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  1. thanks very much Ivan! That is pretty much the plan Here's an unreleased track from 2011 as a teaser: http://cybernetika.de/tracks/biomechanic-angel/
  2. Hello Psynewsers, I am extremely happy and proud to announce that Cybernetika.de 1.0 is ready! Ive worked a lot over the past few days on creating my own page. That whole process was setting up a WordPress blog and heavily customizing nearly everything something that turned out to be far more complex than I initially thought. This site is supposed to be half blog, half music archive, driven by a detailed taxonomy and a search. In short, I want you people to find anything Ive ever done, old or new, and find it fast. At this point, there are more than 300 tracks so far for you to stream and download, organized by genre and by year of release. I'll keep posting stuff regularly so make sure to check back for updates every now and then here is the link: http://cybernetika.de Enjoy the site and the music! -L
  3. Another massive release. Morphic Resonance has set the bar sky high for sure. While it's certainly similar to Pleiadians, this one does not sound like it's trying too hard to sound like IFO and has enough of its own character. There are lots of majestic moments like the second half of 'The City Of Moons' where you can imagine galaxies getting consumed by a supernova. ... or the or the minute 6 melody of 'Chronos' which just knocks me to the ground.. or that guitar treat at the end of 'In The Mouth Of Madness' which makes sure this is one of the most aptly named tracks ever released. A minor point of criticism is that I agree there is still some more room left for diversity, and sometimes I'd wish for Morphic Resonance to expand a bit more on the cold atmosphere, some more quieter and atmospheric parts would have improved this even more. That aside it's still an outstanding release. And on a side note, the mixing/mastering sounds outstanding to me. 2016 has been an excellent year so far. It's amazing to see so much darker Goa in such a high quality getting released.
  4. Finally had the time to listen to this in full... Another one of my favorites this year, and one of the most unique releases in Goa Trance for sure. There are a lot of interesting melodies with sometimes very odd harmonies that manage to paint a surreal picture with lots of details. I also love how the artist managed to fill the whole frequency spectrum with lots of twirling acid and FX without overloading the tracks. There are lots of twists and turns to keep me interested, this is finest Forest Goa. My favorite tracks are Smoke & Mirrors and Ignotrancer.
  5. Stellar release I think and one of my highlights this year. The tracks float so well, there is an epic story in each of them, sitting in a sweet spot between light and darkness, with lots of food for imagination. You can tell that a lot of deep thought and passion went into these tracks. Yes, this release does not really have that much to do with the old UX, but I think this is a courageous leap forward actually, masterfully done. The synths are fantastic, the melodies are spot on, and those pads! I love the way the breakdowns build up atmosphere. I will be listening to this a lot! A favorite track is hard to pick since they all are on a constantly high level and I've yet to find a weak spot, but I choose the High Energy Protons remix, its unreal how energy just explodes at 4:20.
  6. Wow man, thanks a lot! I loved the original as well, great track, and making that remix was great fun Lots of excellent mentions, some I didnt know yet like the BETH and the Morphic Resonance tracks. So awesome. A few have mentioned Tim Schuldt already, for guitars I recommend his sideproject Four Carry Nuts. Mechanical Age is a highly underrated album imo, with tracks like this: From the Guitars on Mushroom compilations my favorite is this track, more on the Dark Proggy side:
  7. Thanks Penzo! I'd definitely love to do something like this! Hope I get the chance someday.
  8. Hey guys, I know its been a while.. but here's some new material, just finished! ... still needs mixing and mastering tweaks though. This one is an atmospheric Industrial/Downtempo track, meant to set the mood for my next release. No more info but it will happen later this year. Hope you like it!
  9. From what I've heard from Techno people, they find this stuff too "trancy", and there seems to be some kind of an aversion towards Psy or Trance among many in the Techno scene. Until the early 00s there was a lot of Techno with higher BPM and trance/Psy synthies, also a lot of acid influences. A lot of techno DJs played faster trance infused stuff like Mauro Picotto did (like in this part: https://youtu.be/1DNKIaHSflI?t=412 )... it seems like everything seemed to get seperated more and more. Acid, Goa, Techno, Trance, they each tried to establish their own distinct subculture. As for Techno, I wasn't really into it back then but did some research and the major change seems to have happened between '00 and '05, the BPM dropped and techno became what is today. I guess this development is why most Techno nowadays seems locked at around 130BPM and sticks to a minimal instrumentation with a swing/shuffle rythm. Nowadays, there are some more melodic trance-borderline tracks, but not that easy to spot. I've found a few: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVmQVFwR1eU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARQIBUgbY3o As for the faster and banging Industrial/Psy trance, I think that's even rarer today. I know there is still some Schranz or Hardtechno going on but often I've found that it's a)too fast and b)just the same loop for hours and hours with no actual structure or atmosphere. For the harder tech/trance/industrial thing I recommend Audiowarp like I did in Padmapani's thread, but I have yet to find any newer tracks in that direction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Bj_eXAjmA
  10. Thanks so much for these recommendations! Especially the Eon Project release. Exactly what I need
  11. I've heard that the epicenter of Psy in the US is San Francisco and the bay area. I guess it makes sense with the hippie history of that city, the burning man festival sort-of nearby and so on. There are a few US-based artists I know of and they all happen to be from that area (also they are very talented guys and some of my personal favorites). Ghreg on Earth Mubali ocelot
  12. Everytime I read that I imagine a japanese speaker trying to pronounce "cockblock"
  13. Love Philter and CamelSpace. There is a plugin which I came across recently which is pretty awesome for a bit more crazy filter gating and more: http://dmitrysches.com/tantra
  14. I'm with recursion loop. If it's just about sound "quality" or character of sound, modern softsynths are perfectly capable of producing results equal to the hardware synths, sometimes there may be some processing required but the differences are actually very slim. Also consider this: most of the time, Goa tracks have such a full mix that it's rarely possible to percieve subtle synth characteristics at all. There are still many legitimate reasons for using hardware, but if you're "only" trying to produce Goa Trance tracks with the characteristic synths, using software does not mean a disadvantage at all. (IMHO!)
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