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  1. A look at the figures. The Globox - X-Rax Spex video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO4xGTCcwsQ currently has at this moment: 3.800 plays, 233 likes, 3 dislikes. and 14 comments in 6 threads So I think you shouldn't give up so early, we are climbing. Now I admit that occasionally I send a few views over because I still got some credit at that company, but it really isn't that much, maybe 3 to 4 hundred (altogether I mean) ... my policy is: slow and continuous increase beats big pushes because the algorithm checks that there is something wrong when you push large and fast.
  2. Offtopic, but I think that the Access Virus series are quite good synths. With this, you could even do a creative move and do a "vaccine" track produced entirely with sounds from an Access Virus Unfortunately I don't own any of them... Nice one btw @recursion loop
  3. I think it's full of plays of words, I'd expect it to be ... and if you translate the lyrics, they pretty openly seem to refer homosexuality, at least if you enter it in Google. So, you are right (in my opinion), but they don't do it as plainly as you might think if you refer to the chorus ... there she's saying these words: Сію вію, Сію вію конопелечки Сію вію, Сію вію зеленесенькі which should translate to: these eyelashes, these eyelashes hemp plants, these eyelashes, these eyelashes greenish ... at least with all translating power available to me Altogether
  4. So YouTube now thinks I might be Ukrainian, because I get a lot of ukrainian music recommendations. Latest: Go_A ... I found the name funny because of the reference here to this forum - but dang, they're good, seriously ... have a listen: Some people say (in some reaction videos) that this is gonna be the songcontest winner? OMG?! Go_A may be the new hype? Well, we've always been quite close, without the underscore, haven't we? Your opinion on this one? I find it absolutely great
  5. I saw them and it were the two of them ... the gig was advertised as Magnetrixx and Morganixx on the lineup though, I believe. But in your case it could have been that Stefan was sick and Heike just played the set alone ... she's a DJane after all (Morgana)...
  6. Wow, that's great news ... do you know if there's going to be a physical one? (Because I don't have it in physical ) You probably meant MORGANIXX. There's Magnetrixx = Stefan Lewin himself and Morganixx = Stefan & Heike although some Magnetrixx tracks are also made by both of them ... so you can't go by that rule of thumb either Oh and don't forget Autiomatrixx = Magnetrixx and Audiomatic
  7. And don't forget Hatikwa & Datacult - Scientific Mutation https://www.discogs.com/de/Hatikwa-Scientific-Mutation/release/13190968
  8. I used to like Beat Bizarre a lot, yes ... and he's still around as a solo project (at least he released something last year)
  9. Ummm ... wasn't a "Vegetarian" a term for somebody who had not yet tried LSD? I think we had this very conversation right here on this forum maybe 16 years ago where I read it ... oh wait, this thread is just as old
  10. He should check out the Growling Machines remixes of Celldweller: (oh and Celldweller in general, he will like, but that's not electro) That one maybe too: Oh and maybe he's one of those guys that already know and like Pendulum (which, if he doesn't know, he should go check out a.s.a.p. because they are the most metal<-> electro (dnb to be specific) crossover that I know) ... then he should check out the Quemists and Zardonic: ... but with that video it's rather: "metal for electro fans" ... I'd say a
  11. I know it's not psytrance, but the Mayday is going online aswell and making a stream ... might as well drop by and catch Anthony Rother play live if you've got nothing better to do:
  12. Let me guess Still no sign of it, right?
  13. As for the AI music, I am going to be very modest ... I want: A new S-RANGE album. And a Magnetrixx album. Oddly enough, a new Etnoscope album is not needed to be generated by AI - we rather need a plain "unintelligent" electric shocker to get Raz up and going ... and forgive me that I said this, because I don't even know him personally, but I can report first hand that even trying to get into contact is already difficult at the moment ... for me Okay that is pwnage ... cool stuff ... I want a psytrance one
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