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  1. Hell yeah! The preview sounds AMAZING. Looking forward to this
  2. Asura - Atmosphere

    Deva Delay is pretty neat
  3. Unknownium - Self titled LP (BMSS Records)

    This is the best thing Ive heard in a very long time. Playful, interesting, very psychedelic, sounds very original IMO. A fun rollercoaster which Im gonna ride many more times! 5/5 material right here!
  4. This album has some really good oldschool moments, but theres one thing I dont like (and I never thought Id say this) TOO MUCH GOD DAMN ACID MAN! It becomes painful every time I try to listen to the whole thing at once and all acid lines kinda sound the same so its a bit annoying
  5. I put this on while I was doing crap around the appartment and at one moment I was so impressed that I walked to my room, looked at my pc and said out loud "Dude this really good." Very old-schoolish and very well done and psychedelic. I'd say this is 4/5 material
  6. It is! Check this track out too. Sinister goa at its best
  7. 1) Sun Sith - Arrival is so gargantuan that it eclipses the rest of the compilation. What an impressive way to warn us of the "Arrival" of a new force "We are the Sith!" Just cant wait to hear more from the project. Anyway, I also liked Lectro Spektral Daze's track and loved the climax at the end of Nyarlathotep but I dont like the rest of the track. Other tracks arent bad and I enjoyed them but I was left unimpressed.
  8. "V/A - Gate To The Past"

    Oh and actually its not just this release, theres a bunch of amazing stuff on Zion 604 I knew nothing about. What a discovery!
  9. "V/A - Gate To The Past"

    Holy crap, this cought me by surprise. Really good!
  10. Psynews fundraiser

    Id like my theme changed aswell. This white is cooking my brain
  11. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia [Goa Madness Records]

    Even though this album was released recently, Im pretty sure its my most listened to release this year. God damn crazy stuff! Deserves a bump to draw more attention to it
  12. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death [Neogoa Records]

    Also, I agree with this completely. There have been a couple of releases lately that I feel are signaling a change in goa trance to something better, and that has me very excited!
  13. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death [Neogoa Records]

    You're not. Even if your Record house is the source of this release you are allowed to have an opinion and share it with us. Actually, you probably know more about it then us which have been listening to it for only a couple of days so publishers or even artists input is always welcome. Same goes for the Suntrip, Chrome, DAT guys.
  14. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death [Neogoa Records]

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add that the whole album is very dancefloor friendly. Hope I'll have the chance to hear GoaTree in a live party! Id probably colapse from all the energy in these tracks hahah