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  1. Okay, these are mixed better. Not entirely Access Virus but I used it quite a bit on these. Track 1 is written in collaboration with @astralprojection
  2. No! Maybe I'll make better mixed versions one day tho
  3. I made a couple of such tracks. Edit: oh no, these tracks sound like crap, won't be posting them. Virus is a great synth but i suck at mixing.
  4. That more likely references Access Virus synth
  5. Two tracks, 136-138 bpm, morning proggy vibes https://www.beatport.com/release/alchemical-reaction-ep/3343321 Track 2 mastered by our forum member @astralprojection
  6. Wow, that's some next level goa trance, especially this track !
  7. Same here. And also Ionized. They both were on some "super mega tarnce hits" CD I bought long ago.
  8. Sure! Especially the second one, it's kinda more "canonical" and has all the genre cliches. Btw, my introduction to psytrance was also Infected Mushroom and Astrix
  9. Some excellent stuff by Stereofeld (okay 2013 is old now )
  10. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrLemilica1 The guy has most major psy releases on his channel
  11. Very cool track! I dig the oldschool vibe. Mixing seems ok. What synths did you use btw?
  12. This NOT Anders Nilsson, right? https://www.discogs.com/ru/artist/197796-Andromeda-4
  13. One of my all-time favs. Amazing track! And more Andromeda And yet another one. Very hypnotic track with deep and lush atmosphere - that's basically what I think progressive should be ... Interesting that it's the only psytrance track made by this guy, for what I know. He seems to be mostly focused on chillout (not even psychill).
  14. Actually I read the AP review where he said that the production was very good but the melodies weren't that great - that was exactly the impression of all Celestial Intelligence's tracks I ever heard (I remember one from Inti compilation and the album they released in 2015 ). So yes, I honestly thought it were the same guys until I read the Penzoline's post. I used to listen to neogoa a lot 3-4 years ago but then I switched to other forms of psy and lost track of current goa projects. Lol, man . Okay, I just listened to that Fabric of Creation track. It's act
  15. It took me a while to realize that they were not the same guys "Uhm, what was the name? Cosmic Intelligence? Celestial Dimension? I don't remember!"
  16. That's excatly what I was saying in another thread All in all, i think really complex harmonies typcially don't go well with psytrance. Some people manage to pull it off, like U-recken, Terrafractyl or early Infected Mushroom. But mostly the "melodics" in full-on are repetitive patterns in natural minor or Phrygian with some occasional root note changes adding tension. These melodies keep the entrancing effect of the bassline but also add some emotion, making it more than just a bassline with some sfx noises on top. I see how this style of psy may sound like 'elevator music"
  17. Do you mean Mr. peculiar or everything in this thread? The Peculliar's tracks aren't really melody-driven and don't have very complex harmonies (especially the 1st and the 3rd one I've posted) but they have some nicely executed melodic bits so I think they still fit. E.g. the Other Speices track at 1:50 and 6:28... goosebumps! What do you think would be an example of proper melodic psy? Agree with that. It seems that at some point it was concluded that "melodies are for pussies" and then psytrance became much less ineteresting to me as a whole. I do like some non-melodic st
  18. Was listening to Mr Peculiar's Infinite Evoltion on a loop lately Just cool AF, every single track!
  19. So are we working with this track? Okay, that would be 138 bpm E minor.
  20. They just didn't have the tools we have now, like surgical equalizers or super-precise compresors, also they only used hardware synths I think. Was there any software synth in 2000? Maybe only Rebirth is that old. When you record a hardware synth into a cheap inteface you can get all kinds of noises and artifacts. Likely they also didn't use DAWs for mixing, rather it probably were some cheap and noisy hardware mixers and everything was recorded on noisy tapes. Now most mainstream psy labels expect more polished sound. And that probably means that artists, at least those signed at bigname labe
  21. What melody? From that track, or something else? I think that track was much faster than 130, and it probably won't sound good if slowed down. I can make some new melodies for 130 bpm
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