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  1. I made a #HappyBirthdayPsynews.ORG birthday cake by sticking 20 burning candles onto a vinyl, which was a bad idea because I stained everything with liquid wax So now I am putting that LP in a freezer because I have read that 's a good way to remove wax stains... At least the candles are removed and it all was done without anything catching fire
  2. Cheers and Happy 20th Birthday to all and everybody on here #HappyBirthdayPsynews.org I did not plan to show up empty-handed, but it turned out that way for now - however, as it's 2020 and we are 20, I think it's good to say that we have the whole YEAR to celebrate -- and that's exactly how I would do it! If the things I had in mind turn out well, I will let you know and will post it under the hashtag above. It's most certainly not over for me before the year is over. First I'm gonna bake a cake for the occasion EDIT: Cake is done! Happy Birthday Psynews.ORG:
  3. Late to the party, but: gender has already THREE options ... Male / Female / Not Telling If the gender is so unimportant as it's stated here, why isn't everybody on Not Telling then? Not Telling is obviously not the same as if you are the Third Eye (or whatever) gender and still want to tell people ... but it would have been at least a signal... So, dear humans and aliens on here, you got now four options: or shall I make more?
  4. Shocking Even more shocking that people apparently light some of these fires themselves: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/07/australia/australia-fires-police-action-trnd/index.html And my boss (an Australia fan, you may say) recently told me that the New Year fireworks in Sydney were not cancelled because "the economy profits from the fireworks" ... if a damn spark can light a forest blaze, is it wise to make fireworks? I'm sorry, but I'm speechless at such stupidity of politicans and people who deliberately light fires...
  5. Hi, if you have an hour to spare and the subject interests you, this is what I found today: I think it's a brilliant video with a broad spectrum of aspects in there! One thing from me - or rather, from my mother - on the subject: My mother has visited my grandmother very soon after she passed away in hospital (maybe under an hour or not much long afterwards). My mother keeps telling me, to this day, that she saw kind of a "ball of light" (or rather a ball of "misty matter" as she describes it) emerging from my grandma's body and rising up, even coming towards her before slowly fading into thin air. She told me this like if she feared people would label her crazy if she told it to others. Thanks to this video by Peter Fenwick, I finally can comfort her that this was practically "nothing too much out of the ordinary", judging from the stories he tells It's, however, almost a kind of a let down for me, because I pictured my mother always as a kind of witch or shamanic being (fueled by the fact that she never wanted to hear anything of this if I even vaguely mentioned it to her)... turns out she maybe is not THAT peculiar after all and quite a number of other people have this aswell Lots of love to you Psynews community ... I hope some of you enjoy that video.
  6. Hi, nice topic, thanks for the bump and reminding me of it In earlier times I'd have answered: 60 minutes. I used to listen to music like that, lie on the couch with headphones and soak it in. But this has changed. I am not lying on the couch to listen to music anymore, I tend to be more active and sit in front of the PC or I'm otherwise busy. My listening habits have totally changed: I switched from an _album_ listener to a _track_ listener. When I like a track, first thing I do is put it on repeat ... sometimes for several times. The more I repeat the track, the more I like it! The next days, I keep coming back to it regularly ... until it slowly becomes part of my "collection" - not my physical one, but the one in my head. In the modern world, this track-wise thinking is more suitable for an activity stream oriented life: because the euphoria gained from single tracks is rather short-lived, I am more continuously checking out new pieces and also finding tracks that I like (which then can be reposted or shared, some may say) ... that generates more frequent and regular activity than listening to albums in entirety and thus having longer pauses because my brain needs these to process it all ... guess I'd be a good music content poster due to that more frequent activity scheme - if you like the stuff that I like, which I had to find out few people really do thoroughly Also, one more point - more valid in the olden days: an EP that had only one track per side usually was 45rpm and deeply etched, creating a really rich sound when played. Therefore I have to "break a lance" (german expression - do you have it in English too?) for the EPs ... I do like an EP more than an album. And especially concerning the modern times: consider the posting frequency. Content platforms tend to give new stuff a boost. Better use the boost for each track individually than release one album in bulk. DeviantArt is like that aswell. Which is why I'll release my blacklight pictures one at a time, even though it's old art and I could release maybe 10 at once...
  7. Yes, the Chromosome Remix is awesome Interestingly, the release containing that Chromosome Remix of Test Tones also was the one where Hypermental was released ... however, except the voice sample the version has nothing in common with the track that was played live above...
