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  1. I love it, one of the best cds last few years!
  2. Good, (3.5/5) but not your best. I heard some new tracks of you which sound much better! Are they panning to get released soon?
  3. Interesting to see so many people think nr 3 is better, I will relisten. But nr 2 had Zero To Nine!
  4. I should read this forums more often, but I simply dont have the time but I am shocked. If freedom of speech is so important on this forum, I will speak my mind freely. First of all, I apprectiate what many people here do for the goa scene, but that doesn't mean they are behaving good as persons of course. Richpa, of what I read here you are stubborn without the will of getting of your high horse. You are so nationalist and craving for recognition you don't even see it yourself anymore. Your goal is promoting yourself over goa. I didnt see you promoting Suntrip or any other label in any way,
  5. California Sunshine - Rain! The perfect track where both the male and the female are hearable
  6. Funny to see how everyone wants to eat a part of the pie. Where is the unity? Labels being happy about this? This is a glory moment for goa, and of course some labels will start to whine and complain they dont get the recognition they want. The solution is simple, make sure to have videos, gigs and documentaries like this yourself. Problem solved. One thing is sure. This kind of lame replies will never help goa-trance in general and creates more and more polarisation. Sad. As for the Croatia discussion, maybe I am mistaken but Goasia is Serbian, no? So why would M-Run ever be mentione
  7. The pro, it is powerfull and massive. The contra, the melodies are forgettable and the tracks have very little storytelling. But like mentioned here, this has been done before in a better way. Typical neogoa from a mediocre level
  8. Track 1 and 8 sound good, the rest mediocre or even lame. A remaster of goaway which is exactly the same? A full on remix of Derwisj, typical 3/5 compilation. Nothing legendary
  9. Its good, but the debut was better. No real standouts, like on compilations and mostly a repition of the same tricks. He has potential, now, evolution is needed!
  10. I keep saying this. Best album of the last decennium, together with Arcana. This album has it all, rough, acid, psychedelic, out of the box and dirty! And yes, I agree, I believe he can even become better. A legend in the making! But this debut, fantastic, out of this world!
  11. Magus, Wizzy Noise & Alkaloid are by far the best on CD1, on CD2 it is nice to have Identify finally! Overall weaker as last editions, more and more fillers (are the great unreleased tracks less and less common?) but still worth heaving
  12. After many more listens, this is basically good full on with a psychedelic side... Its ok, but it has been done before, it would be great to see him experiment with his dirty sound more!
  13. Best cd in years, listening non stop for 2 days and I get constant adrenalin rushes!
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