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  1. Stunning info! Thanks @Padmapani So the cells where they inject the RNA will die off eventually because they are killed by the own immune cells? I didn't know that. I would still prefer the traditional way of a vaccine with inactivated real Covid virus without any messenger RNA trickery. The risk of "not all immune cells being able to take a look at the virus" I'd just mitigate with repeated injections: I'd take 10 doses of the traditional vaccine or even more just to get around that messenger RNA thing ... make it an intravenous infusion instead of a syringe if you want ... I really
  2. hi there, I just moved your thread to a better spot ... all the best
  3. I think Synthwave or "New Retro Wave" (even though that's a YouTube channel and no genre) can answer this for you = I mean: modern production, but made to sound like it was made in the 80s. So it all sounds like "old tracks" and invokes (in me) that feeling of listening to something old that you just found in your parent's attic (depends on the age of your parents but you know what I mean) ... and yes, this feeling is different than if I was listening to modern sounding stuff, even though both can be brand newly produced. I appreciate the thread starting post though - well put @MikroMakro
  4. Thanks, I am very happy that I'm not the only one enjoying these Oh and @psytones- yes that last one reminded me of Infected Mushroom regarding the style ... the original tune is pop though (I'd rate it as that). And Mothership makes good remixes if you are into computer games of the 00s...
  5. I am very surprised you didn't mention the Metronome Remix - that one is indefinitely better in my opinion: And the fun thing about it is, regarding this thread: lo and behold, I find nothing missing in that track. So it really IS possible to still make stuff I enjoy limitless The problem with today's stuff mostly is that I find it overproduced though. And here may lay the cool feature of that remix: "The Only Process" is an old track, grounding these new production techniques and not making them go havoc and be all over the place. I second what you say about 2002 F
  6. Well, well, if you do "shameless self promotion" and then disclose your name on Soundcloud and it's similar to artists I heard of, I can't help but comment Ah bummer - so it's a super common name then, well - would have been a funny coincidence if you were related... Nevertheless, cheers - you can check them out ... mostly old style Synthesizer ambient I'd call it. By the way, the suggestions from the others = nice, I like - but a lot more in the vicinity of psytrance than the stuff before ... it depends what you are looking for... (Cool to see Aion kept his name btw, I
  7. Dude, your name is "van der Heijden"? You are not by any means related to Harold van der Heijden - or Eric van der Heijden? Both of them ring a bell and I am remembering an old recording that was called "From Hull to Leeds" by Ron Boots and Harold van der Hejden - nice ambient piece in old style ... can't be found anywhere on Youtube though, a pity. I would think that there are not so many "van der Heijdens" in the Netherlands that also tweak aound with Synthesizers, no? Or am I wrong?
  8. I think I understand where these "winter tourism profit worries" stem from ... there is indeed lots of money involved in the success of tourism ... did you by any chance see the last "Am Schauplatz" in ORF - I don't watch much ORF as I think it's brainwash TV, but I think that is a pretty good format (at least when they don't portrait quarreling neighbors all the time) - there they explained the real estate business in the Alps and it works like this: a rich person (it's called an investor) buys a luxury Chalet in the Alps for 3 to 5 million, then they rent these out to wealthy tourists and al
  9. I'm glad that you liked these! Yes, you are right, these indeed are made of at least partly the same elements that also psytrance has - and this is exactly why I like them so much. It's projects like these that I am more after than actual psytrance these days. There's one more artist that's very dear to me and is way underrated at the same time in my opinion - it's Strangezero and the reason why I got into them was because their (early) sound reminded me of Carbon Based Lifeforms, but it has become just so much more: This playlist contains everything noteworthy from th
  10. Fair enough. I have no experience with the AAs. I am "lucky enough" that I get terribly sick when I drink too much. Way worse than what people call a hangover. I _have to_ keep my intake low, there is no other way. That's the reason why I have not yet developed an addiction. There's a drug that you can take which will invoke the same symptoms: it'll make you sick when you drink alcohol. Is that a possibility for you? Best of luck that you beat it either way.
  11. Huh okay so I was a bit in a wrong direction to waht you wanted there However, if you throw in X-Dream's Radio there, I'd say Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch? Has equal amount of "personality" - let's call it that - in my opinion. Not genreless though, but X-Dream isn't either Son Kite - Prisma comes to mind. THAT is quite out of the box thinking in my opinion. Especially their last album is the farthest out there I'd say - previous works I prefer though, because that was good old progressive as we know it - even though Colors was quite modern already
  12. If you are bored by psy, you should go look at the genre boundaries or maybe also go across them. A feeling like this I have long not felt, because I stay ever-hungry for music. You can find so good stuff out there that's just waiting to be discovered Check out This Morn' Omina. They're way underrated in my opinion... If that was nothing for you, maybe you are more the tribal type and like this: And if that's also a no, here's my last ... you could open an ambient set to this imo:
  13. Hey ... don't know if this helps, but maybe try doing something you want to get done for just two minutes a day (or even just two minutes a week)? I read that this helps ... important is that you do it for two minutes though. It tricks one's brain and often you end up doing it longer - or if not, then it's nothing for you anyway because your brain doesn't feel like doing it...
  14. Jep - welcome to Austria, the country with the "quite highest" rates of positive tests ... but we don't need to worry because the news are declaring the situation already to "relax" They probably will open for xmas because "economy" ... and they we'll be in the same spot in January At least my throat relaxed and the taste is gone. Hope it stays that way. Well, I can't really see my GF in these times because she does not live in Vienna. Even though the Lockdown is a joke and I could visit her, we are both not doing that ... especially not right now ... thus I don't feel so much
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