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  1. brilliant mate. i love cassettes not DATS but sure.. respect.
  2. thanks for being positive and kinda givin me a 'wee' push to bring more of this. im productive.sometimes its a bit too much sometimes its not. it's ok. i appreciate it. visit us , read , weep , cry , smile , jump , sit down , relax , laugh ... listen to the music and not much else i can say haha /Filipe (Good Dance Recordings) and dont forget... this shit is??????? GOA~Trance Music . Visit us @ : https://gooddancerec...s.bandcamp.com/ you're welcome. thank me later. 71 minutes of Goa-Trance music. BANG foking bang dumboooooooooooo! Not much to say really. Fly away you rockets! Live long and prosper. Wish you well. Goodbye see you on our next adventure. Take care of yourself , seriously. Love , Filipe. Hey you? FUCKING BOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Wake up da fuck ! THIS IS FUCKING GOA-TRANCE. Quit bashing da real shit and open your eyes , this is 2016 and we got no time for fucking bullshitting around ok? Look at me foking grey hairs n shit ... fuck... Download , buy do whatever you like we dont give two fucksss Bye have a nice 'trip' whatever da fuck you might think.... Roll on , let's FUKIN GOA! Now im away im gonna chop some fokin meat. HUHU Yes yes Gandhi to you too BYE BYE seee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yoyoyoyoyoyoyo and yo!!! This shit is like Xenon 2 - Its a fucking MEGABLAST! Donate , buy , share ... you know. The usual shit. Goodbye. We are RETRO AS FUCK! TO INFINITY AND BEYONDDDD LOOOLL BANANA SPLIT
  3. if you give some cash i will put some free downloads. yeaa?
  4. You figure it out... right in yo faces Obi Wan forssuuu pushhhoooooooooh looooooooooolll lololololol . ENOUGH! FILIPE (Good Dance Recordings) boom peace out. https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/peaceful-revolutions-a-space-adventure-somewhere-in-a-goan-planetoid
  5. seen overture but meh same goes nothing new
  6. yea fucking overcompressed n shit , ah well fuck it you know
  7. ahh fuck aff mate next month maybe stop pushing shit like u fokin mushroom pizza funghus shit i release whenever i feel to , i appreciate no pushing around ok? Thank YOU! OBRIGADO , GRACIAS , ARRIVEDDECI .
  8. OF COURSE!! but man look thats cuz they changed gear equipment and shit believe me that changes the whole thing and becomes fuckup... thats why i dont want old bands coming with new shit ... i know colorbox sent me a fokin demo years ago done with software... WAS SHIT! nothing like their album done back in da days fuckin real thing you know? so thats just me ... new RA? pfff waste.
  9. no mate they are wav i have original Fruity loops shit files i Re-Rendered. I aint taking mp3 shit. yoga is mp3 im sorry i didn best that one was really fuckin lost i did my best on dat yoga shit track ... audio restoration you know? im sorry but that was all i had i lost shit back in days fucking old pcs corrupted files n shit . thats why today i fucking had lots of pen drives n fuckin loads of portable hard drives backing shit up all da time because you know what? this shit is precious ive already explained. yoga only shit i had was mp3 320 shit or something i tried to restore as much as i could its a fucking classic shit least i dont feel any shattering glass effect or anything but thatss shit i could do as for the rest is all pure wave i still own some old projects and im fucking glad i did! and yes mate i aint gonna lie im frontal its only file thats been converted and audio restored as much i could , its sad i know i shouldva kept da shit but it was lost somehow mate... hard drives gettin all fucked up old pcs you know i had 233mhz then a pentium 3 piece of shit many probs n shit hard to get shit fucked up mate.. but thats basically it. rest is all pure wave. enjoy mate its free nevertheless . im honest i dont like coming up here and saying oh this is all wave and piece of shit me knowing some shit wasnt. but yoga is only one was mp3 but sure... hope you understand. thats all mate. for curiosity the bassline is same if not close to crop circles shit but like i said i dont like to latch on to big names , i was into their lunar civilzation shit at the time thats all as far as i can remember. now? i prefer to come with my sounds n shit fuck all that you know? i used a sequential prophet 5 for that sort of shit and that was it. get if you want , get if you dont i dont care i prefer other gear now i dont tend to prophet shit fuck all anymore and thats just it. no and btw forget that release its pure shyte and bro another thing : i can do deep dig see if i can find some bullshit but i know i stilll have 1-2 in some fuckin pocket so listen.. maybe next time but most of that is long gone and fuck it things changed. i was not in a good condition at the time either because of migration and fighting against jehovas witnesses shit mate.. please understand. not all tracks are bad but maybe i will find them somewhere , i know i still own regeneration and embryo and those are fucking good shit altho its too muddy for my taste i'd rather look forward and fuck all else.
