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Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons


Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons  

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However, the comparisons with Pleiadians and GNoTR are stretching it

Ohhh I miss understood the start of the sentance so I thought you are the one setting the comparison. Sorry!

The post is then meant for the people actually did the comparison. :lol:

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Ohhh I miss understood the start of the sentance so I thought you are the one setting the comparison. Sorry!

The post is then meant for the people actually did the comparison. :lol:


No problem. Reading it I can see why it wasn't clear :D

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There are sounds that mimic sounds used by Etnica/Pleiadians (there's thanks in the CD booklet to Maurizio for help in recreating "the old Etnica sound") but that's where the similarities end, to MR's advantage if you ask me :)

And the comparison to GNOTR ("the acid") in Suntrip's promos is, to put it honestly, just silly. Personally I can't hear anything is MR's acid lines that would remind me especially of the Nuns. It's acid, it's a part of the genre, and we've all heard it before. It's the whole package that counts, not those few fragments that might or might not remind us of something.

And to the ones complaining that it's not / the melodies aren't complex enough, I'd say it's good that it's not too complex (something that's too easily overdone nowadays; too much just because it's easy to do if you catch my drift).

I refuse to rate this, just as I refuse to rate any music with an arbitrary number that actually says nothing at all. It's a great debut album that avoids all the overdone fluff and swirl I'm starting to get tired of.


I'll be anticipating with great interest what he'll deliver to us next :)

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Artist: Morphic Resonance

Title: The City of Moons

Label: Suntrip Records

Date: May, 2016


1. Psychedelic Hell

2. In The Mouth of Madness

3. The City of Moons

4. Bad Dreamer

5. Chronos

6. Procyon

7. Mindwarp

8. S.U.N. Project - Space Dwarfs (Morphic Resonance Rmx)






*Mind. Blown.*



This is Cristian Fernandez and he just made a goa trance album like he was mad at it. There is angst here and perhaps we should be thankful he channeled it using this outlet. Each track pulsates with barely controlled fury, pushing the limits of power and pace. Like Joske said it's a mixture of that acidic Pleiadians sound overlaid with the Tim Schuldt f*ck you you're going to swallow this. All of it! Right form the beginning it knows only one way and that is straight down the raw, psychedelic highway. It's unrelenting and deliciously so. Just when you think he can't maintain this bludgeoning pace the next track boots up and you're left shaking your head. I think Bad Dreamer left scorch marks on my walls. I've never been a fan of S.U.N. Project so the more music he can remix of theirs the better. He owned that track so much that I don't even recall what the original sounded like. I really enjoyed the Mindsphere album, but if Mental Triplex was the band aid Cristian just ripped it off and peed lemon juice into the wound. This has been on repeat for a few weeks and I have yet to tire of it. Have to say, Suntrip has been on quite the tear lately with a bunch of varied releases which should somewhat quell the talk of them being a one trick pony. Some may say it's too samey and I can see that view, but I don't share it. If a hot chick wants to sleep with you and she asks if she can bring her nymphomaniac stripper friend because she's feeling wild are you going to say no?


I mean would because I'm happily married. But you're heathens.


If throat scraping 303's an tornadic melodies are your thing then get thee post haste to yon Suntrip Shoppe and be liberal with the alms!




Anyone got a screenshot of E-mantra shaking hands with Cristian? Because the torch may well have been passed.






Morphic Resonance Bandcamp





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This album reminds me a lot of old Wizzy Noise :)

...at some point almost the same structure and screemingness.

What can't be bad.



PS Draeke: any news about that Wizzy music? It was already legend you guys managed to release one of their unrl tracks :P

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Superb album from start to finish.

Very mature stuff for a first album.

Refreshing hard hitting in your face psychedelic trance, well produced and

very mature attitude and atmosphere.

After years and years of waiting, i can finally say i found a new school artist that

i absolutly 100% like and respect.


Thank you suntrip and cristian for releasing this great album, this will be played regulary on my machine for years

to come, and remmembered as the best release in a long long time.


*On a side not, do NOT listen to this album while driving, i almost died like 3 times over the past mont while

driving and listening to this album.


