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  1. Thank you Basilisk for that helpful comment. My main concern was that seeing something listed in Discogs (clearly not the end all and be all) as an mp3 and purchasing from bandcamp in flac quality would be a waste of time. Cheers!
  2. Hey all! I have a question that maybe you can help me with. Like you I have a lot of digital music in varying qualities. I would like to get it in FLAC format if I can, but I bought a lot of it before I knew how good FLAC sounds compared to MP3s. When I look up an album or EP on discogs and the digital file format says 320 mp3, is that the quality with which the track was made? So even if I wanted that EP from the label bandcamp and they offer it in FLAC am I wasting my time? Here is a link to an EP I currently have in 320 mp3 https://www.discogs.com/release/6732893-Concept-Straight-Forward They offer it on Concept's bandcamp (and I love to support artists), but if the music was made in mp3 format I didn't think you could up convert. Thanks for your help, Mdk
  3. Just gave this another play and 80% of the tracks are brilliant, ground shaking, South African, psychedelic mayhem. Still highly recommended.
  4. Very good compilation perfect for those rainy days. Holds up well.
  5. Still blistering psychedelic goa trance! I'll never tire of this one.
  6. The dark, techy trance found here is very bombastic and demands to be played at high volume. Preferentially in a residential neighborhood. The orchestra samples remind me of Talpa's Dragon Tale, (which I believe came out around 10 years prior), but in a much more forceful way. Dark Athena (Part 2) and Omega Zone don't knock, they kick the door in. There is more than just power here though, as he also brings a funky, swing element to some tracks. While some of it was dark progressive that didn't evolve enough for my tastes, the good tracks are really good. He seems to have a great talent for filling out a track and giving it some atmosphere and depth. I actually liked the boom he brought to the Kneebender track. If you like dark, moody, beat heavy, well produced psytrance this holds up pretty well.
  7. Wow this is certainly garnering some very high praise. BOTFB has been around awhile and most of the time they have been on the abrasive forest side of goa trance. They didn't take you gently into the good night...they strapped you to a rocket and left you kicking and screaming. But this is totally different. It doesn't even sound like old Buddhas! It bounces, has a restrained growl, it crawls with single-minded purpose, and shimmers with a melodic liquidity that I didn't see coming. As the good DoktorG mentioned one of the greatest strengths of this album is his ability to create drama in each track. Let's face it there's a reason goa trance music lengths are usually longer. To bring you along, take you on the journey and open new and unexpected doors without putting its purpose on full display. And it's a success as new leads and arpeggios are introduced, each taking their turn in retelling the story. Everything is crystal clear and as the tracks unfold new surprises await, leaving me with a large grin. From Nothing is a prime example. This is how you let a track breathe and evolve. It builds and builds until the cup runneth over with cascading, entrancing, melodic, shimmering rivulets. It's not perfect, as the last few tracks lose some of that "what's going to happen next quality", but it's certainly damn good. Entrancing really. There is an old school feeling to this endeavor and I can say with utmost confidence that this is my favorite BOTFB album to date.
  8. Artist: James Murray & Francis M. Gri Title: Remote Redux Label: Ultimae Records Date: October, 2019 1. Ma 2. Toma 3. Remote 4. Lontano 5. Redux 6. Toma (Extended) I'm not going to say this is night-night music. But I'm not not going to say it. Cheese and crackers this is the soundtrack to slowly watching your life slip away while a heroin needle juts from your arm. Too dark? Ok, how bout...when I hear music like this I better have cucumber slices on my eyes in a room that smells like lavender while a towel barely covers my private bits. Beatless ambient is one thing, but beatless drone ambient? That's a whole 'nother level. There are only six tracks here, but it's almost an hour of "music" that never gets to the f*cking point. And it took two guys to create this? One guy to press play and the other one on continuous coffee generation? I'm poking fun, but the only way this could be slower is if he stopped it. Ultimae Bandcamp
  9. Artist: Menog Title: The Tribe Remixes Label: Nutek Records Date: October, 2006 1. Upsidedown (Menog Rmx) - Bliss 2. Serius Problem (Menog Rmx) - Shift 3. Techmology V3 (Menog Rmx) - Rinkadink 4. Fusion Reaction (Menog Rmx) - Digital Talk Vs. Azax Syndrom 5. Roop Suhana (Menog Rmx) - Audialize 6. Deleted (Menog Rmx) - CPU 7. Twitched (Menog Rmx) - Space Tribe Vs. Psywalker 8. Music Is My Space (Menog Rmx) - Planet B.E.N. 9. Emotions (Rmx) This is how I feel when Nutek reveals a promising tracklist. I already know their game, they're not fooling me. And I don't care that this is former night-time trance stalwart Daniel Bernardo remixing all these tracks. Because unfortunately at this stage I know what we're going to get. Commercial full-on with no surprises. These remixes are watered down versions of the originals. Well produced surely, but this has that shiny, Nutek hand print all over it. Yeah, there's acid in these tracks and they are powerful full-on beats, but something ain't quite right. Besides the fact that all the tracks sound the same. Best one here is the Serius Problem remix, but that's mainly because it was such a kick ass track to begin with. A covid monkey could make that track great with a spoon and a cast iron skillet. I remember when I reviewed his album previous to this (Musically Speaking) that he was coming very close to the commercial full-on trap he used to avoid. Well it seems he dove head first into that pit. I'm aware that this release is 16 years old, but I'm also cognizant of the fact that Sgt. Pepper is over 50. I'm also over 50. And I'm awesome.
