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  1. exactly. i don't think we've had as much goa in the top ten before. thanks for compiling the list aspartic!
  2. nice, thanks! other than protoculture - refractions there nothing quite like it. older morning fullon like fatali or sirius isness don't have that mysterious vibe, old talamasca does but is not nearly as smooth. so if i'd he hard pressed to find anything new that's remotely similar, i'd probably settle, even though they're not nearly as energetic or melodic, on some music from the borderline of fullon and progressive such as:
  3. my first muscial love were the beatles somwhere around age 5 (1990). even back then i liked the blue lp (basically their psychedelic years) the most. from then on it was basically my parents' taste (blues to prog rock) until i moved to harder stuff and ended up fully into heavy metal at around 13-14 (1998-1999). after that i got absorbed into psychedelic music (mostly psy rock; floyd, jethro tull, early genesis, grateful dead, …), then as first electronic music added some dub to the mix. since i reluctantly went to a dnb party with friends in 2001, liked it a lot so from then on i went to parties regularly, while still listening to psy rock at home. i went to my first psy party in late 2001 (they still played goa trance there) but didn't think much of it until much later. from mainly dnb i moved via raggajungle to freetekno over the following years (it took a while to take liking to the 4/4 kick drum. "techno" is not easily acceptable for a former metal head . but after my first teknival (also first festival at all), czechtek 2003, it was clear that nothing else compares). once i had made that move (2003, 18 years) some old goa i had on my harddrive started to complement psy rock at home. i didn't think of it as fast or energetic enough for partying back then after a while i became a bit oversaturaed with freetekno and its "party like there's no tomorrow, fuck everything else" attitude and went to my first psy festival in 2006. it had rained constantly for days but at saturday night just before sunrise it cleared up and psysex played. then it finally clicked, i danced like a madman knee-deep in the mud and it was all psy from then on. i the following year or two i wondered why the old goa on my harddrive sounded so different than the "goa" played at parties and why there was none of that cool multi-layered stuff played there. when i finally found out in 2008 i purchased basically the whole suntrip catalogue :). since then it was back and forth between goa and fullon. i finally almost stopped going to parties when they almost always played psycore/hitech whenever it was dark outside, but have started to take a liking to forest which thankfully has replaced the high bpm stuff in the recent years.
  4. totally! i just double checked if memento and pure reality are among the ones i listed, but i mentioned onida and analog device instead
  5. i'd have gue with all that dirty acid and melodies combined with the techy aesthetic i'd have guessed 1999. but it wouldn't sound of place anywhere between 1998-2002. reminds me a bit of the atomic children remix or the children of paradise album. thanks for mentioning the track, it (in fact the whole album) has flewn under my radar up to now.
  6. wouldn't the early infected mushroom tracks also fall in this category? that'd make it useless for classifying newschool.
  7. silicon sound is just great. pure analog is one of the albums that for me define good fullon. however the best track is without a doubt the nexus 6 remix (with onida and analog device following close behind). it's a shame he doesn't make that kind of music anymore. his newer tracks were more techy progressive, but still good. be sure to also check out his free tracks. although not quite up to pure analog i wonder why they weren't released back then.
  8. well, he posted a video some time ago, so at least we know there's a guy that looks like his avatar who's willing to set up a dj desk in a (small) warehouse play mwnn and sing to it.
  9. so basically, you're looking for good darkpsy? hitech is pretty much dead anyway. you might want to risk a look in this thread i started a while back (looking for atmospheric dark ) : https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/74670-recommend-me-some-darkpsy/ you'll find lots of forest in there, which is (with good reason) the most popular style of darkpsy these days.
  10. yeah, it's german. but the kind spoken in northern germany. the girl i understand fine in comparison to the guy. word for word it's: "friday, saturday, i'll fuck my head, i party a pigtail (probably also some northern german expression, i have no idea what they mean), i don't make myself a head (northern german expression for i don't give a fuck).
  11. it's supposedly my native language, yet i don't understand a single word of what the guy is saying. it's horrible. but it isn't psy. "psy beats" have escaped into the wild some time ago. first into hardstyle, now into whatever this genre is called.
  12. i also missed it in this thread. while that ethereal track from 1999 has newschool and oldschool elements, quazar really sounds 100% newschool. even more so than sneila from the same year. i think we can put the birth of newschool at a time no later than 2001.
  13. out of these both neogenia tracks and the first ovnimoon track sound most newschool. they have that more prominent bass mostly missing in oldschool and are overly melodic (typical of 10s newschool). ethereal is of course typical for early (00s) newschool. more atmospheric, melodic but not too much so , and still bright and fluid (unlike most newer newschool and oldschool). chi-ad is real oldschool and sounds like it. deeper, not so much in-your-face and more of that "mysterious" vibe so much oldschool and pretty much no newschool has (not that i think it's a mistake of newschool, they are just different). all in all, everything except chi-a.d. is easily recognisable as newschool.
  14. thanks for pointing me that way a while back. the synthetic resurrection album is great. but some of his new stuff is totally oldschool:
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