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  1. We just had great Apsara Festival promo party in Belgrade last weekend with Mindsphere and here is 11 minutes long video from my live set with some of my new and unreleased music Tracks in video: Imba - Cosmos In Her Eyes Imba - Hidden Paradise Imba - Chloƫ's Thing (2017 Live Mix) E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned (Imba's Full Power Remix) - unreleased Imba & Nova Fractal - Sevilla In Trance Imba - Festival Season Imba - Liberation - unreleased Enjoy
  2. Tokyo Underground is my favorite from Har-el, next to God Mountain and I played them so many times in my DJ sets... pure bliss!
  3. What's some good Full On

    Nor Dickster, nor Psilocybian have nothing to do with Full on. It's Psychedelic Trance. Here some Full on from my serbian friends:
  4. What do you expect from a Trance dj set?

    There is no fun in expecting. I don't like expecting. Gimme some unexpecting in da mix!
  5. Psy Trance on mainstream TV (Globally)

    Late 90s here in Serbia psytrance/goatrance videos were broadcasted on national television... today only few party ads from huge organizations... Meanwhile in Israel there are loads shows and stuff on TV regarding psytrance
  6. Compulsive repetitive listening disorder

    I have same 'problem'. Stuck on bellow than 100 tracks because I want too! Found what drives me these days and I repeat it. Ofcourse I listen to new stuff from time to time and if it drives me I put it to the list
  7. VA - Keep It Psychedelic - compiled by DJ Regan Dickster & Hypnocoustics - Low Rider (released today!) Dickster - Elastic Dreams EP Killerwatts - Edge Of Time Imaginarium - Amok Pogo - Rock Your Soul Martian Arts - Giant Locusts Mad Tribe - Amazing Tales From Outer Space Chris Rich - Quantum Soup VA - Mind Surfers (compiled by Tiann) VA - Sunset Temple (compiled by Dr Space) VA - Chacaruna (compiled by Emiel) VA - Pangea (compiled by Pila) VA - Jungle Calling vol. 2 Djantrix - Secret Story Pogo & Djantrix - Rejoicer Djantrix & Spirit Architect - Experiemental Virus Spirit Architect - Moonshine PsiloCybian - Throat Chakra Reversed Logic - Leave Your Logic and many moreeeee
  8. Can't say much on Goa because I haven't listened to it for some time now... but what I heard of Psytrance I am pretty happy! Even big labels and their artists such as Nano or TIP are going up with BPM and focusing more towards night time or twilightish style which is perfect for my taste. Psytrance is coming great again! 8/10
  9. Well just like in any other music genre, there is accent on certain things. Some genres are focused mostly on vocals, some on guitars, some on drums... here is kick and bass. Psytrance made it to perfection, ultimate power from kick and bass! That's the problem right there! In the past I've been thinking about lots of tracks the worst, then I heard on dancefloor, complete new story. I've been suprised by my own stuff too. I mean I spent months and ages making them, at home they are like ok. Then I play them... boom! It happened so many times when I attend to some party that someone play some of my tracks and I don't recognize at first ahahaha. So different on dancefloor!
  10. Watch this then ask Kim Jong-un to #sendnukes ... I almost cried.
  11. Alav ha-shalom! Thank you for your legacy
  12. Modern goa/new school

    That's true but it's not because artist are not trying. Problem is in listeners i must say. That's what's holding us back. Goa came from many different styles, merged to become Goa Trance later. Now most of us whos doing this thinks same, about doing something 'fresh'. Ofcourse you can't merge it with Jazz or Country music but more to with other subgenres of Psytrance or techno (like Zenon does) or trance, euro trance etc. Then we do this, using patterns and technics used in other styles which were used back in 90s aswel: - offbeat or triplets from Progressive - FM/zap fart sounds - so called 'fullon filters' on kick/bass group - many other things... Not so unique but still not used in Goa Trance, and when you combine all of different technics from different styles and put into Goa, then it becomes something different. Then you spend months and months of that track, playing and testing around on dancefloor, finaly get it released, you are really happy with some fresh work and blaaah... Then you get from 'true Goa' people something like: - Meh, it's not old school! Bro, this kick is too sharp. That bass too phat, cmon that's fullon! Mate, that's not Goa, listen to Astral Projection or Hallucinogen! You worked on this track 6 months? You fucking wasted your time... At first you are being acused for ripping off Goa from 90's. So you take your time and energy and you try something new. Wrong, now you betrayed true spirit of Goa Trance. With Goa scene being so small and limited you literaly have no much freedom for evolving. You will try, release something you think is different, people won't accept that new thing, sales will sucks and label will say NO. So you can't release music you made by your taste and what you love, without releases there is no promotion - no gigs - no money, you loose chance to upgrade your equipment and to advance. You are being tired and depresed by this and you stop. One by one will stop doing it or switch to other style or genre. I am having a lot of conversations with other artists last few years and I must say lots of them are depresed by such matter. That's a huge problem! But you see, younger generations love and accept those changes, fresh things, modern sound. Yet older guys can't accept that is not 1995... And then you get most funniest/stupid comment like: Ah bro, this music is too loud, can't listen it because my kid is sleeping in another room????? Cmon. I understand we all have families and no much free time for parties and festivals, but don't judge music without hearing it at dancefloor! GOA TRANCE IS DANCEFLOOR MUSIC! I am not pointing out to anyone, with this post I just wan't you to think about it. As a Goa lover you are presenting your self, do you really love this music and try to keep it alive or destroy it? Goa is small as I said and this is one of places where you come to share it with others, to hear their opinion. To most of artist this place has value. But somehow we have no more freedom regarding how to produce what we love, we can't have mastering we like because you need more dynamic range, we can't have covers we want. Basicly no freedom. No freedom - no inspiration, no inspiration - no music. In other subgenres there is no such problem, you can make whatever you want and it will be accepted and supported.
  13. This is so called 'Pop Full On' and it's dead for some 4-5 years now. Padmapani gave you an example of what is future of 'psytrance'. They call it 'Future Prog' and it's just kick/bass variations, some percussive work, shamanic/hindu vocals, mantras etc. Minimalistic and commercial approach for masses. It's terrible but Brazil/Israel pushed this too much, now if you do this you get payed 5-10k euro per gig or more, first class or charter flights, ************** hotels... People are actually getting so fucking rich pretty fast having 10-15 gigs per month and got payed like this.