Rating : Oh just buy it and be a man :)

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not innovative but it is a very well made album no doubt

you can hear the passion and hard work behind this



Nailed it.

BUT that gives him much space to grow...and I think he will. That's a good thing. A first album is not always the best one makes.

For example: compare the production level of 1st and 2nd album of Radical Distortion - what a massive positive evolution. I talked about it with him at a party we played in israel and he agreed. Artists - if they want - can improve so much.

ONLY: If everyone keeps pointing out all the good and the bad of their CD, so they can build on that and improve things.




Afther some listening and listening,...


What I like:

-Harsh sounds like old Space Tribe could do, and edgy at the right time.

-Wizzy noise-ish styled sounds (about time that type of psytrance gets a revivel).

-Just a CD that took guts to make :) Wanting to be diffrent from what most people do today.

-Deep resonating kicks and rolling bass lines.



What I don't like:

-Mixing could be more subtle, let the elements play more togheter. Getting a more psychedelic effect and a story line that is more subtle/complex.

-Album sounds a bit noisy (hard mastering or artist?)

-No real extra layer with unique sound that makes him stand out from the old Wizzy Noise style.



Can't wait to hear a 2nd album and hear evolution :)

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Ordered the MR album some days ago along with the new Mindsphere and the Toi Doi cd's... and clicked in the mp3 option for download.

I transfered the album to my Android this morning and I thought to listen to those 3 albums i my headphones at work today.....


...i got stuck with this one, going on repeat :D :D :D


Brilliant album!!!

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ok i had a listen to few songs.
its ok album.
the space dwarfs remix is quite good. bit lighter but sure.. its ok.
the original is much stronger . think the remix has melodies octave higher or maybe its just the sounds are just
too much all over the place which is lighter. not bad but still cant top the original imo.
psychedelic hell... good shit. darker stronger but wait? fullon kick / bass??
whats with the new 'goa' artists putting full kick bass on it? doesnt make any fucking sense!! :wacko:

songs are good. its good album to purchase if you dig the old psychedelia in a way. the kick bass thing bugs me i dont understand why most new 'goa' is having this? is this some sort of 'competition' with fullon music or something? if so , theres no need. what about using classic goa kick bass like afgin? major difference! afgin sound for example is more goa orientated imo


maybe i got the wrong picture. ok suntrip is goa label but this record is psytrance.

good psytrance ? yea its mad and insane psytrance , has melodies but not goa-trance that's for sure.

i bet many will disagree but i know thats how it is..


take darshan for example . its dark melodic... was put as goa and i see it as goa. maybe because theres no full on sharp kick and got that classic 909 and some bassline . its what i think i dunno. goa is so much different sound .

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Morphic Resonance - City of Moons
Suntrip Records


1. Psychedelic Hell
2. In The Mouth of Madness
3. The City of Moons
4. Bad Dreamer
5. Chronos
6. Procyon
7. Mindwarp
8. Sun Project - Space Dwarfs (Morphic Resonance Remix)

Christian Fernandez of Morphic Resonance finally releases his debut album through Suntrip Records. Remember when Filteria was inspired by Pleiadians? Well it appears that Christian was inspired by Tandu (Multimoods album), Tim Schuldt, UX, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Menis, and more. But for our time now with a distinct style, passion, vision, WOW moments, etc. A super dark, infectious acid-y Goa album with melodies?! Suntrip has attempted this before with various compilation tracks, even an album by a main artist or two. But never like this. So how does City of Moons hold up to the big boys?
1. Psychedelic Hell is atmospherically dark and intriguing. There's no electric guitars thankfully. No voice samples that could hit or miss. The industrial touches are great. This is a SLEEK, raw, edgy, and daring track packed with variation, development, intensity. tempo tweaks, etc. The synths are supported with rich atmosphere; they grow catchier as the vehicle gets sucked deeper down the causeway of darkness. The song is coupled with three strong acts. As soon as you think it's over, a zipping synth shoots out, pushing the insanity further with wilder textures and rhythms. The song evolves and keeps changing. It never feels overstuffed or too in my face. Even the final seconds are gripping, with a dash of horror. This is a magnetic opening track!  A- / A

