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  1. I'm starting to think we're not on the same page about the topic of discussion - or I'm missing something else? There is no echo chamber when we're dealing with facts. It's like saying the psynews theme is red, when it clearly isn't. If the artist says the sounds are not software, then they're not. Go check out the drumsynth in question and listen what it sounds like. Or do you think people disagree with your opinion of the track itself? Because that's just not the case. I'm so confused about your reaction.
  2. Dude, the guy behind the track explains to you how the track was made and you still refuse to believe it? That makes no sense.
  3. It felt like magic getting that album on physical the first time. I'm stunned the remastered version has been completely sold out as well and there are apparently no plans for re-release.
  4. I used to check their new releases list quite often, but last 2 years it's been pretty much empty now... http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=newReleases&Itemid=1 Their facebook feed is full of digital releases now. Maybe Arabesque physical is completely being phased out? Even suntrip moved on from them a few years back.. https://www.facebook.com/ArabesqueDigital Edit: wow I apparently posted this in the wrong section.
  5. Altered Second Movements is an instabuy. I never pre-order but I did not want to miss out on that.
  6. Damn thats a good ep, completely missed on it. Fkin nice ravey sound. But yeah, officially crimea is not part of Russia, unofficially anyone can have an opinion.
  7. Some amazing artist on that list. I've also seen a lot of smaller parties being promoted in facebook in Ukraine back before the war, I actually thought about going there at some point, but alas.. "Zeta Reticuli (from Crimea so not really Ukraine)" Eh? Crimea is a russian occupied area in Ukraine..
  8. https://avatarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/goa 1. Nerve - Channel 59 06:38 2. Hallucinogen - Beautiful People 07:19 3. Genetic - Alpha State Synthesis 08:22 4. Bamboo Forest - Own Way 06:14 5. Total Eclipse - 10 Years Of Trance 06:05 6. Nerve - Nervous 06:15 7. Jaia - Factory Of Mind 06:40 8. Lennie Lazer Bean - Bionic 06:33 9. Atmos - Qualitat Im Quadrat 08:16 I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon this release, maybe I was just browsing through Avatar rec catalogue, wondering if they're still around, and there it was. This is a mixed album featuring unreleased old school tracks from the hey day. I absolutely found it a worthwhile mix containing some of the more unique types of unreleased tracks in the goa realm. It's not all melodic, but instead the mix goes through rather all types of goa sounds (barring forest) from more minimal sounds (nerve) to uplifting (genetic) to intense bangers (bamboo forest, Lennie Lazer Bean). I didn't really care too much for the ender of atmos's housy/bpc fusion sound, but eh, it's a solid and a calm send-off. A fun listen for sure and there are a couple interesting tracks (Hallucinogen, Total Eclipse) for collectors. Recommended.
  9. I got 2 vaccinations. Last one was like september or something. I didn't take a 3rd even though I could have, kinda feel bad about that decision now. Feeling better now, but my heads all foggy and the cough is quite persistent. Wow it took a while for omicron to land on the US.
  10. Yeah I remember you got it really early on. I also figured the original variants were horrendeous, so I'm "lucky" to get the latest variant - though some of my friends who've gotten the new one still have symptoms months later. Mostly general fatigue and heart rate rising easier than before. Also most talked about losing sense of taste, but I didn't have that. Yours was really bad though, I'm glad you survived that crap. How long did it take for all the symptoms to alleviate? Been taking zinc and avoiding my favourite.. ahem, beverages. Even if it doesn't help, at least placebo helps. I think the omicron is really spreading like crazy everywhere. They also opened bars and everything over here, but aren't really talking about the infections. Then again the infections aren't even being monitored anymore, so it's hard for media to say we have 100's or 1000's of infections per week when they don't even count for statistics anymore. Exactly! This is the word I was looking for
  11. I guess this omicron crap is spreading like wildfire in Finland now. My inner circle of friends have now begun getting this and we basically avoided the thing for the whole 2 years. I got so fucking scared when I found out with home-test that I have it but for now it's just been 2 days of fever + annoying as all hell coughing and really woozy feeling in the head. Can't recommend. 0/10. The media made it seem like it's practically non-existent now, because of the whole other crisis. Maybe 2023 will be ok? If we're all still alive at that point I mean.
  12. Basically if no admins are around, it'll take a while to get approved. Somehow there is a constant stream of bots trying to register which is the reason why it's not automated. But apparently you're now able to post.
  13. Please read and respect these rules/guidelines before posting new reviews. 1. Please use the appropriate release year before posting . If you're posting in a "multiple year" thread (ie. 1990-1994) then specify the release year in the thread title. 2. If youre an artist / label that wants to promote a new release please use the Promos group and not this one! ANY promos found in the reviews section will be moved and the one responsible for it warned. 3. This section is for psytrance reviews and psytrance related genres reviews. If you want to discuss the best releases this year, what albums should be considered classics, the reviews section layout, the quality of reviews, the latest Tool release, want to request a review, etc. etc., then please use the General or Off-Topic sections of the forum! This is intended for psytrance music and its subgenres so no reviews of parties or other music genres. A bigger tolerance will be allowed for old stuff (stuff released before 96) since back then there wasn't an "official definition" of psytrance. Also chillout/ambient genres are allowed as per usual. 4. Before posting a new review, check if a review of the album hasn't already been written. If its the case then write your review in the already existing thread and do NOT open a new one! Finding older topics should be easy, use the Search function: type part or the whole album title and dont forget to limit the search to the subforum of the year you want to post in. If you're starting a new thread for a compilation then you should ALWAYS write the title under the format : "V/A - Name of comp". So that all the compilations will be easier to find. So do NOT start a topic with "VA" (no "/" between the V and the A) or "V/A :" (":" instead of "-"), "VA Name of Comp" (no "-" between the V/A and the name) etc. This is because how search works. 5. When opening a new thread put the name of the album and artist in the topic title and make sure it doesn't have any typos (or else the search function wont work). If you made a mistake, you can easily re-edit the title by using the Edit button at the end of your post, if that function is not working, then use the report function and report your topic to moderators asking to correct the typos. (UPDATED 2021) 6. You should aim for the first post to be more informative. This doesn't mean an essay by any means, but giving people better understanding of the release should be the goal of the first post. People come here to read about the release and to get some information how it is and stuff like "this release is killagrgrhrhrg" won't tell them anything. After the first post you can post these mini-reviews and discussion if you so wish, but no derailing of a thread is allowed. If you feel so strongly about something that does not generally have much to do with the release, please make a thread in an appropriate section and stop posting in the review thread. Here is a few well made reviews that should give the general idea on how an informative review could look! https://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/54539-solar-fields-movements/ https://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/56930-fragletrollet-playground-of-spirit-shaman-film-records-media https://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/54395-crop-circles-tetrahedron https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73083-martian-arts-giant-locusts-tip-records/ 7. Personal grudges against artists or reviewers are not welcomed and will be deleted and might lead to moderation so try to use your brain before posting. If you have anything to say to the artist or another reviewer you can always PM (Private Message) or e-mail them. 8. When you open a thread please include Cover Art, Tracklist(preferably with track lengths), release date, label etc. relevant information regarding the album you are reviewing. Also it might be a good idea to include links to shops that are selling the release. (UPDATED 2021) 9. For color or size codes please do not over-do with them and remember this forum has 2 skins so the color white won't show up on another very well and color black won't on the other. Also remember to clean up font formatting that may be carried over when copying your review from one site to another. For Image usage, it is allowed to post images or gifs in reviews but for images try to keep them relatively small in size so it won't make the review look cluttered and cause problems for readers.
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