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  1. Every few months I delete my "old" mix online and post a new one to keep things fresh Here is a new one: a blend of '90's and newer melodic & psychedelic trance. I hope you can enjoy the journey as much as I did "Melodic Dance Of The Omicron" It contains some unreleased Cronomi material... A big hug and thx to all the artists who make this music ... -LINK: -Picture: credit too " Yaro" -Tracklist: 1) --INTRO-- CHI-AD - "Astral warrior", 2) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records)- "Lesson 1" [unreleased], 3) ASTRAL PROJECTION - "Another World", 4) ELECTRIC UNIVERSE - "The Prayer", 5) POWER SOURCE - "Granada", 6) ARTHA (Cronomi Records) - "Antistatic Circle", 7) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) - "Lesson 2" [unreleased], 8) CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE - "Dejavu", 9) X-DREAM - "The 5th Dimension", 10) --INTERMEZZO-- Chi-ad - "The Ocean Also Dreams", 11) CHI-AD - "Purity", 12) DEEDRAH - "Reload", 13) M-RUN (Cronomi Records) - "Chronos", 14) RED-M - "Deep Dark Doppler Dangler" [unreleased], 15) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) - "Lesson 3" [unreleased], 16) M-RUN (Cronomi Records) - "Zadnji" [unreleased], 17) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) - "Healing Proces", 18) HALLUCINOGEN - "Lsd" - Artha remix [unrelreased], 19) M-RUN (Cronomi Records) - "Trans Our Way", 20) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) - "Fish".
  2. HappyHorse

    WTB: UX - Audissey CD

    Anjuna will soon sell them again; had straight contact with the guy who is managing the webshop: let us hope <3
  3. That "EthnoVibes Ambient" compilation is amazing: the avant garde value of it is imo one of the purest expressions of what we call goa trance. Thanks!
  4. Small detail: Bypass Unit and Color Box (well known here) are going to play much new and old unrl material in their sets. They are working on a new album for each project - happy-mode!!!
  5. Indeed, already talked with Tal and Paulo. Seems they are very serious to professionalise everything and look forward, away from the troubles of the past. That is good, because this is a label with not a single bad release. (rare these days)
  6. Well, we are happy to hear that. Even honoured. You both have understood the philosophy of both the artist and the label. We always strive to be independent and therefore: avant garde in the most possible way. Meaning we aim to surprise you by being original and not what you expect. We are convinced the listener is nor a consumer, nor a client, nor a costumer at a shop where the 'brand' needs to be visible (read: promote itself) to profit is the main aim: we are not Babylon No, he is a music seeker and intelligent; he reflects on music and its composition, quality, originality,... In essence he is and wants avant garde. We are trilled you both realise the art is in the surprise and the quality of the originality and the production value. We thought this was - and will stay - the only way to deliver, as you mentioned it, a - and I quote - "laidback and composed" album. ...and indeed, we are always curious what the rest thinks
  7. Nice, you did it again :D By the way: most divers and psychedelic in Belgium for years!!! This is it mate... big hugs!!! For less money (than big hyped festivals) an amazing line up (and the location is cool too: last year was amazing).
  8. Update: the CD format is also available now Limited to 300 copies - be fast, because this is something very unique Link: https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/ufomatka-off-the-beaten-track-of-the-universe <3
  9. ...and here it is Buy your psychedelic candy here: https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/ufomatka-off-the-beaten-track-of-the-universe CD format released in 1/2 weeks
  10. July :) Pressing is busy. Update online (the shop) will be next week ;)
  11. Cronomi Records feels proud and overjoyed because after many years of very hard work Alex aka "UFOMATKA" (Ukraine) comes out with his d├ębut album. His musical flow follows the tradition of the avant garde and psychedelic trance/techno movement Samples: Tracklist: 1/ Transition to Hyperspace, 2/ City of Acid Trips, 3/ Sliders, 4/ Space Chronicles, 5/ Uss Enterprise, 6/ Nebula, 7/ Drifting Across the Universe, 8/ Voyager (leaving the Solar System)...chill out. Shop: http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop (release: juli 2018): 300 copies (limited edition).
  12. Is it me, or are the two tracks on CD3, namely "Fingers" and "Gilligan's Island" fucking amazing!!!!??? I mean: WTF!!! Both are on repeat for two weeks in a row now...I see no end soon.
  13. -A lot is happening, but in life some things - like planning releases - inter fear with new shaped schedules I have an extra masters degree philosophy I have to finish (for my job) and that takes up almost all my free time (which makes it hard to run the label as I used too with 2 releases a year + I hardly have time to dj too). That is why the pace is so slow (very frustrating, but in life one makes choices). -We have a full album coming up soon (check our facebook for updates in the coming week). We are test pressing now... -Later on we have 8 projects (hopefully 10) in the pipe line (from 5 are close to being finished or very near to completion). -BUT due to the fact we want to stay as 100% avant garde as possible (and within the newer realm of producers that is very hard #unpopular - lol!) our pace is always been very very slow I know, you know it
  14. HappyHorse

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    One of the main reasons I guess (lack of investing time in the sound to be more like the avant garde/out of the box vibe of the past)... Plus, this cartoon is funny as hell!