2. In The Mouth of Madness is one of my top favorite tracks on the album. The key notes enhance the mood early on, like a dark ritual. Rather dark Goa with melodies! Great buildup, storytelling, arrangement, direction, synths, and twists and turns make this captivating, unpredictable. The climax roughly a third of the way through is enormous. I'm not bored for a second. Rather I'm hooked, refreshed with every minute. This is how I felt about the best work on Tandu's killer Multimoods album! Even the electric guitars work well here. They're never over used and know when to exit, so their presence is appreciated. Yes! I could go on and on via the mixing, direction, dynamic approach, etc., but I'll save it for your ears. The samples don't do justice to this album. This is one of the best dark Goa songs I've ever heard. Same with the pervious and this is stronger IMO. There's a monster climax in the last third too, just saying, it's pretty amazing! You may want to go listen to that. :D  Love it or not, this is visionary material that feels the opposite of restrained or contained. Amazing!  A

3. The City of Moons is comprised of many unexpected, impressive segments. I love that. The song takes off like a rocket. The synth (segment) from 1:52 to 2:18 is fantastic! Same with the transition and the next melody via 2:57. The song grows increasingly aggressive in the third minute before a wave of moody ambient enters via 4:00. So far so good! There's a sweet buildup at 4:21. What sounds like impact effects adds power to the rhythm. The melody at 5:15 is less strong though. Fortunately there's a delicious A lead around it. Nonetheless, something edgier would have been healthier in place of the 5:15 synth that reprises from 5:55 to 6:21. We get a chance to catch our breath thanks to an intriguing space ambient segment. Suddenly, a voice sample enters, followed by intense drums that introduce one of the best parts (6:34) on the track. The intensity. The atmosphere! The section that crosses the seventh minute is stunning! Additionally, the impact effects, whooshing, booms -- whatever cinematic influence the artist is incorporates without ever sounding sound track-y works wonders. The last act further injects the song with energy, touches of dark magic, and infectious layering. Even the voice sample (thankfully kept to a minimum and used selectively) compliments with key changes, etc. The last act never feels overstuffed like Filteria's Food Demons (Demon's Head Rmx). I love how varied, dynamic, eventful, and relentless this song is. Even the eleventh minute is riveting! Aside from a few less stellar melodies (noted above), the majority of this song is exhilarating! Kudos for sustaining my attention for twelve and a half minutes straight. I love when a self-titled track lives up to its name. City of Moons is that song -- a powerful, ambitious, imaginative, exciting, and wildly creative epic 12 minute song. I love it!  A
4. Bad Dreamer incorporates a catchy metal effect via 1:00; thankfully it works like an accent, never overstaying its welcome. The juicy synth at 1:25 elevates the act. Another emerges at 2:18 and combines to rhythmic effect. The atmosphere's great too! The melody from 3:24 to 3:36 could've been better but it's not bad. Goa at this level simply makes less extraordinary synths stand out more. On the plus, the synth work from 3:37 to 4:16 is exceptional, followed by eerie atmosphere to boot. The second act continues this sleek and exciting trend. This brings us to the last act. The synths from 6:01 to 6:41 feel just a bit repetitive and safe to me. Supplying something more edgy would have been cool. Suddenly a superb climax ignites at 7:21, correcting the previous less than stellar part. The final minutes retain the driving, intergalactic, though they could have been a little more refreshing like the second whimsically climactic climax-ridden act. The song is fairly predictable (direction wise), but the sleek, exciting synth (melody/sound) work and atmosphere go a long way throughout, and the transitions between them are excellent. They give us time to breath while simutaneously hooking us. Bad Dreamer is a sleek, melodic, and adrenaline-esque dark Goa number that recalls the phenomenal synth work from Tandu's Multimoods album.  A-

