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  1. recursion loop

    Track that begins with beautiful flute

    Basically everything Spinney Laney The "beautiful flute" piece starts around 2:15.
  2. Interesting name. Assuming that it is russian i would translate it as "spaces of orherworldly/transcendental mirror". Thing is that there is no such word "prostra" in Russian. The closest one is "prostranstvo" (space). Nevertheless, prostra (I think it's plural) does make some sence to me, for some reason i think about spaces which stretch out/unfold on their own.
  3. recursion loop

    Psytrance Debunked

    Actually this website is full of incredibly useful infromation https://naturalnewd.com/articles/putin-creates-gmo-super-dog https://naturalnewd.com/articles/warning-that-playing-bagpipes-is-deadly https://naturalnewd.com/articles/remember-your-member and many more
  4. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Total WTF, but in a good way Sounds like Ananda Shake on amphetamines Also this, a bit more abstract but still quite melodious, It seems that some hitech is absorbing influences from oldschool melodic fullon
  5. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Yeah, i like it too. I don't hear much similarity to Vini Vici (luckily), it's more like Cicradians with somehow "modernized" sound. It feels like the production technique is overall closer to mainstream progressive/uplifting trance, which is what Nate has been into in the last years, I mean very compressed, "wall-of-sound" kind of mixing, slower tempo, obvious sidechaining, but anyway, the spirit of good old Protoculture is back. Surely, it also deserves posting in this thread, despite technically it's not full-on it has the right vibe.
  6. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Yeah, exactly. He could be their new Protoculture (btw Nate is back to psytrance himself but his new project Shadow Chronicles is more in the proggy vein and overall has too much of that commercial trance sound he had been into over the last decade). TBH Sonic Species 2012 LP had great production but I always found it somehow bland musically, but some of his later EPs and singles were great
  7. I listened to a couple of tracks from youtube and my opinion is that psytrance and Iron Maiden-like guitar solos don't go well together. Assuming that Talamaska still has something to do with psytrance.
  8. recursion loop

    Childhood immunisation

    Imo, anti-immulnization is in the same ballpark as HIV-denialism. Irrational and dangerous belief that denies scientific evidences and replaces them with conspiracy theories.
  9. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    A bunch of tracks from the times when great melodic full-on wasn't such a rare thing
  10. recursion loop

    Am i being too critic?

    Well, i guess it just depends on the overall context. In more melodic tracks the bassline key changes support the melody, that's not a trick but something that should normally happen. In more noisy/atonal tracks this probably may indeed sound out of place. But generally everything may sound awkward or may sound great, depending on the artists' skill and taste.
  11. recursion loop

    Am i being too critic?

  12. recursion loop

    Am i being too critic?

    Well, it's simple. It all comes down to one thing - does the track move me or not? I can listen to a track and somehow enjoy it but I always ask myself - would I want to listen to this exact track (not just a random track in similar style with similar elements) again? More often than not the answer is "no". There is so much music already released to date in the genres that potentially interest me, life is to short to spend your time on "nice but nothing special" stuff The track you posted is just that imo, ncie but nothing special. Good atmosphere but it lacks some memorable melodies or sounds, or some other things that would make it stand out. I also agree with this. Well, actually producing a professionally sounding track having all the genre-defining elements is not easy at all. But, the complexity of the production, the efforts needed to make your music fitting the current trends, which again mostly comes down to the production aspects, can easily kill all the creativity, i think this is why there is so much of prefectly produced but totally unmemorable music.
  13. I just came across another case. https://www.beatport.com/release/and-stone/2302149 "Music Plaza is proud and excited to present the first full-length album by Hungarian producer Gal aka Leopold... " Not sure if "Hungarian producer Gal aka Leopold" actually exists but the tracks had been written by a Russian guy Zett555 and were put for free download. https://promodj.com/Zett555 The tracks originally have different names but they all are the same. Nice tracks btw, remind me of early Space Buddha and the like, with lots of energy, acid and deliberately chaotic weird melodies. They may be downloaded from his page by the above link.
  14. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Somebody is still making this kind of fullon in 2018 really good one!
  15. recursion loop

    Alien scream riser fx?

    I think that's indeed an FM sound. Try FMing two saws, or a saw and a triangle, separated by two octaves. You should get a ripping noisy sound, then sweep a bandpass filter with high resonance over it. Suggested synths are: Discovery, Serum, Viper, Bazille. I'm not familiar with Toxic but if it's an FM synth and has a bandpass filter I guess it should do the trick. Just for fun you may download Viper synth demo and find a preset FX Abduction in the factory bank 3, it's not the same sound but kinda similar, based on some sounds used by Cosmosis. It's highly velocity sencisite, play with velocity for some funny results. http://www.adamszabo.com/viper/