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  1. Ooh, nice. One of the (very) few goa trance albums I'll bother buying this year
  2. This is a bit of an unusual one. Unusual in the sense that I never literally "played" this, but rather assembled it in REAPER to be played as the opening set of our outdoor goa trance party last weekend. I did of course play a proper night time goa trance DJ set a the party, that one will be up maybe next week when we get the recordings sorted out. So here's a mix of (mostly) 1990s downtempo moods Tracklist: Denshi-Danshi - Kraft Karamel Eat Static - Bony Incus (Mucor Mix) The Delta - As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub Edit) OOOD - Jot Bodom Eat Static - Abduction Cosmosis - Roswell Digitalis - Figments Of Reality (Chilled Mix) Children Of The Bong - Ionospheric State Banco de Gaia - Eagle Eat Static - Abnormal Interference Total Eclipse - Harbinger Slide - The Zinc-Plated Goddess Total Eclipse - Nakano Ghost Shpongle - Dorset Perception (Total Eclipse Remix)
  3. This is a "merge these 2 threads" post. Can be removed if necessary.
  4. Can't say I'd really have followed what he's been doing the past 20 years. One of the early true pioneers, nothing will change that fact Sonic Mandala is among the first goa trance releases I bought back in the days and still one of my treasures. Also, our little outdoor goa trance party featured just this weekend 2 large Space Tribe backdrops (as it has for many years already). Wouldn't really be the same party without those backdrops.
  5. What started out as a simple experiment running a guitar track from an unfinished Painted In Void track through a bunch of effects turned quite unexpectedly into a growling dark ambient Frankenstein monster, which I cobbled together from pieces of other audio experiments I've done over the summer months. Full quality 24-bit version as "name your price" on Bandcamp: https://pauleye.bandcamp.com/track/sleep-malfunction-19-19-version YouTube for the full audiovisual experience (video quality is unfortunately quite garbage even at 1080p) Also available on SoundCloud:
  6. It's not like this comes as any kind of a surprise to me.
  7. UnityVerse Music proudly presents the debut EP from Finnish artist duo Lovement. Consisting of four genre-crossing tracks, Lovement fuses indigenous feelings and hypnotizing trippy downbeats with carefully designed uplifting fills while gliding through deep mystical vibes, delicate beat structures & neurofunk elements. Tracklist: 1. Bloom 2. Shapeshift (feat. CJ) 3. Dripstones 4. Wither 5. (secret bonus track for supporters) https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/bloom-ep
  8. Ah yes, I just re-read the Instagram post I picked up the info from, and they did use the same text there too. I must have been too tired when I read that (not exactly a surprise you know). Still, this is a nice addition. And I'm still kinda bummed that I missed UX at ZNA 2015. Or rather, I was so tired I could barely stand up when UX started. I had no choice but to go to sleep.
  9. And freakin' Marc Van Der Vlugt :OOOO
  10. Now I'm just waiting for them to announce that Process will be playing a live producer set
  11. Yeah I saw that too. I seriously have no idea how they (or who) managed to persuade Pete Martin to play. I was under the impression that he said something like 20 years ago that he'll "never ever touch anything trance ever again" (or somethng along those lines). Let's see what my finances looke like next year, this is so tempting since Pete is among my favourite oldschool artists.
  12. Oh right, completely forgot the Simon+Raja 20th anniversary (?) set, that was nice too. The X-Dream part finished with some version of "The 1st", that's still one of those magical moments you get once in a lifetime. I actually was a bit worn out and in a state of mind unable to dance, so I sat through X-Dream/The Delta in a plastic garden chair somewhere on the dancefloor. Didn't diminish the experience at all XD
  13. Funny how the worst live psy gig I've ever seen was Juno Reactor at Boom 2014. That was such a facepalmy mess I recall I left the dance temple before they finished. As a contrast though, their Ozora 2009 gig was great so I have no idea what happened in those years between. Also seen them twice live in Helsinki. The years escape my memory but around 2003-ish and 2008-ish. Both gigs sucked so bad I went home before they finished. Seen them live twice or so too. Helsinki can't remember what year and ZNA 2015. Neither gig inspired me at all, but then again, if you know me, I'm not particularly a fan of them in the first place. And the good stuff I can remember: Logic Bomb in Helsinki at the legendary VR Makasiinit, about 2003. Holy fuck that was an intense gig, back in the days when fullon was still fresh. I think I danced my legs numb there. Xenomorph at ZNA 2015. Words fail to describe what an intense brainfuck that gig was. Total Eclipse at Kosmos Festival 2019. He'd juiced up their old 90s tracks with a modernized bass section (thankfully no shitty kbbb fullon remixes) and holy shit those tracks kicked some ass on a big festival PA. X-Dream / The Delta at Ozora 2011. Came down to the dancefloor from a nicely fluffy trip and had a properly contrasting brainfuck to finish it off XD Morphic Resonance in Tampere, spring 2019. Cristian delivered, just as expected. The guy's a freaking wizard I tell you. There's definitely been more that unfortunately escapes my mind right now.
