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  1. Unless something absolutely mindblowing is released before the end of the year, I'll be happy to crown this release my personal "album of the year"
  2. UnityVerse Music proudly presents Dejalum's new EP "Life", the latest psybass production by Chilean musician and composer José Ascui. "Life" is a musical journey between psychedelic textures, deep basses, violins and enveloping flutes. Through the use of synthesizers and digital processing, this experience will take you on a unique & emotional journey. Tracklist: 1. Language 2. Existence 3. Dance 4. Organisation 5. Movement 6. Present https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/life-ep
  3. So... After being misplaced/lost for about 3 months, our recording device with all the sets from our party finally showed up this week. Last year I played a morning set, so a peak/night time set was in order for this year. Unfortunately, now that I've heard the recording, it's not even nearly one of my best sets. The track choices, flow and mixing is weird (and ranges from "passable" to "facepalm" if you ask the perfectionist in me). Also had some technical problems and not much interest in things ending in "trance" these days. Anyway, I still decided that sharing this is better than not, so here it is. Tracklist: Moon Beasts - On The Prowl Tristan - Fortean Times Noosphere - Vector Proxeeus - Nyarlathotep (Short Mix) Morphic Resonance - Return Of The Bad Dreamer (Sick Mix) Pigs In Space - Who Is Feeling Normal? Xenomorph - Lost In An Old Junkyard Orichalcum - Where Are You? Proxeeus - What The Red Glare Meant Maan - Mother Moss Triquetra - Forget About The Earth Proxeeus - Down The Six Thousand Steps Zodiac Youth - Fast Forward The Future (Hallucinogen Remix) The Maniac - Effluvium Of K'thun X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness (Oforia Remix) YouTube coming later, maybe next week or so.
  4. Now this is a seriously good album :O Definitely a step up from Falling Into One (which already is a very nice album). Your chord progressions are beautiful (if nothing particularly exceptional, but that's beside the point), and the entire album just floats effortlessly along. One of the nicest downtempo albums in recent years (yes, I really mean it) One question though: why is this in the free music promotion section? It's not free or name your price on Bandcamp. Nitpicking, I know XD
  5. UnityVerse Music proudly presents "Nirvana", the 4th full length album from label founder Cosmic Touch. Nirvana is a transcendent state and is considered the final stage of enlightenment. Let the boundaries dissolve as you dive through the portal of bliss and experience a psychedelic moment of bass and wonder. Tracklist: 1. Cosmic Touch - Wonderland Simulation 2. Cosmic Touch - Portal Flow 3. Cosmic Touch - Sanctuary Of The Ancients 4. Cosmic Touch - Psilocybe Secrets 5. Cosmic Touch - Divine Core 6. Cosmic Touch - Nirvana 7. Cosmic Touch - Genesis Pattern 8. Cosmic Touch & Spaceship Earth - The Way Of Discovery https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/nirvana-lp
  6. This one also kicks some serious ass:
  7. Every time I've played Holocron the dancefloor has gone absolutely mental
  8. I vaguely recall that it was a Morphic Resonance track called "Borg Madness". So they just swapped it with another track of his
  9. I guess you meant to say "Iboga/Beatspace Bandcamp page https://iboga-beatspace.bandcamp.com/album/deep-flight Which is good since I don't use Beatport. That being said, I haven't cared much about "psytrance" in years, but you guys are an exception. I'd really like to see an actual CD next to all your other albums in my collection, but I guess Bandcamp is the way to go.
  10. Was about to comment that the previous Healer albums are still on Ektoplazm, but they have been removed it seems. I still have those in my collection, and I really need to get this new album sooner or later The 12 moons album is still there: https://ektoplazm.com/free-music/12-moons-solid-state
  11. Well, considering who is behind the project, I see no reason to defend him in any way. Does the name Thomas Vitali ring a bell? And the less pop industry influence this scene has, the better. All the garbage pop-fullon is already bad enough as it is (but then again, it's not really "psytrance" anymore anyway).
  12. Since when has the PsyNina album been considered a "classic" in any other way than "a case of epic trolling"? :DD
  13. UnityVerse Music proudly presents the debut album from Russian artist Mawru. This wild mixture of thick basslines and big beats, spiced with ethnic instruments, throat singing and jew's harp is influenced by different cultures such as the peoples of the North, Slavs, Balkans, Eastern and Asian cultures. Out of nowhere and from everywhere at the same time, this album carries the idea of uniting and interpreting music from all over the world. Music is a language that everyone can understand. Let it speak without words. Tracklist: 1. North Call 2. Senokos 3. Anatolia 4. Gypsy Baron 5. Heiya (feat. Irina Nomirovskaya & Abracadaver) 6. Red Sun 7. Mantra 8. Balkanaria 9. Microtonaliya 10. Mirmulnir (feat. Abracadaver) https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/from-nowhere-lp
  14. Never really understood what's so special about Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra The opening lyrics just sound incredibly corny and clicheic to me
  15. Basically anything from Etnica/Pleiadians. I sure can understand why people love them, but absolutely not my cup of chai. Well, except for this one (but then again, I have no idea if this is even considered a classic)
  16. Ooh, nice. One of the (very) few goa trance albums I'll bother buying this year
  17. This is a bit of an unusual one. Unusual in the sense that I never literally "played" this, but rather assembled it in REAPER to be played as the opening set of our outdoor goa trance party last weekend. I did of course play a proper night time goa trance DJ set a the party, that one will be up maybe next week when we get the recordings sorted out. So here's a mix of (mostly) 1990s downtempo moods Tracklist: Denshi-Danshi - Kraft Karamel Eat Static - Bony Incus (Mucor Mix) The Delta - As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub Edit) OOOD - Jot Bodom Eat Static - Abduction Cosmosis - Roswell Digitalis - Figments Of Reality (Chilled Mix) Children Of The Bong - Ionospheric State Banco de Gaia - Eagle Eat Static - Abnormal Interference Total Eclipse - Harbinger Slide - The Zinc-Plated Goddess Total Eclipse - Nakano Ghost Shpongle - Dorset Perception (Total Eclipse Remix)
  18. This is a "merge these 2 threads" post. Can be removed if necessary.
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