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  1. I actually chuckled a bit at this
  2. Paul Eye

    Aikahattu 2015 pt.2 oldschool Goa dj set by Andrew Tripiti

    Are you planning to release last year's set too? And oh, Mixcloud is being glitchy and doesn't let me follow anyone
  3. Moon Side looks yummy indeed <3
  4. Yes! Down The Six Thousand Steps finally getting an official release <3<3<3<3
  5. Paul Eye

    The metal thread

    Thanks for this I took a listen to this earlier today on youtube, and to my slight surprise I just bought it on Bandcamp. Fucking fantastic XD
  6. Paul Eye

    Oldschool goa trance mix by Dj Andrew /Tripiti

    Nice I didn't know that this is you on Psynews, hi there
  7. And oh, is track 2 supposed to be "Stjärna", meaning "star" in swedish?
  8. So what are the digital extras on Bandcamp? The same as with the last Denshi-Danshi album where we got 2 extra tracks in the download when buying directly from the Suntrip shop?
  9. Paul Eye

    Poll: How often do you go to goa/psy parties?

    I'm not really sure which option to tick. Usually in summertime (late may - end of august) it's more intense, and especially this summer when I had a total of 2 party-free (or actually gig-free) weekends. Let's just say that I was "a bit" exhausted at the end of august. But still this pace is quite understandable as that's how long our outdoor party season is, roughly 4 months (give or take a few weeks depending on the weather). Then it's double that for the indoor season which usually is a bit quieter (and I don't mind at all, outdoor parties are much more fun than indoor). So yeah, summer almost every weekend, the rest of the year maybe once a month or even less.
  10. Paul Eye

    Kosmos Festival 2015 (downtempo goa trance)

    This seems to have hit 2000 plays sometimes during the last week. Thanks and hugs for listening <3
  11. Paul Eye

    Aikahattu 2018 (dark goa / psytrance)

    1000 plays today, a bit over 5 weeks after I uploaded this. That is faster than any of my sets before. Thanks for listening <3
  12. Paul Eye

    Best Kickdrums

    I've also always liked the kickdrums on Prometheus' 2 first albums, especially this And this too (dancefloor tested by me this summer, worked)
  13. Paul Eye

    Best Kickdrums

    Heh thanks I still prefer the original though. That's...kinda cute
  14. Paul Eye

    Best Kickdrums

    One of the most unique kickdrums out there
  15. Paul Eye

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    But yeah, In The Mouth Of Madness is a tribute to Cydonia - Why? and Twisted Reality has some rather obvious MFG - Project Genesis album vibes. Neither of these is a bad thing at all