  14. Yeah, ranks on a forum are fucking stupid and just create a useless hierarchy (the only "useful" being an indicator who the mods/admins are). I like it how they've done it on the REAPER forums. They have the admins of course, everyone else is "human being with feelings"
  15. <fanboymode>I AM SO READY FOR THIS LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVER XOXO</fanboymode> No but seriously, more Moon Beasts is always good news
  16. UnityVerse Music proudly presents "Anima Mundi". A carefully selected group of sonic wizards from around the world have joined Cosmic Touch and Neon Jesus on this quest to co-create an offering to the world soul. With many different styles and moods present, this journey will take you through the full spectrum of psychedelic downtempo and deep into the mind of the over-soul that resides in all. Tracklist: 1. Zebbler Encanti Experience - Freakquency (Cosmic Touch Remix) 2. EMOG - Shadowcat 3. Mawru - Red Sun 4. Opalescence - Yokai 5. Lovement - Umami 6. Stonecutter Simms - Fun In The Dark 7. MAOA & Tin Jay - EarthShine 8. Balancé - Bubble Eyes 9. Step High & Beatfarmer - Nature's Spirit (Beatfarmer Remix) 10. Lab's Cloud - Discosine 11. Advanced Suite - A Little Twisted 12. Psydraft - Subpsy Spy 13. Echosphere - Heal With Me 14. Neon Jesus - Anima Mundi Full Album Mix https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/anima-mundi-va
  17. I was just about to post a bit of a lament on how I was anticipating both DG6 and the upcoming Proxeeus goa trance album. Just had to get that out. I've had an odd last few days anyway
  18. Can't expect this to have been an easy decision. But sometimes decisions have to be made. Thanks Richpa for everything your label gave us. Many of my DJ sets would have sounded quite different without you around. And also, I discovered 2 of my absolute favourite goa trance artists through their first releases on your label. Those artists being Proxeeus and Morphic Resonance. <3
  19. UnityVerse Music proudly presents "Absorb x Reform", the latest creation by UK based psybass artist MettāKin. Spanning 3 seamlessly flowing tracks, this EP takes you on a journey into deep evolving textures and grooves, heavy bass and otherworldly atmospheres. Tracklist: 1. Absorb x Reform 2. Fragmented Elevation 3. Deep Æther https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/absorb-x-reform-ep
  20. Visionary Shamanics label head Mystical Voyager and UnityVerse Music label head Cosmic Touch have joined forces for the first time to bring you a collaboration project between the two labels. A carefully selected group of sonic magicians have joined this team effort, to manifest the optimal mind travel conditions for a unique & uplifting inner journey. Lovingly crafted and fine tuned over many months the voyage is finally ready for the first passengers into inner space. It is with great pride we present to you these Unified Visions. Tracklist: 1. Pangani & Cosmic Touch - Gaia Step 2. Opalescence - Unified 3. Advanced Suite - Spectraings 4. Lovement - Twin Eclipse 5. Tribal Alchemy feat. Abelid - Contact 6. SubRoot - Sync Point 7. Psydraft - Hudu Guru 8. Cosmic Touch & Psychoz - Neptune Rising 9. Coltcutz - The Haunting (Wise Tree Remix) 10. DeathMomenT & Darklord Gob - Fangorn 11. The Glitch Wizard - Tribal Dubz https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/unified-visions-va https://visionaryshamanics.bandcamp.com/album/unified-visions-va-2
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