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  1. Hello people and all lifeforms on Psynews, I thought imma give you an update on what's going on and arbitrarily share my thoughts about my life and about what is up with me on this forum here: As you might have read somewhat down the line of time, my life recently got a twist - or let me say: a complete turnaround - for the better. Ten years I have basically been sleeping under a rock and all of a sudden it went boom, somewhat - and as I came back to my senses it felt to me like I suddenly was going pretty far on the overtaking side on life's highway, in a fast car and taking turns in the driver's seat with a Soul that makes me really, really happy to be alive. Honestly, I only now realize what I have been missing out and I may ensure you from the deepest of my heart that it has nothing at all to do with any substance ingestion ... that never was my thing anyway. It's just good music and a speed of life that makes me tingle! As good as these news are for me personally, I have to admit it did not have and will not have the best effect on my time here. I will happily stay admin and do stuff when it pops up and when I have time - but I honestly am not much around anymore. If it wasn't for other people who cleaned up here besides me, it would be a true mess! A BIG THANKS to everybody in mod and admin team at this point! The forum has been "kind" to us by decreasing member activity and especially not making my attention so necessary in the past weeks ... but will it stay like that...? This brings me to a question - or rather a decision ... the way I perceive it, we are on a three way crossing and we can pick where we go from here ... the possibilities: 1.: We don't change anything and let all stay the way it is. You will maybe experience delay in requests and reports, in PMs to me, making a few spam posts disappear slower than they should. In fact I will drop by every few weeks, unregularly, clean up some stuff and tidy up a little and together with mods and admins still here we will keep it running as it currently is. 2.: We develop and evolve, get some new members in the admin and moderator panel and rock the place with good content. I'd love that -- but bear in mind that forums are on the declining side of the Internet. They won't get old that soon, but in the medium to long run we would HAVE to evolve into a Metaverse and I'd happily do that with you all, just not as a key driver because my time is a dwindling resource. 3.: Maybe you don't wanna hear it, but the internet has changed, forums are out of date and the activity counter on here shows it. I'm not going to pull out a diagram, but new posts have been steadily declining over the past years and recently some more active members left the community. Makes me wanna think out loud: Psynews could be hibernated and archived, open to browse but not to further post ... a possibility? I am just posing thoughts on my own. Everybody is welcome to voice their opinions. I am NOT saying that we stop this. I am just speaking it out as an admin for the first time and as one option of many - and without having asked anybody else. Bear in mind that this openness is also a form of me saying thanks to everybody for putting up with reduced admin time on here. Let me know your thoughts! If there's a team behind it, I'll happily stay a member, with or without admin rights as you wish, and let you carry the flame on and on cheers RTP
  2. I think I remember the forum this was posted on, it was Ottomatta's offtopic den (don't know the proper name anymore), wasn't it? However, if it was that thread (or a related one) that you mean with the reference, then I must say that whatever was posted there on that forum (I do not remember the exact words) left me very disturbed, confused and only half-believable on my end of the screen. The bottomline which was trying to be brought across in the poster's opinion was, that a certain person would be behind lots of accounts here. And to take the theory further, it was stated, that, being mentally ill, this person maybe doesn't even know and thus argues with him/herself, creating pure drama out of thin air... ...correct me if I'm wrong. I had long time to think about this. Was it real, or a form of bad joke? I even brought it up several times here in some comments, but as a bottom line after all those years of thinking: I can only say that I do not care. I just stick to my recipe: I do take postings here with face value, albeit with a certain amount of "not taking everything too serious". And, frankly: I think you should do the same. I find it not even bad that we have such a crazy theory about our forum. I mean, who else has this? You have to have a certain status and meaning in people's lives that they even come up with this. That's what I like about it. And the rest I leave alone before I beome insane One more thing: IP checks did not reveal multiple accounts, but if such a scheme really exists the person has enough knowledge to mask their identity. cheers
  3. Cheers ... yes, never was really gone, but definitely back and still on it.
  4. Remember ETNOSCOPE? I discovered them roughly 20 years ago when they were releasing their "Drums From the Dawn of Time" (available on Ektoplazm: https://ektoplazm.com/free-music/etnoscope-drums-from-the-dawn-of-time ). A true gem of an album, you can find stunning reviews here about it as well. Cheers @Basilisk by the way for keeping these online on Ektoplazm But apart from a number of single releases it went quite silent about Etnoscope quite soon afterwards. They didn't have an easy life: hard drive crashed, material lost ... fortunately after a few years they "managed to get their act together" and released a second album "Way Over Deadline" (also available on Ektoplazm: https://ektoplazm.com/free-music/etnoscope-way-over-deadline ), which was literally that: way over its deadline, for it should have come out ages ago but the material was lost. But after that it went quite silent about them. I was trying to keep up with the news, I was aware that Raz (one of the main members) was desperately looking for a label to release more stuff, but there was no luck with that. No more releases followed so far -- up to this day. We had some good previews on soundcloud ( https://soundcloud.com/etnoscope ), but apart from that: nothing. Apparently Raz is still looking for a label and believe it or not, I was trying to get in touch with him, but I had no luck with that either so far -- well, maybe it finally will be this time, with the release of this... ... So what is it, that I post here. A bootleg? Well, no. The Etnoscope site back then had a mix on it, one that was showcasing their latest material. It was dope. The mix was so good that I used common sense to access the file and download it, right from their site back then. Unfortunately the site went down after a few months, leaving me with the mix on my mp3 Walkman and leaving me to enjoy it while running -- which was fabulous. I mean, really fabulous -- I even was able to pull off a good run in Wan Chai itself, putting even Deus Ex' music to shame ... stunning... ...however, in the last weeks and months, my trusty Walkman is deteriorating, the buttons don't work anymore, the headphone jack has a piece of it that broke off, it's getting really shabby. I had to do something, trying to save the files on it -- and the most valuable to me is this mix, given that I have no backup copy (all PCs that I had this on are gone after the years). So I backed it up -- and being a man of the times, I just uploaded it to the cloud, for everyone to enjoy. It was public once, why shouldn't it stay public (if any Etnoscope member has an issue with this after all: feel free to contact me so that we finally can get in touch to release some stuff on RTP Records ... it's one click for me to set it private, no hassle). So cheers after all and I hope some people enjoy this. cheers RTP
  5. Thanks for mentioning and getting my attention This is an importnat thread anyway. I'd like to do a "check in" too: My life has turned very much upside down, in a positive way (new relationship), but it was very challenging for me. I've also moved and am in a different flat now, still living out of boxes. I was quite under pressure during the last months. I'm really happy that there was no urgent matter here, for it could very well have been the drop that is too much for me to take... It has now calmed down a little and the cracking and creaking noises in my universe, which apparently was already suffering a little under the velocity of its expansion, have stopped or at least died down ... and I am now using the "calmer seas" to sit down and send out a little signal, that all is well in my life and that I will never forget this site and always will come back, now more than in the months before - it's a pleasure to be an admin and I thank you for it
  6. Hi, I tried to look into this, but I did NOT find that we use any geolock or spam prevent setting that prevents IP adresses from a specific country. In your logs, I found this entry: Logged in from a new device but did not complete two-factor authentication: Firefox 91.0 on Android. September 13, 2021 May this be a hint on what's going on? Otherwise feel free to post the mesage that you get, so that we may look further into it.
  7. Hey ... you need a banano address (get banano vault for example: https://vault.banano.cc/ ) -- don't forget to backup your private key properly ... then enter that address on JungleTV ... they will ask you to change representative, you need to know how to do that ... and once that's completed, you can earn banano for watching videos If you start tomorrow you can parttake in the Tunesday event that pays you 25 BAN for each video you enqueue ... that's always on Tuesdays... Edit: here's the FAQ: https://jungletv.live/faq
  8. RTP

