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  1. ...Banco De Gaia ... and "remix BY Framewerk" ... that's where it gets down to when I don't edit my posts (it was a goal for this year for me to edit less )
  2. From 2oo2... ...to 2o22. Wild ride, I gotta say. Any predicitons for the next x years? I am first. I predict (and hope for) more liquid dnb remixes of psytrance-ish tracks. Like this I's not been released in 2o22, it's 3 days early ... but boy. This blew me away. I thought psytrance'd be kinda 'clinically ill', never coming out of that hole anymore that it dug itself into with cheap indian samples paired with horrible break-ish (as in: lots of breaks) "myocarditis fullon"... ...but hey, I was very wrong! Some kind souls have come for our rescue and lead us into different territory, where the grass is still green, the sound still fresh, the swing still there and the air still clean. So clean! Who would have thought that I now play Banco De gaia on repeat again, only for it to be a remix of Framewerk ... damn these guys are good. There's more Obsidian remixes, by the way... Welcome to 2o22 ... the last year with a beautifully symmetric number that I will live in ... can't wait for "22.2.22" (the 22nd of Febuary...)
  3. That's really cool to know! Thanks for providing the track
  4. Duuude is this the same GLOBOX that donated the track for our Youtube view experiment? ... I'd say so (if not pls say so )
  5. sheesh ... I admit, I am a little bit disappointed that you took the original down - because I admit, I had spent not a totally un-significant amount of real money into casually shilling it ... if you paid attention, it should be noted that the viewer count slowly but steadily creeped upwards... ...but thanks to another thread on here I congratulate you to your first album on Cronomi ... I am not gonna shill it though... I meanwhile do have a totally different approach into shilling a video though ... it is a fully organic approach ... and it involves a cryptocurrency and a brilliantly active community of good people around it ... not gonna say too much though, will save that for a bigger post ... I am serious about it though.
  6. ...and they simply allow this? Cool ... I don't have enough material though to need 2 accounts for... I'm glad that your original is less lonely though
  7. nevermind, it's cool that you check in your Soundcloud is a bit lonely ... care to shed more light on it?
  8. That must have been Procter, from Soundcloud ... he just changed his name AGAIN, which is why the links are dead If you met him, tell him he should not do that so often
  9. nice one this is exactly what I like ... first, I celebrate that there are no breaks other than gentle ones, where the progression is not chopped off, but gently lead on like long strokes of a paintbrush ... and then I like that there are these 303ish patterns, but underneath them there's this nice ambient synth "carpet melody" as I call it, which sorta grounds the whole thing and makes it a joy for me to listen to it, on and on ... in the latter part this gets lost a tiny bit, but it's still very fine ... like this recommendation a lot and I thank you for it
  10. By the way, here if you wanna listen to the full track: ... interesting detail by the way: was called "Lords of 16th" in pre-release phase, is now called: "Lords of 16" ... I found the first one better because I perceive it to be a reference at the 16th notes ... but I could be wrong and in today's times it's something else they refer to ... kindly enlighten me if you know the answer...
  11. ... shilling this here because nobody else does: https://www.beatport.com/track/lords-of-16/15913880 This thing was on Soundcoud now for 4 years and didn't see a release Now, finally, it is out ... and no, I wasn't told to do this, I just want more ppl to know this... cheers
  12. Hi ... um ... as a person who had Covid, I can tell you it's pretty nasty shit and I can understand China, that they have these strict rules, because China is crammed with people; if they get a serious spread there it's gonna be apocalypse... The restrictions hit me aswell because I want to go to China again for a bit of travelling, but at the moment they don't let any tourists in, I was told ... and even if they do, as you say there is 28 days quarantine - I can only take a few weeks off work, so that's not an option. I have heard though, once through the quarantine, you are a free person in China 28 days later and can do EVERYTHING there ... and that means much, I tell you, because here in Austria the ECUs are full and we are lockdowned again and well, even if some people do party illegally in private, I do not condone it and I absolutely don't go there, because as said, I know what Covid feels like to me and I really don't want to catch it again and we have enough cases here meanwhile absoutely everywhere As for that "cabal of tyrants" ... nah, I tell you, the only thing that is, is that some humans out there are gigantically stupid ... and while that is a problem, it also prevents such "big conspiracies" from happening, believe me, people are just too stupid for it to pull it off ... and even if you contradict me on that and say that these do exist, I am slowly leaning towards acceptance, because if people are clever enough to pull this off, in this world of immense stupidity and selfishness, they deserve it almost a little. I have a good soundtrack for your state of mind, with which I wanna close my post ... here it is:
  13. that's great to hear ... we had no new sessions, otherwise I'd have tried something new ... but that post of mine is the last build ... so to say
  14. ... no, it's well deserved, because the bassline obviously was not stronger than what the guy had whom you adressed with that line I will compensate with a like for the album
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