  10. yes of course 303 kheops lollolololol.... :P i promise i will write new things soon after we get over these things ok? maybe theres still enough material for next month or not but for this month im done bye <3 200 downloads gone in a space of 2-3 days with 2 brand new releases... FUCKKKKKKKK u guys want more? gimme some cash and i will invest more u guys want more? here! Download Credits Your Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you’re giving away (meaning you’ve set them to free, or let-fan-name-price with no minimum and the fan enters zero). Once each month, we look at your download credits, and if you have less than 200 remaining, we bump you back up to 200. Your next bump is on9/1/16. If your download credits drop to zero, your music will still be available, but your free tracks and albums will automatically switch to paid. You can avoid this by either a) buying more download credits for a modest fee by clicking “get more” below, or selling music (we add 1,000 credits for every $500 USD in sales). 300 downloads: $9 USD (3¢ each) 1000 downloads: $20 USD (2¢ each) 5000 downloads: $75 USD (1.5¢ each) buy now gimme some cash and i will invest more in this shit thanks if not then wait until this shit refreshes next month bye & boomshakalalka!!
  11. the yoga track is actually my own vocal it sticks in my head for some reason is good message i guess lol enjoy bro BOOM!!!!!!! post edit : i said ' relax your spirit and mind... YOGA!' LOOOOOOOOOL
  12. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and for discogs freaks here: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Three-Moons-And-One-Shrine/release/8868402 PROPZ to ma prophet Malachyte one love to u bruh Tracklist: 1- Realm 9 - Mercury 2-Mana Source - Heretic Visions 3-Faraoh - Wedlock 4-Mana Source - Karmagedon 5-Amithaba Buddha - Mental Maze 6-Mana Source- Moon Minerium 7-Space Sinbad - Eyes of Osiris 8-Resistrance - Hypnolab 9 9-Lost Buddha - Yoga {/ thanks penzoline for bringing this shit up so heres my explanation = (this one came from mp3 file and i audio restored it due to loss of original project because problematic past issues with old pc technology. i did my best. Least i hope i dont hear any shitty 'glass' mp3 shyte i tried to extend the audio frenquency range as much as i could. thats all . I think it sounds good and its not over compressed or anything so dont come talkin shit at me because of this track sounding like shit . I released it because some people asked and i thought it was nice . Still retains good shit so... but im frontal and truthful and thats how i am . It came from mp3 and mp3 imo is pure bolloks like all youtube shyte .I wish i had the orignal project but unfortunatly thats not the case. thanks and hope you can all understand . sad when this sorta shit happens you know? technology tends to fuck up a lot and i backup shit LIKE FUCK!!! . as for this song its sad i know but tough shit we move on.)} and finally ... the last but not the least...! fokin...??? 10-Gankyil - Zazen Free download/ Donation. I'm not gonna impose money in my music you people decide what to give. Donate if you want or not up to you boys , girls ladies and gentleman , party people djs and so on. Download from us , enjoy the music , we are here for a good cause. Make videos , make mixes , have fun we are here for what we believe. Any donations given will go to charity. We don't do this for the money we do this because we love it and we love to share the passion , love and care for the music we believe and like. We are not beggars or vagabonds or whatsoever you might think we are. Download have fun if one day you want to donate sure it's always welcome and very appreciated and thanks you for your contribution wherever you are in between possible whatever time i manage to get for you peeps. We and myself do and did this because friends want more from us and have requested and we are very happy to offer more of what we can have we give. That's all for now and don't be considering us flooding because that's not what we want. We like to have space and give others a chance too aswel to showcase their beautiful art and talk shit about it. There is plenty of room for people to shine and that's what this shit is about. That's all i can say ... for now. /filipe Boom boom boom boom boom and boom!!!!! Surprise! Smile , be happy as much as you can , we understand sometimes its not easy because our lives can be really stressful and time is of the essence. We hope you can enjoy