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  1. i really have absolutely no problems with hard, noisy, aggressive music. but it does have to have punch and drive. such brostep tracks have neither. not only have they been limited to death leaving them flat as a pancake without any punch. also dubstep is basically the chillout version of drumnbass, especially with that tempo. i just don't get why anyone wants to make hard-as-fuck chillout. edit: this sort of dark atmospheric ambient in this thread is something i can fully understand. that in slaughter natives track is pretty nice. after all i did listen to (preferably doom) metal a long time ago
  2. another masterpiece from the maestro himself.
  3. i've heard that it was originally an ableton preset and was transferred to a plugin by xfer by popular demand of non-ableton users. but i can't be sure either. you know i'm not a big fan of covering up mistakes in mixing, arranging and sound design with compression. if your sounds are good, just a tiny bit of compression and some saturation can go a long way to bring everything upfront. about dubstep: it seems more annoying is better here. i know an oldschool trashy freetekno track, which just consists of a kickdrum and a sampled circular saw, that's more musical than this. @Multi-Media it seems that to reach such extreme values for loudness, monotony and pure noise are necessary…
  4. yeah, it's to make it more tranparent if you use normal compressors. that's however not the result if you use compressors with "over the top" settings that outright flatten everything even with one instance. just for comparison, psytrance or even oldschool goatrance (just tried mwnn - lunar cycle) is usually in the range of -8 to -6 lufs, not overall but in the louder parts of the track.
  5. thankfully timmy trumpet is not considered psy in the scene around here (i'm not 100% sure about other places but i'm doubtful it appeals to anyone into psy except maybe a few newcomers who just discovered vini vici and liked their tracks). i have even seen tutorials from new producers on making oldschool goa, so there is still interest on old kinds of psy, but somehow the goa they make in these videos almost always sounds way more unprofessional than their psy or than any oldschool goa. it seems they focus on the "goa was not mixed as cleanly as psy" part too much and take it further than most goa did in the old days. i remember landing at a psy party by accident with a group of friends around 2000 (we were all into psychedelic rock back than) and they found it weird that i actually liked that "technoshit" . well, tbh i still like technoshit today
  6. it's probably not the synths. i also read in other music production forums and often see people mention unironically that they stack multiple instances of ott (from ableton's "over the top" compressor preset) over each other. no wonder everything sounds flat and lacks atmosphere afterwards. some dubstep producers even posit that it's essential for the aggressive tone of their music to limit it to somewhere between -2 and -3 lufs. that's just insanity.
  7. i miss the cosmic sci-fi atmosphere that was prevalent in early 00s psy. previously we were missing melodies, newschool goa gave us more melodies than we bargained for. then when progressive took over the dancefloor we were missing proper stompers at parties; with modern fullon/uk-psy we've now got that covered too. early progressive was more atmospheric, but with futureprog it too wants to be banging instead (and fails miserably at that), so we're really missing that aspect of psy now. with forest being popular instead of regular darkpsy/pysycore it trys to fill that gap a bit. still with the mossy/haunting atmosphere of forest together with its often disjointed, weird sounds, it's no real replacement here.
  8. yes. there are a few more fx, but otherwise the sounds and melodies are all something we've already heard on their previous albums. so no big excitement on my side.
  9. it's called hardstyle now. the cheesy continuation of hard trance that track reminds me of the new ux album.
  10. goa trance is definitely not in fashion now. but the worst thing about typing in "how to make psytrance like" into the youtube search is that the first thing that pops up is "how to make psytrance like timmy trumpet". that guy doesn't have the slightest thing to do with psytrance.
  11. the concept of multiple human races is pretty outdated and contradicts scientific understanding. it is not officially used in any european country i know of (as it is in the u.s. . over there people from spain even are considered racially distinct from portuguese, what utter bullshit). so this makes this thread about producers with darker skin colour and that could be anyone from italian to isreali to indian to nigerian. personally, i don't care at all about the skin colour of producers and therefore see no need to differentiate (as long as we put people into boxes based on arbitrary criteria there will be no equality). after all, under blacklight everyone has a dark face and glowing teeth.
  12. the sample sounds good. i'm really looking forward to it now.
  13. wait what? a second khetzal album? now that'd be a nice surprise. have you got a link to the teaser?
  14. Padmapani


    considering how few deaths we have compared to other countries that waited a longer before acting, i think we're nowhere near 60 or even 10%. also it's not unlikely that immunity will only last for a few months for many people, so even if we were at 70% now we could still be in for a second wave.
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