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  1. RTP

    drug antidotes ... and my plan

    Thanks for the clarification ofthe run off drugs. So these should not do any harm ... less effective maybe, but that's not the end of the world. And sorry, I did in fact _not_ mean homeopathy up there. The statement that "similar cures similar" (german: "Ähnliches mit Ähnlichem heilen") has not been established by homeopathy, but by Paracelsus, who's quite a famous guy concerning the foundation of medicine as far as I know. More specific: (from https://academic.oup.com/toxsci/article/53/1/2/1673334 ) I found this out because I talked to a friend. That statement is popular in the homeopathic community too, which is why I confused it. I did not mean to take substances that don't contain any molecules due to their high dilution... The correct term in my opinion for what I meant was probably microdosing -- but also not in the sense in which it is talked about out there... ____ However, thanks for the info that this micro-dosing (or whatever my idea is called) actually might increase sensitivity ... that would be the exact opposite to what I intend. Also I read up on it more and it says that cannabis tolerance may re-set "quite quickly" within few days ... that would be totally against my goals - working on micro doses for the purpose to build tolerance and then having it all pop back to normal within few days having to begin the painstaking process once again... But are there any other methods to lower dopamine? A website suggested to take St. John's Wort, because it increases serotonin, which in turn will lower the dopamine. However, I am skeptical. I have tried St. John's Wort already several years ago (for a few months) and it was doing me good, but once I decided to leave it, I promptly got some panic attacks ... really bad stuff ... don't need that another time. I want it in the exact opposite direction and with maybe, a slower ascent to the "peak tolerance" that my brain adapts so slowly that it won't trigger panic "on the way up", so to say.
  2. RTP

    drug antidotes ... and my plan

    Hey, I sometimes see colors too when I close my eyes. I think it's linked to migraine... Although sometimes annoying, it can be a nice combination with goatrance. Yeah, I fortunately almost never have to use them. But I wonder ... do they go bad? The ones I have ran off in 2016 ... expiry date wise. One more idea I do have though - and that one might be something. How about homeopathy? I mean, the basic scheme of it (before it comes to these "micropotents" and half-esoteric stuff that I don't know what to make of) is: to counter a disease with a drug that does not prevent, but that triggers it. The person takes mico and nano-doses of a poison that triggers the symptoms he tries to beat. Then, in the long term, the body will adapt to the microdose and "gets used to it". If you then stop taking these microdoses, the sickness will be "healed" because the mechanisms to counter the bad effects will still be active in the body. Sounds like a creative move, doesn't it? I'm sure you can get homeopathic doses of cannabis and LSD on the free market... [edit: I mean, you can get them 100% legal and legit] Anybody with more experience around who can tell me if that deduction of mine is right or if it's completely wrong and I might damage myself?
  3. RTP

    drug antidotes ... and my plan

    hey thanks for the posts ... I have thought about it and I agree - it may not be the right way to tackle my problem if I tried these medications without thorough medical supervision... On some other (german) forum somebody else had this plan too and the people there really advised him not to do that. Guess I'll just stick with my rule number 1, which is: to keep a benzo in the house because "a benzo should end every bad trip" ... no matter if induced by lsd, cannabis - or my body's own mind. Do benzos go bad? I think the ones I got are past expiry for more than two years already -- shows you how often I need them
  4. Hej so I've been having the thought that I am - naturally, rooted in my psychic condition - constantly 'on the same "level" as some other people when they have taken a reaonsble amount of cannabis'. It's nothing new, I have been thinking this for several years already. Maybe you can even find a post where I said it, but I may not have expressed it a whole lot to the level that I want to make a thread about it. But now is the time ... because I wanna know what's what - and because I have an idea. First: Can this even be true? Of course I don't have a "stash" in my body that's constantly giving off THC, that woud be a dream for some of you, would it? I mean, that I might have higher dopamine levels (say dopamine for starters, I don't know which substances in the brain are also affected by cannabis) than the average person ... levels that the others only get to when they smoke a reasonable amount. And when I smoke, the dopamine gets too high for me quickly ... explaining why I can't personally take much of that substance (I really can't, sad but true). Heck, maybe it's even TOO HIGH when I'm sober already. Which brings me to: Second: If I took a medication that decreased the dopamine, would it help me get "normal" / "sober" ... whatever you call it? Coincidentally, these medications are named antipsychotics. Uh oh. But seriously. Is it advisable to be experimenting in this direction? What do you think? Anybody has taken these medications already? What do they do? Is it advisable only to reduce the dopamine or which other substances should be reduced? And what if it is not the level of the substance but the way I react to it ... maybe my body can harvest LOADS of "reaction material" from a relatively little amount of dopamine (the dopamine shall be my example), which is why even tiny increases such as a little bit of cannabis have profound effects. How to change the way I react to it ... are there possibilities? Can I make myself more "immune" to it? I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts about this...
  5. RTP

