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  1. Dear Cronomi fans, it's bandcamp revenue waive day again! That means that 100% of sales is going directly to your favorite artists and labels! Support your favorite label and enjoy the music here: GATE TO YOUR PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC Sharing is caring
  2. IF you want to supprt the label, be sure to do it today Bandcamp gives us 100% of the revenue today Share please, listen and buy (if you like) FIND us @ https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/merch
  3. Good question, because indeed, the live sets are epic!!! On a further note: UK & Portugal are now opened - expect your packagaes soon
  4. Just got word. we'll be able to ship now too: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Brasil, Mexico, USA, Russia. Expect your package as soon as it can
  5. Dear fans, First off all thanks for the many orders!!! Yes, yes!!! Some extra good news in these grimm days - we are able to send out all pre orders to the following countries: Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech rep., Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Holland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, France, Canada, Israel, Italy, and Ukraine. Expect 'M-Run' in your mail soon Didn't you order yet, that still can @ M-RUN live album
  6. The truth is (always) out there Well, it were his many fans who started a discussion online about that cup of coffee; so it organicly became a part of the concept - THX for your deep reading Well, that remains our goal: Cronomi ALWAYS puts out something different every time: that is our trade mark, and it will stay like that. #avantgarde Mario worked on this concept for many years. You can see that on the back cover where every track has - besides its key and bpm - the year of production. So you can indeed notice this concept and its details are VERY well considered and polished over the course of a long time. The point is as a listener to give it the same time to hear and appreciate everything inside of it - yes, indeed, this is NOT AN EASY RELEASE Note: You are right, but this is the first release we went from a one man, to a two man operation and had finally the chance to make a better promotion campaign. So we had a promotion planned schedule, BUT corona made stuff not easy to promote it properly: we had an "appointment" with 'Murphy's law (haha!) -Sara (our designer) was stuck in Panama -I was ill for 2,5 weeks -I'm a teacher, and schools were closed here, so I had other things to manage (no offence btw). -Due to closing borders we had to find a solution to make the release digital (and that was a first time for us, so Wim needed some time to figure it out). Conclusion: our focus went a bit from promoting to managing the changes You said it: NEEDS TIME Note: took me 3 years to grasp 'KoxBox- Dragon Tales' - hahaha!
  7. I love that track But are these new versions of the one that has been released years ago? I must have seen over something?!
  8. I told Jagoa the 1st album is killer :) Warm, deep and innovative own sound Well worth the purshase ;) Note: Not a real fan of the 2nd (more cristal clearer sound).
  9. THX for the post. BUT: No horror movies please ;) - looking for a SOFT approach to the mind fuck :)
  10. I'd like to use my time also to watch some movies. I'd love to see - as the title suggested - Philosophical movies within the SF or fairy tale genres. I'll drop some names to give you a hint to what I'm looking for (not horror): 1. The Dark Cristal, 2. Erik the Viking, 3. The Last Starfighter, 4. Lawnmower man, 5. Total recall, 6. Dark Star, 7. Dune, 8. A Space Odyssey (2001), ...
  11. My dear, because this is the FIRST time we are doing it this way: 100% new for the label. I had no clue how to manage this unique download code, but I've got finally some help now. Plus the person who made the art work is stuck in Panama, so many things come togheter here We are working on it, and it seems doable Updates follow - thx for understanding and your patience, because in this time nothing is easy for no one Wim and I will come asap with an update - ask people to be patient and compasionate.
  12. Dear fans, thanks for your patience! Here we are again! After a hectic time and a reorganisation we have finished a temporary statement regarding the release of the M-RUN album. We are studying all options to make the release happen, BUT that takes some time and extra work from our side. Within the coming week we will communicate if: 1. it is possible we will do the release in a digital way: we can let you buy the digital copy or a pre-order the physical album (when bought you will receive a link with the music): because with the borders getting closed, we are not sure the album will reach you at all, 2. if this first option is not possible, we have to post pone it until further notice. Don't panic, keep it psychedelic
  13. The banner and release date for M-RUN just came in Samples loading...
  14. The logo for the 2nd "M-RUN" album is finished. We are working on the banner - extra updates soon, also samples when mastereing has reached the final stage
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