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  1. Hi ... google ads is used for monetization ... after all we (including me) are just guests here, somebody has to pay the rent. Psytrance does not yet have its own ad service and reward system...
  2. For me it's less about the presented songs than about the ideas they contain - you can include this (the throat singing, the jaw harp performance .... even the string instruments in the last one) in psytrance and it would be fine. Many bands did it with didgie and drums (Hilight Tribe, Etnoscope...) - and with the indian singing, which has become downright generic - but there's way more than can be done ... it just didn't come to my closed mind. Those songs opened it.
  3. Hej ... I owe you a reply ... that CPC album is good, it could use some natural energy though (i.e. an instrument) - but it might be a good one to practice accompanying it with a jaw harp ... however, I'm not gonna wake up my neighbor now. The second one is a classic that I heard of. I will give it more time to listen though to really appreciate. Third one is fun, I like it - that singing instantly got to me, it's fine The one that followed is too unstructured for me though, connection lost Dark Whisper is way too fast to float my boat though! My head just goes "tilt" This is screaming for another "non psy artist, but actually psy music" recommendation: You nordics must have one more up your sleeves, don't you? It can't be that Hedningarna are the only ones making this ... I mean, even I know other bands (they are even more "folk" though) ... but maybe you know some that go into that specific direction, for I do not.
  4. oh hi ... almost missed this thread Yes I have heard Inland ... and at the same time I feel a bit sad that this album was released in such small quanitites and only for the CMI night ... which I could not attend - which makes me frown even more, because Ulf Söderberg played live there (so I read) ... and he doesn't make many gigs anymore... But Ulf's a genius ... period. The other recommendations were good, one sticks out, I get to it later. The point, though, is, that I actually am not that much of an "ambient guy" ... I think I have a problem with electronic ambient ... I can take it, but not too much of it, there are only few exceptions. Ulf was one. His ambient didn't make me sad, it was a clarifying, comforting sound ... with accents of warmth due to the real instruments that he used. And here's the point: I like ambient with real instruments ... the more ancient these are and the more heritage these got, the better. Wardruna for example ... they use lots of norse instruments and I can't get enough of it. But when the ambient is all electronic, it's kinda hard to take for me. Carbon Based Lifeforms for example, once my favourite ambient band, now only make me sad when I hear them ... I can't help myself ... it has become as depressing as dark ambient - yet maybe dark is even better because for me it's not tied to feelings of love or care but only to cold emptiness. The stuff is simpler to grasp and maybe even surprising when there's still cheerfulness to be discovered ... where in psybient it's mostly the other way round for me these days. I never thought I'd say it once, but I really _can not_ hear too much of that electronic psy-ambient sound anymore as it drags me down mentally and I don't get these noises and depressing melodies out of my head for days. Want to avoid that... So really, the electronic ambient artists that I like have dwindled to a handful of specialities... Here, that's the one that sticks out. So good! You're right it's like a light version of tmo in some way, but I like the industrial roughness. I do like this type of powerful sounds ... recently got into Ah Cama-Sotz ... knew him for a long time, but only got into it recently: That, however, sets the tone for a different genre. I am looking for tribal here.
  5. I'd rather say: you didn't bump it, you exhumed it
  6. Synaesthetics is a great artist ... he used to post here, but I think he absolutely ignored my praises ... nevertheless, great stuff. But if you like Unreal Tournament Remixes, I may suggest: and this thread, where you'll find the whole playlist at the bottom: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73233-unreal-tournament-psytrance-remixes
  7. Hi ... sorry am I late ... I really like Silicon Sound, it's THE iconic "old full on sound" for me ... it's a gentle and trancy sound, reinding me of the "middle school days" so to speak ... back then when there was still time for long rises and almost ambient passages in the tracks. I loved him for the samples ... from the Final Fantasy movie up to computer games - Doom III and Unreal II and also System Shock 2 ... those games were my favourites and it was a pleasure to find these things in the music, this way the vibe influenced me way more than just when listening to the tracks (in fact, it goes so far that I say: a release of System Shock 3 without new Silicon Sound stuff to listen at the side is not a true sequel, a true replica of the vibe for me...) ... everything was interconnected, "Silicon Sound" became a symbol for the times I experienced... His favorite track for me is The Shell: There's also this playlist that I like to consult when I wanna listen to some Silicon Sound ... tried to carry together everything of the OLD stuff I could find of him back then and put it into a single list: cheers
  8. Sorry, but this time I think I have to disappoint you ... this guy is really legit, he has more: (I am thinking ... maybe Imba is his Producer ... possible! )
  9. WE ARE STILL ALIVE. This forum, it would probably be completely different or non-existent at all without the stuff all of us put it through. any signs of other former members? Cinos Seraph Otto Matta aka "Epic Automata" Deathposture Moni Tatsu Pixiejanet GaysatanicHippie and Krelm (I only remember Krelm because of that set in Diablo 3 that keeps dropping all the time ) a.m.m. ...?
  10. Hey there, let me exhume this thread, because I think I have just found out where Atmos got his inspiration for Transmission In Vain. This is Atmos - Transmission In Vain. Listen at 06:35: Now listen to Front 242 - Headhunter 2000 (Doug Laurent Mix) ... melody is introduced at 00:20, but can be heard well after 03:10 and there is another track I feel very reminded of by that melody, but it doesn' t yet come to my mind ... I'll return if I find it EDIT: found the "other track" - but it's not Goa ... it's PPK - Slave to The Rhythm (Picotto Mix) after 3:45
  11. lol that is insane ... it is so far away from what I expected as I heard the beginning so that it almost seems fake at first, like somebody has layered a psy tune over a video from a serbian music group singing on tv ... but the triplets prove it's real ... cracks me up
  12. it hits the "theme of the thread" ... but this is better: but I refused from posting it in the first place because this is not "commercial psytrance mockery", but rather a cultural enhancement ("Kulturgut") - seriously... umm: (and this is also for mr. recursion loop ) Freitag, Samstag fick' ich meinen Kopf feier' ich non-stop mach' mir keinen Kopf Freitag, Samstag fick' ich meinen Kopf feier' ich non-stop gib mir noch 'n' Shot! Abfahrt! Doppelkorn-Shot und der Schädel vibriert red nich so viel lass den Nächsten probier'n Tequila dann Vodka ich geb' wieder Gas das Quatschen fällt leicht ist der Schnabel mal nass die Nacht wird zum Tag und das war doch klar Party du Sau, brauch kein Wasser danach ich hör' niemals auf aber red' es mir ein im Leben versagt - doch am Tresen die Eins. ... cheers So ... what's this genre called Psyrave?
  13. ...when they are NOT going hitech or riding the "ethno wave" with the cringy indian lyrics. Recipe: Cheap "Scooter" like samples. Psytrance beat and bassline. Rap lyrics. Tadaa: and what's most shocking to me: I don't find it so bad your opinion? (got any worse examples?)
  14. maybe try the labels themselves too Ultimae still have some of the old catalog ... old Fahrenheit Project for example
  15. here's more: ... oh and btw, I collected the various Unreal Tournament remixes I could find on youtube an made a quite reasonably sized playlist ... there's everything from drill'n'bass, trance, dnb over psytrance to tracker music in there, but feel free to enjoy, it's 116 videos right now and it's "maintained" meaning I look through every now and then (less than I come here though - so beware ): if nobody has anything to add, for me that's the end of chapter ^^
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