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  1. Miles behind his Confusion album. His first album had that futuristic (to those times) sound, but with a very metal-ish essence in it. His 2005 album was already well dipped with the 'new' festival kick drum sound to it. Confusion released in great times, 1999, every artist sounded different from one another, every release was fresh, one after another. his 2005 release sounded like, well, every other release in those times, except the very interesting releases at those years (Psykovsky first album, Derango and so on). Do you like Kailum's music @KER ?
  2. ^Kailum, a blast from the past ! i love 'Confusion'. Never understood why a lot people never gave his music more attention.
  3. This is great !!!! It was much easier for me to break it down to two parts. The first part had that early 00's vibe to it, early spiral trax, early Lish's music. Brings back a lot of good memories of nights on a foggy dance floor out in god knows where. The second part (4:27) was when it hits the spot for me, i cant actually put my hand on the spot so ill just use the term "when you listen to a minilogue track" and somewhere it all starts to make a bit more sense. towards the end i wished it to be a bit more explosive, but im after a few weeks of going through psykovskys discography so im not exactly sure anymore. Anyway ! i loved it, and would like to listen to more ! ps Never change that signature gif
  4. New Xenomorph/MFG/Astral track ? This was not a 100% crap year after all !
  5. Soren, welcome back bud !
  6. You just expressed my thoughts about this genere as a whole, goa psy call it what ever, very few artists now days makes special music. I Did have fun listening to the the cross from true early goa trance to a more progressive/minimalist/techno sound untill it became too soft and fluffy. and i had a blast when things turned dark with artist like parasense, para halu, and the rise of what people call dark psy, untill it became boring hi tech or way to mossy and boring "forest" psy. I Did doubt new school goa when it came along, did enjoy a few albums down the line, artifakt 303 especially, and Morphic Resonance, untill it became a copy pasta of some sort, and dont even get me talking about what i think about Morphic's last album compared to his first album. Unreleased goa trance was great untill we started getting a bagillion retro proto goa boring releases or old artists who werent active for 20 years releasing stuff that should have stayed buried Yikes, kind of morbid...just hang in there
  7. Great news ! That 'InnerZone' track, on the new Dragonfly compilation is such an insane track ! I have high hopes from an album. Looking foward to anything coming from your great lable !
  8. Ronen Dahan aka 'Perplex' was shot to death at a party that took place in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. 29.6.19. My deepest regrets to his wife and two kids. May he Rest in Peace.
  9. I Always looked at this album as sort of a conclusion of the american psy scene, after his album the lable MOE wich released incredible music went away, and Ocelot moved away from his more agressive era into a more 'light' phase. Good times, with good music
  10. That Quasar album is simply incredible psychedlia, wish more people will listen to this one as it holds only good things inside
  11. God of War. Red dead, and Persona 5 !
  12. Very little communication coming our way past few months. Seems like psynews readers are not meta enough for them.
  13. This. D5 made some great music, but comparing anything to IFO and the impact it holds till this day, is blasphemy.
  14. Could be the first track that was played in the now offline video, but i was searching for the second track wich was 10000x more melodic/energetic/moving than the first track by far. This answer to the ID of this incredible track is with Dj Sharaku, may he rest in peace.
  15. UFOrb is the best Orb album IMO Had many many hours of soul searching with this one. A Real diamond !
  16. Ultimae artists and music direction changed a lot, TBH i realy dont like what they are releasing those last couple of years. Im happy Solar Fields found a new (good home) unlike his friends CBL. I'm a day one supporter of Sidereal, and i can vouch for them, good prices, exellent vinyl pressing, and great music as expected
  17. Playing RDR2 and Persona 5 RDR2 is pure fun ! Persona 5 is crazy as hell !
  18. Top notch stuff as always Can realy feel the dedication that went into creating this. Will grab the rest of the 4 colors soon-ish ! Can you tell us the story behind the digital only track 'Tetrahedron - Quicksand' ? Gives me that 'Apocalypse Now' vibe.
  19. Congrats on the 50th release mark peeps ! I Realy like the cover art,it has that original first 'suntrip' releases art style theme to it. Samples sounds crisp, will grab this one for sure to celebrate the occasion. Here's to another 50 more
  20. U.F.Orb

    Va - 303 Syndroms

    Was never a big fan of Artha untill now, what a freaking bomb of a track, wicked wicked stuff.
  21. Overdream is simply one of the most underrated artists in thie genre, his music is out of this world, im still digesting his new album, but it's incredible start to finish. Remindes me of early para halu stuff, top notch.
  22. Oh yeah ! Been waiting for an album by him for ages. Samples sounds fantastic When will this be available for pre-order on bandcamp ?
  23. Such a sad year, first hux flux, now bansi... My condolences to his family. RIP.
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