    tribal industrial

    Ulf Söderberg would have liked that:
  6. Jep, they are superb ... Trä is my favourite aswell. It's such a pity they don't have this sound anymore nowadays, with the female singing ... but anyway. If you know anything that sounds in that direction, feel free to mention ... I always look out for some. Somebody should do a psychill remix of Tina Vieri ... the vocals would be very welcome, I don't know of any psytrance that has finnish singing in it. Wait ... there's Etnoscope. They have swedish singing in "Odins Kraft" ... and if you check out the samples from "Länge Leve Livet" and "Frejas Kraft" (from their Soundcloud page), it's in there aswell (and much better imo)... Etnoscope are awesome
  7. Yes, Anthony is great ... I save the studio talk video for later, definitely have to watch it, but I'll do it with proper focus. Love what he's doing. Yes, CBL have "a bit" returned to the acidic soundscapes with their last album, but it's by far not the same as the old stuff. I like old CBL -- their sound was warmer ... not so cold ... and kinda sad.
  8. Ha, yes, Kudos for the mentioning ... indeed, I listen to this stuff nowadays more than to classic psytrance ... I know Heilung (and have watched parts of this concert already, but I am consuming it in little sessions, because it's so awesome, there is not so much like it) ... but they are not what I would call PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE In the same vein as them is Wardruna, by the way. And then there's Hedningarna ... especially the old stuff, first three albums ... Hedningarna is a great band, more playful. I'm just a bit sad they ditched the female singing in later albums. I started a little conversation on youtube as to similar bands ... also concerning the female singing ... look for Hedningarna's album "Trä" ... you will find some good further suggestions when reading through the comment section. You nordic people got some reeeally great stuff ... I just don't speak the language... Oh sheesh, soon we gonna be talking about Black Metal ... time to change the direction ... So ... for something more PSYCHEDELIC (imo) ... or well, more fitting to this section of the forum I would say (even though it gets a tad cheesy), I found this ... and that's the only one: nothing better up my sleeve your turn
  9. I too had the pleasure of giving this a spin already. Here is what's going to be the cover art: This (in my opinion fabulous!) cover painting sums up the release pretty well for me, because what we get here is something rather organic or "natural" in its way of entrancing the listener - I mean this in contrast to much of the other stuff that is released today which is "engineered to death" sound-wise and having all computer-generated covers... Anyway, my first impression: All that the release is actually about is practically one "theme", the tracks carry the same theme and melody elements, they're only different versions of it. The original mix is a really, really long track, over 15 minutes. I can see there's a lot of work that has gone into it. I percieve it as a nice and uncomplicated piece with good progression in "older style" (not to be confused with old school, that's different!) as I would say. Bassline and kick remind me of the "past" ... well, it's certainly a few years ago as I last heard such sounds. Also the track length is something from the past ... nowadays the pieces are usually shorter. The melody starting after 8 minutes is pleasant. Entrancing is what comes to mind, yes. And although it gets stronger there are no bad surprises. It kinda evolves naturally. Yes, I probably would dance to this if it was played at a party, because it's very pleasant to just go sway to it. This is what psytrance has always given me: this "autopilot" mode. In today's music you hardly find it, because there's more unpredictable things happening. This track is something that I happily leave the steering wheel to because I'm confident it won't let me go into a tree. And I needed multiple listens to grab more details ... and I am still not fully through. Provides a good listen for several sessions. And in this sense it's a really good track! There may be little impurities audible to the perfectionist, in the sound or mastering, they are there a bit ... however, I don't care at all about them, it's a sign of honesty for me, that this was not constructed with whole track pieces "out of the can" or anything. I prefer "not 100% polished but had fun while creating" all the way compared to sounds out of the can ... they got no soul ... which this piece has The Radio Edit falls a bit short, but it's still a good move to make a shorter song. Only the ending might come quite abruptly if you are used to the long version, In the long one this doesn't matter ... I mean, if you skip to the end, you hear it's done in the same way, but when you "took the trip" through the song before, you don't care. The live version is interesting, if you make the effort to listen to it despite the really not perfect sound (at least on the release I got). I can see where this is going and agree it's a little bit better arranged than the original, but the sound is not doing it justice ... however, it's enough to make me say I will be looking forward to catch this liveact if they come to Vienna at any day ... but for listening at home I prefer the original version. PS on this: unusual ending by the way Cheers for the release I can only second the link ... and don't mind the cover, it should be changed to the pic above sooner or later: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/love-magic-master-xxpsy-systems
  10. Cheers! And thanks if it was you. Don't know if there's even anybody else from "old TranceAddict" around ... especially still around since Yes, the Talla 2XLC - Is anybody out there (DJ Taucher remix) is still brilliant (it's the other way round with the artists, hehehe) I admit I said this before I knew that there was a lot more in this direction ... Anthony Rother for example, his music is full of these eerie atmospheres ... but still, brilliant track. Anyway. Here's one for the topic. I mean, it's not a really good track, but at least until 4:00 it's okay ... but then it gets crap The end after 6:30 is okay again The problem with so much of the stuff lately. And on gigs they just mix the breaks together.
  11. By the way, I had to think long and hard about which track the bassline in the first half reminds me of. It is most definitely the same as in another track. The closest I found now - before my head explodes, 'cuz it drives me MAD when I recognize something and cannot pinpoint its name in detail - is Chris Pointdexter - Darkness. Comes closest as far as I researched now. even if it was something different (if I ever found it, I came back here and repost) ... check him out, he has no annoying pr0n samples edit: HA, I found it: it's Ticon - Waiting For The Knights ... just pitched higher
  12. @recursion loop yes, me too ... early 00's also was my "peak" concerning normal trance (however, I got lucky that I found psytrance relatively quickly afterwards. Whoever was the good soul over at TranceAcddict that pointed me here, I thank him/her to this day ) ... and yes, what is being called "trance" today has not much to do with the stuff back then anymore. We actaully have to consider ourselves lucky that the new stuff still has its own name ... being "futureprog" or "futurepsy". But what I have learned from all this development, how psytrance is becoming etc. is, that the only way for me to keep my musical progression going is to check out other genres more. There's still good stuff out there and I'm super happy when I discover something that floats my boat. Be it psytrance, EDM, metal, ambient, industrial, folk or even hiphop ... I begin to care less and less about genre boundaries, slowly but continuously there's only "stuff I dig" and "stuff I don't dig". By the way, to the topic ... I have thought about it and I thought I was the type of person that judges tracks as a whole ... either the whole thing sounds good to me, but when it does, I can see across the elements that are bad -- or the whole thing sounds bad. But I did not come across a case where a sample or a single melody can ruin a track for me. But wait, there is for example Shiva Chandra & Brox - Hold On ... I don't like the sample (or, say, vocals), but the track as a whole is okay: I sway back and forth ... the vocal is kinda horrible to me ... but the track is good. Hey I get now what you mean. Feels bittersweet Awful feeling ... I much more like when I can love or hate a track outright cheers
  13. I have to say, I actually like this - and the more I press repeat, the more I do. It's a strange and unusual piece, I grant you that, but for somebody that used to play the cheesy Tiesto mix of Delerium - Silence up and down in the past before I found psytrance it's arelief to hear it this way ... it shows the finger to the other cheesy remixes like no other that I heard so far ... it's the only form I can listen to that vocal anymore. It sounds like I'd have imagined a Ticon Remix of the song to sound like. Only Ticon made me sway like this with a grin on my face, imagining some Models On Cocaine left and right... -- oh well don't let my gf read this Somewhat offtopic as it's not psy, SCNR, but I am just reminded ... If you really wanna see a "raped" remix - or rather, live version - of the Delerium song TOGETHER with all the sh*t annoying stuff I hate in modern elecronic music, check out this: (the ruin starts at 4:43 ... and 5:18 is the point where it all cracks down) THESE are horrible melodies. This is what I hate. Right there. A trance remix of a commercial song ... with vocals. Yes, not a psy video, but it i n c r e a s i n g l y is done in our music too. What da fuq! Give me some driving beats to actually go into trance and not something like this that's just here for the kiddies and emos to lift their arms up ... seriously. Nowadays we even have to applaud and go mad if the cheesy shit vocals are some indian singing sample. Oh lord. Where is the facepalm smiley. Gah! Just watch. In a few years we'll be there too ... this is how they grind us down. Serve us so much SHIT we scream for joy when we get served something that's not so crappy... But porn samples I hate more ..... (well I'm actually not sure ) Anywaay, compared to that horrid topic off-drift into commercial trance, the Andromeda remix sounds brilliant IMO. I might ask over at TA how they find it
  14. RTP

