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  1. Goa trance had grace,style and soul, neo goa and everything psytrance related since 2003 (i was a minimal/tech trance whore) imo was uninspiring and boring, with a few exeptions ofc. the game has changed, even after the fall of goa, during the late 90's artists would still experiment, had a special sound signature to different them from other artists and had the urge to evolve and explore, eveything since is simply directed to (this is going to be harsh) 12 hours at a festival with a big soundsystem, fences, youtube videos of 'look at me im intrance, like, share #hashtag's with tons of money to artist who used to make great music 15 years ago when they were broke, but now are living the dream with a lot of money, airplaines and rockstar attitudes. I Was never apart of the whole goa trance revival thing, im sorry but i couldnt care much for watching asia 2001/gnotr/koxbox whatever live. they released great music that will forever be immortalized in my heart, but my search is for meaningfull music, the kind i can listen to at HOME and be immersed and blown away. Im not saying everything is bad, i do enjoy some stand out releases since the fall of goa, even in the neo-goa front i have a few artists with my eye on (artifakt303,ufomatka) but (no offence) the rest of it is simply boring and unoriginal. it seems newer music is directed to big festivals only, and not for the standard trancer who needs his brain be stimulated first in order to dance>go into a trance state. So, old gods ? they nailed it, the psytrance scene ? has lost it's way, and im affraid my fate as an optimistic person in its nature is to keep hoping for something new everytime i press 'play' on something releated to psytrance. but hey, people are dancing, what the hell do i know ?
  2. Super sad news. He brought us some great releases over the years. May he rest in peace.
  3. "V/A - ZNA Gathering - A Retrofuturistic Compilation

    I Love this compilation, happy some of those gems finally seen the light of day after all those years. With all those puny re-issues and uninspired psytrance/neo goa we had this year from big lables, so far, this is one of the only releases i enjoyed this year in the goa/'retro'/psytrance department. 2017 is a dull year so far, filled with boring releases, this compilation is not one of them imo.
  4. Downhill - Silent City

    Last copies available directly from the cool people at Boshke's bandcamp, a chance to grab this classic album for the coming winter ! https://boshkebeatsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/downhill-silent-city-japan-edition-gravity-plus-records
  5. Pleiadians - Alcyone Promo Viynl Sheet

    Have the promo, no info sheet came with it. Would be interesting to know if it does exist.
  6. Gem of the day

  7. ZNA aftermath!

    How was Xenomorph ? Any new music in the pipeline ? It's been years since we heard anything from him.
  8. V/A - Aarhus by Night [Parvati Records]

    I Have (had?) a love/hate relationship with Parvati records. Early danish psy was super crazy, early unreleased stuff from Grapes of Wrath/Metaloids, Jahbo and all the other gang were some intense hyper active psychedelia. And boy was i pumped when GOW announced an album was in the pipeline, pressing play on tits on fire was like the saddest thing ever. It all sounded so dead and soul-less, mastering wise ofc, i was pissed off. Even till this day when i play the album i feel sad for what could that album be if the sound was true to the GOW theme of the early days. Fure releases gave me that same feeling of "everything under the parvati lable sounds the same", but same artist on other releases were killing it. I Stopped buying Parvati releases and lost any connection with what they released untill a few years ago, while listening to some compilations they released, happy i gave the lable another shot, i no longer hear that "Tits on Fire" sound. "XV" is one of my favorite compilations they released a two years ago (super recommended!) When parvati announced "Aarhus by Night" celebrating years of danish psy, i must say i was hyped for this one, oh yes i was !! This compilation is a night time fucking treat from start to finish. Red Eye Jedey/Jah tracks are out of this world. We even have a special surprise from half of GOW, Jaffa Syntax Error, with a brand new track, only 7 years since his last track released, teaming up with another interesting cat, Mubali, providing a funky hypnotic track, good stuff. Abrahadabra/Audhumbla tracks are 'experimentalish', less headbanging, organic and very hypnotic. will Defanently put my third eye on those guys (and gal) upcoming music. Closing this compilation are the Derango archmasters, two swedes on a danish compilation, providing us with an unreleased track from back in the day, i was expecting some 'Tumult' hyper diving sounds, but what we get here is a slowed down, gothic and developing fairytale, with a freaking melody (ka sol style). An intresting and odd track. Derango never released a bad track. ever. Ace ace stuff right there. If you'r into night time music, get this. It's super worth every second of your time. Side note : I hate the cover art, i hate the text(hell, i loved the Cryptic Crunch cover) But this sould have been way more sexier imo, but the music is top notch.
  9. After CBL reprints on vinyl, im staying away from limited editions of well known acts. Had the option to buy this, skipped as this is kind of an insult, 500 copies of this amazing album (and very high in demand on vinyl especially) is sad and pathetic. And shipping prices are simply absurd.
  10. Great great news !!!! ordered )) Thank you very much for this compilation asher, been hunting some of those tracks for years !!!!! Let's make it a sieries huh ?
  11. Remember Son Kite?

    They are on a whole different level when it comes to music. Almost everything i heard from them is pure gold. 'Blomma' is simply a classic.
  12. Dream come true ! Got the bundle ofc Thank you for making this, will be played for years to come !
  13. Samples : Sounds great !

  15. Good TV Series? Any?

    Ummmmmmmmmmm, new Twin Peaks anyone ?!?!