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  1. Well, at least the Hallucinogen remasters are done by Kevin Metcalfe and not some random nobody, so this should be good. I'm actually more interested in what tracks they're putting on the upcoming singles/compilation tracks collection. Won't be getting the vinyls in any case, as I have no use for them.
  2. Paul Eye


    Make a track that sounds like a collaboration of Moon Beasts, Unknownium and Principles of Flight \m/
  3. Whoa, another one of my favourite artists is releasing a new album this year (worth noting though is that I do have some versions of about half of these tracks, so partially I know what's coming, but still this was a nice surprise)
  4. Paul Eye


    Make track that sounds like it was made by Xenomorph and The Delta Make a track that sounds like it was made by Four Carry Nuts and Dark Soho
  5. Paul Eye


    Well, that kinda happened already, but the results were absolutely terrible:
  6. And oh, kinda old news by now but I finally got the newest The Algorithm album a few weeks ago (I think it was this month's Bandcamp Friday). Synthwave/alt metal/scifi vibes all over.
  7. Yep, which makes me wonder which one of this album's tracks he'll remix for his next (?) album XD
  8. 3 weeks after its release, some comments now that the album's sunk in a bit. The good: Cristian turned up his production values a notch while still keeping his sound as gritty and relentless as before. He has a really distinct recognizable sound that sets him far apart from cookie cutter "Neo Goa" (oh fuck how I hate that term used as a genre name). Not really much to say yet on an individual track level, only worth noting is that Borg Madness isn't really my cup of tea. The meh: He uses too many recycled samples we've all heard a thousand times before. Maybe he wanted to pay homage to some great tracks from the golden days, but to me their use sounds kinda forced. Thankfully he still doesn't overuse them, so this is quite a minor gripe, but a gripe in any case. The bad: This actually has nothing to do with the music itself, but something went really wrong in the QC process when the credits read "All tracks written, produced and mastered by Tim Schuldt 4CN Studios, Germany". I mean what the actual fuck, Suntrip? Usually your releases don't have this level of fuckups.
  9. I'll have to go through these recent suggestions sooner or later btw. Thanks guys
  10. You want some epic power metal? Japan delivers 😮 Pretty much the complete opposite of the doom/gothic aesthetic, but I've had this album on almost daily listening since my CD finally arrived last week.
  11. If there's one singer who comes quite close to Aleah, it'd be Heike Langhans. The peculiar thing about both of them is that they're both originally from South Africa, and moved to Sweden to do some metal o.O Both also have this ethereal/gothic aesthetic about them. That being said, here's the latest project with Heike's vocals: Do check the other videos from the Ghost Bird Studios channel. I actually found out about Heike Langhans in this post about the (then) new ISON album in this very thread: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/56025-the-metal-thread/?do=findComment&comment=10022045
  12. Hmm, what happened in 2022? Let's see... I deleted all my DJ sets from SoundCloud (and cancelled my pro subscription) and YouTube in June. I did play a whopping 8 gigs during the entire year, mostly with not much inspiration, and half of them were birthday gigs with people turning 40 (I mean, a few years ago I played at people's 30th birthdays, we're slowly getting old here...). The highlight of the year (again) was the finale of our series of top secret goa trance beach parties. We decided that a decade of doing these was enough and went out with a blast: a 10 hour nonstop back to back gig with 7 (or was it 8?) DJs on constant rotation. No laptops, just one pair of SL1200s and Nexus CDJs. Even I played a few vinyls even if I'd never done that on a gig before. What else? I've mostly turned into a reclusive hermit, didn't go to a single party unless I was playing (actually no that's bullshit, I did go to one or two where I wasn't playing but didn't really enjoy myself, bleh). Emptied all my social media accounts too (didn't close them though for various reasons) and been spending (too much) time just by myself. This can't be good in the long run but I can't be bothered to do anything about it right now. In general I've lost most of my interest towards anything "trance" (not all of it, that's impossible), trying to find some enjoyable metal and/or heavier rock bands instead (or even some electronic music with guitars etc), with not much success, but still some, that's a plus So uh, did I forget something? Probably.
  13. That being said...(old news I guess but) HOLY SHIT NEW BABYMETAL ALBUM INCOMING 😮 I have it on preorder and dammit XD it'll still take about 2 months before my CD arrives from Japan (release at the end of March)
  14. Yeah, Aleah had a voice like no other and it still pains me that nobody will ever see ToE live. I've actually been trying to hunt down some other metal in the goth/doom flavour with (even remotely) similar atmospheres and female vocals, but not much has come up. Suggestions welcome
  15. UnityVerse Music & Visionary Shamanics Records are proud to present the second chapter of their collaborative compilation series: Unified Visions Vol 2. Psybass & Psydub vibrations provide the vehicle for this psychedelic journey into uncharted territories of the mind. Audio Alchemists & sonic sculptures from around the world have once again joined label heads, Cosmic Touch & Mystical Voyager, on their mission to bring you these unified visions. Tracklist: 1. Cosmic Touch - Shankara Dub 2. Wise Tree - Returning 3. Phyredelic - Invert Your Focus 4. Psybos - The Raven 5. Space Surfer - Burning Ice 6. Looney Grandpas feat. Gnomad - Bliss Abyss 7. Dejalum - Fractal Bubbles 8. EMOG - Fragile 9. Advanced Suite - Some 1 10. Hypnotizer - Jungle Market (Naturelement Remix) 11. EMOG - Ayao (Whirlin Merlin's Wobbly Dub Remix) 12. Echosphere - I Will Never Forget 13. MAOA - Taklamakan Dub Released November 4, 2022 https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/unified-visions-vol-2-va https://visionaryshamanics.bandcamp.com/album/unified-visions-2-va
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