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  1. i was lucky. when i came halfway through blastoyz set they had apparently decided tha,t since the "big names" had already played, most of the party was already over so they didn't ask for money anymore. it is. kinda reminds me of eskimo back ten years ago. it's also somehow how dutch trance consisted of mainly breaks and builds before the bubble popped and no one was interested in the genre anymore. iirc ilsa gold once did something similar at a big festival. they only played the builds of different well known tracks of techno/trance/... history and switched to a different track every time before the climax. i guess they had similar views as we have now
  2. i don't know. i thought that it seeks to maximise the opportunities for the crowd cheering (as in "give us the beat now"), but the crowd wasn't impressed at all.
  3. so i've been to this event the past weekend. tristan was good (even though the sound system emphasised the bass so much that everything else was in the background or even inaudible) and blastoyz (at least the second half of his set) was as expected. what i have noticed is that what serves as buildup to a climax in a tristan track is the "drop" in "futureprog" tracks. this explains why even the parts of a track with beat aren't at all suited for dancing for someone used to other kinds of psytrance. in tristan's music a break often leads to a short groovy bass/kick pattern which leads to a climax with the hits and some psychedelic percussion coming in. they are accompanied by a steady regular kick/bass pattern which keeps you dancing for the coming few minutes. for blastoyz on the other hand a break is followed by a goovy bass/kick pattern (most often lacking any melody and even hats) which is then followed by another break. it's intensely frustrating. the best part of his set was the melody of prodigy's voodoo people and even that was painfully slowed down.
  4. skipping through the album on youtube, three quarters of the album sounds as if it's the same pads all over again. no matter if you listen at minute 14, 34, 53 or 69: it all sounds exactly the same. those pads are present on earlier cbl albums but so far, i don't see the non-beatless tracks with interesting melodies. i guess i'll skip this one.
  5. Logic Pro 9

    the easiest way to get a kick, and the only way to get a good one in the beginning, is to just use a sample (both exs24 and ultrabeat work nicely for this. ultrabeat has an a bit steeper learning curve but is also the more powerful tool). the much more satisfying method is to make it yourself. ultrabeat is your best friend here. there are lots of other kick synth utilities such as bazzizm/bigkick/... but i find that properly tweaked kicks out of ultrabeat need less processing. you can set the osc2 to a sine wave that sweeps from a high note in your scale to your root note. this is done by setting the one of the envelopes to control the pitch of the note. you can then adjust the curve of the envelope to your liking. additionally you can use one of the other envelopes to control the volume. i rarely see the need to use any other method. if i hear a psy kick i like i often manage to recreate it using ultrabeat. this is the kick i use in the track i'm currently working on. here i used to env1 to control the pitch and env4 (and curiously also env2... interesting) to control levels. the eq bell curve serves to reduce the "mud" frequencies around 500hz a bit. i'm not quite sure what you mean by syncing the bass to the kick. you create a region with the kick playing on every 1/4 and a second region for the bassline with the pattern you'd like it to play (most likely a note on every 1/16 except 1,5,9 and 13). once you've done that they should be perfectly in sync.
  6. How difficult are reissues?

    thanks for the offer. but even though it's not too practical to use and the result is often barely understandable, google translate is still good enough to help me find a few rare releases that aren't avaiable elsewhere
  7. genau. yeah, 20 for such an unusual location is quite ok. in vienna you'd pay that for a smaller venue with a shitty sound system and only one international headliner. that's why i'm considering going. normally i'd simply stay home, but i even missed out going to a festival this year and i've been at a total of 2 parties this year. so i've become less picky than usual sounds like a good plan.
  8. The new board - issues and stuff...

    so there are no simple colour settings for each theme? well, then i guess it's more important to keep psynews running for a longer period of time rather than investing the funds into making it look good. (in addition to that, even if we had more than enough funds, we probably still couldn't agree on which one is a good theme that's worth the money ). we'll get used to how it looks.
  9. How difficult are reissues?

    ридинг кириллик ис нот те проблем. андерстендинг рашен ис.
  10. yeah, that's exactly what i ment above. the upcoming event has berg, blastoyz and some guy called bubble. listening to the samples all three are indistinguishable, all belonging to "future prog", which seems to be the replacement for the more commercial fullon variants. have you though about doing a futureprog side project? when you tell me 5-10k € per gig i certainly question if i should spend some time in producing that sort of music ;-). making some nicely mixed kick+bass and applying some tried and true blueprints to turn it into a track is a lot less work than composing goa trance. but i guess (as always when talking about commercial music) it matters much more if you're a big name or if you have good connections than the music itself. isn't it time for the worldwide psytrance scene to recognise that the israeli and brazilian mainstream scene play by different standards and lost all connection to what makes psy psy? why is it that their worst music always finds a prominent place among the underground scenes we have everywhere else?
  11. no. at fist listen i thought: this is so 10 years ago it's pop-fullon. horribly cheesy, formulaic but energetic. that kind of music doesn't exist anymore. nowaways that niche of music (and i'm not even choosing an especially horrible example) sounds like this: it's not quite as cheesy, at least as formulaic as the track above and not energetic at all. there are more breaks and builds than sections with beat. you could at least dance to that growling machines track if you could manage to not puke from all the cheese, but this kind of music is extremely frustrating. "oh now finally a good section, maybe i should dance? no, i've not even started and we're in a huge break again.". this is then closely followed by "wtf, triplets again!". too many producers nowadays take loud's "why psytrance has become shit" as an instruction manual. the question of the week is: tristan is coming to my city but he's accompanied by three (!) israelis making above mentioned bullshit music (including that berg guy). would you rather catch tristan's set and go back home or would you boycott such an event in hope to influence organisers to not invite horrible "artists"?
  12. The new board - issues and stuff...

    since, we're at it now: the new darker theme has exactly the same amount of contrast as the old one. before everything was the same shade of white, now everything is the same shade of greenish-blue. can't they make a default theme that has white posts seperated by grey and everything on a blue background like the old psynews? or indeed any other combination of colours that makes it easy to tell apart different posts without having to resort to clues such as avatar placement would be helpful.
  13. Logic Pro 9

    indeed. it probably has something to do with modern social media such as reddit. if you're among the first posters you'll get a lot of attention, but just a day later no one will even read your post anymore. people aren't used to communities like forums that work at a slower pace.
  14. Logic Pro 9

    i've been using logic 9 for a few years now. where are you stuck?
  15. Psynews fundraiser

    i also don't see any other themes with safari 6.2.8 (don't laugh ). it's the same with chrome version 49. are there also themes that don't look like they're made specifically for mobile? right now the list of forums is huge with lots of empty space. in the old version i could see all of the promotional area, the forums and part of the reviews at once. now i can only see the forums from artist news to visual promotion without scrolling. likewise, the posts seem to take up unnecessarily large amounts of space.