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  1. Mellow sonic makes a lot of remixes of game ost. Very good stuff
  2. I was expecting more like an EP worth of stuff. Sounds kind of like virtuart / etnica / old french sound.
  3. Penzoline

    "V/A - Forever Psychedelic II"

    The last oforia track is incredible.
  4. Controversy gets people talking. Just how it goes on the internet.
  5. Penzoline

    New MWNN album?

    Dis good
  6. Guitar psy is quite popular in dancefloors I've noticed.
  7. Samples were disappointing, I was expecting blasting goatrance with great ambiance like from the various comps and they showed so much restraint. There was a reason though. Instead it seems to be a full-fledged story album. These tracks take their sweet time building themselves and just keep drifting onwards. That is not to say it isn't exciting, but holy hell when was the last time a full goatrance album managed to be this laidback and composed? There are no explosive climaxes, what you get from the beginning is what you get till the end. This album is definitely something else and I'm quite curious what everyone thinks. Edit: On second thought it's more mid-tempo than uptempo. There were signs of this style on the Goa Meditation compilations. Definitely caught me off-guard because the other comps have really uptempo tracks from him.
  8. First three tracks are so so but the rest is pretty good.
  9. Those melodies arent bad honestly. Just the way theyre represented isn't the best.
  10. Penzoline

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Up 1. V/A - Inti [Suntrip Records] 2. Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World Revisited [Neogoa] 3. Hypnoxock - Euyrhmia [Goa Madness Records] 4. V/A - Ancient Cultures [Transcape Records] 5. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death [Neogoa Records] 6. V/A - Terraformer [Global Sect Music] 7. Mad Tribe - Amazing Tales From Outer Space [TIP Records] 8. V/A - Dimensional Gateway 5 9. V/A - 604 Syndroms [Mamomam Records] 10. V/A - Fluorotronik [Tranceform Records] down Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts Mindsphere - Mentral Triplex: Presnce [Suntrip Records] Making uptempo list was hard. Esp something like Terraformer. It has so many good tracks but a fair share of fillers as well it's impossible to really say where it belongs as a whole.
  11. Penzoline

    VA - Dimensional Gateway 5

    Anyone hear that Proxeeus track? It's kinda wild. Old school filteria wild. Ormion?
  12. Penzoline

    Mad Tribe ‎- Amazing tales from outer space

    Really, really good psytrance. I love these bubbling and rattling climaxes.
  13. This cronomi thing is depressing. Really wish they'd do more releases.