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  1. On the low end, i.e. below say 400Hz? I doubt it... It was either going through multiband splitter and the FX was at the upper part, or Side (as in M/S) was high-passed.
  2. Well, the problem was bass and reverb was stereo all the way down to the lowest of frequencies - this is just something you don't do, regardless of aesthetic choices or style. And it was possible to be fixed in mastering (unless it'd introduce some weird phasing / cancellation issues, but there are ways around it as well).
  3. It did re-initialize them after the most recent ones, so I'd say no (just got Cubase 2 months ago, so wouldn't know about the past).
  4. Not playing it on a huge soundsystems, usually listening while biking home<>work, so that's more than enough.
  5. Good initiative, but way too expensive for digital downloads of 20+ years old music... I can get that music for EUR4 via Google's Play store: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/California_Sunshine_Trance?id=B24c2li3kme2c2zr5ofnexhvxxy
  6. Then it's not worth it for you. I on the other hand prefer to have everything up to date, even if I don't use all (most?) of the added features - but that's me.
  7. Sad to say this, but it's really difficult to listen to it - this has got to have the worst mastering in years: the bass is very boomy, the mids are non-existent and high-end is very week. Overall it sounds very hollow, like if I was standing outside of a club and heard the music through the walls and corridors. Because of this I can't really say anything about the music itself, since I can't focus on it at all I should really demand my money back, because such thing shouldn't be released in 2019
  8. Too bad there's no Furnace on the list, but pre-ordered anyway! Looking forward to it
  9. Oh, it's out?! I forgot I even pre-ordered it. Listening time :D
  10. So I've started recording my "Psytrance in Bitwig Studio" tutorial, 7 episodes so far. I know there are some teething technical issues (low volume, too aggressive noise gate) and that I pause and stumble a lot, but hopefully I get better at it as time goes by You're all very welcome to watch, subscribe, comment & share if you find it useful
  11. Can you please unlock the pre-order files on your Bandcamp? Arabesque already did that on their "mirror" Suntrip profile. Thanks!
  12. My 1st track in Reason 10 (and 2nd track since I came back to writing music). It's an old-school psychedelic trance, probably a bit too dense & complex for its own good, but that's the way I like it I've been using Reason for a year now, coming from Live 10 & Bitwig 2 (still use them all interchangeably) and really love this DAW and where it's going! The track uses mostly native instruments & FX, some rack extensions* (Parsec, The Legend, FM4, Synchronous, Polar, Fat Space, GQ-7, Distillery) and 2x instances of Phoscyon VST. It was made and is running (without any bouncing to audio) on a Surface Pro 4 i7 with Bayerdynamics DT-990Pro. Yeah, that's my "studio" * Rack Extensions are 3rd party "plugins" native to Reason, e.g.: https://shop.propellerheads.com/rack-extension/expanse-hyperwave-synthesizer/ Anyway, comment and feedback will be greatly appreciated! For those interested, here's a video of early draft of the track running in Reason:
  13. Hmm... I think you actually released it - it doesn't say "pre-order" and I can d/l the files just fine. BTW, I don't think 1st track should be named "Patallel Universe"? That's the power of Bandcamp notification and Paypal account
  14. Now this will be interesting no doubt! http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&amp;task=singleCd&amp;id=3896&amp;Itemid=1
  15. The "303 sound" is primarily about phrasing, sequencing and accents (both for amp and filter envelope) and not about the sound (oscillator) itself, really. It's difficult to achieve the same articulation in other synths. So if you like that, then go ahead and get one - you can always change the SOUND by processing it via effects, EQs, etc.
  16. Really good album. I like how after all those years they still sound like them, with those song-like arrangements, movie-like chord progressions, really tasteful use of singing and simple but innovative and unique sound design. They're still at the top of their game, and - for me at least - this might be their best album yet. I really loved the "classic" Beyond the Infinite or Bible of Dreams, but I always had problem with those albums being really uneven, with some awesome tracks and some that I could barely take... This, on the other hand, is equal quality start to finish, although obviously few tracks stand out, like the "Let's Turn On" or "The Sky Is Blue, The Sky Is Black". Highly recommended!
  17. I guess? Cambridge dictionary indeed suggest that "path" is UK English, while "track" is US English. Carry on then
  18. OUT TODAY - deep, eclectic, melodic and really, REALLY psychedelic. Can't recommend this enough <3 Get it here: https://beatspace-impactstudio.bandcamp.com/album/psykinesis
  19. Not listening to the samples, because I KNOW it will be fantastic. Looking forward to pre-order & then listen to it!!! <3 BTW, I'm not English native, but I'd thought "off the beaten path" is a more correct phrase? Other than that, I really like the cover too
  20. I'm asking about the digital pre-order, like for example here: https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com/album/kensh
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