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  1. Hol Baumann - Human

    Hi I have a sealed Hol Baumann - Human for Sale/Trade. Looking for : Solar Fields - Origins #1 , Sync24 - Comfortable Void, Solar Fields - Extended ( can pay extra $$ )
  2. Same here. Managed to get a copy this time. Costed me quite a bit already and its going to cost me more once it reaches (F'in customs tax!) but this is one Shpongle album which is very special. Got sold out within 4 hours I guess. I do understand the high price point (look at the detailing) and the ridiculous shipping charges(will easily weight more than half kgs) but yeah I too don't get the limitation. Come on, album is getting sold out within hours and people are asking 400$?( Seriously.? wtf is up with that. )
  3. Jikooha - Sirius Rising (Panorama)

    Any idea on where this awesome CD is available?
  4. Indeed very very pretty I just listened to the Kurbeats and Fragletrollet tracks yum yum yum, indeed good vibrations.
  5. VA - Fluorotronik

    Eventhough I am a Filteria fan, I have to agree with Paul here. I am skipping both the Filteria tracks on this CD everytime. (may be over time, I have reached saturation levels wrt Filteria's music?) This release from a decade ago is definitely the highlight of this year. Been spinning this continuously since the time it reached home! Tracks : 2,4,5,7,8! Belltower reminds me of another whose name I can't recall. Any idea @Manuser? Very satisfied with this CD. Go Tranceform!
  6. Who still listens to Psytrance dj sets at home?

    Consistently. Cell!! - Live at .... (all are amazing) *DAT favourites by Dave. *TheTreeTribe mixes are really nice. *Mergi - live (once / twice a month) *KingGoaConstrictor *PaulEye as of now
  7. Astral Projection new album

    Bumping for good. New album on TIP
  8. As the thread is up, lets fill it with some good info New Silent Horror album
  9. Downhill - Silent City

    Divine Album! So I got it, even if I really couldn't afford it right now. Oh well, that's life -- Same here. Along with midimiliz <3
  10. What music are you listening to right now?

  11. What music are you listening to right now?

    getting used to the new board. Track posted : Groupie Syndrome - Pacemaker