5. Chronos begins strong, as if (at 0:13) a special event is unfolding in our consciousness. The brief opening is emotionally riveting and has FEELS -- something I'd love to hear more of (at times) in this album. At 0:52, the artist establishes "attitude" with a zippy, infectious synth. This attitude-esque segment coupled with a noteworthy beat, ambient and atmosphere (0:52 to 2:47) is great, develops well. Unfortunately, the song loses its zippy, edgy approach and MEANDERS (goes through the motions, gets repetitive, loses crispness) from 2:48 to 3:14 via forgettable, basic synth arrangement. The song returns to healthy terrain from 3:15 to 3:27. We enter an intriguing, atmospheric interlude. We kick back into gripping terrain at 4:20. The second act via 4:47 to 5:37 is once again great. Unfortunately, at 5:50, we hit another patch of dry road-- The previous four or so songs didn't fall into these less sleek, more mundane regions. The last act has a buildup via 6:42 to 7:07 and continues the sleek, exciting ride at 7:20. The last act is really good via burst of raw energy. But those several conventional areas really brought the song down a notch or two for me. Chronos could have used more refining, perfecting, and improvement when compared to the first four songs. Otherwise, it's a good if not great track that showcases some terrific moments and work.  B+  

6. Procyon is unique! It's atmospheric and has a rolling baseline and rhythm that drives the song, making the melodies feel less in my face (that works great in this song). The synths feel present to the forefront too which is nice. The song took a while to grow on me, and although I'm not blown away, I really like this one for being strong and different. The first act didn't do much for me, but I like where it went, progressing into something more congruent and catchy, special. The brief escalation of sound via 2:45 is fun. I enjoyed how the energy returned with more developmental emphasis (and atmosphere) via 3:50 forward. From there I felt locked in, hooked. The song's approach is fairly simple, yet effective and tastefully done. The artist doesn't disappoint one iota from once things get going (the second act) forward. Even the in-between moments where less layers take place garnish interest, healthy treatment. The last act is fun, more climactic, psychedelic, and flavorful! This is a catchy, creative, and unique little gem.  A-
7. Mindwarp is my least favorite track on the album. I like the synth work from 1:20 to 2:00. Could the artist not continue the song in that unique, more psychedelically involving, arresting direction? What follows after the first two minutes grows repetitive and/or lackluster. It's OKAY-- I keep waiting, hoping that the twangy 1:21 feel of the song will return with new moves, arrangement, etc., but that never returns to build on. In its place is a generic metal clang accent/effect via 2:40 that soon grows repetitive. On the plus, the synths at 4:13, 5:06, and a tribally bit at 5:55 is nice. These moments help soften the blow of a decent but far from great song. Moreover, the last act never goes anywhere interesting. It seems to for a moment, but never shifts to that next level to compensate for the less than stellar first two acts. The album is too strong for this song! In the end I feel misled from the song's promising opening two minutes. Compared to the other tracks, I don't know how this made it to the final > MASTER copy/release. I wish another super song existed here in place of it considering how high the artist's standards appear to be based on the album's first half. Oh well. Live and learn. Disappointing but far from bad track IMO.  C+B-
8. Sun Project - Space Dwarfs (Morphic Resonance Remix) is more Eastern Indian influenced than the other tracks. The guitars early on are great, an often hit-or-miss element to me in Goa. The song engages me from 3:16 forward, when an orgy of high and low synths combine. The arrangement is less strong from 4:12 to 4:34, but the track improves at 4:35 and doesn't look back. I would have liked more risk taking in the first act and the overall song. The second and third act are great. 6:07 showcases healthier arrangement and the last act is tight. I enjoy the more uplifting feel when combined with the edgier, more driving and psychedelic via third minute forward. There's even a light in the darkness via 7:30 which is nice. The artist's influence is showcased best in the second and third act, thanks to some very catchy synth work. All in all, this is very good closing number, and I'm interested to hear a down or mid-tempo closing song by the artist on a main album one day. Great remix!  A-
City of Moons is an amazing album. I feel like its been years since I said that. This is the most impressed I've been with an album in years. The more organic (analog?) approach is nostalgic and refreshing. The album rivals the artist's previous work while offering us one of the best Goa albums in years. The atmospherically dark, edgy, melodic approach is phenomenal. The synth work is FANTASTIC. The artist's passion shows. He has vision, imagination and isn't afraid to take risks, giving us something RAW, INFECTIOUS, ACIDY, and EXCITING. For an album so dynamic and tight though, I was surprised to find several segments of weakness, repetition, etc. In Chronos for instance, the first 2:48 minutes are great. The last act is terrific too and even parts of the middle. There were just a few moments where a less stellar synth entered before the song corrected back to intergalactic sleek/edgy captivating greatness. And I think thes weaker parts are more noticeable because of how strong everything else is. My biggest complaint though is Mindwarp, a song that starts out promising before falling into a lack of ingenuity. The song isn't terrible, but this album is too strong for it. I would have nixed the Mindwarp track (no offense!) and replaced it with an A track. Also, I'd love to hear more memorable melodies (tunes!) that compliment the song and get stuck in my head as Pleiadians, Filteria, Hallucinogen, etc., did, but in the style and vision of Morphic Resonance and only if it works with the song. That's not to say the album has an insane amount of catchy synth work, atmosphere, etc. Also I'll be the first to point out that the album's second half, while excellent, is a little less strong than the first half. Yet it contains some of the album's best work. Please consider these constructive criticisms to help elevate the next album to unimaginably fantastic levels. That you can  :). The album never reminds me of Pleiadians thankfully and sounds like its own release. Thinking back, this may be the best DARK GOA album I've heard since the 90's, since Tandu's Multimoods. I love how the album remains sleek, edgy, intergalactic, and dynamic, never falling into Middle Eastern/Indian vibes while sculpturing its dark metropolis (the first six tracks). Even the Space Dwarfs Remix that does incorporate said vibes (to some degree, at least earlier on) is great, occurring after the more homogenous self-titled vision. All in all, I imagine the next album will be even stronger. Few flaws and one weak (or less strong) track and a few weak patches in few other songs (listed above) aside, City of Moons is a rocket, a superb album with those few exceptions aside. Oh, and looking back at this thread, this artist is not the new Pleiadians. He is the new Morphic Resonance! :)
Update - I wanted to give this album an A due to all of the impressive work, but I ran into a few issues and one major issue (track) one. This is such a fun, exciting release. I enjoy it more than any album I bought from Suntrip Records since Filteria's DoOL!!! It's easily one of their best (one of the best GOA) releases of all time IMO. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Favorite tracks - 12, 3, 4, 6, 8

