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  1. Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe - THE track of the century also - Gaura Nitai, Active Meditation, Ramayana, The Essence Of Bhagavat-Ghita, Crystal Worlds Skarma - any track Centavra Project - Shambhala Mindsphere - any track from Mental Triplex/Presence Artifact 303 - Beyond Lightspeed, Feelings, They Will Communicate Digicult vs U-recken -Into The Heartland (AP remix - there seem to be two of them, both equally good)) Alienapia - Night Train And did I mention Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe?
  2. Didn't notice you've posted more tracks. Really nice selection, indeed these tracks have some of the qualities which I love in progressive psy/progressive trance. They sound somewhat too minimal and monotonous to me, coming from few years of listening almost exclusively to psytrance I'm used to more undexpected changes, tracks being more loaded with different sounds and melodies etc, but I like the overall atmosphere. Will try to look for more melodic techno.
  3. Thanks, Superbeast, nice track too. Reminds me of some Serbian prog trance stuff, Lyctum, Vertex and such.
  4. Thanks, this indeed sounds nice... too nice I'd say. Softer and more melancholic that I'd like. I like the melodies though.
  5. I keep reading about that melodic/trancey wave in techno. This actually sounds like something I could enjoy, could you point me some artists/labels etc?
  6. Phoscyon is very good, I never owned a real 303 but Phoscyon sounds as close to classic goa/acid 303 lines as it gets right out of the box. Love the distortion, it seems tailor-made for such sounds.
  7. I know TB303 but what is that synth, 604? I think by the first half of 2010's some kind of "newschool goa formula" had been developed, to which lot of new artists are now trying to stick. This leads to a lot of homogenous, unremarkable tracks. Nevertheless, most of my favourite goa tracks have been released in the last decade, artists like Skarma, Psy-H Project, Mindsphere, some stuff by Ephedra, Median Project, Alienapia, Ra etc. They do often stick to the same formula, but somehow they still make it work. Also for the genre which mainly relies on melodies, the melodies/musical structure in many newschool stuff are not very good to my taste. Some tracks sound to me like the producer thought something like "well, let me just add as many notes and layers as my PC can handle". Just random mess of melodic lines that lead nowhere, may have wrong notes, etc. Overall I like what Global Sect is doing, they try to add more meaning to the whole thing, release CDs, flouro artwork, even write poems. It may look a bit over the top (especially the poems) but at least they try to make newschool goa look like some movement or subculture on its own. Also their selection of tracks usually fits my taste more than other labels.
  8. I used to think it was their actual project name, it took me a while to read it properly. Bwt I think their best album is Synthetic Resurrection, I like it much more that Eurythmia. But it's not goa.
  9. Oh, yes, I also think that Hypnoxock - Eurythmia is somewhat better than Hypnoxock - Eurythmia, but not really that much. What do you think about Hypnoxock - Eurythmia btw? Don't see it on the list.
  10. Phrygian mode + syncopation in melodic lines. Why not? Should it be played with synths instead of guitars with some cutoff/reso tweaking it would sound pretty much like goa. I think some species of metal have something common with goa/psy in terms of melodics and overall mood. I used to be a metalhead myself before switching to electronic music. E.g. these two tracks evoke somewhat similar feelings in me Anyway, you can find some goa flavours in very unusual places (well, this one is more like nitzho but still )
  11. Chi AD for example is transgender. Make of that what you will. Chi AD https://www.discogs.com/ru/artist/12977-Chi-AD Also a genre with track names like "Hallucinogen _LSD" must have absolutely nothing to do with using drugs
  12. XXX individuals? XYY individuals? Mosaic individuals? It's not that simple
  13. Супербист, заканчивай хуйню нести ))
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