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  1. I mean, I know I'm supposed to like it and I really want it to be a stunning release, but... Let's be honest unless your have a Trump supporter-esque level of sycophancy this release isn't gonna make it on most people's top ten. Hell it's not even the best in their own catalog. It's good, but not Etnica out of retirement good. Or D5 good. IMHO it lacks depth, doesn't have the explosive power that a lot of releases today have, and it really seems to be a stripped down version of what they used to do. Good, but not great. I definitely expected more.
  2. The detailed and lush breaks make this a worthwhile listen as does the rich instrumentality.
  3. I tried listening to this on headphones when I first received it. Mistake. This ain't the type of music to keep to yourself. It must be shared if only to blunt its concussive force. If I had to describe it in one word... Intense. My ears feel like they need a me too movement based on that aural assault. The bass line hammers the tympanic membrane like a uh, bass drum. All the sounds (did he try and choose only the most abrasive leads?) seem to have the same volume. Loud. Imagine baking a cake with bunches of layers then force feeding someone until they pop. Disgusting, but apt. Once you get past the volume of material presented here you can then break it down and see how he builds his works. Some of it is so lush and detailed that I couldn't come close to appreciating this on the first or second listen. Once I took the headphones off to mitigate the damage things began to fall into place. Multiple layers at high speed with zero respite. High speed goa trance that is intended to overwhelm. Ever have those times when you're so juiced up that all you wanted to do was break stuff? Allow me to introduce you to the soundtrack. "Eat that sh*t Porky!"
  4. I didn't set out to write a review. It just happened. You know, those words were said to me many years ago, but...replace the words "write a review" with "f*ck this guy while you're thousands of miles away" and... the rest stands on its own. We've all been there, good times! Rudy gets it. Anyhoo... Loved the aggressive remix of the Chi-A.D. classic. The problem with the original was the overkill on the sample which was fixed here. Like the original reviewer said, it's a bit too short, but what a great start! In typical Global Sect fashion it's a cosmos rending supernova, leaving mass destruction in it's wake. Loads of power, twisting goa leads, and in the case of the team up with Alienapia soul crunching guitar riffs being less strummed and more pounded out on the fret board. The title track blisters and has about as must subtlety as a fart in the doctor's office. Acid Mantra combines the depths of space along with the spirituality of searching for a higher power. His take on Phenomena is a mellow re-imagining, sort of stripped down that I felt was the weakest track on the entire album. Inner Energy closes it out with a slower, if not gentler approach, but remains distinctly goa. This is not an album that is exploring new territory. It's traveling over well trod terrain, but does it well. A sign of a good album is how fast it seems to go by and before I knew it the last track was over. Hats off to Global Sect, they've been consistently releasing quality material.
  5. The whole thing a treasure of goa trance music that should be in everyone's collection. But that Live Cd...brilliant.
  6. Artist: Nertum Title: Consciousness Awakened Label: Sourcecode Transmissions Date: December, 2018 1. Cosmic Field 2. Metaphysical Energy 3. Infinite Voyage 4. Magic Forces 5. Transcending Dimension 6. Universal Code 7. Consciousness Awakened 8. Fractal Geometry 9. Equilibrium Temple I haven't done one of these in a while so please bear with me as I try and figure it out. This project is the collaboration between Serbian powerhouses Lyktum and Nerso. Each are progressive superstars in their own right having mastered the prog-psy genre, but put them together and you get a Voltron like warrior beast. Now they do what they do, creating cosmic soundscapes with epic melodies and breaks that ooze with lush layers and intrigue. The production is top notch bursting with power and listening to this on headphones makes this the perfect vehicle for a trip into deep space. Some of the metrics that are often used to judge an album say that this should be forgotten. Original? Nope, we've heard this style many times before. Varied tracks throughout the album? Uh, negative. But this works. And it works super well. As Padmapani mentioned in this thread it has a very Ovnimoon or E-Clip style and I have been enjoying it immensely. Sourcecode Transmissions Bandcamp Psyshop Psyshop Digital Beatspace
  7. Still the most funky and rhythmic goa trance album ever.
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