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  1. Slow psytrance is called Chillgressive. It's a genre on it's own and there's plenty of that on youtube, look for Psychamber, Ori Love and Savvas Kalt Most of it sounds somewhat samey and too fluffy but you can find some good stuff
  2. Monark, Diva, Repro-1/5, TAL stuff Replica XT for delays, Valhalla VV for reverbs
  3. I think Arturia aren't exactly known for making the most realistic emulations. they do make some fine hardware tho.
  4. There's an excellent one from TAL (Bassline-101), as well as LUSH-101 which is loosely based on 101 with some extras Both play in this track - starting from 3:35 and till the end of the track, quite a bit of both as the main leads and acid lines (sorry for self-promotion but hope it fits the topic ) There's also a vst plugin made by Roland themselves which is supposedly the most realistic emulation but it requires that cloud subscription crap so I never tried it.
  5. Two track EP which reflects my love to old-school melodic full-on This one has a somewhat goa-ish vibe with some influences from Global Sect sound, somewhere in-between full-on and newschool goa And this one was intended to sound like a 2005-ish full-on track with all these Access Virus sounds and the necessary trancey melody Mastering by our forum guy Astralprojection (master@aeap.se) Beatport link https://www.beatport.com/release/approaching-a-black-hole-ep/3455518
  6. https://www.beatport.com/release/mental-imagery/3423895 Groovy progressive (or kinda "soft full-on") track somewhat inspired by Sonic Species and Shadow Chronicles style.
  7. Okay, these are mixed better. Not entirely Access Virus but I used it quite a bit on these. Track 1 is written in collaboration with @astralprojection
  8. No! Maybe I'll make better mixed versions one day tho
  9. I made a couple of such tracks. Edit: oh no, these tracks sound like crap, won't be posting them. Virus is a great synth but i suck at mixing.
  10. That more likely references Access Virus synth
  11. Two tracks, 136-138 bpm, morning proggy vibes https://www.beatport.com/release/alchemical-reaction-ep/3343321 Track 2 mastered by our forum member @astralprojection
  12. Wow, that's some next level goa trance, especially this track !
  13. Same here. And also Ionized. They both were on some "super mega tarnce hits" CD I bought long ago.
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