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  1. omg ... okay, not my taste at all, sry but I got a genre name for it: NightTECH ... or NIGHTECH ... Hitech + Pop = NIGHTECH ... you know, from nightcore to nightstep to NIGHTECH although the voice needs to be pitched a little higher to really qualify ok guys, I don't like this music, but for the sake of creating a new genre, I think the project #Skeletone shall attempt to make one too ... I at least will suggest ... who's with us?
  2. Hehehe, yeah, I have been at the release party of that book... ... and the real burner is, that I forgot whether I really was there or not and had to look it up on psynews myself: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/60389-goa-20-years-of-psychedelic-trance/ ... turns out: I was, because as I read through my post there I remember it all again... Interestingly, I do have to admit that my views have changed. Nowadays I do welcome the book and the DVD and the video on youtube being a "nostalgic input from the time I went to parties a lot". That is noteworthy, since I expressed a slightly different opinion there in that thread...
  3. My thoughts exactly! This very thing is _the_ idea that is manifesting in my head. And yes, the content should be community generated, I seriously don't want to have all the work with a youtube channel all on top and I do think I speak for our other admins aswell... We can make uploads of videos generated by the community = mixes, tracks, documentaries, interviews! ... and we can create playlists on our own. What we WON'T do is upload pirated tracks. And dear @Psychedelic Superbeast thank you for the offer ... but as I already said via PM, I personally would prefer if your account were still active on YT and you'd just become a subscriber on our then new Psynews Youtube Channel ... I'll discuss it with the others in detail though opinions welcome!
  4. Hello - yes, this is a radio station playing existing tracks ... I was thinking computer generated music stream meaning: no track ever played will sound the same as they are composed in realtime...
  5. Well, if you analyze the songs that I posted ... it's not about the text (since I do not understand a word of what they say) ... but it's a combination of the other elements: - music and sound effects - structure of beat and melody - the singer's voice itself and the different sounds uttered - body language ... in Tatarin for example you can hear her smile - and finally the video itself and the story it presents to the viewer
  6. Not goa, but something new: ... giving birth to the idea in my head: mixing goatrance and synthwave -> this could be good srsly first track could easily be psychill if you just lower the tempo ... 25% slower is probably already too much though
  7. dude I think you should put them there definitely, I see your texts are good quality and people who search for reviews of these records in some months or even years time would not find the texts in this thread unless deeply searching the forum - and who does that) I leave it up to you though... I'd like to hear the story why CD2 of Total Eclipse got lost
  8. hi, great news, thanks for sharing ... they indeed have a cool new site I can't wait to see a new AP album However, I have become a realist and will believe it only when it's finally out ... already been through this "new album next year" they should call it "Astral Projection Forever" ... before the Duke Nukem Forever joke gets completely forgotten
  9. I do not have these problems at all ... mainly because of 3 reasons: - my collection of physical releases is fairly small compared to yours - I might have just a hundred or a bit more goa CDs and just maybe 200 in total - I have the policy to file a disc into my rack only when I have listened to it at least once - I have a car that's still got a CD player so I can listen when I go with the car My only worry are the two dozen metal tapes that I still have and my tape deck blew and I only had a radio with tape deck in my old car which is no more
  10. hey man good idea ... and well written = this text could easily go in the review section
  11. Dear Lemmiwinks, I hereby exhume this thread because PRYDA is a real gem of an artist, I have got to love him so much over time, I can't believe I found ERIC PRYDZ to be commercial and "bad" in the past and scoffed at him ... it's downright brilliant what this man does, almost everything at least (I much prefer PRYDA to Eric Prydz though ) Here's a PRYDAAAARGH playlist ... 83 songs cheers RTP
  12. Dude .... it's NOT from MY country but I have found really good stuff I'd say ... I have a fascination for songs in languages that I do not speak ... here is some: Here is a playlist ... these are all from there but there's more: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt-j8Op3VdjRn2umdmELRa8W0BZYYGQpT I collect sh*t like that ... if you got some killargh rap in foreign language: post it here and I might add ^^
  13. hehehe ... it's a good mix though, thanks for sharing
  14. oh man I feel so reminded of my beginnings on Tranceaddict right now ... used to roam that forum and listen to stuff that "sounded alike" many years back ...until I went to my first goa party and a good soul directed me to Psynews here - will be forever thankful good recommendadtion but it's not valerian tea to me. Caron Based Lifeforms is valerian tea. Or at least it used to be...
  15. Ummm kinda interesting definition of "recently" in my opinion, the video says it's been uploaded in 2017 time flies?
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