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  1. The first track of the album was haunting me for a few days, like it was something I had heard before despite I was pretty sure I hadn't. It turned our to be that Sonic Species track, some parts of the Altered State's one sound almost like it was an attempt at 1:1 remake
  2. Yes, that too. When I skip trough compilations of tracks by different producers the bassline often stays exacxtly the same. It's just what it is... the 2021 psy bassline. I think most newschool psy guys must credit Futurephonics and Function Loops as co-producers
  3. Agree with you here, it does sound very clean and transparent (and very very loud I guess) but the sound somewhat lacks warmth and substance. But it's the sound of today, love it or hate it... I think the music is quite decent nevertheless.
  4. Another fresh album, very modern sound but I think I hear a lot of influences from classic morning stuff, such as Protoculture, Silicon Sound, Ephedrix, Digicult Really good one, IMO.
  5. I didn't know that exact track (thanks for posting it it's great!) but I discovered Technical Hitch a while back and was quite impressed. I think it's rooted in the hi-tech subgenre, some tracks have really crazy bpms, but he adds these sublime melodies and ethnic atmospheres which takes the whole thing to a next level One of my favs (190 bpm tho!) A remix mix with a more "normal" bpm I also think Sonic Elysium has somewhat similar vibe (being in a more accessible bpm range) And maybe some Terrafractyl stuff (more of a "sympho-psy" ... or whatever you may call that. The common thing is that it's very melodic and doesn't stick much to the ubiquitous "psytrance formulae")
  6. Did someone miss DNA, Gataka, Vibe Tribe, Electro Sun? 145 bpm with happy sunshine melodies Unashamedly cheesy one, but quite enjoyable (or maybe I just starved for properly melodic psy for so long)
  7. Both Mindsphere and Liquid Flow have albums called "presence"and both albums are worth checking out Mindpshere is probably closer to what you are looking for, it has a lot of these floating, warbling and bubbling melodies with massive filter tweaking over fast paced melodic arpeggios, Liquid Flow is a more straghtforward AP style buit there's some delicious floaty stuff in there as well Also some stuff by Zopmanika (might be too nitzho but still good) And othar ususal suspects from Global Sect, such as Centavra project, Median Project etc
  8. Slow psytrance is called Chillgressive. It's a genre on it's own and there's plenty of that on youtube, look for Psychamber, Ori Love and Savvas Kalt Most of it sounds somewhat samey and too fluffy but you can find some good stuff
  9. Monark, Diva, Repro-1/5, TAL stuff Replica XT for delays, Valhalla VV for reverbs
  10. I think Arturia aren't exactly known for making the most realistic emulations. they do make some fine hardware tho.
  11. There's an excellent one from TAL (Bassline-101), as well as LUSH-101 which is loosely based on 101 with some extras Both play in this track - starting from 3:35 and till the end of the track, quite a bit of both as the main leads and acid lines (sorry for self-promotion but hope it fits the topic ) There's also a vst plugin made by Roland themselves which is supposedly the most realistic emulation but it requires that cloud subscription crap so I never tried it.
  12. Two track EP which reflects my love to old-school melodic full-on This one has a somewhat goa-ish vibe with some influences from Global Sect sound, somewhere in-between full-on and newschool goa And this one was intended to sound like a 2005-ish full-on track with all these Access Virus sounds and the necessary trancey melody Mastering by our forum guy Astralprojection (master@aeap.se) Beatport link https://www.beatport.com/release/approaching-a-black-hole-ep/3455518
  13. https://www.beatport.com/release/mental-imagery/3423895 Groovy progressive (or kinda "soft full-on") track somewhat inspired by Sonic Species and Shadow Chronicles style.
  14. Okay, these are mixed better. Not entirely Access Virus but I used it quite a bit on these. Track 1 is written in collaboration with @astralprojection
  15. No! Maybe I'll make better mixed versions one day tho
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