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  1. Happy 18th birthday Psynews

    Happy birthday. I'd definitely be in a different place without this community.
  2. Global Sect Chronicles

    If you'll hire me for it
  3. Global Sect Chronicles

    I have an idea for a cover for centavra project. lol. All of this sounds good! Katedra's been a long time coming, I cannot wait for that one.
  4. Yeah it was surprisingly good!
  5. Omnivox is pretty ravey music and those samples are promising!
  6. Official Psytrance merchandise

    The link didn't show for me ;_; edit: nomad-wear seems to have ceased. I'll keep first post updated if you guys find more official merch
  7. Official Psytrance merchandise

    Bump. Does anyone know where this shirt is bought from? https://www.facebook.com/MindsphereProject/photos/a.427693333541.229199.83253318541/10152857182288542/?type=1&theater
  8. That arabesque release schedule page has gotten smaller and smaller..
  9. Who still listens to Psytrance dj sets at home?

    I listen to mixes, but usually try to find something that is more story-telling like this Or mixes with unreleased stuff. Rarely do I listen to sets that feel like a string of music with no aim except "I like this track."
  10. K.O.B. - Identity Mash

    Most of the album was solid, but there seemed to be a problem with randomness. For example a few songs were just way out there with the sounds. Check-in and Inculcating Ideas were absolutely over-produced, the random-meter exploded and I can't find them very enjoyable. Identity Mash is also very close to being too much. I think it's a good idea to step back a little for whatever comes next. Jannis is a great producer, but it can get a little overwhelming when you're just throwing cool things in there for the sake of cool things (that's how I felt anyway). On the other hand Folie à Deux, Klecks, Grandiose Thoughts and Cousin It are stellar stellar tracks. Something I definitely expected and hoped for a KOB album. They're groovy, danceable and dark. Klecks definitely taking the cake of being an insanely danceable track, it kind of has this crazy suomi-style going on. I just wished this would have been a tad darker in general. Just check out older tracks like Wet Wet Wet, Multiple Disorder and Lost Belly Of Civilization and you'll know what I mean. Like IronSun mentioned, it might have been a bit too close to Filteria sound. It's still a solid album and above average definitely, a few tracks do get quite a few plays. It's just not exactly what I was expecting when taking the older tracks into account. I'm still very much excited for the next output regardless of having some issues with this album.
  11. Koxbox - The Scanner

    Definitely half fillers but We're Not Who, Color Rain, Little Grays, Sky Candy and Bubble frog are fantastic tracks. Fun melodies and arrangements. I found them very quirky. Surprised so many disliked this as a whole.
  12. Why do we keep worshipping the old Gods?

    Oh yeah I agree. When I see an old artist releasing something new I never expect anything like what they used to release.