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It took me a few days to appreciate the album. At a first glance it's really messy and noisy, but listening to it, like pleiadians, you start to seperate the different layers from each others better.


Enough's been said about the album being good, and I agree for the most part! I especially love parts like Procyons 2:45, chronos 5:00, the groovy-close-to-cheesy-but-not moments and the wicked dark atmosphere.


The issue with this album, that I hope will be fixed in the next one, is the mixing. Everything just becomes a wall of sound. The layers don't breathe, whatsoever and it becomes really, really fatiguing to listen to. Unfortunately it's sometimes nigh-impossible to appreciate all the layers when they stumble on each others at climaxes and the bass/kick needs more oomph. It's 2016, I thought we were past this.

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Another massive release. Morphic Resonance has set the bar sky high for sure. While it's certainly similar to Pleiadians, this one does not sound like it's trying too hard to sound like IFO and has enough of its own character.

There are lots of majestic moments like the second half of 'The City Of Moons' where you can imagine galaxies getting consumed by a supernova. :) ... or the or the minute 6 melody of 'Chronos' which just knocks me to the ground.. or that guitar treat at the end of 'In The Mouth Of Madness' which makes sure this is one of the most aptly named tracks ever released.

A minor point of criticism is that I agree there is still some more room left for diversity, and sometimes I'd wish for Morphic Resonance to expand a bit more on the cold atmosphere, some more quieter and atmospheric parts would have improved this even more.

That aside it's still an outstanding release. And on a side note, the mixing/mastering sounds outstanding to me.

2016 has been an excellent year so far. It's amazing to see so much darker Goa in such a high quality getting released.

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What a release here from Morphic Resonance ! I was really satisfied with the Moonwalker track in the mystery of crystal worlds compilation. But here we have one of the best we can find on goa music.

Powerful and melodic, each track here rocks, the second part is impressive.

Very good job.

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Greetings my Friends!!!


This release is without a doubt one of the best in the last 5 years and the best in catalog of SUNTRIP REC.


It encompasses all the best that there is in the Dark Goastyle


I hear in it echo of Сydonia, Pleiadians, Tim S., UX etc.


