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  1. He seems to use every synth only in one layer. And for every production he chooses a setup - that means he's never gonna use them all, only a select few. And the sound doesn't seem so special at first, I agree ... but as I listened longer, I started to get what it is about, the fine bits that you can only get right with that peculiar equipment... It's a whole different approach than to model everything in cubase and play every layer with the same synth (or one of a few). Of all, I like most the videos where he performs his own tracks in that manner because they show this exactly
  2. RTP


    Yes, I know him, good artist indeed. I'm kinda satisfied that I already follow him on Soundcloud ... here's his:
  3. Man, that is an awesome idea. I'd be up for it, I'd buy him some views. I think now we only need him to agree and provide a track. Just imagine if we really get him to become a meme ... I mean, at least in the whole psytrance world. He deserves it by now, fair and square, after all these years.
  4. Impressive! By the way, the RTP RECORDS offer still stands. You can send me some tracks on soundcloud for private listen anytime ... profile is: https://soundcloud.com/user-350524915
  5. "this video is not available anymore because the account associated with it has been cancelled" You must mean that one: but other than that, yes, I second your expression ... hmmm...
  6. I am back with this thread - and there is a reason: there's a new album out from Anthony Rother, released in January 2021 ... it's called "Weltmacht Digital" ... and interestingy, it's the spritual successor of "Netzwerk der Zukunft", the one that I posted last. https://anthonyrother.bandcamp.com/album/weltmacht-digital The albums "Hacker", "Netzwerk der Zukunft" and "Weltmacht Digital" form a trilogy ... or so I believe he said himself. I read it somewhere. I just thought I'll post this ... since the last one was liked by a few people. It's a brilliant work, very muc
  7. Well, I just like to experiment with thoughts like these, it's kind of fun. I don't necessarily believe that an AI is reading this thread ... would be a fun plot for a thrilling short story though. And no I don't know that concept. I might read up on it now that you mentioned it though. That's insane news! I'll be thrilled how this turns out. All the best and good luck for that On a serious note, maybe you got some unreleased material at KER that you'd upload for this experiment? Maybe not under your KER account though. OMG that was awesome - it just
  8. Heh, that was fast Yeah the algorithm is cleverer than you think, it's got AI at its disposal and who knows what trickery is used to analyze the files ... as said earlier: Google knows this forum, the AI might even read this very thread and got ahead of your plan ... borderline scary isn't it? Although I'm not that serious about this I am sure an experiment can be done. Will also try to spread my antennas for this a bit...
  9. Good one! The new track is actually quite nice I admit that I began to give Raja Ram a sort of "free ticket for cheese" (I'm not gonna be a superfan of him, but I find it amazing that he's still around) ... that isn't even necessary...
  10. ...well that clearly didn't come to fruition, did it? I'm even waiting for his "Lords Of 16th" TRACK since THREE YEARS In case you wanna know what I mean by that --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DUZ3l1aUvo&t=4020s (yes the timestamp really is 4020 ... now go watch )
  11. @psytonesyou're doing quite well for a relatively young label - and it's impressive what's going on with Material Music ... all the best
  12. You really got me thinking on that ... and sure I basically wouldn't say "no" to quality ... but I think part of the probem is, that I already got kinda anchored to the "modern sounding = polished sounding = dull" train of thought. It also depends what precisely you pick out with the quality aspect (quality arrangement or mastering and mixing the sounds together or the quality of sound material that's played - such as crackle-free synth notes) ... but when I'm looking in to the old progressive front then there's lots of stuff I'd find questionable at least, sound quality wise - there's cr
  13. EXHUMED! Because this very _dead_ thread was the first hit on Google on this subject... ...yep I really searched for that right now. Anybody's got a Spiral Trax T-Shirt? I want one...
  14. Ah, I was just irritated because of the short vids, didn't know the Batman track - it's hilarious Spiral Trax ... indeed, it says "Joined the @Geomagnetic Music Network in 2015" ... I totally overslept that. Too bad you disagreed on the contract ... but nice to hear there was some contact By the way, O M G is the geomagnetic.tv website a trip down memory lane ... links to Saikosounds, Wirikuta, Psybuy ... and more ... that's some 21 years ago stuff too, isn't it?
  15. forgot to mention this ... yep, that was a beautiful example ... and I didn't even know Spiral Trax signed them
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