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  1. Here's my downtempo set from the latest Trip To Goa, played on October 6th at Kaivohuone, Helsinki. Features a selection of music mostly with a dub-influenced backbone. Not much ambient parts here, since my time slot was 23-00. This one was recorded live at the event. Tracklist: Spatialize - Zen In Frankfurt Bluetech - Prayers For Rain (Ott Remix) Key-G - Curled Up Dimensions (Geoglyph Remix) Globular & Geoglyph - Flight Stimulator Radioactive Sandwich - Homunculus Radioactive Sandwich - Melek Taus (Live Edit) Boucle Infinie - Escape (Cartoon Theory Remix) Eat Static - Persepolis (Shpongle Static Mix) Umberloid - Neon Tetra
  2. Ooh, nice. Will need to take a listen one of these days
  3. After quite some silence, and not much gig activity on my part, I was invited to play in Tampere, Finland last weekend. And I have to tell you, that was a blast. I really haven't had this much fun playing a DJ set in years, so this was really what I needed. I played the closing set*, so I set the intensity proper for a closing. Thanks @Penzoline for the invite, I'll come back whenever *actually we did play a completely improvised back2back set as the actual closing, but as this was decided on location, I treated mine as the closing when picking the tracks. Tracklist: Hallucinogen - Astral Pancakes Triquetra - Escape From The Withered Temple Morphic Resonance - Chronos (Hypnoxock Remix) Total Eclipse - Absolute Zero Veasna - Infrared Slinky Nuns - Caught In The Zipper Rhythmystec - Plutonica Proxeeus - Ephraim Waite UX - Chameleon (Pixelmorph Mix Reloaded) Pleiadians - Taygeta The World Beyond - The Sphere (Ascending Towards Star-Eaters To Become The One) Profetia - Chaos Theory
  4. Yeah, much of modern goa trance just sounds like fullon in a disguise, not that I really have anything against good fullon anyway. Styles keep merging and shifting, whether we like it or not. In any case, seems like the worst "let's just layer a ton of shit just because we can" mentality has faded, although I do admit that I haven't really been following the scene that much so in a broader sense I have no idea what's going on these days. Luckily we still have artist like Proxeeus* and Triquetra who both put out really nice albums this year, not exactly taking the super clean production route to get there. Morphic Resonance of course also released a new album this year, but somehow I think his production got a bit too clean and sparkly. * Non-Euclidean Geometry is still one of the best goa trance albums of the past decade and then some, tracks from it keep constantly finding their way into my (although very much fewer these days) DJ sets
  5. So, I took a quick listen (now that it's out) just to see (hear) if they fixed the "oops the ending of Demention is in mono" mistake, and unfortunately, they didn't. I definitely don't know if even Simon has a version without this error, and yes, I remember him stating somewhere years ago that it actually was a mistake he made when mixing down the tracks. I'd be curious to know what was the source audio for this remaster. I don't really know if I can justify to myself paying again for the digital version of these albums as I have the originals (which is the case of several remasters that have popped up in recent years in this remastering trend).
  6. And there's also the Shamanix Remix (by Simon) on the TIP Blue compilation, so it seems that's also a remix of a remix XD
  7. Continuing on the subject of remixes and Hallucinogen, here's how to COMPLETELY ruin the original track. If anything, this proves that you can't just take whichever track you want, strip out the original kick/bass and replace it with a modern polished fullon bass section and expect it to work. That, and sprinkling in random bits of the original and littering the remix with tired psytrance clichés. The original track (referring to part 2) is such an organic entity that trying to pick it apart just ends in failure. I mean, I don't recall hearing one single decent *trance remix so far (Ott's dub version is of course nice). You're welcome to prove me wrong.
  8. 28 years also: Hallucinogen - Astral Pancakes (1995) Soundaholix Remix (2023)
  9. Oh, so that's the track I've heard Benji play in a few sets of his (can't remember if a Prometheus live or Younger Brother DJ set).
  10. There's of course also the Star Sounds Orchestra versions of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik / Die Zauberflöte but they're so fucking terrible I don't even want to link to a youtube video. Here's the Discogs release page: https://www.discogs.com/release/641933-Star-Sounds-Orchestra-Feat-Blue-Violin-Lets-Mozart Maybe this is getting a bit off topic XD
  11. Well, those aren't even a decade apart.
  12. Does this count? 42 years from 1975 to 2017
  13. Can anyone find something 30 years apart? Staffan's was 29 years
  14. 28 years: The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird (1993) Hypnoxock Remix (2021) Okay, so Feeling Very Weird came out in 1995 on the TIP Feeling Weird album, but it's pretty much the same track as the 1993 original.
  15. Sandman - Starfinder (1997) Emok & Martin Vice & Atmos Remix (2017) Thankfully the remix isn't your typical watered down psyprog remix, but a surprisingly good one. I've played it in a few sets of mine
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