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  1. Here's a track pre-released.... Happy New Year! https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/track/green-nuns-of-the-revolution-conflict-live-in-new-york-1997-mix
  2. Ok the decision has been made! Im not beeing any younger or slimmer.... so it has to go, to another 'goafreak' that will cherish as i and my previour owner has. This shirt 'the originalprinted' comes from THE Mark Neal (who did all the Flying rhino, Matsui sleeves, Flyers etc.) A couples of years ago i got the chance to buy some of of his remaining stash Matsuri ,Flying rhino, Dragonfly etc shirts....cuz he was in a tricky situation. It was 60£ each!! The one i sell now is a Large for 45£ + shipping. and worn 5-6 times. Condiction is outstading, no rips/tears/holes and the print in VG+/NM Photos can be added on request. Width: 53cm from armpit to armpit Length: 70cm from top neck to bottom
  3. Mind Rewind is a CHARITY PROJECT. IF you want to sponsor the children you'll have to BUY the CD (OR let's set up that The Mango Tree sell's the digital files!??) If this isn't a transparent project..... there is no point going with this project. Just my 0.02€ ofc
  4. What's need to be do, is to convince to original old labels to start to repreduce the old shirts/prints again since there are a BIG demand! Here are my shirts (AND they are the ORIGINAL prints from the 90ies and not the reproducktive crap) I bought them at 50£ each (and i still think there are some left) and are in GREAT condition: http://s216.photobucket.com/user/masen023/library/Various?sort=6&page=1
  5. Bought this one at the ZNA fest. This one is really good (maybe im biased by living in Sweden, Scandinavia) as i love the early tracks/sound. LBM, Wierdo Beardo, Sarolta, Noma, Atmos etc...
  6. Fede! Great news... as you know i will always support your label. So all 3 versions is 123€, is that also shipping included? Polen/Italy? As i get my salory on the 25th July i will do my order for all 3 versions then (So dont you you dare sell all copies before that) See you at ZNA Fest Fede
  7. Gaaaaah!! To my surprise my Cd is gone!!! I have the case and artwork but no Disc. If there is someone who only has the Cd, i can bought from you. Please help!
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