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  1. Whats with the guys playing instruments?
  2. Secret space is contender for track of the year. Serious insane power. It's very similar to Levitation Device on VA People Walk Funny. Really pleiadean climaxing. Unidentified, Astral Traveler, Open Your Eyes and Summer Storm are all fantastic, varied and interesting tracks. The Divine Plan is like sequel to Tropical Paradise, which is also pretty good. I did not care for Apex, Solar Warden and Dreamland very much at all. They were a little too uplifting, monotone and had really trancy melodies. Apex in particular becomes quite cheesy in it's 2nd half. The last downtempo track was just me
  3. Go out with a bang and materialize World Beyond. :p Sucks to see this project go! It had a huge influence on modern goa movement.
  4. Whats the situation with all those pleiadians/mind rewind projects? Personally I think facebook sucks for good discussion. Forums have their place but it's a shame people don't recognize it.
  5. I know israel has a huge psy scene and a lot of artist, but you can choose to not support those who work with them, no? It's just kind of ridiculous to see him discard his music people enjoy for any of the reasons he keeps talking about.
  6. I refuse to think that at this point. It's been too many years!
  7. Honestly some of the melodies are pretty good. Too bad it's completely brickwalled. Stop. Doing. BRICKWALLING. Give. It. Space. To. B r e a t h e .
  8. Really, if I had to explain the new Median Project, it would very global sect goatrance sound with a pinch of Filteria. Those climaxes have incredibly uplifting, very very Astral Projection type melodies with the force of Filteria. These tracks can and will destroy dancefloors (I can totally picture Anoebis playing the main melody of Measurements X and the crowd jumping all over the place) It's just a tad shame many of the parts without those melodies are quite generic and, honestly, grating. I would have preferred more breathing room personally, but I can understand the appeal. This is just f
  9. This album is surprisingly great!
  10. Fragletrollet - Playground of spirit One of the best.
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