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  1. Thanks, I got the files, can't promise anything but we will try - or let's put it that way: I'll beg my mate that we will do something with it Doesn't mean anything monumental unfortunately - I have another project that I wanna do where we have the files and yet there was nothing yet - but we will do, it's on the list... That is not bad! The mastering of our Skeletone tracks is done by my mate ... you can have a listen to any of them to get an idea ... he has quite some knowledge about it though - top-down mastering it's called, I believe = all channels organized so that first the drums mix together into one, then the percs, then the melodies, risers, effects ... all going into their own channel and only in the last stage all these channels merge into one, so you can then do the mastering from the top down (turn all percs down/up etc) ... This has evolved considerably from our first tracks.
  2. cool ... feel free to post whichever you can spare - wav would be brilliant - and I'll try to see if we can do something in the (new) Skeletone studio ... no promise though... I have scheduled monthly sessions and it'll take one or two till we can come up with something - so it'll take a while, but if anything develops in the meantime, I'll follow this thread...
  3. Hey thanks for posting ... that is good, I prefer the second one but it's not that important. Whichever you can spare. Do you have a project for these or only the wav?
  4. Maybe the guy bought a "distro package" which also includes forum spam ... the fact, that he's all over Google services, Soundcloud, Spotify would speak for a multi distributor ... I got a little to tell about the techniques of those since I opened that "RTP Records" (which is apparently not becoming a thing either but nvm ) ... and maybe a little shady one. Would be fun if the actual artist wouldn't even know that forums are spammed with his links. But on the other hand maybe it's just a human amateur. Which is still my bet. Anyway, this thread will teach some shilling techniques to ppl interested in their own music distro - thus fitting the forum again, don't you think? If you're just after clicks and likes, why not reward people with crypto that click on your links. It will probably not create great activity on here - but in the crypto community there are plenty of ppl who click for a few satoshi. You'll be better off giving the money directly to people than to agencies who then go out spamming forums...
  5. Funny, I just thought the exact same. And you know what, I'll even leave this single one open here (thinking about moving it to OT, but I'll leave it for now), because he might, well, "deserve it" is a bit too strong, but I give him a tiny bit of credit for not to completely blast everything into oblivion with his stuff, which he could have done because he's here since Thursday. I was first thinking it was only a single post ... and then I saw them all Also I'm going to take the opportunity to mention: dammmn, these spammers are so damn annoying! My verdict: spammer. In person. Not a bot. Any more opinions?
  6. It is available for 80 EUR now (by a Norwegian seller) - will probably not get much cheaper: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/215319
  7. Well, I have taken quite some time to reply here again, but boy, has my view changed! At first I was thinking like "how could you sell it all" - now I am in a related situation, I had to get out of my flat because it's going to be renovated. I already have the situation sorted and I am fortunate enough _not_ having to take all my stuff out of the flat (because they're just gonna renovate parts of it, so a lot of the stuff can stay in, with a bit of moving around) ... but it has completely shifted my thoughts. Because I have to admit: I would have quite a problem if I had to take all the stuff out. So damn, I never understood your motives better than now. I am actually happy to have a smaller music collection than others, never thought I'd say that one day... Tempting ... but I will restrain - at the moment, more stuff is the last thing I need And history has shown me, that expensive or overly cherished T-shirts only tend to rot away in my cupboard most of the time (for fear of me damaging them or making them dirty), they really would deserve better... If you had a Spiral Trax shirt though, or know someone selling one, I'd have that
  8. Indeed, that is his title and it stays even while he leaves the scene
  9. It's called reactions and you can't command what people give you. (However, you could try to influence it a little, maybe by providing good content.) You also can't see who gives what reaction. That's why we keep this feature as slim as possible. And to prevent abuse, negative reactions that decrease your status points are not possible. So nobody can downvote anyone. However, it's currently still possible to react on every post with a "sad smiley". And while that is peculiar, it's no reason for me to turn it off. I would, however, limit the amount of reactions people can give each day if that feature was used for spamming continuously. And yeah, you can give a cry smiley on that one now
  10. Ranks are ditched But unfortunately our custom titles have been removed too ... so I can't be bad 2 the bone anymore
  11. Where are we currently? Where can I get the files? I have a studio session coming up. Maybe we can work on something. No promise.
