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  1. Looking forward to hearing it! EDIT: so, after listening to it around 10x I have to say this was the weakest, most boring and predictable OOOD album, paling in comparison to Free Range not to mention Voice of Cod albums that are still among the top-10 psytrance albums of all time.
  2. Since a few months Phantasm records is on Bandcamp: https://phantasmdigital.bandcamp.com/music Not only have they put their (all?) discography there at very reasonable price, they've also released few compilations either for single artists or various, using unreleased, obscure or vinyl/single-only stuff: https://phantasmdigital.bandcamp.com/album/phantasm-volume-1 https://phantasmdigital.bandcamp.com/album/the-space-between https://phantasmdigital.bandcamp.com/album/any-old-irony Some good stuff!!!
  3. How on Earth did I missed this? I have the Anjuna Rec. version but only on CD, so getting this on Bandcamp was a no-brainer. Thanks for releasing this!!!
  4. That was quite something!!! :o Can you link to that Clojure software? I never heard of it and what I googled seemed not for music?
  5. I got this one so fast, that I purchased it before Seb sent the 30% off code Have not even listened to it yet, but if it's half as good as the album, then it's awesome!
  6. Awesome, both about it being legit & Live @ Burning Man finally being released!!!
  7. Apparently it was illegal and inferior sound, for which they've paid good money.
  8. Thanks, let us know! I'd gladly pay again for digital versions of albums I already have on CDs if the proceeds go to the actual artists
  9. https://memo604.bandcamp.com/music Looks pretty shady to me, but on the other hand those artists - or at least those releases - are absent from Bandcamp (like Koxbox's "U-Turn" is not in Twisted Rec. profile) so perhaps they somehow got together to release stuff like this way? There's this weird "consistency" to their catalogue and if it wasn't legit it could well include lots more of much more diverse music, right? For now I've refrained from getting anything there, but I'll be observing this. Any thoughts?
  10. TRACK LIST: 01. Mariposa 02. Cow's Blues 03. Tikitatum (Original Version) 04. Last Tribe 05. Hypnotic Seduction 06. Mangora 07. Nichibotsu 08. Hyperion 09. World In Between (Feat. Amtinaous) 10. Mare Tranquilitatis (Feat. Amtinaous) BUY HERE: https://denshidanshi.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-of-the-90s
  11. Awesome! One of the best albums in recent years! Truly psychedelic, deep, musical and hard put in a neat box - it's neither goa, nor progressive and definitely not dark. But it has ingradients from all of them.
  12. Now I recall why I left this forum - only goa and shponglish psy-dub gets appreciated here...
  13. Tracklist: 1. Out of Orbit & Art of Trance - Imagine 2. Out of Orbit & Perfect Stranger - Space Jahnun 3. Out of Orbit & Gorovich - Star 4. Out of Orbit & Shpongle - No Disco 5. Out of Orbit & Gorovich - Flanged 6. Out of Orbit & Rocky Tilbor - Voodoo 7. Out of Orbit & X-Dream - Losgelöst 8. Out of Orbit & Shulman - Square One 9. Astral Projection - Searching for Ufos (Out of Orbit Remix) 10. Out of Orbit & Dekel - Hypnotize 11. Out of Orbit & Rocky Tilbor - Predator 12. Out of Orbit & Perfect Stranger - Space Jahnun (Eitan Reiter Remix) Buy here: https://shamanictales.bandcamp.com/album/wisdom-of-the-crowds
  14. Tracklist: 1. The Observatory 2. A Peculiar Mission 3. Triplicitous 4. Take Down Everything 5. A General Benevolent Presence 6. Flight Stimulator 7. M.I.N.D 8. Due to Special Circumstances Buy here: https://globular.bandcamp.com/album/messages-from-the-resonator
  15. Yeah, I'll just probably get it anyway. Gotta support my favourite labels & artists in those weird times
  16. What happened to that beautiful artwork? Why is there a cup of coffee there???? Why does it sound like it was recorded in mid '90 with all those cheap presets and squeaky high-pitched sounds? It sounds NOTHING like the videos he's been posting on his YT, where it seemed much more contemporary and modern. And there's "voice work..." again??? I'll pass on this one...
  17. It all started with a tutorial... ...resulting in a little "performance"... ...to take this form... Yeah, it's been almost a year and it still isn't finished...
  18. Why wouldn't it be possible?? Just release it digitally AND as a CD pre-order (+ immediate digital d/l).
  19. I've not it them mentioned anywhere (sorry if it was, I'm rarely here lately...), but Jagoa self-released two albums filled with uplifting old-school goa music from his archives. Check them out & buy if possible - right now they're EUR5 each and today all proceeds from Bandcamp sales go in full to the artists (to support them in those difficult times)! https://jagoa.bandcamp.com/album/the-first-steps https://jagoa.bandcamp.com/album/the-second-steps EDIT: Ok, I see 1st album being mentioned on previous page, but with no comments.
  20. On the low end, i.e. below say 400Hz? I doubt it... It was either going through multiband splitter and the FX was at the upper part, or Side (as in M/S) was high-passed.
  21. Well, the problem was bass and reverb was stereo all the way down to the lowest of frequencies - this is just something you don't do, regardless of aesthetic choices or style. And it was possible to be fixed in mastering (unless it'd introduce some weird phasing / cancellation issues, but there are ways around it as well).
  22. It did re-initialize them after the most recent ones, so I'd say no (just got Cubase 2 months ago, so wouldn't know about the past).
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