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  1. Wenn all The Hope was gone came „Made Out of Trance“,a masterpiece.
  2. For me is the track,all in all,the best Astral Projection song of the last 20 years. +1,love this track!
  3. I liked Uplifting Trance in the 90`s and were a big fan of "Yello" until I heard Paul Oakenfolds "A Voyage into Trance" and the tracks from Infinity Project,Man with no Name,Prana and Hallucinogen lifted me into a new dimension of electronic music. I will never forget that I listened to this CD dozens of time and tried to get more stuff like that,but it was hard in the mid-nineties to buy any goa releases.Our record stores simply neverer heard of these artists. https://www.discogs.com/Paul-Oakenfold-A-Voyage-Into-Trance/master/57694
  4. This "Underwater" theme of Merrow: Complete nonsense Cover Art: Simply terrible The Music: Holy Shit,what a fantastic ride.This is Goa Trance how I like it.Stormy,melodic and well produced.One of the best releases in the last years. Hey you Suntrip guys,you missed a modern classic...
  5. 01 - Pleiadians - Pyramid :Maurizios best release sice 1999.The more I hear,the more I love.. 02 - Merr0w - Odysseus :Merrows best release,Sea Wolf Howling is a killer Track 03 - Median Project - Constellation :Suntrips best CD in 2019 04 - Out of Orbit/Shpongle - No Disco :More of this please,Posford is a God. 05 - Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom :Psycedelic to the bone. 06 - JaraLuca - The Prologue :Mechatronics is one of the best Songs in 2019 07 - Sykespico - Perspective :Melodies all over. 08 - Total Eclipse - Tokyo 1998 :Brings back the good old times. 09 - V.A. - Analog Visions :Where does D.A.T. get all this great stuff from? 10 - Battle of the Future Buddahs - The Light behind the Sun :Great release from Suntrip. Not on List MFG-Pure Energy :Unnecessary release,disappointing. Cellestial Intelligence-Incandescent :Crystal clear sound,fantastic production,but no memorable Tracks. Pete & Pan-Return of the Goddess :Not my cup of tea.. Ultimate Xperience-Realm of a new Dawn :Can`t explain why I don`t like it...
  6. The new Pleiadians is a real suprise for me! It`s Maurizios best work since the 99 release "Hell`s Kitchen",far better than anything they produced since Carlo() and Andrea left the Band. Ok,it's not Goa,but the melody work is great and the production superb. My personal 2019 favourite besides JaraLuca and Median Project.
  7. Once in a while there are parts that I like,but summed up this relelease is repetitive,depressing and nervebreaking. Definitely not my cup of tea.
  8. Listened today. Not bad,but as said above,has nothing to do with the Goa Sound of I.F.O. Well made Psy Trance with some nice melodies.
  9. +1 What a fantastic release. Downloaded it about 2 years ago and forgot to hear it... Definitely one of the best releases in the last years,happy to discover it now!
  10. 7 years later and this is still the best Suntrip release ever. The Unenlightened Perspectives,Plutonia,No Way Wrong and Optronic Circles are pure bliss. Besides Athens 96 and I.F.O in my top 3. Stephane Bezet is a Genius...
  11. Never heard of this guy before,so thanks for your review. Besides Median Project,this is the best release in 2019. All Tracks are really good,but"Mechatronics" and "The Prime Time"are real killers.
  12. Found it a little bit repetitive in the beginning but after dozens of listenings it grew on me. A fantastic release which I like more than "9th" or "To Sirius". "Sacred Sands" is a gem and "Crossing Planet" a real dancefloor Killer. 8.5/10
  13. Report post Posted June 12 On ‎5‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 11:48 AM, Anoebis said: On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2019 at 4:54 PM, Aspartic said: PHE - NO - ME - NAL ! ! ! review will follow when I' m back on earth. 1. listening-typical boring neo goa 2. listening-has it`s moments 3. listening- really good 4. listening- wtf... 5. listening- wtf... Thank you Suntrip for this fantastic release.This is one of the trippiest Albums i ever heard. Or like you said: PHENOMENAL Now,after About 30 complete listenings :One of the best Goa Releases ever!
  14. 1. listening-typical boring neo goa 2. listening-has it`s moments 3. listening- really good 4. listening- wtf... 5. listening- wtf... Thank you Suntrip for this fantastic release.This is one of the trippiest Albums i ever heard. Or like you said: PHENOMENAL
  15. My personal favourite CD from Suntrip this year. World in Between from the Aurora Sidera Sampler is a great Track too.
  16. Never heard of the guy before,but I like the Album very much. The same high quality.Highly recommended!
  17. Extremely good reviews here on the new E-Mantra,I´m a little surprised. No question,this is a typical and good E-Mantra release,but nothing special and far away of being a Masterpiece. I enjoyed 4,5,7 and 8,but the rest is typical NeoGoa,and there is no memorable Melody on the whole Album.

    Etnica - Plastic

    One of the best Goa Tracks ever and you rate this with B+.c´mon Jon give it another try and correct your voting...
  19. First Impression of the "unknown und unreleased" tracks:they sound more like italian Disco/80`s Synpop than Etnica...but after some listenings I like them all! Nevertheless it seems that I like Etnica 96/97/98 more and i hope that DAT will release more tracks from that era soon. Hopefully an Alien Protein re-release with unknown live material and some unknown tracks (Merkaba!).

    Etnica - Plastic

    Etnica at their peak. An unbelievable masterpiece and the best CD I own.
  21. I own the lazy spiral mix,but the one above is definitly another (and better) one. Sorry, you´re right!Found my Vinyl copy of the lazy spiral mix and it´s the same.
  22. Does anybody know where this Killer Mix is published? In this Version one of the best Pleiadians Songs ever.
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