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  1. dj Inada - Cronomi Records @ ZNA 2017

    You are very welcome! Good music always promotes itself ...that is the best (honest) promotion there is ...you made it with your hart, I played it with mine!
  2. Place to stay in Amsterdam

    Well, check the site or application: tripadvisor. Works like a charm to find new nice things/places/...
  3. -This set was played @ the 'Goa Guardians night' @ the ZNA festival , in the summer of 2017. -Link: -Track list: Intro (track 1+2): 1. Electric Universe - Alien Encounter (Part 1), 2. Etnica - Triptonite (Playa Mix), 3. Chi-a.d. - Organic Forms, 4. Kox Box - Neurobic, 5. California Sunshine - Wonderland, 6. Green House Effect - Kfar Saba Blues, 7. Xamanist - A New Day (unreleased), 8. N.D.MA. - The Answer (Gift), 9. Nuclear Ramjet - Minas Morgul + Astral Projection - Free Tibet, 10. Baas Complex - Show Your Fears (unreleased), 11. Hallucinogen - LSD (Artha remix) (unreleased), 12. Deedrah - Reload, 13. MFG - Wonderland, 14. Lapsus - The Porn Patrol (unreleased), 15. Wizzy Noise - Man In The Universe (unreleased), 16. UX - Master Of The Universe (live mix) (unreleased), 17. M-Run ft. dj Inada - Grandma's Candy (short edit) (unreleased), 18. M-Run ft. dj Inada - Emotion test (unreleased). No need to record the set again at home, it was played than, and will stay like it was played, using the live vibe of the audience - pure energy!!!! Thanks to dj Psara 'njoy
  4. Power Source - XOXO

    If I listen to the samples, I hear in (almost) every track 100% neo goa trance. Would you really hear a big difference if you closed your eyes, not knowing what artist is playing? How different is this album (production) from 70% of newer goa trance? Cristal clean production, focus on melody, not very psychedelic, no drum kick (beats) and overall the same 'shiny' sounds with a very clubby though. Like this style or not: that's another thing Some ear catchers or points of 'concern' -2nd tracks is good imo. Production wise, but also trance and psychedelic wise (even indeed it could be better (?) - cf. potential). -4th track is beautiful, no? Trance with a small pinch of psychedelic elements, more than 'just' trance. -5th track has a nice groove into it... -6th track is very very neo goa: totally not full on ...but lacks the energy of the original version. Imo is this version what much newer goa is in comparison to the older stuff: you hear there is less hart and organicness inside this track, like it doesn't grow in the earth. Not embedded into a deeper, warm sound. 7-8: full on/neo goa trance, but not with much inspiration, though there is real potential. Good full on exists!!!! This is not (overall) the typical Dacru sound... imo
  5. ZNA aftermath!

    Correct: her luggage was lost in Rome and only came very late back to her. Drove with the ZNA shuttle with her to the airport and there we stood in line for hours, trying to get some info and to retrieve her lost luggage (with gear), ...and no info at all... Finally it came (too late). But her dj set was epic: best at the main stage (for what I've could have seen @ ZNA, as I could only stay the first 4 days). Psychedelic techno at its best
  6. Lost in Summer Time 2018

    Good luck mate
  7. I'm wondering what the comments would be if it was their 1st album. Don't expect an artist to be 100% original when doing a 6th full album Track 3 seems fine in my opinion, but oké, it is just like a Hallucinogen track, but slowed down with a flute on top: not that bad, right? Plus, why buy if you dislike it? Seems if you buy it you sent out the signal you like it and than why should the artist make something else? #feedtheirony
  8. Unit - Surge [Machine]

    Not my style, but love that deep kicks
  9. Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities

    What do you mean?
  10. V/A - Erta Alé

    My neighbours wife, who never listened to goa trance (but heard me playing it in my living room from a far), asked for my music. Gave her this compilation and she adores it, and just like you, she is amazed by this track: on repeat in her car all the time - haha!!! life <3
  11. Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities Take a minute to think about it

    Haha, yes My bad

    Good one With 3 Cronomi names on the list we can't be more happy to work with you guys!!! Best of luck Psara & Spacedock
  14. ZNA Gathering - 22 -> 28th August 2017 (Portugal)

    The time table
  15. Astral Projection - Y-Salem Ep

    Well, I play goa trance sets for more than 15 years now, and never played on drugs. But that doesn't mean the scene (artists, crowd,...) are always sober You have been to parties and festivals right? Any way: what I wanted to add in that note was that I just noticed there is a change in the drugs use within the goa scene, and that it is a factor that affects the music (production and how it is perceived or appreciated). On different drugs a 'dance' crowd reacts different to the music. I noticed that when I was playing a 'dj Inada' set and Artha set on a party in Spain a few years ago. The organiser came to me after my Artha-set and asked me not to play my 'Inada' set any more, because my music sounded too futuristic and they wanted beat music. I quote the organiser: "Don't play Inada set, cause people took cocaine and want beat music. Your set was too futuristic!" And well, I thought I was alone, but when I see many party video's of big and small parties or festivals, you can notice indeed that when there is no beat the crowd stops, and when it returns they dance (even if the music sucks). Check some old video's from goa parties and people kept on dancing even if the beat wasn't that prominent or gone: people even danced on the trance flow of the break. I don't see that any more (or hardly). I hope I have cleared that out for you?