    20 YEARS

    That was good! Found another 27 years this is fun ... hehe
  9. RTP

    20 YEARS

    Here we have something ... same base track, original and remix, 20 years apart ... documents the drastic change in style (and also production technique) over the years. Anything similar? I'd love to hear! 2003: It was a favourite back then... 2023: Holy sh*t things have changed ... ... note the drastic change in volume, the changes in sound ... odd thing about it is, it sounds pretty crunchy on modern standard car speakers, the original doesn't, but is better on headphones... Such changes in style, structure and listening habits On for another 20 YEARS ?
  10. A for this one Healing Process is awesome
  11. Didn't go very well with this one, did it ... no Unreal fans here? Found a psychill remix:
  12. And the "Exhumed" award goes to Don't forget S-RANGE
  13. Hey people, I don't know if my message came across properly, I developed a quite terribe fever that night, right as I wrote that post and I still have not fully recovered ... just wanted to tell you: If you need a video or a soundcloud entry enqueued, hit me up, I can do it for you as long as I have some BAN left to splurge Jungle TV is awesome, I believe the future of the internet (say "web 3") are not "dead texts" -- i.e. non interactive texts on webpages -- but interactive services, where you can participate in the action and this over there is a great example how to achieve it ... and I'm gonna be there sporadically anyways, holding up the Psytrance flag at least a little, regardless if anybody follows. cheers RTP
  14. Since a few of my last ideas didn't exactly "take off", I have thought about what I can do with some unused potential and the fact that I was boldly calling out the RTP RECORDS project -- and I found something really cool out there that I wanna share with you and that made me rename the whole Youtube Channel discussion into something totally new (our project area): "What's better than YouTube?" you may ask -- the answer is: "Well, JungleTV of course." Jungle TV is basically a TV station where anybody can play the host and enqueue YouTube videos. You can watch it at https://jungletv.live/ Enqueuing videos costs you BANANO, a cryptocurrency, which can be earned -- you guessed it -- by watching JungleTV. The "perk" about this whole thing is, that the BANANO that are paid by the person enqueuing a video are distributed among all spectators (who have registered with their BANANO address) after the video has played. So you can earn BANANO by watching cool stuff on Jungle TV to then enqueue videos for yourself ... or you use your BANANO to unlock the full potential of that meme coin's ecosystem, wrap them on Ethereum (yes, they are over there aswell) and once you are over there, you can use them for whatever crypto project you fancy! It really is THAT easy. This platform has more uses than you may think about at first. Since Jungle TV has real persons viewing, protected by CAPTCHA, it is real exposure for YouTube videos -- organic growth, that is very sought after and can be used as a promotional factor, generating views, clicks, revenue ... you get it. I've always wanted to create a Psytrance-themed cryptocurrency ... but I didn't understand the point: you don't need a psytrance cryptocurrency, you just need a cool project like BANANO and use it for Psytrance and we can have our own corner over there Well, I think that PSYTRANCE is criminally underrepresented on JungleTV, which is why I have registered with member name RTP RECORDS to enqueue some S-RANGE and of course also more "cool sh*t" which will be stuff that I myself enjoy, so be prepared. Feel free to drop by and say hi over there More info: https://banano.cc/ https://banano.fandom.com/wiki/JungleTV
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