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  1. E-Mantra - Compendium Vol. 1

    Artist: E-mantra Title: Compendium Vol. 1 Label: Melusine Records Date: April, 2017 1. Above the Skies 2017 (Live Version) 2. Approaching Nibiru (2017 Version) 3. Dansul Ielelor (2012 Version) 4. Dark Corners of the Universe (2017 Version) 5. Distant Signals (Rmx 2017 Version) 6. Leviathan 7. Pathfinder (2017 Version) 8. Telluric Waves (2017 Version) While the new guns currently dazzle us with their electronic wizardry we must never forget that a beast of the genre still lurks in the ether. Mr. Carpus has proven himself to be a master of goa trance time and again with 4 albums of blissful and transcendent goa as well as four downtempo chillers. The man is a legend any way you slice it. His style is hypnotic, melodic, and steeped in eerie layers. This digital only release (I hear tale that a CD is in the works) is comprised of previous tracks that have been re-edited and remastered as a thank you to the fans. And it is all that you think it is. Ripping 303's, lush melodies that slowly appear and then drift off into the cosmos, and shifting focus with seamless details. It's darkly mysterious, mystical, and layer heavy. Personally I don't have the time to compare each track with the original, but what I can tell you is that it is a great goa album that fits in nicely with his previous releases. He doesn't take any chances, but does what he does best. If you're a fan of his style then this is a must have. Melusine Records Bandcamp
  2. Artist: Various Title: ZNA Gathering - A Retro Futuristic Compilation Label: Dance N Dust Records Date: August, 2017 1. Bus V.s Slide - Everyday, the Belsize Mix (1998) 2. Orion - Frenzy (1997) 3. Dragon - Resurrection (1998) 4. Shazbatt - Organic Deflection (1998) 5. Little Blue Men - Ace of Space (1998) 6. Atmos - Devine Hex (1997) 7. Noma - K3 (1999) 8. The Mato Project - Asa Equals Goddess (1997) 9. Sarolta Monspart - Slowdown Action (1996) "That was f*cking trippy!" Was is though? I purchased this compilation sound unheard because of FOMO. That's fear of missing out for those that didn't know. You say, "Yeah, I'll get it later", and then it's gone and goes for hundreds on the second hand market. I mean sh*t I had Ethereal's Anima Mundi in my hand and sold it for cheap! Therefore I vowed to never make that mistake again. First let me say that I don't go to festivals. I'm middle aged with young kids, they happen far away, and from the videos I've seen it seems like a dirty experience. It's a younger person's game. I'd rather sit on my porch and yell at the kids to stay of my f*cking lawn. I mean, I would like to do that, but my neighborhood don't have no kids. So I have to yell as if there were kids on my lawn. Anyway, I'm not familiar to this label, but as I mentioned above it's not integral to the story. I just didn't want to miss out and this wasn't really advertised that much. So ZNA seems like a big festival and this compilation has a bunch of unreleased tracks that were nonetheless played for close to 20 years. Impressive. You'll recognize some names, but personally I haven't heard of any of these tracks. Cool, new discovery! As I await my copy in the mail, the FLAC version sounds great! Full, rich, bass that demands to be played loud. The next thing you should know is that this isn't in the style of Etnica or Astral Projection. There are no epic melodic monsters. It's more an eclectic mix of "the other side of goa trance." The not so shiny side. I liked The Ace of Spades by Little Blue Men which was constantly changing direction with lots of bubbling and screechy sounds. But then you have tracks like Frenzy from Orion which sounds like a bunch of tracks he started and then stitched together. Devine Hex by Atmos shows his progressive chops, but the track plods along and doesn't go anywhere. Rather boring. Speaking of boring K3 by Noma shows him at his minimal best (worst?). The last two just don't measure up. So yeah...I would've left this party. The one thing this compilation does is drives home the point of listening before buying. Cannot stress that enough. Some tracks that weren't released weren't released for a reason. For those who like different styles of goa trance then this might be a gem for you. Happy I bought it to support goa trance, but for me the FOMO was hardly justified. Dance N Dust Bandcamp
  3. Agrabah - Pharaohs of the Galaxy