  10. Far be it from me to question one of the icons of the genre here, but I beg to differ. The two Cosmosquad tracks are swirling, pounding, liquid goa adventures that blow the doors off the spacecraft. The fourth and last track kick so much a** you put it on your label's Virtuart release. And the rest of the tracks psychedelic goa trance in the mold of Psychaos (though not the same quality). I also only have this on mp3 (not like it comes up for sale often or ever), but think this music certainly has value. But it used to be about the music, man!
  11. Artist: Bioscape Title: Living Connection Label: Gliese 581cz Date: March, 2014 1. Mountaintop Meditation (66 BPM) 2. Shaolin Cosmos (60 BPM) 3. Not All Who Wander Are Lost (95 BPM) 4. Underwater Bliss (75 BPM) 5. Explore The Night (90 BPM) 6. Biological Harmonies (90 BPM) 7. Everyday Places & Natural Spaces (75 BPM) 8. Amphibian Dreams (90 BPM) 9. Nature Essence (80 BPM) 10. Storm Comfort (80 BPM) 11. Creation Dub (72 BPM) 12. Living Connection (75 BPM) Reason number 572 why music is better than a baloney sandwich: just because it's old doesn't mean it goes bad. This is Andrew Dyche from Atlanta, GA who is in the business of creating downtempo and ambient chill music for your morning cup of coffee. And business is good. Even though Ektoplazm is undergoing what seems to be an eternal rebirth the links are still active, with plenty of music to discover and sample. This was Andrew's debut and as he navigates between the styles of downtempo music I can't help but be overcome with a sense of calm. Deeply relaxing and well produced music which soothes jangled nerves. The production sounds great and it's physically impossible to be stressed when listening to this. Most tracks are medium in length so they don't fall into the pitfall of overlong repetition. And while that is a selling point (clearly not selling if it's free) he doesn't reinvent the wheel. And that's ok. The dubby bass is prevalent in almost all the tracks, but the star of the show is all the music around that bass. The whole vibe is about slowing things down and seeing all the life in its myriad of forms which surround us, Frogs, birds, insects...The connection. There is some filler and he seems stuck in an algorithm with the way the tracks are constructed. A whole album of similar tracks at this tempo lends itself to becoming becoming background music. A pretty decent album that you can put on and relax. Maybe you're down for a nap or it's that first cup in the morning. Ektoplazm
  12. Trance2MoveU

    Biot - Saturation

    This is a bit of a weird one. It's rough and raw, without lush melodies, but dark and atmospheric. Fully psychedelic. The first shot across the goa bow comes during Plastronix and its liquidity is delicious. I certainly wouldn't call this minimal. Far from it. There is a heavy techno influence throughout the album which was common on the back side of the golden age of goa trance. Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but a pretty good tech-trance/goa album.
  13. Artist: Blissed Title: Rites of Passage Label: Classic Goa Trax Date: May, 2020 1. Into The Light (Sirius Mix) 2. Illumination 3. Mind Mirror 4. Into The Light (Auraural Mix) 5. T II 6. Starseed 7. Ki 8. Protozoa Here is a release from the Suntrip Records sublabel that brings hard to find or obscure music from the past in high quality digital format. This album is an example of an artist I've never heard of so for that I'm grateful. Always good to open the mind. It's the first project of Prana members and Sonic Sufi and the music can be described as proto-goa or early goa trance without the swirling melodies. More of a stripped down style. The building blocks of what would be to come. If you are into that more bare bones approach when it comes to your goa trance then you will enjoy this. The goa we all love had to start somewhere and this is an early part of that foundation. While more on the minimal side there are still some interesting passages to be found here. It's also easy to see the genesis of the Prana sound. Alas this type of "goa trance" isn't for me. It's techno roots and simple production has me yearning for more lush and layered productions. Most of the tracks don't evolve much and I tend to lose focus. Perhaps it's undiagnosed ADHD. File this under interesting historically, but not all releases are home runs. Classic Goa Trax Bandcamp
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