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  1. Hear hear. Teenagers today don't listen to no goatrance!11
  2. I only hear terrible news from mexico. Rip
  3. Mustve been a jarring experience to go from gms to filteria
  4. I had the same experience. Masses really like it, but anyone whos there for psy will always be extremely disappointed.
  5. Seriously? I've got the biggest grin right now
  6. You said there would be only 40 copies of the original mastering. Did you only produce 40 copies? Or do you produce them by the order?
  7. Do you guys produce the CD's on-demand? This is very confusing to me.
  8. I can't really agree with this sentiment. For example lot's of psytrance has segments that are absolutely bonkers in complexity and they still sound a helluva more vivid than goatrance. i.e. a part like this https://youtu.be/OIlOfXvL8m8?t=352
  9. Well Filteria sounds on the opposite spectrum of being too tinny. I agree with this. Though I still feel like the bass has been a little overdone - I mean I don't think it's a lot, but it's definitely too much. I do really like how this sound fills up the space regardless of the overdone bass (which can be compensated). Only psytrance does that sometimes with the thumping deep kicks and basslines. I agree and I don't really understand why.
  10. It's fatiguing on the ears very much like old Filteria, though it's way more boomy. I've yet to form a proper opinion if I like it or not. On paper it's fucking cool. Edit: There's no question the boominess was deliberate to increase the depth in the production for that very apparent spaced out maximal sonic feeling you get when listening it, but I have to agree that thing is kind of overdone. Turning down the volume the bass becomes just too heavy. This is the first time I've actually wanted to turn down bass in EQ. Esp in track like Ring Of Fire it's a little botched. Then again this probably sounds full even on tinny soundsystems. Honestly though when paying attention (i.e. close your eyes and fly away) the sound separation is pretty good.
  11. This thing sounds really full. Like I'm surrounded by planets and stars.
  12. It's like happy hardcore / nitzo? I dont even know
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