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  1. Okay, undertood it finally Took me only 3 years My tastes now shifted from big melodies to something more subtle and deep and this album delivers this perfectly. Basically it has everything I now expect from progressive trance. Fantastinc sound-design, deep and lush soundscape and some melodic bits - not too much but enough to add interest.
  2. Without Psy-H and Centavra any Global Sect compilation would feel incomplete, these two guys are modern goa geniuses But Skarma delivers big time, probably his best track ever and one of the very best tracks ever released by Global Sect. My other favorite is Ephedra, these mermaid voices are incredible. The first track is also very nice but way too short. J.I.S., Median, Ypsylon5 and especially Mindsphere are somehow disappointing, not that their tracks are bad but each of these guys can do much better.
  3. Very cool, didn't know he had released an album. Need to check it out asap. I always loved his Circadians album and various compilation tracks he released around 2005-2006. I never cared about his "normal trance" output but Shadow Chronicles is a very welcome return to the psy scene. I've heard few singles, it was sort of EDM-ized version of old Protoculture style. Not really as good as his original melodic/morning full-on style but probably as close as it gets in 2019.
  4. That Skarma track is fvcking incredible! It's still these awesome melodies and the genuine 90's morning goa atmosphere, but this time really good production with strong kick. I think it immediately goes into the top 10 modern goa tracks (it still sounds very much like Astral Projection, more than anything AP have released since Amen) . Overall it's a very good compilation except for few tracks, I was somehow disappointed by Mindsphere - I usually expect more interesting melodies from him, also tracks 7-8 and 10 are not my cup of tea but I guess they are still good if you are into darker and more raw or agressive/chaotic sound I wondered why name of the Proxeeus track didn't refer to Lovecraft this time until I realized that Pluto was Yuggoth
  5. Occasionally found this track, surprisingly it was on a Neogoa compilcation but I think it's somehow closer to full-on. Gorgeous melodies, especially in the closing part And yet another gem
  6. Fvck, wrong thread In reply to the OP, I think I read on a Russian forum Psy-H is no more into making tracks (which is a shame ofc) but he is still DJing, he played at Abstraction Fest in Russia this August and also at some local events in his (my) city. Alienapia runs a mixing/masering studio in Ukraine, also his main project is the downtempo act Zymosis, which is still active, also he has released a couple of tracks as EleexR, these are more kind of dark prog
  7. Well, I gave a listen to few tracks today and they are definitely good on their own. I actually always like Median's stuff when I hear it on a compilation or in a DJ set, when it is "diluted" by someone's else tracks. The album is just too much of the same thing, sort of. I feel the same with many artist albums actually, for example Little Universe always was my favourite E-Clip's track - I heard it first on some compilation and immediately loved, and at the same time I used to think his Into The Void album was totally mediocre stuff. It took me a while to realize that Litle Universe was actually on that album, it was just too much of similar sounding tracks and it somehow got lost. Also it's nearly impossible to listen to Mission Adept in the office, I always think it's some asshat is calling me by phone
  8. Must be the video quality, sorry i was in the office so could not check. I know this track for years, sure it sounds amazing.
  9. Guys, if these not the absolute bassline materpieces then I don't know what is I love how they sound dark and menacing on their own and how they are contrasted by these sublime melodies. The dude is a freaking genius.
  10. Yes, I agree that "kbbb psytrance" overall tends to be more club firendly than goa, but I have issues specifically with Median's productions. His tracks sound fine in my home (I have half-decent nearfiled speakers and some acoustic treatment im my room and also good studio headphones) but not so nice in earbuds. I have to listen to a lot of music in earbuds when I'm at work and while earbuds generally are not the best way to enjoy music, well-balanced mixes still sound well-balanced in them, but in the Meidan's tracks the kick tends to overpower everynthing including the bass, so it sounds like "dumm-dumm-dumm" instead of a proper kick/bass groove. Maybe it's just me since nobody else seems to be bothered.
  11. Despite it's my absolutely favourite kind of goa (melodic/spacey/euphoric) I'm not really mad about this album. It's too just homogenous, everything sounds nice but nothing sounds really outstanding. Also I'm not a big fan of his mixing style actually, he has a a very huge hard hitting kick and the synths sound weak by comparison and often blend into some barely discernible mush. I once heard him on stage in my city and frankly this was the point where I left the party. it was like staying near a pile driving machine, I only heard the kick and some synth bits at the distant background, so this didn't sound quite danceable to me. Dunno maybe the acoustics in that club was poor (or I was stoned enough already), but the stuff they had played before sounded fine to me. This album is mixed a bit better but I'd still prefer less emphasis on the kick and more definition in the synths. Anyway, I do think Median has a lot of talent and skills but I wish he would go for quality over quantity. I hope he is yet to make his real masterpieces.
  12. Interesting what you say about U_recken, I think he has some of the best basslines ever made on overall top-notch production, better than the average I think.
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