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  1. Same thoughts here. The first thing that I noticed was that it sounded quite fat and raw like the 00's and nothing like the modern super clean and tight sound. I liked tracks 1, 5 and 8 the most. Also the Hux Flux remix, that bassline sounded too oddbal at first but I think it may work wonders on a dancefloor when you are stoned enough already. Overall it sounded fresh and dfiferent indeed, not another Tristan or Outsiders clone.
  2. Actual Russians from that list are Median Project, Centavra Project, Nostormosis and Psy-H Project (we live in the same city ). That's it I think. Alieanpia and Katedra are Ukrainians. Anwyay, most of them release at least some of their music at Global Sect which is indeed based in Russia. I'm not much of a goa fan myself but i think Global Sect are doing it great, somehow they don't just release music which basically anyone could do these days but they create some kind of story behind it.
  3. Sean Tyas is doing some psytrance now, but I like his mainstream trance tracks way more (Lift and Drop are classic tunes, despite the stupid names, but his psy tracks sound very generic and unmemorable to me). Protoculture ventured from psytrance to mainstream trance and back
  4. yes, that's propbably a bad example, in my monitors the kick indeed sounds somehwat unbalanced. But it was released by Timewarp (and this guy has few releases there), so maybe such mixing the new norm or serves some purpose? I also noted this release sounded more dry that what I typically expect from goa - less reverb, thinner and brighter synths. Somewhat closer to modern full-on sound
  5. I think goa somehow starts catching up in this area. I heard Median Project and Psy-H Project live few years ago and indeed all the beautiful complexity was lost and I heard only the big booming kicks. But newer producers seem to be making on more dancefloor-ready stuff, like that There is still some layering going on, but all the layers are thinned out to make room for the kick/bass, which sounds pretty much like typical prog/full-on kb. Compared to something like Artifact303 it sounds much thinner and smaller but I guess it must be more dancefloor-friendly. Yes, I did make some tracks myself but I'm still pretty much an amateur, I've got a lot to learn before I could proudly show my works to people
  6. I think goa generally follows the same direction as other kinds of psytrance, it becomes mostly a music for dancefloors with home listeners put out of the equation. Hence the loudness and compression, hence the focus on the basslines and the unfiication of the kick/bass sound, hence the simplified musical structure and more homogenized sound, less breakdowns, no long intros. Also when you have to devote most of your time to make a perfect sounding kick-bass combo, there is not so much creative energy left to make rest of the track memorable. I may be wrong since I'm not a producer myself and my knowldedge of production and mixing is quite supeficial, but this is the impression I'm getting from newer releases in whatever psy genres.
  7. Okay, if it's a tread for requests/wishes to goa producers, then mine would be: - Learn some musical theory, goa is a melodic genre but not any random sequence of notes is actually a melody. - Use less layes, less notes. Quality over quanity. Use less elements, give them more room to breathe, polish them to make them sound really exciting instead of burying them in a super-busy mix. - Think more about the track stucture, breakdowns/buildups/climaxes, tension/release. A track must tell a story to be actually great - Try more new different sounds, there is a world beyond the cutoff and resonance knobs on a 303 emulation. There is FM synthesis, wavetable synthesis, additive synthesis, all of them are capable of making all sorts of unusual futuristic trippy sounds.
  8. Nano does very mainstream fullon but I don't think I ever heard any melodic track from them since Protoculture (I don't count 8 minute track with an acid line of 2-3 notes appearing for 30 seconds as "melodic") I thought Vertigo was mostly releasing darkpsy but that Hedgehog track from their Omnipresence compilation was really good and indeed very melodic. Twillight/SA fullon may be quite melodic too, at least what I think is twillight
  9. I think you are right. Tickets, Brethren and the like. Very different sound Not really plenty, but some Nice track tho, really cool section between 7:00- 7:50
  10. I think it's called UK psytrance. I like the basslines and the sounds they are using and highly respect their production skills but I miss melodies. Can listen to a track or two but it quickly bores me. Same sounds + actual melodies make a killer combination tho
  11. Amazing track! These melodies Btw, that's the source of the samples, a Soviet cartoon called Hedgehog in the fog, pretty psychedelic in itself .
  12. Yes, when Hypnoxock was making full-on it was some of the absolutely best full-on out there. Sadly I can't say the same about his goa efforts. And of course almost everything ever made by Anders is pure genius and that Chromosome album is absolutely incredible as a whole.
  13. As close as it gets in 2019-2020. TBH, somewhat cheesy and simplistic compared to the best of the older stuff, more similar to DNA and such than DIgicult, U-Recken or Protoculture, but... it's that full-on
  14. It's a taste thing. Everything made by Victor Solsona is extremely well produced, be it fullon, goa, prog or even downtempo (Green Beats). When he was making morning fullon he somehow managed to take everything i love about this genre and execute it with maximum perfection. His goa also has high production values, I just dislike the melodies. Of the samples I only somewhat liked Gravitational Isolation, everything else has these weird dissonant melodies I can't enjoy. Should he switch to more melodious morning/euphoric goa like Median/Centavra/Artifact 303 I bet it would be totally killer stuff.
  15. Heard the preview already, sounds like it's going to be totally not my thing just like Eurythmia Which is a shame cause I really love their Synthetic Resurrection album
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