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  1. Phew, I'm glad that did it for you ... happy browsing on Psynews Cool ... in case of questions or if you want the code from my sig, just hit me up ... you just need to change the link to the video inside it...
  2. It ceratinly is the forum software. The last thing I can think of is the resolution of the window, if you increase it it should be gone, I hope... Ultima ratio is that I make a new skin with disabled mobile function, but I do not yet know how to do that.
  3. Hi - you can embed soundcloud links in signatures ... see below I am using the embed function from soundcloud for it... Should be available for everyone, no?
  4. In a thread at the InVision Community they suggest it's due to an automatic trigger which resolution your desktop has - if too low, the board will go into the mobile version. Is the browser window maximized? If yes, can you try to set your resolution higher? Super odd though that it works with one browser and with the other not... that's all I could find: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/405727-desktop-browser-stuck-in-mobile-view-in-ips-forums/
  5. Would you kindly not use this as a news thread for Lab37 alone. I merged your posts. The most significant message might be the last - "Please note that we are temporarily stopping vinyl production for about 40 days as we retool our machinery." ... I am curious, who is this?
  6. RTP


    So it seems we are slowly opening up again here in Europe ... Austria has shops and restaurants open since 2 weeks ... this weekend the outdoor activities are permitted again ... it's going slightly upwards ... only mass gatherings (parties) are not yet allowed... There are voices saying that it will get worse again because there will be a second wave ... we won't know it until it's here though ... well, at least people have already done the panic buying... It's the time of the Corona clusters now ... there are some cases in this and that company ... although I believe you will find cases everywhere the deeper you dig with mass-testing... It'll never be over till 60%-70% of ALL people in a country have been infected ... either we are already past that (and don't know it) - or it is yet to come...
  7. Thank you everybody. I have heard that we were all very lucky ... normally it wouldn't have gone so well with all these database scripts and a slightly inexperienced user ... at least with our DB... I can assure you it won't happen again though - we are prepared now
  8. That sounds awesome! I think you definitely SHOULD come back ... do NOT let the genres be a border ... a little anecdote of a project that I did with a firend is, well, down in my sig = we started out to make "goatrance" and ended up with, well haha, listen for yourself Point is, don't let rigid concepts get in your way - music should be fun and if anybody does not like what you do, they won't listen anyway. My own perception of music is continuously evolving far and wayy beyond anything, I like disocvering new stuff and the genre mixes have become the best discoveries ... I don't really classify it in genres anymore but in "I like a lot" and "I like less"... Plus many of the "old purists" now have other things to do in their life than to hang out online and nag about albums So yes please, come back as you are
  9. Hello we had a screwed-up update that went wrong and we needed a bit of luck to get back online ... we were down for a few days ... it is now restored But I am thinking that the admin CP problem micht not have to do with that ... I can still log into the admin cp (was there just now), let's sort this out via PM ...oh and if anything got lost content-wise through the database scripts we had to execute: I can't restore it myself cheers RTP
  10. Hej Tatsu cool that you drop by again, long time no see Good luck listening through the collection ... I never had these problems, my CD collection is rather small ... yup, Akanoid were quite good - even when they turned their back at psytrance they still had something ... I looked them up recently, the last album was 5 years ago, so maybe they're not as active as in the past...
  11. hej yes this one is great, I knew it before, but it's a joy to watch again I really like Crocketts Theme a lot ... very nice melody
  12. Hello ... an update again, I have been staying low the past 2 weeks and it got better, I was able to go out again ... and yesterday I was at the lung doctor and got a check up: lungs are OK. I do still have the one or other bad night ... but I hope that it will not go really bad again. I have returned to work and so far I'm alright. Sports will have to wait. For the moment I am "NRTP" : "not running to psytrance" ... The doctor recommeded me a check for sleep apnea which will be done in June in first steps ... if I get results, I might post them here for completion.
  13. Thanks, yes I was monitoring it closely ... it's now slowly getting better here - so I don't think I need it. Hoping that it will go further up ... it looks like it! I was able to sleep in the night and feel better today. The reason why I was reluctant to call 911 is: in the hospital I might suffer from additional infection - especially the one they took me to, my dad was in there some months ago and he developed a bad lung inflammation which he contacted in the hospital - which fortunately was cured with antibiotics, but I suspect that is one of these hospital germs ... and I'm afraid of those, because if Covid-19 and these come together, it's really bad. I called around doctors if somebody would get me some oxygen ... but nobody of them could. I managed with the bronchodilatador alone. And since the problems were only there in the night, I tried to lie awake more and then sleep on the day...
  14. uh, thanks for clarifying ... I indeed missed something there then about the Cytokine storms ... sounds not good at all YES! I am no doctor but I would agree ... an awful lot of this sickness reminds me of my pneumonia in Peru which was in high altitude, symptoms are similar ... only the blood was not there back then. The doctors who checked me saw no damaged lungs, but I have trouble getting enough air - there definitely is not enough oxygen passing into the bloodstream I would say! Bronchodilatadors help a little with this, fortunately... Please everybody stay safe!! All the best!!
  15. Hello ... I have managed without another 911 call so far. Tonight I'd say it's the first time that there is a little bit of light shimmering in the tunnel ... let's hope it won't be a train. What is odd is that the temperature rose to 37,5 yesterday and I got a bit of a sore throat now - but I believe this might be my own immune system finally checking "hey, there is something in the system that we need to get rid of". I'll watch it closely, but I feel a bit better ("better by the margin of the thickness of a coin" is the wording that came to me in the night) ... so I'll just hang on. I have came across this video and I am now in a good enough state to watch what this "thing" is doing to me ... really interesting - and it also explains the blood coughing in my opinion. You should watch it, it might prevent damage: Cytokine storms are mentioned too - but they don't seem so dangerous, it's just a natural body reaction, right? Or did I miss something there?
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