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  1. Psynews fundraiser

  2. Tickets - Silent Solutions [Timecode / Sangoma Rec.]

    My favorite album by Josef was his second Dreaming of Places. It seemed like the perfect combination of his old South African psytrance bombast with the "baroque" steampunk orchestrations. Antic nailed the review, as this one left me wanting for the good old days. It seemed to lack power and the insanity which drew me to the project in the first place. Good, not great.
  3. Psynews fundraiser

    I also only have 2 choices. Default and CleanCut
  4. Thenaria - UFO Ep

    Artist: Thenaria Title: UFO Ep Label: Space Baby Records Date: December, 2016 1. Display 2. UFO 3. Ultegra 4. Acceleration 5. Microscope Thenaria is a project consisting of two lads from the Ukraine who seem to dabble in a few genres of electronic music. One could surely be forgiven if upon listening to this conjured up images of any number of horses from the progressive stable of Ovnimoon Records. Indeed their Ep Fantastic Universe released in 2015 sounded like all the other progressive trance you've heard (yet even that one was expansive and deliciously detailed). This Ep has that smooth feel, but the difference is it's drenched with heavy goa themes. On the surface it's nothing that will rewrite the annals of goa trance, but the production value is high as the tracks twist through multiple layers of melodic goa clouds. They seem to be quite good at telling a story and generate an immersive atmosphere. Their ponderous downtempo closer hits all the right eerie and mysterious notes. Like I said, nothing groundbreaking, but very talented and on my "ones to watch" list. Space Baby Records Bandcamp
  5. Perfect Blind - Stratum

    Artist: Perfect Blind Title: Stratum Label: BMSS Records Date: September, 2017 01. Stratum IX 02. Manifest Destiny 03. Ancient Machinery 04. Last Torch of a Dying Star 05. Burning Mass (feat. Jay Kay) 06. Foreseen Consequences 07. Escape Velocity 08. The Expanse (Spaced Out) 09. Abyssentient 10. The Long Silent Igor Čeranić otherwise known as Deimos and Perfect Blind has produced a lot of material as well as been the guy you could count on making other artist's work sound great. I've said it before, but he could do the mastering on my toaster and have it sound competent. I first heard his work as Perfect Blind with the stunning Three Spires Ep which you can download in all its FLAC goodness for free from Ektoplazm. He treads in various genres and has shown proficiency in all of them. Industrial influences abound within this dark and brooding album. He is the anti-Ultimae with sharp edged and rumbling waves of sound in a Orwellian post apocalyptic world. Tracks could have easily come from the minds at Cold Meat Industry as the desolation sticks to the skin like burning cinders. Long intros illustrate a panoramic grey landscape with lush textures. Ancient Machinery reveals the tools of a bygone age wet with corrosion and seeping with forlorn mechanical regret. Last Torch of a Dying Star with its thunderous percussion draws the lines of warring tribes readying themselves for conflict. Burning Mass is the result of that conflict with its distortion soaked guitar and blistering volume. Forseen Consequences surveys the charred battlefield steeped in loss and regret as the battle all but blotted out the sun leaving only mottled grey clouds. The Expanse is as boundless as its namesake while Abyssentient continues down the long road of human destruction. The Long Silent bears witness to what we have done. This is so f*cking interesting and descriptive it invites you to create your own futuristic movie. People please pay attention to this. I don't believe it's hyperbolic to say that Igor is our generation's Tim Schuldt. When music can evoke crystal clear images and an emotional response that's when you know the height of the art form has been reached. Drawing on industrial influences he creates a world I hope we never see yet at the same time I must see. Stratum is a special piece of music best enjoyed at full volume, listened all the way through when you have ample time to devote to it. Brilliant and breath taking and oh so vast in scope. P.S. I haven't heard the bonus Ep so therefore I cannot comment on it. Perfect Blind Bandcamp
  6. Frantic Noise - Trance Nodriza

    Artist: Frantic Noise Title: Trance Nodriza Label: Dark Prisma Records Date: 2017 Actual footage from inside the recording studio. Imagine every electrical appliance in your kitchen suddenly becoming conscious and deciding that a mechanical orgy of noise and sharp edges was best accomplished at 110 miles an hour. F*cking Benny Hill trance where the music lives up to the name of the artist. Why? How is this enjoyable? I just watched my toaster oven just hate-f*ck my can opener. If his mission was to make the most abrasive noise possible at the highest bpm well, mission accomplished. This isn't music you put on to feel good. This is what you use to flush out perps in a hostage situation. Remember how entertaining the Nordland Orchestra was? Yeah, this ain't that. Easily the worst thing I've heard this year. Psyshop
  7. VA Terraformer (Global Sect)

    Gonna take a lot of fuel.
  8. VA Terraformer (Global Sect)

    This is such a massive release. 4 Cds? That's a hell of a lot to digest. I'm only beginning to make my way through the first CD and it certainly is bombastic. Love what I've heard so far.
  9. What music are you listening to right now?