    Commercial psytrance?

    In the finer categorization we may differ ... but I hope we can agree that once somebody makes it to MAYDAY, they may well be defined as being commercial. Because if that's not it, I don't know what.
  15. First and foremost, almost all porn samples are what _instantly_ turn me off! The Resurex track above there ... is a good example ... turns me off. I don't like porn in psytrance, really not. When it comes to that moaning stuff, I want no cheap samples and no expensive ones for me either ... please. Seriously, I do like what women can do with their voice, but when they moan around in psy tracks ... it just seems to me that the artist couldn't think of anything better. There are only a few noteworthy examples -- intelligent usage ... the best one has already been mentioned (yes, Atmos - Klein Aber Doctor). The story that I know (heard from somebody else here) goes, that Tomasz one day came home from a party where he was fed up with the sound (must have been a lot of repetitive stuff). Frustrated he sat down and watched TV ... and since it was late night, the porn movie came up where the sample was taken from ... "bitte seien Sie vorsichtig mit den Geschlechtsorganen" = "please be careful with the genitals" ... was obviously two people playing doctor. From that point on he decided to make his own sound ... and used the sample. He made a track - and that became Klein Aber Doctor, one of the first iconic and fundamentally different sounding progressive trance masterpieces. Even if the story was not true, it's a nice legend. I think only Tomasz himself could answer that... I do think, however, that the dialogue in porn movies can make up for some more good samples that I would even like a lot ... "warum liegt hier eigentlich Stroh" (sorry that only works in german) comes to mind. I really would like to see more of that. Darn, maybe we gotta do this ourselves once again...