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  1. Man, just when I got into mixing you go ahead and become a recluse. Could've attended parties together. Sounds like a very bad degree burn-out. You need some ointment (dunno what it could be for that).
  2. What type of accodomations are there? I'm not a tent sleeper..
  3. Anjuna wins over my heart a million times over. Here's a mix I made from a reeaally old folder, way before I ever started considering mixing. The tempo is a bit all over the place but whatever
  4. I'll be posting whatever sets I make in this thread. The first one isn't really psytrance, but the next one will be, so I'll reserve a slot on this section anyway. I'm a total noob so not all transitions are smooth. First one is inspired by Anjunadeep explorations that I attended this year. Mostly deep house and chill house. I'll guarantee you a melodic journey back to the warmth of last summer.
  5. For me it was an interesting year sonically. I basically had a massive turnover toward modern psytrance, techno and all things house (mostly the melodic deep/prog type). I attended Anjunadeep Albania during the summer, which was my first festival abroad - it being completely deep house. I always imagined it being goatrance, but alas! (I've gotten old.) Though regardless of that huge shift towards other edm, I still love to find goay productions. Everything with 303 and melodies! Minimal ain't my thing. I also started hanging out with this local producer who encouraged me to start mixing. We're planning a trance/techno party for march 2023 and, hopefully, I'll be playing deep house/trance set for the beginning. I'm also planning a bunch of psytrance mixing which I'll share here. Who knows, maybe you'll find me producing in a few years. As far as releases goes this year, well, I did listen a lot, buut not much stuck to my mind. I really enjoyed Nebula Meltdown's Gloria In Excelsis Lumen, I even had the privledge to listen to it live. Filteria was a maaassive lettdown, but it suddenly became my most listened spotify album. Who would have guessed? Heh. Honestly a lot of releases got ignored because the amount of time I gave to just listening whatever the hell spotify offered me - and most of that was house/techno/trance/psytrance. Just random bits mostly, no albums. Edit: actually a lot of (at least fullon) psytrance artists seem to release a lot of singles these days, rather than storytelling albums. Did anyone actually come across decent full-length psytrance albums this year? Not just singular tracks put together, but an album experience, something like fragletrollet's 2009 album. Sorry mate. Discord can't really replace the forum because of the review forum. Maybe we will eventually fade out but as a resource of all things psytrance this place is irreplaceable. But you are right, people are following the artist on other platforms that, quite frankly, suck for discussion. Bandcamp is good for reviews but there is no discussion. Discogs is as dead as this place.
  6. Penzoline

    MFG - Project Genesis

    If any album deservers a remaster it's this one. A lot of the tracks are, like you said, quite muddy. Just about anything from this era of MFG has bad mixing, which is a total shame. You can EQ the tracks for sure, but it only masks the problem a little bit.
  7. So, almost at the end of 2022 and we have basically gotten 3 album reviews this year. Even 2021 had at least 27 threads. Also the post count has decreased dramatically from the previous (quite dead as well) years. I know a lot of reviews from 2021 were by a handful of users, same for 2020. Did we stop listening to new albums or don't we just care enough to write about the highlights? How are our members doing? What kind of a year did you guys have (sonically or otherwise)? Any notable albums or tracks from 2022? Let's at least try to have an active thread to have a send off for 2023! I've attached the post counts per month for the past 3 years.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Interesting tracks there! Temple of the doofvibe is excellent space ambient.
  9. Some of this stuff fun as hell to listen to! It's quite suomi-esque in nature, but still isn't exactly suomi. LSD In 1960, Just Legalize It, Go Deeper and Pitter Patter should make a storm in any dancefloor, gaddamn.
  10. Well the thread is from 2008 and scythe of orion came out in 2010. But yes, a monster album that one. I actually have it on CD.
  11. Yes it was because of the updates. Mars got it fixed. Something to do with database corruption.
  12. I just checked your bandcamp. What a busy man you've been. I never received that one cd though.
  13. I have no idea whats going on with your account. You arent banned anywhere. I saw these types of reports for several months on admin panel however "Logged in from a new device but did not complete two-factor authentication: Chrome 86.x.xxxx.xx on Windows. October 20, 2020 (IP RETRACTED) " This is really odd, since we haven't enforced 2-factor authentication.
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