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  1. Roundhouse, London in 2008? I was there too. It was a good show, even if it was actually quite weird to see them on stage as a full live band
  2. Link updated to YouTube
  3. An endless stream of AI-generated death metal :DDDD
  4. Whatever people say about this album, it has some fantastic tracks
  5. I already requested and got a partial refund when he decided to cancel the T-shirt. Let's see if the album ever arrives. And if the promised remix album and whatever else he had in the bundle never arrive, it's time for another refund. Not exactly having high hopes for any of those anymore.
  6. Seeing as nobody else tried, and you got close enough, I'm all for letting you choose the next one And this is the track I was thinking of:
  7. Yeah, kinda. I know 2 tracks with this sample but can only definitely remember one of them. The one I can't remember is a late '90s darkish goa track, but for the one I remember you need to fast forward about 10 years
  8. None of those is what I had in mind, and yours has only snippets of what I posted. Don't know if it qualifies. Padmapani? And uh, hattifnatt, those ghost-ish things from Moomin? Where did that come from
  9. No idea if this is easier or not "You ever seen fire in zero gravity? Slides all over everything. It's like liquid. It's beautiful."
  10. I'll try to think of something newer, basically all the older ones I can think of can be found on psydb
  11. So, nobody guessed, what now? And this is the track
  12. Yeah, I've heard snippets of that sample in a few other tracks too but this was the first that came to mind. Okay, these 2 are from the same track: (not the only ones in the track in question though) "... the fucking hell is that?" and "... black hole, the most destructive force in the universe, and you created one".
  13. I guess you want just that section of the sample, but here goes:
  14. "released March 3, 2018" That should probably be 2019 Will get this sooner or later
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