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  1. Ray Castle & Collaborators - Mystique of the Metaverse

    Normally I do not reply to reviews, but I have to do it now (please take no offence in my words, it is just my humble opinion after listening to this 'genre' for 20 years and numerous talks with Ray and many other psychedelic trance artists in the past decades). I'm not talking about the quality, style or what ever of these tracks, just about what they are and do (imo). These things are up to everyone to decide Apart from that, if you would take even more time to dig deep into the history of this 'genre', you'd realise a few things: a ) goa isn't a genre, it was called 'goa trance' by party organizers in the mid 90's in Goa (India) to attract people; so it was a pure commercial move to call it 'goa trance'. Detail: at that time all sorts of 'weird' electronic music was played at those beaches - info by Ray Castle himself. It is an illusion to pose goa trance started to exist only at the mid 90's, nope, the sounds capes we so adore came a live gradually (listen to some 'proto goa' sets from the early 90's and you'll hear what I mean). b ) That is why 'goa trance' could better be called 'avant garde trance' (quote by Ray Castle), and he is right: that is exactly what this music is all about. Fucking avant garde and out of the box: challenging the mind in a musical way. Goa therefore is a mind set to rethink electronic music to re-invent itself and NOT get stuck into a certain formula or sound scape. c ) So that taken in consideration the term(s) 'old skool goa' (and new skool goa) is (are) far from correct and is (are) utterly useless to determine what has been released here. (my personnel) Conclusion: this CD/album should be for everyone who wants to know about avant garde trance and wants to buy and support a wonderful project/artist/music! -Our minds are polluted with the idea goa is a genre and the fact that goa should sound a certain way: guess again Ray proves goa is a fluent, organic and non deterministic way to make psychedelic electronic dance music. Good thing to wake that up again Ray (and Suntrip): may it inspire more new artists to be more unique and utterly avant garde <3 ...and not just copy a existing sound without searching and using the 'basic' ingredients. -Our minds are polluted with the idea this 'goa trance' has to be melodic and that these (well distinguished) melodies should lay 'on top' of the music. No, melodies are found also here in Rays music, but in a more non obvious way we hear nowadays. Again, Rays music is about being unique, psychedelic and avant garde, and - surprise - this is what (how we call it today) 'goa trance' is all about. -Rays melodies are blasting and crazy...plus: this sound is far from 'early goa sound', it is the 'goa sound' from a certain period. Without the intention to be smart or arrogant...yours truly
  2. #nice btw: is this track "CD2 02 Mystical Appearance In Goa (Remix)" that very long version with the long intro?
  3. Lost in Summer Time 2018

    Best (Belgian) line up in years: so psychedelic. Finally again <3 Thanks mate for having us, glad to help you! First edition was legend, now we build the future
  4. Good news Direct sources are the best. Can't wait for the art work: very curious, cause Ray('s music) has a really avante-garde mind set Note: Ray told me some time ago all tracks on this album are going to be goa trance. Isn't all his music wicked?
  5. Image of the Day

    Pleiadians constellation, like you never saw them before
  6. Let's play a game? -Someone posts a quote and the rest tries to figure out in what goa trance/psychedelic techno track this has been used. -If you find it, you post the link with the music and also the time you find it. -If not guessed within 5 posts you can add a hint (but don't make it too easy) Quote 1: "What is this? A toy, it floats on the air". Have fun, and good luck!!! <3
  7. RIP Eyal Yankovich, the founder of Hommega

    Just heard it was due to a hart attack he passed away Some wonderful music was put out by Hommega. As a label owner myself I can only dream and stay humble trying to catch up with the quality they have been putting out during the 90's. His music will never leave us!!!!!! <3 ...thanks for everything! This is imo the best on his label (and one of the best albums ever): thanks so much!!!!
  8. Not a forest kinda guy But you suprised me how well that Bypass Unit track blends into this genre First 50% of the set my thing: heavy, a bit slower,... love it!!! Story telling is your thing!
  9. dj Inada - Cronomi Records @ ZNA 2017

    You are very welcome! Good music always promotes itself ...that is the best (honest) promotion there is ...you made it with your hart, I played it with mine!
  10. Place to stay in Amsterdam

    Well, check the site or application: tripadvisor. Works like a charm to find new nice things/places/...
  11. -This set was played @ the 'Goa Guardians night' @ the ZNA festival , in the summer of 2017. -Link: -Track list: Intro (track 1+2): 1. Electric Universe - Alien Encounter (Part 1), 2. Etnica - Triptonite (Playa Mix), 3. Chi-a.d. - Organic Forms, 4. Kox Box - Neurobic, 5. California Sunshine - Wonderland, 6. Green House Effect - Kfar Saba Blues, 7. Xamanist - A New Day (unreleased), 8. N.D.MA. - The Answer (Gift), 9. Nuclear Ramjet - Minas Morgul + Astral Projection - Free Tibet, 10. Baas Complex - Show Your Fears (unreleased), 11. Hallucinogen - LSD (Artha remix) (unreleased), 12. Deedrah - Reload, 13. MFG - Wonderland, 14. Lapsus - The Porn Patrol (unreleased), 15. Wizzy Noise - Man In The Universe (unreleased), 16. UX - Master Of The Universe (live mix) (unreleased), 17. M-Run ft. dj Inada - Grandma's Candy (short edit) (unreleased), 18. M-Run ft. dj Inada - Emotion test (unreleased). No need to record the set again at home, it was played than, and will stay like it was played, using the live vibe of the audience - pure energy!!!! Thanks to dj Psara 'njoy
  12. Power Source - XOXO

    If I listen to the samples, I hear in (almost) every track 100% neo goa trance. Would you really hear a big difference if you closed your eyes, not knowing what artist is playing? How different is this album (production) from 70% of newer goa trance? Cristal clean production, focus on melody, not very psychedelic, no drum kick (beats) and overall the same 'shiny' sounds with a very clubby though. Like this style or not: that's another thing Some ear catchers or points of 'concern' -2nd tracks is good imo. Production wise, but also trance and psychedelic wise (even indeed it could be better (?) - cf. potential). -4th track is beautiful, no? Trance with a small pinch of psychedelic elements, more than 'just' trance. -5th track has a nice groove into it... -6th track is very very neo goa: totally not full on ...but lacks the energy of the original version. Imo is this version what much newer goa is in comparison to the older stuff: you hear there is less hart and organicness inside this track, like it doesn't grow in the earth. Not embedded into a deeper, warm sound. 7-8: full on/neo goa trance, but not with much inspiration, though there is real potential. Good full on exists!!!! This is not (overall) the typical Dacru sound... imo