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  1. Penzoline


    Sorry, holidays.
  2. Whole comp is almost legendary quality. It's a travesty the tracks are butchered like that. I'd pay for it again for remaster. Anyone got the source files?
  3. Yep life and age happened. I check everyday but I don't have much time to post, I generally just read up whats new and do any admin work that needs to be done. Social media is a big cause for decline in activity but that place a shithole for trying to discuss.. well, anything.
  4. Where did all of those tracks come from?
  5. Sounds like a great duo for a set, thanks for sharing.
  6. This guy is pretty underrated. Lots of great melodies and atmospheres, quite psychedelic inducing too - I'm honestly surprised he isn't being released in current goatrance comps at least. Reminds me a little bit of Infinite Dimensions in many ways if anyone remembers that project. Shows you it goes a long way to release on a label when it comes to publicity. Joske and Mars you guys should totally listen to "Abyss" from this album.
  7. Hear hear. Teenagers today don't listen to no goatrance!11
  8. I only hear terrible news from mexico. Rip
  9. Mustve been a jarring experience to go from gms to filteria
  10. I had the same experience. Masses really like it, but anyone whos there for psy will always be extremely disappointed.
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