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  1. Possibly. Radio might just have been the final death blow (and just for the record, it IS among my absolute favourite 90s albums)
  2. Just like goa trance died in 1998 when X-Dream released Radio
  3. Got the CDr about 2 weeks ago, but only this weekend I got around to actually ripping it. I noticed that the audio content is not the same in the Bandcamp download and on the CDr. On the CDr, the first and last tracks are louder (track 1 by about +1.7 dB, track 10 about +1 dB), and the other tracks are randomly quieter by around 2-3 dB. See the image here (upper is Bandcamp, lower is CDr) https://imgur.com/dwHcBsb Is this intentional, or a mistake? Nice album, nonetheless
  4. Please explain this to me (because I've heard similar praises from other people too). Yes, I know the track. Yes, I've danced to it. Yes, it's kinda good, but still it's far from being anything resembling a "masterpiece" (which is a word people keep throwing around too easily nowadays anyway, practically it doesn't even mean anything anymore).
  5. Of course, this one has some obvious MFG - Project Genesis vibes:
  6. Concerning X-Dream, unfortunately there isn't really anything else like their Radio album out there, or if there is, do let me know aswell Oh yes, Kadasarva - Steamagination comes quite close with its unique steam/cyberpunk aesthetics, but still it isn't Radio
  7. We've updated our Linktree with more services where you can get our album YouTube will be available sometimes later. https://linktr.ee/paintedinvoid
  8. So...a few weeks ago I played this rather odd DJ set at a party known from its previous editions as a cross-genre melting pot of artistic freedom. I played an improvised downtempo set, finishing what could remotely be called the "chillout" stage, and I had a few people question my sanity after I played this. Maybe the setting had something to do with it, maybe not, but this certainly is one of the most psychedelic sets I've ever played. Tracklist: Prometheus - Robot-O-Chan Proxeeus - Zar Chronos & OkoloSna - Marked Back (Zozh Mix) Staunch - The Menace Gus Till - Tomorrow Delta Takkra - The Encounter Argaman - InHarmonic Symphony Molokow - Polustus Grytgöl Painted In Void - Mountain Of Silence (Edit) Mauxuam - Extended Body (Tabberdabber Mix) Scion - Now Shpongle Static - Persepolis (Shpongle Static Mix) Shogo Buzz - The Chalice Of Storms The Algorithm - Fragmentation
  9. I still deeply regret selling my Talpa CDs some years ago, this will be a good chance to get them back. I'm still oldschool in that I'd like to have the CDs, but with prices ranging from 100€ to 500€ on Discogs, that's not even an option.
  10. Thankfully at least some of us know how to use the trim knobs on a DJ mixer
  11. So it's one guy's opinion on how goa "should" sound and to what rules it "needs to conform". Valid as his point of view, not as universal truth. I like my goa dark, aggressive, melodic, and fast, usually in that order of (un)importance, but you don't see me shouting at artists that don't fulfill those criteria to change their sound just to please me. Do whatever the fuck you want, there's always someone that loves or hates what you do. (I still secretly do wish more current artists would pick up the sadly underrepresented darker side of goa, I'd really need more material for my DJ sets and I doubt I'm the only one)
  12. Thanks My friend Pete did most of the music and sang all the vocals, took care of the big picture. I did the mix, played some synths and generally developed an unhealthy obsession for the smallest details Glad that you like it, and that we could provoke a reaction (because that's what music is supposed to do).
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