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  1. now that's a surprise. i was thinking of talamsca - the flow. but that cypher albums sounds good too your turn now.
  2. while looking for the track containing a particular sample my best hit on google turned up this thread on psynews. and it actually answered my question. nowhere else did i find any hints. if, in times where psydb is not updated anymore, a forum game is all it takes to preserve information about samples in psy music, then let's start another round! i'll give you a sample, whoever guesses the track containing the sample correctly, gets to name the next sample. let's not make it too easy by choosing samples that are not found in psydb, while revealing the source after a week if there are no answers in order to keep the whole thing going. the first sample is: "there is no light, but there is sound. it fills him in great sluggish waves"
  3. can it be used to make the cops less fascist? btw: what are those half-moon and neogoa symbols supposed to do? when i click on either of them the whole website flickers briefly and the background takes on a slightly lighter or darker hue.
  4. then ishkur's guide was equally illegal. and for just psytrance it's even less likely that one of the psy labels will object to anyone using short samples of one of their tracks as examples for a subgenre. if i were to own the rights to one of those tracks i'd be glad for the promotion but yeah, youtube links would be good too.
  5. i cannot think of a single occasion that wouldn't instantly be better if psytrance was playing. even if there is no special synergy between whatever you're doing and psytrance. that's true for anything. think of it this way, if you fall from a ladder and break your arm it's shit. but if you fall from a ladder while psytrance was playing you can say: it's shit that i broke my arm while falling from a ladder but at least logic bomb was playing
  6. obviously. we lead double lives. we deal in sex with beautiful women.
  7. since when do eps consist of just a single track? the music is good, but not spectacular. i had mindsphere playing before and now after the sample has ended mindsphere automatically started playing in my head again and i've already forgotten how that astral track sounded. maybe the full track will be more memorable?
  8. what? i'll definitely agree with ormion here. psyprog and psygressive (the latter of which is seldom used anyway) both mostly just refer to either the more fullon-like prog or prog in general. i wouldn't see either of them is seperate genres and much less as distinct from each other. kob is psytrancey goa or goa-y psytrance. weird stuff but imho definitely not forest.
  9. four carry nuts - mechanical age is psytek in my library. just as like most of the delta stuff, x-dream's irritant or planet ben's silver album, spirallianz' stereopark+blast food, organic noise's vacuum tube… it's definitely not darkpsy. you're right about that industrial aesthetic, but it shares that with the other psytek releases. goadelic is a term i only know from compiltion names. in my perception it was more of a fashionable label (in the early 00s) for all psy rather than standing for a specific style. neurotrance imho is just another synonym for darkpsy or to be more specific for the less-dark (= more weird than evil sounding) darkpsy. so a hybrid between neurotrance (non-evil normal-bpm darkpsy) and psycore (evil high-bpm darkpsy) could either be non-evil high-bpm darkpsy (aka hitech) or evil normal-bpm darkpsy (aka just darkpsy). psykovsky is definitely high-bpm so normal darkpsy is out ;). that album would be hitech (sometimes bordering on psycore) to me.
  10. i find this one pretty decent to say at least:
  11. you do need a valid driving licence to rent a car. as far as i remember you're from north america and at least u.s. driving licences (because they require way less lessions and practical experience to obtain) are not accepted in all countries (at least for here i know they are not accepted, you might want to check for portugal).
  12. i just (re)discovered geoglyph - geolinguistic. it's a psydub album that bandcamp suggested to me after i bought globular and they were damn right with that suggestion. but somehow i forgot about it and had the files sitting on my hard drive until now. what a pleasant surprise — i'm now for the first time listeing to the full album and it's definitely one of the top downtempo albums of last year — probably even better than globular.
  13. now for the last two albums we can agree :). portamento was really good back then, now it's just ok. nothing i'd seek out anymore. and m-run was never my cup of tea.
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