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  1. Production and story telling value is still good: epic job mate!!!
  2. Album in the make - exactly for that reason
  3. This thursday 15/07: special 'Syb Unity Nettwerk' / 'UX' tracks played at radio show + interview about his 'Cronomi Records' releases... @ 'alpha.s crazy sounds'
  4. This release is what goatrance and psychedelic tekno should be: electronic rock'n roll - and I can't stress that enough!!!! Really, I can't!!!
  5. Indeed! We proposed to let him make an album sounding 100% like that - let's see what happens
  6. We are proud to be able to announce our upcoming release of 'Syb Unity Nettwerk' (June 2021) Check here a sample of the final art work Art Work: Kris Kylven Mastering: Colin OOOD
  7. Haha, you are trolling right? Love your style But I'd digg deeper ...but I saw you did Note: did you check UX – Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond) ?
  8. Yes, I had several people, not being interested in "goa" trance, who also liked it very much. My aunt said "this music changed something in my brain!" - epic, right?!
  9. First review "TRUE MASTERPIECE ! Kris Kylven is one of the very few and one of the best if not THE BEST and TRUE GENIUS who makes ones take off like this! Who gives ones the energy to push our shelves from below to above and beyond! Instantly teleporting us at any time and place into cosmic immensity ; rolling, spiraling and dancing in the vastness of our inner cosmos, weaving the magical and sacred bond between our synapses and the stars so that we can be one with alien forces and deities!"
  10. Very understandable BUT the cronomi ne is thé edition/version that should have come out - rigth art work and the right master version - just saying
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