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  1. this one's also pretty good:
  2. this one is really nice and true to the original (after 22 years) :
  3. hey there. still visiting from time to time, but not posting much (it somehow feels like necroing an old thread…) how do you all find out about new music now? when psynews was more active all important releases were discussed here. i find i'm missing lots of good releases now.
  4. 5:34 when one melody suddenly becomes two lines that fill your whole field of "vision". at 4:15 3:35 and for something more modern at 2:54 sometimes a simple slide with the right notes left hanging can be enough. spirit architect&djantrix certainly are at the forefront of fullon nowadays.
  5. i haven't bought a single cd for years. it was different when i could still rip cds to my music library, but now i'd have a piece of plastic i can't even read out anymore. buying a cd, paying for shipping and then downloading the files (in a minute while the cd, that i couldn't even play, is not even in the mail yet) feels a little pointless.
  6. it doesn't even have to be goa. i'd also be interested in her take on modern psytrance.
  7. Padmapani


    i think one or two years from now we will be able to actually post such requests and get a halfway decent result. though i wonder what the music equivalent of drawing hands is…
  8. i'm not so much into goa trance these days. more into psytrance a la braincell or forest. i don't really have anything to review because i don't know any good releases from 2023. on this forum you can only keep up to date with goa trance, on reddit the most "recommendations" you get are posts of newbie producers who push their mediocre half-finished tracks and the ultra-commercal stuff that's thankfully not getting much playtime anymore at parties. another site that had previously listed lots of new releases (albeit free to download) went defunct too and is not available for information purposes either… so where are all the releases posted to nowdays? the only album i picked up the past year is airi - correlation (zenon stuff) and it didn't get enough playtime to leave an impression yet.
  9. i recently asked the stable diffusion ai to show me photorealistic images of a psytrance festival and this is what i got: i've seen many strange things and intricate deco at parties but never something like this
  10. it's so easy to prove you wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3t4PaJpR6E
  11. i haven't heard the t5v in person, but i have the adam a8x myself and i can tell you that anytime i hear anytime i hear music played on speakers that don't have the characteristic adam (or eve or hedd) ribbon tweeter, i immediately notice a lack of clarity in the upper frequencies. (there seems to be a recurring pattern that people who ask for opinion of audio equipment online mostly get replies from people recommending their own choices ) of course the only real way to decide is to hear both speakers for yourself.
  12. now that you mention it, the similarities are very obvious.
  13. thanks. there is definitely some influence from there. but it also reminds me of sonic species, which isn't a bad sign at all either. true. and also when skipping through the tracks sometimes the bassline stays exactly the same.
  14. you mean these? https://www.dropbox.com/s/arlizjp8bysq7tl/tsakick.zip?dl=0
  15. true. but he does have a sense of atmosphere and knows when to leave space instead of filling the track up with mediocre stuff. also the clean, almost progressive foundation is refreshing even though he uses the same old e-mantra sounds on top.
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