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  1. Padmapani

    The cheesy full-on thread

    with the similarities with vini vici i mean the the "modernised" sound, progressive that's focused on loud kick and bass, rather long/many breaks and builds, but here instead of the bullshit (horrible singing, offbeat/swing/triplets just for variation, endless dubdelays, builds that lead nowhere, ...) we got nice beautiful protoculture melodies.
  2. they (they were two people back then) were certainly there from the beginning and together with absolum and nomad defined the 3d vision sound (and therefore much of the fullon that came afterwards). indeed, the guys who founded 3d vision were talamasca, absolum and nomad. but afterwards (starting with made in trance) it was just increasingly commercial me-too fullon.
  3. i wouldn't pay extra and it doesn't make any audible difference. the way music is mastered we are miles away from coming close to using the headroom we get with 16bit. not even 320 mp3 can be distinguished in double blind tests by professionals in their studios, so how could 24bit make any difference? there's so much placebo in audio quality. if you've ever been in a hifi shop and witnessed what they sell to people you will have been surprised. and if you've ever eq'd a channel that wasn't even playing you know why it works
  4. Padmapani

    The cheesy full-on thread

    thanks for mentioning shadow chronicles. i actually like it. it's "mainstream prog" but very tasteful mainstream prog. using the same general sound as vini vici, blastoyz and whatnot but with none of their bullshit.
  5. Padmapani

    Psynews "Best of 2017" Results

    we have a surprisingly clear winner. and i thought morphic resonance would come to be top. i guess i'll have to listen to jara luca again. also, it's interesting that goa madness records gets two spots of the top three. they really took off last year.
  6. Padmapani

    The cheesy full-on thread

    nice track by sonic species. one of the few producers who understand make fullon that not only sounds modern but also contains everything good about fullon as. the sci-fi vibe is also something i'm looking for in psy, though i'm equally fine with fully psychedelic weirdness or wall-of-sound goa with mystical atmospheres
  7. Padmapani

    The cheesy full-on thread

    not cheesy, just good fullon. not as deep as goa trance but great to party to. i do miss the times when they played fullon like this the whole night long.
  8. Padmapani

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    it's definitley time for counting. rotwang has not been around lately, has he? he has written a script for counting the votes in these threads.
  9. Padmapani

    The cheesy full-on thread

    i do understand the appeal of the track, but the singing definitely crosses the line.
  10. exactly what we need. a psy trance template. just change a few notes and produce the next garbage cliché track. seriously... wtf? whoever puts out that shit must have the single goal in life to ruin psy for everyone else.
  11. Padmapani

    The cheesy full-on thread

    i didn't know hypnoxock made fullon before. i actually don't find these tracks too cheesy at all. yes, the melodies are easy to digest, but not nauseating at all. the tracks aren't full of (and don't live only from) corny fullon clichés, so it's perfectly fine music. i could party to this kind of fullon all the way from dawn to sunrise.
  12. Padmapani

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    very sad news indeed. RIP. excellent music all the way from the very first hux flux track to the illuminus album. btw: discogs says it was a heart attack.
  13. Padmapani

    VA - Psychedelic Depths

    it's 2000 all over again. this is sometimes close to early progressive, sometimes closer to psytek, at best (the first track) it sounds almost exactly like spirallianz
  14. Padmapani

    Most inappropriate melodies or samples in psytrance

    yeah, they are still ok, but they could be a lot better. i'd argue that cruise control gets too cheesy before 4:50 (at 3:24) when the vocal comes in, but yes, it turns into a total mess later. that remix of atmonizer is very interesting. it explores a different direction in a nice way, leaves out most of the porn samples but sadly also leaves out the great main melody. so i don't think it'd rate it higher than the original.
  15. according to the samples it will again not be quite my cup of tea. on the other hand twisted reality sounds exactly like old mfg.