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  1. There is also Isratrance forum and a few others but none of them seems very active these days. Everything must happen at Facebook and such i guess (I don't know, I have a FB account but hardly ever use it). I'm actually curious if there is a place on the web to discuss Astrix, Ace Ventura and other modern prog stuff with people who actually like it or at least have some interest in it, like myself.
  2. Out of the blue Freq released a new track the other week. It has that modern very sharp bassline but the synths and the melodies sound like the old stuff. Really nice track IMO
  3. It's always far more important how it sounds than what it looks like in an analyzer. But I'd say it's quite unusual to see such a massive peak at 1.1. KHz in a kick. Also it seems you have the two main harmonics and not much stuff inbetween. That's what a spectrum of an exemplary psy kick might look like You may watch this video, it gives some basic explanations on how psytrance kicks are usually made
  4. IDK, sounds really cool to me (I guess one has to understand the lyrics and the overall context tho) Actually the whole thing sounds pretty much like some Perplex/Michelle Adamson collab from 2007. Which is a good thing for me
  5. That's a bit tricky to explain, and it's not that I'm such an expert. I'm listening in a relatively decent environment (have some acoustic treatment in there) with good monitors and headphones... the same room where I mix my own stuff. What I hear is that your bass seems to be indeed concentrated around the root harmonic without much harmonic content in the upper octaves, if any at all, and the kick barely has any impact, it's just a short midrange sound, not even very clicky. The kick/bass in psy is not just low frequenices, it actually populates the area from the lowest sub to
  6. 138 bpm progressive with some 303s and a bit of cheesy euphoric melodies Mastered by Astralprojection (master@aeap.se)
  7. This might require a bit more mixing/mastering work (IMO it still doesn't have enough bass - not in the sense that you should add more low frequencies, but the bass and especially the kick somewhat lack presence and impact). But sonically and musically it's really impressive!
  8. Take a look at Viper VSTi if you are on Windows. It has essentially the same sturcture as Virus and can sound very similar, especially FM and stuff https://www.adamszabo.com/vstplugins/viper/
  9. Cool, I don't use Ableton but I know Futurephonics make some quality content. I have Virus Snow and Microbrute. Both really cool synths, I use them sometimes in my tracks but these days I mostly use software synths.
  10. Hi! On behaf of NHJO, who is somewhat busy now, i offer you a new awesome band name Micro Delic Please kindly paypal 5 usd to: stupiduselessshit@gmail.com
  11. Going darker? Still sounds cool What did you use for the FM synths? Virus?
  12. There is an old tuotrial about that vb-1/quadrafuzz bass (for the end result skip to around 30:30) I wouldn't say it's exactly the same sound as in that Aquila track, but this sounds a lot like the full-on basslines everyone and their dog were making around 2005-2009, like Astrix, Galactica, Ephedrix etc.
  13. I see. Indeed the filter characteristics are similar in your example. I have neither cubase nor logic myself, but I know many people used vb-1/quadra in the 00s (iirc someone told me this technique was invented or made popular by Skazi), so I'm just guessing it's how the bass was made in that track. TBH I never managed to really nail this specific bassline style myself
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