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  1. sure, nearly any mutation will make it less viable. but every infected cell produces thousands of new virions. there are multiple coronoaviruses out there that are responsible for a portion of our seasonal colds. infection with neither of which produces lifelong immunity due to mutation of the virus before reinfection. of course it's not mix-and-match as with the influenza genome but we cannot be sure that it will not stick around at this point.
  2. even without psy captions, the artwork of joan cornella is great. too bad he doesn't update his blog with new pieces every few weeks anymore.
  3. if you've recovered from the infection you are immune to that virus. without immunity you wouldn't be able to recover at all. the thing about people testing positive after negative tests is most likely due to the swabs or labwork of the negative test not being done correctly. there's plenty of error here. up until now we're only seeing one "strain" (i'm sure there's a more correct term here but i can't think of one now) of virus, so even though it mutates enough for us to be able to trance the patterns of spread, once you've had one infection you cannot be infected again as of now. the danger of course is that we'll see mutations over the next year that will allow a slightly altered virus to reinfect those who have had it this time. this chance of course rises as it spreads more. but the good news is that it seems to be mutating less than the other coronaviruses we know that cause seasonal flu-like illness. so we do have a good chance of this not developing into a yearly occurrance.
  4. to be honest, now that it's weekend i don't notice much difference from the lockdown. the only thing is that there are more people at home making noise (screaming kids, vacuum, ..) when i'm trying to mix my track. tips? psytrance instead of reading newsfeeds for hours. by now it's mostly boring stuff anyway (rich people complaining about getting less money, sports evens taking place later than usual, rich sports people demanding money, politicians saying that what they're doing is the best) instead of news that really matter. over here the new numbers are looking good, but only because it's weekend and like every weekend they're just doing a lot fewer tests than normal…
  5. i hope they don't do the mastering themselves. their last remix album left a lot to be desired mastering-wise.
  6. it's exactly the same here. only my parents are 10 years younger. i drop everything off before their door and we talk on facetime afterwards. thanks for agreeing here. when reading the postings at newpapers forums or when talking to people at work it almost seems as if i'm the only one who sees that things are handled a lot better than elsewhere. everyone just seems to rest fine on the idea that we have "one of the best healthcare systems in the world", "we are better prepared than anyone else" and condemn other "it's all china's fault for not containing it sooner" or "the chinese should have warned us earlier", which is all bullshit. we have an excellent healthcare system compared to the u.s. but we are far from the best, we are not prepared at all (shortages everywhere), china could not have contained it (much) earlier, because they didn't know what the cause of the disease was for a long time and they fucking DID warn us earlier but we did absolutly nothing in response. there seems to be an underlying sentiment of "we are better than everyone else and if things go bad it's the others' fault"… another point about masks. they are commonly worn in asia when people are sick as to not infect others. when we stil had op-masks in the pharmacy and people (mostly not those at special risk) were asking for masks it was always the same conversation. they ask how well a mask protects one. i answer that everyone who feels sick should wear a mask because that is when it's most effective. they always say they don't give a fuck if it protects others they want a mask that protects themselves. i was never very optimistic in this regard, but one month ago i would not have belived the amount of selfishness on our society i see now. the next financial crises is probably just around the corner. i've heard that aribnb is of course not doing well and that people are selling flats and houses like crazy. ott says: "everything is acceptable as long as house prices don't crash" maybe this'll give us an opportunity to follow x-dream's words and create our own society, create our own happiness.
  7. sounds very familiar. except we don't get tests (only people with symptoms worse than a flu who can prove they were in contact with someone who has already tested positive can get tested). yeah, paracetamol hamsteres were here too. that rumour was not only unfounded but also if it were true it would still be pointless to hoard paracetamol at home… i didn't see anything slow down here since i luckily got a day to recover now (we're working in two teams now, so we don't have to close if one team gets quarantined), but i do hope that you're right and everything will be a little less crazy and stressful next week.
