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  1. "V/A - ZNA Gathering - A Retrofuturistic Compilation

    Bought this one at the ZNA fest. This one is really good (maybe im biased by living in Sweden, Scandinavia) as i love the early tracks/sound. LBM, Wierdo Beardo, Sarolta, Noma, Atmos etc...
  2. VA - Fluorotronik

  3. See ya'll there
  4. Astral Projection - Y-Salem Ep

    Sorry not for me....
  5. I was hoping the Alcyone side lokked like this.....,Damnit :/
  6. Fede! Great news... as you know i will always support your label. So all 3 versions is 123€, is that also shipping included? Polen/Italy? As i get my salory on the 25th July i will do my order for all 3 versions then (So dont you you dare sell all copies before that) See you at ZNA Fest Fede
  7. Gaaaaah!! To my surprise my Cd is gone!!! I have the case and artwork but no Disc. If there is someone who only has the Cd, i can bought from you. Please help!
  8. So they never surfaced i guess?? *LOL* Im not surprised, as that fucking prick is cunt ass MF According to him, he was there... giving out 50+ Cds ...even that was a total lie.
  9. Retro festivals?

    Well if you are into 'retro' ZNA is the choice for you. The other festivals hasnt in millions years got a complete (or most retromusic) line up! Just compaire the diffrent lineup's (...and remeber every Monday ZNA announce a new act... so the lineup you see now is faaaaaaar from complete) Im at ZNA! Flight bokked and payed <3
  10. NOW this is a album i need to buy, 1st Goa/Psy album 7-8 months actually. .....really looking forward to it!!