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  1. Hello... So I have made a slight change in plan, but it may do the project good: I think about doing only a single ... meaning, starting off as a single ... if we get enough, we'll do the compilation, but if not, so be it. 2 artists (will not tell names yet until confirmed and agreed that they'll be named) will be the starting point. If not even these 2 are on board, I guarantee it will not happen. Reason: these are two artists very integer to the character RTP (me ) - the project would make not so much sense without, it would be "just a collection of tracks"... With these 2, I can start with a single. If it gets more: good because then it'll be a single with more tracks. If we get over 4, it'll be a mini compilation. If we get over 6, it'll be a compilation. But it's all optional and totally relaxed for me - the only fixpoint are the two starting artists and that's also whereI'll invest the most energy. opinions welcome -- cheers
  2. Thanks for the insight Imba, I really appreciate it. I got a pretty "nice" and positive argument up my sleeve why artists might be willing to support or, at least, hear me out ... that's a big upper, otherwise I'd just come across as a hobo with a deluded dream But more on that later. So I guess it will be a physical release only, if my money is involved. No digital. Only if all tracks were free that would become a digital release. I have an idea how the financial part could work: offering the artists a small amout for, say, 200 pressings. All rights for the tracks will remain at the artists, the tracks could be released by them somewhere else too later... If repressings were made, I will ask around again if they permitted a second run - for the same amount of money. Again 200 copies. Or less or more, if seen fit. I hope that's a good plan? Fingers crossed...
  3. I am not on FB, don't like it ... I guess I'll just start with creating my own (RTP) soundcloud account ... I don't wanna make it from the Skeletone one as that is not only me and I don't wanna mix up the projects ... makes things only harder... So ... percentage sounds like a hassle. Think I'll just ask them how much they want. Maybe I get lucky ... lets see ... I will not tell here though unless it's signed off by the artist that I can have the track for public release I think it would be fine to say rights remain at the artists ... if a repress is done, I'll just do a round mail and ask people for permissions again (and no answer within 2 weeks means OK). If there are any more tips, I am happy to hear
  4. Hello, maybe this is a bit unexperienced question - but bear with me: I have this idea (call it "dream") of making a compilation. I would like to write to few artists that are dear to me if they got any tracks. It will be only the artists that I select, "my favourites" you may say. It will be bigger names among them (as in my endless naivity I think they might have a track they are willing to part from for money?). Questions I have are: 1) where to get the contact info and 2) how to do it ... I mean, only the fewest people will give me things for free. How much do artists call up for a track ... what is common? And how are compilations made ... are the tracks signed and paid in advance or is it possible to make a deal that the artists will be paid in % of revenue created (which probably won't be much, even though I think the release is going to be a blast in my opinion )? Anybody got some experience and willing to shed a bit of light on this? I don't wanna come across as a goof. I can administer psynews ... but I never did anything like that, always left that to other people who I thought were better at this than me
  5. That is cool news, I missed out on Extended and it was way too expensive to buy ... they still want 80 euros for it out there on the used market... A very little part of me feels sorry for the collectors of the original one though. After all these years of me wanting it, I am actually hesitant to order. Then again, it's a piece from a bygone era ... a time capsule... Oh and what an odd place where it's released ... "Sidereal", never heard of ... but they also release Solar Fields newest one there, so that's his place now? ... What about Ultimae ... a bunch of dear artists seem to have left there in the last years ... strange, isn't it?
