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  1. Downhill - Silent City

    Divine Album! So I got it, even if I really couldn't afford it right now. Oh well, that's life -- Same here. Along with midimiliz <3
  2. What music are you listening to right now?

  3. What music are you listening to right now?

    getting used to the new board. Track posted : Groupie Syndrome - Pacemaker
  4. I avoid but I'm sure it doesnt make any difference as we are waaaay too outnumbered to be making a difference. Large part of the crowd thinks, this is Psytrance.
  5. WTB: Darshan - Awakening CD

    What is the condition of Masaray?
  6. what! Fragletrollet Awesome news, listening to it right now.
  7. Thanks! was wondering about the cd limitation, if there was.
  8. Hey Joske, Few questions from my side. *Is there a way to get the vinyl from elsewhere.? Sorry but the shipping cost is almost the same as Vinyl. May be something similar to what Fede is doing with his vinyls (shipping from Poland)? *Also, just curious on the limitation of the CD. Is it also 100.?
  9. Digital Reprints News

    Great work Sure you will reach there in the near future. Need some info from you. * what about the Tshirts.? * Is the campaign for Globular live.? Couldn't find it.
  10. Aavepyörä Appreciation Thread

    Nothing but love and respect for Aavepyörä. For the last couple of months, his music has been dominating my playlists everywhere. Can't really confine a spirit like him into any predefined socially accepted "boxes". Be it music or life in general. - I've not met him, but that's what I feel.
  11. Swedish Masters

    I did in the OP itself "schlab and gang" One more : Simon Heath as krusseldorf
  12. X-Dream - Remixed [Flying Rhino Records]

    wouldn't that be nice! A pinch of vodka trance + forest + garam masala trance which you carried from your trip.
  13. Lifespirit - Talking With Osho [EP]