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  1. Hey, finally you released something I bought the day it was released XD But on a more serious note, even with my interest in anything "goa trance" being quite close to zero these days (no, I won't go further into that so don't even bother asking) this is a seriously positive surprise. I've had a few listens to it by now, and here are my initial highlights: Smuds has that sinister playfulness I'd really like to hear more of, Omnium was my favourite on my fist listen (let's see if further listens does anything about that), Proxeeus would have been a surprise but I actually know that particu
  2. This will be an instabuy on release day, that's a promise And no, I refuse to listen to the previews, I'll let the maestros surprise me.
  3. From Ka-Sol on facebook: "We release it becouse some fucked up guy allready did and wants money for it with no permission from us" https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=4911266872248068&id=256068637767938
  4. The better machine something featuring Simon
  5. For this year's winter solstice we have something special to offer to you. We decided to go back to our roots, to the year 2008 when we released our first album, "Bar Luunarikka (A Weird Sound Collage Of Everything)". This EP, "Ancient Eyes" contains 4 tracks detached from the album, and features an ensemble of guest musicians. The full album will be re-released next year. We hope you have a soothing and peaceful time during this darkest time of the year. Available as "name your price" from Bandcamp: https://paintedinvoid.bandcamp.com/album/ancient-eyes-ep Tracklist: 01. En
  6. UnityVerse Music is proud to present Peaking Buddha EP. For the final release of 2020 label founder Cosmic Touch delivers a 4 track hybrid bass music journey through ethnically laced atmospheres, mystic melodies and shamanic percussions. Transport yourself onto the crest of this psychedelic wave and ride it to the center of your inner buddha being. Tracklist: Cosmic Touch - Shamanic Techniques Cosmic Touch - Peaking Buddha Dubnotic X SubRoot - Supreme Being (Cosmic Touch Remix) Cosmic Touch - The Hiding Seeker https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/peaking-buddha-ep
  7. Well, apparently my sarcasm and meta-humour went straight into leftfield. Not exactly uncommon, especially on the internet.
  8. No, what makes you rude is your failed attempt to swear at me in my native language. Just exactly what I needed right now.
  9. So...after being nothing short of mesmerized by Aleah's posthumously released solo album this year, I then discovered she also was the vocalist for the Finnish/Swedish band Trees Of Eternity. Dark, beautiful, tragic, haunting, and a dozen related adjctives of praise for this album https://treesofeternity.bandcamp.com/album/hour-of-the-nightingale
  10. Now available on various streaming platforms too https://fanlink.to/d9DkPortalmechanics
  11. Something from Koxbox - The Scanner perhaps? I haven't actually heard the album but remembered that it has an orange cover XD
  12. Wow, quite a time frame to ask for suggestions from the past 4-5 years Anyway, some quick suggestions: Proxeeus - Non-Euclidean Geometry (one of the best goa trance albums of the past 2 decades, yes, seriously) Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons and Perplexity GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death Ultimate Xperience - The Realm Of A New Dawn Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet VA - Fluorotronik Audialize - Starship Earth Remastered Denshi Danshi - Brain Chemistry Nervasystem - Brainradio Unknownium - Unknownium Oforia - Read More... Fun
  13. With great pride we present the inaugural release from UnityVerse Music, Portal Mechanics VA. A carefully selected entourage of sonic alchemists, each with their unique vision and abilities of frequency manipulation, have joined label founder Cosmic Touch on this quest deep into inner space. Together they conjure up a gateway into a new realm of psychedelic bass & downtempo music. Welcome to the UnityVerse. So that everyone has a chance to get the compilation, it is released as a name your price album and will remain so for the first week on Bandcamp. Tracklist: 1. Spaceship Ea
  14. And of course, early Aavepyörä albums up to Ötökkämanifesti were quite on the political/anarchist side of things.
  15. I know, the word "on" must have been a brain fart or something There, fixed XD
  16. And another compilation for the benefit of Tibet: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Tibet-A-Culture-In-Danger/release/1147228
  17. I actually have this on vinyl :O
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