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  1. We had our own Omar, may he rest in peace!
  2. Guy is totally nuts, just open his site and you will understand ahahaha http://www.zoransumadinac.com
  3. Don't forget this megahit from my country!
  4. Yes, I've done war crimes when I was 7, advanced generation!
  5. 'Hey guys, Imba is war criminal because he is from Serbia so I can't make music anymore because you are still listening to his music and book him for your parties, so you are war criminal too and this scene is supporting that'
  6. I did not, some were recreated by our own Padmapani and rest I got from original projects from artists to remix
  7. Bassline from my new track... but now you have that super fast envelopes, phasing and sidechain they didnt use in 90s
  8. MIDI wife old basses aren't much different comparing to one today, it's synthesis. Here are few examples of old school basses. Electric Universe - Solar Energy Electric Universe - One Love Dimension 5 - Omega Centaurus The Overlords - Sundown Genetic - Trancemission
  9. He started singing because all that happiness! https://www.facebook.com/aznhjohyennro/videos/3795002200546435
  10. He is so abviously too happy about this idea he licks you over the monitor!
  11. I always liked to compare building a house with building/making of a track. First you need to find suitable ground/idea, you have to make good and strong foundations with good structural integrity. When you start overloading it with other building materials it needs to stand still or it will fall apart. I imagine bassline as concrete foundations and kicks as concrete pillars, very 2 elements which have to hold everything in place in one huge piece. And then you add layer by layer, just like bricks until you get walls of sound! And if you didn't pick/make right bricks from the beggining, and you didn't place them well, your wall will look ugly and will probably have holes in it (read: sound synthesis). Then you have percussions in top which should remain strong, just like roof so it doesn't collapse. Last thing is facade/mix. If you done previous things right that should be easy without too much effort and you get your house beautiful and very much functional. Just like your track, does it looks/sounds good? Yes! If you miss some of steps in building you will have weak and unstable thing, full of holes and crooked walls. Would you like to live in such house or you will try to fix it and polish it? What he said! Take 90s Goa hits, Teleport, Mahadeva... they are not super complex. Their complexity is simplicity. They made huuuuuge sound with just few layers!
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