  6. I do think that Pryda - The End is a great intro ... not only because it is, but because it would be a creative act to start a set with the end (I say thanks to Lemmiwinks for this tune ... he posted it on this forum first - and sparked my love for Pryda forever.) Even better though is Atmos - Fill The Hat ... although it has a long breath: Third pick is Noma - Soon ... it's all purpose for a progressive set imo: If that was no good for you, you can try Etnoscope - Sunrise ... you never go wrong with Etnoscope imo:
  7. thanks for listening and posting Yeah I like Better Things a lot ... even though it's a pop tune ... the vocal line was probably the main reason for the "cheese factor", but it just turned out like that and felt natural. For the professional sounding factor I can't credit my mate enough ... he's who made it possible and he sat there tweaking the tune more when I was already leaving for the third ciggie because my ears were shut and my mind spun the sound round endlessly (in german we say it's an "ear worm")
  8. Hey, thanks so much for listening and posting here, it means a lot to us. The credit for the improvements in production I will pass on to my mate. He's the one doing the mastering and the technical details ... if it was up to me, we would have probably sacrificed quality a bit more here and there, but thanks to him we did invest the extra time to make it that little better I'm quite with you what you say about these questions. The track "Trump Rising" was not done with Trump in mind ... it just came to my head as we mixed it down and searched for a name, because I wanted "Trumpets" in the title - but then I realized, hey, why not name it like that. The track was made when the elections took place and we didn't know who would win - the posting of the track on Soundcloud was much later though(*). It was not our aim to go political ... we were merely not that serious about it ... but later we saw that it actually even has a meaning when you are not serious ... and maybe this track is growing over our heads, title-wise. But hey, it was a brain fart of mine and I like it ^^ But it's interesting what a "title" and a small question can sometimes bring up in conversations and I like to ask a little and just reflect on people's answers I am very happy that you like Out of Kicks. I am surprised myself how good and tight this piece is screwed together ... but when my mate is in the flow, nothing can stop us I have to admit, we have no vocalist (if you know one, hit us up with her) and we had to pick these vocals in the first track from a range of samples ... maybe a bit on the cheesy side, but it turned out very good still in my opinion. I do like a bit of cheese on my meal... You should have listened to the rest of the vocals, gosh, some of those were awful ... you can hear some of them in "Boese" (*) the fun thing is, I didn't even really want to post it back then either, but I thought "uh oh, maybe Trump is making such a bad job he's throwing himself out before we have the album finished and then we can't use the title" ... and so I did it, as a promo kind of way. I have - spoiler - the idea that we make a track called "Trump Falling" (or something like that) where the trumpet should be taking a nosedive melody-wise ... but we'll have to wait for the right mood and inspiration for that one...
  9. [Disclaimer: the text below is subject to change, I will remove this as soon as I am totally sure with the text ... the only thing certain here is our second album Second Strike.] We got tired of goatrance not being the way we like it. So we created our own. We got tired of electronic music not being the way we like it. So we created our own. Well ... the first line is indeed how it started. But as we made our second strike, we rather concentrated on the second line and - went over it. And currently we are at the third. So I would say. the third one is not visible here You see, the border is only in your head. It's not about the border and it's not about us. We are merely two drops of water, floating in an ocean. Does Goatrance go with trumpets? That was the first question. Does Goatrance go with trump? Does Goatrance go with politics? and what does trance has to say about it? These things we answered in Trump Rising. And then ... it broke loose. Some say Trump did the same. He broke loose aswell. So... You may find that we have broadened the perspective. What was still "goatrance" or at least related to it on our first album, has become not the center anymore. It has practical reasons. Making the tracks on the first album "On The Run for the White" was painstaking as you may find the melodies stick to your head. Well, they stuck to ours more. We made the tracks and therefore may be the persons in this universe who listened most to it as we tweaked this part, cancelled this, rewired that ... if you are in a room with one of our tracks for more than 6 hours in a row, things happen. Try it out And furthermore: nobody can give you the experience so significantly than experiencing for yourself for example how frickin' easy it is to throw some dubstep sounds together after your brain has become numb. It really was ... interesting. And yes, we used one of these parts taht we did. We just had to. For us. For our sake. Also, my mate has become very fond of using vocals. We unfortunately had not the perfect singer, so we had to dig some up ... and well, for that, the result is perfect in my opinion. And the goa, the goa ... I tell you something: if a track is not goa, does that make it bad? Not in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, we love goa. But damn, I really like the new tracks: precisely Better Things, Trump Rising, Dubster Interference, Out of Kicks and Tricky Names. That's just a plain good result in my opinion. We are currently breaking another barrier (don't worry, we will get even better, there is something really good up the horizon but I cannot yet reveal ... I just say: it is the land of sound we are ending up in once we have completed the journey of that second album ... and yeah, we have _almost_ because what was left is to release the album ... but that is done hereby) ... stay tuned. The phases are: START -> LEARN -> FULFILL. "On The Run..." was the start. "Second Strike" is the learn. Soon we will FULFILL! What's left to say is: please, do enjoy this piece and leave a comment. I am very interested what you say. Cheers RTP
  10. Hey Tsotsi - thanks and cheers. We appreciate that you took a listen. Yes our production has not been spot on all times ... learning by doing I have found out that in the studio of my mate we use the same speakers as Astral Projection in their studio video though ... so the hardware seems to be there... If you check back, you will find out that there is some new stuff ... first there was Trump(ets) ... ... and then we tried some more new elements out and experimented a lot, my mate was keen to use some vocals for example ... we only had some cheesy ones lying around for the Better Things track ... but we think it has become something cool, although not as goa anymore as you might think. And then there's the Dubster Interference where we used - the title says it - dubstep ... and discovered how actually damn quick and easy it is to do such dubstep things, no wonder why it's become so popular ... fortunately these experiments are not taking the upper hand over the main purpose though, which is "if we don't like stuff, we try making our own": I think we still have some great tunes there ... even if some of them are "not so goa" anymore.
