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  1. Starkraver

    Digital Reprints News

    Really.?? I hope you are joking.
  2. Holy shit! AP is back ! What a pleasant surprise
  3. Epicness is synonymous to DAT records starts counter, tick tick 1.. tick tick 2.. tick tick oh fuck it’s just one minute sooner now
  4. Starkraver

    Digital Reprints News

    https://cosmosis.bandcamp.com/track/discomboobulated?from=fanpub_fnb_trk released on Tuesday. no words to describe it.
  5. Starkraver

    Digital Reprints News

    He be playing guitar , Pat.
  6. Such a shame that I missed the release party in Goa, I was there a week earlier! *Bangs head to the wall repeatedly* hallucinogenic horses <3 oh ho ho! What fun!
  7. So which one of you crazies got the cassette? So tempted to buy it. Looks very pretty!
  8. It didn’t make sense to buy it at close to 100€ shipped to India. Idiotic pricing, however wonderful the box set is, however amazing the childish painting is that price for me was a no-go. only other time I paid 3 digit €€€ was for IFO original which never reached me, fuck that Greek fucker! Can’t recall his name as well now! I had made up my mind as to put that 100€ saved from not buying this for good use. And yes I have donated a bit to kyriakos, some to ekto, bought some nasty Sanaton record stuff, will buy the discography of aavepyora soon. ~100€ for double vinyl, booohoo twisted! Not happening.
  9. Starkraver

    Forestdelic Records - Where To Start?

    I managed to catch GU, Jangaramongara wooooff! that was some crazy energy on the dancefloor!
  10. Starkraver

    Forestdelic Records - Where To Start?

    THIS! I would also add Sanaton records!
  11. Starkraver

    What do you expect from a Trance dj set?

    I prefer a great flow, layering of multiple tracks for crazy effects, definitely would go for a mix of unknown and known tracks. A story, hell yeah for home listening, at a party I won't be able to concentrate on the story.
  12. Starkraver

    Artists/Djs you follow on soundcloud??

    I should start using SC again! Right now, I use Bandcamp and Mixcloud (D-Dave DAT favourite, yeahhh baby!!) I have one recommendation for you : Kunal! Sadly there is only one mix posted over there :| His most epic mix From Disco Valley to eternity can be found here : https://goatranch.com/2010/03/27/tree-tribe-disco-valley2eternity/
  13. Starkraver

    Battle of the future buddhas/ Schlab VINYL

    Those would be my picks too along with some crazy downtempo tunes from Schlab yellow comp.