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  1. I am afraid I don't know that On my side it displays all the old emojis like before. I could imagine that they do some trickery with apple now though.
  2. I'd like to add: you can also donate us BAT (these are earned by just using the BRAVE browser, which rewards you if you activate ads ... this way empowering you and only you with the decision on who should receive ad rewards - we would be happy if you chose us...)
  3. I checked with Mars and it was no exploit ... it were indeed technical problems, caused by an update -- the very thing that should protect us from exploits... Not gonna bore you with the details. I am super glad that we got this back to a working state.
  4. Hello everybody hooray, we've had new technical issues Since the last update, I could not post anymore. I investigated the problem, found out it concerned all message fields. I switched to about 4 browsers, it didn't go away ... I figured that it must be the editor, so I now disabled all customizations for the editor ... and it seems to work again now, at least for me. I don't know if anybody else experienced the same problem. Let me know. Also, feel free to let me know any stuff that's still broken ... I'll do my best to get back to you cheers RTP
  5. RTP


    Here's one for you:
  6. ... and the Necro of the Month award goes to ... Can I ask: how did you dig this up ... did you search or did you have a list somewhere in your pocket that this question is still unanswered? The post from Otto Matta up there was worth digging up though I can't contribute to the topic, sorry...
  7. I'd celebrate that Do we have any more crazy old fellas in our scene? I think with most people, with age they go out less. It will hit us too. But these ones ... mad respect for carrying on
  8. Hi, Komet Bernhard ... andybody know this guy? A Berlin legend. I think he and Raja Ram should go for a beer. (please use auto-generated subtitles with auto-tranlate to enjoy)
  9. He sings like HEDNINGARNA know them?
  10. Hi - thanks for stopping by For me personally it's good to hear that you will stay true both to the old school and to the new sound. It also will be easier for me to recommend this to others than if it was pure old school ... I know purists on here LOVE that old school sound ... but it's more easy to connect people with the other tracks, I would say... I'll note that kick plugin ... will check it out.
  11. I have registered, that this section meanwhile contains so many promotion posts, that I am going to establish the following rule: I only allow ONE promotion thread per member anymore when it comes to the vendors of sample packs, sample sounds, VSTs and all that. I am sick of the current situation, that we pay the hosting of this site out of our own pockets and thus practically pay about 60% for others' promotion threads. I will gradually clean up this section and put all monetary content promotion into single threads and if you have more promotion to post, then use your thread and do not create new ones. This section should be for discussion and dialogue with people who produce music and not serve as a collection of promo threads. thanks for your consideration (This of course does not affect any artist or label announcements! We want to be here for artists, creators and listeners, more than ever before.)
  12. Hi folks, as you may know, I have a studio project together with a friend (who does most of the work - I'm just the creative input saying "it would sound cool if you put that there" ). We have just finished a new track - or, more like a beta version I would say. Nevertheless it's probably better than most of what we did before ... and we are finally back to psytrance, so I figured I might ask here if anyone has feedback for us or if you wanna know something, I'm happy to share as much as I still remember It's not out of possibility that we might tweak this further ... but I figured that I might ask for feedback before we do so - why not...? We called it the "Advanced Dealer" And even if you got no feedback, then: enjoy and cheers
  13. I would like to hear that too! Maybe @mars or @Global Sect have his contact info and can point him to this thread? That would be b e a u t i f u l
  14. Hello Jon Cocco! It's a delight for me that I have the pleasure to comment on a review of yours, I think this is a first I almost missed this delightful album due to the drama caused by Psychedelic Superbeast. Man, that put me off ... I completely forgot about it - until I finally got shown the beauty by having discovered one of the tracks in @Basilisk's "Saturnine Exapnsion" mix ... there he put the Divine Plan in -- which I discovered after a few hits'n'misses guessing the track from the list -- and that got my attention, because it was my favourite track in that mix. So I checked the album out and found the thread again. Thus, I am now the excavator of this topic ... but it's not that long anyway... I come to a truly interesting conclusion: I seem to be attracted particularly to the tracks which you find weaker (Apex is an exception - I am with you on that). Not only it is for my mind easier to follow the more simplistic structure, I also would feel that in the simpler tracks there is more "light" in the air, more uplifting feel and I like that more than the "complexity bonus" of the tracks that you point out as more interesting for you. I'm a huge, huge fan of Astral Traveler (candidate for best track on album for me), I like Dreamland a very big lot (reminds me of modern Astral Projection), Solar Warden is also very very good for me -- and then my euphoria kinda takes a break, only to return for Divine Plan (second candidate for best track on album for me). Tracks 5 to 8 are in NO WAY bad, don't get me wrong. They are very good! It's just that on my personal level, I feel more attracted to the aforementioned ones than to the others. I think I have a somewhat high sensitivity towards these "more goa power" tracks and they tend to contain too much energy for me. Which is why I always approach real oldskool Goa Trance with a certain respect mentally, knowing of its power. My consumption of real old school Goa was and is scarce, in the past I had compilations, not albums ... which facilitated the practice to make breaks between tracks ... and I had the fortunate case to pretty soon drop into that pocket dimension of old progressive, where I have built my mental hideout and where my mind is not exposed to so many sound stimuli Fun fact: the first Filteria album I may have played only twice or three times - once, deeming it too strong ... and then saving it up for migraine attacks (I can guarantee this technique has a profound effect, I can see music in geometric forms and in colours when on a migraine). So, actually it's GOOD in my perspective that this is a more accessible album than the first by Artifact 303. I personally might probably not have enjoyed it that much if it wasn't. Anyway, maybe my ramblings can contribute to enrich the dialogue and see something positive in the fact that the album may not be as "intense" (?) as you have hoped...? I also like the tenth track by the way Summing up: it's a phenomenal album for me and I LOVE it - albeit maybe not for the same reasons as others on here
  15. We could arrange a wedding for them. Maybe they show up?
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