our old skool vibes at least if you manage to gather some time for it that is! As for the rest... fuck it. Bye . See you on next planet. https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/three-moons-and-one-shrine Any errors let us know ill correct anything , didnt have time to check mastering but think all should be ok. See you tommorow. notice : 62 download credits remaining. We'll bump that back up to 200 on 9/1/16 update You have 55 download credits remaining. We'll bump that back up to 200 on 9/1/16. ATTENTION : i gave 200 free shits and now all free slots are gone. its 7squid from now on bandcamp did it i didnt do fuck all. c u next time. released August 5, 2016 Compiled , mastered , written and produced by Filipe Santos Coverart by Filipe Santos and thats it folks all fucking gone c u next time u guys want more? here! Download Credits Your Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you’re giving away (meaning you’ve set them to free, or let-fan-name-price with no minimum and the fan enters zero). Once each month, we look at your download credits, and if you have less than 200 remaining, we bump you back up to 200. Your next bump is on9/1/16. If your download credits drop to zero, your music will still be available, but your free tracks and albums will automatically switch to paid. You can avoid this by either a) buying more download credits for a modest fee by clicking “get more” below, or selling music (we add 1,000 credits for every $500 USD in sales). 300 downloads: $9 USD (3¢ each) 1000 downloads: $20 USD (2¢ each) 5000 downloads: $75 USD (1.5¢ each) buy now gimme some cash and i will invest more in this shit thanks
  13. yea im working on that , ill come up with a nice surprise to everybody but although! i dont wanna flood and i think its nice to give room to other labels n shit to showcase their work. thats all.
  14. well you guys are asking for more ... i dont care if its only 2-3 people i still do it , lets keep it togheter and thats all i care about maybe others will get to understand and join ... you guys are making me happy with this and sure ill drop some more of what i have... i will produce in a later time when most of it its out... its just i dont want to rush releases , i think its a bit unfair . theres other labels and its good to give some space for them too . i think theres plenty of room for everyone to shine their own art n shit... /filipe
  15. wow happy days!!! so happy to hear that! awesome ! keep up the good work ))) <3
  16. also here's a small mana source goody i did when i started the musical project. i love it always brings me good vibes and very nice memories , probably because of the buddha n stuff , i was inspired by Dreamweaver - Lord of Illusions because i got same equip as he did back in days... welll sort of you know? here it is : to add i got lots of stuff from books like in old days ... i think all these things add up you know? thats all i can say and i hope you can enjoy and make nice things with it DJ and stuff you know? I hope my music can be of inspiration to others and new generation young people too and give good things instead of the horrible psytrance things I've seen and many other seen which im completely off it. It's my life my music but im not involved in psychedelic parties and stuff anymore and that's a personal choice i have made. I like my music to be pure and clean and as i mentioned before in other threads here im not getting my hands dirty or feet etc anymore. I had enough. I don't think i can cope with it anymore , my mind and so on. But the music? Sure i still love some of it. I do my best. I like to study things before and keep it logical so at least maybe people will learn good things instead of sinking themselves in a place full of drugs which saddens me. I know a lot about things so much more i dont want to say because i have big background and experience in what concerns goa trance. I want positive things in life not degradation and so on. That's all i can say for now. <3 I like to be honest and humble and more than that i dont want to . Fame and fortune will not bring me happiness. Sure money it helps but it's not all . Alll i neeed it enough to buy food , pay some bills , buy some clothes and thats pretty much it and im happy with what i have. I'm not materialistic person . I'm not interesting in becoming a show off because i dont feel i have nothing to show. And i mean what's the point anyways u know? ive had 1000 fans before and i decided to terminate