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  1. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Yeah, me too. Few hours of good melodic fullon and a closing set of quality progressive like FreQ, Andromeda, Vibrasphere, early E-Clip would be my perfect party. Thanks, I'm glad you think the track is good.
  2. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Thanks! Ofc, making a "cheesy" track was not my intention, but I thought that the final "trancey" melody might cross the line (not that I would change or remove it anyway)
  3. 145 bpm, inspired by oldschool melodic full-on (Protoculture, Ephedrix etc) with some attempts at more modern sound-design.
  4. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Cheesy enough?
  5. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Agree. This one is simply beautiful for instance, and the singing is actually very good. I even used this track as a ringtone for my wife calls for a while But most uptempo tracks where she tried to sing were completely ruined by these attempts, regardless whether one finds female vocals in psytrance acceptable or not she just sings wrong notes. This track may be the only exception, maybe because she is speaking rather than singing here. Youtube suggested another track called Kitchy Woman but I won't even post it here because the singing is just horrible like she is drunk or something. Hard to believe it's the same person who sings Blink.
  6. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    For me it doesn't, I typically don't like any singing in psytrance but this track is great. The singing is weird and beautiful at the same time (this is what I'm actually looking for in psytrance - weird and beautiful).
  7. Thanks, well, i don't think there are common recipes for making transitions, I typically just try various things untill it sounds right.
  8. recursion loop

    140 Bpm Festival Full-On - Twisted Desire

    Really nice track, deep and mysterious. I'd call it progressive rather than full-on though.
  9. Nice tracks, very clean and tight production. Generational Happines has some really lovely melodies but I think the transitions between various parts of the track could be more smooth.
  10. recursion loop

    Star matter [melodic goa]

    Thanks, glad you like it I'm open for collabs, you may PM me here or at soundcloud.
  11. recursion loop

    Kalinka Remix (Progressive OffBeat)

    In Soviet Russia a track remixes you. Well, that's not what I typically like to listen to but it was funny in some sense.
  12. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Well, it seems that I just misunderstand this word. There is a word with similar meaning in my language (means music or other art with many easily digestible elements, supposedly more appealing to casual people). It may be derogatory but is often used in ironic or neutral context, basically it depends on how much the speakers care whether their own musical tastes look advanced enough. Here at Psynews, whenever people talk about my favoruite psy acts, such as U-recken, Digicult, Chromosome, Protoculture (older stuff), even Astral Projection, there always is at least one prerson calling them cheesy, as I understand, because of the "normal" melodies often reminiscent of regular trance or other "inferior" genres. Eventually I started using this definition myself when talkng about the kinds of psytrance I actually like the most. I highly respect Tristan's technical skills and I can enjoy a track or two by him, but without proper melodies it quickly becomes boring to me. I really love all these metallic noices and trippy/squelchy/bubbling grooves but I prefer them to be contrasted by something more melodious. I guess I'm not a real psychedelia lover but frankly I couldn't care less. Yet another fine track, imo it has good balance between harsh sounds and euphoric melodies Btw, all these tracks posted by Blubber are absolutely amazing. But as I understand most of them are made in the early to mid 00's. Shame that I didn't knew much about psytrance at that time, I think if I had been listening to it then I woud have enjoyed much bigger part of the scene than I do now.
  13. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    I think this is enough for most people here to call a track cheesy Actually I'm using this word just to describe certain kinds of music ("cheesy full-on" - full-on with "normal" melodies), without any derogatory meaning. Btw. Padmapani, didn't you once ask for an Atmonizer version without the porn samples but keeping the main melody? The track Chromosome-Missing Link above is exactly this, just a bit faster (Chromosome and Anromeda are the same guy). There are some other weird voice samples in the beginning but they are not so noticeable
  14. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Well, probably my favourite full-on album ever made is going to be Hypnoxock - Synthetic Resurrection. It doesn't reinvent the wheel but it's made with extreme attention to details, the melodies are catchy and full of emotions (yes, more on the cheesy side but in a good way) and the production is so ridiculously good. Since nobody, including Hypnoxock themselves, is making this kind of full-on anymore I can safely say that it is never going to be topped.
  15. recursion loop

    Your Unpopular Opinion?

    Well, making a good psy kbbb is not easy at all. I mean, it's easy to take a kick sample and s Sylenth preset and make something that sounds remotely like it, but making sure it's fat, it's groovy, it doesn't suddenly turn into crap when you check it at another sound system takes time. Actually Psilocybian, Braincell, some of the Nano guys are very creative at sound design, I like their trippy/glitchy metalic sounds. But without proper melodies it's hard for me to actually enjoy their music, I can listen to a track or two and even somehow like it but it quickly becomes tiresome. I'm waiting the melodic full-on wave to come back (yet another unpopular opinion, i know) injected with these modern edgy sounds.