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  1. Padmapani

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    i did some research and it seems you are right and our ancestors were scavengers before. at least our evidence for scavenging is older than our evidence for hunting. still this evidence goes back 2 million years, dating to times of homo erectus and coincides with the fist use of more sophisticated tools and seems to be a little older than our evidence for controlled fire (somwhere between 1.7 and 0.3 million years). homo erectus sure discovered a few useful things for us ;). interesting. and apparently making use of forest fires for food is something chimps still do today...
  2. Padmapani

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    not really. the most likely scenario is that we were the number one persistance hunters in the savannahs, because we're damn good at it. we're not the fastest runners but we are well adapted to travel large distances in energy efficient ways, as well as cooling ourselves by sweating, which our prey cannot. so it is natural for humans to chase down animals until they die of exhaustion and many african tribesmen still practise hunting like this today.
  3. interesting release. my favourite is the first track. refreshing completely non-melodic goa.
  4. Padmapani

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    one of my favourites. this together with gateway eight and predator are the best ra tracks . though i do prefer the original of time current to the silver remix. the original has more focus on the main melody.
  5. Padmapani

    THE worst cover in psy history

    this one deservers a mention here: the music is good though. goa trance as before but with modern production like the oforia album.
  6. Padmapani

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    feelings is among the top newschool tracks of all time. precession of the universe probably is the best original goa track of 2015. though the differences between it and others like centavra project - capsula, artifact303 - black light, the denshi-danshi track from aurora sidera and the filtertraces ep are small enough to make preferences shift within a day or so. precession of the universe has great melodies, but also ones that are bordering on cheesy (still on the right side of the border, mind you). i agree that the focus of newschool goa is different. there is more a wall-of-sound with individual melodies getting lost — the more elements you cram into the same space the easier it is to get away with generic melodies. what sets precession of the universe apart is that the melodies are memorable, even though it follows the typical newschool approach. the same is true for feelings.
  7. Padmapani

    Recommend me some Darkpsy

    after some extensive listening i can say that one is not like the others. most albums have a few good tracks, but arjuna - primal contact is great from start to finish. driving, not noisy at all and unexpectedly captivting. it's not just a stream of random fx to divert your attention (as so often the case) but everything is connected as if telling a story. once you start listening you cannot stop because have to know what comes next.
  8. Padmapani

    Recommend me some Darkpsy

    i do like these, though these tracks aren't necessarily darkpsy while we're at it, both derango as well as nibana make great chillout. thanks for the forest freaks. both dohm and schizoid bears are pretty good too.
  9. Padmapani

    Recommend me some Darkpsy

    thanks everyone for your suggestions! my favourites up to now are ursaja, arjuna and zolod with muscaria sounding fine too. @redo i'm familiar with ka-sol (and scatterbrain, great album) but not with kiriyama and fraggletrollet. the first hits on youtube are not my style and sound rather dirty. which releases/tracks would you recommend?
  10. Padmapani

    Recommend me some Darkpsy

    after years of hating that stuff, i've finally — and to my surprise — come to the conclusion that there's a lot more good darkpsy out there than i initially thought. mind you, i still hate the same things that are characteristic of darkpsy (namely the screeching, metallic fm synths and that the bassline and kick often melt into a single low hum without drive and power, also stupidly high bpms that make the kbbb sound childish. in short: anything that sounds even remotely like Highko - Who Has Won). but it seems there's a lot of darkpsy that avoids these for the most part. what i'm looking for is music with crazy fx, atmosphere, storytelling, maybe even melody with a powerful kick that's not drowned out by the bass. so basically i'm looking for tracks like these: Overdream - United Nations Vibrations (great synths, atmospheric not metallic at all, but the kick and bass lack drive), Atriohm - Close to Nowhere (Tengri Remix) (nice kick and bass, atmosphere and even some melody. only the harsh synths appear in the later parts of the track) Mark Day - Us Until The End (similar as above, but it starts out with screechy synths that disappear as the track progresses) Penta - Neurotic Call (all around good track) Soma Rasa - Halava (Tengri Remix) (same) Lunarave - Cannon Fodder (harsh intro but perfect from 2:00 onwards). as far as i understand the forest spectrum of darkpsy is more likely to fit in here?
  11. Padmapani

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    it seems we have as many cannibals as vegans. in the future i'll be more cautious before agreeing to meet other psynewsers
  12. those full samples are really nice. i was originally thinking of skipping this one (e-mantra's output is great but starts to sound samey after a while. i could hardly tell if i'm dealing with a track from pathfinder, nemesis or some compilation), but i have changed my mind. even if he starts exactly where he left off (and some of the melodies of foothills and typhon's wrath sound familiar) with these samples, i think we'll see more energetic music, better production with fatter, deeper basslines plus the familiar sounds and melodies we know and love on the new album (i also see the similarity with arcana here, which is my favourite e-mantra album). so while not breaking new ground, we are moving forward and this might even turn out to be his best album to date.
  13. yeah, minimal-progressive like beat bizarre or psytek like x-dream. but also fullon (think silicon sound, early protoculture, early talamasca). it's completely different than the what we now get when is says "fullon" on the label. thankfully fullon like electro sun or alien jesus also falls into this category. the artists that are only in for the money and the psy-tourist crowds now all make futureprog.
  14. kneel down before the silver box, ask for forgiveness and listen to acid air raid six times (three times on the first day, not at all on the second day and three times again on the third day). of course the acid sound is still relevant, but no clone has ever gotten the sound down 100%. the futureretro revolution sounds decent (which is enough for non-acid genres like psy), but so does a xoxbox and do phoscyon and abl.
  15. Padmapani

    What music are you listening to right now?

    it's like an updated version of inifinite justice. the only sad thing is that the whole blissdom ep, which could have been quite good, is mastered so horribly that there's distortion all over the place.