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    Is Schlab the best available T-shirt? recommend me some funky ass goa/psy/psybient/ambient T-shirt’s which are available.
  2. Yup, I was rooting for this thread. But 119GBP+shipping for a 2LP set, balls! Anyone attending their concert in red rocks next month.? I might make it, not sure. I’m heading to SF for couple of weeks and luckily the concert falls on one of the weekends. This being my first time to US, would like to do attend with some known people than alone. @technosomy you were thinking of making this journey iirc, you attending.?
  3. I think there’s enough greed in the scene, we should just let the crypto be
  4. The usual, life caught up, got married, switched jobs. You know the approaching 30’s stuff.
  5. High energy protons mix got me jumping up and down! And I usually hate remixes. Woah this was sooo so unexpected and soooo gooood!
  6. I’m interested in Son kite but definitely not at those prices. Let me know if you want to get them out of your house “quickly” thanks!
  7. Guess I’m an old timer now whats going on boys?
  8. Fuck me!!! I swear to god I had my eyes on this release, time flies! Completely missed the box set. Fuck fuck fuuck! Is there any way for me to get a T-shirt Rich, pleeeease richpa.. ordered 2 CDs though, me and a fellow JR freak who would love this. Just heard one track and woaaaaah <3 <3 thank you!!
  9. I ended up going through the complete Ultimae records collection of mine, H.U.V.A network just crushed everything else. Doxxin myself but wth, having a good time @ https://www.ibnii.com/pool-villas/ listening to Tales of the ... ssshhh! You know what ;) enjoy your weekend boys
  10. New House, CDP, amp, speakers are set, cds are arranged. TT yet to open. Thought I will treat myself to some Solar Fields today.. Going from 1st album to last. Missing Origins #01 but thats ok. I'm sure I'm not missing much there Hadn't listened to Reflective Frequencies in a while.. I'm unsure if I like it or not. Will have to revisit I guess. "Turn inside out.... "
  11. Was packing my moderate collection of CDs and records (me and wife moving to a new place tomorrow) realised f’in psykovsky Ksolntsu cds are also missing. What the fuck! Anyways , gems could fit into one box. There is a separate extra protective box for ultimate and silent season. One more for other ambient CDs and we are done!
  12. Never used one, don’t have the habit of listening to music while riding , prefer the sound of motor , keeps me more engaged. I have only used communicators over helmets and they get the job done. I do have a riding mate who has built in speakers on his helmet. Will try to borrow and get back to you on how it sounds and stuff :) 99% it’ll be versys 650. The other models with 0% offer are ninja 1000, z900 both not my kind of bikes. Looking for adventure tourers. Couldn’t make it to the dealer today thanks to an ad hoc interview scheduled in the morning. Will visit the dealership for test ride on Saturday.
  13. Watching Kawasaki versys 650 videos one after another. Kawasaki is giving out 0% interest loans (quite uncommon, Ducati is offering 10%) on select vehicles, might take them on this offer and buy the versys going for a test ride today, wish me luck boys. If purchased this will be first mid range adventure bike. Hyper exited about it already
  14. @thanosp81 - yeah, l had lost a few, ruined the others and sold the rest.. Slowly gathering them all
  15. Will trade a slipmat for one of the sealed Vinyl copies from Twisted Records ( Sphongle / Younger brother , others) Interested?
  16. @psytones I dont understand how a person having multiple releases of a cd makes it a fake? Also, when did we turn into a fake manufacturing country, isn't it china? I had 5 sealed copies of the latest Psykovsky releases at one point met the artist here, bought it here. There might be a story for the seller's multiple sealed CDs too. Open it up if you are doubtful. P.S - Long ago even I tried to contact that seller as he had many sealed releases and I was curious, no response.
  17. Buying back some parts of the collection which were sold / lost : AP - Dancing Galaxy, Trust in Trance X-Dream : Best of , We created our own happiness. Lone Deranger Etnica - Alien Protien Koxbox - Great Unknown Prana - Cyclone VA - Infinity Hz pt 1 & 2
  18. https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/67908-phobium-oort-cloud/?do=getNewComment
  19. Would be nice to know what people think of this album after 17 years of its release. IMO this is a solid album.
  20. LSD had no plans of putting these remixes out on CDs.? Nice to see the limited edition numbers have increased from 100 to 200. Wish you more success in the current year.
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