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  1. So today I lost my fkin' wallet... ... currently busy re-ordering all the cards and stuff - fortunately it's become a little easier to do it online, but damn this is shit I feel completely naked without it...
  2. I have to confess I watched only few films by Quentin Tarantino: Pulp Fiction and the two Kill Bill ones ... the other ones he did I was too scared of: the nazi one I don't wanna see and Django is not provoking good feelings inside me because of all this slavery stuff. Kinda grim. And by the way, I like Kill Bill 2 the most. I just love Uma Thurman SCNR: "Without heart, we would be mere machines."
  3. My thanks go to Penzo and Mars for this update. They did all the work. cheers!
  4. you mean Pulp Fiction by the way, a friend of mine says - and keeps saying - that Pulp fiction has no plot while it damn well does have a plot Samuel L. Jackson is the Righteous of the two - he listens to this quote and gives up being a gangster - and lives ... while J. Travolta does not give up being a gangster - and dies... Be Righteous and live!
  5. My policy on such things generally is "if I don't touch it, it won't break"
  6. Yes @astralprojection you are right - it's, for my standards, a super awesome setup. I have great joy just listening to my tapes again - in the best sound I have ever got from them. With "surround" and "super bass" (or what it's called) on it enhances the tape sound to something of unheard quality for me... Thanks @Imba for the hint with the capacitors ... I am not very experienced with this though (2 EUR per piece is cool, but I can't solder) - and I don't need the lot of power on the amp, neighbors don't like it anyway. If the sound ever started lacking in quality, I'll look there thoug
  7. Did it ... bought a Technics "HiFi system" with amp, tape deck, turntable and speakers. Speakers: SB-CS7 Amp: SU-X955 Turntable was SL-J110R ... but I'll put that one in storage, I have already a turntable there also is a receiver but I don't need it... Unfortunately it has no CD player - that hurts ... I hooked up my old DVD player and it's ok for now ... may still buy a CD player though. I checked on the web before the purchase and people (audiophiles) were saying it's not a "second coming" of a system, but it's proper and nice old stuff ... and when audio people say t
  8. Miss Kittin is good, really good ... but she can't be compared to Aigel imo. Aigel focuses much more on voice and what you can do with it, different pronounciations of words, even in nuances ... Miss Kittin is, I'd say, rather trying not to give any pronounciations with her texts, her vocals are rather sterile - and her focus is more on electronic music, where the focus of Aigel is rather on the "rap" parts. Nothing of these has to do with shitty pop music though, I think we kinda lost the thread here Time to bring it back on track:
  9. Reminds me of Gappeq... ...ahhh, Wirikuta Distribution ... they had this kind of style. Too bad they are no more. I never know what befell them ... some kind of fraud stuff, I heard rumours ... a pity, I should know better, they are from same country as me... But all of that is not dark to me. It's like children playing around with bed linen and pretending to be ghosts. It's nothing compared to real ghosts. Nah, the stuff that I find dark is different. It doesn't come "boo" in your face, it rather is characterized by an unsettling tone or atmosphere in the music. This one I found d
  10. So apparently he decided to stay with his artist name AION then and not change it? Good decision! Cheers for that. I like the name. Just tell him he should mention the argument with the "Ethereum address" in case anybody frowns at him because of a name dispute
  11. Hehe ... yeah, I do hope that too! And maybe we even will be a little bit lucky. However, I don't wanna wake hopes in you that don't work out in the end. In case I get to know something, I'll surely post it here though
  12. exactly the same with me here
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