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  1. I agree with hypnotic signal! He had a stellar style.
  2. Mmm enichkin. I loved this guys first two albums. This new sound is super (modern) Ubar Tmary. Thanks for posting about it!
  3. The people who were doing the official polling have kinda.. uhh.. disappeared. I blame corona. You're free to give alternative options!
  4. Tsuyoshi suzuki still makes good stuff but it often leans more into psytrance category with goay sounds. These two are great. Ubar Tmar hasn't made much goa stuff lately. It's been mostly experiemental and wild psytrance/noise/ambient.
  5. Huh, I found the CI track on Inti their best work yet. The melody work really gives it that extra punch that lifts it to new heights. I mean they also do have tracks that end up nowhere but also many that do.
  6. Well. The GATE comes very close. In fact this is the first time in years I listened to it and I realized how eerily similar it is to Maia's progressive structure. That 15:30 dirty acid dripping jaw dropping dirty assss sound. Christ whatever the hell was up with this release anyway? Did this release emerge from a blackhole near richpas pc or what? Hey richpa! You make CD? Penzoline buy CD. Or vinyl. Penzoline happy then yes.
  7. This album has many memorable moments and melodies. This album is very unique and really grew on me as time passed by. I mean just listen to "Don't you" and tell me if this isn't a completely unique sound in the goatrance space. I can say the same about Invisible People & Order To My Chaos. What great tracks.
  8. Sound design and production is indeed absolutely immaculate and quite frankly - insane - at times. The title track, for example, is cosmic af. They've really matured and nailed down the production as you really get that otherwordly pleiadean feel from it, but I have to agree that the melody work is still generally bringing the album down from being an instant classic. The first album was really fatiguing and had lackluster melody work, and while the melodies could still be better, this 2nd outing is definitely an improvement in all aspects and feels much much more imaginative. I feel like
  9. Dragun boysss. This track blows my mind every single time. Those melodies are insanely powerful. CHANGE.. IS... UPON USS I need to hear this live when corona kicks the bucket.
  10. ^what he said + Lyktum - Mission 5D (I know its proggy but damn if its psychedelic.) Nebula meltdown - Selected Experimental Tracks 2001-2006 Va - Futurism Volume 01 I'd recommend more psytrance but everything is being released as singles only now, no albums.
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