PS. I very rarely unsubscribe here, but now I want to say a BIG-THANX Suntrip & BIG-THANX Christian MR!





ॐ BOOM ॐ



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Namaste Everybody !


Sorry, I'm a Very Fresh user of Psynews because I don't have much time for that, but many people here know me in the real life, from Discogs & Facebook. I made the step to come here because I made a review for Cristian MORPHIC RESONANCE about his Awesome Album and he asked me to share it with You ; so here is what Cristian recieved :


"Namaste Brother !


My apologies for my late, bad unforseens these days, so my last listening was this evening to finalize & to write the report I promised You ; hope You are going to be Satisfied of my work ! ;)


Light reminding & additional information to have a full report :


Nice Artworks but not in accordance with the topic of the main title meaning, only in accordance with Goa Trance in general ! : P


The Story with the titles is not Amazing, not a clear one, even with the Sound itself, You begin with the most Poweful Psychedelic Track & You finish with one of the most Melodic one, I would have done the invert, my receipe is globally an Ascent during the tracks (with variations into of course) & the same way for the Album from the 1st Track till the last one ; sure the Stories can give Special Feelings/Emotions in the middle with various Atmospheres & possibly a Downtempo Track can be add at the beginning or at the end, no problem, as soon as there is a full coherency ! ; )


Now about the Sound itself :


Globally the Album is close to my Favourite Taste : the Quality of the Production is Very Clean, the Sound is not boring from the debut until the end & mostly I adore the Very Energetic & Real Acid Psychedelic Vibes on your Goa Trance style, without Cheesy Commercial Sounds I don't like really that I can hear but it is not possible to trip with them on the TranceFloor ! :P:D


The Structures are all, except Minwarp, with Full Power at the end like I Enjoy for the global Ascent Story of a Track ! ; )


The Mastering looks fine for me (Album tested on my ADAM A8X speakers & SENNHEISER HD 598 headphone), if You are not satisfied (not enough Sharped for You as You told me), You should have followed it much closer to involve the correction by Tim before Relasing it ! : P


(*) I miss a little more Power on the Attacks ("PAFFFFFF !!!" more violent) after each Break on each Track, You certainly boost them during your lives but at home by listening to the CD, I would have Enjoyed either ! :P It is a common problem I also meet on all Goa (even PsyTrance) Tracks from other Artists but very often it is even less Powerful than You ! : P


(I have doubt it is due to the Mastering conditions to avoid local peaks at 0dB so that the whole rest is not closer enough to 0dB ; solution if possible : letting the "tube" the closest to 0dB & letting these local peaks over 0dB ; I'm not enough informed on Mastering Technics, I was told You can't go over 0dB by someone because of the softwares (Top at 0dB), but someone else told me the Israelis' Mastering with the Top Technology are The Best ones because they can go over 0dB just at the limit of the Sound Saturation ! = ))


Great Evolutive Sound Story on each Track !!! : D


I would have Enjoyed more Shamanic Sounds & You insert Tribal Sounds (Percussions, Didgeridoo, ... ; as Hilight Tribe, ...) ! : P


Track 1 : Psychedelic Hell


It could have been my Favourite if the beginning from 0:34 till 2:52 was a bit clearer it is a bit confused because the "Special Sound" at 0:34 over the Bassline is close to the Breath/Blast of the Bassline itself & too much Sounds are combined then, not enough Contrast, maybe the Mastering could have been better there to reduce the confusion or Tim did his best for because of You made a Complex Production there, I don't know ; otherwise, this is the most Powerful Psychedelic that makes me thinking in his Lugubrious way to "INFECTED MUSHROOM - Psycho (Live Mix)" ! ;)


I Enjoy a lot this Lugubrious Atmosphere ! ; )


Track 2 : In The Mouth Of Madness


Nice Sounds of Electric Guitar Well inserted ! : D

Not my Favourite Sound for Trancing & Tripping but Very Nice Track to listen to, with in addition a Lugubious Atmosphere & a Change of Octave ! ; )


I Enjoy a lot the Change of Octaves ! ; )


Track 3 : The City Of Moons


Very Nice beginning with a Science Fiction Movie Atmosphere, long Mastered & Coherent Story & a Change of Octave that gives value !!! : D


