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  1. Padmapani

    Normal Trance

    the first is a bit too much like ambient for me but i really like the second one. trance with a techno beat (or techno with trance melodies maybe; but still totally different that "techtrance")
  2. Padmapani

    Normal Trance

    very nice track by aoud! i can hardly believe it's from 2016. this one comes straight from 1995.
  3. Padmapani

    Need some new Goa

    i agree that goa trance is sometimes a bit too hectic when you need to focus. but in such a situation i normally simply switch to fullon or prog
  4. Padmapani

    Normal Trance

    it's been a while since someone recommended john 00 fleming's healing in this forum. has anyone run into other new non-cheesy trance such as that one since? meanwhile i'll leave you with another classic: this is by far the best version. don't try to convince me otherwise
  5. Padmapani

    Need some new Goa

    as someone who, whenever possible, presses play as the first thing when i get up and presses pause as the last thing before i go to bed, i must confess that i do get irritable when i don't get listen to any psytrance for a day. also, when i haven't listened to music for a few days and then put on headphones i trip out a lot more than usual. so we have withdrawals and tolerance development. two clear indicators of addiction
  6. Padmapani

    New Logic Bomb

    after a little playtime i am a little disappointed. contary to popular opinion i loved the grid and had high hopes when i saw there was a new release. while the grid was an equal mixture of great and good/soso tracks, this seems more consistent. namely, the great tracks are missing. however it's still unmistakably logic bomb, so there's hope that the new album will, like all the previous ones, get better with repeated listening.
  7. Padmapani

    New Logic Bomb

    what's up with you guys? is everyone sleeping? there's a new logic bomb album out since july this year and no one has said anything…? we're discussing astral's never-coming album but this one doesn't get a mention? just today youtube suggests some new tracks to me and that's the first i hear of it. i would have expected heated discussions including everything between "complete shit, they betrayed everything they once stood for", "well, it's far from headware but still a lot better than vini vici" and "it's just as good as grid, best album this year". so what's your opinion? great, boring, not worth noticing or have you been oblivious to its existance just as i have?
  8. i just returned from a party early, because the main act materia was playing neelix-style music (i remember him as playing good fullon, but apparently that's a thing of years past). mostly breaks and lots of singing . air quality was better than the last time (less people this time), but it's never an issue for me. if you don't want to notice the cigarette smoke the simplest remedy is smoking a cigarette . it still works if you, like me, only smoke at parties. but the thing about not being able to go outside because i'm sweating like a pig and our shitty cold climate is a problem i share. i always thought the thing about menthol or vapo rub is something americans do because it apparently feels great on mdma. so i guess it's not a viable option here. you can buy dust- or flu masks in every pharmacy but i have no idea if that would help against the bad air quality in clubs (probably not) and you'd definitely look a bit silly.
  9. Padmapani

    Need some new Goa

    now that's a list to remember for the best of 2018 thread. i do agree with most of the purple ones btw.
  10. Padmapani

    The State of Psy Parties

    that's true. though i've always thought that was because people are generally older and (therefore?) take less drugs than in other scenes. the young kids at techno or dnb parties on speed or pills are quick to talk to anyone who crosses their path
  11. Padmapani

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    thanks for posting. great track from an interesting comp i missed even when they took more than a little inspiration from the klf
  12. Padmapani

    Artists with unique live acts

    does not plugging in your equipment count as unique? otherwise: i hear khetzal plays the violin. i've seen sonic fusion play the drums during a set a long time ago. and of course cosmosis plays the guitar or if playing a set without guitar he sometimes jumps around on the desk.
  13. it just came up today again and i was again surprised by how good it is. from the intro to how it smoothly flows from (sometimes rather melodic) psytrance to forest and comes back to lighter territory with that overdream track to the outro. do you know anything in a similar style that's just as good? is there anything else by that labyrinth guy?
  14. Padmapani

    The State of Psy Parties

    i'm glad we don't have that much coke over here. that shit really turns some people into complete assholes. if you hear of violence at parties (also tekno, where it is not quite as rare as at psy events) most of the time coke is involved. good thing they have it under control like that. i imagine they have to know the scene pretty good to keep out the troublemakers and that there will still be stress at the doors now and then? in the early to mid 00s (where parties often took place at underground venues) there often was no one at the door at all. now that the underground clubs have pretty much all died or switched to literature readings or hipster events (apparently the younger generations are rather staying at home with instagram rather than going out...) most parties happen in (bigger/less underground) clubs there are just your typical club bouncers.