  11. Cheers for also returning early from a party I must say that my rest of the night was pretty shitty tbh ... I felt like I was on some substance ... visual artifacts, agitation, not able to relax, could not lie down. I have that a little bit after parties sometimes, but never experienced it to that extent - and I wasn't even on location that long. Maybe that bad air was more harmful for me than I thought. It certainly was more than tobacco smoke as far as I could smell and probably not even just weed... It took me ages to come down and I maybe slept two hours Dust and flu masks are not really suitable I think, they only filter out dust, not smoke ... plus I look like a clown with that. I think it must be either a gas mask or a better form of the dust mask ... such as the people wear who are doing spraypaint jobs. I found an ad for this thing called "smokebuddy" ... it's an air filter for social smokers who don't wanna pollute the air around ... never saw somebody using it, but maybe it works in the other direction aswell, meaning: when I breathe in through it, it filters the air...?
  12. Hello together I just returned from a party early ... venue okay (not perfect, but not too bad), people were nice ... it was all quite fine, except that the air was vile in there. I got problems in there ... not real breathing problems, but I couldn't enjoy dancing as I wanted (I want it intense, mostly) because I felt out of breath and kinda sick when breathing deeply. There was lots of cigarette and MJ smoke and other bad fumes in the air. Problem is I could not go out and take fresh air as well as I needed, because it was quite cold outside and I was sweating a lot and the logistics with my warm clothes were not as manageable for me as I would have needed 'em. After a while the headache I had at the beginning of the evening (and which settled down long before I arrived) returned, telling me that it's time to go ... so I went. Do you go to indoor parties? How do you feel about the air in there? Is there anything good that can be done in my case ... I cannot wear a full gas mask as I am already now (without accessories) sweating like a pig when dancing. (Plus it will probably scare ppl off) Are there good air filters or masks around? Does the old trick with a doctor's mask and Vapo Rub do anything substantial to the air quality? Or do the mint oils just open up the lung more so that you take in more bad fumes? cheers RTP
  13. lol awesome ... please have some oldskool in-your-face mongolian slangstargh after this: (I understand as little as you (probably, if you're not Mongolian) -- and that's what makes it awesome in a way imo)
  14. A real diamond in the rough is A.Geh Wirklich - B-Romi Party: Eichare Gschichtn san verbraucht und ausg'lutscht Es hobt's glaubt dos Eich do kana draufkummt Den Waunsinn glaubt ma kana Bevur mi do wer anspuckt Moch i a Foto und stö's auf Facebook translates in: Your stories are used up and dull You thought that nobody would notice Nobody's gonna believe this craziness Before anybody's gonna spit on me I'll take a photo and upload it on facebook (afterwards it's repeated with "video" and "youtube" in the last line) It's a song about the local Hi-Society culture, you'll probably understand nothing, not even if you speak german ... but that's the language they speak in Vienna...
  15. Okay, I didn't know much about Paracelsus or about his more questionable methods ... I just wanted to say, the guy was quite famous and he propagated this method, which makes sense to me. That sounds really interesting ... I wonder, why do you know so much about it, did you study this? Just curious... The "raising serotonine lowers dopamine" statement was from a questionable source, I'm skeptical about it, as said. But the Kanna could be an idea that seems interesting to me. Apparently it can be smoked or also sniffed (which I would prefer) ... I'll certainly keep it in mind.
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