Only Reproach, this kind of Acid Sounds is much used (IMBA, ...), common enough, not so Innovative, otherwise, Very Nice Tripping Track ! ; )


Track 4 : Bad Dreamers


No Lugubrious Atmosphere, but it is the Darkest Pure Acid style of the Album, it is the less beautiful to hear at home but Very Powerful Psychedelic for the TranceFloor for sure ! ; )


A Remix with a Lugubious Atmosphere would give it more a soul ! ; )


Track 5 : Chronos


I recognize there much Specific Known Old School 303 Sounds I Enjoy much at 1:18, 2:10, 4:19 ; used on Tracks I don't remember which ones, but already heard for sure, Very Nice Arrangement with the other Sounds & with nowaday's Quality ! ; D


The Defects are the not enough Powerful Attack* at 7:30 after the "Battery Rolling" & at the end the last Note is bad to hear, it would have been better the following one You can hear on the previous Sequence at 9:16 ; in addition there is a Write (no sound) of 4 seconds at the end of the Track that should have been cut ! : P


Track 6 : Procyon


I Enjoy Very Much the Lugubrious Atmosphere & the Shamanic moment from 3:30 ; Very Nice Track with Old School Acid 303, one of my Favourite Track ! ; D


Track 7 : Mindwarp


I was expecting a Powerful end like the others, it is a shame, but a structure with a long Descent is not bad, gives a change & is good for DJ's ! I Enjoy Very Much You used a Shamanic Voice sample that seems the same lightly modified as "TOÏ DOÏ - Spiral Dive" ! :P Otherwise, Awesome Track ! ; )


Please, this one is not really finished for me in fact, I'm waiting for a Remix with a Suite (New part to add from "8:45" to "11:00" or more) to have the Full Power Ascent at the end like the others after this Nice Stellar Walking & I would like You add Shamanic Sounds into the Ascent & improved the whole Track by Tribal & Indian Sounds spread on it ! ; )


Track 8 : S.U.N. Project - Space Dwarfs (M. R. Rmx)


Awesome & Very Powerful Remix, only the Attacks* could have been more Energetic/Violent ! ; )



To conclude, in fact I don't really have a Favourite Track after my last listening, they have all something I Enjoy Very Much independently, let's say my Favourite would be a Combination of the whole points I Enjoy the most, plus those I have suggested beforeward ! : P


So my Favourite Goa Track is a Shamanic-Tribal-Acid (Old School 303 & more)-Lugubrious-Indian-Stellar/Cosmic (Science Fiction...) Track with Change of Octaves, the Energy You know giving it, much Powerful Attacks with kinds of "Battery Rolling" before the Ascents, ... ! Please make this one for us someday Brother, You won't regret ! ; D


BTW, I think a "VS" Track with You, Toï Doï & U.X. in the future would be an Amazing stuff, maybe on the style I would like the most if All of You were interested in !!! ; D


Anyway, I can't wait for Trancing & Tripping on your Energetic Live at the Connection Festival, I come mostly for this one & I hope I'll show You the Effects of your Sound on my body by my Trancing & Tripping style : my body is totally in Harmony with the Music ; I can control my body to do something else but it follows the Music without Acting : This is the Trancing State for me ; I feel the Energy at the end of my Fingers & when it is Powerful, it is fully in my Hands, like an Energetic Ball, that's why I LOVE this Music & need a Powerful Psychedelic Sound on the TranceFloor, NOT Cheesy Commercial Trance/Dance Sounds for Discotheques ! ; D


All The Best !


Big Hugs !!!


David =)"


Hope You are going to enjoy it ! BoOoOoOoM !!! :D

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Bom Shankar to the above poster. :D

This album is slowly growing even bigger to my ears. Lot's of things going around in the tracks. At first I felt it only had maybe 3-4 great tracks but right now the only track I don't think is up to par is first track. The last remix I think is good, but would have rather seen something more original as the original is perfect already. Otherwise it's really stellar music. I really, really hope the next endeavors will have better layer seperation and breathing room, because the atmosphere could benefit from it greatly.

Definitely worth adding to any collection and the fact it's darker Goa is a big big plus!

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