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  1. GBP 9 for 5 tracks? I'll pass on this one...
  2. Suntrip pre-orders: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/morphic-resonance-perplexity
  3. Yes, that's what I said - I get the notification. I'm not sure the same is the case if I don't actually go through with the pre-order. Anyway, it's a moot point. I'm raising this topic because it's for the benefit of the label & artists: it's better to direct the traffic to your own profile, rather than someone else's.
  4. Two reasons: 1) It's easy to forget that something you waited for is out - if you pre-order, you get it immediately when it's made accessible and you get a notification, 2) People mostly don't care about (or even understand) the difference between buying straight from the label or through a intermediary - they'll get it wherever they saw it first, whereas financially obviously it makes a difference, So yeah, there's no 'fuss' about it but it's five minutes of work to set up a pre-order on Bandcamp
  5. https://suntriprecords1.bandcamp.com/album/perplexity BTW, I'm really puzzled as to why is Suntrip giving Arabesque Dist. a head-start on announcing and opening pre-orders for their stuff? It's not the first time and it's bad for business, as I suspect label & artist(s) get much smaller cut from sales via intermediary. Add pre-orders finally to your Bandcamp page!
  6. Can't wait! Liked both previous albums a lot <3
  7. Well, I HOPE he has more coming soon under proper Cosmosis name. I mean this is a fine progressive full-on, but it feels very constrained, held back almost. There are some great ideas and exquisite moments, but they don't allow the tracks to unfold, to transform into something fuller and complete. At the end of each I feel unfulfilled. It's very reminiscent of Bill's minimalistic "phase" in mid-2000's and as such it's not surprising to hear a lot of samples, loops and sounds from his "Intergalactic" and "Trancendance" albums and Mumbo Jumbo side-project, sprinkled with some newer bits from his collaborations with Hypnocoustics. On the plus side, I like how diverse it is (comparing to contemporary "albums", not the typical old-school full-length) and one has to appreciate the craftsmanship that pokes through, made even more apparent by the low(ish) tempo - it does sound "Cosmosis" through and through. Also, props to Bill for bringing it himself to Bandcamp, because Future Music refuses to acknowledge it as a valid music distribution platform, sticking to the dreaded Beatport... It might yet grow on me, but for now it's a strong 3/5 or weak 4/5.
  8. Abraxas is a brand new collaboration between two veteran Psytrance music producers: Billy Cosmosis & Eric Quantica. Abraxas' fuses the two approaches of Cosmosis & Quantica to create a newer, deeper psychedelic landscape, keeping it trippy but with a phatter, funkier grooves and exploring the chunkier sonic territory possible in the slightly slower tempo ranges. https://cosmosis.bandcamp.com/album/inner-worlds
  9. Pre-ordered! Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Etnica / Pleiadians but I really appreciate Frederico's work & dedication to unearth and preserve that music. And who knows, maybe I'll be surprised like I was with Live In Athens '96 Especially because I never heard Juggling(...) since I couldn't find a - reasonably priced - copy Great work as always, looking forward to next week! <3
  10. Thanks for the heads up! I loved Intermezzo XT and I'm off to d/l and listen to this one. If @SubConsciousMind you'd consider putting your music on Bandcamp, I'd gladly purchase it <3
  11. Digital Reprints News

    Indeed Any changes to your stance on doing even light mastering on the old releases, like light EQ + volume adjustment / limiting to get them to sound similarly? I know you said it will cost extra, but actually @Bagginz should do it himself. I know I would if it was my music - I'd want it presented in best shape & form possible. But that's me
  12. Digital Reprints News

    I'm not responsible for people being dicks. And I'm not comfortable giving away my CC details to yet another company
  13. Digital Reprints News

    WTF, Kickstarter still doesn't support PayPal?
  14. Digital Reprints News

    @thanosp81 I'm about to pledge GBP30 for the download (really, don't want CDs anymore) but before that wanted to be sure - I get it on my Bandcamp, right? Related question - would you consider selling previous releases as digital-only? Many of the tracks are singles or not available at all via Bandcamp and I'd love to have them in single, compact "album" rather than scattered all over my collection. The price is secondary here & can be the same or higher than individual releases. It's about convenience.
  15. Yes, quite! It's obviously very suomi, but of the type that's not too weird to enjoy. Some tracks are pure bliss Also, for those still caught up in materialistic things , the CD and digipak look awesome: