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  1. I've played Astral Projection and Derango in the same DJ set, one after the other Properly melodic fullon (meaning: as little cheese as possible) and modern goa trance go well hand in hand (yes, I've tried that) Forest from the more melodic end and goa trance from the darker end of the spectrum also go well hand in hand (yes, I've also tried that)
  2. Nice and easy on the eyes And now clicking "Mark site read" actually pops up a dialog box with "Are you sure you want to mark all content in the community as read?" instead of a slightly sinister plain white box with just an OK button XD
  3. Thanks <3 This turned out to be my first and only outdoor gig this year. There "was" another one a few weeks later, but it was such a disaster that it doesn't count Also, now on YouTube
  4. Now this is some fantastic news <3 Glad to see you're back in action
  5. And there's nothing that "might" be the issue. The levels of the tracks that went on the CDr were obviously altered post-mastering. What I'd like to know is who did this and most of all, why?
  6. Thanks for the set, once again <3
  7. It's certainly been a weird year, with my first outdoor gig of the year in the middle of August... This is my set from our traditional once a year hideaway goa trance beach party in Helsinki, Finland. It's been a few years since my last morning Aikahattu set, and certainly the first time in years I've played a purely newschool goa set Tracklist: InnerSpace - Mental Stream Liquid Flow - Chaotic Ephedra - Deep Inside Feelings Denshi-Danshi - Brain Chemistry Denshi-Danshi - Parallel Universe Celestial Intelligence - Crystal Gazer Ephedra - Neuro Stretch Hypnoxock - Doublin
  8. The unfortunate side effect of this is that what used to be "the chillout" at psytrance parties has in recent years turned into "the alternative stage" with people playing mostly techno and/or house with some chill in the beginning and/or end, at least here in Finland it has mostly gone that way. It used to be that when I was too physically and/or mentally exhausted to be on the main floor, I could go to the chill and just relax and melt into the music, and I can't really do that much anymore :/
  9. Oh, I don't really hang much on social media anymore, so no surprise I missed that. Anyway, the only album I (unsurprisingly) don't own is Eyes Of Gaia, but £15 (the £12 price seems to be without VAT) for the WAV version is a bit steep.
  10. Thumbs up for doing this, but a little thumbs down for taking the beatport/junodownload etc approach to pricing lossless downloads higher than mp3 (and also charging more for wav than flac)
  11. Possibly. Radio might just have been the final death blow (and just for the record, it IS among my absolute favourite 90s albums)
  12. Just like goa trance died in 1998 when X-Dream released Radio
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