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  1. On the low end, i.e. below say 400Hz? I doubt it... It was either going through multiband splitter and the FX was at the upper part, or Side (as in M/S) was high-passed.
  2. Well, the problem was bass and reverb was stereo all the way down to the lowest of frequencies - this is just something you don't do, regardless of aesthetic choices or style. And it was possible to be fixed in mastering (unless it'd introduce some weird phasing / cancellation issues, but there are ways around it as well).
  3. It did re-initialize them after the most recent ones, so I'd say no (just got Cubase 2 months ago, so wouldn't know about the past).
  4. Not playing it on a huge soundsystems, usually listening while biking home<>work, so that's more than enough.
  5. Good initiative, but way too expensive for digital downloads of 20+ years old music... I can get that music for EUR4 via Google's Play store: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/California_Sunshine_Trance?id=B24c2li3kme2c2zr5ofnexhvxxy
  6. Then it's not worth it for you. I on the other hand prefer to have everything up to date, even if I don't use all (most?) of the added features - but that's me.
  7. Sad to say this, but it's really difficult to listen to it - this has got to have the worst mastering in years: the bass is very boomy, the mids are non-existent and high-end is very week. Overall it sounds very hollow, like if I was standing outside of a club and heard the music through the walls and corridors. Because of this I can't really say anything about the music itself, since I can't focus on it at all I should really demand my money back, because such thing shouldn't be released in 2019
  8. Too bad there's no Furnace on the list, but pre-ordered anyway! Looking forward to it
  9. Oh, it's out?! I forgot I even pre-ordered it. Listening time :D
  10. So I've started recording my "Psytrance in Bitwig Studio" tutorial, 7 episodes so far. I know there are some teething technical issues (low volume, too aggressive noise gate) and that I pause and stumble a lot, but hopefully I get better at it as time goes by You're all very welcome to watch, subscribe, comment & share if you find it useful
  11. Can you please unlock the pre-order files on your Bandcamp? Arabesque already did that on their "mirror" Suntrip profile. Thanks!
  12. My 1st track in Reason 10 (and 2nd track since I came back to writing music). It's an old-school psychedelic trance, probably a bit too dense & complex for its own good, but that's the way I like it I've been using Reason for a year now, coming from Live 10 & Bitwig 2 (still use them all interchangeably) and really love this DAW and where it's going! The track uses mostly native instruments & FX, some rack extensions* (Parsec, The Legend, FM4, Synchronous, Polar, Fat Space, GQ-7, Distillery) and 2x instances of Phoscyon VST. It was made and is running (without any bouncing to audio) on a Surface Pro 4 i7 with Bayerdynamics DT-990Pro. Yeah, that's my "studio" * Rack Extensions are 3rd party "plugins" native to Reason, e.g.: https://shop.propellerheads.com/rack-extension/expanse-hyperwave-synthesizer/ Anyway, comment and feedback will be greatly appreciated! For those interested, here's a video of early draft of the track running in Reason:
  13. Hmm... I think you actually released it - it doesn't say "pre-order" and I can d/l the files just fine. BTW, I don't think 1st track should be named "Patallel Universe"? That's the power of Bandcamp notification and Paypal account
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