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  1. Eeeh... a bit too glitchy for my taste but I definitely see where you're coming from! Their whole catalogue seems A-class and particularly 'Giraffe' has striking similarities to COTB, just as you said. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Yes 'Ultraviolet Frequencies' indeed mate! I do like one of the hoodies and the mug's sweet as well... I'll support u guys just need a bit of balance on my paypal account first. Can't honestly believe you recorded Sirius Sounds in 14 days? Talk about real musicianship... it takes 1-3 months for me to just finish a single track.
  3. I don't have the physical releases but managed to get a rip of the cassettes nevertheless. On them I find couple really strong tunes that should be released: Cosmic Flash Ultraviolet Catastrophy Ultrascope Inflight Trance Maybe a few others to go with those? You'd have a buyer here!
  4. Nice to hear from u guys. 'Sirius Sounds' might be my faourite psy-chill album from the 90s! I do also have all the tracks from the two "untitled" cassettes you once made. There's a couple nice tunes on those as well... any chance you'd release more material from those days?
  5. Go for old Imaginary Sight, he made some splendid music. Taigan Sunset from Sweden is good too... But in all honesty, as far as my standards go, there is so much to what the term 'Forest Goatrance/Goa Foresttrance' has potential to be. These days it's quite one dimensional music for the most part and doesn't really resonate with the word 'forest' at all. But 'Sir Kuch' () is on the mission rest assured...
  6. You're right I checked it. I do have the track in my collection and now that I searched it turns out I've got it under the name '? - Morphic Resonance'
  7. As a whole I reckon there's no doubt 'Cosmology' is his best album. It's one of the most perfect goa albums made. 'Synergy' is a bit of hit and miss for me, yet it does have his best track on it - which would be 'Spores From Space?' 'Howling At The Moon' would take the 2nd place.
  8. Yes it seems something went wrong with the youtube link... There's a lot of material I could rip, there's some Finnish guys out here that haven't digitized their DATs yet. The problem is I haven't got a DAT player and, although I'm interested in preserving the old goa stuff, my interest isn't big enough to validate a purchase of one. But surely, I'll let you know if at some point I'd have this particular track in my hands.
  9. Funny but it's been years when I talked to a fellow Finnish DJ about this track and, in particular, its remix. I always thought he was talking about an unpublished rmx but now that I saw him again a couple days ago, turns out, the released 'Magma' is more or less a rmx (or re-worked version) as the version he has on DAT is the 'original'. He reckons the 1st version's better... I haven't heard it myself but maybe, if all goes well, sometime in the future I might be able to rip it.
  10. That definition of forest psytrance sounds somewhat wrong - to say the birth of the first wave of forest trance is directly linked to Schlabba is cutting the corners. It's a lazy approach if you want me to put it bluntly. That's because the 'early forest sound' existed many years before y2k. Of course, if we wanna discuss the Schlabba thing a bit and give credit where it's due, it can be mentioned Ka-Sol and BOTFB were and still are active in forest parties and the very evolution of the sound. However, how both producers sounded in the very beginning of their careers, is just very close to classic goa in my books. Only Schlabbaduerst, afaik, was ever doing 'industrial forest sound' I'm not sure if that itself is enough to talk about this little niche as the other 'major trend'. I guess what we can argue about is the very aesthetic what forest is.... but if you allow me to express my opinion, then I'd say I see it as music with weird soundscapes and quirky melodies - something that started, in larger numbers, to exist around 97-98-ish and some fine examples of it are Katayama - Hyperwhirler / Tripfield 0-Logic (1998) Hux Flux - Motor / STP Something (1998) Little Blue Men - Jedi Smurf - Blah Blah Machine (1997) VA - Tales From The Forest (!) (1998)
  11. Yeah it's indeed a great 120bpm-ish downtempo goa. Very glad to hear you like it as well! Let's go for a serious pick
  12. I might have to excuse my drunken-ness (?) a bit but seems like a only a few of the very many answers are truly home-runs... I mean I could just as well post this and get away with it.
  13. I apologize my laziness to check and compare, but if my memory serves correct the title is 'TIP - Acid Cuts' (unreleased)
  14. What a lucky find! I'd never thought of owning this album due to the ridiculous price. But a local Suomisaundi guy sold me NM copy for 50e...
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