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  1. Who knows? After a few more listens perhaps I'll be closer to your POV. People's taste can be all over the place and for that we should be thankful. Bottom line the album is still worth picking up and it leaves me hopeful for the next release. And the next...
  2. Listening to this again and I have to say some of the shine has come off the diamond. Still very good, but it might not be as great as I once thought. Also, with the exception of Goalien, Agneton, and Travma it seems most of these artists have vanished. Shame, I had such high hopes for Hypnotic Signal.
  3. "Turns out this thing goes deeper than I imagined!" Does it though? I haven't done one of these for a while so...here goes! Suntrip has been the gold standard for goa trance since 2004 and with this compilation they are merging the very compatible styles of goa trance and forest psytrance. Two projects that should immediately come to mind are Ka-Sol and Battle of the Future Buddhas and they are indeed represented here. First thing to take note of is the very nice cover art. On that front Suntrip rarely disappoints. Deeper Reality opens things up with a rather benign and tim
  4. I don't post much anymore, but still lurk from time to time. I've amassed quite the collection over the years and it's just sitting in storage in the basement. Boxes and boxes of CDs that I am in the process of ripping to hard drives. I want to keep collecting CDs, but it gets expensive when they have to be shipped from another continent. Also it's just sitting in the basement. What's the point? So I think I will go digital from now on (even though I love Global Sect's presentation). I have no pattern when listening to music, just what strikes me at the time. Also like anyone I have varie
  5. Ok. Absolute classics Goaway, Born Again, Spiritus, and Time Began With The Universe are the backbones of this compilation. These are in your pocket, but what else ya got? Helium by Transwave is decent, but isn't one of their best. Plasmatik is that gritty, experimentally psychedelic goa that Matsuri is known for, but it's an acquired taste. Elevator shows flashes yet doesn't reach its potential. Quirk is...well, Quirk. As someone who is into anthemic and melodic goa his music just doesn't fit the bill and just sounds noisy. So the hidden gem for me is the Total Eclipse remix of Starchild
  6. This best of Matsuri from 95-97 is exactly that. A lot of heavy hitters here. Right out of the gate the techno and breakbeat Geomantik from Prana is delicious with it's percussive rhythms. Next is an underrated Doof track that shimmers brilliantly as he twists that cutoff knob. It doesn't go in a lot of directions, but it hits pretty hard. The Black Thunder Mix of the Rezwalker is an absolute classic combining power, mystery, and nimble leads perfect for twirling. Great evolution also. Witchcraft (Chakra & Sandman) only made a few tracks and I think this is perhaps the best one. It's
  7. [img]https://i.imgur.com/ENq3TmD.jpg[/img] Artist: Atomas Title: Cartesian Space Label: Classic Goa Trax Date: May, 2020 1. Conclusion 2. Cartesian Space 3. Goodbye Domingo 4. Transistor 5. The Ultimate Experience 6. Cartesian Space (Sagittarius Remix) 7. Wake Up 8. Angst 9. Skybar Suntrip continues to be a ray of sunshine when it comes to goa music. Besides the physical CDs they are releasing they also created this sublabel where they release old classic albums to make sure the artists get some money. Nice gesture. As far as the music goes, I've ne
  8. Yeah I don't believe this to have aged so well. Not so much the sounds, but the lack of ideas in which to take the tracks. He seemed to find one lane and stayed on it.
  9. [img]https://i.imgur.com/HIQthSI.jpg[/img] Artist: Athena Title- Single Collection Label: Classic Goa Trax Date: October, 2019 1. Human Vox (Slave Labour Mix) 2. Croctopus 3. Xshattriy (Female Remix) 4. Human Vox 5. Future Space Travellers (feat. Prana) 6. U Are Alone 7. Woodwalking [img]https://i.imgur.com/HLloxlw.gif[/img] Man I loved the 90's. That was my decade. The beginning of the internet, cell phones, playstation...Super great. And the music? Awesome. I love what this sub label of Suntrip is doing here. Releasing classic goa trance that m
  10. Hmmm....I liked the deep growling of The Crane. Kraftpacket is bombastic and for me the best track on the album. The title track is pretty good. Bouncy melody, shimmery acid sound... Tenderloin is also pure goa goodness. But the rest? Meh. Gone is the raw, unbridled assault that we are used to from this project. The pace is also slower which in itself is fine. I consider this Buddha lite and perhaps that's just a side effect of getting older. Can't be balls to the wall your entire life. In the end it's a decent album without being great.
  11. Wow, Concerta. Whew! This is a quality old-schoolish realease. Pure power and acid with so many layers. Delicious!
  12. [img]https://i.imgur.com/5FYPoY1.jpg[/img] Artist: Sundial Aeon Title: Vulcanosis Label: Impact Studio Records Date: March, 2017 1. Startup- Sequence 2. Message From the Parallel World 3. Gintaria 4. Norse Constellations 5. Diamond Trail 6. 5 Ways to Nowhere 7. Lunar Eclipse 8. Characters From the Parallel World 9. Perception of Madness 10. Landscape Transmitter 11. Stratospheric Polar Clouds (Zero Cult Remix) 12. Lunatic Visions (Chronos Remix) 13. Vernal Equinox (Suduaya Remix) 14. Drifting Radio Frequencies (E-Mantra Remix) 15. Blue Flame (Psysutr
  13. Oftentimes it is great to jump out of your comfort zone and discover what artists are doing. This tech-trance hits me just right. Dark, brooding, mysterious...whatever you want to call it. All backed up with some very danceable rhythms. Wild Tuba...wow.
  14. Looking back on what I wrote over a decade ago could've been more accurately summed up this way: Hell yeah let's go back and listen to that full-on acid sound! Still good man! It's a party! But, can I get another hit? I, I think the drugs are wearing off. You said the blue ones right? Why is the DJ repeating every song? Can we go home now? I've got a Google meet in a few hours! My conclusion is the same riiiiight up to the part were I questioned whether it sounded "samey" or not. It does and it is. Good,
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