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  1. Here's a track pre-released.... Happy New Year! https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/track/green-nuns-of-the-revolution-conflict-live-in-new-york-1997-mix
  2. Ok the decision has been made! Im not beeing any younger or slimmer.... so it has to go, to another 'goafreak' that will cherish as i and my previour owner has. This shirt 'the originalprinted' comes from THE Mark Neal (who did all the Flying rhino, Matsui sleeves, Flyers etc.) A couples of years ago i got the chance to buy some of of his remaining stash Matsuri ,Flying rhino, Dragonfly etc shirts....cuz he was in a tricky situation. It was 60£ each!! The one i sell now is a Large for 45£ + shipping. and worn 5-6 times. Condiction is outstading, no rips/tears/holes and the print in VG+/NM Photos can be added on request. Width: 53cm from armpit to armpit Length: 70cm from top neck to bottom
  3. masen023

    DAT Records News

    Mind Rewind is a CHARITY PROJECT. IF you want to sponsor the children you'll have to BUY the CD (OR let's set up that The Mango Tree sell's the digital files!??) If this isn't a transparent project..... there is no point going with this project. Just my 0.02€ ofc
  4. masen023

    Pleiadians - Alcyone Promo Viynl Sheet

    Layzyness or elitism....
  5. masen023

    Official Psytrance merchandise

    What's need to be do, is to convince to original old labels to start to repreduce the old shirts/prints again since there are a BIG demand! Here are my shirts (AND they are the ORIGINAL prints from the 90ies and not the reproducktive crap) I bought them at 50£ each (and i still think there are some left) and are in GREAT condition: http://s216.photobucket.com/user/masen023/library/Various?sort=6&page=1
  6. masen023

    "V/A - ZNA Gathering - A Retrofuturistic Compilation

    Bought this one at the ZNA fest. This one is really good (maybe im biased by living in Sweden, Scandinavia) as i love the early tracks/sound. LBM, Wierdo Beardo, Sarolta, Noma, Atmos etc...
  7. masen023

    VA - Fluorotronik

  8. See ya'll there
  9. masen023

    Astral Projection - Y-Salem Ep

    Sorry not for me....
  10. I was hoping the Alcyone side lokked like this.....,Damnit :/
  11. Fede! Great news... as you know i will always support your label. So all 3 versions is 123€, is that also shipping included? Polen/Italy? As i get my salory on the 25th July i will do my order for all 3 versions then (So dont you you dare sell all copies before that) See you at ZNA Fest Fede
  12. Gaaaaah!! To my surprise my Cd is gone!!! I have the case and artwork but no Disc. If there is someone who only has the Cd, i can bought from you. Please help!