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  1. the future of psytrance..probably not lol it will fade away in couple of years a new sub-genre will appear
  2. totally agree..i skiped all of the tracks.. same vibes in all nothing outstanding the previews albums were bliss
  3. E-Mantra - Folding Time OUT NOW on Melusine https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/folding-time-24bits
  4. prog psy - simple music but...the technique of sounds make it a bit complex (sharp as a knife) dark psy - bass/ kick and a lot of osc fx / id say simple if you know what you re doing goa trance- diff story / multi-layering leads its not as simple as it looks ( i had in arcana more then 7 leads in the same time for ex) years in a row i though goa is the most complex music on this planet / now im not so sure about this listen for ex the Warp releases during our childhood or even this today: or if we spoke about complexity ..lets not forget The prodigy / samples samples and again samples/ man that was hard as hell i bet the idea is you can have complexity in every genre cuz some artists are very deep into the sound engineering stuff uuu..Orbital
  5. Anyone got a screenshot of E-mantra shaking hands with Cristian? Because the torch may well have been passed. I did that already 1 year ago in Spain i will repeat this..amazing release .. pleiadians should be proud
  6. this must be the only goa released have impressed me in a very loong time congrats(maybe because i was a pleiadians fan since ..forever hehe)
  7. Reasonandu - Alchemy of Love CD is now released Get if from here:https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/alchemy-of-love-24bits
  8. After 8 full albums released under respected labels like Suntrip and Altar Records / E-Mantra is back with the re-edit of his first EP -Signals; 8 years has passed since the first release in 2008 Now the tracks are crafted in a new vision , keeping the psychedelic patterns; Be ready for a journey into a new powerfull goa trance universe https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/signals-24bits
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