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  1. Well I was feeling quite shit when I posted that. I still do, but some clarification might be in order. My personal problem with Etnica/Pleiadians/Crop Circles is their sound (the production, that is). They somehow manage to sound both dull, lifeless, and messy all at the same time. This is especially evident on IFO, which productionwise (ignoring all the musical qualities which are of course a matter of personal preference) sounds, to put it bluntly, like shit. Both the original mix and master are awful. Now if you do a remaster based on that (because the CD release is what was used as basis for the "remaster"), there's absolutely no way you can make it sound good no matter what you do since the source is already ruined. Now the biggest joke of the reissue is that 2 of the tracks on the "vinyl tracks" 3rd CD are at the wrong speed (equivalent to pitching the tracks up/down about 10% on a CDJ), since obviously someone fucked up the sample rates, and nobody even noticed until after the CDs went on sale and someone pointed out the error. Top class production right there. So how exactly is this reissue supposed to be "superior" to the original? I could of course rant on and on about what IFO fanboyism caused for countless copycat newschool goa producers but that's getting out of scope. So I'll just stop here.
  2. Fanboys going into hyperventilation and losing all ability to think is funny to observe.
  3. An to add to the topic: anything by Entheogenic. I simply can't stand their shitty plastic "psybient" at all.
  4. I can certainly agree with the Jiggle of the Sphinx part here (and to a certain extent, Deranger too). I mean, there's an obvious reason why there's a gap of silence after Gamma Goblins 2 (with those 6 first tracks mixed into a seamless journey): the album actually ends there. The 2 last tracks are more like an afterthought, or filler to get the release to "album length". Deranger had a single release anyway already (and yeah yeah so did Trancespotter but it fits well into the album continuum). Of course, the album isn't everyone's cup of tea. I bought my (golden CD) copy from a friend of mine back in 1998 or so because he didn't like it (I can't recall if he ever really explained what exactly he didn't like about it).
  5. How is 3 CDs of garbage better than 1 CD of garbage?
  6. I'll have to check this out one of these days Also, not meaning to piss on your shoes or anything, but I'd post the link to Matsuri Digital's own Bandcamp, not the one that goes via Beatspace https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/album/quantum-audio-laboratory
  7. Reading and listening to the lyrics, it's right there. She knew her time is coming to an end. From a comment on Bandcamp: "It's the dark beauty of someone literally singing her own requiem." And to think she was younger than I am now when she passed away.
  8. Yep. It's up there with my favourite albums of all time Interesting to note is that Aleah did have a bit of a psy scene / downtempo connection, doing vocals for artists like Xerxes and Omnimotion. And curiously enough she collaborated with Simon Posford and George Barker in 1999:
  9. If you want a graceful (as described by the band) mix of metal and alternative rock, you can't go wrong with Human by Nature's finally released debut album. I saw them play their debut gig in late 2016, and have been practically waiting for an album ever since https://hbnearth.bandcamp.com/album/el-imys
  10. To celebrate our first milestone of 10 releases, we circle back to where it all began. UnityVerse Music proudly presents "Portal Mechanics Vol 2". Audio Alchemists from around the world have once again gathered to hold open the door into inner space. With a variety of downtempo and psychedelic subgenres present, this journey is carefully crafted for a smooth ride through the UnityVerse. Tracklist: 1. MAOA - R.A.I.N 2. Cosmic Touch - Every I 3. Advanced Suite - Automatic Cascades 4. Cosmic Touch - Transformation (Dubnotic Remix) 5. Dejalum - Quantum Nature 6. Phyredelic - A Cup Of What 7. MettāKin - Mana Placidius 8. Wise Tree - pause. https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/portal-mechanics-vol-2-va
  11. I have no idea if you're trolling, or if this is just some elaborate inside joke XD
  12. I actually had to dig in my music library (both the actual one, and the one in my head) to think of even one *trance track that would be in a major key, and I found this: Most of electronic music in general, or at least the parts of it that I frequent, just works better in a minor key. It's easier to do weird variations of scales in minor, or is it even possible in major keys? (yes, the last time I actually attended a music theory class must have been around 1995, so you'll have to excuse my memory here...)
  13. A no-nonsense, shining beacon of light in a sea of overproduced polished modern goa trance. This one goes right back to the roots while not sounding outdated at all. It does have a few annoyances (particularly that vocal in "Into Heaven" that also appears in a far better context on Banco de Gaia's album "You Are Here") but overall it does its job at sounding like "proper goa trance" (yes, I know that's a bit of a silly term to use) far better than most albums out there. There aren't may *trance albums I bother listening to anymore these days. This is not one of them.
  14. Yeah, I just might do that, depending on the price. You guys surely deserve it
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