorter edited version of it on youtube that's around 9 mins long.... however, the real length for this track is more than 10 minutes. I couldn't believe my ears when 'Early Fusion' was released on Zion604 and had the original mix of this track on it - so average! Maybe even boring if I may address myself honestly here. How could the live mix be so much better? But it is. I've had talks with Draeke and maybe, if the stars are in right position, we could release the live mix soon as well.
  11. It's just evolution of a certain music style... don't think there's a point where you'd be able to pinpoint an oldschool track from a "neogoa" one precisely. Analog vs. digital may be the factor that gave this genre a certain leap into something new though.
  12. Eeeh... a bit too glitchy for my taste but I definitely see where you're coming from! Their whole catalogue seems A-class and particularly 'Giraffe' has striking similarities to COTB, just as you said. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Yes 'Ultraviolet Frequencies' indeed mate! I do like one of the hoodies and the mug's sweet as well... I'll support u guys just need a bit of balance on my paypal account first. Can't honestly believe you recorded Sirius Sounds in 14 days? Talk about real musicianship... it takes 1-3 months for me to just finish a single track.
  14. I don't have the physical releases but managed to get a rip of the cassettes nevertheless. On them I find couple really strong tunes that should be released: Cosmic Flash Ultraviolet Catastrophy Ultrascope Inflight Trance Maybe a few others to go with those? You'd have a buyer here!
  15. Nice to hear from u guys. 'Sirius Sounds' might be my faourite psy-chill album from the 90s! I do also have all the tracks from the two "untitled" cassettes you once made. There's a couple nice tunes on those as well... any chance you'd release more material from those days?
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