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  1. according to the samples it will again not be quite my cup of tea. on the other hand twisted reality sounds exactly like old mfg.
  2. What's some good Full On

    that playlist contains a track called blue noise ( ). it doesn't sound too typical like silicon sound and neither discogs nor any other place in the web i have looked know anythimg about it, but i know it very well from parties back then. any idea if this is really silicon sound or where it might have been released?
  3. same here. some very interesting unreleaseds and the remastering really makes the classics shine bright again. the only negative is that i'm inevitably comparing it to dat's version of ifo (and it's extremely hard to close even close to ifo) .
  4. so this is why we haven't heard much from cosmosis lately. and to be honest i don't hear anything other than cosmosis' style in these samples. this is quality fullon.
  5. Need help with kick/bass

    any synth that can make a typical psy bass (sawtooth with sufficiently fast envelopes) should be fine. the rest is just fine tuning the envelope parameters and a little processing (mainly some distortion and eq). one more thing that could be the case here (i'm not quite sure) is that the first bass note seems to have a filter that's as open as the filter on the later notes. so the filter freq is probably also modulated by velocity.
  6. Commercial psytrance?

    i've never heard that before. according to a quick youtube search it's hardstyle with kbb. interesting how people define psy by (one of its many) bassline patterns.
  7. Commercial psytrance?

    it's not about how popular the music actually is. in 99% of the cases these terms refer to music that has lots of pop or (whatever dance music is big at the moment) elements instead of psy elements. if you replace the beat with a beat sounds like big room house, copy some traditional house track structure and add a few psy squelches, you're making commercial music. same goes for putting awful cheesy singing that sounds like top40-pop over a fullon beat. if such music becomes popular (like infected mushroom) or if it flops (like alien jesus) doesn't make any difference. of course you could say that the terms aren't completely true to their original meaning in this context, but what words would you use instead?
  8. Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    sure. the topic is only running for three weeks or so now. last year it was open for two months.
  9. Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    the results are going to be very interesting this year. there are no clear favourites this time, so i have absolutely no idea which albums will come out on top. it's not even guaranteed that a goa album will take the first spot
  10. Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Uptempo: 1. VA - Terraformer (Global Sect) 2. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia (Goa Madness) 3. Kromagon - Ravings of a Madman (Zenon) 4. VA - Inti (Suntrip) 5. Lunarave & Psylence Mind - Donkey Therapy (OVNI) 6. Spirit Architect - Moonshine (Dacru) 7. KOB - Identity Mash (Suntrip) 8. Braincell - Connecting Multiverses (Blue Hour) 9. Martian Arts - Giant Locusts (TIP) 10. Earthspace - As Above So Below (Nano) Downtempo: 1. Dubsalon - Ancient Tongues (Nutek Chill) 2. Profondita - Dracarys (Altar) 3. Saafi Brothers - The Quality of Being One (LSD) 4. Ajja - Spira Mirabilis (TIP) 5. Cosmic Replicant - Echo Light (Melusine) 6. GMO vs. Dense - Distances (Cosmicleaf) 7. Eat Static - Last Ship to Paradise (Interchill) 8. Saluberrimae - Time is a Flat Circle (Neogoa) 9. Alwoods - Stardust (Altar) 10. Astral Waves - Genesis (Altar)
  11. Need help with kick/bass

    this track definitely also has the bass sidechained to the kick. in addition to velocity (and the patch settings of course), differences in note length and small adjustments to note position can also make or break a groove.
  12. california sunshine - tokyo underground (underrated AF)

    one of their very best tracks. together with jajo, summer 89 (both of which are less goa and more trance than tokyo underground) and last feeling (which somehow sounds like a remix of tokyo underground. what's up with that?). though i disagree because it does get better still. bpc is at least as good when talking about hypnotic tracks and soft acidlines.
  13. Most inappropriate melodies or samples in psytrance

    i know from psynews that the sample was taken for some sort of porn movie. though with the words saying "please be careful with the genitals" in german it was no big surprise to me ;).
  14. Most inappropriate melodies or samples in psytrance

    andromeda has a thing for ruining serene tracks with cheesy vocals or porn samples. or this one would be one of my favourite tracks ever if it weren't for that sample. my example for porn samples done right would be atmos - klein aber doctor
  15. many of the tracks here are pretty average goa tracks. for realy crazy goa try this one: especially the climax at 4:48