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  1. Eventually you get used to it lol I never cared much, it's life I chose. It's my job to go there, focus on playing, enjoy music and friends. Rest is just secondary. Yeah would be nice if clubs actually switch on their HVAC systems during parties... I survived war as a kid, I can survive bad air once a month too
  2. Imba

    The State of Psy Parties

    Sadly in Serbia Techno took over and its so huge and everyone listening to it suddenly and DJs moved to that scene because there is $$$$$ But there is still hyper production IMO, contracts signed with biggest labels and agencies and organizers bringing their artists someetimes twice a year. Goa was couple times per year, now it's coming back with new people and ideas but still remain small 300-400 people max. 3-4 years ago we made parties with 1000+ Kids want modern sound and with Goa we can't offer them that enough...
  3. Don't worry, I am cooking something...
  4. Rarely, hard to control it that way imo I would go for perfect fifth which is mostly the less used note, so there is enough space to kick push it trough. Yet I do it by ear, fine tuning until I think that's it. Remembering Tristan's tips for kicks... he said kick should stand out as wall of sound for itself but should fit into track too which is tricky but you will understand once you made it Here is what he means: How I do it following some of his tips: Kick lenght around 1/8 (till the beggining of the offbeat or second note of classic psy bass pattern) which means I need to make good sidechain and phasing with tail of kick and the first bass note. And yes, low cut the bassline with -12dB or -24dB slope, linear phase! It is all so simple, just need patience and fine tuning. I like my drums and percs dominant, to be present all time and pushing through all the melodies and sounds which means I tune in less used note or some off the scale. Just imagine all these drums, percs, pads, melodies and fx in same root key... 15 channels, 15 different things fighting for same space in same time? Chaos! Haaaaard to control that. Moving by few hertzs can do a lot!
  5. Imba

    Best Kickdrums

    Gnocchi one of most unique kicks ever but here are some examples, sharp and phaaaaat
  6. Imba

    The psynews photo album

    One huge photo from Apsara Festival! DJ Draeke, Imba, DJ Sunborn, Mars, Anoebis, Etnica (Maurizio), Lotus Omega (Filipo), Chris (604 Bookings) & Said from Denshi-Danshi
  7. Imba

    The psynews photo album

    Me & Mars and behind us DJ Adept (Global Sect), Cosmic Dimension and Zopmanika at Apsara Festival
  8. Imba

    Track that begins with beautiful flute

    Amazing track:
  9. There is all info on Apsara website... there is no shuttle at all but taxis are pretty cheap from Sibiu
  10. Imba

    Ephedra - What the Future Brings

    Thanks for nice feedback. Regarding our track, well it's done after my last gig in Belgium and visit to Ephedra studio which became routine, everytime I come to Belgium I visit him for studio sessions. We wanted something a bit different from our usual styles and we joked a lot. We said let's make Vini Vici triplets and chants but in Goa way, so we did that. Ephedra himself recorded chants, he used vocoder for effect, we sampled elephants, gongs, buddhist chants, tribal drums, random stuff. He got some new hardware so we used it, most of track is actualy hardware: TB-03, Virus Ti, Microbrute, Nord Lead, JP8000 and some more... it was really funny and we enjoyed a lot! Here is video from the making of... with our stupid tired faces
  11. Would be cool to meet some more Psynewsers there!
  12. Imba

    New MWNN album?

    Waited for this one so long, finaly is coming
  13. Imba

    The cheesy full-on thread

    The cheesiest ever LOL
  14. Imba

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    None from above. It's just different times, different crowd wanting different music. Fresh music, modern sound. Old school has it own period and it was great. I am more confused with new school. Every other styled evolved and improved almost till perfection with technology and tools that are here now except Goa. Pick any style and listen to sound quality then listen to new Goa... it's like most amateurish sounding style. Can't we do it better? And why?
  15. Imba

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    That's why I got tired of it. It's 2018 but people still keep making it dirty and amateurish like in 94, whats the point? For me it's shame to have badly mixed, dirty sounding track today with all free tools around. Don't get it...