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  1. autoimmune reactions are definitely a prime candidate for explaining long covid. just today i read a paper discussing that they found signs of inflammation in 60% of people 2 months after people had covid (they included about equal numbers participants from symptomatic and asymptomatic cases). that has me a little worried of what we'll see in long term cases from our second wave now. (just to be clear, the great majority of the study participants did not have any symptoms from this inflammation). you'd need extensive lab work to actually find cells responsible for an autoimmune response.
  2. ... i keep confusing the edit button with the quote button...
  3. to be exact, it's not strictly neccessary to kill off the cells "infected" by the rna-vaccine. the rna is degraded in the cell eventually. but all cells present parts of the proteins they are making at the moment on the surface and if the immune cells see anything that's foreign, they designate the offending cell as damaged or infected and kill it off. this is also one point that should make rna-vaccines more effective than inactivated ones. if you just inject "dead" virus you never get infected cells presenting proteins and therefore lower t-cell response (however you still get b-cells produc
  4. there are three main kinds of vaccines currently in development: one is the vaccine with adenovirus vector (sputnik, astra-zeneca). this uses a modified adenovirus (one of which also cause the common cold), which also contains rna for the the spike protein from sars-cov-2. this is probably going to provide nice antibody production because it uses alive adenovirus your immune system has to fight off. the chance of such a vaccine protecting against the common cold are minimal, but if you've been infected with a similar strain of adenovirus before the vaccine might be elimiated by already
  5. risking continuing spread of the virus and longer lockdowns and closures puts the economy even more at risk. if you look at the economic data from elsewhere the countries with the highest growth rates are also those that acted quickly and decisively. if we did more against the virus, the ski lifts would maybe go bust we'd still have the rest going on relatively normally. now everyone suffers and of course more lives are lost in the process too. with thousands of people getting the vaccine it's incredibly unlikely that it's just a statistical fluke. of course the number needed to treat (or
  6. i'm not gonna get a vaccination of one of the new vaccines (astra, moderna, sputnik) at least for a few months and until a few ten thousand people had gotten it. i'm also skeptical of how these were pushed though in such a short timeframe. however i'd take the chinese vaccine on day one (but i don't suspect it to turn up in europe any time soon). that one is based on tried and proven methods, although it probably won't be as effective as the others. i'm still waiting on the companies releasing the whole data from their now ongoing phase 3 studies until i make a decision. right now everyone is
  7. yeah. the hospitals are working over their capacity, ages is cheating with the data (adding new available beds every time we hit 100% occupancy here in upper austria, while everyone knows that the personnell and machines available don't change), and the biggest worries we hear in the media is the profits of ski lift operators. have you seen the documentary in orf a few days ago? a woman there complained about having almost everything smell like rotten onions for months. so your smell and taste is back to normal now? how many months has it taken to return to normal? good to hear of s
  8. if you don't count tiny countries like andorra, then we're at the #1 spot now. things are not looking good. almost 1% of the population is currently diagnosed with an active sars-cov-2 infection in the area where i live. indeed, the lockdown is a joke and if we open the country when they say, we'll be up where we were a week ago in no time. i'd write something very similar to your paragraph on that. only no gf at the moment, which is not likely to change any time soon due to the coronavirus which is a bit of a downer. also work wise if you had asked me 10 years ago, i'd have imag
  9. yeah, that's exactly the astrix, alien project, etc... sound. but with this comparison i am even more sure that aquila is es-1. still, the vb-1/quadrafuzz bass sounds better to my ears
  10. i guess xenomorph's demagoguery of the obscurants would fit here, even if it isn't pure psytrance.
  11. neither did i. and it's become increasingly difficult. afaik the newer versions of cubase cannot run the old version of quadrafuzz, that's on pretty much every one of these basslines, anymore.
  12. it's possible to sample es-1 and put it into cubase for quadrafuzz. from what i've heard that was quite often done in the early 00s. it's not quite there, but something about the way the filter works makes me think it's es-1. there's some sort of characteristic that's very distinct from the basses i get with other synths (though obviously i don't know vb-1).
  13. could also be the classic ES-1 + quadrafuzz combo i do think it's pretty close in character to your typical es-1 fullon bass. this is what i've come up with in 5min of tweaking es-1 trying to imitate that bassline. i imagine it could get very close to the original with some more tweaking and once you do some processing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/68xzz0e9rpcipns/ES-1 Bass.wav?dl=0
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