  12. To each and everybody who saw these ads: PLEASE USE BRAVE BROWSER ... I am using it and I saw no ad, zero, zilch ... and I had not any adblockers to configure... ...if you would not have called it out, I would NEVER have noticed... ...you better use Brave anyways because for Web 4.0 you will need crypto integration, which Brave has built in (Ethereum )... ...and if you really fancy ads (who does ), you can do that in Brave but you get paid for it in BAT tokens which you can donate us seamlessly with the button at the top, in the address bar ... or go over to Ektoplazm - Basilisk accepts them aswell ...anyway... By the way, these badges are terrifying, I don't like them... I do find a badge system cool, but only for the "peculiar" stuff that happens here, you know
  13. I think it can't be separated, unfortunately. They all will keep too many dirty data. And that's that. Blockchain can be used though to make the format interchangeable. You click a link on TikTok - block added to your chain, which also YouTube can see... But there's one major good about these things: I can evaluate by YouTube suggestions that people get if they are compatible with me or not... ...my best friend for example -- whoa, he had a lot of identical recommendations even though he only rarely ever listens to psytrance. Stunning to see that! Better indication than Parship or any of these matching algos That's advice for you right there, dear reader. Avoid divorce by checking YouTube suggestions of your spouse before marriage
  14. Wow, respect - I can not compare algorithms, I am not on TikTok or on Insta. Also not on Spotify. YouTube is actually my only home for consuming content in masses ... and amazon, because of some exclusives... Youtube knows me quite well, if you counted all the man hours that went into me feeding that machine while searching for obscure music videos and whatnot, you'd be a pretty rich man... ... it would be cool if that history or "key of preferences" was interchangeable between platforms, I must say ... then I don't have to wade through loads of crap when going on a non-native platform... ...but what am I saying. That would be the total surveillance of internet activity, wouldn't it - and I am not a fan of that, actually. Plus it makes people quite vulnerable to manipulation, doesn't it? ...preaching to drink water and drinking wine doesn't go well together, eh? However, blockchain could help that the data at least is not tampered with while being openly accessible ... that would be okay as long as the match between key and human behind is not feasible, because that would not be to my liking. Just imagine my boss or an institution asking me about this track "Sludgy Heads found in a Handbag" by Megaptera that I listened to AGES ago ... "strange fascinations or violent tencdencies much?"
  15. I just have a YouTube generated playlist going which served me two monsters of a track right after another, that I honestly confess to not have known before, but daaaamn they are good... ...I mean see for yourself: Ulrich Schnauss ... daaamn awesome ... and that Tripswitch Remix of "Water From A Vine Leaf", absolutely great... ...by the way, the subsequent track after these two is Vibrasphere - Erosion ... also brilliant, but I knew that one before ...the oddity about it being, however, that I started off with a band that is not directly related to these supertracks in my opinion (QNTAL ... more Goth than anything else =) ... as you can see ... so apparently these tracks were linked by the algorithm with me previously giving the right input... ...which is cool, because it gives each and every click on YouTube that I did before more meaning, more depth... ...but that also made me think further: I believe there is a key that you can feed the algorithm so that it creates the most blissful, most perfect damn insane top-of-the-world playlist, custom forged for you individually. The key consists of a series of tracks you have to search for and listen, giving them a like. But it goes way beyond the good old "people who have listened to this track also liked..." method. This method usually delivers pure garbage in my case, I am a very special character (no offense to anybody else - I actually mean this in a bad way) and it has let me down so many times... ...but when the algorithm gets more and more material from me, it can craft more and more special things, diving down into these small backalleys of genre border areas where I like to roam about and then, when it has roamed there enough, boom! there it is, the perfect combination. It can be a long key and it can take years until it is complete. But with every interaction with the system, bits of this key are confirmed true or false... The cool thing about this is: every human being in this world has such a key. And it feels right now if QNTAL were the last missing part to mine By this rule, cases like this should continue to become more common. Or not? What do you think? It also has made me think of a story. I have this idea for a story about this machine - or complex of machines - that gather information in this way, ultimately becoming so powerful they can find out these keys for each and every human being... However, I don't really know what to do with the story when all keys are known. What then? Or is this not a story, but reality?
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