    Artist: Agrabah Title: Pharaohs of the Galaxy Label: Sita Records Date: June, 2017 1. Visitors 2. Pharaohs of the Galaxy 3. Endless Sunshine 4. The Freeman 5. Destination Moon 6. Schrödinger's Camel 7. A Tale of Blue and Orange 8. Inside the Magic Lamp 9. Cyclamen Anyone else have trouble spelling Pharaohs? It's that f*cking a before o that gets me. All right here's what I know about Sita Records. They don't release a lot of stuff. They are different than the other labels when it comes to goa trance, releasing music that is more nitzhonot or uplifting in nature. Now that may or may not be your thing. I don't know what you're into. Probably some kinky sh*t that you don't want your mom to find out about. Worry not, your secret is safe with me. As I've stated previously it's hard to take Nitzho seriously with all its rampaging melodies and laser kicks. Agneton seems to really enjoy it though. Have you seen his Facebook videos? That dude is hype! Anyhow this up and coming project successfully blends goa and nitzhonot so that it's not a total cheesefest. The album is short coming in at under 60 minutes. Power is there, melodies of course, and I think if there was a soundtrack to Middle East life this might be it. It's hard not to nod your head to this and as usual with this label the sound quality is top notch. I don't know what the bpm's were on Inside the Magic Lamp, but if you're not careful listening to it while driving a ticket could be in your future. Normally I don't like my music moving at the speed of freefall, but this was pretty cool and intense. That said there are tracks where the niztho buildup envelope is pushed almost to the breaking point (Schrodinger's Camel), but those were rare. The wheel wasn't reinvented with this album, but I did enjoy it's pace and the melody work even if sometimes it threatened to go off the rails. Sita Records Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  4. The new board - issues and stuff...

    Thank You!
  5. The new board - issues and stuff...

    I would like the dark skin, but the default setting looks a lot like the CleanCut 4.1.4.x setting.
  6. Intermix - Phaze Two

    Artist: Intermix Title: Phaze Two Label: Third Mind Records Date: November, 1992 1. Get Religion 2. Down and Out 3. The Process 4. Can You Move It 5. Dream On 6. Funky Hell 7. Phaze One 8. Truth 9. Corollary 10. Monument 11. Fall Out Intermix is one of the projects of legendary Industrial act Front Line Assembly which is steeped in electronics and atmosphere. Their music often illustrates a futuristic dystopia with the requisite gravely vocals. Now going on 25 years old this was the second album (hence Phaze Two I assume) from this project and if you're a fan of this duo (and you really should be) then you can recognize their style. Unlike FLA this has no vocals only funky breakbeats and samples drenched in electronic manipulation. Their first album was rather rudimentary complete with early tropes of industrial electronica, but I believe this was where they started to put it together. The beats are head noddingly good (mostly) while their atmosphere creation certainly took another step. This style would open the door to FLA classics like Hard Wired, Implode, and Flavour of the Weak. Unfortunately most of the tracks sound a little dated and probably cater to the early 90's dancefloor in a goofy techno rave, sample heavy vein (Dream On, Funky Hell, Truth). Still there is some good to be found here and as I mentioned this album appears to be an important stepping stone.
  7. One Arc Degree - Under A Trillion Suns Ep

    Artist: One Arc Degree Title: Under A Trillion Suns Ep Label: Microcosmos Records Date: April, 2014 1. The Star Orchid 2. Under A Trillion Suns 3. Futurism 4. For the Love of Despair Time for something smooth and light. You might have heard of this project (two Greek gentlemen) when they did a collaboration on an Ep with Psynews wunderkind Cybernetika a couple years back. The music is gentle trance with outstanding production and atmosphere. There isn't anything inherently psychedelic to be found here, but I found the music to be rather emotional. The title track has a bizarre operatic vocal that fits and Futurism is perhaps the most aggressive with the boys getting frisky with the cutoff knob. Great, deep introspective music to lose your thoughts in. Microcosmos Records
  8. Sibling - Of Earth Ep

    Artist: Sibling Title: Of Earth Ep Label: Self-Released Date: October, 2015 1 - Verde Ghosts (125 BPM) 2 - Ormus (127 BPM) 3 - Deadly Spawn (92 BPM) 4 - Bloodlines (106 BPM) 5 - Above My Brain (120 BPM) 6 - Slaves (112 BPM) "What the hell is that?" Has the frenzied pace of life got you down and you just can't keep up? Feel like you're always in a hurry, but not getting anywhere? Well have I got just the thing for you! Trent Thomas from Arizona is back and has improved everything but his cover art from his first Ep! Don't uh, really know what...what happened there. As labelled by Ektoplazm this bass music is some slow motion swampy quicksand. You can try to resume your high speed machinations, but rest assured you will only dig yourself deeper. Eerie melodies abound and even though the bpm's are listed at above one hundred, they feel like half that. Tribal percussion, ancient mystical ritualistic sacrifice, and bass heavy hallucinations await. This music is excellent at generating an atmosphere of foresty dread helped along by whatever he does to make the samples seemingly come from the other side. Impending doom is on it's way and the agonizingly slow pace makes it much more terrifying. And there's nothing you can do to stop it. Free at Ektoplazm
  9. Psynews fundraiser

