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  1. Most inappropriate melodies or samples in psytrance

    Yes, Adromeda sometimes does very strange things in otherwise great tracks. The ones you posted are still ok, could do without the samples/vocals but they don't ruin the tracks. I think this one is the worst case, it's pretty good before 4:50 (if you are into proggy stuff ofc) but after that it suddenly becomes a total mess. Just in case, there is also a version of Atmonizer where most porn samples are omitted (and i like it better overall)
  2. I'm not sure has ever released his app to the public or has any plans to do so. Well, psytrance and politics ... for me these are two totally disconnected things. Some tongue-in-cheek references to real-world things in samples, track names, etc may have its place but generally psytrance is not about this. I don't want to say that I'm not insterested in any politics myself, but this is not what I'm looking for in psy.
  3. Well, I understand what you are talking about. One thing I like about psy/goa is that it is very depersonalized - at least supposed to be. Bacially you don't care who made this or that track and for what reasons and what they wanted to say, there is just music and nothing else. You can pretend it was made by aliens or was automatically generated by a mysterious AI in the depth of global web. Some people are taking this idea even further. E.g., this guy makes generative psytrance with an app which he has written himself. So basically the music comes from nowhere, totally disconnected from anyone's personality
  4. Need help with kick/bass

    If you are on Windows I'd recommend G-Sonique Ultrabass, it has predefined velocity -> cutoff assigment and has just the right sound for all common "psybass" duties and it's quite cheap. But Sylenth will also do the job, you need to assign an envelope and the velocity to the cutoff and add some filter drive. The bass pattern in that Suduaya track is almost straight sixteens like KbBB where K is kick and "b" has lover velocity than "B", I'd also very slighly move both "B"s to the left along the grid so that they would start few milliseconds earlier, which make the bassline a bit more swingy/groovy. Also you may add a bit of sidechaining from the kick or a ghost kick (it's optional, may or may not help). The bass in this track is made in the above way, it's faster (137 bpm) but has similar groove.
  5. What's some good Full On

    Stellar Loom by E-Mov is VERY good. Best full-on album I've heard in a long while
  6. The best release I've come across in 2018. Very deep, melodic but without cheese, psychedelic with a touch of morning euphoria. Very well produced to boot. For me it's much better than most today's commercial releases. Huge thanks for sharing this (especially for free) and I hope to hear more music from you in the future.
  7. Astral Waves - Magnetique

    Doesn't this describe the psytrance scene in general, at least in the last two or three years?
  8. What's some good Full On

    I've just come here to post this release
  9. The Dividing Line ["Astrix-style" full-on]

    Even the part starting from 6:50? Thanks for listening, glad you liked it!
  10. Well, it's cheesy and whatnot but I always really loved the late 00's melodic full-on wave (like Astrix, Aquila, Ephedrix, Sundose) so I made this track
  11. Something that makes you say "why on earth???" when you hear it in a track Like this one, for example Your turn?
  12. Commercial psytrance?

    In the late 00's "commercial psytrance" mostly meant a specific subspecies of full-on with big euphoric melodies and lots of normal trance elements. It was more accessible to casual listeners than regular psytrance and therefore the artists making it were often accused at selling out. I mean Astrix, Ananda Shake, Ephedrix and the like. Actually many of my favourite tracks are from these times/subgenre. Mind you, I've got really bad taste Todays commercial psytrance is "futureprog". It consists of big phat bass, some squelches, more big phat bass, a mantra sample, triplets (with big phat bass ofc), some white noise FXes and even more big phat bass. Like this Perhaps I'm getting old but I would rather listen to Michele Adamson trying to sing than this.
  13. What's some good Full On

    I think good full-on is something like this. 142-147 bpm, intense and energetic, with good catchy melodies. Unfortunately stuff like that is hard to find, most full-on released now hardly contains anything resembling a melody. Dacru was focused on full-on in late 00's now they release both full-on and prog.
  14. Mixing Prog with Fullon

    Sorry, I'm not into DJing myself. For what I know, it makes sense to group your tracks so that the nearby ones would have similar tempo if you want to avoid timestretching atrifacts. Cicle of fifth makes perfect sense to me. Starting a set from 135 and going to 145 in the end seems typical, many mixes on mixcloud etc seem to follow this pattern. Using an ambient track for an intro is up to you. Again, why not?
  15. Mixing Prog with Fullon

    Why not? Problems may arize if the BPMs are too far away from each other, e.g, if the prog track is 135pm and the full-on track is 147 bpm you will have to to do some extreme time stretching, not sure it will sound good. I once heard my own proggy track (137 bpm) in a full-on set where it was played around 143, TBH it sounded horrible.