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  1. Hi! On behaf of NHJO, who is somewhat busy now, i offer you a new awesome band name Micro Delic Please kindly paypal 5 usd to: stupiduselessshit@gmail.com
  2. Going darker? Still sounds cool What did you use for the FM synths? Virus?
  3. There is an old tuotrial about that vb-1/quadrafuzz bass (for the end result skip to around 30:30) I wouldn't say it's exactly the same sound as in that Aquila track, but this sounds a lot like the full-on basslines everyone and their dog were making around 2005-2009, like Astrix, Galactica, Ephedrix etc.
  4. I see. Indeed the filter characteristics are similar in your example. I have neither cubase nor logic myself, but I know many people used vb-1/quadra in the 00s (iirc someone told me this technique was invented or made popular by Skazi), so I'm just guessing it's how the bass was made in that track. TBH I never managed to really nail this specific bassline style myself
  5. Is it possible to run ES-1 outside of Logic? Or Quadrafuzz in Logic, for that matter? Yor example sounds nice but not quite similar to that Aquila bass imo.
  6. I thought Aqiula were cubase users, so my guess would be the classic vb-1 + quadrafuzz combo
  7. Groovy and powerful, very competent production but misses some individuality 7.5/10
  8. Lol, that's a very old meme but I thought it would never get out the Russian part of the internet
  9. Great track, as expected Listening at home, where I have 7inch monitors and some acoustic treatment, can't seem to hear anything wrong in the mix. Maybe the kick is somewhat weaker than what is considered the modern norm, but if you are aiming at mid 00's sound then it sounds fine. The bass is great, what synth/technique do you use? Do you resample it or run directly from a synth? I'd make the track 2 minutes longer and add a more pronounced melodic climax. E.g. at 4:37, drop some supersaw arpeggio and go full cheese, then it would be fkn epic
  10. Indeed, older fullon used to be less intense but this wasn't a bad thing. I like slow evolution in trance tracks, when elements are gradually added instead of being thrown into your ears right away Like here, there are sections where not much is going on except for the bassline and some squelches/stabs but somehow the whole thing sounds really entrancing. Is it your Virus at your userpic?
  11. Okay, we defnitely need to talk the guy into dropping what actually makes his music great and unique
  12. Thanks! Maybe I'll make more tracks in the style like that Safe Travels track. Basically when I started making some music myself I wanted to cocnentrate mostly on this style but by the time I became able to make tracks of more or less acceptable quality the world had moved on and this style seemed to be dead. There is some charm in these oldschool jumpy basslines, like in that Atomic Pulse track (dope track!).
  13. Next time better start your own thread for your works, but the track you posted sounds nice. Impressive that you have been doing this for a half of a year only (unless you are using premade loops). These short clap/kick breaks at every second bar sound a bit distracting, if you remove most of them except the places where they would mark a trasition to a next section the track would be more groovy.
  14. Your music and your production are great and I think we badly need full-on like that in 2020. It used to be my favourite subgenre but it seems that people mostly stopped making it by 2012 or so. There is a nostalgia thread here Of recent artisis I only know Lexxus with similar sound, he has released some stuff at Dacru btw So I think you could submit your stuff to Dacru as well, why not? In the worst case they never respond but you lose nothing anyway I don't know any labels consistently releasing melodic/morning fullon at the moment, if they do e
  15. Thanks Beastie! Well, making the whole arrangement of the pieces people will provide, making the bassline, mixing the whole thing, that would be a lot of work. I can do that and sure it would be interesting to try but I can't promise making it soon, chances are it would be months ... Quite busy with the dayjob and my own projects.
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