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  1. Imba

    VA - Gamma Draconis

    Can't judge guys who didn't make specific style in decade or more. Sometimes I don't make music for half year and much thing I forget, much things change in short period. Roy, BOTFB and Shakta are my favorites. Xenomorph composed great one with terrible mixing. Is it because of lack of knowledge or proper gear? Or he just forgot how to, anyway he was never into clean production so... Astrals... more trancy than goa, artists choice. Judge it after you hear it and feel it on dancefloor! MFG took few decades old track and finelly polished it to fit 2020s RA would b
  2. I will buy if you change artist name to Nhjo Jong-Un!
  3. Smaller capacitors here cost 1cent to 1euro, bigger can be bit more expansive. Soldering is not rocket science but yeah, you need some skills. Without them you can destroy print. Just open housing of the amp and inspect them. You don't wanna have some blown and all that acid on print
  4. Beware that SU-X955 is old thing but if capacitors werent replaced they should. My 80s Phillips HiFi was on half power, when I replaced all capacitors and resoldered everything it was full power again. Maybe previous owner done that but again... They can also look normal but after 30 years they are dry af Open the SU-X955 housing and visual inspect them. If they look like this, they are pretty bad.
  5. Now you just need to put bassline down for 2-3dB, and lowcut it higher (cut at key frequency with 30dB sloper or more). It's too subby and eats too much of the mix. Track have potential indeed, I am here if you need any help !
  6. You didn't have tools back then or they were really expansive. Today it's easy to do it with EQ or dynamic EQ to put down specific frequency ranges, automate as you like. Some of them used different technic and one example is Dimension 5. In very melodic parts they added click sample over kick, at 2.08 click comes in: MWNN has best production in Goa scene in 90s, he managed to have his kicks and bass flat and steady. If attack on kick isnt fast enough, he used longer subby ones 1/8 and put them louder few decibels than they should be. Few examples: Lunar Cycle, Low
  7. From what I heard/know, our serbian musical pride - Talpa has worked so many years on table in living room on KRK 6 which he sold. And after he complained that he will buy another KRK because he is used and perfected on them. Only last year he managed to finish and move to studio, I think those are KRK 8 now: Last year I also 'made' my studio. All panels were DIY and thankfuly to Colin OOOD who gave me various tutorials on that, I was able to save loads of money, to make them look good and have good use! Lets say it costed me 60-70% less from finished
  8. Have you heard such basslines on big and good soundsystems on parties and festivals? Or is it just home listening? In my opinion when you put so much effort in something it can't be soulless, nevermind if it's made for huge audience like Vini Vici or for normal psytrance events. You put so much time, effort and yourself into someting. You literally put soul into it. EU - Mad Tribe guys are killer, probably one of best Psy music today and stand out. So clean yet so dirty with loads of 90s sounds! New Burn in Noise album is amazing, he have
  9. Phase should stay always above 0 because bellow it's antiphase. Finetune depth until everything is above, could be few places where it works and then you check it visual through oscilloscope. Sometimes i like to have it visual because ears can lie This is last thing to do, make good bass preset and good kick, set velocity and volume sidechain on bass using LFO tool (explained in E-Clip tutorial), EQ it then check for phase issues. Sometimes you dont need to change anything, sometimes you do. It's very simple if you know what you are looking for and what you want too ac
  10. Another amazing channel I follow and watch, here is superb bass tutorial series:
  11. Good stuff posted by Colin from OOOD in facebook some dayS ago and this is really important if you want to have great and clean lowend. I tried it last night and it worked pretty well for me! "Having trouble getting your kick and sub phase relationship right? Try this. 1. Grab MFreeformphase + Voxengo Correlometer (both free) 2. Put Correlometer on your kick and set it's sidechain input to the sub. Set the primary to LEFT and the secondary to S LEFT (sidechain) in the plugin. Set the average time on the right to the length of a quarter note according to your project
  12. Since i discovered and learnt Serum i rarely use Sylenth1. It's so precise and good with million options
  13. I got best results from this tutorial combining rest of his... you can easily achive quality as is on Nano Records!
  14. Used Serum factory oscillators with a bit of tweaking. Here is short example or how it sounds without processing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/685chmgz3yakt8s/Old School Goa Beat.mp3?dl=0
  15. I made some old school Juno 106 styled bass preset for Serum, added MIDI for bass and kick sample. Get it here and play around: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wv5ptu7uymte0b6/Old School Goa Bass.zip?dl=0 Inspired by Boris Blenn (and Radi)
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