  8. Get up, grab the keys for your DeLorean DMC-12, get it to 88mph and crank your volume level up, we are going back into the year 2002 to listen to an unreleased version of Hypermental (or also "Hyper Mental") by S-RANGE that he performed live at the Just Dance Festival 2002 and which has been now finally available for public consumption... Here: This was (soon) 18 years ago. Where were you 18 years ago? What did you do? I can tell you where I've been about 18 years ago. I was at the WUK Vienna, at a party called Suntribe (by Chactun), to listen to S-RANGE play this and other tracks live - and I danced to it a lot and was super hooked to his music from that point on. You may have noticed it ... I have been trying to talk about S-RANGE and promote his music whenever I comfortably could on this forum and yes, you may freely admit if it annoyed you a little, however, I tried to be as tactile as possible and I hope I did it successfully because while people on here meanwhile far and wide recognize that I am a big S-RANGE fan, I hopefully never got too much on their nerves with it... Not too long after that show at the WUK, I fortunately came across a bootleg of this mix at the Just Dance Festival and transferred it to my MiniDisc player where it stayed for a looong time, to accompany me on numerous running sessions out there in the Wiener Prater (a public park). Of all the tracks in the mix, it was this one that stood out most. Maybe because it was the only one that was nowhere available! All the other tracks in the set were remixes of tunes that got released, this one not. Only 2 years later, a totally different version of Hypermental was released, which, while being super good in its own way, had nothing in common with that one. So I was continuing my runs and I kept coming back to this mix and to this very live version of the track for many years ... the runs and listens stayed an integral part of the character that I call RTP = Running To Psytrance ... this track is one of the pillars of the concept... Until finally I had this idea of making a "compilation" (the project got a bit stuck by the way, but not grinded to a halt yet ... info will follow) and contacted Anthony Sillfors about this track. Unfortunatley I could not have it for a compilation release as something else might be planned (may not say too much here), but Anthony fortunately and thankfully ("Hyper Thankfully" from my part) allowed me to post this track on Soundcloud and set it to public! Seriously, the mere fact that this recording stayed preserved and is ALLOWED to be posted is a rare occurrence. You can compare it to a bottle of Whisky appearing from a "dead distillery", like you suddenly found it in your parent's cellar ... it's a style of music that is not produced anymore in any way! Such events are much sought after and very precious. Conditions: online listening is allowed for free, NO DOWNLOAD and I also disabled offline listening to be safe. But I hope the track will still delight you. It does delight me immensely at least This also serves as a late christmas present by ... nothing else but the Universe itself, in my opinion CHEERS TO ALL RTP (the hissing in the recording from time to time -- don't tell me you don't hear it -- is unfortunatley my demo version of Tracktion ... if you, by any chance, have a better version of this very song, send it to me for cheers or upload it with same conditions (NO DOWNLOAD) and I will repost gladly ... however, I must say that the somewhat "suboptimal sound quality" is a charm in its own way as we used to record and re-record stuff in that way back then, I put this on a Minidisc, then on a CD, then over two or three PC Harddisks maybe also via a backup DVD or USB stick until it's now here ... in the cloud - welcome to 2020 )
  9. You people delight my day - I didn't know there was a MWNN album in the pipeline. That surely is one I am anticipating! And then you delighted me again even more because you said there's an Atmos album somewhere on the way! I have become a total Atmos fan, love his stuff, can't wait for that one. I hope it'll contain the track Lords of 16th ... it's about time that this comes out... I personally am TOTALLY anticipating a new S-Range album! This piece should be "in final stage" according to his Soundcloud profile ... but we know there hasn't been any new album (remixes don't count!) in the last ten years or so, so I'll only believe it when it's out... Also I am TOTALLY anticipating a new Etnoscope album! There MUST be something coming out from them some day, they have insane amounts of unreleased tracks ... haven't been lucky in the last years though - maybe 2020 is the time? And then there's the new Astral Projection ... I am 100% waiting for that one. Three exclamation marks and five ones. Filteria is one I'm keen to see aswell, yes. I hope for a new Matenda album, but I think the ice gets already thin here... Silicon Sound? Yes, totally - but a dream, in my opinion. I will not think about that. Too good to be true. As unlikely as Magnetrixx or MOS (Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom)... I might not consume all of these very close to their release by the way, I have learned that such good stuff doesn't come round the corner in masses... cheers
  10. Update ... now on Soundcloud aswell and contains even more psy remixes than the other list ... we need more psytrance with Unreal Tournament:
  11. You just delivered your own proof that Eric, no matter if he calls himself Prydz or PRYDA, makes indeed the best tracks ... this one shows the other two who's boss, it's by far the best of the three in my opinion! Fun Fact: this track contains same synth effect as Pryda - Lesson One. You can blend these two together seamlessly. cheers
  12. Merged. Please post tracks once max ... I wonder why you didn't use your other thread
  13. It might even be that we need to reach that limit in order for people to realize that they're at a dead end and need to go back...? Anyways thanks for the outlook ... I believe it will still continue like that on parties for some time... ...do they offer any psytrance there?
  14. yeah, but who's gonna start ... it's like artists sitting on a cliff like basejumpers on their first jump, everybody looking at each other and saying "you go first"
  15. Hello people Psynews is already around for a long time and we already have two compilations in the name of this forum afaik ... but it has not yet occurred to me that we have a Psynews track!! There was a VERY honorable attempt by some of our members to create one: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/53712-the-psynews-track ... but this was damn 10 YEARS AGO!!! And the outcome is GONE from the net ... all links dead. So, can we make a second try? We have a number of very talented psy music creators on this forum here. I am sure you can do something, don't you think? I offer my contribution (or rather Skeletone's contribution - more precisely, I'd ask my mate if we together want to so something on the track ) aswell if we need some more ppl for it. But let's see who's with the idea. Anyone? PS: anyone's got the old files?
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