  10. Tickets - Silent Solutions [Timecode / Sangoma Rec.]

    My favorite album by Josef was his second Dreaming of Places. It seemed like the perfect combination of his old South African psytrance bombast with the "baroque" steampunk orchestrations. Antic nailed the review, as this one left me wanting for the good old days. It seemed to lack power and the insanity which drew me to the project in the first place. Good, not great.
  11. Psynews fundraiser

    I also only have 2 choices. Default and CleanCut
  12. Thenaria - UFO Ep

    Artist: Thenaria Title: UFO Ep Label: Space Baby Records Date: December, 2016 1. Display 2. UFO 3. Ultegra 4. Acceleration 5. Microscope Thenaria is a project consisting of two lads from the Ukraine who seem to dabble in a few genres of electronic music. One could surely be forgiven if upon listening to this conjured up images of any number of horses from the progressive stable of Ovnimoon Records. Indeed their Ep Fantastic Universe released in 2015 sounded like all the other progressive trance you've heard (yet even that one was expansive and deliciously detailed). This Ep has that smooth feel, but the difference is it's drenched with heavy goa themes. On the surface it's nothing that will rewrite the annals of goa trance, but the production value is high as the tracks twist through multiple layers of melodic goa clouds. They seem to be quite good at telling a story and generate an immersive atmosphere. Their ponderous downtempo closer hits all the right eerie and mysterious notes. Like I said, nothing groundbreaking, but very talented and on my "ones to watch" list. Space Baby Records Bandcamp
  13. Perfect Blind - Stratum

    Artist: Perfect Blind Title: Stratum Label: BMSS Records Date: September, 2017 01. Stratum IX 02. Manifest Destiny 03. Ancient Machinery 04. Last Torch of a Dying Star 05. Burning Mass (feat. Jay Kay) 06. Foreseen Consequences 07. Escape Velocity 08. The Expanse (Spaced Out) 09. Abyssentient 10. The Long Silent Igor Čeranić otherwise known as Deimos and Perfect Blind has produced a lot of material as well as been the guy you could count on making other artist's work sound great. I've said it before, but he could do the mastering on my toaster and have it sound competent. I first heard his work as Perfect Blind with the stunning Three Spires Ep which you can download in all its FLAC goodness for free from Ektoplazm. He treads in various genres and has shown proficiency in all of them. Industrial influences abound within this dark and brooding album. He is the anti-Ultimae with sharp edged and rumbling waves of sound in a Orwellian post apocalyptic world. Tracks could have easily come from the minds at Cold Meat Industry as the desolation sticks to the skin like burning cinders. Long intros illustrate a panoramic grey landscape with lush textures. Ancient Machinery reveals the tools of a bygone age wet with corrosion and seeping with forlorn mechanical regret. Last Torch of a Dying Star with its thunderous percussion draws the lines of warring tribes readying themselves for conflict. Burning Mass is the result of that conflict with its distortion soaked guitar and blistering volume. Forseen Consequences surveys the charred battlefield steeped in loss and regret as the battle all but blotted out the sun leaving only mottled grey clouds. The Expanse is as boundless as its namesake while Abyssentient continues down the long road of human destruction. The Long Silent bears witness to what we have done. This is so f*cking interesting and descriptive it invites you to create your own futuristic movie. People please pay attention to this. I don't believe it's hyperbolic to say that Igor is our generation's Tim Schuldt. When music can evoke crystal clear images and an emotional response that's when you know the height of the art form has been reached. Drawing on industrial influences he creates a world I hope we never see yet at the same time I must see. Stratum is a special piece of music best enjoyed at full volume, listened all the way through when you have ample time to devote to it. Brilliant and breath taking and oh so vast in scope. P.S. I haven't heard the bonus Ep so therefore I cannot comment on it. Perfect Blind Bandcamp
  14. Frantic Noise - Trance Nodriza

    Artist: Frantic Noise Title: Trance Nodriza Label: Dark Prisma Records Date: 2017 Actual footage from inside the recording studio. Imagine every electrical appliance in your kitchen suddenly becoming conscious and deciding that a mechanical orgy of noise and sharp edges was best accomplished at 110 miles an hour. F*cking Benny Hill trance where the music lives up to the name of the artist. Why? How is this enjoyable? I just watched my toaster oven just hate-f*ck my can opener. If his mission was to make the most abrasive noise possible at the highest bpm well, mission accomplished. This isn't music you put on to feel good. This is what you use to flush out perps in a hostage situation. Remember how entertaining the Nordland Orchestra was? Yeah, this ain't that. Easily the worst thing I've heard this year. Psyshop
  15. VA Terraformer (Global Sect)

    Gonna take a lot of fuel.