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  1. Koxbox - The Scanner

    Definitely half fillers but We're Not Who, Color Rain, Little Grays, Sky Candy and Bubble frog are fantastic tracks. Fun melodies and arrangements. I found them very quirky. Surprised so many disliked this as a whole.
  2. Why do we keep worshipping the old Gods?

    Oh yeah I agree. When I see an old artist releasing something new I never expect anything like what they used to release.
  3. Why do we keep worshipping the old Gods?

    I thought it was pretty grouvey! Nothing like the old koxbox but still definitely refreshing psytrance.
  4. "V/A - Cascades of Life"

    I never gave it good listens until lately and every track here is good. The Sideffect was little all over the place stylistically but this one is more refined.
  5. https://www.blood-music.com/store-us/67-carbon https://carbonbasedlifeforms.bandcamp.com/ "“Using a vast array of analog synthesis alongside sampled dishwashers, water pumps, escalators, and teething toys; the album comments on the most organic of life forces through its own constructed machines. Recalling similar atmospheres as Brian Eno’s Apollo music, Aphex Twin’s early works, and Boards Of Canada – CBL is the obscure soundtrack to a longstanding search between the nature of Earth and extraterrestrial existence. Best enjoyed with a bottle of wine (or two) and a massive pair of headphones.” With the recent wave of synthwave and electronic-heavy scores permeating throughout horror films, such as It Follows, Beyond the Gates, Maniac, and the like, bands like Carbon Based Lifeforms reminds us of other emotions that permeate through the genre. There is just as much beauty, wonder, and majesty to be had in electronica as there is in horror." Track list: 1) Accede 2) Derelicts 3) Clouds 4) Nattväsen 5) Equilibrium 6) Path of Least Resistance 7) 780 Days 8) ~42° 9) Rayleigh Scatterers 10) Dodecahedron 11) Loss Aversion 12) Everwave Absolutely solid!
  6. How difficult are reissues?

    I've actually wondered this too. How does it usually go for your releases for example?
  7. Psynews fundraiser

    Bottom of page "theme"

    This one could top Vol 1 in terms of quality, which is no easy feat. Definitely a step up from vol 2. We'll see.
  9. dj Inada - Cronomi Records @ ZNA 2017

    Great flow in this mix.
  10. Jikooha - Spacemen Underground

    Decode Reality is insanity great. Powerfully simple hypnotic acid tune. To be honest this album is pretty great. It is the most interesting and least cheesy album they've made.
  11. Oh my god a fragletrollet track!? Edit: Oh my god last time there was new fragletrollet release was 8 years ago..
  12. I wouldn't have guessed it would be GoaTree. The first album grew on me quite a bit. Can't wait to hear it!
  13. Schallusion - Morphologic Tales

    This one is great. Very psychedelic goa. Great drive. I'm surprised there wasn't a review for it already? I don't even remember how I found out about this originally.