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  1. Global Sect style... sort of, I think
  2. Only pure reality My turn: 1. Machines are tools, they are made to be used, it's their nature.... To be slaves? 2. There actually is cosmic system where birth and death are transitions from level to level 3. (In a hysterical female voice) What the fuck is going on?!!
  3. Dont speak for all Russian people please. The tracks are fine, but if you are serious about the future of your music, you don't call your project like Infuckted Mashroom or Ostral Projunction. Deedrah is a really well known artist.
  4. I think this thread is from the times when people were looking for music that conveys a specific mood/atmosphere rather than music that stirctly meets some niche subgenre criteria. When I think about music which I woulds associate with forests, it's something like this
  5. I've just listened to the track from Bandcamp. Quite nice track actually, totally different from what I expected. That funky full-onish vibe from the times when full-on was good These key changes... I think the thing is that the track in a major key. This is something very unusual for psy/goa where minor scales are typically used (if any at all). The key changes here support the melody in a musically correct way but the melody itself sounds weird in the context because it's in major key. For me that's a good kind of weirdness but I can see why it may sound wrong to someone else.
  6. I haven't heard this exact track yet, but the hate towards key changes is something that really puzzles me. I mean, they can sound terrible, basically anything can sound terrible if used without skill and taste. But... psytrance is music. Key changes are natural part of music regardless of the genre. What's wrong with it? The next step is going to be "this track has some notes, how lame, I hate notes", lol. If anything, what actually bothers me about modern psytrance in general is the total lack of melodic content and basslines playing the same note thoughout the whole track in 90% of cases. It wasn't like that few years ago.
  7. Wow, great! The teaser sounds promising. I remember her track Visual Range with awesome melodic moments, this one is less melodic but still nice, classic full-on which I love. Something wrong with the links in your posts, they all lead back to this topic.
  8. For the third time already Well, my point was that you can "prove" basically anything by finding articles and surveys published by serious organisations and giving quotes out of context. I don't actually believe that all vegetarians are psychos, calm down If we talk about vegetarian diets seriously, well, human species is omnivorous by nature. Actually the above example with vitamin A supports exactly this, human metabolism can adapt and use inferior vitamin sources for a short time, but it's an emergency solution, it was "invented" by evolution to survive the periods when our ancestors weren't lucky enough to catch some animals. I can believe that now it's possible to compensate for permanent lack of meat by various food additives. But I'm not so sure that anyone in any place in the world has access to these and has enough knowledge and education to plan good vegetarian diets. So it's not like "if you want to be as good and moral as me just stop buying meat and milk, it's that easy". It's not that easy.
  9. As fas as scientific surveys go This survey says that people with mental issues are more likely to become vegetarians. But another survey says that Look, people, vegans are psychos! They became vegans because they are psychos and being vegans makes things even worse for them.That's science, bro! Well, I just googled some articles for fun, picked some conclusions out of context and put them toghether. Just like you did, because in fact means lots of supplements which people outside of the first world just can't afford, and not appropriately planned ones mean lot of health risks, especially for children. In case of developing countires health organisations recommend because which ends up in
  10. No. I just want to say that in some cases the gap between "there are some scientific evidences in favour of this" and "this is an established and undeniable fact" may be huge. E.g. I think the scientific evidences of that HIV causes AIDS or that smoking contributes to cancer are strong enough, but the scientific basis of that veganism (I mean veganism alone, not "healthy lifestyle" including veganism among other things) would actually provide benefits to any person in any age and any health condition is not really that strong. Not to mention that you look obviovulsy biased so I guess that among all scientific evidences you are choosing only those which support your decision. And yes, I do like meat
  11. The problem with these studies is that they can prove basically everything the authors want to prove. You can manipulate things on different levels, the inclusion criteria, the statistical data, the interpretation of the results, whatever. By manipulation, I don't actually mean intentional distrotion of the study design and results, but rather subconscious bias of the investigators in favour of their ideas. I can readily believe that an avreage vegan may have equally good or better health than an average meat eater. As far vegainsm is usually associated with healthy lifestyle in general, a vegan is expected to do more excercises, drink less alcohol, if any, eat less sugar if any etc. What exactly provides the health benefits they are talking about, and how do we determine the effect of veganism alone? Aslo I think it is generally applciable to the 1st world countires mostly, where most people can buy high quality food of any kind. But the bottomline is: why would anyone care what other people are eating?
  12. Well, it was sort of joke about "the best newschool goa track", but for me this track is really something special. I listen to goa along with many other psy subgenres and I'm not actually a big oldschool fan, TBH the only olschool act which matters something for me is Astral Projection. So I'm not sure if I'm qualified to talk about "the essence of goa", whatever it is. All in all, most Psy-H Project tracks create exactly the same kind of emotional response in me as the classic AP works, like People Can Fly, Nilaya etc. So do most Artifact303 and Centavra Project tracks, some Alienapia (Night Train!), Median Project, Ra, Zopmanika, E-Mantra, while many other newschool acts, including some very highly rated ones, don't.
  13. No. It's absolutely obvious that the best newschool goa track is Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe But generally Artifact303 is one of the few producers whose music has all the good things I love about goa trance, and avoids most things I tend to dislike. Glad to see you back, btw.
  14. Basically everything Spinney Laney The "beautiful flute" piece starts around 2:15.
  15. Interesting name. Assuming that it is russian i would translate it as "spaces of orherworldly/transcendental mirror". Thing is that there is no such word "prostra" in Russian. The closest one is "prostranstvo" (space). Nevertheless, prostra (I think it's plural) does make some sence to me, for some reason i think about spaces which stretch out/unfold on their own.
  16. Actually this website is full of incredibly useful infromation https://naturalnewd.com/articles/putin-creates-gmo-super-dog https://naturalnewd.com/articles/warning-that-playing-bagpipes-is-deadly https://naturalnewd.com/articles/remember-your-member and many more
  17. Total WTF, but in a good way Sounds like Ananda Shake on amphetamines Also this, a bit more abstract but still quite melodious, It seems that some hitech is absorbing influences from oldschool melodic fullon
  18. Yeah, i like it too. I don't hear much similarity to Vini Vici (luckily), it's more like Cicradians with somehow "modernized" sound. It feels like the production technique is overall closer to mainstream progressive/uplifting trance, which is what Nate has been into in the last years, I mean very compressed, "wall-of-sound" kind of mixing, slower tempo, obvious sidechaining, but anyway, the spirit of good old Protoculture is back. Surely, it also deserves posting in this thread, despite technically it's not full-on it has the right vibe.
  19. Yeah, exactly. He could be their new Protoculture (btw Nate is back to psytrance himself but his new project Shadow Chronicles is more in the proggy vein and overall has too much of that commercial trance sound he had been into over the last decade). TBH Sonic Species 2012 LP had great production but I always found it somehow bland musically, but some of his later EPs and singles were great
  20. I listened to a couple of tracks from youtube and my opinion is that psytrance and Iron Maiden-like guitar solos don't go well together. Assuming that Talamaska still has something to do with psytrance.
  21. Imo, anti-immulnization is in the same ballpark as HIV-denialism. Irrational and dangerous belief that denies scientific evidences and replaces them with conspiracy theories.
  22. A bunch of tracks from the times when great melodic full-on wasn't such a rare thing
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