the facebook account because it doesnt mean anything and i felt i was kinda losing my identity , believe me its so easy ... but i dropped it and lost it , mymind that is , too much. numbers dont mean squat and im have flaws too i aint perfect im no supermodel or superhero like that sort of shit u know? ... truth is its not easy to cope with fame but if im famous or not i dont want to know. I hope people can talk good things instead of dissing and just simply talking crap because this is not about me as a person its about the project in this case : Mana Source. Im a human being like you and everyone else. We have good things and bad things. I dont want to be put on a pedestal and people worshipping me n shit ... im not into that stuff im humble and im just human and thats all. It's the music that makes me happy. My imagination and creation. I love it and i hope you can love it too. I send all my best wishes to you , me and everyone else out there. /filipe as for last i wanna say i dont wanna feel like a vagabond or a beggar either , im free , id rather have people downloading from me than going to foreign websites diggin pirate shit you know? if you wanna donate then donate if you dont then dont , how small it is i appreciate your donation i dont really care. im all for da fokin music and thats just it friends , guys girls , ladies , gentlemen and so on ! MUSIC!! GOA TRANCE n shit BOOM enjoy be as much happy as you can! Much love to you all. /filipe
  17. Bonsai is beautiful. mana flow festival? never done that song man :s gankyil zazen brillian karmagedon will dig that out maybe next compilation cheers Stanley<3
  18. i already did mister free download donate if you wish , dance have fun smile ... jump whatever man i love the music i recorded it on cassette and i just want good memories for myself and every single one of you. its what you do that counts so make it a good one https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/emotions-from-a-beija-flor i did this one yesterday because you guys are asking for some more so i dont want to be fokin greedy so id rather share this bullshit https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/three-moons-and-one-shrine here the rest is on it read , download jump , be happy dance like a mad fuck i dont care etc .. boomm fuck it you know im gonna listen chill and thats pretty much about it <3 lol thanks for encouragement <3 peace out gonna cheer myself up dont wanna start crying around here n shit im emotional and sensitive and that sorta shit also not gonna overanalyse my shit at the end its only music n shit , tracklist order n shit i like to put random sometimes not , the order of it doesnt mean squat ok? its only music , its only GOA TRANCE. one love cyaz and latersssssss and yea im fucking embarassed but sure.... its not for me its for you LOL im gonna be away for a while and calculate the compilation time organize my pc , my fucking head , files n shit yak , im gonna watch over my son Angelo aswel sometimes its fokin pandemonium loooollllll but i love it. And yes i need to tape this so... good. and yes You have 56 download credits remaining. dont come complaining , donate and i put some shit money in powerup or some shit thanks cya its two releases this month and i think thats enough for this shitty month , give others a chance too theres great stuff out there so thats just me. i also appreciate dont put so much pressure on me because i cant bear with all at fucking same time. one at a time theres plenty of room for all of us to shine and showcase our arts n shit which is good shit. bye love u all /filipe
  19. i have the original non pitched one sounds much better imo i got that record its fucking brilliant mate
  20. love that shit. mate theres also ragas on a disco beat or some shit like that u should did , that shit came way before acid house trance etc... made by indian guy ... way ahead of his time... 2 tracks are ok albums a bit repetitive but shit was impressive for its time i swear to you mate
  21. i like the Terraforming thing.. good luck looks really good musicwise im gonna avoid i dont like tim shulds mastering its all fucked up Terraformer. Space shit. I like!!!! lets see what tracklist is gonna be... im used to space synth 80s music which would totally fit this but i know.. this is psychedelic goa or psytrance ... lets see whats gonnna come up. i like al the art . prettu dark n abstract . looking forward to this. <3
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