  8. working overtime here. pharmacies have to stay open. i come home from work after 10h nonstop trying to keep everyting running and fall asleep. i really hope people will come to their sensen finally start to take this seriously in the coming days. we have 80-year olds arguing about the discounts on aronia berry juice, while others demonstate their dry cough. fuck people. and fuck european governments. this place is such a mess. i seriously contemplate moving to asia where things just work a lot better when this is over. no matter if it's taiwan, singapore, korea, thailand, malaysia, (even china!)... they all were hit way harder from the intital wave than europe and did an infinitely better job at containing the virus, also doing a lot more testing. over here income from tourism was more important. i was acutally in singapore a few weeks ago and coming back from there feels like travelling to a 3rd world country. we have no access any protective equipment and those of us who are not feeling well do not get access to tests…
  9. Padmapani


    i hope people will stop panic buying soon (there's only so much food you can store after all). we had a customer record this friday. the whole pharmacy was crowded the whole day (not ideal for slowing the spread of the virus) and even though the medicines are available as usual the distributors could not keep up with shipping out what people wanted to buy. we will stay open all the time, there's absolutely no need to rush now. on the other hand, i've heard others still rushed the shops and hairdresser (of all things…) today before closure. what part of "stay at home" do people not understand? seriously… projections right now say we'll run out of intensive care beds in the first week of april. seriously people, stay at home, do a video chat with friends instead of meeting them! also, if you're not meeting people no one fucking cares about when you last visited your hairdresser!
  10. hypnoxock is from barcelona and "x" is pronounced like "sh" in catalan. so it makes sense in that context. in the same way that anoebis is the flemish way to write anubis.
  11. global sect covers i think need either a nice screen or a large blanket to work well. they look really good in digital form (and presumably even better as deco at a party with uv light). but on a small cd in the shelf it's just a dark sheet with a few lines on it. i guess vinyl would already be better for the artwork than the dvd-size packaging that mystery and terraformer have. @diaks i've always loved the d5 covers but these are all amazing.
  12. only original releases of new tracks in chronological order: artha - chaos artha - bali goasia - transonic fields antares - mysticism antares - astral plane artifact303 - delirium artifact303 - magnetic fields filteria - dog days bliss e-mantra - dansul ielelor (artifact303 remix) main sequence star - archaea (nova fractal's beat remix) nova fractal - blindsight nova fractal - mass extinction hunab ku - children of the stones ra - gateway eight (cosmic dimension remix) artha - monkeys (extended remix) ra - predator (remix) ra - crossing planet median project - sands of time it seems a few tracks that are remixes of 00s tracks made it into that list, but in these cases the remix added so much to the original that i couldn't just leave them out. edit: looking back through the thread i find it interesting that artifact303 and artha appear a couple of times in this thread but everyone mentioning them chooses different tracks
  13. normally i can listen fine without dissecting the mix, but the balance of this one (it's also different for the different tracks in the video) reminded me so much of when i had worked on a track with headphones and switched over to monitors the first time, that my brain immediately went into mixing mode
  14. interesting. i remember that i once found a proto goa track somewhere and thought "oh, so the kick of gnocchi is not an original one but sampled from here". i cannot remember the track atm but apparently it was just similar and not sampled…
  15. now that'd interesting. i didn't know that artist or even similar goa. i thought i'd like an example of more dancefloor ready goa, but this one doesn't cut it. nova fractal nicely combines goa with more fullon-like basslines and it fits perfectly, but here it's as if you made some melodic goa removed the original kick/bass and replace it with some completely unrelated one, and turn everything else down a few db to avoid major frequency conflicts, then boost the click of the kick as well as the sub to make it cut though even more. it doesn't fit together and that the kick/bass but especially the kick is mixed so much above everything else (and with so much sub) doesn't help either. it almost sounds fine on headphones, sounds way off on monitors and i expect you don't hear much of the melodies when played at a club. an amateur producer is still a producer and i know you get a better balance in your mixes than that example you posted. you know how to keep the overall level of kick and bass as well as the sub within sane limits
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