    Because I don't know how to embed a YouTube video.
  10. Frozen Ghost - Sin For Dinner

    Artist: Frozen Ghost Title: Sin For Dinner Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: 2009 1. Sour Kangaroo 2. Foxxy Underwear 3. Freakazoid 4. Rapture 2.0 5. Betelgeuse 6. Nine Kinds of Crazy (Cold Turkey) 7. Hiyarant - Smug (Frozen Ghost Remix) 8. Arranged 9. Sin For Dinner "I used to be beautiful. What happened to me?!?" Loud. Drenched in acid. Funky as f*ck. Madness. Relentless. Thumping. Temple pounding brain shredder. All avid descriptions of the insanity that Barry Wynne has created over the years. If you like South African psytrance with all of the qualities I listed above then this should be right in your wheelhouse. Think the Midnight Storm series rolled in cocaine. This was a digital release in only 256 mpbs quality 8 years ago, but recently he offered it for free in Wav quality. Unfortunately I can't locate it any longer, but here are some spots you can get it. One other thing to note, the Wav version differs from the one released in 2009. German Amazon I think DJ Shop Dj Tunes
  11. Power Source - XOXO

    Artist: Power Source Title: XOXO Label: Dacru Records Date: July, 2017 1. Introstellar 2. The Question 3. Night & Day 4. New Sparks (Space Cat Edit) 5. Skywalker (Filteria Remix Edit) 6. Astral Projection feat. DJ Jorg - Mahadeva (Power Source & Innerzone Remix) 7. Power Source & The Muses Rapt - Galactic Wilderness 8. Seville 9. Dasvidanya Ah Power Source clearly all out of f*cks to give. One of the more notable names that was almost a seminal figure in the goa scene. This project (which began as a trio and is now the sole property of Shahaf Shvarzman) beat us over the head with some say their only standout track Goaway. I however believe them to have had at least a few more with Memory Bubbles, Granada, and Skywalker, but clearly if you kicked out their contribution the goa pyramid would still stand solidly. So now it's back and we know the trap that can be a hazard of returning artists. It's a trap that Power Source jumped into with two feet screaming "F*ck it!" all the way down. This album is pure Dacru full-on with goa and trance elements which might require you to get some sunglasses when listening to it as the shiny and modern production could very well blind you. I like what Space Cat did with Sparks and even though it's pretty good we already heard the Filteria Remix of Skywalker on Ten Spins Around the Sun. The Mahadeva remix was also entertaining, but it just made me want to hear the original. Look I was never a huge fan of this project to begin with, but If you can listen to the last track without dry heaving than perhaps you should apply for sainthood. What the unholy f*ck? It's not bad with it's great production and power, but I don't have time for just not bad. There was potential here, but for me there wasn't anything that was particularly memorable. Psyshop Beatspace
  12. V/A - Psychedelic Vibes 5

    "Music is the soundtrack of your life." Whoo hoo that remix of Atomic Children!! Tarsis I didn't know you had it in you! The second half of that track just propels you into deep space. Good compilation!
  13. V/A - Distance To Goa 6

    Not the strongest effort in this series. As many have said, the Tandu opener is king, the Miranda track was disappointing, but I was pleasantly surprised by the breakb eat track from Funkopath. The real psychedelic treat though was Psychedelia Junglistia. Eerie atmosphere, punchy bass, and jungle percussion. There are two camps...those who like the Celtic melodies in Jiggle and those that go full Scott Summers and laser eye everything in sight.
  14. "V/A - Gate To The Past"

    Artist: Various Title: Gate To The Past Label: Zion 604 Records Date: May, 2017 1. Radical Distortion - Year 2488 2. Declaration of Unity - Ohm Sun 3. Sandman & Radical Distortion - Tweakers 4. Shunak Idou - Journey 5. Radical Distortion - Voltage Source (Radical Frequencies Remix) 6. Cactus Arising - Solar Echoes 7. Radical Distortion - The Wizard 8. Cactus Arising & Radical Distortion - Ammos 9. Cydelix - Induction On the heels of the decent yet underwhelming Virtual Jungle re-issue comes a compilation of tracks put together by goa powerhouse Radical Distortion. Hell this could very well be a new release from that duo as their fingerprints are all over this. The release itself is very Greek centric with regards to tracks, mastering, and artwork. And ain't nothing wrong with that. The music is mostly goa trance done well (The Wizard is a powerful track which was released last year, the bouncy Induction, Journey, Voltage Source Remix, and Year 2488), sometimes goa that's a little too fluffy for my tastes (Ammos, Solar Echoes), and then a blurring of the line between goa/psytrance on Ohm Sun. So it's pretty good with outstanding sound quality, but I can't help but feel that the label is in a bit of a rut by releasing comfortable albums. And by that I mean albums that are good, but haven't reached that level which they have in the past. Weird to say that after I just told you that the compilation was pretty good, but I feel it's been since 2015's Robotized that the label has hit a home run. Still, a compilation worth having. Zion604 Bandcamp
  15. X-Dream - Remixed [Flying Rhino Records]

    Antic did your Avatar just get older?