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  1. For the past 5 years we've had a small and intimate, mostly oldschool themed party each summer in a suitably remote island (2012-2013) / beach (2014->) location here in Helsinki, usually around the middle/end of August when the nights are getting a bit darker again. Since 2015 it's been a 2 night event, and my set here is from the first night this year. I played a mostly improvised 02-04 night set, decided to skip all the cosmic swirling fluff, and went instead for a 2 hour all-out twisted mindfuck journey. It screams, screeches and growls and gets obnoxiously loud and in your face with a sledgehammer at times. This is as close to my personal definition of "night time psychedelic dance music" as it currently gets. Of course the goa trance backbone is still there, I'll never let go of that. Feedback after the gig was nothing but positive, <3 to everyone involved. Here's to another 5 years Tracklist: Space Tribe - The Future's Right Now Tarsis & DJ Kaya - A Higher Form Of Life Hux Flux - Idiot Hux Flux - Alkaloid Cosmosis - Pigs In Space Infected Mushroom - Return Of The Shadows Infected Mushroom - Psycho Xenomorph - Antimatter Tim Schuldt - Pretty Poison Slide - The Search Lunar Asylum - Bubble Bamboo Forest - Xplorer Xenomorph - Shaari Avadon Pigs In Space - Solar Darshan - Tranceformation ECT - Helpless
  2. How difficult are reissues?

    Well that didn't stop DAT from releasing the I.F.O. remaster, or the same case with Zion604 and Multimoods. AFAIK they're both remastered from the original CD release. Correct me if I'm wrong by all means
  3. Downhill - Silent City

    Hey, thanks for the heads up This is one of those albums I've been meaning to get since forever, but never got around to it (and the only copy on Discogs is almost $50). So I got it, even if I really couldn't afford it right now. Oh well, that's life
  4. The new board - issues and stuff...

    Oh, so this works like facebook Thanks for the tip.
  5. The new board - issues and stuff...

    And just one little thing that's been bugging me for long now (yes, this goes into the annoying nitpick category...) Your spelling of DJ is rather inconsistent in the forum descriptions
  6. The new board - issues and stuff...

    Thanks, this is much better, square avatars and all. Line breaks are a bit odd, they seem to create what looks like a new paragraph (which leads to a bit too much wasted space), like this: Line 1 Line 2 But if I copypaste something from Notepad++ for example: Line 1 Line 2 Also, the dialog box from clicking "Mark site read" has white text on white background (and the cancel button is almost impossible to see), and of course it'd be nice if clicking OK would take me back to the main page
  7. Psynews fundraiser

    I can't post a reply to that thread. Anyone else have this?
  8. Psynews fundraiser

    Firefox 52.3.0 ESR with a bunch of add-ons (Adblock Plus and NoScript perhaps most notably in this case).
  9. Psynews fundraiser

    And there seems to be some white text on white background in the default theme. I was kinda wondering where the "mark all forums read" option is
  10. Psynews fundraiser

    Same here.
  11. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death [Neogoa Records]

    I wish he'd have kept that as the only sample in the track (and perhaps used only half of the repeats) because it actually works and goes "with the beat". The rest of the samples sound like they're just randomly dumped in there with no thought. That being said, this is definitely an upgrade from Akasha Connection (which eventually wasn't particularly good if you ask me). This is the kind of drive I expected from the first album after hearing Syslit Joint (that came out before Akasha). Now that drive is here on this album, and it's fortunately taken a turn towards the darker (although with all this "dark"psy around the expression has a bit lost its edge) which is always a plus in my book of goa trance Currently I'm leaning towards Cell Connections as being the highlight of the album, but I need to take some more listens. Unfortunately this arrived too late to be properly dancefloor tested this summer since the outside party season is basically over and I'm on a well earned break from gigging for now.
  12. Kadasarva - Steamagination

    What do you mean "no longer on Ektoplazm", here it is: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/kadasarva-steamagination But yeah, this is for the lack of a better expression an incredible album. Nasty, relentless, full of cybernetic mayhem, and contains absolutely no sunshine or your typical cosmic goa fluff. At least one track from this album tends to find its way into every darker goa set I play these days Absolutely 250% recommended. One of the best albums of this decade. And so on.
  13. V/A - Blissfull Moments

    Re-release on Ektoplazm
  14. Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

    Nope, that's actually The Lone Deranger But yeah, I've always been wondering where the basslines are on this album. I mean, I know they're there (of course) but they're like woven into the material so well that they just disappear, but still they're there doing their job Of course this doesn't apply to all the tracks (Jiggle and Gamma Goblins mainly, and Deranger to some extent have quite distinct basslines). Edit: and Snarling too, so that's the 2nd half of the album. And also, there's something going on basically all the time, constantly shifting and slipping in and out, especially all those little background layers that you might notice only after a few dozen listens
  15. Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

    20 years later, still the best goa/psy album ever made.