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  1. I will give you points for digging up this video
  2. If you want to make soup, water you must use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQBC5URoF0s
  3. isn't this a pleasant surprise A youtube channel? woah! @Paul Eye
  4. Turns out that was a lie Just checking in. Missed you all.
  5. yeah, probably 2016 was the last time I tried this one out.
  6. is that someone's personal collection or the nastiest record shop?
  7. Damn! this thread is still alive and kicking!
  8. For a moment,I was like, SHIT! Abasio is back Only to see 2009 :/ Wish you all a very happy new year ahead!
  9. Starkraver


    Is Schlab the best available T-shirt? recommend me some funky ass goa/psy/psybient/ambient T-shirt’s which are available.
  10. Yup, I was rooting for this thread. But 119GBP+shipping for a 2LP set, balls! Anyone attending their concert in red rocks next month.? I might make it, not sure. I’m heading to SF for couple of weeks and luckily the concert falls on one of the weekends. This being my first time to US, would like to do attend with some known people than alone. @technosomy you were thinking of making this journey iirc, you attending.?
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