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  1. me too. i want to believe no idea here. same with the original etnica lineup. i guess the most efficient way for differentiation of labour, where everyone specialises in one aspect, would be synthesis, writing the parts, sequencing, mixing. but then they wouldn't be working together as much as one after the other. some sort of "you're our 303 player, while i play the 101 and the third guy mans the drum machine" would also be a little strangeā€¦
  2. iirc the people from suntrip said that earthcall was the last uptempo release by ra?
  3. john 00 fleming as a few really good tunes. and of course so does good old protoculture: also, don't forget the old classics. or if you're looking for a more modern sound remixes of old classics:
  4. the old theme with the update looked a little broken but with penzonews it's all fine now. i actually like the new look. if i were pressed to find an issue, then i'd say that the new sidebar takes too much space away from the posts in some threads, but that really doesn't make a lot of a difference.
  5. i don't know much about electrical things, but aren't capacitors just two rolled up metal foils kept at a small distance by an insulating layer of plastic?
  6. it is possible that administering estrogen activates a feedback mechanism in the brain that suppresses the release of testosterone somewhat. but simply blocking testosterone release directly would be much more effective and have less side effects (breast growth, female fat distribution and wider hips). in this context puberty isn't such a critical point in development iirc. it's more a consequence of testosterone or estrogen being produced. certain conditions can cause the release of sex hormones and therefore puberty much earlier or later or not at all. that sort of feedback mechanism
  7. would not help in this context. estrogen will help you grow breasts, but the "default" human is female, so any physical male characteristic is caused by testosterone (in fact if you are genetically male but only have a single mutation that makes your testosterone receptors insensitive to testosterone, you'd end up as a perfectly normal (albeit infertile) female). so you would need to block the production of testosterone (not only in puberty but for your entire adult life) to retain a higher voice.
  8. i think we interpret the topic a little differently. as i see it tsotsi is asking about psytrance that doesn't fit neatly into sub-categories instead of music that doesn't fit into any sort of genre (and therefore cannot be psytrance at all).
  9. i'm aiming for album length atm, so something like 8 full tracks. i typically get lost in the creative stage which is most fun with complete freedom before i get on to sequencing. then i throw out most of the stuff that's not quite good enough and wonder if i can get close to the usual 7 minutes. but in the end most tracks end up with 8min+ anyway imho there is some sense for a psy track in making a journey that lasts for a while for your typical trance inducing dancing experience. you can already subtract maybe one minute at the beginning and one minute at the end if a track is played i
  10. it's neither progressive nor fullon nor darkpsy nor goa. and imho it's too weird and non-psy-like in sound choices to be compared to the classic psytrance of the early 00s (such as psysex, hux flux, ...)
  11. talpa - when the somberness becomes the game comes to my mind.
  12. what i remember is that they have been working on a new album, but they did use fullon knb which wasn't accepted by suntrip (and tbh from the sample i heard it didn't really fit that well to the rest of the music which sounded like a straight continuation from their old stuff). but this was a good number of years ago now. i still have hope that we'll see a new d5 album before the astral album
  13. definitely. never let taste and creativity stand in the way of success. becoming the next vini vici clone is the way forward
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