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  1. If I had unlimtied funds I'd buy a separate room for a studio, at least 20 square meters, and invest few grands into a proper acoustic treatment and a good sub matching my monitors. Also a UAD card with full plugin package. Synth-wise I'd probably buy Waldorf Quantum and Dave Smith OB-6. But most likely I would still use mostly software synths for actual tracks
  2. Using HP first can make sense too, sometimes you don't want to overload the saturator with the bass frequencies, especially if it's not frequency selective. But then you may want to check at the end of the signal chain if your processing doesn't add to much lows and maybe use another HP. I used to have a persistent problem of lower midrange muddiness in my mixes, it turned out this was largely due to that I was using a HP first in the chain
  3. Before Satruation after hipass may add the unwanted low freq content back. Also try more gentle hipass slope (e.g. 12 dB/oct instead of 24) and higher cut
  4. I usually hipass everything that is not the bass at around 300 Hz, give or take. If it's too thin, add some slight distortion or compress it (but before the hipass filter)
  5. I think Van Buuren's collab with Vini Vici was an one-off. Sean Tyas who used to be a household name in commercial trance, has made some psy tracks which sounded decent but quite generic Protoculture, who had migrated from psytrance to commercial trance long ago, returned into psy as Shadow Chronicles (still with a lot of EDM/mainstream trance elements but not really cringeworthy) I think psytrance may be something of interest for mainstream trance producers as a production challenge, for being highly techncially advanced music.
  6. Also check out this (was just posted in the promotion section) https://druidproject.bandcamp.com/album/spessartine-dreams
  7. Really good! Mellow, melodic and deep. I do hear hardware production
  8. Great stuff! You might like some of these (a bit slower than your playlist but kinda similar feel)
  9. 136 bpm progressive psy inspipred by early 2010's Serbian prog like E-Clip, Relativ and Lyctum. Mastered by Astralprojection (master@aeap.se)
  10. Fxb is the universal preset bank format for VST/VSTi Look for "load bank" in the plugin's GUI or put the fxp files into the same folder where the the fatory banks are stored.
  11. It redirects to the same Isratrance thread Ok, I guess that's some inside joke or local meme from 15 years ago, not that I really care tho. But now I know NHJO was already around in 2008
  12. What the story behind that Psynina? I googled her, found quite a few tracks (listened to a couple, they sounded ok), few different photos of the same girl, few mentions on sites like discogs, psyDB etc and that long isratrance thread. Why was it alleged that she wasn't real?
  13. I routinely do the same thing, also boosting/cutting harmonics in similar manner as you said - but that's for the bassline that doesn't envisage many key changes and especially if bpm is 140 or below. Multi-note basslines with octave jumps and key changes at faster tempos (like 145 bpm) don't really need that.
  14. For these I somehow manage to get by with just one synth channel, using broadband cuts and boosts and trying to find a phase sweet spot so that the phase wouldn't be completely off at any of the notes. Filter keytracking also helps getting consistent sound across different notes.
  15. In this case I'd be afraid of potential phase issues. Maybe it's manageable but for me it's easier just to bounce few bassline notes with their own processing chains.
  16. Yes, that's really a thing but it somewhat depends on the bassline style. What I call "modern" full-on/proggy bassline (like basically everyone at Dacru, Digital Om, Tech Safari, Iono etc is using) requires very precise phase aligment between the kick and the bass and also surgical equing depending on the harmonic frequences. Each time you change the key you need to do that again. Basically in this scenario I have separate mixer channels for each bassline note - typically 3 or 4 per a track suffice, my harmonies aren't as complex as Infected Mushroom or Terrafractyl, but even that takes quite a bit of extra work Oldschool fullon basslines with octave jumps are less rigid, no problems with transposing them along with the chord changes or even making them play their own melody
  17. I came to psytrance from commercial trance, so I loved the massive melodic climaxes first then grew to like other parts of these fullon tracks. i still can't comprehend how the question "whether keychanges are admissible in psytrance" is really a thing. It's like "are men allowed to weak pink shirts" or similar. When the melody calls for a key change, why not? It doen't make the track any less psy as such, and the absence of key changes won't make it any more psy. All in all, when the question "isn't it cheesy" comes into play, it's guaranteed that all the fun will soon go away, be it psytrance, or True Norvegian Black Metal or any other genre that pretends to be underground or extreme.
  18. Not really, as I said I kinda liked some of his (his?) tracks but never was a real fan or anything. I heard several tracks credited as Sunstryk which sounded similar (definitely like they had been made by the same person) but maybe it was just the same ghost producer. Interesting why he/she never showed up then.
  19. Doesn't it actually depend on the chord progression itself? I think a harmonic minor progression, especially with some chromatic elements like a diminished 5th will sound anything but cheesy (like some SA twillight for example) As I said many times, I sorely miss melodic fullon, circa 2006 (Protoculture - Circadians) till 2013 (U-Recken - A Light at the End of The World). I admit that this subgenre/period is responsible for some of the most appaling cheese but also for some of the finest melodic psy ever made (Digicult, Chromosome, Mr Peculiar, Hyperion, Galactika, U-Recken and many others). And even the downright cheesy stuff form that period (Ananda Shake, Intersys, Sytem Nipel, Electro Sun, Indra) is somehow more likeable than Vini Vici or Berg and similar. I also think the progressive from that period sounded more diverse and overall more interesting than today, the albums like Andromeda - Sensations, Vibrasphere - Archipelago, Suntree - Inside, Freq - Strange Attractors, E-Clip - Shuma - they don't have much in common except lower bpm and overall less intense sound but something sets them apart from modern cookie-cutter prog.
  20. Who made that track then? I remember there were some other tracks in similar style, also a collab with E-Clip (not sure E-Clip would collaborate with someone who is obviously shady, though it was 10 years ago)
  21. Ineteresting, I thought Sunstryk was a legit artist, even liked some his tracks
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